AT&T 3G monthly payment?

  1. How does the AT&T 3G Monthly payment work?

    Cause i'm just guessing you'll need a PSN card to redeem your wallet on your PSN account and pay the fee for the next Month, please correct me if i'm wrong cause i plan on getting either wifi or the 3G soon.

    User Info: bayardojo

    bayardojo - 5 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. works by having a contract and account set up with AT&T
    NOT sony or the PSN
    if you have the 3g you should still be in the time slot to get the game while buying your first plan that is if its still available which it may have stopped a month ago or so

    anyway its 15 bucks for 250mb and 30 for 3gb
    yes pricing sucks and yes you are limited with the 3g and chances are wherever you are it will be kinda slow
    the one thing 3g wont do basicaly is play games ther may be less intense network using games to use it in the future but as of now games that go online are using wifi it sucks but what can you do wifi is supposedly Faster than using 3g anyway

    other words the launch bundle was a good deal and still is actually but if you dont give a crap for 3g and dont plan on buying plans for the vita then its useless i have the 3g and only use the first month because i got the game and got the other free month but didnt even use it soooo yea... think about it if you really want it...

    User Info: DjStiv3

    DjStiv3 - 5 years ago 0 0

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