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    Boss FAQ by Ze_Rhino_

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 03/02/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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                               B  O  S  S      F  A  Q
    Hello, and welcome again. This time, I'm taking you on an extravagant tour of
    the meanest baddies in Ninja Gaiden, especially those meant to dullen your day
    and piss you off to the point of no return. You'll curse, rip your hair out, 
    and utterly destroy most of your controllers. But, I'm here to make it a 
    little more exciting. ^^ Let's begin, mmmkay?
    -=-=-=-=-=VERSION HISTORY-=-=-=-=-=-
    version 0.95 -- every boss for normal difficulty completed -- 2/24/2008
    version 0.97 -- Hydracubus strategy and other stuff updated -- 2/27/2008
    version 1.00 -- reformatting and minor changes -- 3/2/2008
    PLANNED NEXT UPDATE - evil ryu clone and other Hard+ only bosses
    Maybe a FAQ section....
    -Chapter 1
    -Chapter 2a
    -Chapter 2b
    -Chapter 3
    -Chapter 6
    -Chapter 7
    -Chapter 8
    -Chapter 9a
    -Chapter 9b
    -Chapter 10
    -Chapter 11a
    -Chapter 11b
    -Chapter 12a
    -Chapter 12b
    -Chapter 12c
    -Chapter 13
    -Chapter 15a
    -Chapter 15b
    -Chapter 15c
    -Chapter 16
    -Chapter 17
    -Chapter 18a
    -Chapter 18b
    -Chapter 18c
    -Chapter 19
    Whew, that's alot of bosses. :P
             ~-~     FOREWORD     ~-~
    Well, just a bit of information about this guide. Every boss covered in this
    guide will be expressed for normal difficulty. This also means that I am NOT
    going to be covering bosses that do not appear in Normal, including Evil Ryu
    Clone and whatnot. I may in the future, but not at the moment.
    I'd love to make youtube videos of myself fighting these bosses for you guys,
    but I don't have a capture card. I tried, but just filming the TV produces
    awful quality. =(
    Also: This guide does contain some spoilers. My advice is to not read ahead 
    past where you are in the game.
    That's about it. Kick ass.
             ~-~     CHAPTER 1     ~-~
                    M U R A I 
    ~3-combo nunchaku 
    Murai is no push over, even as the first boss. He wields nunchaku, and isn't
    afraid to use them.
    First of all, this boss always reminds me that I don't have counter attack 
    yet -- as this would be too easy with it. 
    Without counterattacks, you can do this two ways. The cheap way is to 
    repeatedly spam jumping of the wall -> /\. This is a cheap way to win, I
    honestly can't recommend it. 
    Anyways, his rush attack will leave him vulnerable, so that's what you want
    to bait him into doing. For the most part he'll be using the main nunchaku 
    combo. Keep your distance -- if you stay close to long, he'll grapple you. 
    When he starts up his 3-swing nunchaku combo, try to roll so you are 
    perpendicular (sideways) to him. When he finishes, rush in from the side
    with a []/\/\, then prompty rolljump away. Remember, don't stay close too 
    long, or the grapple. 
    If he rushes you (you'll see when he charges up and brings down his shoulder),
    roll out of the way, retaliate with a hard combo, and rolljump away. Keep it
    up, Murai will fall.
    As a side note, there is an Elixir of Spiritual Life in the jar in the back of
    Murai's chamber. Break it while fighting him and you can pick it up.  
             ~-~     CHAPTER 2a    ~-~
                 M A S A K A D O S
    ~Pike Spin
    Masakados will fight similar to the pike horseman you fought just before. 
    Play your cards right, and neither of his attacks will harm you.
    Masakados will always have Mages to assist him on any difficulty. Run to the
    back corner of the arena and kill the Mages that will engulf you. Charge up a 
    UT and hold it until the screen starts to light up - that's how you know he's
    coming. When he gets next to you, release the UT for lots of damage. More
    Mages will spawn, and Masakados will loop around. Repeat the process.
    Avoid going into the center of the arena and you won't get hit much. And, even
    if you can't UT, at least hit him when he comes near you. That will prevent
    him from grabbing you. 
    Collect your Counter Attack scroll. Good job.
             ~-~     CHAPTER 2b    ~-~
                 D D B    D O K U
    ~Ground stab, area splash damage radiating outward
    ~Rush attack 
    ~Breath (ew)
    ~Retaliation combo
    Considering the game goes on if you utterly fail this battle, take no heed to
    this strategy if you don't care. But beating him reaps rewards (hehe) so read
    on, if you like.
    DDB Doku is wicked overpowered and your weak Dragon Sword is no match for him,
    but with the right strategy he can be taken down.
    The whole fight is a game of cat and mouse. You'll want to keep your 
    distance from Doku as much as you can, because this is how you'll bait
    him into attacking you. 
    First of all, if he uses the ground stab, jump you avoid splash damage. The
    pool of dark will spread outward, so you'll know when to jump. Then, rush in
    for a []/\/\ combo. Generally, the first two hits will miss, but the last 
    may connect.  Connect or not, immediately roll jump away, because then he 
    will either use the uppercut or go for the retaliation combo. 
    Same strategy applies if he uses breath. Wait till you can safely attack, then
    go for a []/\/\, and immediately roll away. 
    When he uses the uppercut after you attack him (and it hits you), it will 
    likely guard break you. He won't follow up, so roll away safely. 
    If he uses retaliation combo after you combo him (you'll know because he'll
    get little wind sparks under him, like you get when you Wind Run), to put it
    simply, get out. Roll away as much as you can, because that HURTS. 
    The key strategy is to keep your distance to bait him into Rushing you. You'll
    know he will when he hunches and his sword is charging at his side. He'll stay
    like that for a second, then rush toward you. Promptly roll away. Then, he'll
    be vulnerable for a few seconds. Unleash a combo then roll out before he 
    retaliates on you. 
    With these strategies combined, DDB Doku will fall. You earned the rewards, 
    this was a tough fight.  
             ~-~     CHAPTER 3     ~-~
                    D Y N A M O 
    ~Ray Gun
    ~Force field
    Dynamo is a tough boss at long range, but if you get up close, he gets much
    He will only use his ray gun move if you are mid-long range from him, so by 
    staying close you can eliminate it (this is probably his most dangerous
    To start the fight, move up close. He will swipe at you - he kind of turns 
    around, then he brings his arm down quickly. Just have block held, and this
    attack will only break your guard. Once your guard is broken, he will follow
    up and try to grab you - ROLL to the left or right to avoid this, then follow
    up with a hard combo. 
    Dynamo doesn't know any better and will repeat the above process if you are
    close. This makes the battle alot more simple than it probably should be. 
    I'm not so sure what prompts him to use his force field move, but I know he
    uses it a lot less often when you are up close. If, in fact he does use it, 
    just retreat to a safe range until it expires. That means, you may have to
    rolljump around to dodge ray gun blasts if you are at a longer range.
             ~-~     CHAPTER 6     ~-~
                H Y D R A C U B U S
    ~Tentacle swipes
    ~Acid balls
    A quite simple fight. Hydracubus is a tentacle creature, but also one of those
    bosses where you have to disable ligaments to attack the core.
    The weapon of choice here is the Flying Swallow with the Dragon Sword 
    equipped. Roll around while it flails a tentacle around, keep your eye on this
    one. When it stops, rush in for a Flying Swallow! Air cancel with your
    shurikens and try to knock in an extra downward strike: if you nail it, the
    tentacle will fall in one combo.
    After two hits with the Flying Swallow, the tentacle will fall off, revealing
    blue essence. Rinse and repeat with the other tentacle. 
    Once both tentacles are lobbed off, you can attack the body. Use the leftover
    blue essence for a UT if you don't need it for life. Then, unleash hard combos
    until it grows it's tentacles back. Rinse and repeat until it falls.
    Hydracubus will use acid bubble attacks when it is in critical health. In
    these, it lobs little bubbles into the air. Make sure you are extra evasive 
    when it throws these up.     
             ~-~     CHAPTER 7     ~-~
               B O N E    D R A G O N 
    ~Throwing Bones
    ~Tail Swing
    ~Lunging Bite
    Bone Dragon is a fairly basic boss. He has four limbs that you need to remove 
    armor from to defeat him.
    One of his ligaments will always be on the platform where you are stationed.
    You can start the fight by running up and performing quick-finishing combos
    on the ligaments. If the hand lifts into the air, quickly roll away to avoid
    getting swiped at. 
    The most frequent attack Bone Dragon will use is the attack where projectile
    bones are flung towards you. He will throw these successively, then falter. 
    These will break your guard, but you will take no damage if you are blocking.
    So, block and roll away when your guard is broken, and you will neatly evade
    these missiles. 
    His Bite is easy to predict. When he lunges back his head, he is going for 
    this move, so quickly run to the side of the arena. This attack will only 
    damage you if you are in the middle of the arena. 
    His tail swipe is a little more tricky. This one, you might not see coming, 
    yet it is easier to avoid. Simply jump straight up as the tail swings under
    you - but wait! He may repeat the maneuver a few times, so don't let your
    guard down yet. (I have seen this move up to 3 times on normal).
    Continue dodging his attacks and breaking his hands one by one, and Bone
    Dragon will crumble.
             ~-~     CHAPTER 8     ~-~
                     G A M O V 
    ~Quick knife combo
    ~Grab attack
    Given you know what tactics, specifically, to avoid, you shouldn't have much
    trouble defeating Gamov. He is quick, yes, but Rachel's power is much
    superior and it shouldn't take too many swings to end his life.
    The general idea here is to stay close. Being far away is your ultimate 
    downfall considering from that range, you have no offense, and his gunfire
    will rip you to shreds. 
    Staying close will prompt him to do his knife combo, which is what you want. 
    When he swings at you, roll away, and follow up with a combo. After 
    successfully (or not) hitting, roll away out of range to avoid getting hit
    by a counter-attack, but don't roll too far, or he will fire his guns at you.
    His grab attack is difficult to spot, because there isn't much warning when he
    is about to do it. You may catch him slightly rearing back and crouching and
    get away, but by that time it may also be too late. He will do the grab from 
    close range when your guard has been down for a few seconds.
    That's all you need to know. Don't stay far away, get close and offensive and
    you will overpower him. Another acceptable strategy is to use wall jumps or
    jumping attacks, since he has a 50% chance of being hit by these. This does
    work, but you are likely to take more damage using this strategy than any 
             ~-~     CHAPTER 9a    ~-~
             H Y D R A C U B U S    v 2
    ~Tentacle swipes
    ~Acid balls
    A quite simple fight. Hydracubus is a tentacle creature, but also one of those
    bosses where you have to disable ligaments to attack the core.
    The weapon of choice here is the Flying Swallow with the Dragon Sword 
    equipped. Roll around while it flails a tentacle around, keep your eye on this
    one. When it stops, rush in for a Flying Swallow! Air cancel with your
    shurikens and try to knock in an extra downward strike: if you nail it, the
    tentacle will fall in one combo.
    After two hits with the Flying Swallow, the tentacle will fall off, revealing
    blue essence. Rinse and repeat with the other tentacle. 
    Once both tentacles are lobbed off, you can attack the body. Use the leftover
    blue essence for a UT if you don't need it for life. Then, unleash hard combos
    until it grows it's tentacles back. Rinse and repeat until it falls.
    Hydracubus will use acid bubble attacks when it is in critical health. In
    these, it lobs little bubbles into the air. Make sure you are extra evasive 
    when it throws these up.  
    NOTE: I believe Hydracubus v2 expels more acid bubbles in the air when in low
    health then it's original form.
             ~-~     CHAPTER 9b    ~-~
                      A L M A  
    ~Column throw
    ~Pink fireballs
    ~Levitation Grab
    ~Melee combo 
    It is a common consensus that Alma is the hardest boss in Ninja Gaiden. 
    Personally, I don't believe so, but this is still one tough son of a bitch
    for a new player.
    Alma will start the fight by hovering around the arena in the air. Stay mobile
    and defensive. In this phase she will throw columns at you, and fireballs. You
    can avoid these attacks simply by rolljumping away.
    If you get too close to Alma while she is flying, she may try to grab you. 
    This is her most damaging attack, so needless to say, you want to get away
    from there. You will know she is about to use this attack when a pillar of
    purpleish light extends from her feet. Quickly rolljump away.
    After dodging any of her attacks, you can try to run in and perform a Flying
    Swallow to knock her down. If it misses, continue your evasive patterns, 
    because she will retaliate with a dive-kick type maneuver, then try again. If 
    it hits, perform a hard combo ([]/\[][][] is one I like) and get away as she 
    returns to her feet.
    During any point during the fight, Alma may stop flying and fall to the 
    ground. This happens more often after you stun her and perform a successful
    combo. During this stage, she can summon pink fireballs and she also has
    a melee combo if you get close. This is an ideal time to stun her with
    Flying Swallow as her evasion is less than if she was airborne. 
    That wasn't so difficult, was it? Well, it's probably harder than it seems, 
    but with the right moves you won't have too much trouble with this fight. The
    key thing to remember is not to get greedy - only attack when you think
    you can get a hit in, and don't go for 2 in a row. You'll get it eventually if
    you are having trouble, I promise.   
             ~-~     CHAPTER 10    ~-~
                 A L T E R N A T O R  
    ~Overhead Bombs
    ~Boost Rush
    ~Melee Strike
    ~Laser Cannon
    Alternator is Dynamo reborn, or better yet, Dynamo's brother, but Alternator
    seems to rework all the attack patterns we saw while fighting Dynamo.
    Alternator decides that it might be fun to use his laser gun when you are in
    close range...heh.
    This boss is difficult because there is no flat out "right" way to handle him.
    His attacks are so volatile that you never know how he is going to attack and
    there is very little warning when he does so. 
    He does pertain a main idea from the Dynamo fight. If you happen to be up 
    close, and he slams down on you, he will break your guard. This is a good way
    to damage him - just like before, roll out of your broken guard and combo him.
    The most dangerous thing is when he uses his gun up close - it will almost 
    always hurt you. The only precaution you can really take in continuously 
    rolling in circles around him, only stopping when he uses a melee attack on
    His grab is less prevalent, so you should be safe to hang around up close, 
    moving around of course.
    He also has a helicopter that circles around, occasionally dropping bombs on 
    the battlefield. They aren't really a problem, unless your positioning is 
    quite unlucky.
    He also uses a rush maneuver that will deal quite a bit of damage. The only 
    real way to avoid this move is to stay at long range, but we don't want to do
    that, do we? Again, just like for the laser cannon, keep rolling around 
    Alternator. This will make it more difficult for him to hit you.
    There! I've given you his attacks and how to avoid them, now you just have to
    apply it, and hit him when he insuccessfully strikes at you. That will be your
    main source of damage for this fight.
             ~-~    CHAPTER 11a    ~-~
          M I L I T A R Y    T A N K    x 2
    ~Machine gun fire
    ~Explosive shell
    This battle is real simple. You will only fight one tank at a time: once the
    first one dies, the second one comes out.
    Make sure you have enough Explosive arrows/Cores for this battle. If you don't
    there are boxes of each on opposite sides of the arena. (I find cores to be a
    bit more useful in this fight).
    Start by rolljumping around the ring, and don't plan to stop. The tank will
    spray machine fire at you: don't worry about it. Now: if the tank's barrel is
    NOT pointed at you, every time you are in the air unleash a Core/Explosive
    Arrow at it. Once it's nozzle swivels to explode you, stop shooting and keep
    rolljumping around to avoid hurt. If you can adequately dodge the pain of the
    explosive shells, and can keep peppering it with arrows, both of these tanks
    should be easy.
             ~-~    CHAPTER 11b    ~-~
         T O M A H A W K    H E L I C O P T E R
    ~Machine gun fire
    ~Missile salvo
    This helicopter has a predictable attack pattern and isn't really too hard to
    take down.
    The helo will start the fight immobile, so fire off some APFSDS Cores or 
    Explosive Arrows until it gets mobile and flys towards you. Turn around to
    follow it's path. It will return with a barrage of missiles so rolljump out of
    the line of fire. After this, it will retreat under the bridge. 
    After retreating under the bridge, it will slowly rise up, so take this time
    to pepper it with Cores or other arrows. After this, it will unleash missiles
    once again, so quickly get evasive. After that, it will fly away then loop
    around to the right.
    As it loops to the right, it will shoot more missiles. Then, it will remains
    stationary for a moment, then fly towards you. 
    At this point, I believe that the process restarts. Continue hitting the helo
    at any point when you aren't getting peppered by missiles, and you will take
    it down.
             ~-~    CHAPTER 12a    ~-~
             E L E C T R I C    W O R M
    ~Wind Up and Swipe
    ~Grab and Eat you
    ~Charge up the Water
    ~Spit Thunderball
    Two strategies for taking this bugger down.
    He will probably start out spitting stuff at you. When he rears up to spit, 
    quickly roll away, as this attack is not blockable.
    First off: The super easy Dabilahro strategy!
    So, always be charging a Dabi UT for this strategy. Also always be either
    on the left or right side of the room, so he can't grab you. When he
    contorts his body up, he will come down to strike you. As he is ABOUT to come
    down, unleash your UT! You will jump right over him and come down HARD. 
    Repeat until he is dead. Obviously, if this doesn't work, you may need to work
    on your timing some. But, don't worry, you'll get it!
    Now 2nd: The still pretty easy any weapon strategy!
    You are still going to want to hug the left or right wall. I find the right
    one easier because of where the camera is. Hold block all the time when you
    aren't attacking here. When he rears to swipe (and you holding block, of 
    course), and when he swipes you he will guard break you. Quickly reverse
    wind into him and perform a hard combo. (I like lv3 DS [][]/\/\/\). When
    he starts to charge the water, you can also reverse wind up and combo him.
    Note this that is kind of risky because if you accidentally fall into the
    water you will take damage. If you end up getting in the middle and the worm
    gets on his belly to grab you, quickly roll away and follow up with a hard 
    combo. Getting away is your first priority, though. 
    Either strategy you use, wormy isn't too hard. You should take him down 
    without much trouble, but remember to get ready to roll if he looks like he
    is going to spit something at you.
             ~-~    CHAPTER 12b    ~-~
           E L E C T R I C    W O R M    x 2
    Pretty much plays out the same as the fight with only one worm. With two,
    however, you will have to be much more evasive, especially since they like
    to spit at you much more than the single worm. I usually like to start this
    fight by hugging the left wall. Usually, this means you kill off the left worm
    first, then you can solely focus on the right one. As for strategy, you can
    really either use the Dabi strategy from the single worm fight or the basic
    strategy will also work. Refer to the single worm fight for the strategies, 
    but remember to keep your roll ready in case they like to spit at you 
    (remember, you can't block the spit).
             ~-~    CHAPTER 12c    ~-~
                   P A S    Z U U
    ~Vertical Beam
    ~Horizontal Beam
    ~Roar (omg scary)
    ~Big Jump - and, er, make an earthquake
    ~Beat his Wings and make dust
    There's a super easy way to take this bird feller down.
    As the fight starts, Pas Zuu is on the back wall of the room, and you are in
    the middle. Immediately move back, it makes it easier to dodge his
    preliminary attacks. He'll start off shooting two types of beams: ones that
    extend the length of the room in a certain spot, then explode, and ones that
    extend the width of the room, then explode. Depending on which he uses, 
    either roll back/forward or left/right to avoid them. Sometimes at this stage
    he will roar. If he does, roll jump forward and throw a windwill shuriken or
    something in his face. 
    His next stage is to jump up on a ledge and roar at you. LISTEN: for this is
    where the strategy starts. You WANT him to move to the door where you entered.
    It is the one where he DIDN'T start at. Remember where that is? Good. While he
    is on the ledge, move to the OPPOSITE side of the room. Causing him to jump to
    the entrance. Now, roll jump over to the door, right behind his rump.
    Now, he is going to try to jump on your head. If you are standing near the 
    door, then this will not effect you. Yay. When he lands, perform an aerial
    combo (preferably an [] finish of the DS aerial). He'll jump again, repeat.
    If, at this point, you stay directly behind him, you are out of range for him
    to beat his wings or take a swipe at you.
    After so many hits to the bum, he will fly away to the original side. So, 
    repeat the strategy until this big guy is dead. 
    Also not this strategy doesn't work at the door he starts in. It was a painful
    experience testing this idea.
    This strategy deserves credit but I don't quite remember (someone of the game
    faqs ngs board) who gave it to me. <.<
             ~-~     CHAPTER 13    ~-~ 
                      D O K U   
    ~Ground Stab
    ~Retaliation Combo
    ~Grab and Siphon
    ~Sword Throw
    This version of Doku plays much like the DDB Doku you fought in Chapter 2, but
    without the unfair advantage. He has the same array of moves with a few added.
    Once again, you'll need to bait Doku into rushing you so you can perform a
    combo on him.
    During this fight, when you are out of range, he will use his sword throw
    maneuver. If you are blocking when it hits, it will only break your guard.
    If you get close, he will uppercut you, or grab you and use your health
    to restore his. 
    The key is to not get close - keep blocking his sword when he throws it
    to bait him into rushing you. Again, you'll know he is about to use this
    move when he folds his sword across himself and rears forward. 
    When he rushes you, quickly dodge it and retaliate with a hard combo. You
    should get away at that point, though, because he can use any of his close
    range moves to counter that, or he can use his retaliation combo, which hurts.
    You'll know he is about to use that when he strikes at you and white sparks 
    emit from his feet.
    Other than that, there isn't much to say. Remember that if he stabs his sword
    into the ground, he will send out a shockwave that can be avoided by jumping
    at the right time. He also has a breath maneuver, but you will have ample 
    warning when he is using this because he will take a couple of seconds to 
    remove his mask.
    There are other strategies for beating Doku. This strategy plays more on the
    defensive and is honestly the one I like the most. Other strategies play
    more offensive and could easily get you hurt quite a bit, and quickly. 
    There are also 5% Unlabored Flawlessness strategies, but that weapon is
    difficult to acquire, and these strategies work better on harder modes 
    So, all you really have to remember is to stay away and blocking his sword 
    throw until he rushes, then attack and get away once again. Follow this, and
    Doku will fall. Make sure to pick up his sword, the Kitetsu, after the battle.
    It's a neat weapon. ;]
             ~-~    CHAPTER 15a    ~-~
                 Y O T U N F R A U
    ~Summon Ice
    ~Sliding Strikes
    Yotunfrau is a big beastie, but he doesn't have a very complex brain and
    will go down pretty easily.
    Yotunfrau will start the battle stationary, so you can take this chance to
    unleash a combo on it. 
    Yotunfrau will alternate between it's 3 attack moves, and 2 movement 
    techniques. When he uses his striking move, he will rear back with one
    arm. At this point, get ready to roll. When he comes down to strike you,
    quickly roll out of the way. He will do this 3 or 4 times in a row. 
    When he rears back with both hands, he is going to grab you. Get out of 
    When he pounds on the ground, icicles will be summoned from the earth and
    will damage you. Rolljump around the arena to avoid these.
    He has two ways to move. One is a little dance on his legs. This can still
    hurt you if you are under his legs when he does this. He can also do an 
    acrobatic flip across the arena to move.
    His strikes and grab move will leave him sprawled on the ground after he has 
    finished. Take this chance to unleash a combo with the Dabilahro or something. 
    Continue attacking him after he moves or when he is recovering after his grab
    or strikes to take him down without any trouble. 
             ~-~    CHAPTER 15b    ~-~
               F I R E    W O R M    x 2
    ~Rear, then swipe
    ~Fire spit
    These Fire Worms will go down even much easier then their Electric Worm 
    cousins. They share a life bar, which makes hitting both of them do an
    incredible amount of damage. 
    If, at this point you don't have the Dabilahro, refer to the Thunder Worm 
    strategy to beat these guys. Assuming you do...
    Immediately charge up an Ultimate Technique and unleash it on both the worms
    when they are in the same spot. Remember Dabi UT releases a shockwave and even
    when the worms aren't near you you will damage them. If the shot hits them 
    both you will take out HALF their life bar. Repeat.
    If you have to use the Thunder Worm non-Dabilahro strategy to take them down,
    there is one difference. Their fire spits are more difficult to roll out of 
    the way of than the Thunder Worms, but the fire will make a ring shape. 
    A well timed jump through the middle of the ring will keep you from taking 
    A thing to keep in mind about this fight is that the worms can pop out any of
    the holes, so one can come from off the camera and attack you. So, if you 
    aren't destroying them with the Dabilahro, you should be extra wary.
             ~-~    CHAPTER 15c    ~-~
                   S M A U G A N
    Smaugan is one big dragon, but he isn't that hard to take down.
    At the start of the battle, run to the right and do a jumping attack down onto
    the button to lift you up to higher ground. Run to the right onto another 
    platform, and stay to the front-left of this platform. At this position, his
    bite attack will not be able to effect you, and he will not use his fireball
    attack at all. Makes the battle so much simpler.
    Now that only two of his attacks are remaining, you will need to be able to 
    dodge them. When he rears his head and wings backward, he is about to use his
    Shockwave move. It will quickly extend from his wings - you will need to 
    perform a well-timed roll to avoid it. You should roll when it is about 
    halfway from him to you. Again, if you take damage, work on your roll timing.
    He will also use his Breath attack. This is the more difficult one to dodge.
    Since you are on the left side of the platform (Smaugan's breath starts from
    the left), you will have less warning of the oncoming attack. You should jump
    straight up when he performs this, since this attack hurts. Again, you will 
    need good timing to dodge this, as the radius is somewhat wide.
    After every few attacks, Smaugan will lay his head forward and down onto the
    platform. At this point unleash a combo with the Dabilahro or some such
    weapon. He will then get back up and start using attacks again.
    As long as you stay in the front-left of the platform, you will be safe from 
    the bite. Focus on dodging his other attacks and damaging him when he puts his
    head down. Keep this up, and the dragon will fall.
             ~-~     CHAPTER 16    ~-~
              A L M A    A W A K E N E D
    ~Grab and Eat
    ~Pink Fireballs
    ~Charged Pink Fireball
    ~Rubble Throw
    The deathly Alma tends to be a difficult boss, but at the same times is very
    uniform and usually attacks in a easy to recognize pattern.
    Alma has two phases, when she is on the ground, and when she is in the air
    (she starts off flying). She will only use Rush and Swipe when she is on the
    ground. Likewise, she will only use the charged fireball, the grab, and the 
    rubble throw when she is airborne. The multiple pink fireballs are used in 
    both phases.
    When Alma is airborne, keep your distance. Continouosly roll-jump around the
    arena to avoid her charged fireball (which hurts) or her other long ranged 
    attacks. Don't get too close either or she will grab you - this is her most
    powerful offense. You aren't going to do damage in this phase, so just stay
    on the defensive. After awhile of avoiding everything Alma's got, she'll drop
    to the floor. 
    Alma is not so predictable in this stage of attack. You should be a fair 
    distance away from her when she gets on the ground -  stay that way. She
    will start by either throwing fireballs (less often) or rushing at you
    (more often) If she throws fireballs, rolljump to avoid them. If she rushes
    you, then get ready! This is your key time to do damage. Avoid her rush
    with rolljumping or a well timed roll away. Then, turn around and immediately
    Flying Swallow Alma. If this is successful, perform some hard combos, then
    get away. If it is not successful, quickly get away, for if you stay too
    close Alma will swipe at you. (She may revert to air combat at this point).
    If you can keep up this process of avoiding her in the air and performing well
    timed attacks at her on the ground, Alma will fall.
             ~-~     CHAPTER 17    ~-~
               S P I R I T    D O K U
    ~Close range slashes
    ~Rush attack
    ~Close range Grab
    ~Sword Throw
    ~Retaliation Combo
    ~Arm Grab
    The Spirit Doku fight plays out somewhat similar to the regular Doku fight.
    Doku will still attack you in the same manner when you are up close, and will
    use the same tactics when you are far away. So, you should use a strategy that
    is pretty close to the same.
    If you are far away, Doku will use his sword throw move. This is very easy to
    avoid - just block, the sword will break your guard, so do a recovery roll.
    He may also send his arm out at range to grab you. Roll to avoid it - if it 
    gets you, spin the left analog rapidly and smash [].
    Alright. What I find it's best to do is get close..he will either use an 
    uppercut or downward slash to attack you. Whatever the case, roll backwards,
    then retaliate with a quick combo. 
    At this point, he may try a close range grab...be ready to roll backwards at
    a moments notice. He will bring his left arm back when he is going to grab 
    The rush attack is still prevalent in this battle, and it still serves the 
    same purpose. If you see him bring his right shoulder down, just as before,
    perform one rolljump backwards then roll out of the way. Retaliate with the
    hardest combo you can muster.
    If at any point he decides to use the retaliation combo, just get away. When
    he is finished, revert to close range.
    Flying Swallow was a prevalent way to damage him in earlier Ninja Gaidens. You
    would follow the same strategy, but after dodging his close range strike would
    Flying Swallow, then perform a quick combo. This strategy is much harder in 
    Sigma, as Spirit Doku seems to be beefed up some. If you are going to use it, 
    though, I find it easier to shuriken cancel and roll away if he blocks your
    Flying Swallow.
    That's all. Punish him for doing the Rush and sneak in some damage in between.
    Doku will fall.
             ~-~    CHAPTER 18a    ~-~
                    M A R B U S
    ~Summon monsters
    ~Punch the ground
    ~Kamikaze Rush
    ~Air swoop
    ~Summon dark fire
    Time for a showdown with the king of hell! Being a flying demon, he is no
    Starting off, Marbus will immediately summon streams of dark fire from the
    ground. Rolljump away continuously to avoid damage. Throughout the fight, 
    he will spawn monsters (on normal mode, brown fiends, I believe). Dispatch of
    them with an Izuna Drop or such, but make sure to leave the Yellow Essence, 
    therefore you can UT Marbus.
    Marbus has 3 base attacks. When you are close to him, he will punch the
    ground. When you are further away, he will swoop at you. His ground punch
    will leave him momentarily vulnerable - perform a combo and roll away. When
    he swoops at you, it can be quickly avoided by rolling away.
    I'm not quite sure as to what triggers his rush, but it's apparent when he is
    about to do it. He'll grunt, then swirl in the air while wind currents 
    surround him -- get ready. When he dive-bombs you, roll away. This will leave
    him stunned. Now, attack. If there is essence lying around, use it. Else, 
    just perform hard combos until he gets back up.
    Keep in mind he will also use his dark fire streams more often after his
    life is depleted to 1/2. All the other attacks remain the same. Using his
    failed rush as a main source of damage ensures victory. 
    Flying swallow attacks have known to be effective but are most likely too
    dangerous to work in most cases, as he can quickly retaliate with a ground
    punch or something while you are in the recovery frames. (On second thought,
    air shuriken cancels would probably eliminate this threat....)
    Another way to tack on extra damage is when he summons fiends. Instead of
    Izuna Drop, use Blade of Niirti ([]/\[][][]) to eliminate them, but perform
    this aerial combo while you are close to Marbus. His being flying, you will
    kill the fiend and also hit Marbus a bit in the process.
             ~-~    CHAPTER 18b    ~-~
              H O L Y    E M P E R O R
    ~Laser Beams that follow a pattern
    Holy Emperor is a wierd fight in and of itself. Fought while you are hovering 
    on a flying rock, this fight reminds me of Mundus from Devil May Cry. But
    enough chatter. 
    Emperor has 3 weak points, both shoulders and his upper stomach. At the start,
    zoom in to a fair range, one that he can't quite reach you from. He will 
    summon lasers that fly around in a particular pattern. This is his main 
    NOTE: When dodging laser beams, you'll realize to hover up and down you have 
    to hold down block.
    When Emperor summons lasers, they will fly around in a pattern. Move up,
    down, left, and right to avoid them, and don't bother attacking at this point.
    If you find the lasers are hitting you quite a bit, move a bit backwards. 
    The Emperor will do about 3 or 4 laser patterns in a row, then rest and be
    vulnerable. Move in and strike either of his shoulders or his stomach. After
    a few combos he will swipe at you. Avoid it. After this, he will either
    be open for attack again, or do more lasers. React accordingly.
    When you defeat either of his shoulders or stomach, the purple shell on them
    will fall off. When you destroy all three, the Holy Emperor will fall.
             ~-~    CHAPTER 18c    ~-~
             C H A O S    E M P E R O R
    ~Attacking Skulls
    ~Large Skull Rush
    His previous form was much prettier. 
    He will begin the battle engulfed in lava, so obviously don't try to get 
    close. Pull out APFSDS Cores or Explosive Arrows and pepper his body with
    ammunition. Keep shooting until skulls start to fly off his body and
    fly towards you. At this point equip the flails and continously combo the 
    skulls - this will take off some life, as well. 
    Keep it up until he detaches his large head. At that point, be on your 
    guard. He will rush you and try to grab you, so quickly roll out of the
    way. If he does grab you, it hurts and he tends to like to drop you
    in lava. 
    Once you dodge the rush, start firing arrows at him again. Repeat these
    processes until he falls. That wasn't so hard, was it?
    If by chance you run out of ammo, the skulls will be your main source of
    damage. But, I believe that he may jump out of the lava and onto land at
    critical health, sometimes. At this point you MAY be able to strike his legs
    but I'm not sure how well this works.
    Yet another rumor I've heard: Once you dodge his rush, you can put a Core in
    the back of his head and take off half his life! But, I've not confirmed this,
    so if someone could tell me if it really works, I'd be much obliged.
             ~-~     CHAPTER 19    ~-~
                F I E N D    M U R A I
    ~Forward Strike (Streak)
    ~Forward Spinning Dive
    ~Jumping Downward Slash
    ~3 Hit Combo
    ~Shuriken Throw
    ~Summon Dragon
    ~Projectile Streak
    For a final boss, Fiend Murai could almost be viewed as a pushover. Certainly,
    he is not the challenge you expect. 
    The best way to damage Murai is to use Flying Swallow - not to spam it, per 
    se, but to use it efficiently when his guard is down.
    When he does his forward strike attack, he will bring his right arm, slowly, 
    back behind his head. Then, he will rush forward with his sword. Roll out of
    the way, and retaliate with a Flying Swallow.
    When he is going to use his forward dive, he does a jump/backflip in place, 
    then fires forward like a torpedo. Again, roll to avoid and follow up with a
    Flying Swallow.
    Both the above attacks he will use when you are at a medium range. When you
    are close, he will use a 3-hit combo. Avoid it with backwards rolls, and, yep,
    follow up with Flying Swallow.
    When he jumps into the air with a forward flip motion, he will momentarily 
    come down hard with his sword. Roll out of the way when you see him jumping to
    avoid damage. He's vulnerable - you know what to do.
    When he is going to throw shurikens at you, shurikens will materialize around 
    him and float there for a second before he throws them. Just rolljump around 
    to avoid damage.
    You will get a moments notice when he uses his grab move, because he brings 
    his hands back. Just roll away. He will most likely use the grab move after
    a 3-hit combo that guard breaks you, or just when you are up close.
    His projectile move is pretty obvious - he flips his sword around, then 
    teleports into the air. He'll then fire a beam of - air? - at you. Roll away
    to the left or right to avoid getting hit.
    His dragon maneuver is also super obvious - you'll see a whole sequence where
    he summons this beast out of somewhere or another. The dragon will charge at 
    you, but is very easy to avoid by rolljumping around.
    The last thing to mention is after successfully nailing a Flying Swallow, 
    Murai will flinch and be momentarily vulnerable. Use this chance, perform a 
    hard combo. If this connects, get ready, because he will most likely 
    retaliate with a 3-hit combo or some such attack.
    Phew...that was a long strategy for such a simple boss. Just avoid, Flying
    Swallow, combo, avoid, avoid, repeat. Congratulation on beating Ninja Gaiden
    Sigma. Enjoy the obvious ending.
             ~-~     AFTERWORD    ~-~
    License --- This guide is copyright Ze_Rhino (Zerhino). This guide is not 
    intended for use on any site other than Gamefaqs.com unless I give the word. 
    Please do not reproduce this guide in any way, and please do not use this 
    guide for your site. If you want to host this guide, please contact me on one
    of the ways listed below to ask me. I will probably say yes.
    Contact Me --- You can contact me by AIM at z3rh1n0 or email at 
    z3rh1n0@aim.com. Either way is fine but I'm not usually on AIM alot so email
    is a more surefire way to get me. Please, if you have a correction for the
    guide, do not be afraid to contact me and tell me about it. I will give
    credit where it is due.
    Credit To --- 
    Team Ninja/Tecmo - Making the (great) game
    Sony - Long live the PS3
    Me - Writing
    You - Playing/Reading
    The GameFAQS NGS board - providing me with lots of strategies that helped me
    through NGS my first time
    VampireHorde - Creating a great NGS walkthrough that helped me a bunch on my
    first time through
    Later, yo! xD
    Copyright 2008 Ryan Bisaillon
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