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    FAQ/Walkthrough by KOH13

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    			Call of Duty Black Ops Declassified 
    				    By: KOH13
    				Copyright: KOH13
    Table of Contents							[TOC]
    Version History				[VH]
    0. Introduction				[000]
    I. Disclaimer				[001]
    II. Controls				[002]
    III. Checking Out			[003]
    IV. Air Traffic Control			[004]
    V. Active Measures			[005]
    VI. Got Your Back			[006]
    VII. Three Point Landing		[007]
    VIII. Rockers Red Glare			[008]
    IX. Self Destructive 			[009]
    X. OPS M.I.A.				[010]
    XI. Escort Service			[011]
    XII. Hostile Takeover			[012]
    XIII. Hostile Mode			[013]
    XIV. Time Trial Mode			[014]
    XV. Trophy Guide			[015]
    XVI. Closing Statements			[016]
    XVII. Special Thanks			[017]
    XVIII. Contact				[018]
    Version History								[VH]
    December,05,2012	[VERSION 1.00]
    - Guide is created and posted on GAMEFAQS
    0. Introduction								[000]
    Hello and welcome to yet another guide for COD series, but this one is for 
    the VITA version of the series. The game is split into 10 missions with also 
    a somewhat SPEC OPS SURVIVAL mode and TIME MODE as well, this game does not 
    feature ZOMBIE MODE.
    I. Disclaimer								[001]
    This guide is written by KOH13. This may be not be reproduced under any 
    circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any 
    web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written 
    permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any 
    public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright
    II. Controls								[002]
    []: Reload Weapon
    /\: Switch Weapon
    0: Crouch/Prone Position
    X: Action Button/Jump
    L Button: Aim Down Sight
    R Button: Fire Weapon
    Select: N/A
    Start: Pause Game
    Touch Screen to Knife
    Touch Screen to use grenades/toss back
    Rear Touch Pad to hold breath
    III. Checking Out							[003]
    After the C4 explosion takeout the guy across from you then pickup his AK47 
    then grab a GAILI off the wall, exit then BREACH the door and kill all the 
    guys in the room, go down the stairs and takeout the guy at the bottom, toss 
    a grenade across to the other doorway and stay here and kill them, wait for 
    HUDSON to say more are coming then toss another grenade then push up the 
    right side and kill the guy in the doorway, go left as you enter then toss 
    a grenade at the CAR for a DOUBLE KILL, then blow up the car for a TRIPLE 
    KILL, takeout 2 guys on the balcony across from you, then maybe 1-2 guys on 
    the right side of the car then 3-5 guys come through the door. After coming 
    through the ALLEY there are 2 guys, 1 on the wall and 2 by the DEVICE, PLANT 
    the C4 and stand back a little bit.
    After the C4 blows up, the door will open, have a FLASHBANG ready to toss, 
    there are 2 on the bottom and 1 up top on the balcony, after that about 3-6 
    guys come in, when you move up maybe some people left by the stairs to the 
    left, after coming up the stairs, PLANT the C4 then the door breaks, take 
    them out before the C4 goes off, after that you jump off the ledge and 
    complete the mission.
    IV. Air Traffic Control							[004]
    Rush both guards here then enter and look right for a TRIPLE KILL, hide 
    behind the first PILLAR and wait for guy to appear at top of stairs to kill 
    him then get the other one here [CAREFUL HERE ARE THEY MIGHT DROP GRENADES], 
    after coming up the stairs toss a grenade in the HALLWAY for a DOUBLE KILL 
    [maybe TRIPLE, if not triple then the guy is to the left, also be CAREFUL 
    OF GRENADE DROPS] kill the people to the left of you, after coming into the 
    room guy tries to run so kill him then FLASH OUT, takeout the guy at the 
    other end of doorway then all the rest in the room, after entering the next 
    part toss another FLASH then rush all the guys inside, careful of the guy 
    hiding at the end in the corner behind a table before you drop.
    After dropping down, takeout all the guards here then proceed to the next 
    group, as you turn the corner there are 4 guys, 2 around the corner + 2 
    behind the doorway at each window space, then enter and then 2 guys so get 
    them, before entering next spot are the HOSTAGES, toss a FLASH to the corner 
    to prevent them from dieing, TRIPLE KILL then head up the stairs, after 
    coming up there are 2 guys, keep moving till you see the HANGARS, there are 
    3 guys here, then MOTAR STRIKE all the MIGS here to finish the mission.
    V. Active Measures							[005]
    As you reach your contact he dies, takeout the 2 guys that hop over the 
    wall, then about 2-3 guys to the FOUNTAIN, after that takeout guy top right 
    corner on the BALCONY then the middle window where the SNIPER is, as you 
    make your way up there is a guy behind a wall and about 2-4 guys waiting, 
    after that head for the tunnels.
    After entering the room, look right for an M60 before going down the stairs, 
    shoot the WHITE PANELS to knock out the power then turn on NIGHT VISION, 
    unlock the door and guy comes at you, there are about 11-16 guys in the 
    tunnel which come from every direction, stay near the entrance and pick them 
    off, move up slowly so nobody surprises you, keep moving up till you reach 
    another big section, there are about 7-10 guys here, as HUDSON tells you to 
    pick it up about 5 guys come down the tunnel, as you reach halfway, look 
    left for a guy, as you reach the stairs there are 2 guys waiting for you, 
    then run to the CAR to finish.
    VI. Got Your Back							[006]
    BREACH the door and kill all 4 guys in room, then 2-3 guys are in the room 
    to the right, grab the MP5 and PP90 before proceeding to the next BREACH, 
    there are 4 guys in the room and one jumps out, so jump out as well, as you 
    enter the room there are 2 guys at the end of it and 2 more to the left when 
    you come in.
    After coming out and seeing cars there are 3 guys so take them out, toss a 
    FLASH over the wall and kill about 4-7 guys here, move up and when you reach 
    the next clearing there are another 4-7 guys, toss a grenade near the cluster 
    then move up halfway up to the left where there are TRASH CANS and a guy, 
    clear out any stragglers then BREACH room, after that 2 on bottom floor, 1 to
    your right and 1 behind the bar, 1 up top and then done.
    VII. Three Point Landing						[007]
    Pickup the CARBINE in front of you then takeout the 2 guys by the HELICOPTER, 
    then move to the right side of the TRUCK and look up for 2 guys, use the 
    GRENADE LAUNCHER when shoots are being fired use about 2 to get some TRIPLE 
    KILLS, move up and takeout any stragglers, as you reach the door a guy comes 
    out and 2 more on the right of you.
    Move up and grab the AK47, as you reach the door with the RED LIGHT prepare 
    for a firefight, about 3-5 on bottom floor, 3-4 on middle floor, 1 top right 
    and 1 directly across from you on a railing, move up and maybe 1 guy inside 
    the room, collect the INTEL and wait for HUDSON to finish talking before the 
    door gets kicked in.
    Kill the guy that come in, then move out and toss a grenade for a TRIPLE KILL 
    [CAREFUL OF GRENADE DROPS] move to the door and another guy, look top left 
    for a guy then another guy above him and maybe another guy above him, as you 
    move pass the crates there is a guy to the left + 2 more as you turn left 
    again, the wall be break and 4-5 guys come out so toss a grenade and get a 
    hefty reward, go into the wall, then about 5-9 guys as you enter and about 
    3-5 guys on the railing, as you reach exit look right in case there are some 
    guys left, as you reach another door there is a TRIPLE KILL here, then about 
    4-5 guys + 2 guys on BALCONY when you turn here, after killing them all 
    about 3-5 guys come out of the door to the right, BREACH the door and kill 2 
    DOOR EXIT THEN LOOK BEHIND TO FIND HIM] after that is mission done.
    VIII. Rockers Red Glare							[008]
    Knife the guy here and grab his PP90, kill the 2 guards here then toss a 
    grenade before the doorway for a MULTI-KILL then whatever is left, as you 
    come in a guy starts running, then guy hiding behind boxes to the left and 
    1 hiding behind the right side, as you reach the door of the first missile a 
    guy is waiting, plant the C4 and move on.
    After getting to the room with the second missile has 3 guards waiting, 
    grab the GAILI on the BOX TO THE RIGHT AS YOU COME IN, plant the C4 then 2 
    guys as you exit, then about 4-5 guys on the buildings across from you with 
    about 7-10 guys on the ground, proceed to next room [MIGHT HAVE 2 PEOPLE] 
    then exit and come back in and wait for guy across on building to come out 
    to kill him, then 2 guys to your right, move to the center then about 6-8 
    guys here, go left and guy waiting and make your way to the last missile.
    IX. Self Destructive 							[009]
    Move and takeout the guy patrolling, wait for 2 guys to come through the 
    door and 1 guy top right and 1 guy very top of building, swap your M16 for 
    the AK47, as you enter guy starts running, look right and guy across from 
    you, about 6-8 guys on the bottom with a SCIENTIST [BAD} in a room where you 
    killed the guy across from you, as you reach the stairs, 3 guys come through 
    the door, enter the room where the guys came out and a SCIENTIST starts 
    running, look left for the OPERATIVE, then go down the stairs and a 
    SCIENTIST, plant C4 on the REACTORS [3:30 before charges blow up]
    After coming back up toss a grenade to the other doorway across from you 
    then takeout the 2 guys above you then toss another grenade to the doorway 
    then make your way up the left side and 2 guys here then exit the room, 
    after seeing some stairs there is a guy and after you come up there are 2 
    guys to the right, enter the HANGAR and about 6-7 guys in the front and 6-8 
    guys on the left side, as you reach the exit 6 guys come out [3 from each 
    side] then exit left for the HIND.
    X. OPS M.I.A.								[010]
    Just wait for HUDSON to say "NOW" then takeout the 5 guys below, wait for 2 
    guys to come out from the building across, after that move to next spot and 
    4 guys in the room, 5 guys to start with below then keep killing about 11-15 
    guys, look and all the BALCONIES on eye level as they are there, then a 
    TRUCK comes so grab the RPG and start blasting away, about another 11-15 
    guys before he starts moving again, when HUDSON says "HES IN THE HOMESTRETCH" 
    2 guys in windows to your right.
    XI. Escort Service							[011]
    Grab the M60 before heading out, as you make it half way its an AMBUSH, so 
    kill the 4 guys here then 3 guys right if them then about 4-7 guys around the 
    THE LEFT WITH A GUY OUTSIDE THE WINDOW], after exiting the room 3 guys on 
    building to your right, 2 on the left building and 2 below them.
    Go down the stairs and grab the TURRET and plant it, let it do all the work 
    THAT THEY ALL DEAD] proceed to the room on the right and guy waiting for you, 
    enter the next room and toss a SEMTEX as you come in for a TRIPLE KILL, then 
    guy beside WHITE CAR, then 4-7 guys on the other side, make sure you kill 
    After you BREACHED the door head to the next door but careful of the guy 
    behind the door, grab the TURRET, then exit for EVAC but cant plant the 
    TURRET and hold out till everyone is dead, they come down the stairs, from 
    the truck, and up top, just keep killing till mission is done.
    XII. Hostile Takeover							[012]
    There are 3 guys on the floor with you so take them out, then about 4-6 guys 
    below you and another 2 guys on the very bottom floor, as you come down a 
    guy from the left comes in, BREACH the door at the bottom.
    There are about 4-5 guys here, then look right and 2 guys come out, then 
    look left and about 3-4 guys, when you turn the corner toss a FLASH as 4 
    guys rush you, then move up as you see the stairs look right for a guy then 
    continue up while the HELI is providing support, after coming up the stairs 
    guy to your left, after you enter there are 3 guys then 2 guys before you 
    BREACH the door, BREACH and 4 guys, BREACH the last door buy OH NO, don’t 
    worry anywhere will kill him.
    XIII. Hostile Mode							[013]
    This is the survival mode of the game, you try to get as many kills before 
    1 STAR = 30 KILLS
    2 STARS = 80 KILLS
    3 STARS = 150 KILLS
    1 STAR = 30 KILLS
    2 STARS = 80 KILLS
    3 STARS = 150 KILLS
    1 STAR = 40 KILLS
    2 STARS = 120 KILLS
    3 STARS = 200 KILLS
    1 STAR = 40 KILLS
    2 STARS = 120 KILLS
    3 STARS = 200 KILLS
    1 STAR = 50 KILLS
    2 STARS = 150 KILLS
    3 STARS = 250 KILLS
    XIV. Time Trial Mode							[014]
    This is an actual game mode unlike the tutorial missions of the console 
    versions these are meant for you to see how fast and accurate you are.
    1 STAR = Anything above 50 seconds
    2 STARS = 50 Seconds
    3 STARS = 38 Seconds
    1 STAR = Anything above 50 seconds
    2 STARS = 50 Seconds
    3 STARS = 36 Seconds
    1 STAR = Anything above 45 seconds
    2 STARS = 45 Seconds
    3 STARS = 34 Seconds
    1 STAR = Anything above 55 seconds
    2 STARS = 55 Seconds
    3 STARS = 45 Seconds 
    1 STAR = Anything above 35 seconds
    2 STARS = 35 Seconds
    3 STARS = 26 Seconds
    XV. Trophy Guide							[015]
    There are a total of 34 trophies;
    1 Platinum, 4 Gold, 11 Silver and 18 Bronze
    A Need to Bleed (Bronze): Melee 100 total enemies in Operations mode.
    How to Get: Melee 100 enemies total in any operations
    Bang for Your Buck (Silver): Kill 4 enemies with a single grenade in any 
    How to Get: Kill 4 enemies with a single grenade, probably easiest operation 
    Bang-up Job (Silver): Kill 15 enemies with RPG in 'Three Point Landing' 
    How to Get: 
    Been Around the Block (Bronze): Complete all Operations on any difficulty.
    How to Get: Just finish the game on any difficulty 
    Blood and Guts (Gold): Earn 3 stars in each Operation.
    How to Get: Must play VETERAN on all 10 operations to get this
    Can't Beat Fresh Meat (Bronze): Start Operations mode on any difficulty.
    How to Get: 
    Conservative Values (Silver): Complete 'Escort Service' Operation without 
    How to Get: Cannot reload any weapon during this, pick up the M60 then keep 
    switching between guns which your second weapon
    Crack Shot (Silver): Perform 10 head shots with the .357 Magnum in 'OPS 
    M.I.A.' Operation.
    How to Get: Just only use the .357 Magnum for this mission, probably the 
    easiest way is to use it when BREACHING the door + some kills along the way.
    Cut and Run (Silver): Melee 5 enemies in a row in any Operation.
    How to Get: Melee 5 guys in a row in any operation
    Delivery and Takeout (Bronze): Plant C4 in less than 60 seconds in 'Self 
    Destructive' Operation.
    How to Get: This means speed run though the level, just play on RECRUIT, 
    to get this. 
    Doctorate in Thermodynamics (Bronze): Kill 2 scientists with a single grenade 
    in 'Self Destructive' Operation.
    How to Get: When you find the body of the operative here don’t shoot the 
    scientist that is running, go down the stairs and close a grenade for the 
    double kill as they will be together waiting for you.
    Double Down (Silver): Kill 8 enemies with 4 or fewer bullets in 'OPS M.I.A.' 
    How to Get: This means a lot of double kills in here, you can get 3 while 
    sniping on the first part while moving to the next spot can be tricky but 
    Enthusiasms (Silver): Kill Torres with a melee attack in 'Hostile Takeover' 
    How to Get: 
    Extreme Prejudice (Bronze): Kill 10 enemies in less than 5 seconds in any 
    How to Get: 
    Going Ballistic (Bronze): Kill 10 enemies with Ballistic Knife melee attack 
    in 'Rocket's Red Glare' Operation.
    How to Get: This located on a box to your right when you enter the room in 
    the beginning.
    Headbanger (Silver): Perform 10 head shots in a row in any Operation.
    How to Get: Just get 10 headshots in any operation
    Hostile Witness (Gold): Survive to wave 13 in Hostiles mode.
    How to Get: Survive to wave 13 in Hostiles mode.
    Hostile Work Environment (Gold): Earn 3 stars in each Hostiles mission.
    How to Get: Earn 3 stars in each of the Hostile Missions
    Justice Is Blind (Bronze): Kill 4 enemies who are stunned by a Flashbang 
    Grenade in any Operation.
    How to Get: Easiest mission to do is in Air Traffic Control, after coming up 
    the stairs and after the four guys in the hallway, the next room is where you 
    want to do this.
    Making a Point (Silver): Kill both bosses with head shots in 'Hostile 
    Takeover' Operation.
    How to Get: Just shoot both guys in the head simply easy as you are BREACHING 
    each time.
    No More Worlds to Conquer (Platinum): Earn all available Trophies for Call of 
    Duty Black Ops: Declassified.
    How to Get: Get all 37 trophies before getting this
    Not Afraid of the Dark (Bronze): Complete 'Active Measures' Operation without 
    using Night Vision Goggles.
    How to Get: Do not use night vision in the tunnels
    Parking Violation (Bronze): Destroy 20 total cars in Operations mode.
    Pure as the Driven Snow (Silver): Complete 'Rocket's Red Glare' Operation 
    without taking damage.
    How to Get: Pretty hard to do so, do it on RECRUIT and take your time during 
    the missions to ensure you don’t get hit.
    Some Quality Time (Bronze): Complete all Time Trial missions on any difficulty.
    How to Get: Clear all Time Trial missions on any difficulty 
    Stick It to the Man (Bronze): Kill 5 enemies by sticking Semtex to each one 
    in any Operation.
    How to Get: Only 2 missions have SEMTEX, RED ROCKET GLARE AND ESCORT SERVICE, 
    during the rocket mission is during the beginning and during the escort 
    mission is during where you get the TURRET, the garage or the during the 2nd 
    TURRET part.
    Test the Product (Bronze): Knife 10 stacks of cocaine in 'Hostile Takeover' 
    How to Get: Knife 10 stacks of cocaine 
    The Best of Times (Gold): Earn 3 stars in each Time Trial mission.
    How to Get: Earn 3 stars in each Time Trial mission
    The Sky Is Mauling! (Bronze): Kill 3 enemies with Mortar Strike in 'Air Traffic 
    Control' Operation.
    How to Get: Kill 3 enemies which are located in the HANGARS so avoid the 
    planes and try to bomb them first.
    The Sound of One Hand Capping (Bronze): Complete 'Got Your Back' Operation 
    with only a handgun.
    How to Get: Just use the CZ75, this is doable but a pain at times
    Troglodyte (Bronze): Kill all scientists with head shots in 'Self Destructive' 
    How to Get: There are only 3 scientists in this operation
    Waste Not, Want Not (Silver): Complete 'OPS M.I.A.' Operation with 100% 
    How to Get: This is really easy with patience but if cant do it than it will 
    take a long time.
    Working Vice (Bronze): Shoot 10 stacks of cocaine in 'Hostile Takeover' 
    How to Get: Shoot 10 stacks of cocaine, these are all over the place this is 
    really easy to spot
    World's Best Babysitter (Bronze): Save all Analysts in 'Air Traffic Control' 
    How to Get: Complete ‘Air Traffic Control’
    XVI. Closing Statements							[016]
    Here is where I talk a little about the game and seeing how good or bad it 
    is also with a list of PROS and CONS;
    There isn’t really good to say about this game, if you bought this game 
    please return it right away unless you want to really play this game, this 
    game is so short which is like 20-30 minutes long if played it on HARDENED 
    difficulty but if wont to get all the trophies like me then go ahead.
    Here are a list of things that are bad about the game;
    - Really short not worth playing at being $50 price game 
    - This is pretty much like a rip off of UNIT 13 [pick this up instead of 
    this game]
    - AI is really bad as they will keep shooting no matter what not allowing 
    you to move out of position and get a shot
    - Controls are kind of an issue as the touch screen for grenades does not 
    work and will mostly melee instead.
    - There is no ZOMBIE mode which is a big let down since its made by 
    ACTIVISION, but its BLACK OPS so it should have it but not made by TREYARCH.
    XVII. Special Thanks							[017]
    I would like to thank some people but cant as I did this guide by myself. 
    If you want to help me please do and you will be credited in my guide.
    XVIII. Contact								[018]
    If you got any tips or information that is useful for the FAQ, please email 
    me @ thekingofgames000@hotmail.com, you get credited for sharing this info 
    with me but make sure you check the FAQ before emailing me, it might be 
    covered in the FAQ.

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