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"Starts off strong, then Becomes Tedious with Touch Screen controls. Also includes a Game Crashing Bug."


Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack is the cheapest available title currently for the Vita, and is available for download on the PlayStation Network. 7.99 feels like a steal as the game starts out, but eventually gameplay mechanic, after gameplay mechanic put a damper on the experience. During my time with Mutant Blobs, I also experienced an error code that crashed the game and forced a restart. This was after completing a very long level in the final world. I did not write the error code down, so I am not sure how common it actually is. But all of my progress was lost. So be warned before purchasing, the game could crash on you.


Mutant blobs has simple gameplay during the first world, and as you progress through the game more and more gameplay elements are added. Some of these include touch controls and magnetic platforming that uses the L and R buttons. In my experience, the touch controls became annoying fast. While I was impressed by multi touch control, moving my hand off of the Vita to input the touch command felt intrusive on the experience. Since the Vita and its screen are so long, there is a dead zone of space where you cannot reach without fully taking a hand off of the Vita. Plus I use my pointer finger for all touch commands since it is the most comfortable. All in all, the game would have been better without the touch controls.

The most addictive part of Mutant Blobs gameplay is the Katamari like gameplay, where you become larger as you absorb more pieces in the level. This was the simple gameplay that I wish would have remained more prominent as the game went along. As the game moves along, so many other elements are added that dilute the base gameplay that was the most fun to begin with. Don't get me wrong. Mutant Blobs makes a hell of a first impression, I just wish this impression lasted the whole time.


A simple narrative moves the game along. At the Humane Blob Torture Center a group of college students are taking a tour. All of the blobs are shown being tortured and experimented on, and the blob you play as escapes and releases all the other blobs. The blob then stows away in a student's backpack which carries you to the very first level. The story is told in cut scenes where all the humans speak gibberish, and pictures explain what is going on. The Mutant Blob is attempting to escape, save his fellow blobs, and exact revenge.


Mutant blobs has a 1940's feel to it. The screen has a border that looks like an old television, and the Army in the game has older gear. The graphics have an interesting but simple look. The sound on the other hand is essentially the same song played in the entire game. While there are remixed versions I believe, all of the music sounds alike. So while the graphics were enjoyable, the sound became repetitive quickly.

•Play Time/Replayability

Mutant Blobs is roughly a 5 to 6 hour game. It is not very long, and does not have much replayablity. However, it is very cheap. So at 7.99, I feel that the games play time is justified.

•Final Recommendation

Mutant Blobs has its fair share of problems. Even with a game crashing glitch, and gameplay that becomes stale halfway through the game, I still suggest playing this game. While I wish the game kept the simple gameplay found early in the game, it is still unlike any other game I have played. And at 7.99, there is not much to lose with purchasing this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 03/05/12

Game Release: Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack (US, 02/21/12)

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