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    FAQ/Walkthrough by LiKuid Fox

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    Assassin's Creed III: Liberation Walkthrough Version 1.8 (January 13, 2014)

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    i. About This Guide

    This is a guide detailing the main sequences in story mode as well as all side memories, multiplayer mode, and the naval trade feature of Assassin's Creed III: Liberation for the PlayStation Vita. The walkthrough is kept as spoiler-free as possible; certain story elements possibly containing spoilers have been inevitably exposed in favor of providing clear and concise instructions and strategies.

    There are still a few more updates in the works. I'll be including key information for each memory such as recommended persona(s), slightly more in-depth strategies for certain memories, and information for Connor's Way once I can. I'd also like to detail exactly when certain features like side memories and collectibles are unlocked, as well as expanded naval trade information. Please stay tuned!

    Get a grip! Should you need a crash course on the controls or simply forget how to perform certain actions, refer to this part of the guide.

    In the tables below, the first column shows the variety of basic actions you can perform. The second column provides the required input to perform the action.

    Standard controls are available at any time while you are playing.

    Standard Controls
    Open pause menuStart button
    Open mapSelect button
    MoveLeft analog stick
    Look aroundRight analog stick
    Toggle eagle visionD-pad up
    Gentle pushMove + Circle button
    RunRight trigger (hold) + Left analog stick
    JumpRight trigger (hold) + X button
    ClimbX button (when near a scalable object or wall)
    DropCircle button (when climbing)
    Fast swimRight trigger (hold) + X button (hold)
    DiveX button (while swimming)
    RiseX button (hold) (while underwater)
    Toggle precision modeLeft trigger
    Swing-jumpRight trigger (hold) + X button (hold) --> Run
    Ready weaponSquare button
    Sheathe weaponCircle button (when weapon is ready)
    LootCircle button (on lootable object)
    TackleRun + Circle button
    Shoot/reload/draw inTriangle button (hold to focus)

    Combat controls are used only in circumstances where you are engaged with one or more enemies.

    Combat Controls
    AttackSquare button (when weapon is ready)
    KickX button
    CounterattackCircle button -> X button
    DisarmCircle button -> X button (no weapon equipped)
    ParryCircle button -> Triangle button
    Enter high profileRight trigger (hold)
    Pick up / drop enemy weaponCircle button

    Assassin's Creed III: Liberation is vast, and the protagonist possesses a hefty arsenal of personas and moves to finish her mission. In this section, you'll find everything you need to know before taking on the game itself.


    Aveline can take on a number of costumes called personas to aid her in her mission. Each persona has its own perks better suit its own situations based on strengths and weaknesses. You can change into three different personas at any dressing chamber located throughout the places she'll visit.

    The Assassin

    While the assassin persona is very powerful and can use any weapon or tool available to Aveline. The one minor drawback, though, is that it cannot use any special abilities. It's best used in combat situations and can take down the toughest of enemies with relative ease.


    Use the assassin persona primarily for combat.

    The Lady

    The lady persona isn't quite as strong as the other personas, but it can do things that the other personas can't. While it isn't possible to climb or sprint, the lady persona can bribe guards and charm certain NPCs to her advantage. The lady persona is eventually able to use a parasol gun that can shoot poison darts, and Aveline can do this even in public and go unnoticed.


    Use the lady persona for stealth in crowded and restricted areas.


    Under the guise of a high-class citizen, Aveline can travel into guarded territory just by throwing a few coins to the guards. You can choose the amount to bribe with, with higher amounts giving you a better chance of the guards accepting your bribe and letting you through.

    Only certain guards can be bribed. You'll know that they can if they jingle coins in their hands.


    Aveline has a certain charm that men simply cannot resist. By approaching an NPC and charming him, you can lure him away, leaving you to your investigative duties without much risk of being spotted. The effect only lasts so long before the NPC will make his way back to his original position or area.

    Any NPC with a heart icon over his head can be charmed. As your charm dimishes, so, too, does the heart icon, giving you an estimate of how long you have until the effect wears off.

    The Slave

    What the slave loses in strength, it makes up for in stealth. It's masterful at blending in, and it's no secret why.

    The slave persona can climb just as the assassin persona can, but it does not possess the same strength as it does. However, when she assumes the slave guise, Aveline can blend in with other groups of working slaves, conceal her identity by carrying crates, and even start riots.


    Use the slave persona to be sneaky but have the ability to move around quick.

    Chain Kills

    Sometimes Aveline may find herself overwhelmed. In this case, she can perform a chain kill.

    When activated, the chain kill pauses the action and lets you target up to four enemies at once, depending on how much of the chain-kill bar is filled. The weapon you have equipped determines how many targets you can select. Once you've selected your targets by marking them using the touch screen, the action resumes, and Aveline kills her attackers in magnificent fashion.


    Whether you're low on money or trying to retrieve a specific item from an NPC's possession, pickpocketing gets you what you want while avoiding unnecessary conflict.

    You can pickpocket NPCs by activating precision mode and dragging your finger downward on the rear touch pad of the PlayStation Vita when you're next to your target. Some NPCs even carry multiple items. Pickpocketing is required in a few instances throughout the game as well as for a trophy.

    Templar Lens

    During her mission, Aveline eventually comes upon a lens that can reveal secrets that the Templars don't want anyone else to know.

    When the game prompts you to, direct the rear camera of the PlayStation Vita at a bright light and rotate it until you hear a chime. You might find yourself rotating it a full 180°. The inner lens will unlock, and all you have to do to reveal the secret is turn the lens by using the front touch pad.


    Notoriety is a key feature in the Assassin's Creed franchise, and Assassin's Creed III: Liberation is no exception.

    There are three different levels of notoriety: yellow, orange, and red. Your notoriety rises when you perform illegal actions like stealing and killing. When your notoriety level is orange, enemies will investigate before pursuing when their meter fills. When it's red, guards can easily spot and engage you.

    Each persona has its own notoriety level and method of reducing it. For the assassin persona, bribing corrupt magistrates will do the trick. Tearing down wanted posters will reduce the slave persona's notoriety level. To reduce the lady persona's notoriety, find and assassinate false witnesses.


    Keep in mind that it's only possible to reduce notoriety in New Orleans.

    The following walkthrough details the sequences of Assassin's Creed III: Liberation from beginning to end. The main sequences are broken down into memories, and memories are further simplified into objectives.

    Congratulations! You now have in your possession your very own mobile Animus device developed by Abstergo Entertainment, a subsidiary of Abstergo Industries.

    While the Animus is a machine that lets you delve deep into your genetic memory to learn more about your past than you may have ever imagined, this mobile version will read genuine, untouched packaged memories that you may explore at your own leisure.

    You've been given access to the memories of Aveline de Grandpré, a French-African assassin who lived in Louisiana during the 18th century. And this is where her story begins.

    MEMORY 1-1: Only a Nightmare

    OBJECTIVE: Catch the chicken!

    When the game begins, you'll immediately assume the role of Aveline de Grandpré. A child version of Aveline becomes lost in the thick of the townspeople after a chicken gains her attention. Chase down the chicken using the controls provided for you on the screen.

    OBJECTIVE: Bypass the guards via the backyard

    Turn your camera toward the green marker on the screen and locate the alley to the left of the guards. Go through here, staying in the direction of the marker to locate your target.

    A small group of men will attack shortly thereafter, and you'll need to fight back. You'll learn some simple fighting controls here, including how to counterattack.

    After the brief series of cutscenes, Aveline finds herself outside of her family mansion.

    >>>Memory Complete<<<

    MEMORY 1-2: New Orleans by Night

    OBJECTIVE: Go to the pigeon coop

    On the roof of your house, come to the edge where a haystack wagon sits below and perform a leap of faith. Walk to the pigeon coop and interact with it to retrieve a letter.

    OBJECTIVE: Reach your view from the belltower

    After reading the letter, you'll find that a dressing chamber has been created for Aveline, but you must first climb to the top of the cathedral to view your surroundings. The green markers on the screen will lead you directly to the cathedral through a series of climbs onto and leaps across many buildings. Climb the belltower, and the Assassin's Creed logo will appear as Aveline looks out into the horizon.

    OBJECTIVE: Change into the slave persona

    Before performing a leap of faith, stand on the edge of the beam to synchronize. This will register the immediate area's overhead details on the map, including the location of the dressing chamber. Make your way there, and change into the slave persona.

    >>>Memory Complete<<<

    MEMORY 1-3: A Slave in Trouble

    OBJECTIVE: Go to the city gates

    Head to the city gates located at the northeast part of the city - it will be indicated by a green marker on the screen.

    OBJECTIVE: Hide in the wagon

    You'll have 25 seconds to hop into the back of the wagon. It moves slow enough that completing the objective is simple enough. This will instantly take you to the plantation.

    OBJECTIVE: Pick up a crate and bypass the guards

    Once you arrive, search for a nearby crate. This will help you blend in, and it will take much longer for guards to catch on to you. Simply walk by the guards and to the next marker. Drop the crate here to prompt the next objective.


    Feel free to pick the crate back up to make the travel across the yard a touch easier, as guards patrol the area through which you must travel to the next objective.

    OBJECTIVE: Find slaves who are willing to talk

    On the other side of the yard, listen to what one of the slaves has to say by interacting with him.

    OBJECTIVE: Find a high point and scout the area

    After speaking with the slave, climb the nearby building and make your way toward the top of the main house.

    OBJECTIVE: Use eagle vision to locate your target

    With a good view of the surrounding area, activate eagle vision and look for a bright gold building. Once you've located it, synchronize with the area.

    OBJECTIVE: Investigate the barn

    Head straight for the barn, staying on top of the structures and out of the sights of any guards. Enter the barn through the open roof. Here, Thérése can be found.

    OBJECTIVE: Defend yourself and Thérése

    A guard comes in during the rescue and shouts for assistance. As you fight off the armed guards, on-screen tutorials will teach you how to disarm. It'll be useful against guards such as these whom carry weapons. Remember, an unarmed enemy is an easy enemy!

    OBJECTIVE: Escort Thérése to safety

      • Optional: Escort Thérése from the plantation in 1 minute

    Run straight for the green marker to fulfill the optional objective. You may either climb over the fence or run around the neighboring structure. Keep in mind that Thérése cannot climb over the fence; stay relatively close to her or risk desynchronizing. Ignore any guards that happen to notice you - they are hardly a threat to Aveline or Thérése.

    Once you reach the marker with Thérése, the memory will end, and you'll be transported to Aveline's mansion.

    >>>Memory Complete<<<

    MEMORY 1-4: The Safe House

    OBJECTIVE: Exit through the front door

    Head outside, and tear down the poster attached to the wall on the building across the street. This reduces your slave persona notoriety.

    OBJECTIVE: Buy traveling clothes

    A few blocks away is a tailor selling traveling clothes for 50 écu. There's no need to think twice about doing so, as you have plenty of money on hand.

    OBJECTIVE: Return to the de Grandpré mansion

    Head back to Aveline's mansion. At home, Aveline's stepfather tells her that Gérald requests her assistance at the warehouse.

    OBJECTIVE: Find Gérald in the warehouse

    Head to the marker on your map, and approach the door of the warehouse to proceed to the next memory.

    >>>Memory Complete<<<

    MEMORY 1-5: Taking Care of Business

    OBJECTIVE: Tail Gérald

      • Optional: Kill no one

    Gérald begins making his way elsewhere upon arrival at the warehouse, and it's your job to keep on his tracks. Stay close but out of sight; he'll glance over his shoulder every now and then, requiring you to hide behind walls periodically or traverse the roofs above. If at any time you lose sight of Gérald, a timer will appear at the top of the screen. At this point, make sure you spot him before time runs out or you'll desynchronize.

    OBJECTIVE: Bribe the ship's guards

    After the cutscene, head toward the blue marker on the docks. Here, you'll need to bribe the men guarding the ship. This means you'll need to have on the lady persona and some money in your pocket. Pay no mind in trying to bribe them with small amounts; your best bet is to simply persuade them with the maximum amount of money possible (100 écu).

    OBJECTIVE: Charm Captain Dominguez

    You're on the ship. Captain Carlos Dominguez will approach you, but he does not seem to keen on speaking business. Working some of your feminine charm will do the trick, so interact with the captain to have him follow you wherever you may go.

    OBJECTIVE: Lead Dominguez toward his quarters

    Take Dominguez to the back of the ship before he is no longer charmed.

    After the cutscene, open the letter you retrieved to learn that the stolen goods have been hidden in two separate warehouses on the docks.

    OBJECTIVE: Search the docks for stolen goods

    Head east of Dominguez's ship to the warehouses to start the next memory.

    >>>Memory Complete<<<

    MEMORY 1-6: Your Father's Troubles

    OBJECTIVE: Find a way into the warehouse

      • Optional: Charm at least 2 guards

    Head to the green zone on your map. Beware of muggers in the area - they don't hesitate to attack if they don't get what they want. Charm any guards that block your way. Your first item of interest is on the north side of the warehouse. Once you've spotted the glowing object, activate eagle vision and examine the clue.

    OBJECTIVE: Find the remaining goods

    Travel to the next green zone, indicated at first by the green marker, to find the second clue. It's in the north part of the zone. If you have trouble locating it, you can always activate eagle vision to help you out. Muggers are worse in this area, so be aware.

    OBJECTIVE: Go give Maxent the good news!

    Travel west to the docks and speak with Maxent to inform him of the whereabouts of his stolen goods.

    >>>Memory Complete<<<

    MEMORY 1-7: The Key to the Problem

    OBJECTIVE: Meet Gérald at the warehouse

    Back at the warehouse, Gérald tells Aveline that a name in the letter found on Captain Dominguez's ship stood out. The man, Rafael Joaquín de Ferrer, is believed to be attending an event at the governor's mansion, and Aveline will need to go there to find him.

    OBJECTIVE: Purchase a dressing chamber

    Head toward the green marker northeast of the warehouse, and purchase the dressing chamber

    OBJECTIVE: Change into the slave persona to continue

    Change into the slave persona at the dressing chamber.

    OBJECTIVE: Find a way into the mansion

    Southeast of the dressing chamber, you'll find the governor's butler. Find him to move on to the next objective.

    OBJECTIVE: Tail the butler

    Tail the butler discreetly, and he'll lead you to a person carrying goods for the event at the mansion.

    OBJECTIVE: Steal the key

    The butler hands the man a key to access the kitchen, and you need to steal it. Simply walk behind him, target him with the L button, and drag down on the rear touch pad to steal the key. The target must be highlighted in a white outline in order to steal.

    With key in hand, head to the marker on the next street to continue.

    MEMORY 1-8: The Colony's Good

    OBJECTIVE: Enter the governor's mansion undetected

      • Optional: Enter the mansion dressed in the lady or slave guise

    Firstly, it is recommended that you enter the governor's mansion using the slave persona; it'll be easier to escape later in the memory. You'll need to enter the mansion without being spotted. Thus, it would be wise avoiding the main entrance. Instead, on the side of the east wall is a tree you can scale in order to climb over the wall and onto the property.

    This is a restricted area, meaning that if you are spotted, you will desynchronize immediately. Make your way to the green marker, and enter the mansion via the kitchen.

    OBJECTIVE: Find the governor's office. Remain undetected

    Once inside, make your way to the governor's office. Guards patrol the area, so keep your wits about you.

    The first guard makes his rounds counter clock-wise, so follow him once he passes by in the neighboring room. In the next room, proceed up the staircase cautiously, as the next guard patrols the corridor above. Once he's facing the banister to your right, he'll stop for just a moment, allowing you to run by. Approach the next corridor with caution, as there is no way around the guard patrolling this one. You can attempt to go around him as he squeezes by or take him down once he comes into melee range. Enter the door at the end of the hallway.

    OBJECTIVE: Kill Governor d'Abbadie

      • Optional: Kill the governor using a musket

    Two guards stand at the far end of the room and give you no chance to kill silently. Go for the guards first, picking up one of the muskets that drop after you've killed them. During your fight with the guards, the governor will only run through his house, so you needn't worry about him causing desynchronization by leaving the area. With musket in hand, kill the governor to complete the optional objective.

    OBJECTIVE: Escape the governor's mansion

    Now you've got serious blood on your hands. Leave the mansion by exiting through the balcony door located in the governor's office on the second floor. The best way to escape the property full of guards is to climb onto the roof of the mansion and jump onto the tree you used to enter. Stay out of the yellow circle on your map long enough, and you'll have escaped successfully.

    >>>Memory Complete<<<

    MEMORY 1-9: At the Pub

    OBJECTIVE: Ask for Dominguez at the docks

    Now that you don't have the authority looking for you, head back to the docks where you spoke with Dominguez. He won't be here, but a man informs you that he's drinking away at the tavern nearby.

    OBJECTIVE: Question Dominguez at the tavern

    Make your way to the green zone on your map, and activate eagle vision to locate Dominguez on the east edge of the area, who is now out on the streets and highly intoxicated. Speak with him to prompt a cutscene.

    OBJECTIVE: Go home

    Go back home after speaking with Dominguez. Here, Aveline's stepfather gives her a page of her real mother's diary. This is the first of many Diary Pages to be collected.

    OBJECTIVE: Take the diary page

    Take the page from the open box on the desk in front of you. It's not much to read, as it's clearly written by someone who cannot write well. Afterward, the story will jump to the Louisiana Bayou.

    >>>Memory Complete<<<

    >>>Sequence Complete<<<

    MEMORY 2-1: The Loas Guide You

    OBJECTIVE: Go to the map marker to start your search

      • Optional: Find Agaté in 2 minutes

    Go to the green marker to start the search for clues in finding Agaté. Once reached, activate eagle vision and search for a clue on one of the nearby trees (it looks like a mask). Approach and investigate it.

    OBJECTIVE: Find the 2nd clue

    Jump onto the fallen tree near the first clue, and follow the path across trees and stumps to reach the second green zone. Activate eagle vision to find and analyze a second clue on one of the nearby trees.

    OBJECTIVE: Find the 3rd clue

    Once again, jump onto the fallen tree next to the second clue, and travel across the trees to the third green zone. Activate eagle vision and look up at a slight angle to spot the the third clue on a tree. You can reach it by walking along a fallen tree facing the third clue directly.

    OBJECTIVE: Meet with Agaté

    After analyzing the final clue, continue across the trees to Agaté's hut. Interact with him to begin the next memory.

    >>>Memory Complete<<<

    MEMORY 2-2: The False Mackandal

    Agaté speaks of Mackandal, his own mentor, who died, but someone is claiming to be Mackandal. Agaté wants Aveline to investigate.

    Before investigating, however, Agaté trains Aveline on ranged weapons.

    OBJECTIVE: Select and equip your blowpipe

      • Optional: Complete the mission in under 2 minutes

    Shoot one of the dummies in front of you using the blowpipe.

    OBJECTIVE: Climb the nearby tree

    Climb to the top of the nearby tree using the vines.

    OBJECTIVE: Shoot a target with the blowpipe

    Turn toward Agaté's hut, then shoot one of the targets at the edge of the platform to continue.

    OBJECTIVE: Dive into the haystack

    Dive into the stack of tree limbs below.

    OBJECTIVE: Shoot a target with the blowpipe

    While hidden in the stack, shoot one of the targets to continue.

    OBJECTIVE: Talk to Agaté

    Speak with Agaté to complete the memory.

    >>>Memory Complete<<<

    MEMORY 2-3: Meet the Smugglers

    Go to the top of Agaté's hut. He mentions a smuggler by the name of Élise Lafleur, who knows anything and everything about the Bayou. Your next memory requires you to visit Élise and motivate her to help find Mackandal.

    OBJECTIVE: Go to the smuggler's hideout

    From Agaté's hut, head directly west until you arrive at the smuggler's hideout. It's a long way from the hut, and travel by tree is by far the fastest way to move about the Bayou.

    OBJECTIVE: Kill the thugs, undetected

    As you approach the hideout, you'll find that thugs are threatening Élise and a fellow smuggler named Roussillon. The plan is to take out three of them undetected within three minutes. The best way to take them out is by using the blowpipe.

    The closest one stands on the top of a decrepit, old building near the wall where this part of the memory begins. A second sits in waiting on the side of the building where Élise and Roussillon are located. The third is on the other side of the property. Stayout of sight by using the outside walls of the shacks that line the southern edge of the property.

    OBJECTIVE: Rescue the smugglers

    As soon as all three thugs have been dispatched, you're thrown immediately into a fight with four more smugglers. You need to take out all four smugglers while protecting Élise and Roussillon.

    After the fight, Élise agrees to help when Aveline ensures that her assistance in this matter with Mackandal will bring peace to the smugglers. When you're ready to continue the story, travel to the exclamation point marker on your map and speak with Élise.

    >>>Memory Complete<<<

    MEMORY 2-4: A Faithful Acolyte

    OBJECTIVE: Follow Élise

    To find information on Mackandal's location, you'll need to first travel by canoe. Follow the all-knowing Élise, for she knows the Bayou like the back of her hand.

    OBJECTIVE: Take the alligator egg

    Upon reaching land, Aveline is attacked by an alligator. It'll prove no match whatsoever as long as you quickly press the right button during the quick-time event. Your reward is an alligator egg. Take the egg from the nest, then it's time to take care of the enemies at the nearby base.

    OBJECTIVE: Kill the acolyte and his followers

      • Optional: Kill the followers in 3 minutes

    There are several enemies you need to confront. Silently kill as many as you can using both the blowpipe and the stack of tree limbs before making your presence known. Chaining your attacks will speed up the process of dispatching the acolyte and his followers.

    OBJECTIVE: Loot the letter from the chest

    There is a small opening on the starboard side of the wrecked ship that gives way to a chest containing an important letter.

    OBJECTIVE: Talk to Élise

    After reading the letter's contents, find and speak with Élise who waits at the next base.

    >>>Memory Complete<<<

    MEMORY 2-5: The Second Camp

    OBJECTIVE: Follow Élise

    After speaking with Élise, follow her to an opening. Élise will spot some slaves and implores you not to kill them.

    OBJECTIVE: Reach the camp trail

      • Optional: Kill no one but the acolyte

    Run forward a few steps to find the acolyte traveling through the Bayou.

    OBJECTIVE: Tail the acolyte to a secluded area

    Stay in the trees and follow him. He'll eventually come to an area where he stands alone.

    OBJECTIVE: Assassinate the acolyte

    The moment that the acolyte's marker turns red, make the kill. If you do it soon enough, you can assassinate him from the tree.

    OBJECTIVE: Loot the chest

    Open the chest to reveal a second letter from Mackandal.

    OBJECTIVE: Return to the smuggler's hideout

    Make your way back to the smuggler's hideout to inform Élise of what you have just learned. Speak with Roussillon in the front of the hideout to continue. He'll tell you that Élise has already gone out. He hands you an item to give to her, one that it appears she forgot to take along.

    Travel to the next exclamation point marker to find Élise and begin the next memory.

    >>>Memory Complete<<<

    MEMORY 2-6: Eve of Saint John

    Élise's friend in San Danje offers assistance in finding and killing the false Mackandal. He possesses a powerful poison, but Élise's friend offers an antidote that will resist its effects.

    OBJECTIVE: Change into the slave persona to continue

    To help blend in during this memory, you must change while in the slave persona. Rebuild the dressing chamber nearby to change into the slave persona.

    OBJECTIVE: Return to Élise

    Find Élise, and she'll lead you to the false Mackandal's location by canoe.

    OBJECTIVE: Infiltrate the ceremonial site without being detected

      • Optional: Perform a double assassination

    You'll see a short conversation between Baptiste and de Ferrer before gaining control of Aveline.

    Stay undetected throughout the memory. If you follow the trail lined with torches, you'll come to a scout tower. Take out the enemy in the tower, then leap over the tree branches to the next scout tower and kill the enemy there.

    Jump down to the nearest tall tree stump in front of the tower. From this point, you'll see two enemies below and can perform a double assassination. Finally, hide in one of the stacks up ahead and kill the last enemy with the blowpipe. Go to the green marker to continue the memory.

    OBJECTIVE: Assassinate the false Mackandal

    Élise will create a distraction, allowing you to find and kill the false Mackandal. A cutscene will ensue, showing Aveline blending in with the followers and getting close enough to Baptiste to shoot him with the blowpipe. However, he spots her before she can act and shoots her with the poison Élise's friend spoke about.

    OBJECTIVE: Survive until the poison wears off

    You can try attacking Baptiste, but it will do no good, for the lasting effect of the poison causes hallucinations. You own't be in any danger during this part. All you need to do is listen to Baptiste speak until the poison wears off.

    OBJECTIVE: Kill the false Mackandal's bodyguards

    The moment the poison wears off, you'll be attacked by Baptiste's bodyguards. They aren't very difficult, but be sure to counter the axe wielders and follow up with a fatal attack.

    OBJECTIVE: Assassinate the false Mackandal

    Baptiste is one deadly fellow, despite having only one arm. Very few attacks can prove fatal, so be on the defensive, countering attacks at the precise moment. The easiest way to assassinate Baptiste is to run in a circle around him and attack his back.

    OBJECTIVE: Citizen E is near. Locate and kill him

    A strange voice is picked up by the Animus. Activate eagle vision and look for a blue figure in the small crowd.

    OBJECTIVE: Citizen E found. Kill him

    After finding the hack, kill him, and you'll view some code being accessed and an extended scene between Baptiste and de Ferrer.

    Afterwards, Aveline tells Élise that the deed is done. Élise in turn thanks Aveline for her help.

    OBJECTIVE: Go talk to Agaté

    Go back to Agaté's hut and speak with him to start the next memory.

    >>>Memory Complete<<<

    MEMORY 2-7: The Whole Truth

    This memory is comprised of only a short cutscene. There are no objectives. Agaté will briefly speak with Aveline about the recent events.

    >>>Memory Complete<<<

    >>>Sequence Complete<<<

    MEMORY 3-1: Prélude to Rebellion

    OBJECTIVE: Leave the mansion

    Aveline's father tells her that Gérald requests her help at the warehouse. Go there to continue the memory.

    OBJECTIVE: Investigate the commotion

    Outside, Aveline spots a cloud of smoke rising in the distance. Rush to the site to discover that there is a riot, and guards have been called to the scene.

    OBJECTIVE: Defend the civilians

      • Optional: Use your fists to knock out opponents

    Fend off the guards while protecting the civilians. Make sure you have switched to using your fists in order to complete the optional objective.

    OBJECTIVE: Talk to Gérald at the warehouse

    At the warehouse, Gérald has something he wants to show Aveline. What could it be!?

    OBJECTIVE: Follow Gérald

    Some new content has been unlocked now. Gérald shows Aveline a desk, her new base of operations, unlocking goods trading. In the next room, all of Aveline's guises, weapons, and tools are kept. It also includes its own dressing partition to change personas.

    After checking out the room, Gérald shows Aveline a new weapon he has made for her. He hands her a parasol that can shoot darts; the lady persona just got a lot deadlier.

    >>>Memory Complete<<<

    MEMORY 3-2: Elegant and Deadly

    OBJECTIVE: Follow the informant

    Follow the informant to a clearing in the streets. A man is attempting to sully the de Grandpré name in favor of East India coffee. The man is only doing what he was paid to do, but Aveline asks to speak to his employer, a man named Bouché.

    OBJECTIVE: Go to Bouché's warehouse

    Head to Bouché's warehouse south of the man shouting in the streets.

    OBJECTIVE: Equip the parasol gun

    Once here, equip the parasol gun and take out the nearby guard.

    OBJECTIVE: Approach Bouché

    Go to the orange marker just ahead and speak with Bouché. Aveline more or less threatens him, and he quickly agrees to her demands including ceasing his attempts to ruin the de Grandpré name and issuing a public apology. He also mentions that he can no longer pay his slaves.

    OBJECTIVE: Report back to Gérald

    Go back to Gérald's warehouse. Here, Aveline tells him that Bouché will stop, but his slaves will no longer receive a wage. Gérald whips up a plan, and you get to put it into action.

    OBJECTIVE: Buy the shop

    Northwest of the warehouse is a shop noted by a green marker. Buy the shop.

    OBJECTIVE: Go back to HQ

    Back at the warehouse, Aveline speaks with Gérald about disappearing slaves and workers. Gérald hints starting with San Danje to get answers.

    OBJECTIVE: Take a boat to the Bayou

    Head to the docks and speak with the man in front of the boat to take it to the Bayou. You'll need to be in the slave or assassin persona in order to get a ride there; the Bayou is no place for a lady.

    OBJECTIVE: Meet the Houngan

    Now in San Danje, go to the exclamation point marker to meet the houngan. You'll start the next memory here.

    >>>Memory Complete<<<

    MEMORY 3-3: Vanishing Slaves

    The houngan gives Aveline a new kind of poison, one that will cause enemies to go berserk for a short time before succumbing to death. He also tells her to talk with her old acquaintance Élise to learn more of the recent happenings. She is here in San Danje, so the walk is not far.

    OBJECTIVE: Talk to Élise

    Élise shares with Aveline that caravans with out-of-place cargo were spotted in the area recently. She marks it on her map.

    OBJECTIVE: Go to the location

    Make your way to the marker, and meet with Élise to continue the memory.

    OBJECTIVE: Catch the convoy

      • Optional: Race through the checkpoints faster than your opponent

    Élise has spotted a convoy and wants to race Aveline. Why not? Run to the green marker and reach it before Élise does to fulfill the optional objective.

    OBJECTIVE: Eliminate soldier escorts

    You'll arrive to many soldiers guarding the convoy. Kill all your targets--they should be no match with chain attacks.

    The cargo turns out to be slaves, including Chrisfait, a friend of Élise's.

    OBJECTIVE: Find Élise

    After Élise tells Chrisfait to stay out of trouble, she runs off to find some of her own. Track her down to start the next memory.

    >>>Memory Complete<<<

    MEMORY 3-4: Storming the Front

    OBJECTIVE: Silently eliminate the guards

    Kill the four guards in this area without being detected. Use the rotted tree stumps and the sides of the small building and tents to kill the guards from a distance using the blowpipe, or surprise them with your hidden dagger when they get close to your hiding spot.

    OBJECTIVE: Chase the Spanish officer

    Enter the fort after the guards have been dispatched.

    Once inside the fort, ignore all the guards (Élise will take care of them) and focus only on the lieutenant attempting to flee. The flight of stairs the lieutenant runs up give way when you try to climb them. However, if you climb the crates and onto the building just in front of you, you can turn around and leap back to the flight of stairs and reach the ramparts above in no time.

    Resuming your chase, the lieutenant will close a barred door behind him while making his way around the ramparts. Simply sprint toward the left of the door and leap over to the other side.

    The lieutenant will come to a dead end tower and finally confront you once he realizes he has nowhere else to go. There is nothing special about the lieutenant; attack and counter as needed, and he'll go down swiftly.

    OBJECTIVE: Unlock the cells

    Once the officer is killed, go to the yard and free the slaves in the cells indicated by a green marker. The slaves will talk about a work ship, and Aveline learns where her next memory begins.

    >>>Memory Complete<<<

    MEMORY 3-5: In Vino Veritas

    OBJECTIVE: Report back to Gérald

    Back in New Orleans, speak with Gérald inside the warehouse. It seems that helping plantation workers start a riot will get the Spanish governor's attention.

    OBJECTIVE: Follow Gérald to the incite location

      • Optional: Don't increase your notoriety

    Aveline will automatically don the slave persona after the cutscene with Gérald. Follow him without raising any suspicion.

    OBJECTIVE: Incite a riot

    Upon arriving at the incite location, speak with the man at the blue marker, and help the workers start a riot. Speaking with him will prompt a green zone to appear on the map as well as three men indicated by explosion icons. Talk to the men at the icons to recruit them in the riot. Once you've spoken with all three, make your way to the blue marker and speak with the man again.

    OBJECTIVE: Meet Gérald

    The riot has begun! You do not have to kill anyone at this point. Quickly Head to Gérald's location at the other end of the square.

    Gérald tells Aveline that an ammunitions convoy carrying gun powder has been spotted making its way to the city and that it would be useful to intercept it.

    OBJECTIVE: Change into the assassin persona

    Enter the dress chamber nearby and change into the assassin persona for this part of the memory. Head to Gérald's location indicated by the blue marker on the map once you're ready.

    OBJECTIVE: Silently eliminate the guards

    The carriage holding the gun powder is being guarded. You will need to kill all five guards silently, or you will desynchronize. The best way to go about this is by climbing onto the buildings in the vicinity of those with guards atop them, and shoot them with the blowpipe. The remaining two next to the carriage can easily be taken out the same way.

    OBJECTIVE: Steal the carriage

      • Optional: Carriage must retain at least 50% health

    With the guards out of the way, take control of the carriage. More guards will come after you at this point, triggering a chase. Steer the carriage through the streets during the escape by turning left and right with the left analog stick while avoiding barrels. Maintain a good speed and distance from the guards chasing you or you'll desynchronize.

    Aveline inadvertently makes her way back to the square where the riot is taking place (Gérald attempts to give her directions, but it doesn't quite work out). She then runs the carriage straight into the storehouse, leaving some rioters inside, helpless.

    OBJECTIVE: Rescue rioters trapped inside the storehouse

    Run to the green marker in front of the storehouse to be transported inside.

    OBJECTIVE: Save the rioters

      • Optional: Kill all targets in 1 minute

    Inside the storehouse, quickly kill the guards to save the rioters trapped inside. Four of them are at the base of the building while the last one is near the top. All of them provide no real challenge at all.

    OBJECTIVE: Go to the warehouse

    After the brief cutscene afterward, go back to the warehouse to continue the story.

    >>>Memory Complete<<<

    MEMORY 3-6: Getting Ulloa's Attention

    Back at her base of operations, Gérald explains to Aveline how to draw Ulloa out.

    OBJECTIVE: Leave the Warehouse

    Leave the warehouse after the short cutscene. Simple enough, right?

    OBJECTIVE: Go to the docks

    Go to the green marker on your map to find a Spanish vessel in the waters. Guards are in the area, and if you're not careful, they will attack. If you interact with the marker while under attack, this will immediately result in a failure of the optional objective that will display after interacting with the marker.

    OBJECTIVE: Board the ship and cut anchor

      • Optional: Kill the 3 ship guards without being detected

    The ship is in view, and it's time to get wet. Swim across the water, and board the ship using the small boat anchored to the starboard side. Be aware that the guards on the ship make rounds and can spot you on the boat below if you are not careful. You'll need to be calculating here in order to not be spotted.

    OBJECTIVE: Cut the ship's anchor

    When you've dispacted the guards, cut the anchor at the green marker. Dominguez will catch Aveline just before she can, however, and call his men to subdue her.

    OBJECTIVE: Kill the guards

    The men serve no challenge, and a chain kill can wipe them out with ease.

    OBJECTIVE: Leave the area

    After the cutscene, you'll have 35 seconds to flee the yellow area indicated on your map. It's not hard at all; just jump ship and swim away. The front of the ship will explode, and Aveline's message to the governor is sent.

    Go to pigion coop behind Aveline's home indicated by the exclamation point marker to start the next memory.

    >>>Memory Complete<<<

    MEMORY 3-7: A Governor No More

    Open the letter sent by Agaté. He writes that he wishes to meet you at the cemetery.

    OBJECTIVE: Go talk to Agaté

    Speak with Agaté, who is perched on top of the building in the cemetery.

    OBJECTIVE: Investigate the ambush site

      • Optional: Complete the mission using all 3 personas

    The optional objective can be fulfilled simply by using any dressing chamber and changing into the other two personas before entering, exiting and re-entering to change. Make your way to the green marker, and Aveline will scout the ambush site.

    OBJECTIVE: Kill the guards without being detected

      • Optional: Set up the ambush in under 4 minutes

    A timer will begin, giving you four minutes to kill the guards patrolling the area and set up the ambush. The closest guard can be taken out by an aerial strike. The guard on the nearby building can be taken out by gun. Leap back to the first building and kill the third guard patrolling the building. The remaining two guards can also be killed by performing an aerial strike.

    OBJECTIVE: Block the square

    There are three water towers in the area. Go to each one and kick them down to create a trap, leaving one way in and no way out.

    OBJECTIVE: Prepare explosives for the ambush

    Locate the explosive barrel indicated by the blue marker on the map, and carry and drop it at the green marker.

    OBJECTIVE: Ensure that the convoy falls in the ambush

    Quickly sprint to the first green marker and knock over the tower, blocking the intersection. Run to the next green marker and do the same before the convoy reaches the intersection in time. Repeat this once more.

    OBJECTIVE: Hurry to the next intersection

    This objective consists of the very same actions as the objective before it. Make haste as you continue to block passageways.

    OBJECTIVE: Assume a safe vantage point near the square

    Run to the green marker, climb the building, and await the convoy's arrival. They'll quickly catch on that they're blocked in, but it will be too late by then.

    OBJECTIVE: Blow up the powder keg

    Pick up the musket on top of the building indicated by a blue marker, and use it to blow up the powder keg near the convoy below.

    OBJECTIVE: Eliminate the last of Ulloa's soldiers

    The last of Ulloa's soldiers will be no match for the prowess of Aveline. Perform chain kills on the ground to dispatch them quickly.

    OBJECTIVE: Bring Ulloa out of the carriage

    With no guards left, Ulloa has no choice but to surrender. A cutscene will occur here.

    OBJECTIVE: Speak with Agaté

    Go back to Agaté's location to tell him the news.

    After the cutscene, head home to begin the next sequence.

    >>>Memory Complete<<<

    >>>Sequence Complete<<<

    MEMORY 4-1: Southbound

    OBJECTIVE: Go home

    Enter the mansion to continue the memory.

    OBJECTIVE: Interact with the desk

    Go upstairs and examine Aveline's desk. A letter rests on the desk, but there is a secret message revealed by using the Templar Lens. A map will appear.

    OBJECTIVE: Go to the docks

    Leaving the mansion will have Aveline automatically assume the slave persona. At the docks, a cutscene involving Aveline and Gérald is prompted.

    OBJECTIVE: Go to the compound

    After the cutscene, head to the compound indicated by a green marker.

    OBJECTIVE: Blend into one of the groups and remain undetected

    This is a restricted area, and utmost caution is needed. The entrances are guarded, but Aveline can scale the wall. A guard patrols the area, so walk into one of the groups indicated by a green marker when he isn't around. Imitate what the group is doing, and a cutscene will ensue. Aveline is now headed to Mexico.

    >>>Memory Complete<<<

    MEMORY 4-2: A New Life

    OBJECTIVE: March with the slaves

    Move along with the slaves (you needn't press any buttons). You'll regain control of Aveline after the cutscene.

    OBJECTIVE: Mingle and gather information

    There are five people indicated by blue markers scattered throughout the colony. Speak with all five to learn more about the place and what life is like for the slaves.

    Go to the exclamation point marker to begin the next memory.

    >>>Memory Complete<<<

    MEMORY 4-3: Gathering Tools

    OBJECTIVE: Collect 2 belts from the guards

      • Optional: Don't enter open conflict

    Find a guard and incapacitate him.

    OBJECTIVE: Loot the guard

    Loot the guard's body for a belt. Do this again for a second belt. Be sure to knock them out in a place where another guard won't see you. The guard farthest west and the one patrolling in the east are the easiest to corner.

    OBJECTIVE: Collect 2 knives from the cook

    With belts in hand, find the cook and get two knives. One knife can be found in the chest in the kitchen, while the other can be stolen from the cook's person.

    OBJECTIVE: Find wooden planks at the construction site

    Now make your way to the construction site. Climb the scaffolding on the side of the ancient structure and retrieve the planks at the top level of the scaffolding. Avoid any guards, as this area is restricted.

    OBJECTIVE: Distract the blacksmith

    You need to put all this stuff together, and to do that, you need access to the blacksmith's working bench, located in front of the ancient monument. But to get anywhere near it, you have to distract him. This brings us to our next objective.

    OBJECTIVE: Place a powder keg near the stables

    Locate the powder keg indicated by a green marker. Carry and place it at the next green marker that pops up on your map.

    OBJECTIVE: Find a musket

    Find the nearest guard and incapacitate him to take his musket.

    OBJECTIVE: Blow up the powder keg

    Aim at the powder keg, and fire away with the musket.

    OBJECTIVE: Use the blacksmith's working bench

    Approach the working bench and interact with it to make a hidden dagger.

    Go to the exclamation point marker to start the next memory.

    >>>Memory Complete<<<

    MEMORY 4-4: The Company Man

    OBJECTIVE: Tail de Ferrer and the overseer

    The overseer seems to have sharp sight and can spot Aveline from far away. From where the memory begins, turn your camera toward the men and do not move until they begin walking away. As soon as they move, quickly run to the haystack near where they were standing previously. Once again, wait in the haystack until they set off, then blend in with the group of slaves. They'll continue on past the gate, allowing you to hang off the side of the building near said gate and keep a close eye on them.

    The rest of the area is restricted. As they move forward, run across the path and blend in with the slaves. Further on, there will be another haystack in which to hide. Avoid being spotted by the guards that patrol this part of the path. You should have plenty of time to wait for them to pass by before running to the next and final haystack. From here, the two men should move forward and trigger a cutscene.

    OBJECTIVE: Defend the captive man

      • Optional: The captive man must retain at least 50% health

    You only have a hidden blade at this point in time, so start off by stabbing one of the guards in the back for an instant kill. The rest are not by any means difficult. Attack and counter as needed until you've dispatched them all.

    Afterward, the overseer will appear. Attack quickly and relentlessly to trigger a cutscene.

    After the cutscene, Aveline obtains the whip used by the overseer.

    OBJECTIVE: Use the whip to kill the guards

    The whip will pull targeted enemies in, allowing Aveline to kill them with relative ease.

    Once you've killed the remaining guards with the whip, speak with the rescued slave to begin the next memory.

    >>>Memory Complete<<<

    MEMORY 4-5: Trail of Truth

    The slave thanks Aveline for her assistance. He notices her locket and says he's seen one like it before. He knew Jeanne, Aveline's mother, and says she's somewhere at the camp.

    OBJECTIVE: Search for clues leading to Jeanne's hut

      • Optional: Do not engage guards in open conflict
      • Optional: Complete the mission in 5 minutes

    Follow the green markers until you reach a green zone on the map.


    It is not required to investigate and analyze any clues except for the one in front of the hut at the top of the trail. Follow the cyan footprints to reach it. Should you decide to skip the first two clues, you can also skip the next two paragraphs.

    Activating eagle vision will reveal two sets of footprints in the area--one magenta, and one cyan. Follow the cyan footprints to one of several different clues indicated by a yellow marker, and analyze it while in precision mode. Aveline recognizes it as her mother's diary.

    The green area will be updated, much smaller than before and located elsewhere. More yellow markers are in the clue zone. Up the trail, you may find a second clue near the brush on your left. Use eagle vision to locate it, then analyze it. It's Jeanne's hat.

    The zone will be reduced further, around the hut nearby. Locate and analyze a third clue-- it's just a bag of effects--and this will lead Aveline to the final clue behind the hut.

    Open the letter, then use the Templar Lens. A map will appear, giving Aveline new clues as to her mother's whereabouts.

    Afterward, make your way to the exclamation point marker to start the next memory.

    >>>Memory Complete<<<