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"Silent Hill meets Diablo and its....its GREAT!"

Ladies and Gentlemen, first thank you for taking your time for reading this review I hope it will serve well!

First off, I was very skeptical about this game I had it preordered and I cancelled my preorder awhile back after seeing the screenshots, I mean who wants a Silent Hill that has NOTHING to do with Silent Hill?...oh boy how wrong I was...when the demo came out I played it and went running to GameStop to preorder it again. Ok, now lets go with the standardize review from you guys like these days!

I will start with whats most important these days...

Gameplay 10/10

Ok I'll be honest, you MUST like dungeon crawlers to enjoy this game. My favorite Genre is Dungeon Crawler so it made sense to try this game. The gameplay is simple enough to enjoy it right off the bat but deep enough that you're always doing new things, I won't spoil much but you have I think about 32 different weapons ranging from knifes to shotguns and....Pyramid Head's Knife! which can all level up and the great thing about them is that they all feel different. You also have your standard RPG attributes such as STR, DEX and INT(and some other) which affect how much damage you deal/resist and so on, you know the drill my RPG friends. You have some kind of abilities that you buy from the shop(there is a shop on every zone) like a circle attack or tackle; and then you also have "magic" I'll leave it at that because I want YOU to try the game and learn about it. For you dual wielding lovers, you'll have a grim smile when you use those two handguns and blast through the room or use two knifes and create a bloody mess. The game plays smooth, no lag, all in all a great dungeon crawler with a lot of twists!.

Story 8/10

Ok, I give this a 8 to avoid OMGZ THAT FANBOYZ GAVE 10/10 on the story. The story is awesome, I won't spoil it because I think every person will see it differently but it is given through cutscenes, notes that you find and television broadcast(a television in a stage room will turn on and you will here something..lets leave it at that)The story changes depending on how you play there is Evil(blood) and Good(Light) there is also Neutral in some instances. The story deals with real life issues such as being unfaithful to your a Silent Hill type of way ;)

Music 8/10

The music isn't something too special its awesome but most of the time the gameplay is so involving you won't even pay attention to it, if you play with a headphone then it becomes 10/10.

Graphics 10/10

WOW...JUST WOW The game looks AMAZING and RUNS AMAZING the nurses look like Silent Hill Nurses the stages will often disgust you(in a good way), the character models, the weapons, everything looks like they really invested some time in this department. P.S. Remember this is a Dungeon Crawler and not Battlefield 3.

Replay Value 10/10

This game is endless period. I'm just in zone 7..and I have played for like 5 hours maybe? And there is a trophy for completing 100 the math. There is a bestiary type thing for ...monsters(duh), for weapons, notes, broadcast and a gazilion of checklists and for you trophy maniacs I think there are 56 trophies(only a few require online). There is also a mode called Endless mode after you finish it. Finally another really cool thing is that there are "Classes" i.e. Jock, Goth, Preppy which have different starting attributes so it encourages you to play the game differently.

Final Words

Rent, borrow from a friend, buy..whatever, give the game a chance it is really good.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/19/12

Game Release: Silent Hill: Book of Memories (US, 10/16/12)

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