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    Skill Extraction Cost List by Unknown_PC

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    Written and compiled by Unknown_PC

    Source data:

    • JP RO Wiki for skill costs and weapon reductions,
    • Bahamut for skill costs and weapon reductions, &

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    This guide provides lists of base skill costs and weapon reduction bonuses for calculating final card costs when extracting +10 weapons.

    Please note that there may be spoilers for skill and weapon names.

    For quick access, either click on the table of contents or use CTRL+F to search for the skill or weapon name you desire.

    Base Skill Costs

    For the list below:

    • Skill Name - Name of the skill as appear in-game. Some skill have class restrictions as noted by the *
    • Lv - Card cost based on skill level, some skills may only go up to level 2, 3 or 4.
    • Note - Additional note about the skill

    All negative/red skill effects add +5 to card cost.

    Skill NameLv 1Lv 2Lv 3Lv 4Lv 5Note
    Attack Up510151515+10/15/20/25/35 atk
    HP Up510151515+250/400/600/750/1,000 HP
    Crit Attack Up510151515+3/6/9/12/20% critical chance
    Crit Power Up510151515+10/15/20/25/30% critical damage
    Berserk1015202530+15/20/25/35/50 atk, +200/300/400/500/600 HP, -20/30/40/50/60 def
    Devotion1015202530+15/20/25/35/50 def, +250/400/550/750/900 HP
    Defense Up510151515+10/15/20/25/35 def
    AP Up510151515+250/400/600/750/1,000 AP
    Tension Up510151515+10/20/30/40/50% starting tension
    Improved Stun1015202530
    Stun Resist Up510151515
    Bind Attack510151515
    Burn Attack510151515
    Freeze Attack510151515
    Poison Attack510151515
    AP Recovery Up510151525
    HP Recovery Up510151525
    Guard Up5551010+10/15/25/35/50 def when guarding, also decreases AP cost when guarding
    Double Attack *1015202530+5/10/15/20/25% chance to deal 100% bonus damage, does not stack
    Endure *510151520Stagger resist
    Adrenaline Rush *55101015Increase charge speed, caps at lv 5
    Strong Sanctuary *1015202530+100/200/300/400/500 sanctuary heal amount, caps at 777
    Attention Concentrate *510151525+stun rate when attacking weak points, faster tension gain rate
    Fatal Menace *1010151525+30/40/50/60/70 atk, +10/15/20/25/30% critical damage, can no longer proc Double Attack
    Hallucination Walk *510151515+10/15/20/25/30 atk and increase ground and aerial step distance
    Concentration *1010151520+15/20/25/30/35 atk, -15/20/25/30/35 def, increase charge speed
    Death Bound *1010151525+10% weapon aptitude, -500/600/700/800/900 HP, +charge attack damage *see note #1
    Power Swing *1010151525+30/35/40/45/50 atk, increase charge attack damage
    Weapon Perfection *1010151525Increase ground and aerial damage, but decrease aerial neutral charge damage
    Striking *1010151525+15/20/25/30/35 atk, +3/6/9/12/20% crit chance, less DS duration (opposite of SP Economy)
    Soul Drain *1010151525Lv 5 = 1x SP Recycle, 2x Economy, and SP Recovery Up (gain rate)
    Eucharistica *510151520Increase party atk and def at the start of quest, lv 5 = +20% atk and +125% def
    Meditatio *1010151525+50/100/150/200/250 sanctuary heal amount, recover some SP at the end of DS mode
    True Sight *1010151525+3/6/9/12/20% crit chance, longer shot distance
    Aimed Bolt *1010151525+20/30/40/50/60 atk, +3/6/9/12/20% damage against downed opponent, increase stun rate
    Ailment Weapon5101520Adds status alignment to C1/C2/C3/C4 depending on skill level
    Elemental Weapon5101520Adds elemental attacks to C1/C2/C3/C4 depending on skill level
    Enhanced Weapon5101520Increase C1/C2/C3/C4 damage by 20% and stun rate depending on skill level, does not stack
    Improved Chant *15152020C1 range, C2 area, C3 range, C4 area
    Maximize Power *51015More consistent damage range
    Over Thrust *51015Less consistent damage range
    Envenom *51015+5/10/15 atk, adds poison
    Quick Step5510
    Dainsleif Power Up555Lv 3 is the equivalent of DS Blaze without the HP cost during DS mode
    Stagger Resist152025
    Ailment Resist2030Lv 1 = shorter duration, Lv 2 = immunity
    Bind Resist510Lv 1 = shorter duration, Lv 2 = immunity
    Burn Resist510Lv 1 = shorter duration, Lv 2 = immunity
    Feeble Resist1015Lv 1 = shorter duration, Lv 2 = immunity
    Freeze Resist510Lv 1 = shorter duration, Lv 2 = immunity
    Nervous Resist510Lv 1 = shorter duration, Lv 2 = immunity
    Poison Resist510Lv 1 = shorter duration, Lv 2 = immunity
    Tire Resist510Lv 1 = shorter duration, Lv 2 = immunity
    Vengeance510+10/20% atk
    Determination510+10/20% def

    Note #1 - Death Bound - Lv 1 adds +10% dmg to C1 attack. Lv 2 adds +10% dmg to C1 and C2 attacks. Lv 3 adds +10% dmg to C1, C2, C3 attacks. Lv 4 adds +10% dmg to all charge attacks. Lv 5 adds +20% dmg to all charge attacks.

    Unique Skills

    For the list below:

    • Skill Name - Name of the unique skill as appear in-game, these do not include monster card skills. Some skills have class restrictions as noted by the *
    • Cost - Base cost of the unique skill
    • Note - Additional note about the unique skill
    Skill NameCostNote
    Power Guard Up5
    Guard Training5Cancel out of guard quickly
    Snap Out of It5Can be upgraded into Stun Block when refining
    Gift5Can be upgraded into Life Recycle when refining
    Life Recycle5Can be upgraded into SP Sharing when refining
    SP Sharing5Can be upgraded into Invisible when refining
    Invisible5Can be upgraded into SP Recovery when refining
    SP Recovery5+SP on revival, does not upgrade into another skill
    SP Recycle5+25%, caps at 75%
    SP Economy5+6 seconds, caps at 12
    DS Blaze5+40%, caps at 80%
    Safe DS5Can be upgraded into DS Blaze when refining
    Improved Smackdown5Can be upgraded into Improved Slam when refining
    Improved Slam5Can be upgraded into Magnum Strike when refining
    Improved Knockback5
    Fast Healer5
    Improved AP Recovery5
    AP Efficiency5
    Speedy Step5Shortens pause between steps
    Power Gem: Color5
    Ancient Technique *5+5% dmg, can be upgraded to Magnum Break (then Natural Killer) when refining
    Skin Tempering *5
    Improved Sanctuary *5Shortens delay between healing ticks
    Altered Counter A *5Can be upgraded into Altered Counter B when refining
    Altered Counter B *5Can be upgraded into Boosted Counter when refining
    Wide Guard10Widens guard range, lowers def
    Greater Guard Up10Guard against more attack types
    Improved Counter *10Longer counter frames
    Fast Charge : Weapon10Cuts charge time by roughly 0.3 seconds, stacks 3 times
    Ground: Weapon Aptitude10+10% damage, caps at 30%, can be upgraded into Weapon Aptitude (then Aerial) when refining
    Aerial: Weapon Aptitude10+10% damage, caps at 30%
    Aerial Step Up10Shortens pause between steps
    Skilled Step10AP reduction for step
    Improved Aerial Step10AP reduction for step
    Low Gravity10
    Improved Jump10
    Improved Recovery10
    Hang Tough10Can be upgraded into Super Hang Tough when refining
    Followup Attack10
    Maximize10Increase attack by 3%
    Vital Force10Increase defense by 30%
    From the Brink of Ruin10Lasts roughly 1 minute and boosts dmg by 20% and def by 120%
    Escalation A10Can be upgraded into Escalation D when refining
    Escalation D10
    Grand Sanctuary *10+area, can be upgraded into Improved Sanctuary (ticks) when refining
    Improved Torque *10
    Improved Idling *10
    Acrobatic Landing10
    Pinpoint Guard10Can be upgraded into Wide Guard when refining
    SP Recovery Up10Increase SP gain rate, can be upgraded into SP Boost when refining
    Critical Strike10+stun rate when attacking weak points, can be upgraded into Surprise Attack when refining
    Surprise Attack15Increase damage against downed opponent, increase step distance
    High Tension15Can be upgraded from Tension Up Lv 5
    Slow Starter15Can be upgraded into Tension Down Lv 5
    Weapon Aptitude15+10% damage, caps at 30% (cap not shared with Ground/Air Aptitudes)
    Aerial FarStep15
    Splash Potion15Can be upgraded into Escalation A when refining
    Improved Special Potion15
    Improved Healing Potion15
    Venom Splasher *15+20 atk, poison attack (Envenom lv 4)
    Mighty Force15Increase dmg by roughly 3%, def by 30%
    Free Cast *15Can be upgraded into Cast Cancel when refining
    Cast Cancel *20
    Invincible Step Up20
    Invincible Aerial Step Up20
    Salvager20More drops from boxes, can be upgraded into Snatcher refining
    Snatcher20More drops from breaking boss parts, can be upgraded into Scavenger Hunt when refining
    Scavenger Hunt20More drops from enemies, can be upgraded into Luck Up when refining
    Luck Up20More quest rewards, can be upgraded into Luck Shift when refining
    Luck Shift20Better chance to obtain monster cards from quest reward
    Super Hang Tough20
    Great Shot *20
    Boosted Counter *202x counter dmg, loses its effect if stacked with Altered Counter A or B
    Stun Block25
    Magnum Strike25Can be upgraded into High Upper when refining
    High Upper25
    Maximum Over Thrust25Can be upgraded from Over Thrust Lv 3 when refining
    Venom Pressure *25+25 atk, poison attack (Envenom lv 5)
    Saint's Heart *25+250 sanctuary heal amount, +area
    Sun God's Blessing *25HP, AP, SP Recovery Up
    Overload *252x DS Blaze, 1x SP Recycle, no HP loss during DS mode, -500 HP
    Step Optimization *25
    Aerial Step Optimization *25
    Natural Killer *25Upgrade from Magnum Break. +30% crit, +20% crit pwr, 1x DS Blaze, decrease HP drain during DS mode
    Harvester *25+30% crit chance
    Splash Attack *25
    Serial Attack *2525% chance to deal 50% more damage, does not stack
    Brandish *25+45% crit chance
    War God's Blessing *253x SP Recycle + minor stagger resist
    Beauty's Embrace *25+2,000 HP, +50 Def
    Miasma Arrow *25Multi-shot effect with bind and poison
    Uncontrollable Impulse *25Very high starting tension and tension gain rate
    Songstress' Blessing *25SP Recovery, SP Recycle, SP Recovery Up (gain rate)
    Soul Song *25SP Recovery, Life Recycle, SP Economy
    Physical Activity *25+1,000 HP, +1,000 AP
    Herculean Activity *25+50 Atk, smackdown immunity
    Drill Revolution *25Increase step range, can step-cancel all ground attack faster (including charge attacks)
    Drill Termination *25Improved Torque, Improved Idling, increase charge speed
    Enhance Magic Strength *25+10% staff aptitude, SP Recovery Up (gain rate)
    Heart of Love *252x Improved Sanctuary and 2x Fast Charge: Mace
    Force of Vanguard *25+def and knockback resist when guarding, Improved Counter, Greater Guard Up, SP Recovery Up, +850 HP
    Gorin! *25Adds bind effect
    Gogorin! *25Roughly 9x Improved stun , -15~20% damage
    Aura of Might25Increase attack by 10%, can also be upgraded into Grotti Power when refining
    Tension Relax *30HP recovery and increase potion heal amount, can be upgraded from HP Recovery Up Lv 5 when refining
    Multi-shot *30
    SP Boost40Start quest with full SP
    Sonic Wave *50

    Weapon Cost Reductions

    • Weapons not listed below will follow the usual -5/-10/-15 rule for bronze/silver/gold grade weapons. This applies to all weapon drops from the main story quests and extra quests #1~4.

    EP2 Weapons

    These weapons can drop from Extra #5 ~ 30

    Weapon NameBronzeSilverGold
    Mann Legbiter-15-20-25
    Sigel Legbiter-10-15-20
    Peorth Legbiter-10-15-20
    Scorpion Hammer-15-20-25
    Son Scorpion Hammer-10-15-20
    Hagal Scorpion Hammer-20-25-30
    Peorth Scorpion Hammer-15-20-25
    Hermit Claw-10-15-20
    Rad Hermit Claw-20-25-30
    Nide Hermit Claw-5-10-15
    Peorth Hermit Claw-10-15-20
    Willow Wand-10-15-20
    Jara Willow Wand-10-15-20
    Ing Willow Wand-10-15-20
    Peorth Willow Wand-10-15-20
    Othel Sporangium-15-20-25
    Tyr Sporangium-15-20-25
    Peorth Sporangium-15-20-25
    Radiant Servant-5-10-15
    Feoh Radiant Servant-5-10-15
    Eolh Radiant Servant-10-15-20
    Peorth Radaint Servant-5-10-15

    Epic Weapons

    These weapons can only drop from specific quests between Extra #15 ~ 29

    Weapon NameBronzeSilverGoldObtain Location
    Pole Axe-5-10-15Ex-27 ~ 29, Eliminate the Bergrisar/Jotunn/Muspell
    Morning Star-5-10-15Ex-27 ~ 29, Eliminate the Bergrisar/Jotunn/Muspell
    Various Jur-5-10-15Ex-27 ~ 29, Eliminate the Bergrisar/Jotunn/Muspell
    Arc Wand-5-10-15Ex-27 ~ 29, Eliminate the Bergrisar/Jotunn/Muspell
    Sword Mace-5-10-15Ex-27 ~ 29, Eliminate the Bergrisar/Jotunn/Muspell
    Horn Bow-5-10-15Ex-27 ~ 29, Eliminate the Bergrisar/Jotunn/Muspell
    Blood Axe-10-15-20Ex-15, Orchish Stars
    Minstrel Bow-10-15-20Ex-16, Pattern in the Sand
    Crescent Scythe-10-15-20Ex-17, Falling Star and Chance Encounters
    Bone Staff-10-15-20Ex-18, The Oddity Mine Eyes Beheld
    Traitor-10-15-20Ex-19, Crushing Blow
    Wrench-10-15-20Ex-20, Glitter of Temptation
    Sun Sword-10-15-25Ex-21, Vanir's Treasure
    Khaz Dryer-10-15-25Ex-22, Surging Waves
    Light Epsilon-10-15-25Ex-23, Two in the Light of Dusk
    Muramasa-10-15-25Ex-24, Tyrannical Think Tank
    Staff of Distraction-10-15-25Ex-25, Twilight Phantom
    Golden Mace-10-15-25Ex-26, Singin' in the Arrow rain


    Some examples of useful and efficient skill combinations

    • Bronze Scorpion Hammer with Attack Up Lv.5 + HP Up Lv. 5 (+35 Atk, +1,000 HP)
    15 + 15 - 15 = 15 card cost after extraction
    • Bronze Scorpion Hammer with Attack Up Lv.5 + Attack Up Lv.2 (+50 Atk)
    15 + 10 - 15 = 10 card cost after extraction
    • Bronze Scorpion Hammer with Attack Up Lv.5 + AP Up Lv.1 (made from Atk Up Lv.4/AP Down Lv.1)
    15 + 5 - 15 = 5 card cost
    • Bronze Peorth Hermit Claw with Crit Attack Up Lv.5 + Crit Attack Up Lv.5 (+40% critical chance)
    15 + 15 - 10 = 20
    • Bronze Legbiter with Crit Power Up Lv.5 + Crit Power Up Lv.5 (+60% critical damage)
    15 + 15 - 15 = 15
    • Bronze Mann Legbiter with Crit Attack Up Lv.5 + Crit Power Up Lv.5 (+20% crit chance, +30% crit dmg, requires 1x double skill upgrade during refining)
    15 + 15 - 15 = 15
    • Bronze Othel Sporangium with Splash Potion + HP Up Lv.1
    15 + 5 - 15 = 5
    • Bronze Arc Wand with SP Economy + SP Economy or SP Recyle + SP Recycle
    5 + 5 - 5 = 5
    • Bronze Ing Balmung with SP Economy + SP Recycle
    5 + 5 - 5 = 5
    • Bronze Feoh Radiant Servant with Attack Lv.1 + SP Recycle (made from Atk Down Lv.2 + SP Recycle)
    5 + 5 - 5 = 5
    • Bronze Peorth Radiant Servant with DS Blaze + SP Economy (made from Safe DS + SP Economy)
    5 + 5 - 5 = 5

    Revision History

    v1.02, 12/10/2012 - Added missing skill upgrade note for Snap Out of It -> Stun Block thanks to GFAQs user, Sky_Reaper. Correct Magic Force to Enhance Magic Strength thanks to GFAQs user, angmodurian. Added other missing skill upgrade notes, Ground:Aptitudes -> Aerial -> Weapon, Splash Potino -> Escalation A -> D, Grand Sanctuary -> Improved Sanctuary, Tension Up Lv 5 -> High Tension, Slow Starter -> Tension Down Lv 5, HP Recovery Up Lv 5 -> Tension Relax, and Pinpoint Guard -> Wide Guard

    v1.01, 12/7/2012 - Typos and added mage missing skill, Soul Drain

    v1.00, 12/5/2012 - Added missing English skill names thanks to GFAQs user, damn_you_dario. Added Critical Strike note and Surprise Attack

    v0.98, 11/29/2012 - Added more skill costs and notes.

    v0.96, 11/22/2012 - Added Bone Staff skills thanks to GFAQs user, windmastery. Added placeholders for Golden Mace, Wrench, Blood Axe, and Staff of Distraction skill. Added drop locations of epic weapons. Fixed Saint's Heart's effects as it should be Golden Mace's unique skill.

    v0.92, 11/20/2012 - Corrected cost for Speedy Step skill, 10 -> 5 and added some more notes and examples

    v0.90, 11/19/2012 - First version of the list