What do I do when my PS Vita freezes?

  1. Well, 1st week of December, I asked my father to buy the 3DS from Japan. But I found out that the 3DS is region locked. So I just asked to buy locally. But before he had a chance to get back here in the Philippines, the Vita got released and I've done thoroughful research. It turns out to be region free. I've asked my dad not to buy the 3DS anymore and I asked him to buy the Vita in Japan. He already bought it and all it's accessories today afternoon. But I did a little research on the problems of the Vita. And there has been freezing problems and touch screen problems.

    It seems that the battery is unremovable unlike the PSP, when the PSP freezes, I just take off the battery or pull up the power button for a long time. But when I saw the videos of the PS Vita on the freezing stage, I saw that people couldn't find a way to shut their Vita down. So, how the hell do I go with this? What if my Vita was full charged and started freezing. I HAVE TO WAIT FOR 5 FREAKING HOURS for it to shut down? Or is there an alternative way?

    PS - I won't be getting the Vita until 1:15am of December 24th. I just needed to seek out advice in case it happens on the spot. :)

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    CREEnana - 5 years ago
  2. Clarification Request::
    The battery is removable.

    User Info: graveyardfire

    graveyardfire - 5 years ago

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  1. By holding in the power button for about 20-30 seconds the screen will first go blank, then restart with a 5 selection menu. Choose option 1, restart the Vita, & press X. The system will reboot and you should be "unfrozen"!

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  1. The battery is removable

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  2. damm Sony forgot to post any problems on this, but here it is should work with all versions...

    FIRST DO NOT REMOVE YOUR MEMORY CARD!!! While your vita is blinking, you will corrupt your saves

    home button is blinking blue and you have blank screen, need to hold down the power button for about 30 seconds and your vita should power down or with the last update(1.61 US) a pop up menu should appear:

    first option to reset vita
    second option forgot
    third option do an update
    forth option forgot

    that should work fine...

    User Info: Haku72

    Haku72 - 5 years ago 0 1
  3. mine froze the day after I bought it. No matter how long I kept power button pressed so it go off,the screen was black as if psvita turn off, but ps light stay blue as if turn on. It perfectly today, and all I did, let the battery go totally out of power. Then remove the memory card and the game card if there was any inserted at the moment when it frozed. when the battery is empty, connect to charge the psvita again. LET IT CHARGE UNTIL the ps light turns from orange (charging), to off.Then try open it as usual. if it doesn't Open, try the safe boot method explained on the web site it's in the FAQ in the support section. I contacted Sony and was able to get itbto work beffore The first answer they sent me wich was most of all telling me to turn the system off (or die ,since button were not doing anything). And very important if you do need to use the safe boot to power it on, get memory card and psvita game card out as this safe boot will be formating the memory card but also the game wich is insert.

    Hope it will help you

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  4. Mine have never frozen up,are you well informed or are you making things up?

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  5. Ive had my vita freeze on 4 seperate occasions. Holding the power button worked for me, but im also getting a somewhat different issue. Before my vita actually "freezes" it will say memory card was removed. Please do not remove the card blah blah. Even though i hadnt even grazed my finger anywhere near the little hatch which i like to call drop tops, my apps had vanished and everything seemed to be gone. After cussing at my system for 10 seconds everything is just fine and dandy again. But this is an issue i have found to be recurring. And my vita only freezes when this mem card message randomly pops up for no reason

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  6. you CAN always shut down the vita works SAME way as taking out a psp battery EXCEPT you dont have to take out the battery..... hold the power button for maybe 30 seconds and it turns off...

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