What is the best way to level up now?

  1. I'm just beat the game and very excited about post game stuff
    I really want to know hot to go to the extra maps that are mentioned in the cheat section.
    My character level is around LV.90 and I want to level them up fast to beat Beryl side story ,so what is the best way for me now

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    nackgold - 5 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    So where can I find the extra map to recruit Big Star and other guys

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    nackgold - 5 years ago

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  1. ... 4 bills, not 3. another thing beside big bang is... level up fire / mega / giga / whatever fire to +8, and enjoy 3x3 grid fire! this is because their Fire elemental is -25%, and you would want to kill them on their original spot, they are on EXP+100% tiles... don't try to attack them if you know you're unable to kill them in one shot, they move from their original spot after getting damage. and they have a 5 grid skill called classic mushroom which hits like 3 year old crush kill, get hit with this and you may get "forget" status

    to get the extra maps... talk around your campus until you see something about extra maps bill, then pass it in homeroom

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  1. Map 7-3 Corpse Eaters. pass 3 stronger enemy bills to get the enemies at level 99. they're in a 3x3 grid so you can Big Bang each time. after that, Mansion of Ordeals for the rest of your levelin purposes.

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  2. This will help you: www.disgaea.wikia.com/wiki/Disgaea_3_Power_Leveling

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  3. A good way to level up is by exploiting Chapter 4, stage 3. Kill all of the enemies except one warslug, and allow it to level up with time. Be sure to stay out of its range, which is considerable. No matter how high of a level you let it get to, if you hit it from behind, you'll have 80% accuracy, and seeing as it's leveling up during the battle, it's HP doesn't go up. So like, you can have a level 2000 enemy with 200-400 HP. It's a one-hit kill with anything above 30, plus it gives rediculous HL.

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  4. imho the best way to level up is to reincarnate the character from time to time and beat strongest enemies (approval required) at stage Strongest Crossroad. for example, my way to level up is as follows:
    1. get a weapon which can deal 1500+ damage to lvl 65 enemies at Strongest Crossroad
    2. gain 100 lvls or so in about 20 minutes and reincarnate the character into a higher class one (make him a Genius as well)
    3. continue beating the monsters and reincarnating.

    If you want to save time, go to Strongest Crossroad and make a tower of 10 characters, putting Mao at its bottom. Let the monsters come and kill them. All the characters will gain EXP and level up really fast. The most pleasant thing is to kill the enemies with a mage that can deal 1500+ damage with its Fire spell, which kills them all in 2 rounds, allowing you to level him or her up to level 400 or so in an hour or two!

    Also Item World is a perfect place for leveling up and getting better equipment that you can get in the shop.

    I'm still in Chapter 3 and i've got a lvl 200 Galaxy mage which deals 15 000 damage or so, as well as other high-level characters.

    So, to cut it short, "strongest enemies" option in Homeroom and reincarnation are your best helpers here)

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