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    Hardcore Risette Fan Trophy Guide by KADFC

    Version: 0.91 | Updated: 01/07/13 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    |  P4G Hardcore Risette Fan (HRF) FAQ/Guide                                   |
    |  Created by: KADFC (aka Fabian Chang)                                       |
    |  Created On:  December 19, 2012 @ 3:00 PM                                   |
    |  Email: New_KADFC@hotmail.com                                               |
    |  Copyright KADFC 2012                                                       |
    |                                                                             |
    |  First Version Submitted on January 3, 2013 @ 1:00 AM  PST                  |
    |                                                                             |
    |  Current Version 0.91                                                       |
    |  Current Version Submitted on: January 6, 2013 @ 11:30 PM   PST             |
    |                                                                             |
    |  Only avaliable on Gamefaqs.com                                             |
    0.91: Lines Transfer to NG+ Possibility; Added a few more lines, etc...
    0.90: Not fully done, but still submitted. Has the content to help others.
    |        TABLE OF CONTENT                                                     |
          B. FACTS AND TIPS, ETC...
          C. Mini Hardcore Risette Fan Walkthrough
          D. The List of Rise Quotes/Lines
    |        INTRODUCTION                                                         |
    |   This guide is soley intended for those who seeks to obtain the Bronze     |
    | rated trophy known as "Hardcore Risette Fan." If you have already obtained  |
    | this trophy already, stop here and read something else. This doesn't concern|
    | those who have already obtained it.                                         |
    |                                                                             |
    |   I've decided to re-type this paragraph/explanation for the 3rd time.      |
    | There are a few things I want to note, but most of this is personal. I      |
    | started typing this before I got the trophy and I'm typing the rest of this |
    | after I got the Trophy, Hardcore Risette Fan. So at least you can rest      |
    | assured that it's not coming from someone who doesn't even have the trophy. |
    | In fact, I already platniumed P4G. So, let me list a few things that might  |
    | be of interest, but will probably not help you get the trophy:              |
    |                                                                             |
    | - I got Hardcore Risette Fan (HRF) before finishing Heaven.                 |
    |                                                                             |
    | - When I got it, I knew I still had about 30 other lines that I could've    |
    |   obtained because I know what to look for.                                 |
    |                                                                             |
    | - From majority agreement, scanning doesn't count towards this trophy.      |
    |   1) Based on confirmation on players who collect lines for this trophy.    |
    |   2) JPN Wiki indicates this as well.                                       |
    |   3) No one has ever indicated that HRF was obtained via scanning before.   |
    |      HRF should/could not be triggered through scanning (no text)           |
    |   4) Not reasonable that HRF is triggerable through L1 Shuffling.           |
    |   5) 6 Enouncters to produce 84 lines (7 x 2 x 2 x 3). If this is added to  |
    |      to the bank of lines possible; 350 Lines deviation would be HUGE.      |
    |   6) 84 Scan Lines should be easily obtainable. I challenge you to get 200  |
    |      Lines, then get the last 84 Lines via Scanning. Rain Shadows           |
    |   NOTE: Scan all you want, it's your game. Wasting time or not, up to you.  |
    |                                                                             |
    | - From majority agreement, only Rise quotes that are stated in text are     |
    |   included toward this trophy                                               |
    |                                                                             |
    | - Also, even if you're overleveled, you should still be able to obtain this |
    |   trophy. You just need to work extra hard for those quotes/lines.          |
    |                                                                             |
    | - When I got HRF, I was on my way of completing my own challenge. That is to|
    |   get to Margaret with the lowest possible level, which came out to be level|
    |   25 for MC. Thus, I killed enemies, but escape before winning the EXP/yen. |
    |                                                                             |
    |   Being as this is the first section, I'm typing this AFTER I've obtained   |
    | the Trophy: Hardcore Risette Fan. Just like most people have stated on the  |
    | boards, I've also obtained it before finishing Heaven. There's still about  |
    | 30 more lines that I could've got before I called it quits and continued to |
    | fight Heaven's boss; if not more. So I have to say, there is a lot of       |
    | leverage, if you know how to plan and activate those missing lines. If      |
    | you're not even counting those lines in the first place, you would need to  |
    | based it off of luck/accident or not really not care because trophy doesn't |
    | mean anything to you, and/or you're thinking about doing NG+ anyways, so you|
    | you rather get it then instead of doing it now.                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |   I'm typing this because I was curious as to how many lines I would need   |
    | before I get the trophy. There has been a topic of this posted by a         |
    | board user and their collection of lines said by Rise, but that isn't       |
    | fully complete. This was mainly because EXP issues (gaining too much, too   |
    | fast). Some of the lines were missed, but at the end, I'm still wondering if|
    | that was issue. I just didn't feel like taking a chance and starting over by|
    | getting all those ailments all over again. I rather know that I can get it  |
    | with maximum capacity.                                                      |
    |                                                                             |
    |   With that said, my purpose is NOT to list every single line said by Rise; |
    | even though I would want that. My purpose is to list all missable and/or    |
    | unique lines. There would be no point if I listed every single line that    |
    | you can get when you're at the end of the game with level 99 characters.    |
    | Even though I just said that, I'm collecting/recording all new lines that I |
    | come across until I get really, really bored of this process.               |
    |                                                                             |
    |   Even though elemental affinities from enemies takes a lot lines, that can |
    | only get you so much; not enough. If you took a look at the lines           |
    | categorized later on, you should get a general idea of what you need to do. |
    | You wouldn't think that doing certain things also works. Proabably some of  |
    | the most missed ones are the ones that come at random. "killing 2 or 3      |
    | enemies with 1 attack" "dodge" "miss" etc...                                |
    |                                                                             |
    |   Some say they get it efforlessly, others say they get it by accident.     |
    | There are some, that however, spend a few playthroughs not getting it and   |
    | state they can't platninum the game with this in their way. That's what the |
    | purpose of this FAQ truly is about. To give you a small road map to get that|
    | last, stupid, dumb trophy.                                                  |
    |        FACTS AND TIPS, ETC...                                               |
    |   Next up, let's go through a list of facts that WILL help you, or at least |
    | get you a better understanding of how this trophy works. Also, it includes  |
    | tips of what you should be looking for. Please read this whole list, even   |
    | if you know most of the stuff. There might be something that you don't know.|
    |                                                                             |
    | - New Game Plus Transferable? Yes. Currently being debated, but I do agree  |
    |   that it's possible. A few have confirmed this so far.                     |
    |                                                                             |
    | - Supposely, there should be about 300 quotes/lines. Yet, I disagree on this|
    |   and I think there's 400+ lines. Else the people claiming of such things   |
    |   are all liars and I don't think that's true.                              |
    |                                                                             |
    | - You can use L1 shuffling (look at the enemy's profile, exit, look at their|
    |   profile, exit, repeat...) to hear those ailment, critical HP. For some    |
    |   reason though, some of the MC's ailment lines doesn't show up regardless  |
    |   of how many times you shuffle.                                            |
    |                                                                             |
    | - Elemental Weakness/No: Shadows have 7 elemental properties                |
    |                                                                             |
    | - The 7 Elemental Properties: 1) Physical, 2) Fire, 3) Ice, 4) Elec,        |
    |    5) Wind, 6) Light, 7) Darkness                                           |
    |                                                                             |
    | - There's a total of 7 ailments in the game. For each ailment, technically  |
    |   speaking, there's a quote for each character. There's 7 characters, so    |
    |   ailment there should be 49 total                                          |
    |                                                                             |
    | - The 7 Ailments: 1) Silence, 2) Panic, 3) Dizzy, 4) Enervation,            |
    |    5) Exhaution, 6) Fear, 7) Poison                                         |
    |                                                                             |
    | - Dizzy and Fear. Both of these also get an additional quote on top of the  |
    |   normal one. If Dizzy still exists on character's turn, Rise will give a   |
    |   quote (get back up!). For Fear, the character "might" escape. Another quote
    |   However, the MC might not have a quote for solo escape.                   |
    |                                                                             |
    | - Dizzy's 2nd quote and Fear's escape quotes are the hardest ailments lines |
    |   to get. One require you to be knocked down and hit again, and you MIGHT   |
    |   be Dizzied. Escaping from fear is based soley on luck, assuming enemy     |
    |   doesn't use Ghastly Wail. Best not try rely getting on these two. It's    |
    |   too much work for so little, but if you have to, go for it.               |
    |                                                                             |
    | - 62 Total Ailment Related Quotes (7 Ailments x 7 Character) + 14 + 6       |
    |                                                                             |
    | - Blocking: Don't Block if you want your character to be inflicted with     |
    |    ailments. Blocking will make that not possible. Debilitate factors will  |
    |    work regardless of you block or not.                                     |
    |                                                                             |
    | - Optional: Leveling teammate's Slink will get them to have "wake-up." This |
    |   randomly activates and will cure ailments. If you really want this trophy,|
    |   it's logical to NOT do team slinks. I got it with max slinks though and   |
    |   yeah, this was annoying, but I still got HRF. Just more time wasting. If  |
    |   maxing Slink is not a concern and HRF is your sole goal, skip all teammate|
    |   slinks.                                                                   |
    |                                                                             |
    | - Rise Slink. If you decide to level up Rise's Slink, you'll miss about 20  |
    |   lines. No big deal, but you should get these before advancing. It's not   |
    |   hard to get. These lines are for when you know nothing about the enemy and|
    |   you're are weak compared to them.                                         |
    |                                                                             |
    | - Divide your team into 2 groups of three members. Bring each group for     |
    |   grinding whenever possible.                                               |
    |                                                                             |
    | - Optional: Do not play this game on Very Easy. Being overleveled will force|
    |   raise to skip quotes when you are weak compared to enemy. It's not the end|
    |   the world for HRF, but more work on your part. Here's some math of what   |
    |   you might be missing:                                                     |
    |    2 Quotes per element x 7 Elements Total x 2 (Weak/NoGood) = 28 Lines     |
    |                                                                             |
    | - Total Elemental Quotes: 2 x 7 x 2 x 3 = 84 Lines                          |
    |    * 3 = Weak/Same/Strong compared to Enemy. You can never miss strong.     |
    |                                                                             |
    | - Weak/Same/Strong: To tell how the enemy is compared to you, use the size  |
    |   the shadow. You should be able to judge from experience.                  |
    |                                                                             |
    | - Elemental Items. For Naoto, she can't hit 2+ enemies weakness all at once.|
    |    So in order to that, you need to have Naoto throw elemental items bought |
    |    from the item store (Shiroku). I suggest buying 99 elemental targeting   |
    |    enemy's party items for all 4 elements. This isn't just useful for Naoto,|
    |    but for anyone that doesn't have the power to hit enemy's weakness. This |
    |    is also the reason why I can get it without Yosuke/Yukiko learning       |
    |    Magaru/Maragi.                                                           |
    |                                                                             |
    | - There are 4 quotes for Escaping: Escape Progress Started, Rise telling you|
    |    to wait, You can now escape, Try to Escape but you already told her.     |
    |                                                                             |
    | - Pre-emptive, Ambush, Knockdown, and Killed/Killing takes up the MAJORITY  |
    |    of all the quotes. Randomness plays a big factor.                        |
    |                                                                             |
    |        THE BREAKDOWN                                                        |
    |  These are the basic assumptions through testing and data collecting. A few |
    |   things to note of how I got this conclusion                               |
    |   - I've yet to see a Knockdown 5 enemies or kill 5 enemies line yet        |
    |   - "MC Fear -> Escape" can not be activated via non-boss battle            |
    |   - Is there lines for getting ambushed and doing pre-emptives on enemy     |
    |     parties of 3, 4, and 5? Need testing.                                   |
    |   - Knockdown 5 at once and kill 5 at once isn't possible. If you did that, |
    |     it will automatically activate All-Out and Rise's part is skipped.      |
    |   - From testing 2 characters (Kanji/Teddie), it seems besides the MC, other|
    |     allies don't get a line for getting back up by themselves               |
    |                                                                             |
    |  Elements = 7 Elem. x 2 per Elem x 2 (Weak/No) x 3 (Weak/Same/Strong) =  84 |
    |  Ailments = (7 Ailments x 7 Character) + 7 (Still Dizzy) + 6 (Flee) =    62 |
    |  Stats Down = Att, Def, Agl (3 x 7 Character)                            21 |
    |                                                                             |
    |   Enemies Knocked Down with 1 move:  1x3, 2, 3, 4 = 6 Line                  |
    |   Enemies Killed with 1 Move:        1x2, 2, 3, 4 = 5 Line                  |
    |   Hit Enemies' Weakness:                            4 Line (MC: 3)          |
    |   Hit Enemy When Enemy is Downed:                   2 Line                  |
    |   Enemy Knock Character Down (Weak/Critical):       1 Line (MC: 2)          |
    |   Char. Gets Back Up, on their own:                 MC ONLY                 |
    |   Misses Attack + Slip:                             1 Line                  |
    |   Character Dodges Attack:                          1 Line                  |
    |   HP is 0 or less/KO'd:                             1 Line (MC: 4)          |
    |   HP is near critical HP:                           2 Line (Get/Stay)       |
    |   Constantly hits weakness/knockdown                2 Line                  |
    |    Teammates' Total               (6+5+4+2+1+1+1+1+2+2) x 6   =         156 |
    |    MC Total                       (6+5+3+2+2+1+1+1+4+2+2) x 1 =          29 |
    |                                                                             |
    |  UnNamed                                                                    |
    |   Hit Weakness/Knocked Down           1x3,2, 3, 4 = 4 Line                  |
    |   2 or more Allies in Low HP                        1 Line                  |
    |   Rush Mode                                         3 Line                  |
    |   Ambush                          (1x2,2x2,3,4,5) = 7 Line                  |
    |   Reinforcements               (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) x2 = 10 Line                 |
    |   Pre-emptive                       1, 2, 3, 4, 5 = 5 Line                  |
    |   Escape                                            4 Line                  |
    |   Victory                                           4 Line                  |
    |   Gold Hand (Intro, Escape)                         2 Line                  |
    |   Reaper                                            1 Line                  |
    |    Total                            4+1+3+7+10+5+4+4+2+1 =               41 |
    |                                                                             |
    |  Randomly Generated by Game                                                 |
    |   Enemies Reinforcements            (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) x2 = 10 Line            |
    |   Enemies Run Away + Enemies Left     1x2, 2, 3, 4     =  5 Line            |
    |   Enemy Summons More Enemy                             =  3 Lines           |
    |    Total                                   10+10+5+3                     18 |
    |                                                                             |
    |  Boss Battles                                                               |
    |   Shadow Teddie                                     2 Line                  |
    |   Shadow Mitsuo                                     2 Line                  |
    |   Kunino-sagiri (Heaven) (11 Line Accum.)           9 Line                  |
    |   Adachi                                            3 Line                  |
    |   Marie (Hollow Forest)                             3 Line                  |
    |   Kusumi-no-Okami (Hollow Forest)                   6 Line                  |
    |   Margaret (NG+ Only)                               5 Line                  |
    |   Izanami                (8 Line Accum)             4 Line (or 5)           |
    |    Total                                   2+2+9+3+3+6+5+4 =             34 |
    |                                                                             |
    |  Grand Total           42+62+21+156+29+41+18+34 =                       445 |
    |                                                                             |
    |        Mini Hardcore Risette Fan Walkthrough                                |
    |                                                                             |
    |   - Start From New Game Plus                                                |
    |                                                                             |
    |   Customize Difficulty from System Menu:                                    |
    |                                                                             |
    |   Damage taken                       Small                                  |
    |   EXP given                          Great                                  |
    |   EXP won                            Less                                   |
    |   Money won                          More                                   |
    |   Retries in dungeons                Use                                    |
    |   Retires in battles                 Use                                    |
    |                                                                             |
    |  I'll be listing a few steps of how I would approach this if I was trying to|
    |   get this all over again from scratch. If you find that you already have it|
    |   then simply skip it and move on. You can probably find some better areas  |
    |   to get you want. I'm just giving a "mediocre" setup. I think it's good    |
    |   enough as long as have a good background knowledge of what to look for.   |
    |                                                                             |
    |  1) With the previous Customize Difficulty get to and finish Rise Dungeon   |
    |     while avoiding/escaping all random shadows. Reduce the number of EXP    |
    |     obtained in the process.                                                |
    |                                                                             |
    |  2) Form 2 Teams of 3. Example: Team 1: Yukiko + Chie + Yosuke. Team 2:     |
    |     Kanji + Teddie + Naoto. For Team 2, I suggest you wait for Naoto so that|
    |     you don't have to repeat the whole process.                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |  3) Not really a step, but you should know that bosses have one-time unique |
    |     lines. Pay attention to them when you actually fight them because       |
    |     speeding through (aka over-powering them) will cost you those lines.    |
    |     They are as follows:                                                    |
    |                                                                             |
    |     a) Shadow Teddie: Let him charge up and let him release Nihil Hand.     |
    |     b) Mitsuo: Let him fully re-build Hero/his barrier                      |
    |     c) Kunino-sagiri: Let him use Quad Coverage until all elements are      |
    |        are selected. There's 4. When boss' HP is between 1/4 to 2/3, have   |
    |        him mind-control your members one by one. Make sure other members are|
    |        dead in order force him to select ones you haven't got a line from.  |
    |        Let him Mind Control the 3 other members at once when his HP is less |
    |        than 1/4th.                                                          |
    |     d) Adachi: Let him use Heat Riser                                       |
    |     e) Kusumi-no-Okami: Let her use "Draining Fog" twice                    |
    |     f) Margaret: None of lines are missable unless, for some unnatural      |
    |        reason, you win without her using any of her elemental attacks.      |
    |     g) Izanami: None of her lines are missable.                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |  4) With Rise still at Slink level of 1 or none, go to a dungeon where the  |
    |     shadows are HUGE. This indicates their level is higher than yours by a  |
    |     lot. Get pre-emptive strikes on them, let them ambush you from the      |
    |     back, and get into battle where 2 or more shadows are neaby. Average    |
    |     about 5 battles per floor and get to the top, then get out. Do this     |
    |     until you have all the pre-emptive, ambush, and reinforcement lines     |
    |     (or until you had enough). I suggest doing this in the Game, Lab, and/or|
    |      Heaven.                                                                |
    |                                                                             |
    |  5) With Rise's Slink at rank 2 to 6. Do the same thing as step 4, but now  |
    |     we are doing elemental weak/no lines. I suggest at averaging 10 battles |
    |     per floor.                                                              |
    |                                                                             |
    |  NOTE: Steps 6, 7, and 8 should be done at the same time, for convenience   |
    |   sakes, but I'm going to list them seperate for now and combine them later.|
    |                                                                             |
    |  6) Ailments. This is basically a choir. You don't have to do all of it     |
    |     because the most of them is hard to get. Those being escape from Fear   |
    |     and Dizzy Lines (No assist given). Doing them all only means you can    |
    |     increase the chances of getting HRF, but that doesn't mean you have to  |
    |     do ALL of them. I would say, optional until you can't think of anything |
    |     else better to do. Well. this is my list. From this list, I'll also     |
    |     create a small section to how you can do this efficiently.              |
    |                                                                             |
    | Ailments List: This lists all suggested enemies whom you can get ailments   |
    |  from. However, I'm only including enemies who can hit all the parties all  |
    |  at once; I'm not including single inflicters (those take way too long).    |
    |  The ones with a * are ones that I would recommend:                         |
    |                                                                             |
    |Fear       - Heaven 1F  - Dark Eagle:       Evil Smile + Arm Chopper *       |
    |           - M.Mag 1    - Yearning Pot:     Evil Smile + Evil Touch + G. Wail|
    |           - Game, Boss - Shadow Mitsuo:    Evil Smile + G. Wail             |
    |----------------------------                                                 |
    |Poison     - Lab 5/6F   - Immoral Snake:    Poison Mist*  (Abs Zio/Wind)     |
    |----------------------------                                                 |
    |Silence    - Game 1F    - Lustful Snake:    Foolish Whisper + Muzzle Shot    |
    |           - M.Mag 1F   - Pistil Mother:  Foolish Whisper                    |
    |           - M.Mag 2F   - Silent Book: Foolish Whisper + Makajam + Seal Bomb*|
    |----------------------------                                                 |
    |Panic      - M.Ina 1/2F - Fickle Papillion: Brain Shake                      |
    |           - Lab 4/7/8F - Rainbow Twins:    Mind Slice + Brain Shake*        |
    |----------------------------                                                 |
    |Enervation - M.Maga 4-5F- Change Relic:     Old One                          |
    |           - Heaven 1-4 - Perpetual Sand:   Old One, Cell Breaker*           |
    |----------------------------                                                 |
    |Exhaution  - Game, Boss - Mitsuo Hero:      Item                             |
    |           - Lab 1/2F   - Constancy Relic:  Anima Freeze*                    |
    |----------------------------                                                 |
    |Rage       - M.Ina 1/2F - Infinite Sand:    Crazy Chain + Rage Boost         |
    |           - Strip 3-10 - Liberating Idol:  Valiant Dance + Balzac*          |
    |           - M.Mag 2F   - Valuing Nyogo:    Valiant Dance                    |
    |----------------------------                                                 |
    |Debuff     - Lab 7/8F   - Mind Dice:        Debilitate*                      |
    |           - M.Mag 5F   - Reformed Okina:   Debilitate                       |
    |                                                                             |
    | Ailment Recommendation By Dungeon Order:                                    |
    |Rage       - Strip 3-10F- Liberating Idol:  Valiant Dance + Balzac           |
    |Exhaution  - Lab 1/2F   - Constancy Relic:  Anima Freeze                     |
    |Panic      - Lab 4/7/8F - Rainbow Twins:    Mind Slice + Brain Shake         |
    |Poison     - Lab 5/6F   - Immoral Snake:    Poison Mist (Abs Zio/Wind)       |
    |Debuff     - Lab 7/8F   - Mind Dice:        Debilitate*                      |
    |Fear       - Heaven 1-4 - Dark Eagle:       Evil Smile + Arm Chopper         |
    |Enervation - Heaven 1-4 - Perpetual Sand:   Old One, Cell Breaker            |
    |Silence    - M.Mag 2F   - Silent Book: Foolish Whisper + Makajam + Seal Bomb |
    |                                                                             |
    |All Rounder Combo: M. Maga 5/6F - Conceited Panzer + Phantom King            |
    | - Conceited Panzer: Seal Bomb + Mustard Bomb + Virus Wave + Mind Slice      |
    |           Ailments: Silence   + Enervation   + Poison     + Panic           |
    | - Phantom King: Stagnant Air                                                |
    |   NOTE: I just know Conceited Panzer can inflict all these ailments, but    |
    |    it's not something I would recommend since it requires constant healing. |
    |    However, if you don't want to search various dungeons, good alternative. |
    |    Yet, Rage, Exhaustion, Fear, and Debuff isn't covered.                   |
    |                                                                             |
    | Ailment Notes: L1 Shuffle for most of all of them, but the MC lines may     |
    |  pop up during MC's turn. There's 2 Fear lines, the original and when ally  |
    |  flees/escapes battle. You'll have to wait and hope other allies don't      |
    |  remove their fear (which is also lucked based)                             |
    |    Dizzy is not included on this list because it will always be removed by  |
    |  the 2nd turn. On top of that, only the MC gets a line for recovering.      |
    |    One of the things you have to think about is, what should you do with    |
    |  your free turns. Sometimes, it takes a long amount of time for characters  |
    |  be inflicted by ailments. Attacking is not really a good option, unless you|
    |  can heal the enemy. Guarding/Blocking makes it impossible to get ailments  |
    |  You should need to do something that can keep the                          |
    |  process going forever. I have a few:                                       |
    |      - Stagnant Air: Increase success rate of ailments                      |
    |      - Element Breaks: Can be used multiple times, regardless of turns      |
    |      - Single Stat Buffs/Debuffs: You need more than one target             |
    |      - Enemy Abs/Nul: Only if enemy can absorb and nul these attacks, thus  |
    |         no damage is done. Rpl only if it doesn't hurt at the opposite end. |
    |    Others you can think about, but with limitation:                         |
    |     - Medicine and equilvalent: Somewhat costly and not usable if everyone  |
    |         is fully healed.                                                    |
    |     - Power/Mind Charge: Very limited.                                      |
    |     - Ailment Attacks: Enemy must Nul these. Test it out with Rise.         |
    |                                                                             |
    |  7) Knock and Kill. Simple as this title is, this does take a lot of 
    |   Harmony Giant: Weak to Physical
    Unqiue Boss Lines
    1) When you first get Rise, for the Shadow Teddie battle
       - Let Shadow Teddie use Ultra Charge
       * Rise: What...? I have a bad feeling about this...
       - Do not stop Shadow Teddie from unleashing Nihil Hand. After Shadow Teddie
         uses Ultra Charge, wait another turn. (Shadow Teddie is charging up!)
       * Rise: It's... It's going to attack! Get ready!
       NOTE: Shadow Teddie can use Foolish Whisper, but Rise has not reaction when
         silence is inflicted. Thus, do not waste your time.
       NOTE2: Maturanda is also used, but no comment from Rise. This is storyline
         based because technically speaking, she doesn't know any of their names.
       Shadow Teddie's BLOCK OFF are ICE, LIGHT, and DARK
    BLOCK OFF = Nul, Absorb, Repel
    WEAK = They are weak to this element and hit it to get One Mores.
    2) Mitsuo
       - Beginning of the battle
       * Rise: You'll have to destroy the outer shell first!
       - After Shadow Mitsuro uses Whisper
       * Rise: The shell takes time to finish forming!
               Destroy it before it happens!
    Mitsuro the Hero
     Item -> Enervation
    Shadow Mitsuo
     Stagnant Air -> Evil Touch + Evil Smile, Ghastly Wail
    3) Kunino-sagiri
    Quad Converge (After 1/3 HP loss, 2/3 left)
     -> The atmosphere changed... -> The atmosphere reverted
    After Quad Coverage and Kunino's first attack, Rise will say these lines
    Fire: Fire will have a greater effect now!
    Ice:  Ice attacks will be more effective now!
    Wind: The power of wind skills is greater now!
    Zio:  Electric attacks are more effective now!
    Kunino can use Ma-Dynes, Dynes, and Element Breaks for those Dynes
    Control One (After 50% to 60% HP loss, or less than 50% HP left
    * Yosuke-senpai, no!
    * Naoto-kun, no!
    Party Control
    * Rise: Don't give in! Please, get back up! (Not unique)
    4) Adachi
    * Rise: I can't believe he's the one...!
    * Rise: That bastard! We can't lose, no matter what!
    Heat Riser
    * Rise: A Persona!? But that can't be!
    5) Marie
    * Rise: Senpai, we can't lose here.
    * Rise: The peace we've earned shouldn't come at the cost of anyone's life.
    * Rise: We cleared the world of the fog... And now we're getting rid of it for
    6) Kusumi-no-Okami
    * Rise: What is this feeling...!? It's like she's not even seeing us!
    * Rise: Suffering, denial... and rejection. She's denying everything!
    * Rise: Be careful, Senpai! Normal tactics may not work!
    1st Draining Fog
    * Rise: What was that...!? Marie-chan's power to absorb the fog is going crazy!
    Speech + 2nd Draining Fog
    * Rise: Careful, Senpai! She's sucking up everything!
    * Rise: Senpai, don't listen to her! That's not the real Marie-chan talking!
    7) Marg
    * Rise: Huh? Wasn't she your...
    * Rise: What the!? She's floating!?
    * Rise: H-Her power level is insane!
    * Rise: Don't tell me you're going to fight her!?
    After Fire Attack
    * Rise: No way! She can use a Persona too!? Who IS she!?
    8) Izanami
    2nd Form Intro
    * Rise: Look out! We've never seen anything like her!
    Curse of Deaths Used On Naoto
    * Rise: Don't give in! Please, get back up! (Not unique)
    Curse of Deaths Used On Chie
    * Rise: Ch-Chie-senpai! Noooo!
    Curse of Deaths Used On Yukiko
    * Rise: Yukiko-senpai! Noooo!
    Curse of Deaths Used On MC
    * Rise: No, get up! We came so far...!
    Strong Enemy, when you first enter battle. Has actual text displayed, not just
     said by Rise.
       * Rise: Yikes, what's with this thing? Don't give in!
       * Rise: Oh, be careful! This one's strong!
       * Rise: Hang on, 'cause this one's gonna be tough!
       * Rise: There are two enemies! Careful now!
    Strong Enemy, No elemental affinities known. When you check enemies with R1
     NOTE: I got both from Shadow Teddie before attacking him
       * Rise: This one is strong, don't lower your guard
       * Rise: It is a strong one, watch yourselves
    Rise, After Learning Weakness Scan
    Auto Scanning (Begin of match, no input, auto)
       * Rise: Give me a sec, let me do a quick scan
       * Rise: Let me see what weaknesses...
       * Rise: Instant/Quick scan!
       * Rise: Now what can you be weak to?
       * Rise: There! Got it
       * Rise: This one's weakness is...
       * Rise: Now what could you be weak to?
       * Rise: Your weakness is...
    Rise, After Learning Weakness Scan, Battle Starters (Yukiko to Rise)
       * Rise: Be careful, there's an ice-immune enemy!
       * Rise: Oh, that's not good... Darkness won't work!
       * Rise: Whoa, we got one weak to electricity!
       * Rise: It's weak to electricity! Zap 'em!
       * Rise: That enemy's weak to ice! Cool it down!
       * Rise: Cool, there's an enemy weak to ice!
       * Rise: Nice, there's an enemy weak to wind!
       Went back to Mitsuo's Dungeon
       * Rise: That enemy's weak to wind! Blow 'em away!
       * Rise: Oho, so that one's weak to Darkness!
       * Rise: Hey, the enemy's weak to fire! That's hot.
       * Rise: Whoa, we got one weak to electricity!
       * Rise: That enemy's weak to fire! Keep it up!
       * Rise: Look out, it's immune to physical attacks!
       * Rise: Looks like that one's immune to wind!
       * Rise: Whoa there! That one's immune to ice!
       * Rise: Careful, it's immune to electricity!
       * Rise: There are two enemies! Careful now!
       Went back to Secret Lab
       * Rise: Uh-oh, that one's immune to Darkness!
       * Rise: Oh, that's not good... Darkness won't work!
       * Rise: Watch it, that one's immune to electricity!
       * Rise: Careful, that enemy's immune to wind!
       * Rise: Oh, be careful! Light's no good on this one!
       * Rise: Careful, it's immune to physical attacks!
       * Rise: Be careful, there's an enemy immune to fire!
       Went back to Rise's Dungeon
       * Rise: Be careful, this is immune to physical attacks
       * Rise: Sweet! It's weak to physical attacks!
       * Rise: Ooh, that one doesn't like physical attacks!
       * Rise: There's one enemy! Hang in there!
       * Rise: One enemy on the field! You can do it!
       Started Heaven
       * Rise: It's weak to Light! Shine on!
       * Rise: The enemy's weak to Darkness! It's doomed!
       * Rise: Ah, there's an enemy weak to Light!
       * Rise: Be careful, there's an enemy immune to Light!
       Started Inaba
       * Rise: Oh, be careful! Light's no good on this one!
       * Rise: 
       Started Hollow Forest
       * Rise: Hm, watch it! That one's immune to fire!
    Strong Enemy, BLOCK OFF
      NOTE: I got Ice, Light, and Dark from Shadow Teddie
      NOTE: Blue Sigil (Red Shadow) - Mitsuo's Dungeon - 1/2 Floor
            Blue Sigil blocks of all except Phys; They are weak to Phys
      NOTE: Power Castle + Fail Gene, Lab 6F, Rpl Phys
       Phy:   *1: Physical attacks won't work on that thing?
              *2: Physical attacks won't work, so be careful!
       Fire:  *1: This one is strong, fire won't work on it!
              *2: Don't waste your time with fire attacks!
       Ice:   *1: It is a strong one, don't bother using ice!
              *2: Annh, Ice won't work on it, be careful!
       Elec:  *1: It's really strong, don't use electricity!
              *2: Electricity won't work, be careful!
       Wind:  *1: It's a tough one, wind won't work on it!
              *2: You can forget about using wind attacks!
       Light: *1: Light won't work, watch yourselves!
              *2: This one is strong, and light won't work!
       Dark:  *1: That's a tough one, darkness won't work!
              *2: Darkness won't work, look out it's strong!
    Strong Enemy, Weak
      NOTE: Blue Sigil, mentioned before, covers Physical weakness
      NOTE: Selfish Basalt - Kanji's Dungeon - 4 to 6F
       Phy:   *1: Don't worry, it's weak to physical attacks!
              *2: It's weak to physical attacks, you can do it!
       Fire:  *1: Fire is its weakness, I know you can win
              *2: Fire is its weakness, just keep at it
       Ice:   *1: It seems it's weak to ice, it's strong though!
              *2: It looks like it's weak to ice, you can win this!
       Elec:  *1: Electricity is its weakness, keep at it!
              *2: You can beat it, it's weak to electricity!
       Wind:  *1: It's weak to wind, don't let it get you
              *2: Woah, it's a dousy, wind is it's weakness
       Light: *1: Waaaooh, it's strong, but it's weak to light
              *2: Light is it's weakness, I believe in you
       Dark:  *1: This one is strong, but it's weak to darkness
              *2: It is weak to darkness, I know you can do it.
    Weak Enemy, when you first enter battle. No Elements known. R1 Scanning
       * Rise: That one's totally weak, you better not lose
       * Rise: Ahhhh, that one's a no brainer, I'm sure you'll win
       * Rise: Wow, it's puny! This will be cake!
       * Rise: Nooooo problem. This will be over in a flash
       * Rise: Two enemies on the field! Crush 'em!    (Game)
       * Rise: Three enemies on the field! Be careful! (Game)
       * Rise: One enemy on the field! You can do it!  (Lab)
    Weak Enemy, BLOCK OFF
       Phy:   *1: 
       Fire:  *1: You can win this, just don't use fire attacks
              *2: Fire is no good on this one.
              * Fire won't work, try something else instead
       Ice:   *1: 
       Elec:  *1: 
       Wind:  *1: Wind won't work, huh? Try something else
              *2: Winds useless on this enemy
       Light: *1: Light won't work on this enemy
              *2: Careful, Light won't do anything to it
       Dark:  *1: Careful guys, don't use darkness on it
              *2: Darkness won't work on this enemy
    Weak Enemy, Weak
       Phy:   *1: It's weak to physical attacks, you could do it
       Fire:  *1: It's weak to fire, haha, this will be easy
              *2: This one is a gimme, it's weak to fire
       Ice:   *1: It's weak to ice, this will be easy
              *2: Ice should work well, you could win this guys
       Elec:  *1: This one is very weak against electricity
              *2: Electricity should do the trick, good luck
       Wind:  *1: Its weak to wind, this will be a breeze
              *2: Wind will work on it, go to town guys
       Light: *1: This enemy's weakness is light
              *2: Light works well on this one, you can win
       Dark:  *1: This enemy is weak to darkness
              *2: Don't give up, try using darkness on it
    Same Level Enemy, BLOCK OFF
       Phy:   *1: 
       Fire:  *1: 
       Ice:   *1: 
       Elec:  *1: 
       Wind:  *1: 
       Light: *1: 
       Dark:  *1: 
    Same Level Enemy, Weak
       Phy:   *1: 
       Fire:  *1: 
       Ice:   *1: 
       Elec:  *1: 
       Wind:  *1: 
       Light: *1: It's weak to light, beat it and move on
              *2: Light will work on it. This will be a snap!
       Dark:  *1: 
              It's weak to darkness! Go on, defeat it
              Darkness will work, this will be an easy win
       * Rise: Okay! I'll look for an opening
       Already told Rise to Escape, try to escape again (Not Highlighted)
       * Rise: I know! I'm still looking!
       More Than A Turn Passes By
       * Rise: Just hang on... I'll find you an opening!
       * Rise: Now's your chance! RUN!
    Knock down an enemy, again, again, again, and etc...
       MC:     * Go, Senpai! Keep up the streak!
       Yosuke: * Wow, Yosuke-senpai! Out to steal the show, huh?
               * Way to go, Yosuke-senpai! You're on fire!
       Chie:   * Way to go, Chie-senpai!
       Yukiko: * That's amazing, Yukiko-senpai! Keep it up!
               * I think we saw Yukiko-senpai's true colors!
       Kanji:  * That's good, Kanji! It's rampage time!
       Teddie: * Yaaaaaaay! Keep it up, Teddie!
               * Look at you, Teddie! You're rockin' it!
    Weakness Hit By Enemy
       Yukiko: * Yukiko-senpai! Are you okay?
       Kanji:  * Whoa, Kanji! Are you okay!?
    KO'd in Battle
       MC:     * Senpai, no! Please get up!
               * No! Senpai's--!
               * S-Senpai? Nooooo!
       Yosuke: * Yosuke-senpai is injured! This is bad!
       Chie:   * Eek, Chie-senpai! C'mon, get up!
       Yukiko: * Yukiko-senpai, no! Someone heal her!
       Kanji:  * K-Kanji's injured! C'mon, suck it up!
       Teddie: * Yikes! Teddie! Someone heal him!
       Naoto:  * Naoto-kun collapsed! This isn't good!
               * ~gasp~ Naoto-kun! Oh, this isn't good!
    Critical/Hit Weakness on Enemy (One More)
       MC:     * That's great, Senpai! Go in for the kill!
               * You really hit it hard!
               * Enemy down! Nice move, Senpai!
       Yosuke: * Hey, that was a pretty good hit!
               * You hit its weakness, Yosuke-senpai!
               * Whoa! That was awesome, Yosuke-senpai!
       Chie:   * You struck its weak spot, Chie-senpai!
       Yukiko: * You hit its weakness, Yukiko-senpai!
               * Yukiko-senpai beats the enemy in style!
               * Yukiko-senpai!? Boy, if looks could kill...!
       Kanji:  * Enemy down! Show 'em what you've got, Kanji!
               * Kanji, that was great! You're the man!   (Defeat enemy as well?)
               * Ooh, very nice! Great move, Kanji
               * A direct hit to its weakness! Go, Kanji!
       Teddie: * Good going, Teddie! Keep it up!
               * Enemy down! That's the spirit, Teddie!
               * That was its weak spot! Good going, Teddie!
       Naoto:  * Wow, Naoto-kun! You never lose your cool!
               * You hit its weakness! Good move, Naoto-kun!
               * Way to go, Naoto-kun! You don't miss a trick!
      * Rise: You hit the enemy's weakness!
      * Rise: Enemy down!
      * Rise: Critical hit!
    Defeated An Enemy
       MC:     * Enemy defeated! You're off to a good start!
               * That's great, Senpai! You really get me going!
               * Go, Senpai! You rock!
       Yosuke: * Enemy defeated! Keep it up, Yosuke-senpai!
       Chie:   * Enemy defeated! That's the spirit, Chie-senpai!
               * Oof! That looked it hurt...!
               * Go Chie-senpai, go! Kick their ass!
       Yukiko: * Enemy defeated! Good job, Yukiko-senpai!
       Kanji:  * Enemy defeated! Keep up the good work, Kanji!
               * I wasn't expecting that from you, Kanji! Sweet
       Teddie: * Enemy defeated! Go for broke, Teddie!
       Naoto:  * Enemy defeated! Don't stop now, Naoto-kun!
               * Naoto-kun's busting heads and lookin' cool!
    Knocked Down By Enemy
       MC:     * S-Senpai!? Are you okay!?
               * You okay, Senpai? Hang in there!
       Yosuke: * Y-Yosuke-senpai! Oh man, oh man...
       Chie:   * Chie-senpai's been hit! Hang in there!
               * C'mon, Chie-senpai! Hang in there! (had Enervation)
       Yukiko: * Yukiko-senpai needs help!
       Kanji:  * Kanji's been hit! Someone help him!
       Teddie: * Teddie, no! Can someone help him!?
       Naoto:  * Hang tight, Naoto-kun! Hurry and get back up!
    Knock Down An Enemy
       MC:     * Go, Senpai! You rock!
               * Awesome, Senpai! You really hit it hard!
       Yosuke: * Enemy down! That's the way, Yosuke-senpai!
       Chie:   * Enemy down! You did it, Chie-senpai!
               * Now that's a strike! Nice one, Chie-senpai!
               * Lookin' sharp, Chie-senpai!
       Yukiko: * Enemy down! Great work, Yukiko-senpai!
               * What a clean hit! Amazing, Yukiko-senpai!
       Kanji:  * Enemy down! Show 'em what you've got, Kanji!
       Naoto:  * That looked like it hurt!
               * Enemy down! Go to town, Naoto-kun!
      * Rise: Ooh! Very nice!      (Yosuke)
      * Rise: Now that's a strike! (Chie)
      * Rise: Enemy down!
      NOTE: Blind Cupid - Mitsuo's Dungeon - (2-4F)
       MC:     * Senpai's been poisoned! Can someone cure him?
       Yosuke: * Yosuke-senpai's poisoned!
       Chie:   * Chie-senpai's poisoned!
       Yukiko: * Yukiko-senpai's poisoned!
       Kanji:  * Kanji's poisoned!
       Teddie: * Oh no, Teddie's poisoned!
       Naoto:  * Uh-oh, Naoto-kun's poisoned!
      NOTE: Lustful Snake - Mitsuo's Dungeon - 1st Floor; It has Muzzle Shot and
            Foolish Whisper, both inflicts Silence. Also can increase ailments
       MC:     * Your Persona--!? Senpai, hang in there!
       Yosuke: * Yosuke-senpai's Personas is sealed!
       Yukiko: * Yukiko-senpai's Personas is sealed!
       Kanji:  * Kanji can't use his Persona!
       Teddie: * Poor Teddie's Persona is sealed!
    Dodged Enemy's Attack
       MC:     * ~squeal~ Senpai! That was so cool!
       Yosuke: * Ooh, nice move, Yosuke-senpai!
       Chie:   * Just what I'd expect, Chie-senpai! Whoo!
       Yukiko: * That's amazing, Yukiko-senpai! Keep it up!
       Kanji:  * Whoa, Kanji! That was great!
       Teddie: * Hey, not bad, Teddie! Keep it up!
       Naoto:  * Good move, Naoto-kun! You're on a roll!
    Enemy Summons More
      NOTE: Corrupt Tower summoning Dependend Basalt? (or another basalt? blue face
      NOTE: King in Void Quest
      NOTE: Secret Bambino
      * Rise: What's its problem!? More incoming!
      * Rise: What, more of them!? Gee!
      * Rise: It's calling backup! Hurry and defeat it!
    Low Health (Lowered = When they first got their HP down to crit)
               (Stay    = Remains at low health without being healed)
       MC:     * S-Senpai!? Are you okay!?                     (Lowered)
               * Senpai, you're low on health! Be careful!     (Stay)
       Yosuke: * Um, Yosuke-senpai, your health is really low. (Stay)
               * Eek, Yosuke-senpai! Someone heal him!         (Lowered)
       Chie:   * Ch-Chie-senpai! Quick, someone heal her!      (Lowered)
               * Guys, Chie-senpai's really hurt!              (Stay)
       Yukiko: * Yukiko-senpai needs help!                     (Lowered)
               * Shouldn't someone heal Yukiko-senpai...?      (Stay)
       Kanji:  * You okay there, Kanji? Don't strain yourself! (Stay)
               * Whoa, Kanji! Are you okay!?                   (Lowered)
       Teddie: * Careful, guys, Teddie's health is pretty low. (Stay)
               * Teddie, are you okay? Someone heal him!       (Lowered)
       Naoto:  * Naoto-kun's hurt pretty bad. Can you heal her?(Stay)
     More than 1 people at low health
      * Rise: Careful, guys! You're really low on health!
    Enemy Knocked Downed, and Got Back Up
      * Rise: ~gasp~ It got back up! Defeat it, fast!
    Hit Enemy's Weakness When They Are Down?
      MC:      * That's the way, Senpai! Do some more damage!
               * That's great, Senpai! Go in for the kill!
               * Ooooh, Senpai! That was perfect!
      Yosuke:  * Yosuke-senpai, you looked sooo awesome!
               * Ooh, nice hit! Great move, Yosuke-senpai!
               * Y-Yosuke-senpai was... cool!? No way!
      Chie:    * That was nice, Chie-Senpai! Lookin' good!
               * Right on, Chie-senpai! You're doing good!
      Yukiko:  * Gooo, Yukiko-senpai! Give 'em some more!
               * Aha...! Awesome as usual, Yukiko-senpai!
               * Ahahaha! Yukiko-senpai, you ARE merciless!
      Kanji:   * Wow, Kanji! You got some smooth moves there!
               * Huh... that was awesome! Not bad... for Kanji! (dizzied)
      Teddie:  * Go for it, Teddie! Don't stop!
      Naoto:   * Way to go, Naoto-kun! Let's see some more!
               * Wow, Naoto-kun, that looked like it hurt!
               * Good, Naoto-kun, good! Keep it up!
    Enemy Left
      * Rise: One enemy to go! Keep it up!
              Last one! Go for it!
              One more on the enemy side! Hang in there!
      * Rise: Just two left! C'mon, this fight's not over!
              Two enemies left! Don't lower your guard now!
      * Rise: Three enemies left! You can win this!
              Three of 'em! Don't give up now, okay?
      * Rise: Four enemies left! Don't give up!
              Four of them! You need to thin 'em out!
      * Rise: Five of 'em! You're outnumbered...!
              Five enemies left! Hang in there!
    Reinforcements (Another Shadow Nearby)
      * Rise: Another enemy appeared! One, to be exact!
      * Rise: Two reinforcements on enemy's side!
      * Rise: Huh, more enemies!? Two, to be exact!
      * Rise: Three more on the enemy side! Keep it up!
      * Rise: What!? Again? Three more enemies for you!
      * Rise: No way! Four more enemies are here!
      * Rise: Is this for real!? Four new enemies!
      * Rise: Five enemies appeared! Gee, this is nuts!
      NOTE: The hardest one to get. It's too random and to get the 2nd part, too
        much luck or wake-up isn't obtained for most teammates. 
       MC:     * Senpai? Can you hear me? Wake up, Senpai!
       Chie:   * Chie-senpai's dizzy!
       Yukiko: * Yukiko-senpai's dizzy!
       Kanji:  * Kanji's dizzy! Snap him out of it!
       Teddie: * Teddie's dizzy! Can you snap him out of it!
     Gets their turn, but they can't get up due to Dizzy
       Chie:   * Chie-senpai's not coming to! Oh man...
               * C'mon, Chie-senpai, wake up!
       Yukiko: * Yukiko-senpai? Wake up, please!
               * Yukiko-senpai can't get back up! C'mon...!
       Kanji:  * C'mon, Kanji, look alive! Get back up!
               * Hey, Kanji, wake up! I said WAKE UP!
       Teddie: * Teddie's unconscious! Get up, get up!
     Gets their turn and gets back up
       MC:     * Whew, you're up! Time for a counterattack!
    Rush Mode
      * Rise: Go for it, guys! Hang in there!
      * Rise: Go get 'em! Go go go!
      * Rise: Beat it to a pulp! Keep going, guys!
    Gold Hand
      * Rise: Ooh, a rare one! Don't let it get away!
      If it escapes
      * Rise: Hey, it ran away! The nerve of that thing!
    Miss Physical
       MC:     * ~gasp~ Senpai! Are you okay?
       Yosuke: * Yikes! Hang in there, Yosuke-senpai!
       Kanji:  * Gee, Kanji! Don't strain yourself!
       Teddie: * Hey, Teddie! What're you doing!?
      * Rise:  Great Job!
      * Rise:  Good job! Congrats Guys!
      * Rise:  Yesss! We won! Congrats, guys!
      * Rise:  Alright! We won! We did it!
    Exhaustion  (Blue)
      NOTE: Mitsuro the Hero
       MC:     * This feels wrong... Hang in there, Senpai!
       Yosuke: * They've weakened Yosuke-senpai!
       Chie:   * They've weakened Chie-senpai!
       Yukiko: * They've weakened Yukiko-senpai!
       Kanji:  * Ohh, this is bad! Kanji's useless!
       Teddie: * Whoops... Teddie's gone boneless!
       Naoto:  * Naoto-kun's weakened! Please help her!
    Fear (Purple Ghost)
      NOTE: Shadow Mitsuo
       MC:     * No, don't get scared! I'm with you!
       Yosuke: * Yosuke-senpai's scared!
       Yukiko: * Yukiko-senpai's scared!
       Kanji:  * No! Kanji's scared!
       Teddie: * Teddie's scared! Calm down!
       Naoto:  * Naoto-kun's scared! Snap out of it!
    Escape From Fear
      NOTE: HP remaining should not be a factor. Had one at full HP and another at
        half HP
       MC:     Does NOT have one
       Yosuke: * ~gasp~ Yosuke-senpai?
       Chie:   * Chie-senpai? Where are you going...?
       Yukiko: * ~gasp~ Yukiko-senpai...
       Kanji:  * Kanji! Don't leave now!
       Naoto:  * Naoto-kun, stop! Don't run away!
       Teddie: * Teddie! Come back!
    Panic - Confused (Stars)
      NOTE: Source Basalt, Game 1F, Skull Cracker
      NOTE: Monopolizing Cupid (Game, Pulinpa)
       MC:     * Senpai! Snap out of it!   (Couldn't get to trigger with L1 spam)
       Yosuke: * Yosuke-senpai's confused!
       Chie:   * Chie-senpai's confused!
       Yukiko: * Yukiko-senpai's confused!
       Kanji:  * Kanji's confused! Someone help him!
       Teddie: * Teddie's confused! Someone cure him!
       Naoto:  * Naoto's confused! Can someone cure her?
    Enervation  (Gray Smoke)
      NOTE: Dismayed Panzer, Game, Mustard Bomb?
      Heaven - Perpetual Sand (Old One, Cell Breaker)
       MC:     * Someone help Senpai!           (Yes, fully tested, not at low hp)
       Yosuke: * Yosuke-senpai's acting weird!
       Chie:   * Chie-senpai's acting weird!
       Yukiko: * Yukiko-senpai's acting weird!
       Kanji:  * Kanji's acting weird! Can someone help him?
       Teddie: * Teddie's acting weird! You should help him!
       Naoto:  * Naoto-kun's acting weird! Quick, help her!
    Enemy Ran Away (Escapes/Not Gold Hands)
      * Rise: The enemy ran away! Now's your chance!
      * Rise: The enemy's running away! We can do this!
      * Rise: The enemy ran away! There's two left!
      * Rise: Aw, it ran away! Four enemies remaining!
       Chie:   * Yikes, Chie-senpai's completely lost it...
       Yosuke: * Yosuke-senpai's lost it!
       Yukiko: * Wow, Yukiko-senpai's scary when she's mad...
       Kanji:  * ~gasp~ Kanji's gone berserk!
       Teddie: * Teddie's totally pissed off! Calm down!
       Naoto:  * Naoto-kun's pissed off! Try to calm her down!
    Attack Down
    NOTE: Debilitate: Mind Dice (Secret Lab)
       MC:     * Senpai, your offense has been lowered!
       Yosuke: * Yosuke-senpai, your offense is down!
       Chie:   * Chie-senpai, your offense is down!
       Yukiko: * Yukiko-senpai, your offense is down!
       Kanji:  * Kanji, your offense has been lowered!
       Naoto:  * Naoto-kun, your offense is down!
       Teddie: * Teddie, your offense has been lowered!
    Defense is Down/Lowered
      NOTE: Whimsical Papillon/Amenti Raven - Mitsuo's Dungeon - (4-7F)
       MC:     * Senpai, your defense has been lowered!
       Yosuke: * Yosuke-senpai, your defense is down!
       Chie:   * Chie-senpai, your defense is down!
       Yukiko: * Yukiko-senpai, your defense is down!
       Kanji:  * Kanji, your defense has been lowered!
       Teddie: * Teddie, your defense has been lowered!
       Naoto:  * Naoto-kun, your defense is down!
    Agility Down
       MC:     * Senpai, your agility has been lowered!
       Yosuke: * Yosuke-senpai, your agility is down!
       Chie:   * Chie-senpai, your agility is down!
       Yukiko: * Yukiko-senpai, your agility is down!
       Kanji:  * Kanji, your agility has been lowered!
       Naoto:  * Naoto-kun, your agility is down!
       Teddie: * Teddie, your agility has been lowered!
    Knock Down More Than One Enemy
      NOTE: Dry Ice; Lab; 4 Rainbow Twins + Raindrop Musha
            Can heal with Elec
       MC:     * Two enemies down! Keep going, Senpai!
       Yosuke: * Two enemies down! Good going, Yosuke-senpai!
       Chie:   * Two enemies down! Do it again, Chie-senpai!
       Yukiko: * Two enemies down! Great, Yukiko-senpai!
       Kanji:  * Two enemies down! Take 'em out, Kanji!
       Teddie: * Two enemies down! Not bad at all, Teddie!
       Naoto:  * Two enemies down! That's the spirit, Naoto-kun!
       MC:     * Three enemies down! You did it, Senpai!
       Yosuke: * Three enemies down! Awesome, Yosuke-senpai!
       Chie:   * Three enemies down! Good job, Chie-senpai!
       Yukiko: * Three enemies down! Wow, Yukiko-senpai!
       Kanji:  * Three enemies down! That's the way, Kanji!
       Teddie: * Three enemies down! Go get 'em, Teddie!
       Naoto:  * Three enemies down! Keep at it, Naoto-kun!
       MC:     * Four enemies down! Brilliant, Senpai!
       Chie:   * Four enemies down! Great, Chie-senpai!
       Yosuke: * Four enemies down! Go, Yosuke-senpai!
       Yukiko: * Four enemies down! Amazing, Yukiko-senpai!
       Kanji:  * Four enemies down! Attaboy, Kanji!
       Teddie: * Four enemies down! Good work, Teddie!
       Naoto:  * That ruled, Naoto-kun! Four enemies defeated!
      * Rise: Two enemies down!
      * Rise: Three enemies down!
      * Rise: Four enemies down!
    Kill More Than One Enemy
      NOTE: 5 Dry Ice to Kill; Lab; 4 Rainbow Twins + Raindrop Musha
       MC:     * You're on a roll, Senpai! Two defeated!
       Yosuke: * Keep it up, Yosuke-senpai! Two defeated!
       Chie:   * Whoa, Chie-senpai! That's two defeated!
       Yukiko: * Amazing, Yukiko-senpai! Two defeated so far!
       Kanji:  * Kanji defeated two enemies! Go team!
       Teddie: * Nice moves, Teddie! Two defeated!
       Naoto:  * Wow, Naoto-kun! You defeated two enemies!
       MC:     * Three enemies defeated! You're so cool, Senpai!
       Yosuke: * Three enemies defeated! Go, Yosuke-senpai!
       Chie:   * Three enemies defeated! Awesome, Chie-senpai!
       Yukiko: * Three enemies defeated! Nice, Yukiko-senpai!
       Kanji:  * Three enemies defeated! Way to go, Kanji!
       Teddie: * Three enemies defeated! Good boy, Teddie!
       Naoto:  * Three enemies defeated! You did it, Naoto-kun!
       MC:     * Amazing, Senpai! Four enemies defeated!
       Chie:   * Nice, Chie-senpai! That's four of 'em!
       Yosuke: * Great job, Yosuke-senpai! Four defeated!
       Yukiko: * Wonderful, Yukiko-senpai! Four defeated!
       Kanji:  * Not too shabby, Kanji! Four enemies defeated!
       Teddie: * Ooh, good job, Teddie! Four enemies defeated!
       Naoto:  * Great work, Naoto-kun!
    Reaper aka Death
      * Rise: What is this thing!? It feel really bad...
      * Rise: There's one enemy! You get a free hit!
      * Rise: One enemy! Take your free hit!
      * Rise: Two enemies, but you have the advantage!
      * Rise: There are two enemies! Go for a free hit!
      * Rise: Three enemies! We have the initiative!
      * Rise: One enemy! I-It caught us off guard!?
      * Rise: Two enemies ambushed you! Hold on!
      * Rise: Yikes, an ambush!? There are two enemies!
    4/15 Lv 2 after boss
    4/17 Lv 3 after boss
    4/27 Get Gem -> Lv 4; Avenger Knight -> Lv 5; Yukiko's Shadow -> Lv 6
    NOTE: Getting the Gem or not both leads to Lv 6
    5/23 Daring Gigas -> Lv 7; Kanji's Shadow -> Lv 8
    6/25 Amorous Snake -> Lv 9; Teddie's Shadow -> Lv 11
    8/1   3 Battle Accident EXP (628 + 47 + 120) -> Lv 12
          Killing Hand -> Lv 13;   Mitsuo -> Lv 14
    NOTE: Battle Accident was from 3 battles. One of which was from a gold hand
          that just slipped away. The same goes for the other 2. Wanted to keep
          the new Rise lines, so I decided to continue
    Recommended Enemies:
       Selfish Basalt (Bathouse, 5F) Get all strong enemy/weakness; no physical
       Blue Sigil (Game, 1F) Get all strong enemy/block with physical weakness   
       Silence: Lustful Snake (Game, 1F)
       Poison:  Blind Cupid   (Game, 2-4F)
       Mitsuo (both); Hero = Exhaust; Shadow = Fear
    9/22   Dominating Machine -> 15
           Shadow Naoto -> 16
    Exhaut: Constancy Relic (Lab, 1-2F) Anima Freeze
    Agi Down: Flowing Sand (Lab 3-4F), Sukunda
    11/11 Naoto starts at 55
    Party: Yosuke, Chie, Naoto
    Clear Secret Boss
    Yukiko: Contrarian King -> 17
      * Used Fire to heal, Revolution to do crits,
      * Can lower party's defense, Matarunda
    Kanji's Dungeon Boss -> 17
    Poison Arrow: Crappy
    Rise's Dungeon: Momentary Child -> 17 (NEXT EXP 345) 
    Rage: Liberating Idol: (Rise's Dungeon, Valiant Dance)
    Mituso's Dungeon: Escapist Soldier -> 18
    Debilitate: Mind Dice (Mituso's Dungeon, 7/8F)
    1 Accident EXP Gain 843 (Mind Dice using Last Resort counts as your win with
    Naoto's Dungeon: Extreme Vessel -> 19 (Virus Wave
    Panic: Rainbow Twins (Stagnant Air, Mind Slice + Brain Shake)
    Heaven: World Balance -> 20
    Get Hardcore Risette Fan -> 21 (Accident)
    Yosuke: 16; Chie 17; Yukiko 19; Rise 36; Kanji 27; Naoto 55; Teddie 35
    Boss -> 21        
    Enervation Perpetual Sand (Old One, 1F)
    Fear: Dark Eagle (Arm Chopper Single; Evil Smile Party, Escape)
    Heaven: Lost Okina -> 22
    MM W3: Fuzz -> 22
    Envious Giant -> 24
     Tentarafoo (Panic)
    Adachi -> 25
    Enervation: Change Relice (Old One)
    Pet Fox for Costume
    Animal Book for last Persona Doll -> 25 (Next EXP 2813)
    Able to escape "door" shadow battles
    Gorgeous King -> 25 (Next EXP 2323)
    Heaven's Giant -> 25 (Next EXP 1523)
    Marie/Okami: Hard if you didn't prepare, like me. Bring a persona that can
    Break something that you can strike on heavily. Hassou Tobi isn't effective

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