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  1. I borrowed my bros Dynasty Warriors Next game, when i went to start it I got the warning about not being able to earn trophies, I have gotten pretty far into the game, is there anyway to delete the application to be able to earn trophies without deleteing my game progress?

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    wyvern_master94 - 5 years ago
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    i kinda got that info from a youtube video already, there are no trophies on it cuz my bro didnt play enough to earn one, but im trying to make it so i can earn em but i dont want to do a dead start over, too much of a hassel since i had already beat all the campaign missions

    User Info: wyvern_master94

    wyvern_master94 - 5 years ago

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  1. I should also note that I can't take full credit for this answer.
    I found this information at the following link:

    The only bit of information I can verify as mine was the part about removing and reinserting the cartridge.
    I did, however, test this before supplying my answer. I tested this with Dungeon Hunter Alliance which my wife bought for me from the used rack.

    100% tested and verified.

    Stoner Jack

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  1. Go to the main menu and hold down the screen for two seconds, until little bubbles appear on the upper-right side of each game's icon.

    Hit the bubble you want and click "Delete."

    A screen reading "All data related to this application will be deleted" will pop up. Hit "OK."

    Pop open the part of the Vita the game goes in. Remove the cartridge and reinsert so that the "bubble" will display again on your list of games.

    Load the game and you should be good to go.
    This process won't delete the previous player's trophies.

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  2. Then the least you could have done was rate my answer.

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  3. lol rate your answer? You say you got it from sumwher else so why rate you thats like plagiarism an taking credit.. alhtho yu did later say wher its from

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