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    FAQ/Walkthrough by tiger8191

    Version: 1.55 | Updated: 06/04/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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                                Zone of the Enders
     Created by: Tiger8191
       Date Created: 3/29/01
         Last Update: 6/4/01
           Version 1.55
             For Playstation 2
               email: tigerfaqs@yahoo.com
    This FAQ is protected by international copyright law. This FAQ is for personal
    use only. DO NOT post this FAQ on any website for profit. DO NOT copy this FAQ
    and post it on your website as yours without the expressed written consent of
    me. If you do I ask that you email me and ask for permission and an explanation
    of your site. 99% of the time I will allow it is not for profit and I get
    credit on your site for creating the FAQ. If you do sell it I will require 99%
    profit made by my FAQ and you can have the rest. DO NOT make your own FAQ by 
    taking bits and pieces of mine. This is called plagiarism and it is illegal and
    I have enough money to take legal action if necessary, or will I?? But I'm sure
    we won't have to go that far, right? You can print this file to use while you are
    playing the game. Give it to your friends if you like. Webmasters! If you have a 
    site and it isn't up yet, email me with the URL when I am able to check out your 
    website. I will not put my FAQs on any site that has offensive material. So when I 
    am emailed by another site wanting to host my FAQ I check out the site, but lately
    I have had webmasters email me wanting permission to post my FAQ but their site 
    doesn't exist. These emails will be ignored and deleted. If you were one of these,
    email me again when your site is up and you most likely be granted permission.
    If you can't follow these rules then do not bother reading this. I posted this to
    help fellow gamers with troubles they might be having, that's all, nothing else. 
    For permission please email me at tiger8191@yahoo.com.
    Well things are looking up for all the Playstation 2 owners who have been
    waiting for games that are worth playing. With March's release of Ominusha,
    Ring of Red, Bouncer, and Star Wars:Starfighter, we have been seeing the
    reasons of why we bought this great little black box! Well now we get the
    pleasure to play a top notch game in Z.O.E. Hey and we even get a MGS2 demo,
    whoopee! As always this has been a great pleasure to write a FAQ for all my
    fellow gamers who are looking for a little help. Hopefully this FAQ will give
    you the info you are needing. Thanks for reading! Please see CJayC's FAQ and 
    Adrenalines FAQs as well, if you haven't already. These are both great FAQs 
    and offer different perspectives of the game.
    Well the game has been out for quite awhile now (5/24/01) and it has gotten some
    mixed reviews. I think all and all it has been successful. Sure it is a little short
    and can get repetitive, but it is still worth the play and it leaves you wanting the 
    sequel, and in this day and age, that is what it's about in the game industry. Demand. 
    I hope you all enjoy this game as much as I did and I hope there is something in this 
    FAQ that helps you out.
                           *Version History*
    Version 1.0 (3/29/01)-Everything you see here. I will update when I find
    mistakes or find new info that I have missed. For the most part the basics of
    the game are here to beat it.
    Version 1.1 (4/2/01)-Added some more thanks, added a Frequently Asked
    Questions section. gameshark codes, ran this thing through a spell-checker,
    yikes I need to learn how to type! Added more gameplay tips, and other tid-
    bits of info for all you ZOE fans!
    Version 1.2 (4/6/01)-Added some more questions, enemies, fun things to do,
    vs, mode, and little tid-bits. Hopefully this is the final version!
    Version 1.3 (4/6/01)-Oops forgot to add stuff I said I would. Hey, I'm new at
    this leave me alone. Hopefully this will be it unless I find some valuable info
    that Adrenaline and CJayC don't have, which is probably zip! So bye for know!
    ALSO!!!! It seems there is a second ending. Check out the first Q in the
    Frequently Asked Question List! Hmmmm...interesting. So I will try to confirm the 
    rumor as fast as I can. Keep an eye out!
    Version 1.4 (4/25/01)-Well there were some mistakes and new info I wanted to post
    up here before going back to Phantasy Star Online. Webmasters be sure to check out 
    the new info in the copyright info and disclaimer. This will be my second to last 
    update, I will be submitting the final version after I am satisfied with all my 
    info and I fix my format and get my lovely girlfriend to proof read it. Stay tuned!
    Version 1.5 (5/31/01)-Well it's been a month since my last update. I thought that 
    this would be last one but I am still awaiting the corrections. So hopefully the 
    next version will be 2.0 and Final! Yippee! This was the most fun I have ever had 
    making a FAQ. And thanks to all the great emails I have received. That brings me 
    to why I am updating. I received an amil that offered some gameplay tips and I thought
    I would add them. Check it out in section VIII if you wish. See ya next time!
    Version 1.55 (6/4/01)- This is a small update to add something and fill in a blank. I
    forgot to put the gauntlet down and I have some boss tips from Sir Skeletor addedin the
    main walkthrough!
                            *Table of Contents*
                            I.    Controls
                            II.   Special Moves
                            III.  Game Screen
                            IV.   Command Menu
                            V.    Weapons, Items, and Enemies
                            VI.   Passcodes
                            VII.  Programs
                            VIII. Gameplay Tips and FUN THINGS TO DO!
                            IX.   Walkthrough
                            X.    Vs. Mode
                            X1.   Frequently Asked Questions(SPOILERS)
                            XII.  Gameshark Codes
                            XIII. Email Rules  
                            XIV.  Acknowledgements  
                            XV.   Copyright Info (webmasters please read!!!)
    *I. Controls*
    Left Analog Stick-Controls the movement of your gear, moves the map while   in
    the Command Menu
    Triangle Button-Ascend your gear
    X Button-Descend your gear/Cancel during selection
    Square Button- Main Weapon. When attacking from long range, your weapon is a
    shot. When in close combat it is a sword. Press repeatedly to make successive
    Circle Button-Sub-Weapon in long distance attacks/ Grab and Throw for close
    combat/ Confirm your selection
    L1-Cancels Lock-on/ Changes camera view when not locked-on to an enemy
    L2-Lock-on target/press to scroll through available targets/
    R1-Hold to guard
    R2-To dash during movement and to burst when not moving
    Start-Opens and closed Command Menu
    Right Analog Stick-Change view
    Directional Buttons-Selects Sub-Weapons
    *II. Special Moves*
    Escape-When you feel your are in danger press the L1 button to take any locks
    you have on a target and boost away from the enemy. You will see a timer which
    will count down. Once it reaches 0 you will be out of danger.
    Dash Attack-Press the Square Button while dashing (R2). These will create
    stronger attacks.
    Burst Attack-Press the Square button while pressing the R2 button. If you
    are not moving you will burst attack.
    Grab and Throw-If you are close to an enemy, press the circle button to grab
    the enemy and when you release him you will throw him.
    Camera Controls-When not in a battle you can use the right analog stick to
    move your camera and look around. When moving around your crosshairs move and
    you can aim at porters or anything else to get a bulls-eye shot.
    *III. Game Screen*
    _ A                                   B _
    _                                   C   _
    _                                       _
    _                                       _
    _                                       _
    _                                       _
    _                                       _
    _                                       _
    _                                       _
    _                                       _
    _  E  G                                 _
    _  F                                D   _
    A. This is how many enemies that you are in current attack mode with
    B. This is how many squads of enemies in the current area you are patrolling
    C. In a Rescue Mission this shows the percentage of survivors in the area.
    D. This shows the current sub-weapon you are using and the amount of ammunition
    E. This is your health meter, once it becomes empty, you are dead!
    F. The little line underneath your health meter is your experience gauge, the
       more enemies you kill the more it fills.
    G. This is your current experience level.
    When in the global stage there are 3 things you should be aware of. Each area
    you can visit of have visited has a tag that tells you important information.
    Purple Tag-This is the next place to go to complete you mission in most cases.
    Orange Tag- This is an area that has a SOS out. This will be  a rescue
                Mission if entered.
    Green Tag- This is the regular color of areas that you have visited already. Be
    sure to check all the tags when coming back to the global stage to see if any
    green tags have a "?". This means that there are special items to be had, but
    only for a limited time.
    *IV. Command Menu*
    WEAPONS- This is a list of sub-weapons that you have uncovered plus the
             ammunition currently on-hand. You can use this to change your weapon.
    PROGRAMS- This is a list of programs you have obtained.
    PASSCODES- This shows the current passcodes you are carrying. If you have some
               listed, go find the servers to obtain the program.
    AREA CHANGE- Use this to leave an area. You cannot change areas if you are in a
                 battle with the enemy.
    MISSION- Shows the current mission and a some helpful hits and tips.
    OPTIONS- This is to change the settings, like subtitles, vibration, and sound.
    SAVE- This is to save your game. You can only save while in the global stage.
    To the right of the menu you get a map of the area you are in. If you are in
    the global stage it will show the different areas you can explore. Use the
    sticks to manipulate the map.
    If you are in an area you can see the placement of the enemy and see what they
    are carrying.
    (M)-Indicates the enemy squad is carrying a Metatron.
    (P)-Indicates the enemy squad is carrying a passcode
    (B)-Indicates the enemy squad is carrying sub-weapon ammunition.
    *V. Weapons, Items, and Enemies*
    This is a list of sub-weapons. You can obtian ammo for these weapons from red
    item boxes and by killing enemy squads.
    Javelin-  A spear shaped throwing weapon.
    Phalanx-  A shooting weapon that is effective when rapidly fired. Firing is
              pressure sensitive.
    Geyser-   A grenade-like weapon. When armed on the ground it explodes with an
              energy blast.
    Halberd-  A gigantic sword. Press the circle button once to extend it and again
              to retract it.
    Bounder-  An energy board that enables you to bounce around.
    Comet-    A heat-seeking energy ball.
    Mummy-    A Protective shield. Press the circle button to shield and press again
              to unequip.
    Sniper-   A weapon with precise history. Good for shooting porters.
    Decoy-    A weapon that creates a decoy of yourself fooling the enemy to attack it
              instead of you.
    Gauntlet- A weapon that shoots bullets and bounces off enemies. Good for boss fights.
    Green Item Box- This will hold Metatrons which fill up your health meter.
    Red Item Boxes- These are filled with sub-weapon ammunition.
    Porters- Little vase like things found in areas. Destroying all of them in an
             area opens up a secret.
    These are slow moving fat little frames. But don't be deceived, they can cause
    some srious damage if you don't deal with them correctly. They are purely long 
    range attackers, so get as close as you can. If they get away from you fire long range
    weapons to keep it from attacking you.
    These are the skinny frames that you see a lot of. They are fairly easy to beat. I love
    close combat so I like to get in close slashing them till they explode.
    These frames look like Raptors on steroids. These guys are quick and agile and will beat
    you if you are not ready. They block a lot morre successively then the others and will 
    counter attack you to death if you are not careful.
    *VI. Passcodes*
    Here is a list of passcodes. Most are found in the area where they say it is
    used but some are not and I will note that. These codes have been put in order
    of when they are found.
    Passcode necessary to obtain flight mode module. For use in FACTORY 1.
    Passcode necessary to obtain Javelin.drvr. For use in TOWN 1
    Passcode necessary to obtain phalanx.drvr. For use in TOWN 2
    Passcode to obtain colony info. For use in FACTORY 1
    Passcode necessary to obtain geyser.drvr. For use in CITY 1
    Passcode necessary to obtain halbred.drvr. For use in EPS.1.
    One of the passcodes necessary to obtain Raptor control module. For use in
    EPS.1. Found in EPS.2
    One of the passcodes necessary to obtain Raptor control module. For use in
    EPS.1. Found in TOWN 1
    Passcode necessary to obtain vaccine program. For use in FACTORY 2
    One of the passcodes necessary to obtain decoy.drvr. For use in FACTORY 2
    Found in CITY 2
    Passcode necessary to obtain comet.drvr. For use in CITY 2.
    Passcode necessary to obtain geyser.drvr. For use in EPS.2.
    One of the passcodes necessary to obtain decoy.drvr. For use in FACTORY 2.
    Passcode necessary to obtain bounder.drvr. For use in MOUNTAIN 1.
    *VII. Programs*
    Here is a list of programs that you find in the game and what area to obtain
    them. These are also in order of when you find them.
    Scouting module. Can open Command Menu. Found in FACTORY 1
    Flight mode module. Can select Area Change in Command Menu. Found in FACTORY 1.
    Device driver for the use of javelin. Found in TOWN 1
    Device driver for the use of phalanx. Found in TOWN 2
    EPS systems data. Contains power supply facility info. etc. Found in FACTORY 1
    Device driver for the use of geyser. Found in CITY 1
    Device driver for the use of halberd. Found in EPS.1
    Raptor control module. Can control uncontrolled Raptor. Found in EPS.1
    Anti-Stealth module. Can detect invisible objects. Found in EPS.2
    All purpose vaccine program to detect and exterminate system infecting virus.
    Found in FACTORY 2
    Device driver for the use of comet. Found in CITY 2
    Anti-Stealth module. Can detect invisible objects
    Device driver for the use of gauntlet. Found in EPS.2
    Device driver for the use of decoy.
    Device driver for the use of decoy
    *VIII. Gameplay Tips*
    - When in a battle with an enemy squad, try to target the mummy, the fat round
      enemy, his long range attacks can cause a lot of damage. Keep hitting him
      before he fires a shot.
    - Always look out for question marks in the area tags. You can find some much
      needed sub-weapon ammunition.
    - I have found that close range attacks are the easiest way to destroy an
      enemy. I always boost around them while attacking them with my close range
      attack. Nothing better than boosting behind and pulling off some super cut!
    - For the first 3 boss fights, move, move , move. This is the best defense.
      Some of their attacks will miss because you got the boost on and are moving
      around. Wait for your chance to attack!
    - If you feel the need to level up or need some sub-weapon ammo go back to area
      you have already visited and destroy the squads.
    - Bounder can be best used in closed and tight spaces
    - Use halberd for destroying porters.
    - Always Check out areas with "?". In harder difficulities it can get you 
      that much needed ammo!
    - If you don't know what to do next, try going from area to area and scan   
      through the squads to see if anyone is carrying a passcode. 
    - If you are trying for an "A" ranking, save before you enter a Rescue 
      Mission. That way if you don't get an A you can quit and reload and try    
    - Well here is a tip that was emailed to me so I thought I would share it 
      since I need to keep everyone happy!
      Use boost and circle around him. Then use the halberd and fire right 
      thru his back to the point marked with the crosshairs. The halberd  
      will fire thru him and hurt like hell. After he changes form, avoid him   
      until he tries to ram you. When he misses you with the ram, load up   
      a stationary  burst shot (large blue energy ball) and fire it as soon as 
      he is in the centre of your screen. Repeat until either one of you is dead.
      Use the boost shot (MIRV energy beams) until he dives and tries to ram you.
      Then move in and use Halberd while he's floating around. After he changes
      form, dodge like hell and fire boost shots. If you hit, move up close and
      fry him with halberd until he gets bored of getting hit and flies straight
      upwards. Repeat until either one of you is dead.
      Because she's faster than you in close combat, dodge continously and fire
      boost shots in long range. You'll spot anything she tries to fire soon
      enough and can easily dodge them. If you don't get careless you can beat
      Neith with no health loss, even on Very Hard difficulty level.
      Zombie Neith:
      Move a bit closer and start rapid-firing comets. She'll try to dodge them,
      but will eventually get hit and lose a lot of health. Because you're
      continously tapping the circle button, you'll automatically throw her if
      she gets too close.
      If you challenge one enemy at a time, the others will circle around the
      town and destroy buildings, so fire up your boosters and round up all the
      enemies to a single huge battle. If they're trying to get you, they're not
      killing civilians. Then lead them to a safe combat arena. Suitable areas
      are the parks in Town 2, the deep canal in Town 1, the canal and the park
      in Town 3.
      City 2 is easy, since the only things that can break are windows and the
      choppers. Just move quickly and finish the weak enemies off in close
      combat. City 1 can be tricky, because any unattended enemy will try to
      destroy the pillars, and they break quickly (at least in Very Hard
      difficulty level). So engage the enemies quickly in close combat, and 
      DON'T do any burst slashes in the immediate vicinity of the pillars. 
      If the SOS area gets any enemy reinforcements, try to get them to join
      the battle assoon as the arrive. If you've challenged all the enemies at 
      once, you'llspot when the reinforcements arrive by the appearance of the radar
      circle(s) around Jehuty.
      Raptors break easily if you fire normal shots and close up on them,
      switching to a triple-hit slash combo. The raptor will get hit and fly a
      backwards, just outside close combat range. Repeat. If you're in a
      hurry, you can always do boost slashes, but beware of higher level Raptors,
      because they occassionally have time to do a burst slash or a burst shot on
      you if you're constantly in close combat. Three consecutive burst slashes
      can mean death, even on Level 8.
      Cyclopses can mean trouble, because their counter-attacks hurt. Use the
      tactic mentioned above to lower-level Cyclopses, but higher level Cyclopses
      can dodge your triple slash combo and counter-attack. Either kill them
      safely from a distance with boost shots or try boost slashing them. Just
      boost _quickly_ away from them if they dodge your boost slash, because
      you're about to get seriously hit by a counter-attack.
      Mummies can kill you in an instant if you ignore them and go fight with the
      other enemy types, because their beams and burst shots hurt. Because
      they're so slow, you can lure the other enemies away from them and kill
      them before the mummies close in. Then just fire normal shots to force them
      to keep their shields up and not firing, and close in to close combat. If
      they block your hits, immediately do a boost dodge, because you're about to
      get hit by the dual beams.
      Thanks to:
      Stormshadow (Attainer of AAAAA and rank S on Very Hard
    There is some fun things you can do if you get bored and need a new challenge.
    -In vs. mode you can take Jehuty at lvl 1 and go against Neith at lvl 8. That
     could take sometime to beat. Try different combinations and try to win.
    -Destroy everything you possibly can. Sure you will get a bad rating, but it 
     can be fun and it changes the script a little. Check it out! And now I guess
     this will bring on a new ending!
    -Try to go through the whole game with no sub-weapons, except the decoy and 
     sniper. But the hitch is, only fight the enemies that have passcodes, that
     is it. If you are brave, destroy buildings to keep your level as low as possible.
    *IX. Walkthrough*
    It's AD: 2172, You are on a Jupiter Space Colony, Antilia. Looks like someone
    wants to start a fight. Viola is the main antagonist who has come to raise a
    little hell!
    You then cut to an FMV of our hero, Leo, running and having flashbacks of him
    and his friends in a bad predicament. We cut back to Leo running through
    bloodied streets with bodies in his way. He flashes back to him and his friends
    and you see a mech killing his friends but he has escaped.
    We cut back to Viola wanting to disobey orders from her superior. Then back to
    Leo running through the streets again and enters a warehouse and finds Jehuty,
    the mech. Here is where our adventure begins!
    You enter your first battle. Just go ahead and see how the mech works. Get
    close and use your square button and you should do just fine. After the battle
    you meet ADA, the onboard computer. She will now take you through a training
    course on how to use Jehuty.
    When done, fly over to the metatron orb to fill up your health meter. Now move
    outside when you are confident of your abilities.
    When you exit the warehouse you will be greeted with a series of enemies. Use
    those newly acquired abilities to dispose of them. After that you will be
    greeted by Viola. This could be a tough battle if you are still having trouble
    using your abilities. She is fast but soon she will give up and obey the orders
    to leave at once.
    After the battle you will be contacted by Elena, at Atlantis. Basically you get
    asked to transport Jehuty to Atlantis so it can be used in an important mission
    on Mars. After a lot of begging, Leo agrees to help. Did you really think he
    wouldn't? The game would be over!
    ADA now informs you that you need to hook up with the local server and get the
    function module. Follow her marker to the server and get the monitor.fcmd. This
    will give you some new battle options. Be sure to go through some training
    before moving on. You also will receive the Command Menu (Start)
    -Mission 1-
    Obtain the flight mode module and move to another area using "Area Change" in
    the Command Menu.
    After some training, go out and kick some butt. Find the squad with the
    passcode. You will get pass_global. When you get that pull up the map (start)
    and locate a green sphere and then head to the server and obtain the
    global.fcmd. Once found kill any squads left and grab the metatron orb to
    replenish your health. Then press start and choose Area Change.
    Now you are flying high above the sectors of Antilia. We see that Leo's sector
    is under attack!
    -Mission 2-
    Move to TOWN 1
    Head towards TOWN 1 and press the circle button to enter. You will see a mean
    looking machine in the distance blowing up buildings. You know cut to an FMV.
    From this point on I will not spoil the story of Z.O.E. Sorry!
    Well here is your first boss. He can be tough but here is the jist of it.
    Boost around and keep hitting his helmet with the long range burst boost
    attack. When his health is around 50% he will change form. He know uses three
    types of attacks, fire balls, little energy needles, and jumping on you. Keep
    boosting around and use your guard against his attacks. When his head pops out
    attack like you were before. When it goes back down, put up your guard.
    Eventually you will defeat him.
    Now more squads are about to blow up the buildings in this sector. You must
    quickly dispose of them before they kill innocent people. Here you will get the
    pass_javelin, needed for your first sub-weapon. When you destroy all the
    squads, pull up your map and locate the server. Once found you will obtain the
    javelin.drvr. Now exit the area.
    Now ADA will give you a detailed description of your mission. She tells you to
    go back to FACTORY 1 to get the info needed to help you exit Antilia and head
    for Atlantis. Here you can do your first rescue mission in TOWN 2 or go to
    FACTORY 1. I am a nice guy so I will do the rescue mission. SAVE
    **Rescue Mission 1**
    Go to TOWN 2
    Basically you need to destroy all the squads before they kill innocent people
    and destroy buildings The more they kill and destroy the worse your overall
    game will be. Try to only engage in close combat so as not to let a long range
    attack miss and kill people. You will also find the passcode pass_phalanx. When
    you have finished and received your grade, look for the server to get your
    second sub-weapon, Phalanx. Exit and Save.
    -Mission 3-
    Obtain the info necessary for mission completion from the local server in
    Go to FACTORY 1. Destroy all the squads, especially the one with the passcode,
    pass_antilia. Once alone, locate the server and get the antilia.info. Now leave
    the area.
    ADA will now go into a detailed mission plan. Save when she is finished if you
    **Rescue Mission 2**
    TOWN 1
    As with all rescue missions, kill quickly without letting them kill or destroy.
    Use the same battle techniques as in RM 1 and you should get a good grade. Be
    sure to get any sub-weapon ammo you find.
    -Mission 4-
    Move to CITY 1 where the colony shaft is located and destroy the EPS relay
    You find that you don't have the right weapon to destroy the relay block. Kill
    any squads around to get some EXP. When done exit the area to look for the
    special weapon.
    -Mission 5-
    Find long-distance bullet weapon necessary to destroy the relay block.
    Head to TOWN 2. Here you will get your first look at porters. Basically they
    open up secrets in the area. Kill the squads before you attempt to destroy the
    porters. When all clear seek out and destroy the porters. Once done a red item
    box will appear in the area and inside it is the SNIPER. Just what you need!
    Exit the area.
    -Mission 6-
    Use the newly obtained SNIPER and destroy the EPS relay block.
    Head back to CITY 1. Kill any squads around so you won't be disturbed in
    destroying the relay block. Position yourself near the rotating column. Equip
    you Sniper  sub-weapon. See the white dots, those are your targets. By using
    your right analog stick place the crosshairs on the column and use the sniper
    to shoot the relays as they go by. Once it is destroyed ADA will inform you
    that there must be an emergency generator running the EPS. Sounds like another
    mission to me! Go kill the squad with the passcode pass_geyser. Look for the
    server and obtain the geyser sub-weapon. Exit the area.
    -Mission 7-
    Destroy the power supply facility of EPS.1 and EPS.2.
    Head over to EPS.1. Destroy all the squads then proceed to destroy all the
    porters to receive the pass_halberd. Head to the server to obtain Halberd
    sub-weapon. Move to the satellite dish and you see that you can't destroy it.
    Pull up the map and you see that there is un underground passage.
    Enter the underground maintenance passage and head down the tunnel. You will hit
    an intersection and enter a battle. Now keep going in the same direction. You
    will enter some more battles till you reach  a big room. Fly to the far wall
    and drop down. Turn around and you will see a big circle. Fore at the center
    hub to destroy the emergency generator. Now exit the underground maintenance
    passage. Now exit the area and save if you wish.
    Notice that CITY 1 has a "?" in the tag. Stop there to get some Sub-weapon ammo,
    EXP, and the Mummy.
    -Mission 8-
    Destroy the emergency EPS generator of EPS.2.
    Head to EPS.2. Well I can see why some people say this is a repetitive game at
    times! Kill all the squads. After you have done that look for the underground
    maintenance passage. When you get in there you see that you cannot get past an
    energy field. ADA informs you that you have to find another way. When you exit
    you see some new baddies, S class baddies to be exact. You will receive the
    pass_control1 from them. Now leave the area.
    -Mission 9-
    Obtain the necessary module to get past the EPS.2 energy field.
    head to TOWN 1. Here you will find some.... bad guys. One squad has a passcode.
    So fry up some enemies. The ones with the passcode are some "*" class enemies.
    They have a serious attack! Read the gameplay tips to find out easy ways to
    keep them from firing. When done you will receive the pass_control2. Obtain
    the metatron orb to fill your health and then exit.
    Now head to EPS.1. You can fight the squads if you want or head straight for
    the underground passage. There is also some sniper ammo if needed. Once in the
    passage go to that 1st intersection and turn right. Go to the room with the
    server. Here you obtain the rapt_cntl.fcmd. Now you can operate a Raptor, that
    isn't effected by the energy field, to destroy the generator in EPS.2. Exit the
    passage and exit the area.
    -Mission 10-
    Find the uncontrolled Raptor to get past the EPS.2 energy field.
    If you saw the scene when first entering TOWN 2 you saw some mechs laying on a
    hill. Well one is a Raptor. Go to TOWN 2 and get it. ADA will send it to EPS.2,
    then you will take control of it.
    -Mission 11-
    Destroy the emergency EPS generator.
    Head to the underground passage with the Raptor, trying not to engage in any
    battle. Head through the passage. At the first intersection fight the enemy and
    then head right. Keep going till you find the sever where you will obtain the
    detector.fcmd. Turn back and you will see some porters. Destroy all the porters.
    When you get back to the original intersection turn right and head to the room
    with the generator. You will see a wall blocking your entrance to the room.
    Position your cross hairs on the box on the wall, it is a weak point. Enter the
    room and destroy the emergency generator the same way you did to the other one.
    -Mission 12-
    Move to MOUNTAIN 1 and meet up with Atlantis.
    First go to TOWN 2 and get the Sniper and Mummy ammo if needed.
    There is also an SOS from TOWN 3
    **Rescue Mission 3**
    This is a tough one. Many squads, so try your hardest to dispose of them before
    anything gets destroyed. Again use only short range attacks. I have yet to get
    a good grade here!!
    -Mission 12 cont.-
    Head to Mountain 1. On the way FACTORY 2 is now available and ADA will tell you
    it is where she was built. After that you go straight to MOUNTAIN 1. Well here
    is your next boss. He is a tough one. Go ahead and try to kill it...you can't!
    Here is proof!
    -Mission 12A-
    Avoid battle with the large Orbital Frame located ahead and move to another
    This is easy...exit area!
    When you exit you see that someone has emailed ADA with the snow-white and seven
    dwarves virus or maybe that Anna Kournikova.jps.file! You have a new mission
    now. Be aware, this virus depletes your health to the point that one hit and
    you are dead!
    -Mission 13-
    Find the program in FACTORY 2 necessary for the repair of ADA
    At this point I will ignore the SOS because of the status of Jehuty. I will
    attempt this soon and put in a strategy on how to complete this RM in the next
    Well here is a way that was submiited to me by Telrath.
    "I just wanted to tell you of a way to beat the SOS you get while you have the 
    virus.. there's 3 different squads in the area.. 2 are the close range melee 
    guys who juss lob their missles aimlessly barely ever hitting anything.  Take 
    out the first one on the left.. he's the easiest since he's by himself.  Than 
    there are juss two groups of 2 left.  One is the same unit type and the other 
    is the one that tends to shoot the spray bullets n lasers.  First take out 
    the melee ones they should be closest to where you first entered.  Then after 
    you take them out you can pull in along the road to the right without having 
    the range units attack you.  Then you can just launch a power shot the one 
    where you stand still n punch the giant orb n it should hit both of them into 
    the red if not outright kill them.. than its just a quick shield up n when 
    they pause in their shootings shoot once or twice with your normal gun.   
    You'll eventually kill them without losing any buildings or civs if 
    their/your shots dont stray too much." 
    Go to FACTORY 2 and pull up the map. You see that there is an underground
    passage! Get there with out going into battle! Ignore the metatron orb in
    front of you, it won't work, trust me I tried! Head to the passage and enter.
    You will see two servers but both are red, jettison up and enter a battle with
    the enemy that has the passcode you need. After you beat it you receive the
    pass_vaccine. Go back down to the server and get the vaccine.exec to cure ADA.
    Whew! Go up and fight if you want or exit the area.
    -Mission 14-
    Find the module necessary to avoid the laser attacks of the large orbital frame
    in PARK 1.
    EPS.1 has a "?"-you will find sniper and Mummy if needed.
    CITY 1 is under attack.
    **Rescue Mission 5**
    Same as always...you know what to do.
    Head to CITY 2 and you will see on e of the squads has a passcode. Destroy them
    and get pass_decoy1. Destroy all the porters in the area to obtain comet. Head
    to TOWN 3 and you see that, well,...you can't see. This brings on a new
    mission, exit.
    -Mission 15-
    Find the anti-stealth module necessary to detect the enemy in stealth.
    Go to EPS.2 and go see your Raptor you earlier controlled. Find him in the
    underground passage and you will have to destroy it to receive the
    detector.fcmd it earlier picked up. When you exit the tunnel destroy the
    porters to get the pass_gauntlet.
    Go to TOWN 3 and destroy the stealth enemies and get the pass_decoy2. When done
    exit and SAVE!
    -Mission 16-
    Find the module necessary to avoid laser attacks of the large Orbital Frame in
    PARK 1.
    Yup, we are at it again. Go to FACTORY 2. Destroy all the squads and destroy
    the porters. After you do this ignore the red item box for now and head to the
    underground passage to input you passcodes to obtain the decoy. Exit the tunnel
    and go get the decoy ammo out of the red item box. Decoy will give you the
    ability to put out a decoy of yourself and hopefully the enemy will attack that
    while you are attacking the enemy. Well let's see if it works. Exit and SAVE.
    -Mission 17-
    Destroy the large Orbital Frame in Park 1
    Well head to PARK 1 and face your next boss. Make sure to have your decoy up on
    the Sub-weapon indicator.
    When the boss locks on use decoy and he will target that. Boost around and keep
    hitting him with burst shots and use decoys when necessary. When you get him
    down to 50% he changes form into a little spaceship. If the first stage of this
    battle was hard...you ain't see nothing yet. He will attack by flying towards
    you and kicking your butt. Try to boost around him while attacking and
    guarding. When he comes towards you use a decoy if you have any left and he
    will fixate on that. It will take time but eventually it you can kill it.
    Here is a boss tip from Sir Skeletor!
    Nebula will  start this fight off using these
    little energy beams and this big one hit K.O. laser.
    Have decoy as your secondary weapon and fly around him
    using your boost sidways/square technique.  When he
    targets you, press the circle buton and it will stay
    locked on to that.  Go around and hit him with all u
    got. Keep dong this until he stops and changes form. 
    This is the hard part. He has different attacks in
    this form which are all pretty easy to dodge once u
    know how.  First is his ram attack.  he will charge up
    and then shoot foward at u.  Go up and to either side
    using your boost.  Then when he stops hit him with
    everything. (Note: Your regular attack barely effects
    him so try to avoid using it.)  Another thing he has
    are these little energy homing probes that attach to u
    and suck ur health. To avoid them fly around the boss
    and he will run into them or shoot them. If they do
    get u then boost out of it.  He will also shoot these
    little missles which all u have to do is put up ur
    sheiled to block them and then attack him.  Just keep
    dodging his attacks and hit him when he is finished is
    the main idea. He is pretty easy but might take u a
    few tries. That is all on this boss.
    -Mission 18-
    Move to MOUNTAIN 1 and meet up with the Atlantis
    PARK 1 has a "?", go there to get Mummy
    You are probably low on health, go to another area to find a Metatron Orb if
    you like or continue to MOUNTAIN 1.
    Elana will contact you and put you through to Thunderheart. He will take the
    Frame from you. I won't spoil any of the story here. You need to get to the
    warehouse. Go to MOUNTAIN 1 to meet up with him.
    -Mission 19-
    Fly through the gully along the mountain slope and get from the dam to the
    Head straight and pick up the Metatron orb if you didn't already. Then move to
    pick up SW ammo. Keep following to pick up more ammo. Go to the dam and fight
    the enemy and get the pass_bounder. Head up to the server to get your last SW.
    Head back to the start and turn to the left. Fly to the end destroying enemies
    as you do so and picking up items. Destroy the wall to get to the other
    gully. Head right down the gully to the next wall. Blast through and head
    left and follow it through the gully till the second intersection and turn
    right. Here you will enter the room that leads to the warehouse.
    -Mission 20-
    Destroy the large Orbital Frame in MOUNTAIN 1
    Time for another boss fight, against Nebula. This is a tough one but after a
    few tries you should get him.
    Nebula likes to move around a lot. He attacks with fire balls and red energy
    beams. Keep moving and boosting around avoiding his attacks and to get him down
    to 50% by attacking when clear. After that he will turn into a spider looking
    thing. Try and shoot his head and he will expose his butt. Now attack it with
    everything you got, gauntlet, comet, or a boost attack. Keep doing this till
    you have beaten him. It will take time but you will conquer this Frame.
    After the battle Thunderheart will contact you and tell you how to meet up with
    him. You are sent to the warehouse and guess who's there.
    -Mission 21-
    Meet up with the civilian freighter Atlantis.
    Well Viola is here. She is ready to go toe to toe with you again but she won't
    be as easy. Boost attack her for a bit and then go into close range attack with
    her. She will get a hold of you and ADA will ask you to eject, but what fun is
    that? Eventually Leo gets free and time to finish her off. Try to do some close
    combat with her and defeat her. It's more fun that way!
    A whole lot of story goes on at this point but I won't spoil it for you! You
    are off to HUB 1 to disable some bombs. This can be tough but a heck of a lot
    of fun.
    ADA will find the time bombs for you. While she is searching kill as many
    enemies as you can. When she has found one she will tell you. Stop what you are
    doing and target the bomb and fly over to it. When you get close enough press
    the circle button and don't let go till the bomb is disabled. Watch the timer
    till it reaches 0. Now go back to killing enemies till she finds another one.
    Keep doing this till all the time bombs are disabled.
    Now you get to fight Viola again. Just get in close and attack her relentlessly
    like you would the mummies or raptors. Eventually she will fall.
    There is one last battle but I don't want to talk about it because I feel it is
    important to the story, and you should have no problem figuring it out. So on
    that note, we are done here.
    *X. Versus Mode*
    After completeing the game you will get access to this little gem. Here you can be 
    any frame you wish and fight one on one with the computer or a friend...or enemy.
    You can be Jehuty, Mummyhead, Neith, Raptor, Cyclops, Single-Sword Raptor, and
    Zombie Nieth. Also you get to fight in a lot of the areas in the game. I personally
    like the warehouse! 
    You can change the levels of your frame in the start-up mode. You can be lvl 1-8. 
    Try and find new ways to enjoy this mode by trying to beat Jehuty(lvl 8) with a 
    Raptor(lvl 1). It's fun and hard!
    *XI. Frequently Asked Questions*  SPOILER ALERT!!!!
    Q. Is there a second ending?
    A. YES!!!! Basically destroy anything and everything in the game. Cars, trucks, 
       buildings, etc. When you go to fight Tyrant in the park the game will end. Check
       it out, it's fun and doesn't take that long!
    Q. Hey, I beat the game and it seems that there should be more to the story than 
       this..... does he save ADA, and are you ever able to beat the last boss he is 
       so hard I was at level 8, please fill in these blanks.... 
    A. Well this is the most commonly asked question! Yes, that is the ending, sorry 
       to say, but it does set up the sequel quite nice if you ask me! I can't wait!
    Q. I can't get higher than level 8!
    A. Not exactly a question but I can provide an answer to that statement. As far 
       as I could find, you cannot get higher than level 8. I have heard some people
       say that they have reached level 9, but I don't believe it. I have reloaded 
       previous saves and just kept going from area to area trying to get to level 9
       but it never happens!
    Q. Is there gameshark codes?
    A. Yes! Look at section XII.
    Q. Please let me know if I can copy these just for my own use. The game looks 
       wonderful yet there is no way I can do it without a walkthrough. Let me know. 
    A. Yes! You can print it out and use it to play the game. You can even share it
       with your friends if you like. Just as long as you don't own a store and print 
       them and sell them!
    Q. About how long do you think it would take to beat the game? 
    A. Depends on how you play. My first time through it took me 6:06 hrs to beat. The 
       second time through, I think 4 or 5 becuase I was writing notes down as I played.
    Q. I heard if you beat the game 2x, you can unlock 2 more orbital frames and 
       stages, if so which frames?
    A. Yes, when you beat the game the second time through you get 2 new frames and
       a couple new stages. You will get Single-Sword Raptor and the Frame Viola used in
       your last battle. I will get the names down when I mess around with versus mode!
    Q. I heard there is more then one ending. Is there? And if their is then how do you 
       get it?
    A. No, only one ending, but if you acheive an A Ranking in all your rescue missions
       you will get a different ending theme.
    Q. Where do you get the decoy ammunition when if you run out during the fight against 
       the Large Orbital Frame in PARK 1?
    A. Well that happened to me the first ime through and you can find the decoy ammo back 
       in FACTORY 2 where you aquired the at first.
    Q. Is there any difference to the ending depending on what grade I get?
    A. Based on the grade assessed to your final score, you will receive comments from one
       of the voice actors: 
    Rank B- Leo
    Rank A- ADA
    Rank S- Celphis
    Q. Can you change levels of your Frame in Vs. Mode?
    A. Yes, when you select your frame, you will sees some blue bars, move your directional
       pad left or right to choose your level (1-8). 
    *XII.Gameshark Codes*
    Thanks to JiggaMan14x for sending these codes to me!
    Must Be On
    Infinite Javelin
    Infinite Geyser
    Infinite Bounder
    Infinite Phalanx
    Infinite Halberd
    Infinite Comet
    Infinite Gauntlet
    Infinite Sniper
    Infinite Decoy
    Infinite Mummy
    Press L2 = Javelin Equipped
    Press L2 + X = Geyser Equipped
    Press L2 + O = Bounder Equipped
    Press L2 + Triangle = Phalanx Equipped
    Press L2 + Square = Halbered Equipped
    Press L2 + L1 = Comet Equipped
    Press L2 + R1 = Gauntlet Equipped
    Press L2 + R2 = Sniper Equipped
    Press L2 + D-Pad LEFT = Decoy Equipped
    Press L2 + D-Pad RIGHT = Mummy Equipped
    Ultimate Jehuty
    0 Continues Used
    0 Saves Used
    9999 Defeated
    No Casualties-Town 2
    NO Casualties-Town 3
    NO Casualties-City 2
    *XIII. Email Rules*
    Yes I have rules on emails, but not many. I just have a few don'ts, but don't
    get me wrong, I love to answer emails.
    DO NOT
    1. Send me walkthroughs
    2. Don't send hate mail
    3. Don't send me porn
    1. Ask me questions
    2. Give me praise
    3. Tell me what you think of my FAQ, even if you didn't like it just don't get
    4. Suggestions, secrets, things I might have missed
    5. Anything you want as long as it pertains to this or any of my other FAQs.
    That is all. I just want to help my fellow gamers, not get into fights or flame
    wars. Basically I have had nothing but wonderful email! Thanks to everyone who 
    emailed me with their questions so far!
    *XIV. Acknowledgements*
    I would like to thank the following for many reasons!
    -CJayC! As I have said before, he is a great man to create this place called
     gamefaqs. I hope he doesn't hate me for posting this FAQ next to his!
    -All the people at the gamefaqs FAQ Contributors Board for being a cool bunch
     of folk!
    -JiggaMan14x for giving me the gameshark codes!
    -Stormshadow with offering some gameplay tips!
    -Sir Skeletor for his boss tips!
    -Adrian for letting me know I missed a weapon!
    -Telrath for giving me the walkthrough on how to beat the SOS mission when
     infected by the virus.
    -My girlfriend...becasue she is cool!
    -Janus Operative for critiquing this FAQ and pointing out some format problems!
    -The boys at Babbages Oakland Mall for getting me my copy of Z.O.E.
    -All my friends at the Q&S board! 
    -And to the readers! Thank you!
    *XV. Copyright Info*
    This walkthrough is copyright 2001 (C)Tiger8191 FAQS
    You can find this file on the following websites:
    Gamefaqs.com (this is where you will find the most updated copy!)
    www.geocities.com/tigerfaqs (this is my website so it should be updated
                                 as well)
    Sorry if I forgot a site, I lost track!
    If you see this FAQ posted at a site other than the ones mentioned above,
    please email me so I know who to get mad at. Stealing of FAQs is a common
    problem these days and with the help of others we can fight it. Thanks!
    REMINDER: If your site isn't up yet, don't bother emailing me for permission
    to host my FAQ. Email me when you have a site to look at.
    I am in no way affiliated with Konami
    Zone of the Enders are registered trademarks of KONAMI Corporation.
    Visit: www.kcej.com
    -End of File-

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