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    Mileena by BoBo_273

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 07/03/11 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                            M O R T A L  K O M B A T  9
                                   __   __      _      .          .___       .___
     |    |       |      /          /           /           |\   |          /|   
     |\  /|       |      |          |__.        |__.        | \  |         /  \  
     | \/ |       |      |          |           |           |  \ |        /---'\ 
     /    /       /      /---/      /----/      /----/      |   \|      ,'      \
                           C H A R A C T E R  G U I D E
    MORTAL KOMBAT 9                                                   MILEENA GUIDE
    PLAYSTATION 3                                                          XBOX 360
    STARTED: 06/27/11                                            FINISHED: 07/03/11
    VERSION: 1.2
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       ||                      Authored by: BoBo_273                          ||
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       ||                  Email: mvattiata@hotmail.com                       ||
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       ||          Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/BoBo273               ||
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    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction..........................................[INT]
    2. Version History.......................................[VHS]
    3. Biography.............................................[BIO]
    4. The Basics............................................[BSC]
    5. Move List.............................................[MLT]
    6. Strategies............................................[STR]
    7. Matchups..............................................[MTC]
    8. Videos................................................[VID]
    9. Legal Disclaimer......................................[LDR]
    If you would like to search the FAQ, use the "CTRL+F" function. Then simply 
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    1. Introduction                                                           [INT]
    This is actually my first time writing a FAQ. I’ve been an avid fan of the 
    Mortal Kombat series since the release of the very first one. Once the demo was
    released I spent quite a bit of time playing it. I’ve never been a fan of 
    Mileena, but using her in the demo I took an interest. She is quite the beast
    (no pun intended) of a character. After using her as often as I have, I’d like
    to share some of the things I’ve learned about her. I wouldn’t consider myself 
    a pro so if there is anything I should add, feel free to contribute.
    2. Version History                                                        [VHS]
    Version 1.0 July, 2nd, 2011.
    FAQ is completed. If there is anything you would like to contribute to this 
    FAQ, please feel free to contact me.
    Version 1.1 July 15th, 2011.
    FAQ is updated.
      - Fixed several typos, spelling errors, etc.
      - Updated a few characters in "Matchups".
    Version 1.2 August 15th, 2011.
    FAQ is updated.
      - Added BnB combos in "Move List"
      - Updated a few characters in "Matchups".
      - Added TheChad_87 Brief Character Combo FAQ in "Strategies" (All other
        characters listed in link)
      - Added more combo videos.
      - Updated a couple moves in "Move List".
    3. Biography                                                              [BIO]
    Mileena was once thought to be the twin sister of Kitana, but instead she is a
    creation of Shang Tsungs. She was created in his Flesh Pits, but none so were
    twisted as Mileena. A combination of Tarkatan blood and Edenian flesh and, 
    Mileena is equally both beauty and beast. She is devoid of a conscience and 
    will butcher anyone who gets in her way to please her "Father" Shao Kahn. She 
    is prone to fits of insanity and savagery and even though she has the 
    appearence of a grown adult woman, she has the mind of child.
    Mileena Character Vignette Trailer.
    Credits to Gamespot (for the video), Warner Brothers, and Netherrealm Studios
    In Mortal Kombat 9, Mileena would probably be a mid to top tier character.
    She doesn't have the greatest of combos compared to others, but she sure is a
    pain to fight whether it be against a human or AI opponent. She was pretty much
    made to be that way. Mileena is great, if not, the best at playing mind games 
    with her opponents. She can play a zoning style or all out attack. Either way,
    both work well for her. She's a tricky character to play against due to her
    good mix up of attacks as well as being unpredictable. She's quick and can 
    counter almost any move fast enough. Overall, she is pretty balanced character
    and in the right hands she can be great against anyone.
    4. The Basics                                                             [BSC]
    Here is a list of the basic controls for the game. I’ve listed them as 
    reference, but will only be using the Short-Cut ones in the Move
    Command            Short-Cut            PS3 Button     Xbox360 Button
    Front Punch           FP                  Square             X
    Back Punch            BP                 Triangle            Y
    Front Kick            FK                    X                A
    Back Kick             BK                  Circle             B
    Block                 BLK                   R2               RT
    Throw                 H                     R1               RB
    Tag                   T                     L1               LB
    Flip Stance           FS                    L2               LT
    Up                    U
    Down                  D
    Back                  B
    Forward               F
    5. Move List                                                              [MLT]
    Note: Refer to the Video section [VID] for a video showcasing her Special and
          Enhanced Attacks, Kombo Attacks, X-Ray, and Fatalities.
    Uppercut:          D+BP (Damage = 12%)
    Side Chop:         B+FP (Damage = 5%)
    Leaping Sai:       B+BP (Damage = 9%)
    Sai Impale:        F+BP (Damage = 7%)
    Lunge Kick:        F+FK (Damage = 5%)
    Sneaky Kick:       B+FK (Damage = 3%)
    Splits:            U+BK (Damage = 7%)
    Sweep:             B+BK (Damage = 7%)
    Sai Blast:         B, F, FP (Damage = 6%)
                       Mileena will throw 2 Sai's at her opponent. This move can
                       also be done in the air. It's pretty quick and is faster
                       than most projectiles. It's also a great move to use while
                       you're juggling an opponent or for any other combo for 
                       that matter. 
    Teleport Drop:     F, F, FK (Damage = 7%)
                       This move will see Mileena teleport through the ground
                       and come from up top with a nice boot to the face. It's
                       definitely a great counter move for almost any attack,
                       but easily punishable so be careful. This is the last
                       move you want to spam as it can get predictable. Best to
                       use in combos or counter attacks. This can also be done 
                       in the air. 
    Leaping Neckbite:  B, F, BP (Damage = 7%)
                       Pretty much what the name implies. Mileena will leap on 
                       to her opponent and take a few bites out of them. It's 
                       actually a 5 hit combo. The distance for this move is
                       very good so you can catch your opponent off guard with
                       it every now and then. It can land from jumping distance.
                       Also not a bad move to finish a combo with.  
                       Note: If you do this move while your opponent has a Sai 
                             in their back (Do a Leaping Sai prior), Mileena 
                             will stab them a few times for 11% damage. 
    Ball Roll:         B, D, BK (Damage = 5%)
                       Definitely, a favorite move you'll do with Mileena. The
                       only real disadvantage for it would be that it can be
                       blocked high which doesn't make sense. Aside from that,
                       it's a great way to either start off a combo with or to
                       use anywhere in the combo. Keep in mind that one Ball
                       Roll will allow you to continue the combo, while a 2nd
                       one will only end it. It's also a great wake up attack,
                       but don't do it too often.
    ENHANCED ATTACKS (Uses one bar of super)
    Sai Bursts:        B, F, FP+BLK (Damage = 9%)
                       Just like the regular one, but instead Mileena will
                       throw 2 more Sai's. It's usually best to use this one
                       in a combo or from a distance when your opponent has
                       little health left. Can be done in the air.
    Tricky Teleport:   F, F, FK+BLK (Damage = 9%)
                       This one will see Mileena teleport from both sides
                       with 2 boots to the face. It's a good counter and
                       wake up attack as the second one sometimes catches
                       your opponent off guard. Keep in mind that if your
                       opponent is in the corner Mileena will teleport twice
                       from the same side. Can also be done in the air.
    Leaping Lunch:     B, F, BP+BLK (Damage = 7%)
                       Just like the original, but will be a 7 hit combo 
                       instead of 5. Usually great move to finish off a 
                       combo. She will also say "Taaaaaasty".
                       Note: If you do this move while your opponent has a Sai 
                             in Their back (Do a Leaping Sai prior), Mileena 
                             will stab them a few times for 15% damage.
    Smashing Roll:     B, D, BK+BLK (Damage = 8%)
                       Personally, I rarely ever use the enhanced version
                       of this move. Not to say that it's a bad idea, but
                       it's pretty hard to connect and the regular version
                       is much faster anyway. However, it's definitely a
                       great wake up attack if you know you'll connect with
                       it. Mileena will start off by hitting up with 3 hits
                       then finish it off on the ground with the 4th.
    X-RAY ATTACK (Full super)
    Femme Fatale:      L2+R2 / LT+RT (Damage = 33%)
                       This is a nice looking X-Ray that really suits 
                       Mileena. She will charge at her opponent and stab
                       them 6 times in the stomach and follow it up with a
                       nice solid knee to the jaw for a 7 hit combo. The
                       distance this move can connect is pretty good. You 
                       can land it from jumping distance. You can also
                       end a combo with it, but keep in mind the more hits
                       you land prior, the less damage will be done. One
                       simple combo you can land this with would be doing
                       her Splits move once or twice followed up with her
                       X-Ray. You can make the Damage 35-37%
    Smacked Around:    FP, FP, BP (3 hits, Damage = 11%)
    Boot Down:         B+FP, BK (2 hits, Damage = 11%)
    Bones:             BP, FK, BK (3 hits, Damage = 14%)
    Pretty Slasher:    F+FP, FP+BP (2 hits, Damage = 11%)
    Killer Heels:      FK, BK (2 hits,Damage = 9%)
    Getaway Sticks:    B+FK, B+BK (2 hits, Damage = 9%)
    Friendly Kiss:     BK, BP (2 hits, Damage = 11%)
    Malice:          U+BLK, L1 / LB             
    Malevolence:     FP, FP, L1 / LB
    Fiendish:        BP, FK, L1 / LB  
    Tag Out:         L1 / LB
    Tag Attack:      D, F, L1 / LB
    Tag Assist:      D, B, L1 / LB
    Be Mine:         B, F, B, F, BP (Jumping distance)
                     This is basically a typical type of Fatality for Mileena. She
                     starts off thinking to herself what she should do. Then she 
                     throws both of her Sai's into the chest of her opponent. 
                     Slowly walks up to them, grabs their head, and rips it off.
                     Apparently, she likes eating faces of people. Remember, she
                     is insane, right?
    Rip Off:         B, F, B, D, FK (Jumping distance)
                     This one isn't as bad as the first, but the name definitely
                     goes with the Fatality. Mileena stands their thinking of what
                     to do again. This time she pulls out both her Sai's, throws
                     one into a foot of her opponent and the other into the other
                     foot. She then walks up to them, and as their feet are stuck
                     to the ground, she grabs them and literally rips her opponent
                     off their feet and slams their body on to the ground, while
                     their legs stay pinned to the floor.
    Pit Fatality:    D, D, D, FP (Varies)
                     There are a total of 7 stages with a Pit Fatality. You don't
                     have to have any requirements to do one, but make sure you're
                     at a touching distance when doing it.
    Babality:        D, D, F, B, BP (Jumping distance)
                     Now in order to do a Babality, you for one have to be at a
                     jumping distance. Also, you can only do them if you win your
                     last round without blocking. You can still press the block
                     button, but just make sure you don't block any attack.
    These are simply innovative combos you perform on your own. For example,
    a juggle isn’t listed so you have to perform that yourself. Another 
    example can be by adding a special move to a listed combo. So combining
    say Smacked Around with Sai Blast, you would do as follows: 
    FP, FP, BP, B, F, FP. Some of the combos below are shown on video. See 
    Strategies [STR] and/or Videos [VID] for reference. You could really come
    up with your own combos by just mixing some basic combos with special 
    moves. You just have to experiement and test some out. Below is list of
    some that I prefer to do.
    Combo #1: FP, FP, Ball Roll, Uppercut (4 Hits - 18% Damage) 
    Combo #2: U+BK, F+BP, Sai Throw (3 Hits - 17% Damage) 
    Combo #3: BK, BP, Teleport Drop, B, F, FP (4 Hits - 20% Damage) 
    Combo #4: U+BK, U+BK, F+FK, FP+BP, Ball Roll, B+BP (6 Hits - 28% Damage)
    Combo #5: BK, BP, Teleport Drop, Sai Throw, Ball Roll, Jump towards opponent, 
              FK, Teleport Drop, Sai Throw (8 Hits - 30% Damage) 
    Combo #6: U+BK, U+BK, B+FP, BK, Dash forward, FP, FP, BP, Ball Roll, Uppercut
              (9 Hits - 33% Damage)
    Combo #7: U+BK, B+FP, BK, F+FK, FP+BP, Ball Roll, B+FP, BK, Uppercut
              (9 Hits - 36% Damage)
              Note: You can add some more damage to any of these combos by
                    jumping towards them with a punch (BP or FP).
    X-Ray Combos 
    Combo #8: U+BK, U+BK, B+FP, BK, Dash forward, FP, FP, BP, Ball Roll, 
              X-Ray (15 Hits - 39% Damage)
    Combo #9: U+BK, U+BK, B+FP, Ball Roll, F+FK, FP+BP, X-Ray
              (14 Hits - 41% Damage)
    Combo #10: Jump in and press FK, Sai Throw, Ball Roll, B+FP, BK, X-Ray 
              (12 Hits - 38% Damage)
    Combo #11: U+BK, B+FP, BK, FK, BK, Ball Roll, F+FK, FP+BP, X-Ray
               (15 Hits - 43% Damage)
    Combo #12: Jump in and press FP, U+BK, B+FP, BK, FK, BK, Ball Roll, F+FK, 
               FP+BK, X-Ray (16 Hits - 46% Damage)
    Combo #13: Jump in and press FP, U+BK, B+FP, BK, F+FK, FP+BP, Ball Roll, F+FK, 
               FP+BK, X-Ray (16 Hits - 47% Damage)
    6. Strategies                                                             [STR]
    Mileena is a fun character to use and not so difficult to learn. However, she 
    can be a nightmare for any opponent if played the right way. Every character 
    is usually played a certain way. For example, some are great fighting close 
    quarters and rely on having their opponent at sweeping/touching distance, 
    while others may have to play a zoning style. Mileena on the other hand is 
    effective anywhere on screen. 
    Mileena may seem difficult at first, but once you get 
    the hang of her, you’ll see she’s fun to play. However, if you play her the
    right way you’ll cause nothing but headaches for your opponents. No matter
    what type of an opponent you encounter, you’ll always want to be 
    unpredictable. Avoid doing the same move or combo often. Of course, if
    something is working then why bother changing? Keep in mind though,
    when you play against a good opponent you’ll end up getting punished
    in the end. Mileena has a great mix up which makes her a difficult opponent.
    That being said, below is a list of some basic strategies/tactics you can use.
      1. Splits (U+BK): This is a great way to begin a juggle or any other combo
         for that matter. You have to be at least sweeping distance for it to 
         connect. Your opponent can only block high, but not low. Once connected,
         your opponent will bounce off the floor allowing you to further attack
         them. You can also dish out your X-RAY if desired.
      2. Getaway Sticks (B+FK, B+BK): You can often get away with sweeping your 
         opponent. Attempting more sweeps, though, and they’ll catch on and block.
         However, you’ll tend to catch your opponent off guard with that 
         second sweep. It’s a simple, but effective combo.
      3. Teleport Drop (F, F, FK): Now the last thing you want to do is stand in
         the corner and spam this move. Once this is blocked, you’re vulnerable 
         in the air and asking to receive a 30% damage attack. This move is best
         to use as a counter attack. For example, your opponent jumps towards 
         you, quickly perform the move and next thing you know, you’re juggling
         them (follow it up with a Sai Blast to do the juggle).
      4. Tricky Teleport (F, F, FK+BLK): Just like the previous, but instead its
         two kicks coming from both sides. Best to do as a counter as well. If
         your opponent blocks the first kick, you’ll sometimes catch them off
         guard with the second. If they block both then you can still avoid 
         being punished. Use this one wisely, though, as a good opponent
         will see the pattern quickly. 
      5. Ball Roll (B, D, BK): This is a move probably best used as a counter
         or in mid-combo. Unfortunately, it can be blocked while your opponent 
         is standing, therefore, leaving you susceptible to an attack. I wouldn’t
         recommend doing this as a first attack, but rather use it sometime after
         your first hit in a combo. It’s also a great Wake Up Attack as it may
         lead to a potential combo. It’s a great counter to projectiles as well.
      6. Toe Pokes (D, FK): Definitely one of those annoying attacks to receive.
         It does little damage, but is quick and frustrating to your opponent. 
         Do a couple of these followed by a standing attack (i.e. Splits) and
         you’ll be in the clear for a potential combo.
      7. Sai Bursts Bail (B, F, FP+BLK): Now you're probably wondering what I'm
         talking about when I say Bail. The Sai Bursts is just the enhanced
         version of the Sai Blast. A good tactic to use this one at times can 
         bail you out. Let's say you do a Teleport Drop and it gets blocked. 
         Obviously, you're getting punished. Now you'll either take an uppercut,
         an air FP which will bounce you off the ground, or some sort of other
         attack that will lead to a nice combo. Assuming they don't do the first
         2 of them, after a Teleport Drop your opponent will wait for you to 
         drop closer to the ground so they can begin their combo. Now if you do
         the Teleport Drop and it's blocked, do the Sai Bursts as it will leave 
         you in the air for an extra second or 2, thus, having your opponent
         miss his attack on you. Keep in mind this is only if he doesn't do an
         uppercut or an air attack. If done, you'll sometimes escape getting 
         punished with a 30-40% damage combo. You can resort to even doing the
         Sai Blast if you want as that can work too, but the enhanced version
         just keeps you in the air a bit longer.
    If you come up against a good Mileena player, they can be frustrating and
    annoying. Mileena is unpredictable and great at playing mind games. You’re 
    better off staying on the defense against her, but it doesn't mean you 
    shouldn't be aggressive yourself. She is aggressive in attacking and quick 
    with counter attacks. There are 2 useful tactics against Mileena.
      1. Aggressive Attacks/Rushing: Depending on your character of choice, 
         sometimes you just don't want to give Mileena the light of day. Fight 
         fire with fire. Keep on the move, dashing back and forth, followed up
         by attacks. Just try to avoid using projectiles against her as you'll
         usually end up either taking a nice boot to the face or rolled off
         the ground.
      2. Defensive/Zoning: Once again depending on your character of choice,
         sometimes it's best to hold back and let her make the moves. Both her
         Ball Roll and Teleport Drop are easily punishable and you can then
         combo/juggle her. One thing you should definitely keep an eye on is her
         wake up attacks, usually being the Ball Roll or Teleport Drop. Also,
         be sure to block high since many of Mileena's moves are punished when
         blocking high. Also, expect a Sai throw after a Teleport Drop gets
         blocked. This is usually a safe way for Mileena to avoid getting
         punished, but won't always work.
    Brief Character Combo FAQ by TheChad_87
    TheChad_87 is a fellow Mileena player who, along with DragonPick, and 
    HolyWhitemage, have been writing some brief character combo FAQS. They are
    definitely worth looking at. Be sure to check out his Mileena FAQ, as well
    as the ones for other characters too. 
    7. Matchups                                                               [MTC]
    Here is a list of matchups against all characters you may face as Mileena. 
    The Difficulty Level will be listed from 1-10 with 1 being the easiest.
    Difficulty Level: 2
    Baraka is a fairly easy opponent, but doesn't mean you can beat him easily. 
    wake up attacks are one to watch out for as he'll attempt to slice and dice
    you. One thing you should do is bait him into a wake up attack. So once you 
    have him on the ground, dash towards him as if you were to attack, but then
    block once you get close. Should he do one of his wake up attacks and you 
    block it, then you can punish him with a nice combo. Best way to fight him
    is having a nice mix up of rushing and zoning. Try to avoid jumping towards
    him and keep a good distance. He has a slow projectile that's easily avoidable.
    Cyber Sub-Zero:
    Difficulty Level: 5
    Here is one character you probably won't come accross too often, but there are
    a few good ones out there. Aside from a few similar moves, he's nothing like
    the original Sub-Zero. If you come up against a good Cyber Sub-Zero, you're 
    better off keeping your distance with a zoning style of play. If you get 
    yourself in a vulnerable position, be prepared to lose quite a bit of health.
    Cyber Sub-Zero has a couple of good combos that will make you think twice 
    about getting caught in a vulnerable position again. So keep your distance and
    be prepared to block his air kick as well as his slide. Also, watch out for 
    the counter move where he freezes himself. It's similar to the Ice Clone, but 
    instead Cyber will freeze you once touched and hit you with that huge ice 
    sword. Try to avoid doing the wake up attacks as he'll often rush you with his
    self-freezing counter move. You can only attack him low when he does that move
    so use Mileena's sweep kick. Also, if you see him dashing towards you, 
    trip him. He'll likely do that move if he's rushing you. Keeping your distance,
    you will find plenty of opportunities to punish him. Just remember to watch 
    out for his X-Ray as he has to do it while in the air.
    Difficulty Level: 5
    Cyrax is a character you'll see every now and then. If there is something you
    should be aware of then that would be his infamous bomb trap combos. Try to
    avoid jumping at him and watch out for his net. Once you get caught, expect
    to be a spectator for about 10 seconds while you watch yourself getting 
    juggled. You want to counter his attacks, but also rush him down. His combos
    are predictable so be aggressive with your attacks.
    Difficulty Level: 9
    Here is somebody you'll see quite often whether it be a ranked or player match.
    Ermac is a pain to fight with anyone and there plenty of good Ermac players
    out there. One thing you want to keep an eye on is right off the start he may
    pull off one of his telekintic moves. Mileena is pretty decent in the air, but
    you really don't want to be jumping towards Ermac as he'll punish you 9 out of
    10 times. Both his Force Lift and Push attacks are some of his combo starts 
    and they have fairly good distance to connect. Ermac is a great CQC fighter
    so you want to play him from a distance. It's best to zone against him and 
    then rush him aggressively when the chance comes. Try and bait him to do one
    of his telekinetic moves with some dashing back and forth.  Once you block
    immedietly rush towards and combo him. 
    Difficulty Level: 4
    Jade is a character you'll see every once in a while. She's pretty good with
    her attacks, but doesn't have much options in the air. She can punish you 
    quite a bit with her boomerang throws so try to avoid throwing your Sai's too 
    often. Keep an eye out for when she turns purple as no hit will affect her. 
    But even watch when she flashes green because she'll be invincible for a few
    seconds. From a distance she may do that, especially if you decide to use
    Sai Throw. You may also see her do it as a wake up move, so don't get too 
    close after you knock her down. You can really play any type of style against 
    her, but I find it's best to be aggressive and constantly mix up your game. 
    Difficulty Level: 3
    Jax is actually not that bad of a character, but he's not all that difficult 
    to fight. However, it doesn't mean you'll get an easy win, especially if you
    come up against a very good Jax player. You don't want to jump too much as he
    will just air grab you and you don't want to stand ground too much either. He
    can pound the ground from close range or far. It's pretty easy to avoid when he
    does them, but fighting against Jax you want to be constantly moving. Jax is
    pretty slow overall, but powerful. If you get caught in the corner you better
    get out fast. His projectiles are easy to avoid and you can Ball Roll or 
    Teleport Drop to counter quickly, but his dashing punch is quick so be alert. 
    Other then that, rush him down and then jump back. Jax is only good up 
    close so don't stay too close to him for long. He can punish you in the air so
    make sure you're confident you'll land an attack from the air.
    Johnny Cage
    Difficulty Level: 7
    Now you've come up against a Johnny Cage player and not sure what to expect?
    Well for starters he is the only character that has an X-Ray which is a counter
    attack. First thing you want to do is stay alert when he has his X-Ray. Any hit
    up close, whether it's from the air or ground will be countered. Only a 
    projectile from a distance can hit him. When he has a full meter he will try 
    and bait you. You may notice him dashing towards you hoping you'll attack him, 
    but don't fall for the trap. You obviously don't want to be too aggressive
    when he has a full meter so what you can do is bait him into doing his X-Ray 
    instead. For example, say you just performed an attack on him. Just as he's 
    about to get up (wake up attack or recovery) dash towards him as if you're 
    about to attack, but don't attack him. If he does his X-Ray, he'll lean towards
    you for a couple of seconds. Wait until he leans back and then you can attack 
    him. Aside from his dangerous X-Ray, Cage is a pretty good character overall.
    Be alert for his Shadow Kick because he can hit you from jumping distance.
    Also watch out for that Flip Kick of his, especially as a wake up attack. So
    aside from his Flip Kick, Cage doesn't have much of an air game so you can beat
    him in that department. Just like Jax, you want to be moving constantly so rush
    him down and then zone him a little. If you're at a far distance, punish him
    with a Teleport Drop when he throws a fireball at you. Also, watch out for 
    his Enhanced Shadow Kick as he can go through any projectile and across the 
    whole screen. When Cage is far from you, expect to see that move often. So 
    Try to avoid throwing Sai's often and keep an eye out for it being a wake up.
    Difficulty Level: 5
    Kabal is another one of those few opponents you'll come across. If there one 
    thing he has over Mileena it's his unpredictable move set. He can pretty much
    get you from any distance and that Nomad Dash of his is so quick, so be ready
    to block fast, especially from his wake up attacks. Once blocked, though, you 
    can perform a nice 30% damage combo on him. Don't attack him too much at first.
    Let him make the first couple of moves while you stay on the defense. Once you
    block his dash a couple of times and punish him your opponent will think twice
    before he does it again. This is when you rush him down, but let him get up so
    you can avoid his wake up attack. If anything, try and bait him into doing his
    dash as a wake up so you can block and punish. Fight him with a nice mix of 
    zoning and rushing and always keep an eye on that Buzz Saw of his. That move
    seems like it just comes out of the blue and seems so random. You have to 
    block that one low, but you're better off jumping towards him for an attack.
    Overall, Kabal is pretty good but once you limit his Nomad Dash the ball is
    in your court.
    Difficulty Level: 7
    Kano is one annoying character to fight especially against a player who knows 
    how to use him well. He's similar to Jax, but has some quicker moves. He'll
    probably do one or all of 3 things which are his ball rolls, knife throws or
    grappling/choking moves. His X-Ray is a grab from close range so watch out for
    that when he has a full meter. You also don't want to play a zoning style 
    against him because he can just spam his lightning speed knives at you. His 
    ball attack is also quick and difficult to punish so watch out for that. It's 
    quick and almost a guaranteed wake up attack as well. Jumping at him he'll do 
    his up ball attack so you don't want to be spending too much time in the air. 
    It will also counter the Teleport Drop. The best way to play against Kano is 
    to rush at him aggressively, but then pull back. He'll usually resort to doing
    his ball rolls at you when you go on the defense so be prepared to block. Don't
    spend too much time using throwing Sai's as Kano will win that battle with his
    knives. Keep at a jumping distance with him and just rush him and drop back, 
    but always stay alert to his attacks.
    Difficulty Level: 6
    Here is a nice match up for Mileena. Afterall, she is her half-sister. This is
    a fun match up, especially against a good Kitana player. She has a very good
    air game so try to avoid jumping, but you can counter most of her moves. Her 
    Fan Toss is something you can counter with Teleport Drop or a Ball Roll, the
    latter being the better one since you can start a combo that way. Also, her 
    Ball Roll will go right under Kitana's Fan Toss. You don't want to be too
    aggressive when attacking Kitana, but rather let her attack you. Keep a good 
    distance and wait for her to make the first move as you can punish them fairly
    well. Play a nice game a counter attacking because a good Kitana wants to dish
    out some 40% damage plus combos on you. She can do them with or without 
    meters so be alert. Also watch out for her little knife pokes as you'll see 
    that quite a bit to push you away.
    Difficulty Level: 2
    Kratos is a character you will rarely see, but if you do ever fight one you 
    don't have much to fear. Not to say a player can't be good with him, but he's
    really no match against Mileena's speed. The best way to fight Kratos is going
    all out attack on him. He's powerful, but slow. His Apollo's Bow is pretty 
    good and does quite a bit of damage, but he'll usually resort to that if you
    stay far from him. His Golden Fleece is something you should keep an eye on, 
    but you should attack Kratos as if you were the God of War if you want to win.
    Kung Lao
    Difficulty Level: 8
    If you were to play say 10 Ranked Matches, I can guarantee at least 7 of those
    will be against a Kung Lao player. He's a top tier character without a doubt
    and has a great move set to go against pretty much every character in the game.
    The best way to fight him is with a nice mix up of rushing and zoning, but be
    alert for his Dive Kicks from the air. Every Kung Lao player will do that so
    let him do it just so you can block and punish him with a nice combo. If he 
    jumps towards you then be ready to block. If he jumps back then don't jump
    towards him as he'll almost certainly do the Dive Kick. Once you block and 
    counter his Dive Kicks he'll spend less time doing them. His Hat Throws, 
    especially the ground ones he'll often do when you're far away and his 
    Teleport move as well. When he does a Teleport you're better off just doing an
    uppercut on him. One annoying move he'll do, especially as a wake up attack is
    that Spin of his. It's so fast and will counter any move you do up close to 
    him. You can bait him in doing the Spin move as a wake up attack and that will
    be your chance to punish him. However, if you come up against a more defensive
    Kung Lao player, you do not want to jump at him at all (unless you know you
    can hit him). Instead, play the same way with some rushing and dropping back.
    Throw some Sai's at him until he makes a move. He'll either do a Hat Throw or
    possibly rush you. That's your chance to punish him. Also, don't focus too 
    much on the 30% damage combos when he's on the defense. Frustrate him with
    Toe Pokes and Sweeps then drop back. Do this enough times and he'll block low
    allowing you to do the Splits move on him for a nice combo start. Just always
    be alert for that Spin move of his.
    Liu Kang
    Difficulty Level: 6
    Liu Kang players are almost identical in the way the play. Expect them to rush
    at you often and try to perform his infamous 25 million hit juggle on you, 
    especially when you're in the corner. If you happen to get caught in it use 
    your combo breaker if you have 2 bars to spare. If he's at jumping distance or
    further than he'll do his fireballs from everywhere. You don't want to spam
    the Sai's at him as he'll win that battle with low fireballs. His Bicycle Kick
    and Flying Kicks will come out of the blue so stay alert. His Enhanced Flying
    Kick will go through a Sai throw and pretty much every projectile in the game.
    Liu Kang is good with mind games so fight him cautiously and attack him when
    you see an opening. It's good to rush at him when you attack, but don't get 
    too greedy if you land a nice combo on him. Drop back and stay alert for his
    attacks. Teleport Drop is a great way to punish him if he resorts to doing 
    Difficulty Level: 5
    Nightwolf is a decent opponent to fight, but Mileena probably has more of an
    advantage in this battle. One thing you want to avoid is throwing Sai's too 
    much as he can reflect them off him and back at you. Also, watch out for his 
    Lightning attack as you can't block it. Nightwolf is pretty good up close so
    it's good to rush him down with a few attacks and then drop back for a bit.
    His Shoulder Charge, especially the enhanced one, is a common wake up attack 
    so keep an eye out for that one. When you're far, punish his attacks with a 
    Ball Roll for a combo or you can counter with a Teleport Drop instead. You can
    also definitely beat him in the air as Nightwolf doesn't have much going for 
    him in that department.
    Noob Saibot
    Difficulty Level: 5
    Noob Saibot is probably the best zoning character in the game. He isn't too 
    good up close, but is from a distance. Mileena is pretty good with zoning, but
    Noob definitely wins that battle so you're better off playing an aggressive 
    style instead. If you stay far from him he'll often resort to doing any of his
    Shadow attacks. He also has his Shadow Upknee which will counter a Teleport
    Drop and his Shadow Slide which will counter a Ball Roll. However, he is one 
    of the easier characters to punish, especially that Teleport move of his. 
    Always stay on the attack when fighting him and don't give him the chance to 
    get away from you.
    Quan Chi
    Difficulty Level: 3
    Here is another one of those rare characters you'll come across sometimes.
    Quan Chi isn't that bad, but he'll usually do any combo with a Trance of his.
    Don't get caught in that because you'll pay heavily for it. Other moves to 
    watch out for would have to be his Sky Drop (the enhanced one is annoying) and
    Mesmerize, which is pretty much his second move of choice next to the combo 
    and Trance. The Sky Drop is easily punishable though, so be sure you do punish
    him if you manage to block. It's best to rush him aggressively with a mix of
    low and high attacks (i.e. Toe Pokes, Splits).
    Difficulty Level: 5
    Chances are when you face a Raiden you probably just beat somebody maybe 5 or 
    6 times and then your opponent chose Raiden. Regardless of how they chose him,
    there is a pretty basic and somewhat predictable strategy Raiden has. Superman,
    Teleport, Superman, Teleport, Grab, Teleport, Superman, etc. Now some of the 
    better Raiden players will actually juggle you a quite a bit as Raiden has 
    some pretty good combos, but his attacking pattern is pretty much the same for
    everyone. Don't stay too far from him as he will end up right behind you 
    before you even know it. At this point you have 2 options and that's either
    block or jump. He'll usually go for the Superman push across the screen or
    grab you. To be safe, it's probably better to jump over him and attack with
    an air punch or maybe even a Teleport Drop. But if you happen to block an 
    attack then punish the God of Thunder with a real combo. Also, watch out for
    his Superman push in the air.
    Difficulty Level: 5
    Reptile is a pretty good character overall and you'll definitely come up 
    against a few of them. He's very good with his juggling. One thing he has 
    which are annoying would be his projectiles. He has like 500 of them to use 
    and chances are you'll see a few of them while you're being juggled. If you
    zone against him he'll just spit acid at you followed by a couple of Acid 
    Balls. So best way to fight Reptile is to rush at him with attacks. Mix up
    some Toe Pokes with high attacks (i.e. Splits). You're better off being at a
    jumping distance with him, but always keep an eye out for his slide and dash
    as they're very quick. Once you block those, you can punish him with a nice
    30% damage combo. Do the Splits on him and use whatever combo you feel most
    comfortable doing, or you can always go for the simply uppercut.
    Difficulty Level: 5
    When you think of Mortal Kombat you think of Scorpion....Or Sub-Zero, Liu Kang,
    Johnny Cage, Raiden, Reptile, Shao Kahn, Ed Boon, etc. Well put it this way.
    Similar to Kung Lao, assuming you play say 30 Ranked Matches, 7891092 of them
    will be against a Scorpion player. Scorpion is a pretty good character, but 
    when you play online quite a bit against them, they become so predictable
    because they all pretty much play the exact same way. Doesn't mean you'll 
    always win against them, but you want to limit their options against you. One
    of his combos you'll see every Scorpion do is his basic FP, FP, FP, Takedown
    and then Flameport. If he does one against you then expect to see about another
    10 of them. You should try and rush him down and then drop back a bit. But try
    not to stay too defensive for long as he can get you with Hell Fire from far.
    That move can't be blocked. He relies heavly on his Spear and Flameport in
    which both are easily punishable. Attack him, but let him get up for a wake up
    or recovery and let him make his move. Wait for him to rush you, Spear, or 
    Flameport, and then punish him once you block it. 
    Difficulty Level: 5
    Without a doubt, Sektor definitely has the best teleport move in the game. It's
    so quick and once landed, very dangerous with a good combo. His teleport is a 
    good and quick wake up attack so be careful. Sektor is not a character you want
    to go all out attack. It's best to rush him when you do attack, but focus more 
    on zoning him. Wait for that teleport uppercut because you know he wants to do
    it. When he does, that's your time to give him a good taste of Mileena (I'm 
    not sure what exactly that means).
    Shang Tsung
    Difficulty Level: 6
    Shang Tsung doesn't seem like that great of a character, but in the right
    hands he's really good. If you played a good Shang Tsung then you probably 
    have been juggled across the screen with his Skulls and was a spectator for 
    most of the match. That being said, you have to play a nice game of well timed
    attacks on him. Up close he has a couple of decent combos, but from a distance
    expect him to lift you off the ground with those Skulls. This is where you have
    to do lots of blocking and dashing. Fortunately, his Skulls aren't that fast so
    you have somewhat of an advantage here. Don't focus too much on throwing Sai's,
    but rather dashing, ducking, and blocking. Your chance will come for you to 
    punish him. But be aware of his Soul Steal as it will have a damage boost as 
    well as a temporary mirror match. Keep in mind, if your opponent can't use 
    Mileena, you have about 10 seconds to give him a nice beating. When you limit 
    his Skull combos, you have a better chance for the win as Mileena can dish out 
    more damage with her combos. Just be alert about his Skulls as they come from
    all directions. You'll feel like you're playing Uncharted with all of that
    dashing, blocking, jumping, avoiding, etc.
    Difficulty Level: 1
    Just like Raiden, if you beat a player quite a few times they may end up 
    choosing Sheeva. Expect them to spam her stomp on you. Don't embarrass 
    yourself by getting stomped multiple times. It's not even that fast and easily
    avoidable. When they do it you can either jump back with a jump kick or even 
    do the Teleport drop as you'll win that battle. Aside from that, if you happen
    to face a good Sheeva player, you still have a better chance at beating them.
    Sheeva is strong, but slow and her attacks are so easy to avoid. Rush her down
    aggressively then drop back a bit and wait for her to stomp the ground or try 
    to stomp you. One thing you really have to keep an eye out for is her X-Ray as
    you have to avoid it by jumping. But just like her other moves, it's pretty
    easy to spot.
    Difficulty Level: 5
    Sindel players aren't too common, but she's pretty good and a nice match up 
    for Mileena. Her air game is great and she'll spit fireballs at you from 
    everywhere. At close range watch out for her scream attack as you'll be
    stunned for a couple of seconds. Play against Sindel similar to the way you
    would against Kitana. Let her make the first move and try and bait her to do 
    the scream with some dashing. Block and punish it with Splits, followed by
    your combo of choice.
    Difficulty Level: 7
    Many people can't stand fighting against a Smoke player and complain how he is
    "cheap". To be honest, you can be cheap with anybody in this game and any 
    other fighting game for that matter. That being said, Smoke is cheap...... So
    anyway, Smoke players are actually fun to fight. As good as he is, though,
    you can expect him to use his teleport attacks on you, especially as a wake up.
    So be prepared to block and punish them as you would against pretty much any
    other teleporting move. Try to avoid jumping too much against him as you'll
    often be on the losing end in that little battle. Rush him down with some high
    and low attacks, but expect him to almost always do a wake up teleport attack.
    As for the Smoke Bombs, block them or jump over them and punish him instead.
    Avoid throwing Sai's at him too much as you'll get punished easily by him. 
    Don't worry too much about his Shake move and attack him when you see the time
    is right.
    Difficulty Level: 5
    Sonya is another fun match up for Mileena. She's strong, pretty good with her
    air game, and has some devasting combos she can pull off on you. She's also 
    pretty fast just like Mileena. It's a fairly even match up which makes it an
    interesting one. This, of course, is assuming you're fighting a good Sonya.
    That being said, fight her with a nice mix up of attacks and dropping back,
    but focus more on your attacking. Mix up the low and high attacks and try and
    to land some combos, usually ones that start with the Splits move. Just be
    careful as Sonya is just as fast as Mileena when attacking. She can also air
    throw you so don't jump too much against her. Her projectile is pretty slow,
    but she still matches up to Mileena fairly well.
    Difficulty Level: 4
    Styker from a distance will probably win the projectile battle. His Gun Shots
    are quick and he can fire them at will. He can literally pull out his gun, 
    stand there for 10 seconds, and release the button to shoot you. So you don't 
    want to stay far from him. Rush this Woody Harrelson look-a-like with some
    aggressive attacking and don't give him a chance to attack you. Stay at a 
    jumping/sweeping distance as much as you can. His Grenades are easy to avoid 
    if you're close to him. Also, he has some good combos starting from low, so
    be sure to block low.
    Difficulty Level: 4
    Sub-Zero is a fun character to use, but not so much fun to fight at first.
    There are many good Sub-Zero players out there and one thing he's very good at
    would have to be his defense. He is also known as the "Turtle Master" of 
    Mortal Kombat 9. Expect him to do his Ice Clones on you, especially as a wake
    up attack or if you're doing a wake up attack. At first it's annoying as you
    may get caught in them, but they become predictable after a bit. Watch out for
    his Slide and be prepared to block it low. When he attempts to freeze you,
    punish him with a Teleport Drop. You don't want to be jumping at him too much
    as you'll just get caught from his Ice Clone. Instead, stay on the ground, 
    punish his freeze attempts, and rush him down with dashing, but watch out
    for that Slide while rushing him.
    Shao Kahn, Goro, and Kintaro
    Difficulty Level: 2
    I added this section for people who have difficulty against the bosses. Now at
    first Goro, Kintaro and especially Shao Kahn seem pretty hard, but once you
    learn the patterns in attacking them, you could probably end up getting a 
    flawless victory on all of them. The only reason why I gave them a 2 instead 
    of a 1 rating is because Shao Kahn can sometimes get you with some of his 
    attacks if you aren't fast enough. Or you may see them flash at times with an
    invincibility frame when you hit them, but aside from that you should be able
    to win everytime against them when you know how their AI works. Here is a 
    video of myself playing End Game from the Challenge Tower in which you fight
    Goro, Kintaro, Mileena, and Shao Kahn. 
    Interestingly enough, Mileena is actually the hardest character to fight in 
    the End Game challenge, but you can see the pattern in fighting the other 3.
    You can literally beat them with any character doing no more than a 2 to 3
    hit combo or even just uppercuts. Basically, once you land the first attack
    on them you end up dashing forward a couple of times towards them and jump 
    over them. Depending on the attack they do, you may sometimes have to dash 
    and jump over again or you'll be able to just attack them instead. Although,
    with Mileena one of my favorite combos to land on them would be U+BK, U+BK, 
    B, FP, BK, Dash forward, FP, FP, BP, B, D, BK, D, BP. It will do the most
    damage to them and is faster than doing just uppercuts or 2-3 hit combos.
    Be sure to do the X-Ray as well when you get the chance.
    8. Videos                                                                 [VID]
    Here is a list of some helpful combo videos by TylerLantern, Akashia, 
    and myself (BoBo_273). Some of these are quite simple, while others are a 
    little more difficult. The button sequence for each combo is listed under each
    This first video is showcasing Mileena's Special/Enhanced Attacks, 
    Kombo Attacks, X-Ray, and Fatalities. The Special/Enhanced Attacks are in the 
    same order they appear in the move list as well as the Kombo Attacks.
    Below here is a list of videos from myself as well as other players showcasing
    some more advanced/custom combos. The first 3 combos are pretty basic to start
    off and sometimes better to do in lag, while the last 3 are more advanced.
    Combo #1: FP, FP, Ball Roll, Uppercut (4 Hits - 18% Damage) 
    Combo #2: U+BK, F+BP, Sai Throw (3 Hits - 17% Damage) 
    Combo #3: BK, BP, Teleport Drop, Sai Throw (4 Hits - 20% Damage) 
    Combo #4: BK, BP, Teleport Drop, Sai Throw, Ball Roll, Jump towards opponent, 
              FK, Teleport Drop, Sai Throw (8 Hits - 30% Damage) 
    Combo #5: U+BK, U+BK, B, FP, BK, Dash forward, FP, FP, BP, Ball Roll, 
              Uppercut (9 Hits - 33% Damage) 
    Combo #6: U+BK, U+BK, B, FP, BK, Dash forward, FP, FP, BP, Ball Roll, 
              X-Ray (15 Hits - 39% Damage) 
    These combos are much more advanced and will require some practice, but worth
    learning them in the long run. The very first one though will require you to
    have infinite meter if you were to play with the kombat code.
    Combo #1: Jump in and press BP, BP, FK, B, D, BK+BLK, B+FP, BK, F, FK, 
              FP+BP, B, D, BK, B+FP, BK, X-Ray (21 Hits - 46% Damage) 
    Combo #2: Jump in and press BP, U+BK, B+FP, BK, F+FK, FP+BP, Ball Roll,
              Leaping Neckbite (11Hits - 28% Damage) 
    Combo #3: U+BK, U+BK, F, FK, FP+BP, B, D, BK, B, FP, BK, B, F, FP 
              (8 Hits - 32% Damage) 
    Combo #4: Jump in and press BP, U+BK, B+FP, BK, F+FK, FP+BP, Ball Roll, B+FP, 
              BK, X-Ray (15 Hits - 43%Damage) 
    Combo #5: B+FK, Ball Roll, FK, BK, Teleport Drop, Sai Throw 
              (8 Hits - 23% Damage) 
    Combo #6: U+BK, U+BK, F+FK, FP+BP, Ball Roll, B+BP (6 Hits - 28% Damage) 
    Combo #7: Jump in and press FK, Sai Throw, Ball Roll, B+FP, BK, X-Ray 
              (12 Hits - 38% Damage)
    These are some great combos, but unfortunately these could only be 
    performed on the demo version of the game. They are definitely worth looking 
    at, though. Also, be sure to check out his channel for various great combo
    videos of other characters.
    AznPlay (Playmaster43)
    Here are a few good midscreen combos worth looking at. Also, these ones don't
    require any meter and do a good amount of damage as well. The inputs are 
    listed on the video description.
    This is a combo tutorial from a while ago. It's a great video, especially for
    people who are new to Mileena. The only thing that is off would be the damage
    since she, and many other characters, were nerfed. However, the combos will
    still work, but less damage will be done. Anyway, the inputs are listed on
    the video.
    9. Legal Disclaimer                                                       [LDR]
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    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this FAQ on any other web 
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    All copyrights and trademarks contained in this document are owned by their 
    respective copyright and trademark holders. No section of this guide can be 
    used without my permission. 
    Feel free to contact me at mvattiata@hotmail.com or on my youtube account 
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    document or for any questions, comments, or contributions. 
    This document may be exhibited only on GameFaqs.
    Credits/Special Thanks:
    - GameFaqs for accepting my FAQ.
    - You for reading this FAQ.
    - Adam3k3 for the layout/template.
    - Berserker for his helpful tips and support.
    - TylerLantern, Akashia, FTRHOODFRESH8984 and AznPlay for their 
      great videos as well as helpful tips.
    - SuppaTenshi and TheChad_87 for helpful tips and input.
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