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"Killzone Mercenary"

Killzone Mercenary, a game that we have been waiting is finally release! This is almost a must-play to all FPS fans developed by Guerilla Cambridge.

The Control:
The control of this game is quite smooth. You use the twin analog stick to move and aim. the shoulder buttons for iron sighting and shooting. The square button for reloading, the 'X' button to jump, the triangle button is an action button example picking up ammo, melee an enemy or to hacking. You sprint or take behind cover by pressing the circle button. You change weapon or equip grenades by tapping the weapon icons on the right side of the touch screen, you also use Van-Guard by pressing the Van-Guard icon on the left side on your touch screen. You also swipe the touch screen while meleeing. The rear touch pad, it is use for zooming your sniper scope and also, you can spirit by double tapping the rear touch pad instead of the circle button.

Single Player Campaign:
You are playing as a mercenary, Arran Danner. There is no good, no evil, you fight for nothing but cash. The single player provides you 9 mission that you may take up to 4 hours to complete the whole campaign. There three difficulty you can chose, the harder, the more you earn. In this gameplay, you can choose to stealth or you can just rush in and fight like a boss, but sometimes it is not an option. While you are progressing, you may find yourself Blackjack thing-y, you can buy weapons, buy armor, buy Van-guard, supply ammo or full-charge your Van-Guard there. And also, the cash you earn and the weapon you brought is linked to the multiplayer too.

The Multiplayer:
In this multiplayer, there are three modes: Mercenary Warfare, Guerilla Warfare, and Warzone. In Mercenary warfare, it also means 'Deathmatch', you fight like nobody's buisness but your own, the player who has the most cash earned in that round wins the game. In Guerilla Warfare, it means Team Deathmatch, You work together and kill your enemy, the team that had the most kill wins or the team that reach 40 kills wins. And the last, Warzone, you follow the mission objective and earn points, the team which has the most point win. The multiplayer has 6 maps total and maximum 8 players in one room. It also features in-game voice chat if you are in a party match. In most time the multiplayer runs quite smoothly, rarely disconnected. The part which I don't like is the spawning, at some moment you may spawn near your enemy.

The game contains quite amount of replay value. If you are done with all of the single player campaign, there are three mission contracts, Precision, Covert, and Demolition. They give you few objectives and different task in each mission which you may take some time. There are some trophy which you need to replay the mission. The multiplayer is very addictive too.

+ Smooth control and gameplay
+ Lots of replay value
+ Stunning graphics

- Multiplayer spawning
- Less weapon to chose and can't customize your weapon attachment

I highly recommand this game for those FPS shooter fans outside. It is a masterpiece and a must-have for a handheld. A side note, this is the very first time I write my own review, please PM me if there is any problem in this review, thanks :)

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/14/13

Game Release: Killzone: Mercenary (US, 09/10/13)

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