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    Kitana by japongt

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 06/12/11 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                        MMMMMMM#MMM                  ,HMMMMMMMX                   
                     MMMMMMM7 2                           .MMMMMMK                
                  2MMMMM;PM      iMMH;.  M                    RMMMMM              
                XMMMMR      ZMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM               MMMMM,           
              ,MMMM    MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMK#N:            #MMMM          
           :MMMM   MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM      #MMMMMMMMM             MMMM       
      MMMM   MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM                   MMMM       MMMRjMM         MMMM 
      MMM    MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM                      MMMMM    M  M  M         KMMM 
     7MMM    MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMi                       MMMMMMMMMMMMM           MMM 
     5MMM    MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM,                            ,ij  .MM          MMM 
     5MMM   ;MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM;                                MM      HM@ MMM 
              LMMMM,                 MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM          
                #MMMMMM5           :MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM2           
         PP   PP  RR   RR   II   NNN   NN  CCC   C   EE    E   SS       SS
         PP  PPP  RR  RR    II   NNNN  NN  CC        EE        SSS      SS
         PP PP    RR RR     II   NN NN NN  CC        EEEEEE     SSS      SSS
         PPPP     RRRRR     II   NN  NNNN  CC        EE          SSS      SSS
         PPP      RRR RR    II   NN   NNN  CCC       EE            SSS      SSS
         PP       RR  RR    II   NN    NN   CCC      EE             SS       SS
         PP       RR   RR   II   NN    NN     CCC    EE       S    SSS S    SSS
                  KK  KKK  IIII TTTTTTTT     AAAA  NNN   NN      AAAA
                  KKKKK     II     TT       AA AA  NNNN  NN     AA AA
                  KKK       II     TT      AA  AA  NN NN NN    AA  AA
                  KKKK      II     TT     AA   AA  NN  NNNN   AA   AA
                  KKKKK     II     TT    AA    AA  NN   NNN  AA    AA
                  KK KK     II     TT    AAAAAAAA  NN    NN  AAAAAAAA
                  KK  KK    II     TT    AA    AA  NN    NN  AA    AA
                  KK   KK   II     TT    AA    AA  NN    NN  AA    AA
                  KK   KKK IIII    TT    AA    AA  NN    NN  AA    AA
                             Mortal Kombat Character Guide
                                     By SuppaTenshi
                                      Version 1.1
    05/21/11 - Ver. 0.8
    FAQ is written.
    06/04/11 - Ver. 1.0
    Several typos fixed.
    Added "Ending" under the "Miscellaneous" section.
    Added "Recommended Strategy" against each character.
    <, >, ^, and v moves swapped for b, f, u, and d respectively.
    06/12/11 - Ver. 1.1
    Several typos fixed.
    Additional notes added against certain characters.
    Several revisions in the "Fighting against" section were made.
                           T A B L E   O F   K O N T E N T S   
    01) About
    02) The Basics
    03) Moves
      +3.1) Basic Attacks
      +3.2) Basic Kombos
      +3.3) Special Moves
      +3.4) Fast Tags
      +3.5) Tag Kombos
      +3.6) Tag Specials
      +3.7) X-Ray
      +3.8) Finishing Moves
    04) Into the Kombat
      +4.1) As Kitana
      +4.2) Against Kitana
      +4.3) Kitana's Pros and Cons
    05) Fighting against
      +5.1) Baraka
      +5.2) Cyber Sub-Zero
      +5.3) Cyrax
      +5.4) Ermac
      +5.5) Jade
      +5.6) Jax
      +5.7) Johnny Cage
      +5.8) Kabal
      +5.9) Kano
      +5.10) Kratos
      +5.11) Kung Lao
      +5.12) Liu Kang
      +5.13) Mileena
      +5.14) Nightwolf
      +5.15) Noob Saibot
      +5.16) Quan Chi
      +5.17) Raiden
      +5.18) Reptile
      +5.19) Scorpion
      +5.20) Sektor
      +5.21) Shang Tsung
      +5.22) Sheeva
      +5.23) Sindel
      +5.24) Smoke Man-Hair
      +5.25) Sonya
      +5.26) Stryker
      +5.27) Sub-Zero
    06) Advanced Stuff
    07) Frequently Asked Questions
    08) Easter Eggs/Interesting Facts
    09) Miscellaneous
    10) Contacts/Credits
    -----------------------------[   01) About   ]-------------------------------
    Why hello there, this is japongt (AKA SuppaTenshi/Mega-Japan elsewhere), and
    this should be the second Character FAQ I write for GameFAQs. Given the lack
    of free time I have nowadays, I still pushed myself to write this FAQ for the
    simple fact that I love the game and the character, and in order to help all
    newbies out there looking for help to improve this character of choice.
    To be honest, I never paid much attention to Kitana in the past. My main for
    the first four games being Liu Kang, and then Li Mei for then three games
    after that. This time around however, there is no Li Mei, and Liu Kang has
    lost my interest, so I went in the search of a new character to be a master
    at. After using Kitana for a few rounds, I knew she was it.
    Because this game was released for two separate consoles, I will be using the
    button standard that works with both. Here the basic attacks:
    Command:	Standard:	PlayStation 3:		Xbox 360:
    Front Punch	1		Square			X
    Back Punch	2		Triangle		Y
    Front Kick	3		X			A
    Back Kick	4		Circle			B
    Block		BLK		R2			RT
    Throw		H		R1/Square+Circle	RB/A+X
    Flip Stance	FS		L2/X+Circle		LT/A+B
    Tag		T		L1			LB
    X-Ray		XR		L2+R2			LT+RT
    Up		u
    Down		d
    Back		b
    Forward		f
    --------------------------[   02) The Basics   ]-----------------------------
    Place of Origin: Edenia
    Alignment: Good
    Allies: Liu Kang, Jade, Sindel
    Enemies: Mileena, Baraka, Shao Kahn
    Race: Edenian
    Status: Princess
    Strength: Medium
    Speed: Fast
     -Mortal Kombat II
     -Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3
     -Mortal Kombat Trilogy
     -Mortal Kombat Gold
     -Mortal Kombat Advance
     -MK: Deadly Alliance
     -MK: Shaolin Monks
     -MK: Unchained
     -MK: Armageddon
     -MK vs. DC Universe
     -Mortal Kombat (2011)
     Kitana is the the sole heir to the throne of Edenia. Daughter of Queen
    Sindel, Princess Kitana is 10,000 years old, yet considered young in her
    realm. She was raised in the realm of Outworld as the loyal step daughter
    of Emperor Shao Kahn. She then discovers the truth behind her past, and
    opposes Shao Kahn by allying herself with the Earthrealm warriors. Having
    her childhood friend Jade, Kitana plans to take back her realm of Edenia
    from the forces of Outworld.
     Without a doubt, Kitana falls in the top quarter of all characters. She is a
    very well balanced fighter in both ground and air, being able to use her most
    effective specials in the air, and having devastating ground combos. Her X-Ray
    is also very easy to combo into, having no problem adding up great damage.
    She does however, have a slight disadvantage against opponents who can counter
    projectiles and have air grabs. Unlike the other mainstream characters, Kitana
    is not very newb friendly, needing a good amount of skills to make the best
    use of her.
    -----------------------------[   03) Moves   ]-------------------------------
    Because I only own and use the PS3 version of the game, and I do not want to
    leave out the 360 players out there, I will be using the standard naming for
    all moves (1, 2, 3, 4, etc.), or calling the moves by their respective names
    (Fan Toss, Square Boost, Upraise, etc.).
    3.1) Basic Attacks
    Front Punch (1)						Damage: 3%
    	Back Punch (2)						Damage: 5%
    Front Kick (3)						Damage: 7%
    	Back Kick (4)						Damage: 9%
    Uppercut (d + 2)					Damage: 12%
    	Fan Slice (b + 1)					Damage: 5%
    Uprise (b + 2)						Damage: 9%
    	Shin Kick (b + 3)					Damage: 3%
    Fan Stab (f + 2)					Damage: 7%
    	Hop Kick (f + 3)					Damage: 5%
    Spin Kick (f + 4)					Damage: 7%
    	Sweep (b + 4)						Damage: 7%
    Back Throw (H)						Damage: 12%
    	Forward Throw (f + H)					Damage: 12%
    Air Punch (1 or 2 in Air)				Damage: 5%
    	Air Kick (3 or 4 in Air)				Damage: 5%
    Forward/Back Air Punch (f1/b1 or f2/b2 in Air)		Damage: 4%
    	Forward/Back Air Kick (f3/b3 or f4/b4 in Air)		Damage: 7%
    3.2) Basic Kombos
    Royal Pain (1, 1, 2)					Damage: 12%
    	Dignified (b1, 2)					Damage: 11%
    Majestic (2, 1, 2)					Damage: 14%
    	Noble Lift (f2, 1)					Damage: 11%
    Regal Assault (3, 3, 3)					Damage: 14%
    	Blue Blood (b3, 3)					Damage: 9%
    Power Intrusion (f3, 1, 2)				Damage: 14%
    	Deadly Rush (f4, 1)					Damage: 15%
    Pure Kicks (f4, b4)					Damage: 13%
    3.3) Special Moves
    Fan Toss (d, f, 1)					Damage: 7%
    Air Fan Toss (d, f, 1 in Air)				Damage: 8%
    Charged Fan [Enhanced] (d, f, 1 + BLK)			Damage: 11%
    Air Charged Fan [Enhanced] (d, f, 1 + BLK in Air)	Damage: 11%
    As the name suggests, Kitana will shoot both of her fans at the opponent.
    Certainly a great projectile effective at all distances. The move can be done
    in mid air and be activated after virtually any attack. It makes it plenty
    hard for the opponent to advance, and also effective for mind games. Perform
    a jump, and you can have the opponent guessing whether you'll square boost at
    them or throw a fan right at their face. For some obnoxious reason, the Air
    Fan Toss causes more damage despite Kitana throwing a single fan rather than
    two like she normally would. This, of course, should be taken to its most
    advantage. Her enhanced version, the Charged Fan, is one of the best
    projectiles in the game, allowing Kitana to use it in order to perform
    devastating combos. Here's the trick, Kitana will toss one of the fans first,
    while readying and holding the second to knock down the opponent, doing 7% and
    5% respectively. However, the second toss can be held by holding down 1, and
    canceled out by either dashing or jumping in any direction. If is the case,
    then the move will only do 7% of damage like a regular Fan Toss, with the
    difference that the fan will be spinning in the enemy's guts holding it right
    open for you to continue to unleash your fury upon the poor soul.
    Upraise (b, b, 2)					Damage: 0%
    Uplift [Enhanced] (b, b, 2 + BLK)			Damage: 0%
    Kitana will wave her fans at a 45┬░ angle while screaming either "Ki ka ma ru!"
    or "In de ne!", whatever that's supposed to mean. Or if you are lucky, she
    might not say a word. As the opponent comes in contact with these airwaves,
    it will levitate in their direction for a couple of seconds, leaving them wide
    opened for any of Kitana's aerial attack (b2 + Air Fan Toss is recommended),
    or a simple uppercut will do. The enhances Uplift version is essentially the
    same thing done a tad faster, with no wind up whatsoever. It can be used as a
    good wake up attack, however it is often not worth the special bar.
    Cutting Fan (d, f, 2)					Damage: 9%
    Fan Dice [Enhanced] (d, f, 2 + BLK)			Damage: 19%
    Yet another move in Kitana's arsenal, the cutting fan will have Kitana
    spinning her fans around, and slicing her opponents like it's cool. The move
    is great to end combos as it is easy to access (try pressing 2 then follow
    with the d, f) and has some great priority. The Fan Dice however, is much
    deadlier, doing a whooping 19%, more than double than its non-enhanced
    counterpart. Unfortunately however, it's not as great of a combo finisher as
    the regular version.
    Square Boost (d, b, 1)					Damage: 9%
    Air Square Boost (d, b, 1 in Air)			Damage: 7%
    Square Wave [Enhanced] (d, b, 1 + BLK)			Damage: 13%
    Air Square Wave [Enhanced] (d, b, 1 + BLK in Air)	Damage: 11%
    Kitana will conduct a quick high jump and fly towards the opponent at a 90┬░
    angle then drop, creating the shape of a square (or rectangle), hence the
    name. This is her only move that can used to close up on the opponent on the
    other side of the screen. Beware not to use it aimlessly as Kitana is left
    wide opened for a few frames upon landing. My advice is to use the Air Square
    Boost instead of the regular one to zoom in and charge straight at the enemy.
    The Square Wave is the exact same thing as the Square Boost with slightly more
    damage, and therefore should never be used unless you know you are going to
    hit the opponent with it. Otherwise is nothing but a waste of energy bar. Like
    the Fan Toss, if you jump and hit 1 (punch the opponent) followed by d and f,
    you will create and instant Square Boost combo creating 10% damage. Not much
    but remember, it all adds up.
    Pretty Kick (d, b, 3)					Damage: 10%
    Pretty Legs [Enhanced]  (d, b, 3 + BLK)			Damage: 13%
    I don't know you, but I can't find what's so pretty about being kicked in the
    face. Because that is exactly what Kitana does in this not-so-special special
    move, make a little hop and double kick the opponent. The move itself is not
    so bad, as you can use it to end combos and whatnot, but you can't help but
    get the feeling that it is just another move, there for you to use when you
    remember to use it. You thought Upraise was the only move where Kitana mumbles
    her ancient Edenian language? Well, you thought wrong. Kitana says screams
    her trademark words when doing the Pretty Legs, which by the way, only does 3%
    more than the regular one. Unless you love hearing that voice of hers, I say
    save the bar for X-Rays or combo breakers.
    Fake Out Kick (d, b, 4)					Damage: 8%
    Pretty Kick is not the only move that will have you wonder, "why is this a
    special move?". Fake Out Kick raises the question mark to a new level, not
    even having an enhanced option. Arguably one of the worst special moves in the
    game, Kitana will spin around making you believe she will perform a high kick,
    when in fact she is going for a low kick. The thing is, among all that
    spinning, Kitana is left wide open for several frames, making her an easy
    target for just about anything. I would suggest doing the move only at mid
    range. It throws the opponent off guard almost guaranteeing a trip.
    3.4) Fast Tags
    Use this when you want to immediately switch characters in a tag battle
    without compromising your safety.
    Truth Be Told (f + 2, 1, T)				Damage: 11%
    Effortless (f + 3, 1, 2, T)				Damage: 14%
    Big Fan (b, b, 2, T)					Damage: 0%
    3.5) Tag Kombos
    These are basically Kitana's basic combos, but replacing the last hit with a
    tag, and so finishing the combo with the waiting character while leaving it
    out. If Kitana is the switching in character, she will perform a Fan Slice
    doing 8% damage which you should immediately follow with a Air Fan Toss for
    and extra 3% and opening an opportunity for a much longer combo.
    Pretty Princess (b + 1, T)				Damage: 5% + Varies
    Mesmerizing (2, 1, T)					Damage: 7% + Varies
    Magnificent (3, 3, T)					Damage: 9% + Varies
    Disrespect (f + 3, 1, T)				Damage: 8% + Varies
    3.6) Tag Specials
    Tag Out (T)						Damage: 0%
    Basically switching your character and that's about it. Make sure to do it
    when you are not wide open or else that will be a free hit or combo for your
    Tag Attack (d, f, T)					Damage: 11% / Varies
    Your waiting character will show up out of nowhere doing one of their special
    moves. If the waiting character is Kitana however, she will fly in with an
    Air Square Wave, which is very unlikely to hit anything unless that said
    opponent just happens to be in the air when the move is activated. Do remember
    however, that this move acts as an enhanced special. Therefore draining one
    special bar and respectively doing 11% damage just like an Air Square Wave
    should. One the move is executed, the waiting character is now in the fight.
    Tag Assist (d, b, T)					Damage: 8% / Varies
    The waiting character will magically appear behind you doing one of their
    special attacks (different from the Tag Attack special). Unlike the Tag
    Attack, the Tag Assist does not bring in the waiting character, bute merely
    acts as another special attack for the character in use. If Kitana is the
    waiting character, she will pop up behind you doing an Air Fan Toss. Despite
    this acting as an enhanced special and draining a special bar, Kitana will
    not do an Air Charged Fan, making this move often not worth it.
    3.7) X-Ray
    Fan-Tastic [3 Bars] (FS + BLK)			Damage: 31%
    Quite obviously Kitana's best move. Kitana will shoot both of her fans towards
    the opponent at max speed. She will then somehow teleport behind said opponent
    (not before screaming one of her trademark lines, "farewell") and stab it
    right behind their skulls with her closed fans. She will teleport yet again in
    front of the opponent, grab the two fans she left inserted in their skull, and
    proceed to insert them right into the eye sockets, knocking them right to the
    ground and screaming "get up". Ok, number one... Why in the world can't you do
    that awesome teleporting move outside the X-Ray? Seriously, it looks pretty
    damn useful to just leave it out of the equation and have it exclusively for
    a special that requires your entire special bar. And number two, you can't
    just go around stabbing people in the back and front of their skulls, knocking
    them to the ground, and then telling them to get up! Interestingly, not only
    do they actually get up, but also come back with healthy eyes even though they
    just had two steel fans right through them. Gameplay wise, the move can be
    activated at any range, ground or air, really fast, and very easy to combo
    into. Damage wise, it is one of the weakest X-Rays in the game, but the
    advantages it brings make up for it. A guaranteed way to pull it off is right
    after an Upraise, but that will reduce the damage down to 26%. And the most
    basic combo to pull it after would be right after a simple b2, adding an extra
    7% and making it a 38% damage move.
    3.8) Finishing Moves
    Fatality #1: Fan Opener (d, d, b, f, 2)
    Without a doubt, one of the most boring fatalities in the game. Kitana
    slightly pushes the opponent, pulls out both of her fans, and slices both of
    the opponent's arms right off with them. She then proceeds to slice the head
    with one of the fans and... that is it... what? I told you it was boring,
    that's why I never do it.
    Fatality #2: Splitting Headache (f, d, f, b, 3)
    This one is somewhat more entertaining. For a weapon fatality anyways. She
    pulls out both of her fans yet again, and inserts one of them right below the
    opponent's belly button. She then opens the fan, basically cutting the entire
    stomach, removes it, and stabs the other fan right into the enemy's face,
    which she opens as well, splitting the head in two from the chin and out the
    forehead. And then she poses like a champ.
    Stage Fatality (f, d, d, 3)
    Well, this clearly depends on the stage you're fighting on. Whether you feed
    the trees or have someone else run over your enemy, it's up to you. Take your
    Babality (f, d, f, 4)
    She magically turns people into babies... Wait, they all do that. When it is
    done on Kitana however, baby Kitana pulls out the now huge steel fans out of
    thin air. She makes an epic baby pose, just to be taken by the wind and fall
    right back down with the fans by her side. She then cries, like they all do.
    Hey, at least be glad those fan blades didn't land on your head.
    ------------------------[   04) Into the Kombat   ]--------------------------
    4.1) As Kitana:
    Kitana is pure greatness all around, and certainly one of the best characters
    in the roster. As a Kitana player, you must be fast. Although she can be used
    as a turtle character, it is neither her strength or purpose in the fight.
    Just about all of her attacks rely on her fan work and a lot of timing. Take
    for instance one of her Bread n Butter (BnB) combos, f2, 1, Jump 1, Dash, b2,
    Air Fan Toss. There is a very precised timing in that Jump 1 that can easily
    be missed and end the entire combo. This alone separates Kitana from very easy
    combo characters like Ermac and Scorpion.
    One of her best weapons is a good rush down attack. Thanks to her high speed,
    she has no problem rushing down the opponent and finishing them off before
    they even get the chance to breathe.
    Good starters are 2, 1, Pretty Kick or 2, d, f.
    After an opponent wake up, you can often go for a grab which seems to
    work pretty often, or even pull off a Fake Out Kick from a safe distance. If
    far away however, you can Fan Toss and close in with a Square Boost. When
    knocked down, you can either attempt to do a wake up attack like Uplift or
    Square Boost, or simply roll back, jump back, and Square Boost their face.
    If you are the one who is being rushed down however, make sure to block
    appropriately and immediately get out of the hit zone. Kitana hates being the
    sand bag and often has trouble forsaking the billet. The typical uppercut in
    this situation can only help so much, so jumping backwards with a kick often
    works. Keep jumping back and throw an Air Fan Toss at them if you need to,
    then switch to offense and continue the chase. Be careful as you retreat
    however, as clever teleporting character might pop up right behind you to
    continue with their routine.
    And speaking of which, teleporting characters are a pain in the arse, but
    surely nothing Kitana can't handle. I'm mainly referring to the likes of
    Scorpion, Smoke, Ermac, Kung Lao and Sektor. Just beware and always be on
    your guard. These characters are no joke and can pack a punch with nothing
    a teleport. Although an air game is a field where Kitana is very good at,
    try not to jump as much when playing these characters, since they will often
    take the opportunity and knock your down. Thankfully, these teleports are
    easily punishable if you just keep your guard up. Once they fail miserably
    and start spinning right in front of you, it's the perfect chanse to punish
    with Upraise, BnB, or a combo of your choice.
    4.2) Against Kitana:
    Kitana hates teleporters, but who doesn't? This is mainly because a lot of her
    attacks consist of a good air game. If you are a teleporter, just wait for her
    to take her feet of the ground. Whether she is going to do an Air Fan Toss or
    an Air Square Boost, it doesn't matter. It is not going to affect you and you
    will hit her regardless. This is unless you are Kung Lao, she jumps away, and
    you end up a fan up your guts. If you are a defensive character like Sub-Zero,
    Stryker, or even Kano, stay away and play your mind games. Make clones, shoot
    guns, throw knives, just do what you must to keep her away from you. She will
    most likely attempt to approach you with a Square Boost, which is a good time
    to throw a high projectile like Stryker's Bomb, Shang Tsung's Skull, or even
    Jade's Razorang. 
    Block her fans. Really, they are not hard to block and you can see them coming
    from a mile away. If you get hit, they will hold you for about a second, giving
    Kitana more than enough time to be right on your face. If you must fight close
    combat, just do what she would do to you, rush down to death. Do not let her
    breathe, as most of her effective combo will require a good (often timed) hit
    on you. If you sense a long combo coming, because you've already been through
    them, make sure to use a combo breaker (assuming you have enough bars). That's
    what they are there for, and don't wait until the last hit to do it either.
    Some players out there are just very slow on catching on.
    4.3) Kitana's Pros and Cons:
    -Pros ============
    -Very fast character.
    -Great projectile with plenty great vertical range.
    -Great close in move that causes damage upon contact.
    -Deadly combo maker.
    -Is good at mind games.
    -Has easy to access combo starters.
    -Is a princess with a hawt sexi bodi.
    -Cons ============
    -Most attacks have bad recovery time.
    -Not the strongest character.
    -Not a great defensive character.
    -Lacks the teleport seen in X-Ray.
    ------------------------[   05) Fighting Against   ]-------------------------
    5.1) Baraka:
    Overall Difficulty: Easy
    Recommended Strategy: Zoning
    Baraka offers nothing that Kitana can't take. Simply make sure you don't
    blindlessly fall into his Chop Chop move as they will likely attempt to
    do it as a wake up attack when you approach. His projectile is easy to avoid
    by simply ducking and also easily punishable if you are close to him.Do not
    underestimate him however, as he has strong swings that cause a lot of pain
    and his mind games consist of leading you right into them. You can either
    rush him down like you normally would, or try to play him from a distance.
    After all, all he has is a slow projectile for his long range tactics. Do
    beware of his Blade Spin, and do not jump right into them. They will also
    get you if you attempt to Square Boost right above them.
    5.2) Cyber Sub-Zero:
    Overall Difficulty: Medium
    Recommended Strategy: Zoning
    Although you might not see many Cyber Subz out there, the few you do get to
    can pack quite the punch. He surprisingly has some deadly combos that can
    knock you over half your bar no problem, specially if combo'd with the X-Ray.
    So the advice is to remain calm and not just rush into him, as his counter can
    easily catch you off guard. Play him from a distance or even an air game where
    ice bombs are of no threat to you. Block its ice ball and attempt to go for a
    combo. Like Sub-Zero, if you are at a distance, Cyber Subz might attempt to
    slide right at you thinking you are not going to duck block it. Do yourself a
    favor and do block it. It is quite a predictable and easily punished move.
    5.3) Cyrax:
    Overall Difficulty: Easy
    Recommended Strategy: Rush
    A random Cyrax in a ranked match is usually nothing to fear, but like any
    character in the game, it can be deadly in the right hands. Like Cyber Subz,
    Cyrax is best to handle in an air game. Just don't get caught by his Anti-Air
    move and you will be fine. Avoid his predictable net attacks and go for the
    kill, as he doesn't have much to offer at close range. If caught in his net
    however, expect a teleport followed by long combo of doom. His typical bomb
    trap combos are something to be aware off, so do your best not to get uppercut
    right into them.
    5.4) Ermac
    Overall Difficulty: Very Hard
    Recommended Strategy: Rush
    Here is one you will see often. The many souls guy will not hesitate to start
    off the game with one of his two telekinetic moves. This is one guy you do NOT
    want to play an air game with. Not only his Force Push and Force Lift attacks
    have ridiculous hit boxes, but they are also his main combo starter, so you
    definitely don't want to get caught in them. Either play him from a distance
    or at close range, keeping your guard up and punishing him whenever he feels
    like teleporting. Do not jump unless you know it is safe to do so, such as him
    attempting to do a Butt Slam, which you can quickly cancel with a Jump Punch
    and an Air Fan Toss.
    5.5) Jade
    Overall Difficulty: Medium
    Recommended Strategy: Air Game
    Jade is a good rushing character. Specially against those who rely on their
    projectiles. Don't aimlessly throw fans at her, as she will have no problem
    passing through them and then smack you in the chin with her table dancing
    tool. Her air game is weak, and so you can begin there and rush her down to
    no end. Look out for her Staff Overhead, and jump away when she turns purple,
    since not a thing you do will affect her. Close in and unleash every combo you
    learned in practice mode. Finally, baware for her wake up Shadow Kick, you'll
    definitely have those coming.
    5.6) Jax
    Overall Difficulty: Easy
    Recommended Strategy: Rush
    Mr. Major of Special Forces' greatest tactic is to grab you and smack you to
    death with his fearless steel arms. Fighting him is tricky. Go at him from the
    air, prepare for an air grab. Stay on the ground, stand by for a ground pound.
    Do your best not to give him room to counter attack. Do not, by any means, let
    him corner you. If that is the case, escape immediate. Jax crushes ribs and
    jaws when he corners anyone. Watch out for his Dash Punch, not only does it
    come unexpected but it's his typical punishment. Other than that, simply jump
    away and release some fans at the motivator.
    5.7) Johnny Cage
    Overall Difficulty: Hard
    Recommended Strategy: Air Game
    For starters, that Flip Kick of his has far too much priority! It is pretty
    hard to approach anyone whose instant kick will knock you out from almost
    angle. Basically don't randomly jump at the guy. Instead, go for the low
    attacks, and always look out for his random Nut Punch which is bound to hit
    you if you are not careful enough. His Shadow Kicks come at you so fast it's
    not even funny, so if you happen to block it, be sure to follow it up with a
    quick punishment.
    5.8) Kabal
    Overall Difficulty: Medium
    Recommended Strategy: Rush
    This guy is just so unpredictable, mainly due to his move pool being able to
    get you from about any distance. His Nomad Dash is almost guaranteed to hit
    unless you are set blocking. Thankfully, if successfully blocked, he is wide
    opened for a combo of your choice. Once you punish them enough with 30%+
    combos, they will be very hesitant to do it again, at which time you approach
    and go for the kill. His Gas Blast is nowhere as annoying as his Buzz Saw. The
    damn thing comes at you out of nowhere. Jump and immediately Square Boost at
    his face.
    5.9) Kano
    Overall Difficulty: Hard
    Recommended Strategy: Rush
    Much like Jax, Kano is a good grappler who will choke the life out of you if
    you are not careful. His strategy consist of either grappling, ball at you, or
    throw knives at you. The latter two can be easily spammed and really hard to
    punish. Rush in, attack, then step back. You definitely don't want to get
    caught in the game's strongest X-Ray. There is not much chemistry here. He
    will often resort to ball at you, specially from wake ups, so keep your guard
    up. Also, knives are faster than fans, and you might be required to rush him
    down to prevent giving him a chance to knife at you.
    5.10) Kratos
    Overall Difficulty: Easy
    Recommended Strategy: Rush
    Kratos is really, really strong. However, thanks to Kitana's super speed, he
    is nothing bu a big turtle blocking your way. The only moves you need to be
    aware of are his Golden Fleece and Apollo's Bow. The later because most Kratos
    loyally rely on the move at long distance and often resort to spam it. Thanks
    to the high damage it causes, it can be bad even if you block it. As for the
    Golden Fleece, don't just randomly toss fans at the guy, and even if you do
    and he happens to counter it, make sure to instantly jump out of the returned
    projectile. Go for the low attacks, there is nothing he can do to counter
    5.11) Kung Lao
    Overall Difficulty: Hard
    Recommended Strategy: Rush
    This one is yet another one I guarantee you will see often. They will not
    hesitate to abuse Dive Kicks, Ground Hats, and Teleports. Block the Dive
    Kicks and punish with easy 30%+ combo. After a while, they will not use the
    move so carelessly. If he plays a long range game, you are better at it. Do
    make the most use out of your Fan Toss, and even they follow up with a
    Teleport, you have time to dash back on reaction and punish with an Upraise
    for easy combo follow up. When you see those Ground Hats coming, be sure to
    do a quick jump and follow up with a quick Air Fan Toss. Once they get the
    impression that Kitana is a long range fighter, rush in and go for the kill.
    5.12) Liu Kang
    Overall Difficulty: Medium
    Recommended Strategy: Rush
    With Liu Kang it is all about the mind games. He will try to rush right at you
    and try to get you into his famous and super-easy-to-perform 3-move 12-hit
    combo and beyond. Do not let that happen, and if you see it coming, combo
    break if you got the bars to spare. From a distance, he will try to keep you
    throwing Fireballs in all directions. He has no problem dropping one in your
    face if you try to Square Boost at him. Use a steady approach and rush him
    down. They will Bicycle Kick and Flying Kick you if they see a small opening,
    but thankfully both are easily punished, with the latter being not as easy to
    5.13) Mileena
    Overall Difficulty: Very Hard
    Recommended Strategy: Rush
    Easily one of Kitana's worst match ups. Given it is skilled Mileena, Fan Toss
    and they will roll right under it. Square Boost and they will teleport with a
    kick up your nose. Add a bunch of bouncy combos and Sai stabbing, and you are
    in for a bloody ride. Mileena might not be a great character overall, but it
    is almost as if she was made for the purpose to counter her half-sister. You
    must choose your moves wisely, since about all of them can be punished by
    Mileena. My advice would be to rush her down and not give her a chance to
    teleport, and block her incoming rolls, which then become easily punishable.
    5.14) Nightwolf
    Overall Difficulty: Medium
    Recommended Strategy: Air Game
    This native will reflect your fans with his chest like a champ, and knock your
    guard off with his Lightning. At mid range, he will go for the Shoulder
    charge, so be wary of how you handle this guy. For the most part he is still
    more vulnerable for air attacks. Some quick 3, Air Fan Toss and you just might
    have him open for a combo. His Arrow is no problem unless it's a Multi Arrow,
    which can get you even when you are trying to Square Boost towards him. Just
    make sure you rush him down and not let yourself fall into his tomahawk game.
    5.15) Noob Saibot
    Overall Difficulty: Easy
    Recommended Strategy: Rush
    For many, Noob is a nightmare. For Kitana, no problem. Noobs move pool can not
    get any more predictable. They tend to do nothing but Shadow Charge and Shadow
    Slide at you, and whenever you get close, here comes the Shadow Upknee. All
    which can be easily blocked. Try to approach him by Square Boosting his way,
    trying to avoid that Shadow Upknee that might get in your way. Rush him back
    to the Netherrealm, and keep your guard up for his easily punishable teleport.
    Try not to jump too much, as said teleport is bound to get you the second he
    sees you in the air.
    5.16) Quan Chi
    Overall Difficulty: Easy
    Recommended Strategy: Rush
    The Netherrealm'ers really have nothing on the Edenian Princess. His strategy
    is fairly simple: Combo, combo, Trance, combo. Basically, like any other
    character, if you get caught, you are screwed, unless you have a combo breaker
    ready for the guy. And even that can be neglected if he decides to use
    Mesmerize instead of Trance. His Ground Burst are nothing you should worry
    about, and if you act on reaction, neither is his Sky Drop. Punish, and go for
    the kill. You might have some trouble blocking his Sky Drop, but get used to
    blocking right when you know it's coming, it is not hard to predict. Bait him
    into using the move, block and continue on for a quick combo follow up. Do not
    use Square Boost when he prepares that Sky Drop. No matter how fast the Square
    Boost boosts, it will get you and smack you to the ground.
    5.17) Raiden
    Overall Difficulty: Medium
    Recommended Strategy: Air Game
    The God of Thunder hasn't lost his touch. Their basic strategy is Lightning,
    Lightning, superman. Chances are you will drop your guard and attempt to
    attack after the first or second Lightning, but before you know it, here
    comes the superman. If you can learn to block that superman, you are good to
    go. Don't bother keeping distance, as the Raiden will always teleport right
    behind you for a good combo or simple Electrocution, at which point is to
    react with a combo starter of your own, a Square Boost to GTFO, or a quick
    uppercut will do the trick.
    5.18) Reptile
    Overall Difficulty: Medium
    Recommended Strategy: Air Game
    Mr. I-have-three-projectiles-and-all-of-them-can-be-used-to-juggle-and-combo
    can be pretty annoying to battle against, mostly due to his projectiles, from
    which you have no choice but block or avoid, and even the latter is not so
    easy. When he gets into his projectile mini game, Square Boost and shut the
    sucker, or else you will be blocking Acid Spits and Force Balls all day
    followed by the mandatory Slide. Block and punish the Slides and Elbow Dashes
    with a quick f2, 1, Jump 1, b2, Air Fan Toss, Dash, b2, Air Fan Toss.  After
    a few of those, he will sure think twice before attempting to Slide at you
    5.19) Scorpion
    Overall Difficulty: Medium
    Recommended Strategy: Rush
    What to say of what seems to be the main character of Mortal Kombat nowadays?
    Scorpion's most basic combo is 1, 1, 1, Takedown/Flameport, rinse and repeat.
    For starters, that Flameport can always be blocked like most other ninja
    teleports, putting a fun spin on Scorpion for your killing pleasure. Take
    advantage of it. If possible, try to jump over the Spear with a Square Boost
    rather than blocking it. It will leave Scorpion wide open for another second
    giving you more time to counter attack. And at the same time, your air game
    should have no problem dealing with his Hell Fire.
    5.20) Sektor
    Overall Difficulty: Hard
    Recommended Strategy: Rush
    Want to know whose teleport move I hate the most? This guy's. His Teleport
    Uppercut is basically instant, giving you no time to react for it. All you can
    do against it is remain defensive at all time and wait for the moment to
    strike. His crazy combos leading to his Flame Burner are anything but fun, and
    if you try to Square Boost your way out, prepare for a missile falling down to
    your head. Block and dash through his avalanche of missiles, always keeping an
    eye out for that Teleport Uppercut. Square Boost when you feel it is safe and
    punish all his failed attacks.
    5.21) Shang Tsung
    Overall Difficulty: Medium
    Recommended Strategy: Rush
    Have you gotten caught in barrade of Ground Skulls combo yet? It sures makes
    it hard for Kitana to approach the opponent without having to worry about
    skulls coming from above, below, and the front. Block and dash through Shang
    Tsung's wave of skulls. He is not too fast with them, so as long as you block
    effectively, he is yours. Beware of his Soul Steal if you don't want to have
    a mirror match while boosting Shang Tsung's health or damage in the process.
    5.22) Sheeva
    Overall Difficulty:  Very Easy
    Recommended Strategy: Air Game
    Tired of those Sheeva stomp spammers? A good Sheeva spammer (if that makes any
    sense), won't just Jump Stomp, but immediately follow that with a quick
    uppercut, so even if you react with a dash, make sure to block, and then
    punish. As an even better alternative, you can jump back or forward and
    immediately up with a d, f, 1. If the Sheeva telestomp is in its early frames,
    you will catch the opponent in mid air with the fan. If they already are on
    your side of the screen, then Kitana will fly in the opposite direction with
    a Square Boost and possibly hit her. After a few quick 2, 1, Pretty Kick
    combos, they will hopefully stop the nonsense, if not, keep punishing to your
    heart's content. And make sure to keep your air game up as you do not want to
    get caught in her devastating X-Ray. Once you've seen one Sheeva stomp
    spammer, you've seen them all.
    5.23) Sindel
    Overall Difficulty: Medium
    Recommended Strategy: Rush
    Sindel's air game is on par, if not better, than Kitana's. Fireballs at you
    from many angles no problem. The Square Boost might help you escaping the
    Fireballs, as they go downwards and are likely to miss. But beware when
    landing as Sindel may have a Yell attack waiting for you. Block and punish
    most of these attacks, and you won't have much trouble with dear mom. She
    will have more trouble handling you at close range than from afar.
    5.24) Smoke Man-Hair
    Overall Difficulty: Hard
    Recommended Strategy: Air Game
    Smoke is no joke, and you are in for quite a challenge. Like any other
    teleporter, block and punish teleports with your epic 40%+ combos. This is the
    most commonly used wake up attack they will use, as it is the only invincible
    one he has. For the Smoke Bombs, you can either block or quickly hop and do
    an Air Fan Toss. His Shake isn't invincible either, just don't aimlessly toss
    your fans around hoping to get a hit. Know when it is a good opportunity and
    when it isn't. Your Air Square Boos, Fan Lift, and Cutting Fan will all
    penetrate his Shake, and even his Vibration. Simply do not jump so much as you
    will be making yourself a target for a quick and effective teleport.
    5.25) Sonya
    Overall Difficulty: Medium
    Recommended Strategy: Zoning
    Sonya is strong and almost as fast as Kitana. She will pull some crazy 20 hit
    plus combos if you are not careful. Depending on the timing, her Arc Kick
    often defeats your Square Boost, not to mention she can easily Air Throw you
    when approaching her from above. She has but one projectile which has a slow
    start up. Continue your fan service and block if needed be. If up close, the
    fight comes down to who can combo start the other first.
    5.26) Stryker
    Overall Difficulty: Medium
    Recommended Strategy: Rush
    Stryker's Roll Toss is just like Mileena's roll. It goes right under your fans
    and grabs you for a good toss. Thankfully, this one does not start a combo.
    His Gun Shots are usually no problem, but his Grenade Toss can be a nuisance
    when trying to close up to him, as it shoots down your Square Boost like a
    pigeon killed with a shotgun. At close up however, you have the advantage.
    Grab and rush down for the kill.
    5.27) Sub-Zero
    Overall Difficulty: Easy
    Recommended Strategy: Zoning
    If there is a defense and possibly turtle master, that's Sub-Zero. At first,
    it can really get annoying getting caught in the Ice Clone traps and getting
    hit by Slides, but both are easily fixed if you are paying attention. A Fan
    Toss can hit a Slide before it even gets near you. Or you can simply duck
    block and punish hard. As for the Ice Clones, just don't jump around aimlessly
    and look at exact what you are doing and what the plan of attack is. Other
    than that, Sub-Zero is all yours.
    -------------------------[   06) Advanced Stuff   ]--------------------------
    -Advanced Kombos =
    Jump Forward + 1, f2, 1, Jump + 1, Dash, b2, Air Fan Toss, Dash, b2,
    Air Fan Toss
    [8 Hits]
    {Midscreen, No Bars}
    Jump Forward + 1, f2, 1, Jump + 1, Dash, b2, Air Fan Toss, Dash, Fan Toss,
    f2, Cutting Fan
    [11 Hits]
    {Midscreen, No Bars}
    Jump Forward + 1, f2, 1, Dash, 4, Fan Toss, Dash, 4, Upraise, Dash, Dash,
    b2, Air Fan Toss, Dash, Fan Toss, Dash, 4, Cutting Fan
    [16 Hits]
    {Midscreen, No Bars}
    Jump Forward + 1, f4, 1, b2, Air Fan Toss, Fan Toss, 4, Fan Toss, 3, 3, 3,
    Cutting Fan, 3
    [17 Hits]
    {Corner, No Bars}
    Jump Forward + 1, f2, Charged Fan Cancel, Jump Forward + 1, f4, 1, Dash, 4,
    Upraise, Dash, b2, Fan Toss, Dash, Dash, b2, Air Square Boost
    [13 Hits]
    {Midscreen, 1 Bar}
    Jump Forward + 1, f2, 1, Jump + 1, Dash, 4, Fan Toss, Dash, 2, Fan Toss, f2,
    Uplift, Dash, Dash, b2, Fan Toss, Dash, Fan Toss, Dash, 4, Cutting Fan
    [19 Hits]
    {Midscreen, 1 Bar}
    Jump Forward + 1, f2, 1, b2, Air Fan Toss, Fan Toss, b2, Air Fan Toss, Dash,
    2, Charged Fan Cancel, b2, Fan Toss, Dash, d1, Cutting Fan
    [16 Hits]
    {Corner, 1 Bar}
    Jump Forward + 1, f2, 1, Jump + 1, Dash, d2, d1, Fan Toss, 3, 3, 3, Upraise,
    b2, Air Fan Toss, Fan Toss, Fan Toss, Charged Fan Cancel, Fan Toss, d2
    [21 Hits]
    {Corner, 1 Bar}
    Jump Forward, f4, 1, Dash, b2, Air Fan Toss, Fan Toss, X-Ray
    [12 Hits]
    {Midscreen, 3 Bars}
    Jump Forward, 1, b2, Air Fan Toss, Fan Toss, 4, Fan Toss, 3, 3, 3, X-Ray
    [15 Hits]
    {Corner, 3 Bars}
    Jump Forward + 1, f3, 1, Charged Fan Cancel, Jump Forward + 1, f3, 1, Charged
    Fan Cancel, Jump Forward + 1, f3, 1, Charged Fan Cancel, Jump Forward + 1,
    f2, 1, Jump + 1, 3, 3, 3, Fan Toss, 3, 3, 3, Upraise, Dash, b2, Air Fan Toss,
    Dash, Fan Toss, 3, 3, 3, Cutting Fan, d1
    [38 Hits]
    {Midscreen to Corner, 3 Bars}
    Jump Forward + 1, f4, Charged Fan Cancel, Jump Forward + 1, f2, 1, b2, 2,
    Cutting Fan, 3, 3, 3, Uplift, b2, Air Fan Toss, Fan Toss, 4, Pretty Legs
    [23 Hits]
    {Corner, 3 Bars}
    Jump Forward + 1, b2, Air Fan Toss, Dash, b2, Charged Fan Cancel, Dash, Dash,
    b2, Charged Fan Cancel, Dash, Fan Toss, f2, Cutting Fan
    [13 Hits]
    {Midscreen, 3 Bars}
    Jump Forward + 1, f2, Charged Fan Cancel, Jump Forward + 1, f4, Charged Fan
    Cancel, Jump Forward + 1, f2, 1, Jump + 1, Dash, 4, Fan Toss, Jump + 3, Air
    Fan Toss, Fan Toss, b2, Air Charged Fan Cancel, Fan Toss, Fan Toss, Dash,
    3, 3, 3, Cutting Fan, d1
    [29 Hits]
    {Midscreen to Corner, 3 Bars}
    -------------------[   07) Frequently Asked Questions   ]--------------------
    Question: Do you like veggie burgers?
    Answer: Sorry, Kitana related questions only.
    Q: Best tactic for the Kitana Fan Toss/Square Boost spam?
    A: For the Fan Toss, duck and don't block. They will go right past you. If
    do Square Boost, wait for them to land and uppercut. If far, us projectile.
    -----------------[   08) Easter Eggs/Interesting Facts   ]-------------------
    -Kitana currently has the longest hair than any other female in the series.
    She has even longer hair than her mother, Sindel. Therefore, defeating the
    Smoke Man-Hair in epicness.
    -Kitana is seen being held in the background of Shao Kahn's Arena.
    --------------------------[   09) Miscellaneous   ]--------------------------
    -Ending ==========
    Kitana had ended Shao Kahn's life for his betrayal. She had discovered the
    truth about Mileena, but rather than slay her as well, she took pity on her
    half-sister. She offered Mileena a home within the Edenian aristocracy. She
    was, after all, of royal blood. Mileena cautiously accepted her sister's
    invitation. With mileena and Jade at her side, Kitana formed a fighting force
    dedicated to bringing justice to the realms. Never again would a warlord arise
    to create such terror.
    -Krypt ===========
    -Item (Location) [Cost]
    -Kitana Primary Costume Concept (DL14) [1,000 Koins]
    -Kitana Alternate Costume Unlock (DL69) [1,200 Koins]
    -Kitana Fatality / Splitting Headache (BM23) [980 Koins]
    -Kitana Alternate Damage Concept (MD23) [1,180 Koins]
    -Kitana Primary Damage Concept (MD32) [1,040 Koins]
    -Kitana Render (MD48) [940 Koins]
    -------------------------[   10) Credit/Contact   ]--------------------------
    -Credit ==========
    Me, I and Myself. It took me about an entire weekend, and I'm pretty sure I
    still have lots of mistakes but I hope to fix them all eventually.
    DragonPick and HolyWhitemage for laughs and gigglez.
    Dejavu Boy (personaworld on youtube) for his great help on the combos. He
    has a video where most of the combos in the Advanced Stuff section appear.
    PM him or myself for a link to it.
    GameFAQs for hosting this FAQ.
    NetherRealm Studios and Warner Brothers for bringing us the game.
    You for reading this FAQ.
    -Contact =========
    If you have any questions or comment RELATED to this FAQ, please feel
    free to e-mail me at japongt@yahoo.com, kk sayonara ^_^.
    This Guide is ┬ęCopyright 2011 Mega-Japan and may not be used in any website 
    other than Gamefaqs and its associates.

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