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    FAQ/Move List by Terotrous

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 04/17/14 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                             P  L  A  Y  S  T  A  T  I  O  N
            MMM      MM   MMMMM  MMMMMM         MM       MM    MMM       MM       M
           MM   M    MM   MMMM   M   M     MMMMMM        M     MM   MM   M   MMMMMM
         MMM   MM   MM   MMMMM  MMMMMM         MMMM   MMM  M   MM   MM   M      MMM
        MM   MMMM   MM   MMMM   MMMMMMMMMMM      MM  MMM  MM   MM       MMMMMM   MM
      MMM           M       M       M    MMMM    M   M         M   MM   MM      MMM
                              B A T T L E     R O Y A L E
         A guide to Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale for the PS3 and PSVita
                         Written by Adam King (aka Terotrous)
                                   Version 2.0
    Table of Contents:
    You can search using the code listed before the titles to jump right to that
    section.  Just press Ctrl-F and type in the code.
    F-0   Faq information
       F-1   Version History
       F-2   Preface
    G-0   Game Basics
       G-1  About Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale
       G-2  Menu Translation
       G-3  Fighting Basics
       G-4  Basic Controls and Notation
       G-5  Advanced Manoeuvres
       G-6  Combos
    C-00  Characters
       C-01  Kratos
       C-02  PaRappa
       C-03  Fat Princess
       C-04  Sweet Tooth
       C-05  Radec
       C-06  Sly Cooper
       C-07  Nathan Drake
       C-08  Cole
       C-09  Evil Cole
       C-10  Ratchet
       C-11  Jak
       C-12  Big Daddy
       C-13  Dante
       C-14  Heihachi
       C-15  Nariko
       C-16  Raiden
       C-17  Sackboy
       C-18  Sir Daniel
       C-19  Spike
       C-20  Toro
       C-21  Kat
       C-22  Emmett Graves
       C-23  Zeus
       C-24  Isaac Clarke
    S-00  Stages
       S-01  Hades
       S-02  Metropolis
       S-03  Dreamscape
       S-04  Sandover Village
       S-05  Invasion
       S-06  Alden's Tower
       S-07  Stowaways
       S-08  Paris
       S-09  Dojo
       S-10  San Francisco
       S-11  Time Station
       S-12  Franzea
       S-13  Columbia
       S-14  Black Rock Stadium
       S-15  Fearless
       S-16  The Graveyard
       S-17  Rivalry Arena
    M-0   Miscellaneous Information
       M-1  Arcade Mode
       M-2  Trials Mode
       M-3  Item Listing
    Z-0   Contact and Credits
       Z-1   Contacting Me
       Z-2   Credits
       Z-3   Closing Information
    FAQ Information:
    Version History:
    1.0 - Dec 3, 2012
    First draft.  Covers all 20 characters in detail.  Still to come: Stages,
    Trials, Items, and a revamp to the move properties in the move lists.
    1.1 - Dec 6, 2012
    Assorted small fixes.  Moves names now line up with the in-game move lists and
    have correct properties (or so I hope).  Added a few more combos for various
    characters.  Now I should be able to work on adding the rest of the content.
    1.2 - Dec 17 - 2012
    More fixes to movelists, some new combos, and stages and items are now listed.
    Trials is just stubbed out, might add more trial information in a later
    1.3 - Jan 25, 2013
    Minor change based on latest patch.  Kat and Emmett are releasing soon!
    1.4 - Feb 17, 2013
    Kat, Emmett, and Fearless are covered.  Final Battle Arena renamed "Rivalry
    Arena" as it is now playable in other modes.  A few new combos added for
    various characters.
    1.5 - Apr 5, 2013
    Sony Santa Monica released an absolutely massive patch for this game, 
    drastically changing almost all characters.  Zeus and Isaac Clarke were also
    released, as was the Graveyard stage.  I've also tried to document all moves
    that have the Turn Around property, though this may be folly as there's a ton.
    2.0 - Apr 17, 2014
    To everyone's great surprise, another massive balance patch has appeared for
    this game.  Once again, virtually all characters have been changed, and there
    are a lot of system changes too.  In general, a lot of things are less safe,
    landings are more punishable now, throws are a bit better, and many characters
    have lost combos into their level 1 supers.
    I decided to make a guide for this game because most fighting game guides are
    simply about movelists and contain very little about actual strategy.  Since
    I think a full set of character FAQs are unlikely to be made for this game,
    I have put most of that kind of information into this guide.
    Game Basics:
    This sections goes over the basics of the game.  
    About Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale: 
    No, it's not just a Sony Smash Bros ripoff.  With that out of the way:
    Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale is a mascot-style fighting game from
    Superbot Entertainment.  Like in Super Smash Bros, up to four characters can
    battle on large and varied stages, with the goal being to eliminate your rivals
    and earn points or be the last one standing.  Unlike Smash Bros, however, 
    in Playstation All-Stars (henceforth PSAS for short), the only way to defeat
    your rivals is to hit them with one of your character's 3 super attacks.
    Attacking your opponents with regular attacks only serves to build meter for
    these moves.  If you played it, you could think of this as being vaguely
    similar to Dissidia's Brave / HP attack system.  You gain power with regular
    attacks and unleash it with supers.
    This system has drawn widespread criticism from all who haven't played it for
    dispensing with the ring out mechanic that made Smash Bros such a success.
    But it turns out there is merit in the super system as well.  PSAS is a game
    that rewards individual achievement far more than Smash Bros, because unlike
    in Smash every hit is rewarded, not just the final one that kills off a
    character.  This makes playing Free-For-Alls in PSAS much more satisfying
    because you don't have lame players who do nothing but sit around and steal
    kills.  Of course, this does have some ramifications on one-on-one battles, 
    but there'll be time to discuss in-depth strategies for each mode later in 
    the guide.
    For now, all you need to know is that this is a fun game that's worth trying
    out for anyone who likes Fighting games or is a fan of Sony characters.
    These are the basic controls for PSAS:
    PSVita                PS3                   Action
    DPad / Left Stick     Dpad / Left Stick     Move
    ><                    ><                    Jump
    []                    []                    Attack 1
    /\                    /\                    Attack 2
    ()                    ()                    Attack 3
    L                     L1                    Block
    R                     R2                    Super
    Right Stick           Right Stick           Throw
    Touch Screen          R1                    Pick up item
    Select                L2                    Taunt
    Start                 Start                 Pause
    Note that you can remap the buttons corresponding to Attack 1, 2 and 3,
    but absolutely every source uses [], /\, and () to correspond to these attacks,
    so that's how the movesets identify them.  This guide also uses the PSVita's
    control scheme in movesets, but it barely matters.
    Gameplay Overview: 
    Regardless of the game mode, combat in PSAS follows the same general formula:
    Attack enemies to gain AP, then spend that AP to land supers and get kills.
    Of course, you can also block and evade your enemies' attacks to prevent them
    from gaining AP and killing you, and you can also steal their AP in various
    There are three main rule types in PSAS, all of which can be played by up to
    four players in whichever team combinations you wish.
    Under the time rule, each match has a predetermined time limit, after which
    the player with the highest score is the winner.  In this mode, killing an
    opponent gives two points, while being killed causes you to lose one.  If two
    or more players have their scores tied at the end, the game continues for
    another minute (even for those who may not have been tied), and everyone earns
    increased AP.  Overtimes can continue indefinitely with progressively higher
    AP earned until someone is leading at the end.
    Of all the modes, time is the most balanced between offence and defence, since
    your final score is a reflection of both how many kills you got and how often
    you died.  This is generally the preferred mode for Free For Alls.
    Under the stock rule, each player has a predetermined number of lives, one of
    which will be lost each time they are killed.  When they have none left, they
    are eliminated, and must sit out until only one player remains.
    The stock rule prioritizes defence over offence, since killing someone yields
    no direct benefit, it is just as good for you for someone else to kill off one
    of your rivals as for you to do it yourself.  As such, running away from the
    action is often a good strategy in a Free For All.  Nevertheless, this is
    the preferred ruleset for a one on one match.  In a 2 on 2, using the stock
    rule means that the game becomes a 2 on 1 after one player is eliminated,
    and may come down to a 1 on 1 at the end.
    Kill Limit
    Under the kill limit rule, the goal is to reach a predetermined number of kills
    before any of your opponents.
    The kill limit rule prioritizes offence above defence.  Being killed doesn't
    decrease your score, so it's best to go all out and focus on getting as much
    AP as possible no matter the risk.  In a one on one, this rule is identical to
    stock, but in a two on two, using this rule ensures that no one ever has to
    sit out.
    Advanced Mechanics: 
    There's more to playing PSAS than just hitting buttons and using supers.
    The game has many advanced mechanics that you must learn to succeed.
    All characters in PSAS have not only the ability to jump on the ground, but
    the ability to perform a mid air jump as well, once per time they touch the
    ground.  Some characters can hover by holding ><.  You can also drop through
    certain types of platforms by holding down and pressing ><.  If you just tap
    the >< button, you'll do a shorter jump, hold it for a longer jump.
    Be aware that you cannot gain additional mid-air jumps without landing, so
    always make sure you have a plan for getting back down to the ground safely
    after using a double jump or enemies can take advantage of your lack of 
    vertical options to land guaranteed attacks on you.
    Like most fighting games, PSAS features combos, which are sequences of attacks
    where if the first one hits, the opponent cannot escape from any of the
    subsequent attacks.  
    All attacks in PSAS have a certain amount of "hitstun", which is the length of
    time after being attacked before the opponent can take an action, but hitstun 
    in PSAS is typically fairly short compared to other fighting games.  In order 
    to create longer combos, you must make use of moves that put the opponent in 
    certain vulnerable states: Stagger, Butt Drop and Crumple (also Daze, Freeze, 
    and Shock, but those are less common).  These states all typically allow for a
    follow-up attack, though if you perform another attack that inflicts the same
    state, the opponent is immediately put in a knockdown state.  You can, however,
    alternate between different states.
    Another important factor in combos is the Infinite Prevention System,
    henceforth called "IPS" for short.  In order to prevent combos that go on
    forever, there is a maximum amount of AP that can be taken from one opponent
    in one combo, after which they will be blasted away in an invincible state
    that does not end until they hit the ground or perform an attack.  In PSAS, the
    IPS activates whenever one character is comboed for upwards of 100 AP.  Note
    that you do not have to do all 100 AP worth of damage yourself, if another
    opponent inflicts 70 AP on a character and you hit them for 30 more before they
    recover, it will trigger the IPS.  You still gain any extra AP that goes over
    this limit, for example if the enemy was at 95 AP, and you did an attack that
    hit for 20, the extra 15 AP is not lost.  You are also awarded 30 AP for free 
    simply for hitting the IPS, so it is quite profitable to do so.  Also note that
    attacks that have no knockback do not contribute to the 100 AP limit.
    Blocking, Rolling, Air Dodging, and Invulnerability:
    Equally important to dealing damage is defending yourself against your
    opponents' attacks.  Blocking an attack reduces the AP the opponent gains by
    half and prevents you from being put into hitstun (you are instead put into
    the shorter "blockstun", which in this game is usually very short), and also
    prevents any additional properties the moves may have from activating.
    Unlike other fighting games, you do not have to block high or low or even the
    correct direction, as long as you hold block, you are protected from attack. 
    But be aware that some attacks, such as throws, unblockables, and supers,
    cannot be blocked.  
    You can also roll by holding block and pressing left or right.  This will
    cause you to roll in the indicated direction, which makes you invincible to
    attack, allowing you to evade not only regular attacks but also unblockable
    attacks and supers.  However, you can still be thrown while rolling, and
    rolls have a vulnerable period when they end where you are susceptible to
    attack.  Unlike in Smash Bros, this game lets you choose which direction you
    face after a roll by holding the direction you want to face during the roll.
    PSAS does not allow you to block in midair, but instead you can perform an
    air dodge by pressing the block button.  This will cause your character to
    become briefly invincible followed by a period of vulnerability, though unlike
    a roll it does not move you in any particular direction.  It also does not last
    as long, there are some attacks that are active long enough that you cannot
    air dodge them.
    Finally, you can also avoid attack by using some move that gives you
    invulnerability.  A very few moves have this property, but all level 2 supers
    are immune to non-super attacks, and level 3s are completely invincible, so
    you can use those to get out of trouble.  You're also invulnerable when you
    respawn from being killed, but be aware you lose it the moment you touch an
    attack button (or after a few seconds).  If you want to get to a better
    position, don't mash out an attack.
    An important change in version 1.10 of the game is that if you are in the
    middle of an attack when you land, you cannot block or roll for a short time
    after you land.  This makes short hop attacks somewhat riskier to perform as
    you can be caught with long distance attacks when you land.  As of the latest
    version, there's even a very short period of vulnerability after a regular
    Knockdowns and Wakeup Options:
    Many moves in PSAS put the opponent in a knockdown state, causing them to lie
    down on the floor.  During this time, they are immune to all forms of attack,
    but they can't stay on the floor forever.  A knocked down combatant must choose
    one of four wakeup options, which all have their pros and cons.
    Waking up normally is the most basic option, this happens if you don't press
    anything.  You'll be invincible until you get up, and then you can act
    immediately with no period of vulnerability.  This means you can, say, get
    up and immediately block even if the opponent is already in the middle of an
    attack, or get up and immediately jump and air dodge.
    Alternatively, you can roll forward or backward by pressing left or right.  
    Just like regular rolls, these wakeup rolls can be thrown, and they still are 
    very briefly vulnerable at the end.  You cannot roll and immediately block like
    you could if you got up normally, so if the opponent follows you they can get
    a free hit.
    You can also delay your wakeup by holding block.  This is similar to the
    regular wakeup and also has no vulnerability, you just stay on the ground a
    little longer to confuse the opponent.  You can also choose to roll at any
    time by pressing left or right.  Use this to confuse people trying to chase
    your rolls.
    The final option is only available if you are knocked down on top of a platform
    that allows you to drop through it, in which case you can hold L and press down
    to flip down through the platform.  You will lose your invincibility the moment
    you drop through the platform so plan accordingly.
    You can also perform a kind of wakeup in the air:  Whenever your hitstun ends,
    you can tech in any of the four directions by holding that direction.
    Unlike regular wakeups, these are all completely safe and have no recovery,
    but opponents can still chase with attacks and supers so be ready to air dodge.
    Losing AP:
    Although the vast majority of attacks in PSAS cause the attacker to gain AP,
    there are a few ways AP can be lost before it can be spent on supers.
    The first and most common way for AP to be lost is through throws.  Each
    character has 3 throws, and all of them take away some percentage of the
    opponent's AP (it's not a fixed percentage and varies based on certain
    conditions, but the more they have, the more they'll lose).  Since this AP
    is ejected from the opponent in the form of AP balls, anyone can claim it,
    including the person who was thrown.
    Another way for AP to be lost is through stage hazards.  If you are hit by
    some part of the stage, you'll lose AP, which again comes out as AP balls
    that anyone can take.  More on hazards in the stage section.
    A third way for AP to be lost is by being hit with an item.  Most items eject
    AP balls from their target when they hit.
    And finally, some moves simply steal AP from the opponent, with or without
    AP balls.
    Move Properties Legend: 
    Moves can have many different properties in this game.  I've documented them
    in the movelists using four-letter codes.  Here's a description of what they
    all mean.
    ABSR - Absorb
    Moves with this property absorb any non-super projectiles, gaining AP equal
    to the damage they would have dealt.
    ALLY - Ally
    Moves with this property call out some other character to help.  This differs
    from a standard projectile in that they cannot be stopped or absorbed, and
    if the character who called them is hit, they still continue to attack.
    AIMA - Aimable
    Moves with this property can be aimed before they are used.
    APOR - AP Orbs
    Moves with this property create AP orbs, that can be picked up by any player
    to gain AP.
    ARMR - Armoured
    Moves with this property cannot be interrupted by other attacks, and hitting
    them does not cause you to gain AP.  When an opponent in an armoured state is
    hit, they flash red.
    BOUN - Ground Bounce
    Moves with this property bounce a grounded opponent off the ground, after which
    they slowly fall back down into a knockdown state.  They can be hit on the way
    down for a combo.
    BUTT - Butt Drop
    Moves with this property knock the opponent onto their backside, possibly
    allowing for further combos.
    CHRG - Chargeable
    Moves with this property can be charged, usually leading to a stronger variant,
    though in some cases it just lets you keep an attack out longer.
    CINE - Cinematic
    Moves with this property trigger a cinematic, after while every character is
    immediately defeated
    CNCL - Cancellable
    Moves with this property can have part of their animation cut short by another
    move.  Generally each move can only cancel into certain specific moves,
    which will be noted in the section for that move.
    CNTR - Counter
    Moves with this property are invincible to normal attacks, and will go into
    a special counterattack animation if hit while they are active.
    CRMP - Crumple
    Moves with this property cause the opponent to slowly crumple to the ground,
    possibly allowing a further combo.  If not hit, they will go into a knockdown
    DAZE - Daze
    Moves with this property immobilize the opponent for a very long time,
    allowing almost any possible follow-up combo.
    FIRE - Fire
    Moves with this property create fire on the ground, anyone touching it gives
    AP to the person who created the fire.
    FREZ - Freeze
    Moves with this property turn the opponent into ice for a while, possibly
    allowing for a further attack.
    HOLD - Holdable
    Moves with this property allow you to hold the button to make them last
    INVN - Invulnerable
    Moves with this property are completely immune to all forms of attack.
    Characters glow white when they are invulnerable.
    JMCL - Jump Cancel
    Moves with this property can be cancelled into a jump or double jump,
    allowing you to end the move faster than normal.
    KNBK - Knockback
    Moves with this property blast the opponent away, preventing further combos.
    If they hit a wall, they will bounce off, potentially allowing them to be
    hit again.
    KNDW - Knockdown
    Moves with this property put the opponent in a floored state, where they are
    immune to further attack and must choose a wakeup option.
    LAUN - Launcher
    Moves with this property toss the enemy straight upwards, designed to allow
    some kind of air combo afterwards.
    LIFT - Lift
    Moves with this property lift the enemy upwards, possibly allowing further
    combos.  A grounded opponent hit with an attack that has this property is
    no longer considered grounded.
    MASH - Mashable
    Moves with this property allow you to mash the button to get additional hits
    or shots.
    NOBL - No Block
    Moves with this property cannot be blocked.  All throws have this property,
    as do certain unblockable attacks that inflict guard crush if blocked,
    dealing full damage and causing the opponent to stagger backwards, allowing
    a further combo.
    NOCP - No Chip Damage
    Moves with this property do not gain any AP when blocked.
    NOKL - No Kill
    Moves with this property are moves from state change supers that aren't
    actually fatal.
    NOKN - No Knockback
    Moves with this property do no knockback and thus do not interrupt opponent's
    moves.  These moves also do not contribute to the 100 AP limit for the IPS,
    potentially allowing more than 100 AP to be gained.  Opponents hit with an
    attack that has no knockback flash yellow.
    PRFL - Projectile Reflect
    Moves with this property reflect projectile attacks.
    PRIN - Projectile Invulnerable
    Moves with this property negate projectile attacks.
    PROJ - Projectile
    Moves with this property fire some kind of projectile that travels across the
    screen independent from the character that used it.  They can also be absorbed
    or negated by certain moves.
    PULL - Pull
    Moves with this property either pull the opponent towards you or pull you to
    the opponent.
    RAGE - Rage
    Moves with this property scramble the opponent's controls for a little while.
    RLCL - Roll Cancel
    Moves with this property can be cancelled into rolls by pressing left or right.
    SHCK - Shock
    Moves with this property immobilize the opponent for a little while, possibly
    allowing for further combos.
    STAT - State Change
    Moves with this property put the character in a different state, altering
    their available moves or their properties.
    STEL - Steal AP
    Moves with this property steal some AP from the opponent.
    STGR - Stagger
    Moves with this property knock the opponent down onto their knee, potentially
    allowing for further combos.
    STOR - Storable
    Moves with this property can be stored for later use.
    TELE - Teleport
    Moves with this property cause the character using them to disappear and
    reappear somewhere else.  During the teleport, they're actually gone, and
    can pass through obstacles on the way to their destination.
    TRAP - Trap
    Moves with this property remain in the environment for a while and can continue
    to serve their function if someone comes in range.
    TURN - Turn Around
    Moves with this property allow you to press back during the early frames of the
    move and attack the other way.  This is useful for attacking people who try to
    roll behind you, and it makes combos that involve turning around easier to do.
    A Spartan Soldier trained to be the ultimate warrior by Ares, the God of War.
    Ares sought to turn Kratos into a killing machine through personal tragedy, but
    Kratos turned his rage towards the gods instead, beginning a brutal campaign of
    revenge against all who wronged him.  Nothing will stand in his way until all
    of Olympus falls.
    In PSAS, Kratos is a very well balanced character who has good range, easy
    combos, and a tool for just about every situation.  He's very easy for new
    players to pick up, and his range and versatility make him a powerful
    character in the hands of a veteran.
    Ground Moveset:
    Input      Name                        AP Gain / Cost    Properties
    []         Olympic Fury                5                 TURN
    :[]        Olympic Fury 2nd            5                 TURN
    ::[]       Olympic Fury Finish         25                KNBK, TURN
    >[]        Combat Grapple              30                KNBK, PULL, NOCH
    ^[]        Olympic Ascension           20                LAUN
    v[]        Olympic Storm               10                BOUN, TURN
    :[]        Olympic Storm 2nd           10                BOUN
    /\         Plume of Prometheus         20                LAUN, TURN
    >/\        Spartan Charge              30                ARMR, KNBK, NOCH
    ^/\        Brutal Ascension            30                KNBK
    v/\        Barbaric Crash              20                KNDW, PROJ
    ()         Golden Fleece               20                CNTR, PRFL, LIFT
    >()        Apollo's Bow                5                 PROJ, CHRG, MASH, NOKN
    >() (hold) Apollo's Bow (Charged)      10                PROJ
    ^()        Icarus Ascension            20                
    v()        Helios' Flash               20                BUTT, CHRG, RLCN
    v() (hold) Helios' Flash (Charged)     20                NOBL, CRMP
    >Throw     Battering Ramp              Varies            NOBL, KNBK
    ^Throw     Furious Uppercut            Varies            NOBL, BOUN
    vThrow     Cestus Slam                 Varies            NOBL, KNDW
    R (Lvl1)   Divine Absolution           150               TURN
    R (Lvl2)   Divine Reckoning            400               PROJ
    R (Lvl3)   Rage of Sparta              750               STAT
    :[]        Olympic Slash
    :/\        Olympic Lunge
    :()        Olympic Shot                                  PROJ
    Air Moveset:
    Input      Name                        AP Gain / Cost    Properties
    []         Olympic Fury                5                 TURN
    :[]        Olympic Fury 2nd            5                 TURN
    ::[]       Olympic Fury Finish         25                KNBK, TURN
    >[]        Olympic Crash               30                KNBK
    ^[]        Cyclone of Chaos            30                KNBK
    v[]        Athena's Revenge            20                KNDW, TURN
    /\         Athena's Fury               10                
    >/\        Spartan Glory               30                MASH, KNBK
    ^/\        Vicious Maul                30                KNBK
    v/\        Barbaric Crash              20                KNDW, PROJ
    ()         Golden Fleece               20                CNTR, PRFL, KNBK
    >()        Apollo's Bow                5                 PROJ, MASH, NOKN
    ^()        Icarus Ascension            20                
    v()        Helios' Flash               20                BUTT
    Combos for AP:
    [], [], ^[] (hold), [], [], []    - 65 AP
    This is about the most basic combo possible.
    [], [], /\, (wait) ^[] (hold), ^(), (jump in midair) ^/\    - 130 AP
    Since /\ only does 20 AP now it requires a tiny bit more effort to hit the IPS,
    but the gist of Kratos old BnB still works.  The /\ has a ton of hitstun, so
    let the opponents come most of the way down before the ^[].
    [], [], /\, (wait) ^[] (hold), ^(), (jump in midair) [], [], []    - 135 AP
    As before, you can also do [], [], [] as a finisher instead if your timing is
    [], [], v[], /\, (wait) ^[] (hold), ^(), (jump in midair) [], [], []  - 145 AP
    Slightly longer variant that gains a little more AP.  You have to move forward
    before the ^[] or it will miss.
    (air) v(), [], [], /\, (wait) ^[] (hold), ^(), (jump in midair) ^/\   - 150 AP
    Helios Flash isn't the fastest attack ever, but if it hits a grounded opponent,
    you can follow up with whatever ground combo you want.  Note that unless you
    or the opponent is in the corner, you may have to walk forward a bit for
    some of the attacks in order to get them to connect.  If you think you're too
    far away for the full thing, just go for [], [], [] instead.
    ^Throw, [], [], /\, (wait) ^[] (hold), ^(), (jump in midair) ^/\    - 130 AP
    You can combo after Kratos' up throw, which is an amazing way to remove AP
    and build it at the same time.  The timing on the first [] is somewhat tight,
    (), ^[] (hold), ^(), (jump again) [], [], []   - 95 AP
    You can't get much after a successful counter, but ^[] does land.  You can then
    do whatever air combo you want, but thanks to the nerf to the [] combo you
    can't hit the IPS.
    Combos into Supers:
    v() (hold), R (Lvl 1)
    This requires full charge, which is obviously not reliable.
    (air) v(), (land) R (Lvl 1)
    This is more reliable but the v() must hit from very close, or the opponent
    must be in the corner.
    [], [], /\, R (Lvl 2)
    This builds a little AP, but Lvl 2 is pricey.  It's not recommended unless
    you're hitting at least two guys, ideally 3.
    (), ^[], R (Lvl 2)
    You can also land level 2 after a counter.  You have to walk forward a bit
    after both the () and the ^[] to make it all connect.
    Notable Move Breakdown:
    Olympic Fury
    Kratos swings a few times with his chains.
    Kratos basic [] attacks have excellent range and are great at hitting multiple
    opponents in FFAs.  However, in the latest version, the third hit is no longer
    as safe as it used to be and can be punished on block.  Try to stop after the
    second hit if your attacks are being blocked, that way you can cancel into
    the third attack or /\ and turn around if the opponent tries to roll through
    you.  This cancel can be done extremely late to discourage the opponent from
    doing anything.
    Combat Grapple
    Kratos reaches out with his chains, and if he gets someone, he pulls himself
    towards them for a body slam.
    What makes this move so crazy is that it tracks on the opponent, whether 
    they're in the air, on the ground, above, or even on a platform below Kratos.
    This makes it an absurdly good move for keeping people away from you or picking
    up free hits on an opponent who was sent flying by someone else.  It's no
    longer nearly as safe as it once was, though, so you shouldn't throw it out
    all the time or people will start dodging it.  You also get no AP if it is
    Spartan Charge
    Kratos pulls out a shield and spear and charges forward, stabbing with his
    spear if he hits someone.
    The nice thing about this move is that it has armour, Kratos can go through
    attacks and projectiles while charging.  You can use it to approach campers,
    but like the Combat Grapple it gains no AP on block and is quite punishable.
    Barbaric Crash
    Kratos pulls out a huge hammer and slams it into the ground, creating a
    flaming shockwave.
    This move is mainly useful for the projectile it generates, which travels slow
    and is fairly large.  It's a good move to do if you've got some space, but
    don't go for it too much as it can be punished if jumped over.  If the
    projectile hits, it tosses opponents upwards, where you can follow up with
    any basic air combo.
    Golden Fleece
    Kratos poses, and if he is hit, he does a counterattack.  This can also
    reflect projectiles, and you gain AP even if the reflected projectile doesn't
    hit anyone.
    This has a very short counter window, but if timed right it is very useful
    defensively.  You can get a fairly solid combo off the ground version.
    Helios Flash
    Kratos pulls out Helios' head, and it releases a flash that butt drops enemies.
    Allows a combo afterwards on a grounded opponent, though if using the air
    version you must be fairly close to them to get the combo.  You can also charge
    this, but it's too slow to be very useful.  Charging it and then roll
    cancelling could be useful as a fake out, I guess.  You can also use this to
    link a level 1 super, if the air version hits very close.
    Divine Absolution
    Kratos pulls out a huge sword, then lunges forward, making a wide slash.
    This has a big hitbox, but is fairly slow and hard to combo into.  It's not
    generally a great use of meter unless you can bait out a back roll.
    Divine Reckoning
    Kratos slams the ground with a sword, unleashing a huge tornado above him.
    This has a huge hitbox and comes out fast, but it's expensive, unless you can
    get all 3 it's generally best to save up for level 3.
    Rage of Sparta
    Kratos turns big and gains new attacks.
    This is why everyone fears Kratos.  In this mode, Kratos has numerous deadly
    attacks that are very difficult to avoid, and he can usually get 4 or more
    kills in a Free For All.
    The [] is the fastest slash, and the one you'll want to use most often.  But
    it's important to mix it up between ground and air slashes so the opponents
    can't easily roll between your attacks.
    The /\ attack covers a lot of distance and is a good way to catch people who
    try to roll backwards away from your attacks.
    The () attack is a projectile attack and is good for catching people who are
    far away.  It can be dodged, but it's very fast and the timing is tight.
    Kratos Strategy and Notes:
    1 on 1:
    Kratos is a very good character, but he's not quite as strong in a one on one
    as he is elsewhere because he can't combo into his level 1 very well.  Still,
    he does have very good tools, and he can build a lot of AP.  If you can get
    your level 3 you stand a good chance of getting 2 kills, but you'll have to
    build a lot of AP for it.
    2 on 2:
    Kratos is a pretty solid character for 2v2, because his Level 3 can usually
    get a solid 4 kills and his ally can help him land level 1s.  With his
    weaknesses easily compensated for by almost any character, and the great
    versatility he can provide, he makes a solid addition to pretty much any team.
    Kratos is one of the most frightening characters in a Free For All.  He has
    huge range, so he can easily disrupt others' combos and pick up multiple
    characters in a single combo.  His level 3 isn't the absolute best, but his
    ability to build AP is virtually unparalleled, so you'll have lots of
    opportunities to use it and wreak havoc.
    PaRappa is a young dog living in PaRappa town.  Like most teenagers, his life
    is filled with all sorts of ups and downs, but he has a unique way to deal
    with his problems - he Raps them away.  Whether it's taking a driving test, 
    working at his first job, enlisting in the army, or going to the bathroom,
    there's no situation PaRappa can't turn around with a little rhythm.
    In PSAS, Parappa is a close-range melee character.  He's quite fast and has
    big combos, but his range is very short.  He needs to stay constantly on the
    move to find openings and avoid getting overwhelmed.
    Ground Moveset:
    Input      Name                        AP Gain / Cost    Properties
    []         Punch                       5                 TURN
    :[]        Thousand Punch              35                MASH, KNBK
    >[]        Body Check                  20                LIFT
    ^[]        Uppercut                    20                LAUN
    v[]        Trip                        20                BOUN
    /\         Whack                       20                LIFT, TURN
    >/\        Smash                       20                KNDW
    ^/\        Flip                        20                LIFT
    v/\        Push                        30                KNDW
    ()         Come Here                   10                PULL, TURN
    >()        I'm a Fan                   20                BUTT
    ^()        Blast it Up                 30                KNBK
    v()        Boxy Groove                 --                APOR
    >Throw     Dance Kick                  Varies            NOBL, KNBK
    ^Throw     Acrobat Kick                Varies            NOBL, LIFT
    vThrow     Kung-Fu Kick                Varies            NOBL, KNDW
    R (Lvl1)   Romantic Karate             125               TURN
    R (Lvl2)   Skater Boy                  400               STAT, TURN
    R (Lvl3)   Doom Box ft. PaRappa        620               CINE
    Air Moveset:
    Input      Name                        AP Gain / Cost    Properties
    []         Kick                        5                 TURN
    :[]        Spin Kick                   20                KNDW
    >[]        Leap                        20                LIFT
    ^[]        Uppercut                    20                LIFT
    v[]        Thousand Kick               39                MASH, KNDW
    /\         Whack                       20                KNBK, TURN
    >/\        Dash                        20                LIFT
    ^/\        Flip                        20                LIFT
    v/\        Slam                        30                KNDW
    ()         Come Here                   10                PULL, TURN
    >()        I'm a Fan                   20                LIFT
    ^()        Blast it Up                 30                KNBK
    v()        Boxy Groove                 --                APOR
    Combos for AP:
    >(), (), v[], ^[] (hold), >()    - 90 AP
    This is a good, fast combo that is useful in free for alls.  It doesn't hit
    the IPS unless you can find time to get in a second ^[], though.
    [], v[], >[], ^[] (hold), (wait) (), [], []   - 130 AP
    PaRappa's ^[] has been slowed down, so the double ^[] is gone.  However,
    v[] is easier to link into >[] now, so you can just do this combo instead.
    You have to wait a bit after the launch so the opponent can fall towards the
    ().  You can also start this combo after a ().
    (air) >/\, >[], ^[] (hold), (jump in midair) (), [], []   - 95 AP
    PaRappa's divekick is one of his best ways to get in.  And he can do a huge
    combo afterwards.  It doesn't hit the IPS anymore though thanks to the loss
    of his double uppercut, though.
    ^Throw, ^[] (hold), (jump in midair) (), [], []  - 55 AP
    Parappa can even get a lot of AP after a throw.  You have to double jump after
    this ^[] due to the height of the opponents.
    Combos into Supers:
    (air) >/\, R (Lvl 2), (jump)
    You can combo a level 2 in a couple situations, like after air >/\.
    Notable Move Breakdown:
    Parappa dives down on a downwards angle with his skateboard.
    This allows for a big combo afterwards, but be careful.  Once you start it,
    you can't stop, so if the opponent sees it coming they can easily counter it
    with either a counter attack or a super, so make sure you don't get
    Come Here
    Parappa whips out his Mic like a wire, and pulls in anyone it hits for a combo.
    This is an amazing combo starter, as it has pretty good range and is fairly
    safe.  The air version has absurdly huge range so if you have good range you
    can suck in an opponent from way across the stage.
    Another fun trick is to immediately go for up throw after it hits on the
    ground.  If the opponent is napping, you can steal a lot of AP and still 
    get a combo.
    Boxy Groove
    Parappa tosses down Boxy Boy, which generates some AP orbs.
    This move allows Parappa to generate AP without fighting, though the amount
    it generates isn't very much.  You can't just camp out with this in FFA, the
    others will outpace you in kills too much.
    Romantic Karate
    Parappa does a flip kick that kills anyone beside or above him.
    Unfortunately, this is too slow to combo into, and it doesn't have a huge
    hitbox either.  It's generally a pretty weak super.
    Skater Boy
    Parappa pulls out his Skateboard and starts skating around, anyone he touches
    is defeated.
    Parappa has no "attacks" in this mode, he's just constantly deadly.  He also
    moves forward automatically, though you can turn around, jump, and double
    jump to hunt down the enemies.  This is generally his best super for getting
    kills, it can reliably get all 3 opponents in an FFA.
    Doom Box ft. Parappa
    Parappa puts on a concert, which defeats everyone.
    This super kills everyone the moment you activate it.  Unfortunately, it's
    pretty expensive for 3 kills, considering you can already get that with 
    his level 2 fairly easily.  The only real use for this is that it can also
    interrupt someone else's super, so you could camp it if you were in the lead.
    PaRappa Strategy and Notes:
    1 on 1:
    PaRappa is kind of weak in a one on one match because he lacks any reliable
    way to land his level 1 super.  His level 2 can double kill with some 
    reliability, but it means he has to land a lot of combos to win.  At least he
    is one of the few characters who can do fairly large amounts of damage with
    air to air combos, so this may give him an edge against some people if he
    stays in the air.  You'll also want to make heavy use of that up throw combo
    if you can land it.
    2 on 2:
    PaRappa's okay in 2 on 2 matches because with a little help he can land his
    level 1 more reliably, and his level 2 is quite good here.  However, he's not
    very versatile, so combining him with another character who has significant
    weaknesses may leave your team vulnerable to certain types of counterpicks.
    Free for All is definitely PaRappa's best mode, since this is where his level
    2 is at its deadliest, but he still has to work pretty hard for wins since
    his long combos are pretty easily interrupted by other players.  You really
    have to dance around and pick your spots well to gain AP and stay out of
    trouble.  He's good at getting throws, too, make use of his speed and take
    AP from people who are aiming for level 3.
    Fat Princess:
    Fat Princess has a completely insatiable appetite for cake, she and her
    soldiers scour the globe for all traces of the fluffy, frosted delight.  All
    those sweets has left her with a rather rounded physique, but don't think that
    hampers her capacity in a fight, she knows how to throw her weight around and 
    travels with a squadron of soldiers who are ready to assist her at any time.
    In PSAS, Fat Princess is a unique character who compensates for her slow range
    and poor mobility with the ability to summon soldiers to assist her.  Although
    only one can be on the screen at any given time, they are immensely useful as
    Fat Princess is still free to move and attack while they are out.  This allows
    her to poke away at enemies safely and set up some pretty nasty traps and
    Ground Moveset:
    Input      Name                        AP Gain / Cost    Properties
    []         Scepter Bash                5                 CHRG, TURN
    :[]        Scepter Bash 2nd            10                LIFT
    [] (hold)  Scepter Bash (Charged)      20                NOBL, ARMR, CRMP
    >[]        Scepter Rush                20                LIFT
    ^[]        Scepter Slash               20                LAUN
    v[]        Scepter Flash               20                LIFT
    /\         Ballerina Spin Slam         30                AIMA, MASH, LIFT
    >/\        Pattycake                   20                MASH, LIFT
    ^/\        Ballerina Glide             30                KNBK
    v/\        Butt Stomp                  10                CHRG, KNDW
    ()         Mage Fireball               20                ALLY, PROJ
    >()        Warrior Rush                10                ALLY
    ^()        Upward Mage Fireball        20                ALLY, PROJ
    v()        Worker Bomb Drop            20                ALLY, TRAP
    >Throw     Whirl n' Twirl              Varies            NOBL, KNBK
    ^Throw     Tumble Toss                 Varies            NOBL, LIFT
    vThrow     Belly Drop                  Varies            NOBL, KNDW
    R (Lvl1)   Feed Me Cake                150               
    R (Lvl2)   Ride the Chicken            450               STAT
    :ANY       Chicken Attack
    R (Lvl3)   Protect the Princess        670               ALLY, PROJ
    Air Moveset:
    Input      Name                        AP Gain / Cost    Properties
    []         Scepter Bash                10                KNDW
    >[]        Scepter Rush                20                LIFT
    ^[]        Scepter Slash               20                LAUN
    v[]        Scepter Smash               20                STGR
    /\         Ballerina Kicks             15                
    >/\        Belly Bounce                30                KNBK
    ^/\        Ballerina Glide             30                KNBK
    v/\        Butt Stomp                  20                KNDW
    ()         Mage Fireball               20                ALLY, PROJ
    >()        Warrior Lunge               20                ALLY, BUTT
    ^()        Upward Mage Fireball        20                ALLY, PROJ
    v()        Worker Bomb Drop            20                ALLY, TRAP
    Combos for AP:
    [], [], ^/\   - 45AP
    Fat Princess's quickest combo, though it builds little AP.  Useful when
    surrounded and you need to get a combo quickly.
    [], [], ^[], (jump) ^/\   - 70 AP
    Bread and butter combo.  Good AP gain for how fast it is.  >/\ is an alternate
    ending, both build the same AP, but ^/\ recovers faster.  After this combo,
    the opponent will be above you, and you can harass with ^().
    (air) >(), (land) [], [], ^[], (jump) ^/\   - 85 AP
    Air >() butt drops when it hits, allowing for any ground combo afterwards.
    (air) >(), (land, jump up towards) v[], (land), >(), [], [], ^[],
    (jump) >/\   - 135 AP
    Fat Princess's [] no longer crumples, so you have to do this slightly different
    combo instead.  It still works just as well.
    (air) v[], (land), >(), (jump up toward) v[], [], [], ^[],
    (jump) >/\   - 145 AP
    You can also hit the IPS without air >().
    (air) >(), (land, jump up towards) v[], (land), >(), (jump up toward) v[], 
    (land) ^[], (jump) >/\   - 150 AP
    Or you can get a bit more damage by combining them.
    (air) >(), (land, jump up towards) v[], (land), >(), v/\, [], [], ^[],
    (jump) >/\   - 155 AP
    You can also use the v/\ to get max damage (make sure to do it immediately
    after launching the >() ), though the link is a little tighter.
    [], [], ^[], (), (wait, jump) [], (land, jump again) >/\    - 135 AP
    This is among the most damage you can get without air >() or air v[], but the
    timing is very tight.  You must mash the () immediately after the ^[],
    then jump soon afterwards and hit them down into the fireball with the tip
    of your scepter.  It's pretty unreliable in FFA, so I'd usually recommend a
    simpler combo unless [] is all you have time for and you really need the AP.
    (air) >(), (land) (charge) [], >(), [], [], ^[], (jump) >/\    - 145 AP
    This only works if your air >() hits from very close, but it is a very easy
    high damage combo.
    (air) >(), (land, jump up towards) v[], (land), >(), /\ (mash)    - 131 AP
    Poachers coming to mess up your hard earned combo?  Nail them with /\ and
    still hit the IPS.
    (air) v/\, [], [], ^[], (jump) >/\    - 85 AP
    It's not a good strategy to rely on air v/\ overly much, particularly now that
    the [] doesn't crumple anymore and you can't hit the IPS.
    >/\, >[], ^[], (jump) ^/\  - ~76AP
    Pattycake isn't great in combos, but it moves fast, so it can sometimes work
    as a surprise.  This is how to get optimal damage when it hits.  Note that
    the >[] to ^[] link is very tight and requires good timing, and it hits so high
    that ^/\ won't get full hits.  Alternatively, you can just do the ^/\ right
    after >/\ for a meagre 36 AP.
    Combos into Supers:
    (air) >(), (land, jump up towards) v[], R (Lvl 1)
    You can't perform level 1 when an assist is on the screen anymore, so you now
    have to do the super after the air v[] and the timing is tighter.
    (air) >(), (land, jump up towards) v[], (land) >(), (jump up towards) v[],
    (move closer) v[], R (Lvl 1)
    Thankfully, this combo into super still works and isn't affected by the recent
    nerf.  It builds 90 AP and still combos into super, you just have to make sure
    the v[] hits close at the end.
    (air) >(), R (Lvl 2), Any button
    Soldier Lunge butt drops long enough that you can even call the chicken and 
    land the chicken attack for free, but none of the other combos into Lvl 1 will 
    work with it.
    Notable Move Breakdown:
    Scepter Bash
    Fat Princess bashes the opponent with her scepter.  It can also be charged, 
    which makes it unblockable and it inflicts crumple.  It also has armour while
    charging, so you can use it to go through some attacks.
    This is not as good as it used to be as it lost its old Stagger effect.
    However, air v[] allows for much of the same combos.
    Butt Drop
    Fat Princess drops down, using her sizeable backside to create a shockwave.
    This inflicts butt drop (fittingly) on people who are hit directly.
    This inflicts butt drop, allowing a [] afterwards.  Unfortunately, the loop
    that she used to have is gone now, so the utility isn't quite what it used
    to be.
    Mage Fireball
    A mage charges up and throws a fireball forward.
    This is not useful in combos and doesn't build much AP, but since it travels
    slow and doesn't occupy Fat Princess, it's a useful defensive move just to
    toss it out towards the opponents when you're not doing anything else.
    It's also a good way to get in against zoners who are protected from above by
    a platform.  Once the fireball forces them to block or dodge, you have your
    way in.
    Warrior Lunge
    A warrior appears from Fat Princess's current location and slashes down on a
    45 degree angle.  If it hits, the opponent is butt dropped for quite some time.
    This is significantly slower than it used to be, but it's still a good pressure
    tool since Fat Princess can do other stuff (or nothing) while the Soldier is
    coming down.  If it hits, you can follow up with a huge combo.
    As if that wasn't good enough, even if this gets blocked, you can just land
    next to them and immediately throw.  Note there is a very short window before
    the throw will actually land, but it's still a very effective way to get in
    a throw against a defensive opponent.
    Do be warned though that using this, or any of her other helpers in the air
    causes her to have a slight window of vulnerability when she lands.
    Upward Mage Fireball
    A mage charges up and throws a fireball upwards.
    At first glance, this might seem useless, but it's actually an invaluable tool.
    After any combo that leaves the opponent above you, toss out one of these.
    If the opponent air dodges, you can jump and follow up with ^/\ just as the
    air dodge finishes, creating a deadly trap.
    Worker Bomb Drop
    A worker drops a bomb that explodes a little while later.
    The bomb takes ages to explode and isn't very strong, but it recovers quickly,
    so you can feel free to drop them if you don't need to call a soldier at the
    moment.  You can also drop them on a camper from above to force them to leave
    their hidey hole.
    Feed Me Cake
    Hearts appear, and Fat Princess quickly dashes through them, anyone she touches
    is defeated.  You can't use this if any of your soldiers are onscreen.
    This is a fairly standard forward moving level 1.  It can be interrupted easily
    if Fat Princess is hit prior to dashing, and it's fairly easily rolled if used
    raw.  It's harder to combo into now that you can't have soldiers onscreen,
    but there are still good combos into it.
    Ride The Chicken
    Mage Soldier conjures up a crazy looking Chicken for Fat Princess to ride.
    This is a special state super, you can freely move, jump, and perform the
    chicken attack until the timer runs out.  The chicken attack differs when 
    walking vs jumping, if walking, the chicken lunges forward quite quickly,
    (this can also be done in the air if you walk off a ledge), if done during a
    jump, the chicken flaps its wings.  Either way, touching the chicken during
    the chicken attack is fatal.
    This is generally Fat Princess's most reliable method of getting kills in a
    free for all, as the chicken lasts long enough to kill enemies multiple times
    and with good setup can often get 4 or more kills.
    Note that the chicken jumps pretty high, but cannot double jump, so its air
    mobility is a bit limited.  On stages that are very vertical, getting multiple
    kills can be tough.  And you're not immune to supers during this, bold
    opponents may attempt to super you to end the rampage.  Don't commit to the
    chicken attack too early to make it harder for them to time it.
    Protect The Princess
    Fat Princess chows down on some cake while a whole legion of soldiers attack
    from every direction.
    Although the pyrotechnics are impressive, this super is generally very bad
    because Fat Princess cannot do anything to increase the chances of it hitting,
    and good players can generally dodge it (particularly since the sword soldiers
    aren't even fatal).  The only time where this has any kind of use is in 2v2,
    where your partner can help it get kills, but even then it's usually not worth
    it.  It was slightly improved in a recent patch, but it's still fairly bad.
    Fat Princess Strategy and Notes:
    1 on 1:
    Fat Princess is a very good character for one on one battles.  Her soldiers 
    allow her to remain fairly safe while applying pressure, she builds up huge
    amounts of AP when she actually does land a hit, and she has a multitude of 
    easy combos into her level 1 super.  If fighting against Fat Princess, attempt
    to stay in the air as much as possible and be prepared to avoid the sword
    soldier, as the main cornerstone of her offense is hitting you with one of
    these on the ground, but she can set up a lot of nasty traps using (), ^(), and
    ^/\, so try not to let her get below you either.  Her level 2 can be a serious
    threat  in 1 on 1 as well as it can potentially get 2 kills.
    2 on 2:
    Fat Princess is also a strong 2 on 2 character for most of the same reasons as
    above.  Having a partner who can lock down the air allows her to go to town
    with her soldiers, and with a little support the chicken can be very hard to
    Fat Princess is merely average in Free For Alls, owing mostly to her bad level
    3.  This forces her to generally stick with level 2, and it can be mitigated
    by other players tossing supers at it or simply running away on vertical
    levels.  She'll need to stay on the offensive at all times against runaway
    players, making sure to use the air >() into throw trick to take away AP.
    Sweet Tooth:
    No one knows exactly what drove seemingly ordinary ice-cream truck driver 
    Marcus Kane to become the monstrous serial killer Sweet Tooth, but his flaming
    head and heavily armed Ice Cream Truck have become the very embodiment of fear
    and destruction.  His only regret is that he once let one little girl get away,
    a mistake he will correct as soon as he gets the chance.  But for now, he's 
    content to kill as many as he can in the All-Stars Battle Royale.
    In PSAS, Sweet Tooth is a powerful short range character.  He's a bit slow on
    his feet, but he hits like an (ice cream) truck, and he has a number of deadly
    moves to pressure opponents up close.  He also possesses the least expensive
    level 1 super in the entire game, and he can combo into it off several of his
    moves, making him extremely good at racking up kills.  But what would you
    expect from someone who does this for a living?
    Ground Moveset:
    Input      Name                        AP Gain / Cost    Properties
    []         Machete Massacre            5                 CNCL
    :[]        Machete Massacre 2nd        30                KNBK
    >[]        Brutal Shoulder Crush       20                KNDW     
    ^[]        Jaw Breaker                 16                LIFT
    v[]        Shin Breaker                20                CRMP
    /\         Chainsaw Slaughter          30                AIMA, KNBK
    >/\        Death by Shotgun            30                KNBK
    ^/\        Spinning Machete            10                PROJ
    v/\        Blown Ankle                 20                KNDW
    ()         Hellfire Breath             15-22             PROJ, AIMA
    >()        Firey Molotov               10                PROJ, FIRE
    ^()        Death by Fire               20                LAUN
    v()        Roadkill Mine Drop          20                TRAP, LAUN
    >Throw     Skull Breaker               Varies            NOBL, KNDW
    ^Throw     Human BBQ                   Varies            NOBL, LIFT
    vThrow     Grave Digger                Varies            NOBL, BOUN
    R (Lvl1)   TNT Tag                     100               PROJ, TURN
    R (Lvl2)   Death by Missile            325               PROJ, AIMA
    R (Lvl3)   The Rise of Mecha Tooth     750               STAT
    :[]        Machine Gun                                   PROJ, AIMA
    :/\        Missiles                                      PROJ
    :()        Stomp                       
    Air Moveset:
    Input      Name                        AP Gain / Cost    Properties
    []         Machete Slash               20                STGR
    >[]        Brutal Shoulder Crush       20                KNDW       
    ^[]        Jaw Breaker                 16                LIFT
    v[]        Shock Wave                  20                LAUN
    /\         Chainsaw Slaughter          30                KNBK
    >/\        Death by Shotgun            30                KNBK
    ^/\        Spinning Machete            10                PROJ
    v/\        Blown Ankle                 20                KNDW
    ()         Hellfire Breath             15-22             PROJ, AIMA
    >()        Firey Molotov               10                PROJ, FIRE, CHRG
    ^()        Death by Fire               20                LAUN
    v()        Roadkill Mine Drop          20                TRAP, LAUN
    Combos for AP:
    (air) [], [], []   - 55 AP
    Typical short combo to go for when you don't have a lot of time.  You may
    also be forced to go for this instead of the more complex combo below if your
    air [] hits from too far away, as the v[] will whiff.
    (air) [], v[], ^[], >/\   - 90 AP
    Another pretty quick combo that builds a bit more AP.  [], [] is another
    possible finisher for 5 more AP, but it takes a little longer.
    (air) v[], ^(), (jump) ^[]  - 60 AP
    A pretty standard diving attack combo.  If you do the ^() as late as possible,
    you can do v/\ instead for a nice knockdown, though the timing is tight.
    (air) [], v[], v(), (move forward) ^(), (jump) >/\  - 140 AP 
    Sweet Tooth has to work hard to hit the damage cap, but his air [] is pretty
    reliable so once you get the timing on this combo down he can build a pretty
    decent amount of AP.  The hardest part is moving forward just enough for that
    ^() (you have to move forward quite a bit).  Practice this in training mode.
    ^/\, >[]   - 30 AP
    Unfortunately, the Machete has very little hitstun, meaning the Shoulder Tackle
    is usually all you can get off of it.  After a double jump machete you can get
    air [], but it's not exactly a very reliable setup.
    vthrow, v/\   - 20 AP
    You can get 15 more AP by doing [], [], but I think the knockdown is worth it
    here.  It lets you set up more of your tricks afterwards.
    Combos into Supers:
    (air) [], R (Lvl 1)
    An extremely reliable way to land level 1s.  You can jump and then do the
    [] immediately and it will still work.
    ^throw, R (Lvl 2)
    You can now cancel up throw into level 2.  It's still not really worth the AP.
    Notable Move Breakdown:
    Machete Slash
    Sweet Tooth does a downwards slash with his Machete.  It staggers a grounded
    This is a basic move but it's so important I might as well go over it here.
    Almost all of Sweet Tooth's offence starts from this.  The most important thing
    to know is that instead of just doing it on the way down from a jump, you can
    jump and immediately hit [] to do this very close to the ground, then do
    whatever combo you want afterwards.
    The ground version now allows you to combo into ^[] after the first hit, but
    it doesn't appear to have much practical use.
    Chainsaw Slaughter
    Sweet Tooth spins around with his chainsaw like the maniac he is.
    This used to do absolutely pathetic damage, but the damage is now somewhat
    acceptable and you can steer it around.  Just make sure you don't miss because
    it's extremely punishable.
    Spinning Machete
    Sweet Tooth throws a machete in a forwards arc.
    This move ought to be much better than it is, unfortunately it has so little
    hitstun that you can't follow it up with much.  At least it now goes through
    people so you can toss it into a crowd for extra AP.
    Fiery Molotov
    Sweet Tooth throws a molotov cocktail in a forwards arc.  It bursts into flames
    when it hits the ground.  You can charge it to throw it farther.
    The fire effect is cool, but unfortunately if this hits a person and not the
    ground, it doesn't ignite and instead does pitiful damage.
    Blown Ankle
    Sweet Tooth quickly fires his shotgun downwards, causing a knockdown.
    The air version of this move is amazing as it comes out extremely fast and
    sets up a potential throw vs quick jump [] mixup.
    Roadkill Mine Drop
    Sweet Tooth drops a mine that persists in the environment.  When triggered,
    it blows the opponent upwards.
    This is easily Sweet Tooth's most generally useful move.  Not only is this a
    great trap, you can also drop it on someone's head while jumping, or use it
    in combos, and you can almost always follow up after it hits.  Also a great
    camping tool in 2 on 2 battles.
    TNT Tag
    Sweet Tooth dashes forward, strapping a TNT vest to an unlucky opponent, 
    then kicking them away.  The person with the vest is killed, and anyone they
    hit will be too.
    This super isn't the best at getting multiple kills, but it's the cheapest
    level 1 super in the game and you can combo into it fairly easily.  It's almost
    always Sweet Tooth's best use of meter.
    Death by Missile
    Sweet Tooth pulls out a remote control and fires a missile that he can then
    steer around.  It blows up upon contact with something, or you can blow it up
    early with R.
    This super isn't quite as bad as it once was, it's now much cheaper, travels
    faster, and has a larger blast radius.  I'd still usually tend to stick with
    level 1, but if you have to use this for some reason it's no longer a complete
    The Rise of Mecha Tooth
    Sweet Tooth's Ice Cream Truck turns into a huge mecha and he goes on a rampage.
    This lasts longer than most level 3s and has the potential to kill one player
    3 times, but there's a problem.  The opponent can just walk right towards you
    and stand inside the mech and they're pretty safe.  The stomp attack is slow
    and very easily air dodged, leaving you with pretty much no way to hit them.
    And it now doesn't last quite as long as it used to.  You really just have to
    stick to his level 1.
    Sweet Tooth Strategy and Notes:
    1 on 1:
    Sweet Tooth is very good in one on one matches, because he builds his level 1
    very fast and can combo into it easily.  He's a little slow, but camping isn't
    a bit issue in one on one.  He has a bit of trouble with very mobile characters
    like Jak, though.
    2 on 2:
    Sweet Tooth is also a great character for 2 on 2s because his Roadkill Mine
    is such a great compliment to camping characters.  Though tossing molotovs and
    Machetes may not do much good, he can help create an impregnable fortress for
    his partner if he's willing to give up his mine for a little while.
    Sweet Tooth may have a very basic strategy for Free For All matches, but he
    does fairly well there as well, simply because he can get and land so many
    level 1s.  Even against characters with strong level 3s, he can grind his way
    to a win by landing super after super after super.
    Colonel Radec is a commander in the Helghast army, a group of super soldiers
    hailing from the nearly uninhabitable planet of Helghan.  Having gained super
    strength and speed from their planet's harsh environments, they seek revenge
    on the humans who forced them to settle there.  Few are more skilled or more
    ruthless than Colonel Radec, and he carries a huge arsenal of weapons and
    gadgets that could make James Bond jealous.  The Helghast may be a fearsome 
    foe, but Radec is an army all by himself.
    In PSAS, Radec is a zoning character who prefers to fight from a distance.
    If the opponent closes in on Radec, his objective is usually to blast them away
    rather than to go for a powerful melee combo, as his melee options are more
    limited compared to the other characters, but his ability to build AP and get
    kills from across the screen is second to none.  Never turn your back on a
    Radec player or you'll quickly find yourself the victim of his sniper rifle.
    Ground Moveset:
    Input      Name                        AP Gain / Cost    Properties
    []         Gun Boot                    10                TURN
    :[]        Gun Boot 2nd                10
    >[]        Knife Blast                 30                KNBK
    ^[]        FSK-7 Fury Combat Knife     20                LIFT
    v[]        Surprise Grenade            20                TELE, STGR
    /\         STA3 Light Machine Gun      15                PROJ
    >/\        VC32 Sniper Rifle           30                KNBK
    ^/\        LS13 Shotgun                30                KNBK
    v/\        M327 Grenade Launcher       20                PROJ
    ()         VC21 Bolt Gun               10, 20            PROJ, TRAP, TURN
    >()        TR-X Teslite Grenade        5                 TRAP, SHCK
    ^()        VC5 Arc Rifle               10                TRAP
    v()        VC1 Flame Thrower           30                PROJ, HOLD
    >Throw     Executioner                 Varies            NOBL, KNBK
    ^Throw     Vicious Assault             Varies            NOBL, LIFT
    vThrow     Helgan Stomp                Varies            NOBL, KNDW
    R (Lvl1)   Wasp Lock On                125               PROJ, AIMA      
    R (Lvl2)   Super Arc Cannon            325               PROJ, TURN
    R (Lvl3)   StA-X6 Jetpack              750               STAT
    :ANY       Shoot
    Air Moveset:
    Input      Name                        AP Gain / Cost    Properties
    []         Double Kick                 5                 TURN
    :[]        Double Kick 2nd             25                LIFT
    >[]        VC8 Shotgun Pistol          30                KNBK    
    ^[]        FSK-7 Fury Combat Knife     20                LIFT
    v[]        Surprise Grenade            10                TELE
    /\         STA3 Light Machine Gun      15                PROJ
    >/\        VC32 Sniper Rifle           30                KNBK
    ^/\        LS13 Shotgun                30                KNBK
    v/\        M327 Grenade Launcher       20                PROJ
    ()         VC21 Bolt Gun               10, 20            PROJ, TRAP, TURN
    >()        TR-X Teslite Grenade        5                 TRAP, SHCK
    ^()        VC5 Arc Rifle               10                TRAP
    v()        VC1 Flame Thrower           30                PROJ, HOLD
    Combos for AP:
    [], [], v() (hold) - ~35 AP
    This combo isn't especially great for AP, but it's useful for pushing people
    away from you.
    v[], >/\ - 50 AP
    The ground version of v[] now staggers, so you can get a hit afterwards.
    >/\ is probably the best combination of safety and power.
    >[], >/\  - 60 AP
    Considering how useful >[] is for blasting people away from you, the fact that
    you can get a free sniper shot is just the icing on the cake.
    >(), ^(), (jump) ^/\   - 55 AP
    If you land a Teslite Grenade, you might as well take some free damage and
    a knockback.  Note that the height where the grenade hits determines the
    spacing on the ^().
    ^throw, ^/\  - 30 AP
    This is your best option for getting a blocking opponent away from you.
    ^throw, (jump), [], [], (jump again), [], [], ^/\    - 80 AP
    If you really want to be fancy, you can get in two sets of [], [], after
    an up throw, though the timing on the double jump is very tight.  I usually
    wouldn't recommend going for the second as that blast away is too valuable
    to risk messing up.
    Combos into Supers:
    >(), R (Lvl 1)
    You can combo into a level 1 after a Teslite Grenade but you have to be quick.
    v[], R (Lvl 1 or 2)
    You can get either super after his v[], but the level 2 is much easier to
    >[], R (Lvl 2)
    You can get a level 2 after any >[] or air >[], as long as it's not right
    beside a wall or anything.
    Notable Move Breakdown:
    Knife Blast
    Radec stabs his opponent and then blasts them away.
    This is Radec's #1 way of getting people away from him if they get close.  The
    distance this pelts people away is simply ridiculous.  Mix up between this
    and ^throw to prevent people from blocking it.
    Surprise Grenade
    Radec teleports backwards, dropping a grenade in his current position.
    This is a great escape if your back isn't to a wall.  You can also get a combo
    afterwards if it hits, so they have to respect it more now.
    VC32 Sniper Rifle
    Radec pulls out a sniper rifle and begins to aim, causing a red sniper sight
    to appear straight ahead.  After a second, he fires.
    The Sniper is basically Radec's reason for existence, despite the startup time
    it's an extremely potent weapon when used from a distance.  Sure, it's fairly
    easy to avoid in a 1 on 1, but if you're busy with another character (even if
    you're comboing them), it's basically free meter for Radec, and if that wasn't
    enough, it stops your combo, preventing you from gaining meter.
    M327 Grenade Launcher
    Radec fires a bouncing grenade on a downwards angle.  It explodes after a
    Although the Sniper is very good, don't forget about this move, as it is also
    an excellent zoning tool.  You can fire a ton of these things at once and they
    can really fill up a lot of the screen.
    VC21 Bolt Gun
    Radec Fires an energy bolt that sticks to the enemy and explodes a while later.
    This is an interesting weapon because it hits in 2 parts that don't combo.
    Once you put the bomb on the opponent, it explodes about 2 seconds later, and
    you can get a combo or even a level 1 if they get hit by the blast.  However,
    the explosion can be rolled or air dodged, so you have to keep your opponent
    busy.  This is most useful in one on ones.
    TR-X Teslite Grenade
    Radec throws a canister on an arcing angle and it explodes, leaving an
    electric Trap.
    This is a great way to shut down the air in front of you.  With this up there,
    you can fire grenades with almost total impunity, and if anyone gets stuck in
    it you get a free combo.
    VC5 Arc Rifle
    Radec fires a special rifle diagonally upwards that leaves an electric trail
    for a little while.
    This is somewhat similar to the Teslite Grenade, but it just hits rather than
    holding the opponent there.  It does cover more area though, and is a better
    option if someone is currently above you.  In the latest version, it lasts
    Wasp Lock On
    Radec pulls out a Missile Launcher and begins aiming.  When you press a button,
    he fires two rockets at that location.
    This is a pretty solid super for the price, the ability to aim it makes it hard
    to get away from and it's easy to catch people who roll early.  You can also
    aim past your target, and the missiles will go through them, potentially
    hitting others behind them.
    Super Arc Cannon
    Radec pulls out a big cannon and fires a big green laser beam straight ahead.
    This is also good value for the price, the beam is huge and can easily catch
    all 3 opponents if placed well.  You can also use this to catch someone on
    the way down from a jump, but be aware of characters who can alter their
    jump arc in the air, like Jak.
    StA-X6 Jetpack
    Radec dons a crazy mechanical set of arms and blasts off into the foreground.
    From there, a set of crosshairs appears and he guns down his opponents.
    This is a great level 3 that is really hard to avoid.  Just keep the crosshairs
    on your targets and keep firing and even if they dodge, they'll still get hit.
    Radec Strategy and Notes:
    1 on 1:
    Radec is one of the weaker characters in a one on one battle because his
    strategy relies entirely on getting away from the others and taking pot shots.
    His distance attacks and traps aren't that hard to avoid when he's the only
    other player, and he can't land his level 1 as easily as some of the better
    characters in this mode.
    2 on 2:
    Radec is very good in 2 on 2 battles, he can provide great support to melee
    characters, keeping opponents off them and adding on extra hits to their
    combos, and his partner can defend him from direct attacks as well.  Just make
    sure not to blow up your partner's combos by sniping the person they're
    attacking, try to shoot the other opponent instead or just focus on getting
    a better position.
    Radec is one of the gods of Free For All battles.  This is where his Sniper
    and Grenades really shine, if people ignore him he'll rapidly rack up AP while
    disrupting their combos, easily winning the AP war and crushing people with his
    level 3.  He pretty much requires someone to hunt him down at all times to
    prevent him from winning, but even then he can take advantage of infighting
    for free hits and it's not that tough for him to blast someone back out if they
    do manage to get in on him.  And if there's 2 Radecs in the same FFA?  Prepare
    to become target practice, you can't even combo one Radec without the other
    blasting you.
    Sly Cooper:
    Despite being orphaned at a young age by the villainous Fiendish Five in an 
    attempt to destroy the Cooper Clan and steal its secrets, Sly Cooper could not
    be deterred from his destiny to become a master thief.  Together with a gang
    of misfits he collected from his orphanage and from among his defeated foes, 
    the Cooper Gang is back in business pulling off some of the world's most daring
    heists.  Unfortunately for Sly, his actions (and possibly his personality?) 
    have attracted the attention of Interpol Agent Carmelita Fox, and she'll stop 
    at nothing until she catches him.
    In PSAS, Sly Cooper is a tricky character who posses a wide variety of unusual
    tools.  Most notably, Sly cannot block or dodge, pressing the guard button
    instead causes him to become (mostly) invisible.  He also possess a unique high
    jump, performed by holding up when jumping, making him even more difficult to
    track down.  He lacks big combos, but focuses on doing damage over time against
    those who don't suspect it.  You really have to stay on your toes or Sly will 
    rob you blind.
    Ground Moveset:
    Input      Name                        AP Gain / Cost    Properties
    []         Cane Swipe                  5                 TURN
    :[]        Cane Swipe 2nd              5
    :[] (Back) Cane Swipe Back Attack      20                STEL, KNDW
    >[]        Knockout Dive               10
    ^[]        Cane Swoop                  20                LIFT
    v[]        Spinning Strike             20                BOUN
    v[] (Hold) Spinning Strike (Charged)   30                KNBK, AIMA
    /\         Alarm Clock                 10                PROJ, TRAP, SHCK, TURN
    >/\        EM Raccoon Roll             30                KNDW
    ^/\        Smoke Bomb                  --                TELE, AIMA
    v/\        Rage Bomb                   10                PROJ, RAGE
    ()         Decoy                       10                CNTR, SHCK
    >()        Rail Slide Plus             10                TRAP
    ^()        Explosive Barrel            30                PRIN, KNBK
    v()        Cap Mine                    20                TRAP, LIFT
    >Throw     Forward Throw               Varies            NOBL, KNBK
    ^Throw     Up Throw                    Varies            NOBL, LIFT
    vThrow     Down Throw                  Varies            NOBL, KNDW
    R (Lvl1)   Unstoppable Ally            150               ALLY
    R (Lvl2)   Flying Raccoon              325               STAT
    :Any       Drop Bomb                                     PROJ
    R (Lvl3)   Recon Sly and His Targets   690               STAT
    :Any       Take Picture
    L (Hold)   Cloak
    ^><        High Jump
    Air Moveset:
    Input      Name                        AP Gain / Cost    Properties
    []         Cane Swipe                  10                KNDW, TURN
    >[]        Dive Forward                10
    ^[]        Cane Scoop                  20                LIFT
    v[]        Knockout Dive               20                KNDW
    /\         Cane Stun                   10                SHCK, TURN
    >/\        Charged Voltage Attack      30                KNBK
    ^/\        Smoke Bomb                  --                TELE, AIMA
    v/\        Insanity Strike             10                RAGE
    ()         Decoy                       10                CNTR, SHCK
    >()        Rail Slide Plus             10                TRAP
    ^()        Explosive Barrel            30                PRIN, KNBK
    v()        Cap Mine                    20                TRAP, LIFT
    L (Hold)   Cloak
    >< (Hold)  Slow Descent
    Combos for AP:
    v[], ^[], []  - 60 AP
    A very basic combo, though v[] is not especially fast.  You can also go to
    >/\ instead.  Note that the timing on the last [] must be delayed.
    /\, ^/\, [], []  - 35 AP
    The teleport just gets you behind, when you attack from behind you take away
    20 AP.  Also works after (), which takes you behind anyway so the teleport
    is unnecessary.
    /\, (walk forward) v(), (jump) ^[], []   - 70 AP
    You can also do this after (), where walking forward will be unnecessary.
    >(), (turn around, jump) /\, (walk forward) v(), (jump) ^[], []   - 80 AP
    One of Sly's most powerful combos, though they must be hit near the end of the
    >().  It's also somewhat unreliable since they may fly the other way.
    ^throw, (jump) ^[], []  - 40 AP
    Decent damage and a knockdown off a throw, particularly since you can sneak
    up to someone and do this.
    Combos into Supers:
    /\, R (Lvl 1)
    Simple way to land level 1 in a group.
    >(), (turn around, jump) /\, R (Lvl 1)
    Same as the combo version, but goes into super instead.  Still unreliable.
    (), R (Lvl 1)
    You can also land your level 1 after a counter.
    Notable Move Breakdown:
    Cane Swipe
    Sly swipes twice with his cane.  If he attacks from behind, he takes away
    some of the opponent's AP.
    From the front, this is a pretty terrible neutral attack, it gains very little
    AP and Sly can't combo into anything afterwards, but from behind it's a pretty
    neat attack.  Do note though that it always steals exactly 20 AP, unlike throws
    the amount it takes doesn't vary.
    Alarm Clock
    Sly tosses out a little clock that shocks the opponent if they come too close.
    This is a great trap to throw into a group of enemies, then just teleport
    behind them and take all their AP.  It's also pretty safe if used from a
    EM Raccoon Roll
    Sly rolls forward cloaked in electricity, shocking anyone he hits.
    This is a very fast move and it builds a lot of AP.  It often forms the core
    of Sly's offence since his combos aren't very strong.
    Smoke Bomb
    Sly Teleports behind his foe in a cloud of smoke.
    Despite the name, this is actually a teleport and not an attack.  It does have
    some use in combos, though, as it can help you get close to your opponent.
    Do note though that it always puts you behind the opponent, if they're already
    facing away from you you won't go to the other side.
    Rage Bomb
    Sly tosses a little bomb that gives the opponent Rage status if it hits.
    Rage status scrambles enemy controls for a short time, which can be very
    annoying and can easily set up an Alarm Clock.  Insanity Strike has the same
    effect, but it is a close range attack and not a projectile.
    Sly poses and teleports behind the opponent with a shocking strike if hit.
    Excellent combo starter if you have fast reflexes.  Also allows Sly to combo
    into his level 1.  Not quite as insanely safe as it once was, though.
    Rail Slide Plus
    Sly slides along the ground or at a slight downwards angle in the air, leaving
    an electric trail behind him that hurts opponents.
    This is more of a mobility tool than a great way to gain AP, but Sly moves
    fast and goes through opponents so it can be handy.
    Explosive Barrel
    Sly ducks inside a barrel covered with explosives.  The barrel protects Sly
    against projectile attacks, and he can detonate it when he wishes.
    This is a great move for approaching campers as it lets you go right through
    their shots.  It can also be decent crowd control since the explosion hits all
    around you.
    Cap Mine
    Sly drops a bomb shaped like his hat that explodes when someone touches it,
    blasting them into the air.
    This is pretty much the same as Sweet Tooth's mine, though Sly can't get quite
    as powerful of a combo afterwards.  It's still a pretty useful move to drop
    in crowded areas or to protect a teammate in a 2 on 2.
    Unstoppable Ally
    Murray appears and does a lunging tackle forward.
    Despite the name, this is no longer "unstoppable".  If Sly is hit during this
    move, Murray disappears rather than just going right through like he used to.
    This means you can't simply toss this out and get free kills anymore.  It
    still has a pretty big hitbox and can catch multiple people, but you have to
    be a little trickier with using it now or you can get stuffed.
    Flying Raccoon
    Sly dons a jetpack and flies around dropping bombs.
    This is a bad super.  The bombs are easily dodged and the super has a very
    short duration.  2 uses of Murray is easily far better value.
    Recon Sly and His Targets
    Murray briefs Sly and he does reconnaissance using his trusty Binocucom.
    Inexplicably, having their picture taken defeats his opponents.
    This is a great level 3 that virtually guarantees 5 or more kills because the
    pictures are taken so fast.  Even if the opponent rolls (which you can't do
    on reaction, it has to be predictive), he can get them as they recover.
    Though it's hard to say whether it can be better value for AP than Murray
    unless your opponents are always staying separate.
    Sly Cooper Strategy and Notes:
    1 on 1:
    Sly is a decent character for one on one matches simply because he has a lot
    of tools.  He doesn't build up meter too fast and it's hard to hide when you're
    the only opponent, but with good use of his counter and teleport Sly can be
    extremely hard to pin down and he can combo into his level 1 easily enough.
    2 on 2:
    2 on 2 is probably Sly's weakest mode, because he can't really afford to stay
    out of the fray and sneak around too much lest his partner face a 2 on 1.
    When combined with a camper though he can do all right, using his mine to let
    his ally build a fortress and then sneaking around the stage, disrupting the
    opponents as they try to make their way in.
    Sly is a big threat in FFAs because it's easy to lose track of him, and if you
    do, chances are he's right behind you, ready to steal your AP or shock you so
    Murray can wipe you out.  He's also great at avoiding any special state supers,
    since he can hide and use his high jump to make himself very hard to track
    down (though the ones that have homing attacks or hit wide areas that require
    dodges are very deadly to him since he can only dodge with his teleport).
    Beating Sly is a matter of trying to prevent him from getting a lot of AP
    and pinning him down whenever possible.
    Nathan Drake:
    Nathan Drake is an adventurer and treasure hunter searching for the fabled lost
    cities of the ancient past and the buried treasures within.  These riches often
    attract unsavoury sorts of people, so Nathan has also become a master of many
    types of firearms and explosives, often using them in inventive ways to
    overcome his foes.  He also has a knack for getting himself into absurd 
    situations:  Fighting someone on top of a truck towed behind a plane, in a 
    sinking ship as it fills with water, or while jumping across cliffs a mile high
    is all in a day's work for Nate, and he'll be the first one to point that out.
    In PSAS, Nathan Drake is a hit and run type of character.  Unlike most other
    firearm-wielding characters in the game, Nathan can use his guns while moving,
    allowing him to either close in for an attack or get some distance as the
    situation demands.  He can also throw out some objects that stay on screen for
    a while, allowing him to set up traps and restrict enemy approaches.
    Ground Moveset:
    Input      Name                        AP Gain / Cost    Properties
    []         Brutal Combo                5                 TURN
    :[]        Brutal Combo 2nd            5                 TURN
    ::[]       Brutal Combo (Kick)         20                BUTT
    ::[]       Brutal Combo (Punch)        20                KNDW
    >[]        Haymaker                    20                BUTT
    ^[]        Throw Grenade               20                PROJ, LIFT
    v[]        Slide Attack                20                KNDW
    /\         Run and Gun                 9-27              PROJ, HOLD, AIMA, TURN
    :[]        Pistol Whip                 30                KNDW
    >/\        Magnum                      30                KNBK
    ^/\        Grenade Launcher            20                PROJ, LIFT
    v/\        Gau-19 Heavy Machine Gun    5                 KNBK
    ()         Oil Drum                    10-30             PROJ, TRAP, BOUN, TURN
    >()        Tranquilizer Dart Gun       10                PROJ, SLOW
    ^()        Zipline                     10-20             BUTT
    v()        Coverwall                   --                STAT
    >Throw     Mighty Kick                 Varies            NOBL, KNDW
    ^Throw     Flip Up                     Varies            NOBL, LIFT
    vThrow     Back Punch                  Varies            NOBL, KNDW
    R (Lvl1)   Propane Tank Toss           150               PROJ, TURN
    R (Lvl2)   Stone Pillar                400               PROJ, TRAP
    R (Lvl3)   El Dorado Sarcophagus       750               STAT
    Air Moveset:
    Input      Name                        AP Gain / Cost    Properties
    []         Punt Kick                   20                LIFT, TURN
    >[]        Dropkick                    30                KNBK
    ^[]        Throw Grenade               20                PROJ, LIFT
    v[]        Double Swing                20                STGR
    /\         Rope Swing                  2-10              PROJ
    >/\        Magnum                      30                KNBK
    ^/\        Grenade Launcher            20                PROJ, LIFT
    v/\        Uzi Spray                   10                PROJ
    ()         Oil Drum                    10-30             PROJ, TRAP, BOUN, TURN
    >()        Tranquilizer Dart Gun       10                PROJ, SLOW
    ^()        Zipline                     10-20             BUTT
    v()        Ledge Fall                  20                KNDW, RLCL
    Combos for AP:
    >[], (), [], [], []    - 60 AP
    A utility combo that is mostly useful because it gets a barrel out.
    (air) v[], >[], v[], (turn around) >[], >[]   - 130 AP
    Surprisingly good damage for a hit and run character, and it's also easy and
    fast.  Make sure to wait a bit before the first >[] or the second will miss.
    (air) v[], >[], v[], (turn around) /\ (mash, move forward), []   - 147 AP
    A slight variation of the above.  Still won't hit the damage cap without the
    air v[], but if the opponent is near the corner you can stick a >[] in before
    the /\ and it will hit the cap.
    >/\, (jump towards) >/\    - 60 AP
    If one >/\ hits from close, you can get another.
    ^[], (jump towards) >/\     - 50 AP
    You can also get a free magnum if a grenade hits.
    (), /\ (mash, move forward), []
    /\ is usually your most damaging option if a barrel hits from far away,
    though you can also get >/\ or a super in this situation.
    ^throw, (jump) >[]  - 30 AP
    You can jump cancel up throw, though Drake doesn't have great air combos.
    Combos into Supers:
    () (far away), R (Lvl 1)
    If a barrel hits at distance, you can get a level 1.  It's even hit
    confirmable (though you have to be fast).
    ^[], R (Lvl 1)
    You can also get a free super after a grenade (any grenade except the ground
    version of ^/\ will work), though you may have to move closer after throwing
    the grenade for the super to connect.  /\ is a good way to close distance and
    can even make the ^[] grenade combo with good timing.
    v[], >[], v[], (turn around) R (Lvl 2)
    Builds 60 AP and lands a guaranteed level 3, but generally only worth it if
    you think you can hit more than 1.  The nice thing about this is you can
    choose whether you drop the pillar on the side you're currently facing or
    the opposite side by whether or not you do the v[] (it will still combo
    without it).
    Notable Move Breakdown:
    Brutal Combo
    Nathan punches the enemy twice and does an uppercut or a kick.  The uppercut
    is a knockdown, while the kick butt drops the enemy.
    Which move you get is totally random, but the uppercut seems much more common
    than the kick, making it generally too unreliable to attempt in combos over
    guaranteed damage.
    Throw Grenade
    Nathan pulls out and tosses a grenade in an arc.  It bounces along the ground
    and blows up after a while.
    Sadly, you can't hold the grenade longer to make it blow up faster, but it's
    still a decent camping and pressure tool.  Try combining it with /\ for some
    good setups.
    Slide Attack
    Nathan slides along the ground, knocking the enemy up and then into a knockdown
    if it connects.
    This is a great attack not only because of its use in combos, but also because
    it's fast and can go under some types of close range attacks.
    Run and Gun
    Nathan blind fires a semi-automatic rifle.  He can run while doing this and
    hit enemies with the butt of his gun.  Holding the button while standing still
    will continuously fire shots.
    Nathan's signature move, this allows him to either close distance or run away
    while shooting projectiles.  You have to input a direction during the first
    3 shots, then Nathan will run that way, otherwise you only get 3 shots.  
    Note that once you choose a direction, you can't change direction, so make sure
    you know which way you want to go.  After going forward, you'll of course want
    to finish with the pistol whip if it's hitting.  You can also cancel the
    backwards version into v(), but this has been patched to be slower, so you can
    no longer do an infinite this way.
    Nathan fires a powerful magnum that blasts the opponent away.
    This is a good camping tool from mid range since it builds a lot of distance.
    You can also get a magnum shot after certain attacks at distance for extra
    Grenade Launcher
    Nathan pulls out a grenade launcher and fires a grenade on an upwards arc.
    Unlike the normal grenade this explodes upon impact.
    The ground version of this is not very good (it's very slow), but the air
    version is a decent setup tool and you can get some follow-ups if it hits.
    Gau-19 Heavy Machine Gun
    Nathan pulls out a heavy machine gun and sprays it in an arc starting from
    his feet.
    This is a decent crowd control move, unfortunately it's fairly slow.  Each
    bullet does 5 AP, and multiples can hit a single opponent.
    Oil Drum
    Nathan tosses out an oil drum that rolls along the ground and eventually
    This is the other of Nathan's signature moves.  Nathan can move after kicking
    the drum, allowing him to apply pressure safely.  If an opponent is hit by the
    drum from pretty much any range, you can follow up with something, and he kicks
    them out very fast (especially in the air) so you can do this pretty much 
    Note that this barrel now explodes a bit faster than before, so if it hits from
    mid range the explosion will usually combo.  This does not prevent you from
    getting his other standard follow ups as long as your timing is good.
    There's also a weird bug where if you turn the move around (press back) at the
    last second, the barrel will be kicked with almost no velocity.  I don't know
    if this has much practical use, but it does allow you to drop a barrel straight
    down when you're in the air.
    Tranquilizer Dart Gun
    Nathan fires out a dart gun that slows the enemy down for a while if it hits.
    They also can't jump.
    The inability to jump after being hit by this makes it a great time to use
    A zipline appears and Nathan slides down it, butt dropping anyone he hits.
    This isn't that useful as an attack since you can't follow up with anything,
    but it's a great mobility tool to get you away from a bad situation if you get
    Nathan pulls out a little wall and hides behind it.  He can switch sides by
    pressing left or right, or fire various types of weapons over it.
    This is a great camping move since it blocks attacks from the front and you
    can throw grenades or fire your rifle over it.  Pressing () again gets rid
    of the wall so you can move normally again.  You can also cancel it by jumping.
    Note that the /\ move can no longer be cancelled into </\, removing the
    infinite that he used to have.
    Ledge Fall
    A ledge appears below Nathan and he falls through it, hurting anyone below
    This is a funny move, but since it only leads to a knockdown it's not that
    damaging.  It does fall through platforms, though, so it's good at breaking
    up camp when people are hiding underneath one, and you can roll cancel when
    you land.
    Propane Tank Toss
    Nathan throws a propane tank in an arc, then shoots it when you press the
    button for one of his favourite improvised explosives.
    This is a bit slow but can be comboed into off certain moves at range.  The
    fact that he can delay the explosion also makes it somewhat useful for
    tossing into crowds in FFA, though tossing in the barrel first is more
    Stone Pillar
    Nathan knocks over a pillar and the segments kill anyone they touch.  They
    even stay around on the ground for a little while.
    This is a pretty great super because it's not easily rolled, the pieces
    continue to be deadly for a long time and can easily hit multiple opponents.
    You can also combo into it easily.
    El Dorado Sarcophagus
    The El Dorado Sarcophagus opens and the mutagen turns the enemies into zombies,
    that Nathan can then shoot with his magnum.
    This is an odd special state super in that the enemies get transformed, not
    Nathan, but the result is much the same anyway.  Be aware though that the
    enemies can still jump and even attack, though they cannot dodge or roll,
    making them fairly easy to shoot.  This is a good level 3 that can easily get
    5+ kills in FFA.
    Nathan Drake Strategy and Notes:
    1 on 1:
    Nathan is probably the best of the campers in a one on one because he's the
    most mobile and has the best combos, though he's still at a bit of a
    disadvantage against strong characters who can approach well like Dante and
    Fat Princess because his level 1 is difficult to land.  You'll still want
    to make heavy use of the barrel and your run and gun moves to try to get setups
    for your level 1, but they're more easily avoided here.
    2 on 2:
    Nathan is a great addition to any 2 on 2 team because of his strong camping
    skills and ability to capitalize off hits that land from far away.  The
    coverwall is great for protecting both you and an ally, and both you and your
    ally can land combos after barrel hits.  Definitely one of the best characters
    for this mode.
    Nathan is also quite good in Free For Alls, he builds AP well, his traps are
    difficult to avoid when you've got other people on you, and all of his supers
    can easily get multiple kills.  Throw out a ton of barrels and take advantage
    of the resulting hits to come out on top.
    Once a simple delivery boy, Cole MacGrath gained the ability to control
    electricity after being caught in the centre of a deadly explosion.  Cole
    chose to use his newfound powers for good, fighting to restore law and order to
    the ravaged Empire City and battle other superpowered humans who threaten it,
    even though many people hate and fear him for his powers.  Eventually, Cole
    also learned to control ice to better defend himself and others.
    In PSAS, Cole is a balanced character who can fight both up close and at long
    range.  Many of his moves are defensive in nature, giving him a greater ability
    to keep himself alive than most characters, though this comes at the expense
    of some degree of offensive power.
    Ground Moveset:
    Input      Name                        AP Gain / Cost    Properties
    []         Amp Combo                   5                 TURN
    :[]        Amp Combo 2nd               5
    ::[]       Amp Combo Leap              30                KNDW
    ::[]       Amp Combo Swing             30                KNDW
    ::[]       Amp Combo Stun              20                CRMP
    >[]        Grind                       --                STAT
    :[]        GigaWatt Blades Combo       25                LAUN
    :/\        Leaping Shoulder Tackle     20                LIFT
    :()        Stop                        --
    ^[]        Amp Explosion               20                LIFT
    v[]        Thunder Drop                20                BUTT, TURN
    /\         Lightning Bolts             5                 PROJ, NOKN, AIMA, HOLD
    /\ (x5)    Lightning Drain             33                SHCK
    >/\        Sticky Grenade              20                PROJ, TRAP, KNBK
    ^/\        Redirect Rocket             30                PROJ
    v/\        Alpha Blast                 10                PROJ, TURN
    ()         Frost Shield                --                ABSR, HOLD, TURN
    >()        Freeze Rocket               10                PROJ, FREZ, TURN
    ^()        Ice Launch                  20                LAUN, AIMA
    v()        Ice Barrier                 20                LIFT, TRAP, TURN
    >Throw     Body Toss                   Varies            NOBL, KNBK
    ^Throw     Amp Launch                  Varies            NOBL, LIFT
    vThrow     Amp Slam                    Varies            NOBL, KNDW
    R (Lvl1)   Human Bullet                125               AIMA
    R (Lvl2)   Ionic Freeze                400               PROJ
    R (Lvl3)   Electric Tornado            680               STAT, AIMA
    Air Moveset:
    Input      Name                        AP Gain / Cost    Properties
    []         Amp Combo                   5                 TURN
    :[]        Amp Combo 2nd               20                KNDW
    >[]        Lightning Tether            5                 PROJ, PULL, SHCK
    ^[]        Amp Explosion               20                LIFT
    v[]        Thunder Drop                20                BUTT, TURN
    /\         Lightning Bolts             5                 PROJ, NOKN, AIMA, HOLD
    /\ (x5)    Lightning Drain             33                SHCK
    >/\        Sticky Grenade              20                PROJ, TRAP, KNBK
    ^/\        Redirect Rocket             30                PROJ
    v/\        Alpha Blast                 10                PROJ, TURN
    ()         Frost Shield                --                ABSR, TURN
    >()        Freeze Rocket               10                PROJ, FREZ, TURN
    ^()        Ice Launch                  20                LAUN, AIMA
    v()        Ice Barrier                 20                LIFT, TRAP, TURN
    >< (hold)  Slow Descent
    >< (>wall) Wall Cling
    Combos for AP:
    (air) v[], (walk forward) [], [], []    - 50 / 60 AP
    Super basic combo.  You may get the stun finish, which generates less AP but
    allows a further follow-up.
    (air) v[], >(), >[], [], (jump) >[], v(), (jump again) [], []   - 135 AP
    I recommend going for this instead of the [], [], [] chain any time you land
    a v[] because the damage here is more reliable.  It is a bit tricky to land
    the last [], [], though, you need to make sure your >[] hits really high in
    the air or you won't be able to double jump before you hit the ground.
    [], [], [], >(), >[], [], (jump) >[], v(), (jump again) [], []   - 145 AP
    This is also possible after the stun variation of the [], [], [] combo.
    (air) v[], >(), >[], [], (jump) >[], v(), (jump again) [], []   - 70 AP
    This is not all that useful for Cole by himself, because he can't combo after
    the freeze, but this can be a fun trick in 2 on 2s.  If you're with someone 
    like Radec, he can start aiming his level 1 the moment you start your combo, 
    then just go to this instead of the standard finisher and boom.  Lots of AP and
    a dead character for the other side.
    ^throw, (jump) >[], v(), (jump again) [], []   - 50 AP
    Learned that combo yet?  He can also do it after an up throw.
    (air) >[], v(), (land, jump) >[], v(), (land, jump) >[], v(), 
    (land, jump) >[], v()   - 140 AP
    There are many variants on the >[], v() loop, but this is by far the simplest.
    The great thing about this is that you can perform this off any tether, 
    regardless of how high it hits, and you can usually even still get a few loops
    even if you hit an airborne opponent.  Getting all 4 loops is tough, though,
    it requires pretty good timing as you need to hit as low as possible each
    time.  You can also do this off a raw v(), like after a whiffed counter.
    v[], >(), >[], /\, >() (land, jump again) >[], v() (land, jump again) >[], 
    [], []    - 145 AP
    The shoulder tackle variant of >[] has huge hitstun and allows a >() after.
    If done near the ground that means it's time for more >[], v() loops.
    ^/\, /\, (jump) >[] (hold), v(), (jump again) [], []    - 80 AP
    This is just to demonstrate that this combo works any time you land lightning
    tether without having double jumped.  If you already did double jump, or if
    you landed the tether too low, just go for [], [] instead.  Note that ^/\,
    /\ does not actually combo, that's just how you make the rocket come down.
    Combos into Supers:
    v[], >(), (walk forward) R (Lvl 1)
    Requires a little step forward, but lands an easy super and gains 30 AP.
    You can also land this without the v[] and it also works off air v[].
    [], [], [], >(), R (Lvl 1 or Lvl 2)
    Of course, you can also do this if you get the stun version of [], [], [].
    If you did a v[] into [], [], [] and got the stun, you might as well go for 
    this because any further combo would hit the IPS too fast.  This is also
    the only way Cole can combo into his level 2.
    Notable Move Breakdown:
    Amp Combo
    Cole does a 3 hit combo with the amp he carries.  It has one of three endings,
    either he knocks them away with a flip, a baseball swing, or he shocks them
    with his hand and they crumple to the ground.
    This is a very unique chain in that the ending is totally random.  This means
    any time you land it, you could get either fairly mediocre damage or huge
    damage.  I wouldn't generally give up guaranteed damage (via Grind) for the
    chance of a little more damage, but if you're poking with Square on the ground
    and you get the stun version be sure to capitalize.
    Cole starts skating forward using electricity.  He can perform several moves
    during this.
    This is an interesting move but be aware that it's not invincible and you can't
    block, so don't use this against characters with good range on their attacks.
    This is also very useful in combos, usually after >().
    Lightning Tether
    Cole shoots out a wave of energy and if it hits an opponent they are shocked
    and he can pull himself towards them by holding [].  You can also grab a wall.
    This is probably Cole's best move.  In addition to being useful in combos,
    it's a fantastic poking move since it's fast, has huge range and guarantees a 
    full combo on any opponent who is near the ground.  In one on ones this will 
    be the core of your offense.
    Thunder Drop
    Cole does a slam with his amp that butt drops the opponent.  It makes a bigger
    splash if done from high up, but the properties do not otherwise change.
    This is a great combo starter, though it is a little on the slow side and some
    characters can punish it for big damage.  Try not to be overly predictable with
    it, make sure to mix up between this, Alpha Blast, and empty jump throw.
    Lightning Bolts
    Cole fires some little bolts of electricity.  If five hit in a row, he drains
    power from his opponent.  He can also aim them up and down, and fire them while
    hanging from the wall.
    A good camping move which combines well with the redirect rocket (see below).
    This is also great in FFAs if you can find a safe spot to toss them, the AP
    can really add up if you get the drain part.
    Sticky Grenade
    Cole throws a round ball of electricity.  It sticks to either the ground or
    an opponent and blows up after a little while.
    Only the explosion from this move does damage, and the opponent can roll it
    even if the grenade hits them, so it's not a great camping tool all on its own,
    but if the opponent is busy dealing with other people or your partner, it can
    be a great way to harass them.  Leaving them on the ground is a viable strategy
    Redirect Rocket
    Cole fires a round ball of electricity straight up.  If an opponent is hit with
    a lightning bolt, it homes in on them.
    This is an amazing move for keep-away.  Not only can the ball itself hit if
    someone is above you, but hitting them with a single lightning bolt makes it
    home in on them.  It's still possible for them to dodge it, but it's a great
    pressure tool.  It has massive hitstun if it hits, too, so you can usually
    get a lightning tether afterwards.
    Alpha Blast
    Cole fires a wave of energy at his opponents, either straight ahead on the
    ground or on a 45 degree angle downwards in the air.
    This move doesn't gain much AP, but the size of the projectile is ridiculous,
    and it's incredibly safe, so it's still a good tool for annoying people.
    Frost Shield
    Cole absorbs any projectiles that hit the frost shield, gaining AP.
    It should be obvious that this is pretty much the ultimate anti-camping move.
    Radec sniping away at you?  Just absorb those rifle blasts for a quick 30 AP.
    This alone makes Cole one of the best defensive characters in the game.
    Freeze Rocket
    Cole fires a little ball of ice that freezes opponents in their tracks.
    This is a great projectile since it allows a follow up, and it's even quite
    useful in combos.  It is a little slow if jumped over, though, so be careful
    when tossing it out on the ground.
    Ice Launch
    Cole summons and ice platform to give himself a boost.
    This would be amazing if you could still double jump afterwards, but
    unfortunately you can't.  You also can't do the air version if you've double
    jumped already.
    Ice Barrier
    Cole summons a little ice block that stays in front of him for a short time.
    This has loads of hitstun and is a fantastic combo move, Cole has all kinds of
    loops involving this move and >[].  The barrier part is not all that useful
    except for one specific situation - it can trigger counters safely, allowing
    you to block the counter attack and then punish with another v() into a combo.
    Human Bullet
    Cole grabs someone with his ionic powers and then tosses them left or right
    depending on which direction you press.  The tossed opponent is defeated,
    as is anyone else they might hit.
    This move used to have some vertical range, but it now has virtually none,
    so you can pretty much only use it on the ground.  Just be aware that in FFA,
    you are still vulnerable to enemy supers even after you grab someone, so make
    sure you're fairly safe.
    Ionic Freeze
    Cole fires a big wave of ice that progressively crosses the entire stage.
    This is slow and generally not worth its massive AP cost unless you somehow
    know you're getting all 3.
    Electric Tornado
    Cole jumps into the foreground and creates a huge tornado that sucks up 
    everything in its path.  You can move this left and right to catch people.
    This doesn't last long, but the Tornado is pretty much totally unavoidable,
    particularly now that it's super fast, so you can usually get a kill on 
    everyone plus one or two more depending on how fast you catch people.  It's a 
    very reliable source of kills for the price and should be used often in FFAs.
    Cole Strategy and Notes:
    1 on 1:
    Cole is a decent character for one on ones because he has a nice variety of
    moves and can combo into his level 1.  His only issue is that his combo 
    starters are a bit slow, but the lightning tether pretty much makes up for it.
    Many of the good 1 on 1 characters like to go to the air a lot and the tether
    can give them a nasty surprise if they try it.  Just watch out for heavy
    combo characters like Raiden, Cole can't keep them out for long and he's not
    as strong at close combat as they are.
    2 on 2:
    Cole can be great in 2 on 2s but you have to coordinate.  His Freeze Rocket,
    Sticky Grenade, Lightning Bolts, and Redirect Rocket can all potentially
    combine great with other campers or melee attackers, but they can also blow
    up combos, so you have to pay close attention to what your ally is doing.
    His Frost Shield also makes for ludicrously good camping if you hide under
    a platform, because he can completely shut down any kind of projectile
    approach.  Put Radec behind that shield, under a platform, and you're pretty
    much unstoppable.
    Cole is also pretty good in the camp-heavy world of Free For Alls, simply
    because he can absorb projectiles and force campers to come to him rather than
    him having to make his way in.  Whereas all other characters fear Radec and
    Sackboy, they're Cole's best friends.  He can also camp to some extent himself
    with lightning bolts, sticky grenades, and redirect rockets, and when people
    get separated he can hold his own in the combo game.  Just watch out for people
    interrupting your level 1, consider using the Level 3 instead if you're facing
    pressure as it is now very good.
    Evil Cole:
    Once a simple delivery boy, Cole MacGrath gained the ability to control
    electricity after being caught in the centre of a deadly explosion.  Cole
    chose to use his newfound powers for his own purposes, challenging other
    superpowered humans for control of Empire City and crushing anyone who stood
    in his way, forcing the citizens to fear and respect him.  Eventually, Cole
    also learned to control fire to enhance his own destructive power.
    In PSAS, Evil Cole is an aggressive character who can fight both up close and 
    at long range.  Unlike "Good" Cole, Evil Cole's moves are generally less safe
    and he puts himself at risk more than his do-gooder counterpart, but the 
    reward is increased offensive power and better supers.
    Ground Moveset:
    Input      Name                        AP Gain / Cost    Properties
    []         Amp Combo                   5                 TURN
    :[]        Amp Combo 2nd               5
    ::[]       Amp Combo Finish            30                KNDW
    >[]        Induction Grind             --                STAT
    :[]        GigaWatt Blades Combo       25                LAUN
    :/\        Leaping Shoulder Tackle     30                KNBK
    :()        Stop                        --
    ^[]        Amp Blast                   20                LIFT
    v[]        Thunder Drop                20                BUTT, LIFT, TURN
    /\         Lightning Bolts             5                 PROJ, NOKN, AIMA, HOLD
    /\ (x5)    Lightning Blast             20
    >/\        Double Grenade              20                PROJ
    ^/\        Tripwire Rockets            20-40             PROJ
    v/\        Nightmare Blast             30                PROJ, KNBK
    ()         Giga Punch                  10                CHRG, RLCL, BUTT
    () (hold)  Giga Punch (charged)        20                STOR, CRMP, TURN
    >()        Firebird Strike             30                KNBK
    ^()        Hellfire Rockets            5
    :()        Hellfire Rockets 2nd        5
    ::()       Hellfire Rockets Finish     20                LIFT
    v()        Oil Spike                   10                TRAP 
    >Throw     Body Toss                   Varies            NOBL, KNBK
    ^Throw     Amp Launch                  Varies            NOBL, LIFT
    vThrow     Choke Slam                  Varies            NOBL, BOUN
    R (Lvl1)   Human Bullet                125               PROJ, AIMA
    R (Lvl2)   Ionic Drain                 325               STEL
    R (Lvl3)   The Beast                   750               STAT
    :[]        Beast Flame                                   PROJ
    :/\        Beast Geyser
    :()        Beast Pull                                    NOKL
    Air Moveset:
    Input      Name                        AP Gain / Cost    Properties
    []         Amp Combo                   5                 TURN
    :[]        Amp Combo 2nd               20
    >[]        Lightning Tether            5                 PROJ, PULL, SHCK
    ^[]        Amp Blast                   20                LIFT
    v[]        Thunder Drop                20                BUTT, LIFT, TURN
    /\         Lightning Bolts             5                 PROJ, NOKN, AIMA, HOLD
    /\ (x5)    Lightning Blast             20
    >/\        Double Grenade              20                PROJ
    ^/\        Tripwire Rockets            20-40             PROJ
    v/\        Nightmare Blast             30                PROJ, KNBK
    ()         Giga Punch                  10                CHRG, BUTT
    () (hold)  Giga Punch (charged)        20                STOR, CRMP, TURN
    >()        Firebird Strike             30                KNBK
    ^()        Hellfire Rockets            5
    :()        Hellfire Rockets 2nd        5
    ::()       Hellfire Rockets Finish     20                LIFT
    v()        Oil Spike                   10                TRAP    
    >< (hold)  Slow Descent
    >< (>wall) Wall Cling
    Combos for AP:
    (air) v[], (walk forward) [], [], []    - 60 AP
    Super basic combo.  You can use the knockdown to get time to charge your
    () if you don't already have it.
    (air) v[], (), (turn around) v[], >[], [], (jump) >[], >()   - 150 AP
    A stored () allows for crazy amount of AP gain off virtually everything.
    Of course, you can do the rest of the combo starting from the second v[] 
    without it, but you won't hit the IPS.  The timing on the second v[] is hard,
    so you might want to skip it after an air v[].
    v(), >[], [], (jump) >[], >()     - 70 AP
    Oil Spike puts the opponent in a strange state where you can go through them,
    so if you're right next to them back off a little before performing the grind.
    You have more than enough time for it.
    ^throw, (jump) >[], >()   - 35 AP
    Same as every other Tether combo he can do.  Note that v/\ is also possible,
    and if you're close to the wall you can jump and >[] them again, creating
    a loop from precise distance.
    vthrow, [], [], []   - 40 AP
    You can get slightly more damage off a vthrow.
    >/\, (jump) >[], >()   - 55 AP
    Double Grenade gets an easy Lightning Tether follow up.  You don't even have
    to pull yourself to the opponent for the >() to hit.
    Combos into Supers:
    (), R (Lvl 1 or Lvl 2)
    Requires () to be charged.  Can also do v[] beforehand.
    v[], (), (turn around) v[], R (Lvl 2)
    You can even get one more v[] before the super if doing level 2, though the
    timing is extremely tight.
    v(), R (Lvl 1 or Lvl 2)
    The oil spike also lets you get a free super, assuming you're close enough.
    ^throw, (move forward) R (Lvl 2)
    In the latest patch, you can no longer get a level 1 off an up throw.  Level 2
    does still work, but it's not quite as useful.
    Notable Move Breakdown:
    Evil Cole starts skating forward using electricity.  He can perform several 
    moves during this.
    This is an interesting move but be aware that it's not invincible and you can't
    block, so don't use this against characters with good range on their attacks.
    This is also very useful in combos, usually after ().
    Lightning Tether
    Evil Cole shoots out a wave of energy and if it hits an opponent they are 
    shocked and he can pull himself towards them.  You can also grab a wall.
    Evil Cole doesn't get quite as much off this move as Good Cole, but a free
    Phoenix Strike is never a thing to complain about.
    Thunder Drop
    Evil Cole does a slam with his amp that butt drops the opponent.  It makes a
    bigger splash if done from high up, which blasts the opponent away instead of
    butt dropping them.
    This is a great combo starter, though it is a little on the slow side and some
    characters can punish it for big damage.  Try to avoid doing the high version,
    as the non knockback version is generally better.
    Lightning Bolts
    Evil Cole fires some little bolts of electricity.  If five hit in a row, he 
    immobilizes opponents for a while and damages anyone nearby.  He can also aim 
    them up and down, and fire them while hanging from the wall.
    This is not quite as useful as Cole's version since you only get the extra
    damage from landing 5 in a row if the opponents are clustered together.
    Evil Cole's other projectiles are generally superior.
    Double Grenade
    Evil Cole throws a big ball of electricity in an arc.  Upon hitting the ground
    or an opponent, it explodes, releasing a second ball directly above it, that
    also explodes upon hitting something.
    This is an amazing projectile.  Not only does it eat up a ton of screen real
    estate, if it hits from pretty much anywhere you can tether over and do a
    combo.  Throw this whenever you've got space.
    Tripwire Rockets
    Evil Cole throws a ball of electricity upwards that spreads out into a line
    of electricity.  If it hits something, it collapses, and the other half may
    hit as well.
    This is also a great projectile for harassing people above you.  It can hit
    for 40 AP if the opponent gets hit in the middle, which is insane.
    Nightmare Blast
    Evil Cole fires a wave of energy at his opponents, either straight ahead on the
    ground or on a 45 degree angle downwards in the air.
    Unlike Good Cole's version, this has a lot of startup and is generally not as
    good even though it hits harder.  The air version is still useful, but double
    grenade is usually better on the ground.
    Giga Punch
    Evil Cole charges up a big punch that crumples if it hits (or does butt drop, 
    if it hits from max distance when not fully charged).  If he charges up fully, 
    he can store the punch to unleash later, when he will perform a lunging punch
    that goes through the opponent and crumples them.  He can also roll cancel 
    while charging and maintain his charge.
    This is easily Evil Cole's standout move.  It's very similar to charged attacks
    from Smash Bros in that when fully charged, you can store it for the next time
    you press (), and you can roll away while charging without losing your charge.
    Just like in Smash, any time you've got a free moment, charge this thing.
    You want to have the fully charged version ready to go at all times, because
    it's great to start combos and to use during them.  Note that you can also
    unleash the punch before full charge and still get the crumple as long as
    you've charged it a little.  In that sense, a partially charged punch can be
    almost as good as a full one for starting combos since you can immediately let
    go.  It won't work after v[], though, since at range you'll get the butt drop
    effect and two butt drops will result in a knockdown.
    Phoenix Strike
    Evil Cole wraps himself in flames and charges forward for a flaming tackle.
    This move is fast and hits hard.  It also gives great mobility in the air,
    Evil Cole can even do more than one before hitting the ground.  It's somewhat
    punishable on block though so don't go too nuts.
    Hellfire Rockets
    Evil Cole creates three fire blasts above himself.
    This can be used in combos after a tether but I've yet to find a situation
    where Phoenix Strike isn't better since it hits harder.
    Oil Spike
    Evil Cole drops a strange puddle of oil that grabs an opponent who walks over
    This move puts the opponent in an odd state where Evil Cole can pass through
    them, so any move that hits "on contact" like Phoenix Strike will go right
    through.  Normal attacks can hit, though.  Note that unlike most trap moves,
    this does not last for very long, but you can get a good combo or super if
    it hits.
    Human Bullet
    Evil Cole grabs someone with his ionic powers and then tosses them left or
    right depending on which direction you press.  The tossed opponent is defeated,
    as is anyone else they might hit.
    This looks like it can only hit grounded opponents, but it actually catches
    enemies who are close to the ground as well.  Though the main use for it is
    after a charged Giga Punch hits a grounded opponent.
    Ionic Drain
    Evil Cole draws energy from the surrounding area into himself, killing those
    caught in the wave and taking some of their AP.
    This is easily in the running for best level 2 in the game.  It doesn't cost
    much AP, it's fast, it hits a big range, it's not punishable by much, you can
    combo into it easily, and if that wasn't good enough, it also steals AP.
    This super has it all, so make liberal use of it any time you can hit two or
    more people.
    The Beast
    Evil Cole becomes The Beast and goes on a rampage.
    This is a pretty standard state change level 3, comparable to Kratos.
    You've got a projectile on [], a proximity attack on /\ (in the air, it aims
    down, which is handy), and using () sucks opponents towards you.  It's a decent
    way to get kills, but his level 2 is so good you should generally be using
    that instead.
    Evil Cole Strategy and Notes:
    1 on 1:
    Cole is a pretty scary 1 on 1 character because of the giga punch.  If you let
    your guard down for even a second, he can land an easy punch into a super
    or a fairly big combo, and good luck stopping him from charging it since it
    charges fast and he can roll cancel.  You just really have to stay on your
    toes against this guy.
    2 on 2:
    2 on 2s are probably Evil Cole's weakest mode.  Most of his attacks blast
    people away, potentially ruining you partner's combos, and his camping tools
    just aren't nearly as good as Good Cole.  He's still okay, but he doesn't
    contribute a lot that other characters don't give as well.
    Evil Cole is great in FFA because of his double grenade, the tripwire rockets,
    and that level 2.  His punch combos are pretty fast and build decent AP,
    too, and the fact that they go through the opponent when fully charged makes
    them a bit harder to interrupt than most combos.
    Once an ordinary spaceship mechanic, Ratchet was thrown into the world of
    interstellar heroism after he discovered the strange and sarcastic robot Clank.
    Thankfully, becoming a hero in Ratchet's galaxy is easy enough as long as you
    have enough bolts to pay to the monolithic MegaCorp company for better weapons,
    even doomsday devices are available for sale if you break enough crates.
    With Clank's help, Ratchet will grow into his role as a true hero, maybe even
    surpassing the legendary Captain Quark.
    In PSAS, Ratchet is a strong mid-range fighter.  His myriad weapons give him
    many useful tools, and his level 1 super is one of the most powerful in the
    game and he has set-ups where it is unavoidable.  You have to be careful when
    using Ratchet, though - many of his moves have significant recovery and if used
    at the wrong time the opponent may be able to counter-attack.
    Ground Moveset:
    Input      Name                        AP Gain / Cost    Properties
    []         Multi Strike                5                 TURN
    :[]        Multi Strike 2nd            5                 TURN
    ::[]       Multi Strike Finish         30                KNBK, TURN
    >[]        Comet Strike                20                KNDW
    ^[]        Lightning Ravager           20                LIFT
    v[]        Hyper Strike                20                KNDW, TURN
    /\         Sonic Eruptor               20                PROJ, CHRG, BUTT, TURN
    /\         Sonic Eruptor (Charged)     30                PROJ, NOBL, KNBK
    >/\        Constructo Pistol           40                PROJ, MASH, KNBK
    ^/\        Warmonger                   30                PROJ, LIFT
    v/\        Buzz Blades                 3-10              PROJ
    ()         Plasma Striker              10-20             PROJ, AIMA, BUTT, TURN
    >()        Agents of Doom              10                ALLY, TRAP
    ^()        Mr. Zurkon                  2                 ALLY, PROJ, NOKN
    v()        Tesla Spike                 5                 TRAP
    >Throw     Suck Cannon Forward         Varies            NOBL, PROJ, KNDW
    ^Throw     Suck Cannon Up              Varies            NOBL, PROJ, LIFT
    vThrow     Suck Cannon Down            Varies            NOBL, PROJ, KNDW
    R (Lvl1)   RYNO V                      150               PROJ, TURN
    R (Lvl2)   Clank Goes Commando         400               STAT
    :[]        Swipe
    :/\        Time Ball                                     PROJ, TRAP, NOKL
    R (Lvl3)   Flight of the Aphelion      750               STAT, AIMA
    :[]        Shoot                                         
    :()        Missiles                                      
    Air Moveset:
    Input      Name                        AP Gain / Cost    Properties
    []         Wrench 3-Hit Combo          5                 TURN
    :[]        Wrench 3-Hit Combo 2nd      5                 TURN
    ::[]       Wrench 3-Hit Combo Finish   30                KNBK, TURN
    >[]        Comet Strike                20                KNDW, JMCL
    ^[]        Lightning Ravager           20                LIFT
    v[]        Hyper Strike                20                KNDW, TURN
    /\         Sonic Eruptor               20                PROJ, CHRG, BUTT, TURN
    /\         Sonic Eruptor (Charged)     30                PROJ, NOBL, KNBK
    >/\        Constructo Pistol           40                PROJ, MASH, KNBK
    ^/\        Warmonger                   30                PROJ, LIFT
    v/\        Buzz Blades                 3-10              PROJ
    ()         Plasma Striker              10-20             PROJ, AIMA, BUTT, TURN
    >()        Agents of Doom              10                ALLY, TRAP
    ^()        Mr. Zurkon                  2                 ALLY, PROJ, NOKN
    v()        Tesla Spike                 5                 TRAP
    >< (hold)  Slow Descent
    Combos for AP:
    >[], >[], ^[], ^/\    - 90 AP
    This comes very close to hitting the IPS, but unfortunately getting that extra
    10 AP is surprisingly hard.  Though 90 AP isn't too bad for a projectile combo
    >(), >[], >[], ^[], ^/\    - 130 AP
    This is the most reliable way to hit the IPS with that combo.  Of course, 
    getting the agents to hit is a battle in and of itself, but if you pressure 
    with Ratchet's many projectiles, you can often trick an opponent to rolling or
    jumping into them (though if it they land on them you only get one >[].
    (air) /\, >[], >[], ^[], ^/\    - 140 AP
    This can also work, though you have to land it from pretty close or you won't
    get the ^[].  (jump) [], [], [] is an alternate option to the ^[], and will
    also hit the IPS, if you're having trouble landing the ^/\.
    /\ (charged, blocked), >[], >[], ^[], ^/\   - 150 AP
    This is another setup, but it only works if the Sonic Eruptor is blocked.  It's
    not easy to get the opponent to block Sonic Eruptor since they can see it 
    coming a mile away, this really works better as a setup for the agents of doom,
    which you can then combo off of.  Also note that you can cancel a fully charged
    Sonic Eruptor right into level 1 in case they just get hit with the agents raw.
    ^throw, ^/\   - 30 AP
    Not too profitable but Ratchet will take what he can get.
    Combos into Supers:
    (any corner knowdown), (move back), R (Lvl 1)
    This isn't a "combo" as the game understands it, but because Ratchet's level 1
    has such big range and stays active to so long, if the opponent is knocked down
    in the corner and you're far away enough that the bullets just barely reach
    the corner, there's nothing most characters can do to get out.  Sly might
    be able to teleport out or something.  The most obvious way to get that
    knockdown is to use Ratchet's throw and then run to a corner and down throw
    them.  Just be aware that Ratchet's throw is super punishable.
    >(), R (Lvl 1)
    The agents tie up your opponent plenty long enough for level 1 to land.  Of
    course, you'll need to find some way to get them to hit.
    Notable Move Breakdown:
    Comet Strike
    Ratchet throws his omniwrench, which returns to him like a boomerang.
    This is Ratchet's most useful move in combos, but beware that the ground
    version has extreme recovery if it misses, leaving Ratchet incredibly open.
    However, if you haven't used your double jump yet, you can jump cancel the air
    version, making it a much safer poke.
    Sonic Eruptor
    Ratchet charges up a strange gun with a frog on the end that lets out a huge
    belch at full charge that is unblockable.  He can also move around after
    charging it and fire at any time.
    This is an interesting move.  First of all, its active frames are so long that
    you can't air dodge it.  Secondly, it's unblockable, and Ratchet gets his
    biggest combo if you block it.  It's not that hard to avoid by itself,
    but you can use the agents to give you better pressure, because if they hit by
    the agents, you can cancel a fully charged Sonic Eruptor into a super without 
    firing it, or if they jump or roll you can just blast them.
    Constructo Pistol
    Ratchet fires up to three shots from his Pistol.
    This hits surprisingly hard for a projectile, so it's a pretty good pressure
    move to use when you're fairly safe.
    Buzz Blades
    Ratchet fires 3 shots that bounce off walls.
    They're not very strong, but they're very fast and hard to avoid, and unlike
    many of Ratchet's moves this is fairly safe, particularly from the air.
    Plasma Striker
    Ratchet pulls out a sniper rifle and starts aiming it.  You can aim where you
    want and release a butt dropping shot that travels instantly.
    This is another good pressure move, because unlike Radec Ratchet can aim his
    sniper rifle, and if using it in the air he hovers in place.  Again, use the
    agents to give additional pressure and force your opponents into the air where
    they cannot block.
    Agents of Doom
    Ratchet throws out a little ball which contains 3 wind up toys carrying 
    dynamite.  They run straight ahead, possibly hitting some enemies.
    This seems like an awful move because it's slow and weak, but it's actually
    one of Ratchet's most important moves.  If Ratchet charges Sonic Eruptor,
    they can't block this attack because it can guard crush.  It gives good
    pressure for almost all of Ratchet's other zoning tools too.
    Mr. Zurkon
    Mr. Zurkon appears and follows behind Ratchet, firing his blaster at anyone
    who comes close.  Mr. Zurkon can be hit by enemy attacks (which gives them AP)
    and blows up after 40AP of damage.
    Mr. Zurkon is nearly useless offensively, his main use is to act as a shield of
    sorts in some matchups.  He can eat projectiles and some regular attacks,
    allowing Ratchet to counter attack without being staggered, but against attacks
    that have a really big hit area, they'll usually both get hit.
    Tesla Spike
    Ratchet places a node where he currently is.  If he drops 2 nodes close to
    each other, an electric stream appears between them.  If he places a third,
    the oldest one is destroyed.
    This is obviously a good camping tool because you can shut down physical
    attacks from one direction.  The spikes can be destroyed, though, and it does
    nothing to stop projectiles.
    Suck Cannon
    Ratchet pulls out a vacuum gun and sucks in opponents straight ahead of him.
    Unlike all other throws, this has extended range, though the opponent can
    fight against the suction to some extent if they're far away.  Ratchet can
    then move around with the captured opponent for a bit before spitting them
    back out.
    This throw is totally different from all other throws in that it has more
    range and can grab people out of the air.  Ratchet can also run around after
    grabbing someone and dump them where he wants.  Down throwing an opponent in
    the corner can make an inescapable setup for the Ryno.  This move is incredibly
    punishable, though.
    RYNO V
    Ratchet pulls out a huge gun and fires a storm of bullets straight ahead.
    This is one of the craziest level 1s in the entire game, it has insanely huge
    range and stays out for ages, so long in fact that if an opponent is knocked
    down in the corner you can use this from the correct range and there's no way
    out.  Of course, its incredibly long duration can be a severe problem if it
    misses, it's easily the most punishable move in the entire game.
    Clank Goes Commando
    Clank takes over for Ratchet and starts smacking people with his scepter and
    time bombs.
    A fairly standard state change level 2.  In addition to just hitting people,
    Clank can also throw time bombs that create a sphere that slows down opponents,
    making it easier for him to hit them.  A perfectly valid option if you don't
    get an opportunity to land the Ryno.
    Flight of the Aphelion
    Ratchet and Clank board their ship and start blasting people with its guns
    and missiles.
    This is virtually identical to Radec's level 3, except that you can also fire
    some generally useless missiles.  Just keep the crosshairs on people and blast
    away to get 5+ kills.
    Ratchet Strategy and Notes:
    1 on 1:
    Ratchet is a viable 1 on 1 character but must be played carefully, as many
    of his attacks are unsafe and can lead to huge punishes.  Make heavy use of
    safe air attacks like Buzz Blades and the Plasma Striker, and put the agents
    out at all times to protect you if you're going for a slow ground attack like
    comet strike or the suck cannon.  The Sonic Eruptor combined with the agents 
    can be a very good tool as well.  Against Ratchet, just play patiently and
    wait for an opening.
    2 on 2:
    2 on 2s are where Ratchet really shines.  The Tesla Spike was made for camping,
    if you combine that with something that stops projectiles like Cole's Frost
    Shield or Sly's barrel and hide under a platformer you can be absurdly safe.
    And the Ryno becomes a ludicrously scary tool when you have a partner to help
    you trap opponents with it.
    Ratchet is also a monster in FFA mode thanks to the Ryno.  It's right up there
    with Sly's level 1 in terms of its ability to devastate crowds, though it is
    a bit more punishable so don't be surprised if others counter kill you from
    time to time.  If you pick your spots well you'll get way more kills than
    they will.  His level 2 and 3 are also very good if you don't get a good chance
    to use Ryno.
    Jak and his best friend Daxter have always had a knack for getting into
    trouble, a tendency which only got worse when they stumbled upon a group of
    lurkers during one of their escapades and Daxter fell into a pool of Dark Eco,
    permanently transforming him into the small orange creature we know and love.
    From there on it's been one crazy adventure after another for the pair, as
    they have travelled through time and space in order to restore Daxter to his
    original self and realize Jak's mysterious destiny.
    In PSAS, Jak is a mid-range character, possessing a handful of melee and ranged
    attacks.  He's not the most powerful character offensively, with fairly
    predictable combo starters and projectiles that build little AP, but Jak makes
    up for it with unparalleled mobility.  With his air v[], Jak can literally stay
    in the air forever, which completely shuts down the offense of many characters
    and makes it nearly impossible to throw him.  He can also use his air ^[] and 
    air >[] to move around, making it very tough to hit him with special state 
    moves.  He may take a long time to build up that level 3, but he's a very 
    hard guy to pin down.
    Ground Moveset:
    Input      Name                        AP Gain / Cost    Properties
    []         Daxter Spin Kick            35                KNBK, AIMA
    >[]        Dashing Forward Punch       10                STGR, TURN, CNCL
    ^[]        Uppercut                    20                LIFT
    v[]        Super Dive Attack           20                LIFT, TURN
    /\         Arc Wielder                 4-16              PROJ, AIMA, TURN
    >/\        Blaster                     15                PROJ, HOLD
    ^/\        Peace Maker                 10                PROJ, SHCK
    v/\        Beam Reflector              10                PROJ   
    ()         Gyro Burster                5                 PROJ, NOKN
    >()        Needle Laser                7-20              PROJ
    ^()        Mass Inverter               10                PROJ
    v()        Wave Concussor              20                PROJ, CHRG, BUTT
    v() (hold) Wave Concussor (Charged)    20                PROJ, HOLD, NOBL
    >Throw     Daxter Pummel               Varies            NOBL, KNDW
    ^Throw     Jet Board Flip              Varies            NOBL, LIFT
    vThrow     Jet Board Spin              Varies            NOBL, KNBK
    R (Lvl1)   Precursor Legacy            125
    R (Lvl2)   Dark Bomb                   325               SHCK, TURN
    R (Lvl3)   Light Jak                   750               STAT
    :><        Light Boost
    :[]        Light Blast                                   PROJ
    :/\        Light Shield
    :()        Flash Freeze Time                             PROJ, BUTT, NOKL
    Air Moveset:
    Input      Name                        AP Gain / Cost    Properties
    []         Daxter Spin Kick            35                KNBK, AIMA
    >[]        Jet Board Dash              5                 TURN
    :[]        Jet Board Punch             30                KNBK
    ^[]        Uppercut                    20                LIFT
    v[]        Super Dive Attack           20                LIFT
    /\         Arc Wielder                 4-12              PROJ, AIMA, TURN
    >/\        Blaster                     15                PROJ, HOLD
    ^/\        Peace Maker                 10                PROJ, SHCK
    v/\        Beam Reflector              10                PROJ   
    ()         Gyro Burster                5                 PROJ, NOKN
    >()        Needle Laser                7-20              PROJ
    ^()        Mass Inverter               10                PROJ
    v()        Wave Concussor              20                PROJ, CHRG, BUTT
    v() (hold) Wave Concussor (Charged)    20                PROJ, HOLD, NOBL
    Combos for AP:
    >[], ^(), ^[], (air) >[], []  - 75 AP
    Jak got massive combo buffs in this patch, he can now do a long string off
    his >[].
    v(), >[], ^(), ^/\, ^[], (air) >[], []  - 135 AP
    If you can land a v(), you can now hit the IPS.  This also works with the air
    (air) v[], (wait) >[], []   - 55 AP
    This is now easier to link in this version.
    ^throw, >[], []  - 35 AP
    Not all that fancy, but it's a little free damage.
    Combos into Supers:
    >[], ^(), (short jump up forwards) ^/\, (land) R (Lvl 1)
    Jak can finally combo into his level 1 thanks to the >[], ^() chain.  It's
    a tricky combo to pull off since you have to do the ^/\ in the air and it has
    to be extremely low, but if you can master it Jak is one of the most versatile
    characters in the game.  If you do mess up and get the ground version of ^/\,
    at least you can do the standard version of the combo.
    v(), >[], R (Lvl 2)
    Thanks to the new shock effect on Jak's level 2, he can actually combo into
    it now.  It's still a pretty expensive way to land a kill, but if you can hit
    more than one person it can be worth it.
    Notable Move Breakdown:
    Jet Board Dash
    Jak dashes forward on his Jet board, afterwards, he can do a punch attack.
    The attack afterwards is useful, but the main function of this move is just
    for mobility.  It moves very fast and can help Jak avoid all kinds of setups
    and supers.  You can only do one per time you touch the ground, though.
    Jak flies upwards with a punch.
    Like Jak's air >[], this is more of a mobility tool than an attack.  He gains
    quite a lot of height when doing this, making it almost like another jump.
    Like air >[], you can only do one in the air per time you touch the ground.
    Super Dive Attack
    Jak pounds the ground and bounces upwards afterwards.
    This is easily Jak's most important move.  The attack itself isn't particularly
    great, what's important is the bounce part.  After hitting the ground, Jak 
    bounces back up, leaving him in the air.  This would be nothing to write home 
    about, but this restores his double jump, allowing him to jump again in the air
    even if you used the air version of this move and had already used his double
    jump.  This allows him to stay in the air forever, completely negating the
    offense of many characters.  Note that this does not restore his air >[] or
    air ^[], you actually have to land if you want to do those again.
    Jak fires three rounds from his blaster.
    Unfortunately, this is now pretty bad, because it lost its old knockdown and
    no longer builds much AP.  You're better off firing the () and then getting in
    there rather than sitting back.
    Peace Maker
    Jak fires an upwards blast that shocks the enemy.
    This is a good, fast attack, but unfortunately Jak doesn't get much afterwards.
    Use this to prevent people from approaching you from the air.
    Beam Reflector
    Jak fires some beams that bounce off walls.
    This is a decent tool in the air, though it's fairly slow.  Use this while
    bouncing around to be extra annoying.
    Gyro Burster
    Jak fires out a little drone that flies around and fires shots.
    Though the shots have no knockback, it's still a decent way to get some
    free AP.  Fire this out near crowds before laying into them with >/\.
    Needle Laser
    Jak fires out three little lasers that home in on opponents.
    This move is now much better than it used to be.  It travels faster, gains
    more AP, and launches the opponent up a bit, allowing a follow-up.  You should
    use this when jumping from mid range to get some pressure on the opponent.
    Mass Inverter
    Jak fires a strange beam that lifts those caught in it into the air.
    Now that you can cancel this from >[], it's quite easy to put into combos.
    It's also essential to his level 1 combo.
    Wave Concussor
    Jak fires a red wave that deals damage and butt drops opponents.  It can be
    charged for a bigger blast that knocks back and is unblockable.
    This isn't as good as it used to be as the blast area is now a lot smaller.
    It's still a good choice when bouncing around with v[] but is no longer as
    hard for opponents to get around.
    Precursor Legacy
    An eco vent appears below Jak, and he jumps up, killing anyone he touches.
    As of this patch, Jak can FINALLY combo into this thing, though it's a bit
    tricky.  The hitbox is still generally bad, but at least it doesn't cost a lot
    of AP.
    Dark Bomb
    Jak turns into Dark Jak, lunges forward, and creates a massive shockwave.
    This is much better than it used to be because Jak's transformation now
    shocks anyone close enough, guaranteeing the super will connect, and this now
    allows you to combo into it.  It can also now kill on the way up and the
    explosion is pretty big.  The shock can even interrupt other level 2s.  You'll
    probably be using this a lot outside of 1 on 1.
    Light Jak
    Jak turns into Light Jak and uses his precursor powers to defeat his opponents.
    He can fire projectiles, put a shield around himself that kills on contact,
    and use a move to knock everyone down (though this does not kill).
    This is an excellent level 3 that is very hard to avoid thanks to the /\
    move.  The only problem is that it takes Jak ages to build up enough AP for it,
    but at least it's almost impossible to take that AP away due to his mobility.
    Despite the cost, this is still what you should be aiming for in any FFA.
    Jak Strategy and Notes:
    1 on 1:
    As of the latest patch, Jak is substantially better at 1 on 1.  He has amazing
    mobility and good tools, and his level 1 is cheap and can be comboed into.
    Just watch out for characters who can convert air to air hits into big combos.
    2 on 2:
    Jak is also quite strong in 2 on 2, his ability to stay in the air can prevent
    the enemy team from building AP effectively, and his level 3 is very good.
    The level 2 combo is also quite good here if you can trap both players in it.
    Jak is even better in FFA.  He can hit and run the entire match if he wants to,
    only coming in for quick kills when he lands a v().  Even if that opportunity
    never comes up, his level 3 is extremely hard to avoid and will gain several
    kills.  Matches against Jak tend to be very slow paced, but he tends to win
    by a couple points in the end.
    Big Daddy:
    In the underwater city of Rapture, business magnate Andrew Ryan sought to mass
    produce a valuable energy source using the bodies of orphaned girls as an
    incubator, naming them "Little Sisters".  Due to the highly valuable resource
    contained within them, each Little Sister is assigned a protector called a
    "Big Daddy", a genetically-modified human inside a powerful suit of armour, 
    designed to keep their energy safe from thieves until it is needed.  But does 
    anyone stop to  think that both "Little Sisters" and "Big Daddies" are human 
    beings and not just a natural resource to be harvested?
    In PSAS, Big Daddy is a big, slow character who specializes in crowd control.
    He possesses many moves that have big hitboxes and a number of attacks that
    are armoured, allowing him to blow through enemy attacks.  Unlike most melee
    characters, Big Daddy is at his best when surrounded, easily turning the tides
    on his attackers with his powerful moves, but he struggles to chase down those
    who would stay away from him.
    Ground Moveset:
    Input      Name                        AP Gain / Cost    Properties
    []         Jab                         10                CNCL, TURN
    >[]        Overhead Palooka            20                KNDW, TURN
    ^[]        Uppercut                    20                ARMR, LIFT
    v[]        Sweeping Fist               20                ARMR, BOUN
    /\         Drill Punch                 20                BUTT, TURN
    >/\        Charging Rush               15                ARMR, LIFT, HOLD
    :/\        Charging Slam               5                 KNDW
    ^/\        Drill Skewer                30                KNBK
    v/\        Drill Slam                  45                MASH, KNBK
    ()         Incinerate                  10                CHRG, LIFT, RLCL, JMCL
    () (hold)  Incinerate Blast            20                KNBK
    >()        Electro Bolt                10                PROJ, SHCK
    ^()        Cyclone Trap                20                PROJ, LIFT
    v()        Winter Blast                20                TRAP, FREZ
    >Throw     Drill Forward Eject         Varies            NOBL, KNBK
    ^Throw     Drill Up Ejected            Varies            NOBL, LIFT
    vThrow     Slam                        Varies            NOBL, BOUN
    R (Lvl1)   Little Sister Gather        100               SHCK, ALLY, TURN
    R (Lvl2)   Frenzy                      325               STAT
    :Any ()    Locust Cloud                                  PROJ
    R (Lvl3)   Flood                       750               STAT
    Air Moveset:
    Input      Name                        AP Gain / Cost    Properties
    []         Jab                         10                CNCL, TURN
    >[]        Hard Punch                  30                KNBK
    ^[]        Uppercut                    20                LIFT
    v[]        Down Punch                  20                STGR
    /\         Drill Punch                 20                BUTT, TURN
    >/\        Charging Rush               10, 20            ARMR, BUTT, BOUN
    ^/\        Drill Skewer                30                KNBK
    v/\        Drill Slam                  50-70             MASH, KNBK
    ()         Incinerate                  10                KNDW, TURN
    >()        Electro Bolt                10                PROJ, SHCK
    ^()        Cyclone Trap                20                PROJ, LIFT
    v()        Winter Blast                20                TRAP, FREZ
    Combos for AP:
    /\, v[], ^[], >/\, /\   - 80 AP
    Simple, fast combo resulting in a knockdown.  Can also work after v() or >()
    instead of the /\.
    (air) v[], /\, v[], ^[], >/\, /\   - 130 AP
    Now that v[] does more damage, this is an easy IPS hitting combo.
    (air) >/\, >(), [], ^/\   - 80 AP
    A basic combo off air >/\.
    (air) >/\, >(), (), (jump) >(), (land, jump again), [], /\   - 130 AP
    This combo uses the () jump cancel, which must be inputted very fast and the 
    >() must be aimed well.  If you're concerned about the safety of air >(),
    see below.
    (air) v[] (jump) >/\, (), (jump) >(), (land, jump again), [], /\   - 140 AP
    You can start this combo off an air v[] for a bit more damage and safety.  Note
    the first >() is omitted for extra damage.  Alternatively, you can just do
    [], ^/\ after the >() for a very basic IPS hitting combo that doesn't require
    the jump cancel.
    (), (jump forward) v/\ (mash)  - 65 AP
    You can do this as an alternate any time you land the () jump cancel.
    It's mostly useful for crowd control and in 2 on 2s.
    vthrow, [], /\    - 40AP
    Big Daddy's [] can cancel to ^/\, allowing this combo.
    ^throw, ^/\, (jump) ^/\    - 40AP
    Big Daddy can also do a combo after up throw, through landing the second
    tornado is tricky.
    Combos into Supers:
    (air) v[], R (Lvl 2), []
    Air down square buys enough time for an immediate level 2 activation into
    Notable Move Breakdown:
    Charging Slam
    Big Daddy charges forward, ignoring enemy attacks, and if he hits, he can
    follow up with a punch that knocks down.  In the air, he charges diagonally
    downwards and rolls when he hits the ground, lifting opponents into the air.
    This is a great move because it has armour.  The air version even yields a huge
    combo afterwards.  It is fairly unsafe on block, though, and the air version
    isn't as fast as it used to be, so don't overuse it.
    Drill Slam
    Big Daddy Slams the ground with his drill and pounds it repeatedly, releasing
    a series of big shockwaves.  If done in the air, Big Daddy will drop down
    to the ground before slamming.
    This is pretty much the ultimate crowd control move.  It has a huge hitbox
    and just keeps hitting for ages, allowing your partner to do pretty much
    anything they want in a 2 on 2.  The air version gains additional damage if
    performed from high up in the air.
    Big Daddy attacks with a fire charged punch that can be charged.  In the air,
    he uses a short range flamethrower on a downwards angle.
    This move initially seems nearly useless, but in addition to being able to roll
    cancel during the charge, you can also jump cancel the ground version, which
    is super useful in combos.
    Electro Bolt
    Big Daddy fires an electric projectile ahead of him or on a downwards angle in
    the air that shocks opponents.
    This is also a super valuable combo tool, on both the ground and the air you
    can get a follow-up for big damage.
    Cyclone Trap
    Big Daddy fires a little tornado on a 45 degree angle upwards.
    This is not generally useful in combos except in the corner, where it can
    juggle multiple times.  It is decent for stopping people from jumping in
    against you, though.
    Winter Blast
    Big Daddy drops a pool of freezing liquid that freezes anyone it touches.
    You can get a combo off of this, but it's slow and doesn't last long so it's
    hard to hit with.
    Little Sister Gather
    Little Sister appears, hops off Big Daddy's back, and gathers energy from
    anyone nearby.
    This is very slow and hard to hit with, though if you're on top of a platform
    you might be able to surprise some people by dropping it below you.  His other
    supers are usually a better use of meter.  It now shocks just as she jumps,
    which guarantees a hit against grounded opponents (but not airborne ones)
    so it doesn't help much.
    Big Daddy becomes enraged, which speeds him up and makes all of his attacks
    fatal.  He also trades his circle attacks for a dust cloud projectile.
    This is a pretty great super as it lasts a long time and is hard to avoid
    due to Big Daddy's increased speed.  It's also very inexpensive as state change
    supers go and you can actually combo into it.
    Big Daddy floods the arena and crushes his opponents as they swim around
    This is a very dangerous level 3 since the opponents can't do much of anything
    to avoid your attacks and it lasts a super long time.  5+ kills are definitely
    possible in FFA.
    Jak Strategy and Notes:
    1 on 1:
    Big Daddy is merely average in a 1 on 1.  He hits hard, and even though he
    can't combo into his level 1, he can combo into his level 2 and it's cheap and
    has the potential to get 2 kills so that's not a total loss.  Unfortunately,
    he's pretty slow and has a hard time chasing down quicker foes.
    2 on 2:
    Big Daddy is pretty crazy in 2 on 2s because of that v/\.  It pins down
    opponents FOREVER, allowing his partner to combo into even the slowest of level
    1s.  And he can actually combo into the v/\ off some pretty easy setups that
    build a lot of AP.  Just make sure his partner can either camp decently or
    chase down campers well, because he has trouble with it.
    Big Daddy is also a force in FFAs, his ability to blow through attacks and
    hit loads of people at once gives him some of the game's best crowd control.
    His level 2 and 3 are also pretty deadly, though he is a big target and has
    trouble avoiding level 2s and 3s.
    A cocky half-demon sellsword with a penchant for the paranormal, Dante spends
    most of his time hunting down demons to increase his own powers and seek
    revenge for murder of his mother.  But don't let that grim mission fool you, 
    Dante is a pretty lighthearted guy who loves pizza and playing guitar almost as
    much as fighting.  He's also a complete showboater who will make every effort
    to be stylish even in a fight to the death, but somehow he always comes out on
    top anyway.  He may look a little different this time, but he's the same guy.
    In PSAS, Dante is an extremely mobile character with big (but difficult) 
    combos.  At first glance, he seems almost entirely useless, as his /\
    attacks have no knockback and his () moves do almost no damage.  But like
    in his own games, Dante has the ability to interrupt one attack with another,
    a process called "Bold Cancelling", which allows him to chain a [] attack to
    a /\ on hit or block, and a /\ attack to a () even on a whiff.  His /\ and
    () attacks are still weak, but they basically serve as a means for him to dash
    all over the place and link his [] attacks together.  Dante can be diagonally
    above you one moment, then right in your face half a second later, or halfway 
    across the stage throwing a projectile instead.  Reading the actions of a good
    Dante player is incredibly tough, and he hits like a truck, with both strong 
    combos and combos into supers, but it takes a ton of practice and awareness to
    reach that level with him.
    Ground Moveset:
    Input      Name                        AP Gain / Cost    Properties
    []         Hacker                      5                 CNCL, TURN
    :[]        Hacker 2nd                  5                 CNCL, TURN
    ::[]       Hacker 3rd                  15                CRMP, CNCL, TURN
    :::[]      Hacker Finish               20                KNDW, TURN
    >[]        Karma                       10                BUTT, CNCL
    :[]        Karma 2nd                   10                CNCL, TURN
    ::[]       Karma Finish                30                KNBK, TURN
    ^[]        High Time                   20                LAUN, CNCL
    v[]        Tremor                      20                LIFT, CNCL
    /\         Ebony and Ivory Quick Shot  1                 NOKN, CNCL
    >/\        Ebony and Ivory Rushdown    1                 NOKN, CNCL
    ^/\        Rainstorm                   3                 NOKN, CNCL
    v/\        Gun Flurry                  3                 NOKN, CNCL
    ()         Parry                       20                CNTR, BUTT
    >()        Angel Boost                 --                CNCL
    ^()        Shredder                    20                LIFT
    v()        Flush                       20                PROJ, LIFT, TURN
    >Throw     Kicker                      Varies            NOBL, KNBK
    ^Throw     Pay Off                     Varies            NOBL, LIFT
    vThrow     Hammer Punch                Varies            NOBL, KNDW
    R (Lvl1)   Overdrive                   125               PROJ, TURN
    R (Lvl2)   Stinger                     325
    R (Lvl3)   Devil Trigger Unleashed     750               STAT
    Air Moveset:
    Input      Name                        AP Gain / Cost    Properties
    []         Aerial Rave                 5                 CNCL, TURN
    :[]        Aerial Rave 2nd             5                 CNCL
    ::[]       Aerial Rave Finish          30                KNBK
    >[]        Hunger                      5                 CNCL
    :[]        Hunger 2nd                  10                CNCL
    ::[]       Hunger Finish               20                KNBK, CNCL
    ^[]        Roulette Spin               20                LIFT, CNCL
    v[]        Helm Breaker                20                KNDW
    /\         Ebony and Ivory Quick Shot  2                 NOKN, CNCL
    >/\        Ebony and Ivory Rushdown    2                 NOKN, CNCL
    ^/\        Rainstorm                   5                 NOKN, CNCL
    v/\        Descending Rainstorm        5                 NOKN, CNCL
    ()         Parry                       20                CNTR, LIFT
    >()        Angel Boost                 --                CNCL
    :[]        Hacker Finish               30                KNBK
    :>[]       Karma Finish                20                BUTT
    ^()        Shredder                    20                LIFT
    v()        Flush                       20                PROJ, LIFT, TURN
    Combos for AP:
    [], [], [], ^[] (hold), [], [], []   - 85 AP
    Not bad damage for how easy it is.
    >[], [], [], [], ^[] (hold), [], [], []   - 95 AP
    If you wait until Dante puts the Scythe away, you can combo [] after >[].
    [], [], [], ^[] (hold), >[], [], [], >/\, >(), []   - 141 AP
    You have to bold cancel the third hit of that air chain into the >/\,
    then that into >() as quickly as you can.  You also must make sure you let go
    of forward before the square, or you'll get a different attack that doesn't
    hit the IPS.  This combo has also been fixed so it no longer drops against
    some characters.
    [], [], [], /\, >(), <^[] (hold), [], [], ^[], /\, >(), []    - 146 AP
    This uses a neat little trick where you can shoot the opponent a few times
    after a [], [], [], then >() through them and launch from the other side
    (note that you need to hold up back to turn the launcher around).  This is
    handy in FFA to prevent your combos from being interrupted.  This also
    shows off an alternate air combo that is a little faster than the other one.  
    Note that the regular air combo can also be used after a launcher performed in
    this manner.
    /\, >(), >[], [], [], [], ^[] (hold), [], [], ^[], /\, >(), []   - 156 AP
    After bold cancelling into >(), Dante gets some different air attacks from
    the ones he usually has.  The >[] one staggers, allowing you to combo
    (air) v(), v[], ^/\, >(), []   - 70AP
    If an v() hits, this is the best followup since ^[] won't allow you to launch.
    Note that you have to do the v[] somewhat late as it doesn't hit very high.
    If you mess up the empty cancel, you can turn around just as the v() initiates,
    which will cause it to hit and let you do this combo.
    [], [], [], /\, ^</\, >(), >[]   - 55 AP
    This is another Dante loop.  The key here is you can shoot the opponent a few
    times before doing the up back triangle into air dash >[], allowing you to
    build a bit more AP.  More importantly, though, you can use this to link a
    level 1.  Note that you must not press the >() too early, or Dante won't even 
    leave the ground and the >[] won't hit.
    ^throw, ^[] (hold), >[], [], [], >/\, >(), []    - 85 AP
    This is really good damage for a throw combo.  You can attempt a [] before
    the ^[] for 5 more AP, but the timing is tight and you can't hit the IPS
    anyway, so it's not really worth it.
    Combos into Supers:
    [], [], [], <^/\, >(), >[], /\, <^(), R (Lvl 1) (turn around during activation)
    If you thought Dante's old cancel trick was hard, wait until you get a load
    of this.  The >() must be delayed ever so slightly, or Dante won't leave the
    ground.  After the >[], you must fire exactly one bullet and then immediately
    cancel into up back circle.  If this somehow all hits, you can land and fire
    level 1 behind you, which will combo.  Oh, and this only works if the opponent
    is next to a wall, but since you can perform the loop part twice, you can
    carry them a ways towards the wall before the super needs to hit.  If you can
    actually manage to pull this off in a real match, you'll have my utmost
    (air) /\, >(), >[], (land), R (Lvl 2)
    Dante's level 2 is fast enough to combo after the bold cancelled >()'s >[] 
    followup.  His level 1 isn't, though.
    >[], R (Lvl 2)
    It combos after the ground version of >[] too.
    Notable Move Breakdown:
    Dante performs a sequence of basic slashes with his sword.
    Dante's basic [] combo is the cornerstone of his offense, largely because the
    third hit inflicts crumple.  This sequence of attacks used to be extremely
    vulnerable because Dante could not bold cancel his [] moves on block, but
    as of the latest patch, he can, allowing him to go completely nuts, then cancel
    the third hit into either /\, >(), or /\, ().  
    Dante swings his scythe, then spins it around and does a big sweeping slash.
    The ground version of this combo is not all that useful, though if timed right
    you can do [] after the first hit and go into a normal combo.  The air version,
    however, is a good follow up to any launcher, since you can bold cancel the
    final hit into >/\ and again into >() to land [] for 30 extra damage.
    Ebony and Ivory
    Dante pulls out his guns and shoots a few times.
    There are 4 different gun moves but they're all similar.  The gun shots
    themselves are weak and do no hitstun, the main reason they exist is they
    allow Dante to cancel his square moves, and they can be cancelled into circle
    moves.  The direction you hold determines which way you will go, for example 
    holding up and doing a bold cancel will do the upwards gun move, which moves 
    Dante upward.  The neutral version can be cancelled into another gun move, both
    on the ground and in the air.  Keep in mind these can also be done simply to
    move around in the air, particularly when cancelled into Angel Boost.
    Dante blocks with his sword and counterattacks if hit.
    This is a handy tool as a ground parry allows you to land a full combo,
    and you can bold cancel a blocked ground string into /\, () if you think your
    opponent will counter attack.  The air Parry can be cancelled into a triangle
    attack (and then >()), allowing some damage in the air too.  The old Parry loop
    combo has been removed, though.
    Angel Boost
    Dante does an aerial dash.  It goes through enemies and you can do one per
    jump as well as doing it on the ground.  It can be cancelled at any time to
    any other circle or square attack.
    This is a great tool for increasing Dante's already great mobility and it's
    essential in many of his combos.  You can cancel this to a parry, so feel
    free to use this liberally on the ground as well.  Just remember you only get
    one per jump, so if you've already used it, you can't bold cancel into it.
    Dante tosses a flaming blade on a 45 degree angle downward.  It rolls on the
    ground for a while and tosses enemies up if hit.
    This is a decent projectile with some combo potential.  It's also instrumental
    to the empty cancel trick that lets Dante combo into his level 1.  Angel 
    Boosting around and tossing these out is instrumental to keeping your foes
    on their toes.
    Dante does 3 quick slices with Rebellion, the last one fires a projectile.
    The empty cancel combo has been removed, so this super is much less useful than
    it used to be (though a new, far harder combo does exist).  You can also now
    cancel the recovery of this move into a /\ attack (and then to (), of course),
    potentially allowing safer recovery.
    Dante dashes forward with his sword outstretched.
    This is slightly easier to combo than his level 1 but generally isn't great
    meter economy unless you can get 3 people.  If you catch 2 people in the empty
    cancel, the level 1 will still get both anyway.
    Devil Trigger Unleashed
    Dante turns into a crude approximation of Old Dante and all of his attacks
    become fatal.  When this move begins, the opponents are trapped, as though
    caught in time, but when they respawn they can dodge normally.
    This is a really great state change super for one reason - ALL of Dante's
    attacks become instantly fatal, including shots from his guns.  The amount
    of screen area he can fill with those bullets is insane, making this very hard
    to avoid, and of course you can still cancel your shots into >().  This can 
    potentially get 5+ kills if used well.
    Dante Strategy and Notes:
    1 on 1:
    Dante is okay in 1 on 1.  He's not nearly as powerful as he used to be with the
    loss of his old level 1 combo, but he still has good combos, a counter, and is
    hard to pin down.  If you could ever master his new level 1 combo, he might
    be the best character in the game, but I'm skeptical that anyone can do this
    consistently.  Otherwise you're reliant on level 2s and 3s.
    2 on 2:
    Dante is another one of those characters who doesn't do particularly well in
    a 2 on 2 because he doesn't do much to help a partner and he doesn't need help
    from one.  He can still contribute kills fairly well and his level 3 can be
    really scary, but there are probably better choices.  He's also not the best
    at breaking down camping fortresses as they can shut down his mobility.
    Dante can be a great FFA character because his combos go to the air quickly
    and are thus hard to avoid.  His level 3 is also extremely powerful, with good
    use of the gun shots he can easily get 6 or more kills.  He can also use his
    mobility to avoid level 3s from other characters better than most.  Just watch
    out for campers because Dante doesn't have the easiest time approaching some
    of them.
    Longtime ruler of the Mishima Zaibatsu corporation and sponsor of the King of 
    Iron Fist tournament, Heihachi is a martial arts master who continues to be
    a dominant fighter even into his old age.  Heihachi is also famous for his
    excessively strained family relations, he and his family are almost constantly
    attempting to throw each other off cliffs, into volcanoes, or to the Moon.  The
    only one whose company he seems to really enjoy is that of his pet bear and 
    bodyguard, Kuma, whom he trained in his own style of martial arts.
    In PSAS, Heihachi is a short range Melee-oriented character.  Unlike Parappa,
    Heihachi is not especially fast, but he makes up for it by having a slightly
    more versatile moveset.  He is also one of the only characters to have an
    armoured attack and an attack with invincibility, giving him an extra edge up
    close and making him great at crowd control.
    Ground Moveset:
    Input      Name                        AP Gain / Cost    Properties
    []         Flash Punch                 5                 TURN
    :[]        Flash Punch 2nd             5
    ::[]       Flash Punch Finish          30                KNDW      
    >[]        Iron Hand                   20                BUTT
    ^[]        Demon Uppercut              10                LIFT
    :[]        Rising Uppercut             20                LIFT
    v[]        Demon's Wings               20                ARMR, BUTT
    /\         Spinning Roundhouse         30                KNBK, TURN
    >/\        Hell Axle                   10
    :/\        Hell Axle 2nd               10                LIFT
    ^/\        Rising Toe Kick             20                LIFT
    v/\        Jichinsai                   20-40             KNDW, TURN         
    ()         Heaven's Wrath              20                CNTR, BUTT
    :[] (Fast) Demon Breath                30                KNBK
    >()        Wave Dash                   --                INVN, CNCL
    :[]        Rising Uppercut             20                LIFT
    :[] (Fast) Electric Wind God Fist      20                ARMR, LIFT
    :/\        Spinning Demon              20                BOUN
    ::[]       Spinning Demon Uppercut     30                KNBK
    ::/\       Tsunami Kick                20                KNDW
    ^()        Toss Pin / Tekken Ball      10 / --           PROJ, TURN
    v()        Raijin Stance               --                CHRG
    :[]        Pulverizer                  20 / 60           CRMP, NOBL
    >[] (KNDW) Leaping Body Attack         20                KNBK
    /\ (KNDW)  Rising Roundhouse           20                KNDW
    >Throw     Stonehead                   Varies            NOBL, KNDW
    ^Throw     Jumping Powerbomb           Varies            NOBL, BOUN
    vThrow     Slamdown                    Varies            NOBL, KNDW
    R (Lvl1)   Lightning Hammer            100               TURN
    R (Lvl2)   Kuma Tag Team               400               ALLY
    R (Lvl3)   Rockets Away                600               CINE
    Air Moveset:
    Input      Name                        AP Gain / Cost    Properties
    []         Double Palm                 20                BUTT, TURN
    >[]        Iron Hand                   20                BUTT
    ^[]        Demon Uppercut              10                LIFT
    :[]        Rising Uppercut             20                LIFT       
    v[]        Hammer Punch                20                KNDW
    /\         Wind Slicer                 30                KNBK
    >/\        Hell Axle                   10
    :/\        Hell Axle 2nd               10                LIFT
    ^/\        Rising Toe Kick             20                LIFT
    v/\        Demon Scissors              20                KNDW, TURN
    ()         Heaven's Wrath              20                CNTR, BUTT
    >()        Wave Dash                   --                CNCL
    ^()        Toss Pin / Tekken Ball      10 / --           PROJ, TURN
    v()        Raijin Stance               --                CHRG
    Combos for AP:
    >[], ^/\, v/\    -  80 AP
    Super quick combo for some fast AP gain, though he can do better damage if
    you've got time for a longer combo.
    >[], >(), [], >(), [], (jump) >[]    - 80 AP
    This is among the best crowd control combos in the game because >(), [] has
    armour.  You can toss this into crowds and you'll still get the full thing.
    >[], ^/\, ^/\, ^/\, (jump) ^/\   - 130 AP
    This is easily in the running for the game's stupidest combo, but you can
    actually land 3 grounded ^/\s and finish with an air one for an IPS hit.
    v[], >/\, /\  ^/\, ^/\, (jump) ^/\     - 130 AP
    v[] has armour, and here's an easy way to get an IPS off it.
    (air) v[], >/\, /\  ^/\, ^/\, (jump) ^/\     - 130 AP
    Pretty much the same combo works after the air version of v[], which is a bit
    (air) [], >[], >(), /\, /\, /\, >(), [], >/\, /\, ^/\    - 150 AP
    Difficult to do, but powerful.  The initial air [] is not needed to hit the
    IPS, a >[] will work as well for 10 less AP.
    ^throw, ^/\, ^/\, ^/\, (jump) ^/\   - 80 AP
    I'm sure you must be getting to love that ^/\ by now.  It even gets you 80 AP
    off a throw if you do it late enough.
    Combos into Supers:
    v(), [], R (Lvl 1)
    This is possible, but the opening to this is absurdly slow and will pretty
    much never hit in a 1 on 1.
    (air) >(), [], R (Lvl 1)
    The air >() is not necessary, but if you do that immediately off the ground
    it closes space quickly and puts you at the right height for the air [].
    Notable Move Breakdown:
    Demon's Wings
    Heihachi cloaks his hands in energy and punches on both sides.  It butt
    drops the opponent if it hits.
    This move is slow, but it has armour, making it a good tool for close range
    Rising Toe Kick
    Heihachi does an upwards kick.  You can kind of slide around while using this
    This move looks stupid, but it has a ton of hitstun, allowing many followups
    afterwards (usually just this move again or the air version).
    Heihachi does a downwards kick that slams the opponent into the ground.
    If this hits an airborne opponent, it does 40 damage, which is pretty huge.
    Heaven's Wrath
    Heihachi assumes a counter stance, and if hit, he butt drops the opponent with
    a wave of energy.
    As with all counters, this is a useful way to land a combo.  It doesn't get
    you enough time for a super, though.  You can also use this to perform a
    quick attack on the ground, but it's not very useful.
    Wave Dash / Electric Wind God Fist
    Heihachi dashes forward, and afterwards he can do several attacks.  The dash
    part is also invincible.
    This is one of Heihachi's most useful attacks.  The invincibility is helpful
    at close range and the follow ups are very useful in combos.  It can also give
    him some better air mobility, though it's not invincible in the air.
    The most notable of the follow-up attacks is Electric Wind God Fist, which is
    done by pressing [] very fast.  It's much the same as the normal [] attacks,
    but it's much faster and has armour, which is amazing for blowing through 
    Toss Pin / Tekken Ball
    Heihachi tosses either a bowling pin or the Tekken Ball.
    The pin is a fairly standard projectile that travels in an arch and has a
    little combo potential, but the ball is much more interesting.  It's not an
    attack by itself, but if hit by an attack, it flies in the direction it was
    hit and steals a lot of AP if it hits someone.
    Raijin Stance
    Heihachi charges up power.  If he charges up fully, his next attack does
    triple damage.  He can also press [] during the attack for a charging attack
    that crumples the opponent.  If already charged, the [] attack is unblockable.
    The charging attack is one of Heihachi's only reliable ways to land his level 1
    super, but it's very slow.  The fact that you do triple damage on the next
    attack if you reach maximum charge is useful, though, particularly since the
    extra damage does not contribute to the IPS.
    Lightning Hammer
    Heihachi does an overhead punch.
    Unfortunately, the punch is very slow and is very difficult to combo into.
    Even though it's cheap, it's often better to save up for level 2.
    Kuma Tag Team
    Heihachi summons Kuma and the two of them fight together to defeat the enemies.
    Kuma attacks on his own and all of his attacks are fatal.
    Unlike other state changing supers, Kuma attacks autonomously, leaving Heihachi
    free to attack as well.  His attacks do not kill, but they build AP and can
    help Kuma get kills.  Because of this, this is a very useful super that can get
    many kills in a free for all.
    Rockets Away
    Heihachi straps his opponents to a rocket and sends them to the moon.
    This is another one of those cinematic supers that instantly kills all enemies.
    Kuma is generally a much better use of meter.
    Heihachi Strategy and Notes:
    1 on 1:
    Heihachi is okay in one on ones, his close range moves and invincibility are
    very handy, but his difficulty comboing his level 1 really hurts him.  You
    pretty much have to build up to Kuma to get reliable kills, and even if you
    get two kills two kills for 400 AP is pretty low in terms of AP economy.
    Try to abuse the Tekken Ball if you can get it, you want to slow down enemy
    AP gain in any way you can.
    2 on 2:
    Kuma is pretty ridiculous in 2 on 2s, with two people helping Kuma get kills
    it's almost impossible to stay away from him.  Though beyond that Heihachi
    doesn't really contribute too much to a team.  There are probably better melee
    Free for all is definitely Heihachi's best mode.  Kuma is very deadly here,
    and with people being distracted you may actually be able to land his combos 
    into level 1.  You can also use the Wave Dash to help dodge certain level 3s.
    And his Electric Wind God Fist is one of the safest moves to use in FFA because
    it has so much invincibility.
    Foretold from birth to wield the Heavenly Sword and save her clan, Nariko has
    spent her entire life training to be a warrior.  Unfortunately for her, the 
    sword's immense power comes at a terrible cost, as it drains the life of its
    user and will eventually kill her, and sinister forces seek the sword for their
    own purposes.  Is it her destiny to give up her life to protect the ones she
    loves, or is there some other way?
    In PSAS, Nariko is a mix-up character.  Most of her strings actually don't
    combo, but they can be cancelled into other attacks at specific points 
    (indicated by a yellow circle around Nariko's feet), which will beat various
    types of escapes your opponent could attempt.  Of course, no mixup is ever
    guaranteed, if your opponent guesses right they could get out or even hit you,
    but if they guess wrong, you get a full combo, and her combos hit hard.
    But all this power comes at a price, Nariko's level 1 super is very bad, and
    her level 2 isn't much better, making it difficult for her to get kills,
    particularly in a one on one battle.
    Ground Moveset:
    Input      Name                        AP Gain / Cost    Properties
    []         Heaven's Dance              10                TURN
    :[]        Heaven's Dance 2nd          5
    ::[]       Heaven's Dance 3rd          5                 CNCL
    :::[]      Heaven's Dance 4th          10
    ::::[]     Heaven's Dance 5th          10
    :::::[]    Heaven's Dance Finish       15                STGR
    >[]        Devil's Paradise            10                BUTT
    :[]        Devil's Paradise 2nd        10                CNCL
    ::>[]      Devil's Paradise 3rd        10
    :::[]      Devil's Paradise Finish     15
    ^[]        Rising Divinity             10
    :[]        Rising Divinity 2nd         20                CNCL, LIFT
    ::^[]      Rising Divinity             10
    :::[]      Rising Divinity Finish      20                LIFT
    v[]        Angel's Judgement           20                CNCL, KNDW, TURN
    :v[]       Angel's Judgement 2nd       10
    ::[]       Angel's Judgement 3rd       5
    :::[]      Angel's Judgement Finish    15                KNDW
    /\         Melee Counter               20                CNTR, BUTT, PRFL
    >/\        Debris Sweep                10                PROJ
    ^/\        Aerial Movement             20                LAUN
    v/\        Compassion                  10                PULL
    ()         From Father                 10                SHCK, TURN
    >()        Fire Rocket                 20                PROJ, LIFT, AIMA
    ^()        The Basics                  20                PROJ, BUTT, AIMA
    v()        Purgatory                   20                PROJ, CRMP
    >Throw     Moment's Angel              Varies            NOBL, KNBK
    ^Throw     Possession                  Varies            NOBL, LAUN
    vThrow     Devil's Heel                Varies            NOBL, KNDW
    R (Lvl1)   Twing Twang                 125               PROJ
    R (Lvl2)   Dawn Siege                  400               STAT, PROJ
    R (Lvl3)   The Goddess                 750               STAT
    :[]        Stolen Kiss
    :/\        Whirling Passion
    :()        Adoring Traveller
    Air Moveset:
    Input      Name                        AP Gain / Cost    Properties
    []         Heavenly Depart             5                 TURN
    :[]        Heavenly Depart 2nd         5
    ::[]       Heavenly Depart Finish      25                KNBK
    >[]        Devil's Grin                30                KNBK
    ^[]        Unfurled Sky                10                LIFT
    v[]        Devil's Descent             20                KNDW
    /\         Melee Counter               20                CNTR, KNBK, PRFL
    >/\        Debris Sweep                10                PROJ
    ^/\        Heroine Moment              20
    v/\        Reunion                     20                KNDW, LIFT
    ()         Warm Embrace                10                SHCK, TURN
    >()        Fire Rocket                 20                PROJ, LIFT, AIMA
    ^()        The Basics                  20                PROJ, BUTT, AIMA
    v()        Purgatory                   20                PROJ, CRMP
    >< (>wall) Wall Cling
    Combos for AP:
    v/\, [], [], >/\  - 70 AP
    A new combo after ground v/\ that makes it pretty dangerous to roll backwards
    after Nariko's key poses.
    (), ^/\, (jump up forwards) (), v/\, ^/\, [], [], []  - 145 AP
    Nariko's old combo doesn't hit the IPS anymore, but she now has this even
    better combo that does even more damage.  It looks long, but really none of the
    links are tricky as long as you remember the steps.
    (air) v/\, ^/\, (), [], [], []  - 85 AP
    Huge damage for an air to air combo, among the best of any character in the
    game.  Can also be used as air to ground, but it's better to use ^[] there,
    see below.
    (air) ^[], (land, jump again) (), v/\, ^/\, (), [], [], []    - 140 AP
    Thanks to the new air v/\, ^[] is back to being scary.
    /\, (walk forward), ()   - 30 AP
    You can also get a () after a counter, followed by whatever combo you want.
    ^throw, ^/\, (jump up forwards) (), v/\, ^/\, (), [], [], []  - 145 AP
    It's crazy that she can get this much damage off a throw now.  This makes her
    pressure combos so scary now, if you block you're getting IPS comboed.
    Combos into Supers:
    [], [], [], [], [], R (Lvl 2) (aim up) R
    Note that the 3rd square is not a true combo, but you can now combo level 2
    after the 5th square hit.
    /\, R (Lvl 2) (aim up) R
    It can also combo after counter.
    Notable Move Breakdown:
    Heaven's Dance, Devil's Paradise
    Nariko does a few hits with her blades, then pauses for a follow-up.
    These two moves are very similar.  After a few hits, the combo stops and you 
    get a mixup opportunity.  Doing the rest of the combo is generally a poor idea,
    because even if it does catch the damage isn't much.  What you want to do is 
    toss out /\ or vthrow most of the time, and the rest of the time just watch 
    what they do and punish.  Here's a list of possible actions they could take 
    and what you should answer with:
    Standing Still - ()
    Blocking - vthrow
    Rolled away - v/\, ideally into () afterwards
    Rolled through you - v(), then ()
    Jumped - ^/\ into the rest of that combo
    Of course, if they attacked or did throw, you just got hit.  But that's why
    you guess with /\ or vthrow most of the time, to discourage them from doing 
    that.  Try to get a read on what option your opponent goes to most so you can
    counter it more easily.  Also, if you're really positive they're going to roll
    back, you can toss out level 1 at the cancel point and it'll catch them.
    You can also cancel into a roll by pressing left or right.  This is best if
    the attacks didn't all hit (say, they blocked and rolled already).
    Rising Divinity
    Nariko does a few hits with her blades, then pauses for a follow-up.
    This one leaves the opponent in the air when you get your cancel, reducing
    their options.  They can only choose a direction to tech and then air dodge.
    ^/\ is the best option here, vary the timing to make it harder to dodge.
    Unfurled Sky
    Nariko spins her blades around her in a circle.
    This used to be completely ludicrous, but is now a lot slower and much less
    spammable.  It can still lead to air () if performed close to the ground,
    but the old loop that made this move so strong has been removed.
    Angel's Judgement
    Nariko slams her heel into the ground, then pauses for a follow-up.
    If this hits, just go for () because it combos.
    Melee Counter
    Nariko blocks an attack with her sword and counters if hit.  It can also
    reflect projectiles.
    Obviously, this is a key tool in your mixup game.  If the opponent mashes out
    an attack in one of the gaps in your string, this catches them for a full
    Nariko sends out a chain to grab the opponent and pull them towards her.
    This is an incredible move because it has absurdly long range, is super fast,
    and leads into a decent combo afterwards.  The air version is also extremely
    useful, it can start a huge combo against an airborne opponent, making Nariko
    one of the only characters who can really shut down air camping.
    Nariko sends out a chain to grab the opponent on a 45 degree angle downwards
    and kicks them to the ground if it hits.
    This move used to be fantastic as it would put the opponent in the butt drop
    state even if they were airborne, but as of the latest patch it's just a
    regular knockdown.  It does still have the butt drop effect if you hit a
    grounded opponent with it, though.
    Warm Embrace
    Nariko grabs her opponent, then hits them a few times before shocking them.
    Although this looks like a throw, it's actually blockable.  Nevertheless, this
    is a very important tool in Nariko's offence, because it's central to her most
    damaging combos.  Thankfully, she has loads of ways to land it, see her other 
    moves and combos for details.
    Fire Rocket
    Nariko pulls out a huge cannon and fires a rocket.  You can aim it a bit after
    it fires.
    This hits hard but is insanely slow so don't use it if the opponent is anywhere
    near you, it risks a very heavy punish from someone like Fat Princess.
    The Basics
    Nariko throws a knife that butt drops the opponent if it hits.  It also bounces
    off walls.  You can also aim it before it is thrown.
    This move isn't nearly as good as it used to be as it now recovers much slower.
    You can still get a v/\ if it hits from far away, but that's it.
    Nariko slams the ground, causing huge blades to erupt that crumple the enemy.
    This leads to big combos but is slow and obvious in a one on one.  In FFA it
    works pretty well, and it can also catch people who try to roll through you.
    Twing Twang
    Kai and a barrel full of fireworks appear, and she shoots it with her bow.
    This super is absurdly slow and the appearance of that huge barrel is about the
    biggest warning flag for the other players possible.  Never just toss this out,
    but it can be comboed into after a ^().
    Dawn Siege
    Nariko pulls out a huge cannon and fires many shots that you can aim.  The
    cannon can also hit when it comes out, which gives you a free shot.
    This is okay, in an FFA it can usually get a few kills, but you're still
    probably better saving up for level 3.  You can get a guaranteed kill if the
    cannon itself hits, but it's a lot of AP for just one kill.
    The Goddess
    Nariko draws out the full power of the Heavenly Sword, giving her new attacks.
    Nariko's /\ and () attacks in this mode have ludicrously huge range, and []
    is very quick, so it's hard to get away from this.  You can reasonably expect
    4+ kills in an FFA, just try not to whiff moves as they take a long time to
    Nariko Strategy and Notes:
    1 on 1:
    Nariko has good tools and can generate AP like a monster, but her inability
    to land level 1s reliably really hurts her in a one on one.  Her level 3 is
    pretty much her only reliable way of getting kills and it's pretty unlikely
    that you'll get 3 in one go, putting her at a severe disadvantage against
    anyone who can land level 1s with any reliability.
    2 on 2:
    Nariko is much better in 2 on 2s.  Her weaknesses can be compensated for
    by her allies, and her big range brings something to that table that few other
    characters can match.  She's also great against characters who like to stay
    in the air, which a lot of other characters have trouble with.
    Nariko's is okay in FFA since she's got such big range.  Moves like >[] can
    interrupt many people's combos and prevent them from doing it to her, and he
    main air combo is not easily interrupted by other players.  Just don't waste 
    your AP with her level 1 and you should do fine.
    A highly-trained special forces soldier with ties to the mysterious
    organization known as The Patriots, Raiden has proven himself extremely capable
    in all forms of combat.  Unfortunately, after being manipulated by his
    employers, converted to a cyborg, and suffering problems with his family, 
    Raiden has begun to lose his sense of self and feel that he has no place in 
    life except on the battlefield.  Perhaps now, when he has been unexpectedly 
    thrown into combat once again, he can find some sense of purpose?
    In PSAS, Raiden is a combo-heavy melee fighter with excellent mobility.  He 
    can start long and incredibly damaging combos off virtually anything, though
    he lacks an easy way to land his level 1.  Beyond his excellent combo ability,
    he is also very mobile, allowing him to track down his opponents easily.
    However, he does not have any projectile attacks or many other utility moves in
    his moveset, so he's not the most versatile character in the cast.
    Ground Moveset:
    Input      Name                        AP Gain / Cost    Properties
    []         Single Hand Cut             5                 TURN
    :[]        Single Hand Cut 2nd         5                 TURN
    ::[]       Single Hand Cut 3rd         5                 TURN
    :::[]      Single Hand Cut Finish      25                KNBK, TURN
    <[]        Back Cut                    5
    :[]        Back Cut 2nd                20                STGR
    >[]        Leaping Cut                 20                BUTT
    ^[]        Launcher                    20                LAUN
    v[]        Jumping Roll Cut            20                KNDW
    /\         High Kick Cut               5                 TURN
    :[]        Whirling Slash              10                BUTT
    :/\        High Kick Cut 2nd           5                 TURN
    ::[]       Slice and Dice              20                LIFT
    ::/\       High Kick Cut 3rd           10                BUTT, TURN
    :::[]      Fancy Swordwork             10                LIFT
    >/\        Flurry Kick                 35                MASH, KNBK
    ^/\        Rolling Thunder             20                LIFT
    v/\        Sweep Kick                  10                BUTT
    ()         Parry                       20                CRMP
    >()        Lightning Strike            20                BUTT
    ^()        Horse Jump                  20                KNDW
    v()        Draw Attack                 20                BOUN
    >Throw     Forward Throw               Varies            NOBL, KNDW
    ^Throw     Up Throw                    Varies            NOBL, KNBK
    vThrow     Zan-Datsu                   30                NOBL, STEL, BOUN
    R (Lvl1)   Stormbringer                150               TURN
    R (Lvl2)   Blade Mode                  400               STAT
    :()        Awareness                                     SHCK, NOKL
    :throw     Slice 'Em Up                                  STEL
    R (Lvl3)   The Box Revengeance         750               STAT
    Air Moveset:
    Input      Name                        AP Gain / Cost    Properties
    []         Mid-Air Slice               5                 TURN
    :[]        Mid-Air Slice 2nd           5
    ::[]       Mid-Air Slice 3rd           5
    :::[]      Mid-Air Slice 4th           5
    ::::[]     Mid-Air Slice Finish        25                KNBK
    ::::/\     Mid-Air Slice Spin Finish   30                KNBK
    >[]        Spinning Roll Cut           20                LIFT
    ^[]        Launcher                    20                LAUN
    v[]        Heel Slice                  20                KNDW
    /\         Whirlwind Kick              30                KNBK, TURN
    >/\        Falling Lightning           20                BOUN
    ^/\        Rolling Thunder             20                LAUN
    v/\        Slam Slice                  20                BUTT
    ()         Counter                     20                CMRP
    >()        Charging Cut                20                STGR
    ^()        Stomp                       20                KNDW
    v()        Drill                       10-20             BUTT, KNDW
    Combos for AP:
    >[], /\, [], v(), ^[], (jump) [], [], [], [], /\   - 155 AP
    This is the basic Raiden combo for max AP gain.  It's very straightforward
    (though the >[] to /\ link is somewhat tight) and you can substitute the 
    >[] for any of >throw, air v/\, air >(), or ().
    >[], ^[], (jump up backwards, turn around) ^/\, ^[], (double jump), [], [], 
    [], /\   - 155 AP
    Alternate IPS hitter combo.  The key to making this hit is that the ^/\ needs
    to hit as low to the ground and as far away from the opponent as possible.  
    This spends less time on the ground, and is thus safer in FFA.  Like the above
    combo, it works after all of those starters, and it even works after <[], [],
    and v/\, which the combo above doesn't.
    (you'll want to just do double jump /\ after backslash for optimal damage).
    (air) >/\, [], [], [], ^/\, (land, turn around) ^[], (double jump) [], [], [],
    [], /\   - 155 AP
    Raiden also gets max damage after a divekick, though from some ranges the
    []s will miss afterwards and you can't get any followup.
    <[], [], ^[], (jump up backwards, turn around) ^/\, ^[], (jump) ^/\   - 135 AP
    Did you wonder whether or not Raiden gets to hit the IPS after a back cut?
    Of course he does!
    vthrow, (turn around) ^[], (jump up backwards, turn around) ^/\, ^[], 
    (jump) ^/\   - 140 AP
    Raiden's down throw is special in that it always takes 30 AP if the opponent
    has it, and it DOES count towards the IPS.  If the opponent doesn't have the
    AP, you can go for the []s in the air instead.
    (air) >[], ^[], (jump up towards, turn around) ^/\, (land, turn around, jump
    forwards) [], [], [], [], /\   - 140 AP
    Just to demonstrate that Raiden hits the damage cap after absolutely anything.
    This move is useful for going over projectiles, though the follow up combo
    is a bit difficult to space correctly.
    Combos into Supers:
    (), R (Lvl 1 or 2)
    Counter is now the only way to link into Raiden's level 1.
    >[], R (Lvl 2)
    Raiden's level 1 has been slowed down, so you can no longer land it in all of
    the situations where it used to be possible.  All combos into level 2 still
    work, though, such as after air v/\, air >(), 
    ^[], (jump up backwards, turn around) ^/\, (land, turn around) R (Lvl 2)
    You can link a level 2 in any situation where you can do the ^[], ^/\ co,mb
    Notable Move Breakdown:
    Back Cut
    Raiden stabs behind him, then follows up with an overhead slash that staggers 
    the opponent.
    Raiden is the only character to have a move that specifically requires you to
    press back.  This move is interesting in that he can cancel almost all of his
    moves into it, thus allowing him to punish anyone who thinks about coming up
    behind him while he's comboing someone, or tries to roll behind him while 
    blocking his attacks.
    Leaping Cut
    Raiden lunges forwards with his sword, staggering the opponent if he hits.
    This is very fast and is an excellent combo starter, but it is somewhat
    punishable if done too obviously.  Raiden has lots of tools to mix up with
    besides this one.
    High Kick Cut
    Raiden kicks the opponent with his sword, after which he can perform many
    different follow-ups.  He can perform a final attack by pressing /\ again
    after any [].
    Despite the multitude of combo possibilities from this move, /\, [] is almost
    always the best choice for the butt drop effect, which allows him to continue 
    the combo.
    Falling Lightning
    Raiden kicks on a 45 degree angle, bouncing the opponent off the ground if he
    This is a good approaching tool, and of course afterwards you can get a full
    combo, just don't overuse it as it can be punished.
    Rolling Thunder
    Raiden does a backflip with his sword, which tosses the enemy up and over him.
    The ground version of this move recovers slow and is useless, but the air
    version is one of the most amazing combo moves in the entire game since it has
    so absurdly much hitstun.  After an air ^/\, Raiden can land, turn around,
    and do ^[] (or a level 1 or 2 super).  The combos this thing makes possible are
    simply insane.
    Raiden poses and counters if hit, crumpling the opponent.
    This is one of the game's best counter attacks, the crumple gives you time to
    do just about anything afterwards.
    Lightning Strike
    Raiden dashes forward and does a quick slice that staggers the opponent.
    The ground version recovers slow and is useless, but the air version is super
    fast and allows a huge combo afterwards on a grounded opponent.
    Raiden attaches his sword to his foot and whirls around on his hands.
    This super used to be completely out of control because you could link it in
    every situation, but it's slower now so you can only combo into it after ().
    Blade Mode
    Raiden tightens his focus to stun his enemies and eliminate them.  Besides his
    regular cuts, he can also repeatedly input throws of different directions when
    near an opponent to kill them and take away a lot of AP.  He can press ()
    again for another stunning wave, as well.  If you get caught in the stun,
    you can mash to get out, but he still usually has time to kill you.
    Now that Raiden's level 1 is less useful, he's much more reliant on this great
    super, but luckily he's such a monster at building AP that that's not a huge
    problem.  The stun has huge range and is thus easily comboed into, potentially\
    getting multiple free kills, he can do another stun to catch people afterwards,
    and he can even steal AP.
    The Box Revengeance
    !  There's someone in that box!  No matter where the enemies try to hide,
    Raiden will find them.  The enemies are all placed in boxes, (some empty
    boxes appear as well), and they can move around but not do much to dodge.
    After being killed they respawn normally.
    There's nothing wrong with this level 3, but Blade Mode is so good there's
    really no need to spend the extra AP.
    Raiden Strategy and Notes:
    1 on 1:
    Raiden is still strong in 1 on 1, but he's no longer easily one of the best.
    He's amazing at building AP, but you have to land a counter if you want to
    kill with level 1, so you've got to make good reads.  Alternatively, just use 
    level 2, because it can get multiple kills.  His biggest weakness is that some
    of his moves aren't super safe, but considering he can hit the IPS off pretty
    much anything you can easily just stick to safe pokes.
    2 on 2:
    If there's any mode where Raiden doesn't totally dominate, it's 2 on 2.  Sure,
    he's no weaker here than he is anywhere else, but he's not any stronger either,
    (and most people are) as he really doesn't need a partner for anything.  He 
    also doesn't have the easiest time breaking camp due to his lack of 
    projectiles, particularly when both opponents are walled up together.  He's
    still dangerous, but he doesn't stand out nearly as much here.
    Raiden remains pretty scary in FFA, at least.  If you make use of the alternate
    combo listed in the combos section, he can still generate tons of AP fairly 
    safely and link into level 2s, which can rack up kills quickly.  His agility
    even helps him dodge some level 3s.  His only issue is that his range isn't
    totally huge and he's not the best at breaking campers, particularly if other
    people are attacking him as well.
    Sackboys are small and highly customizable fabric dolls that represent the 
    power of creativity.  Each Sackboy exists to accomplish three simple goals:
    To assist its owner in bringing their ideas to life, to share their owner's 
    created works with the world, and to experience and enjoy the works of others.
    In doing so, LittleBigPlanet will flourish and grow with activity and fun.
    In PSAS, Sackboy is an oddball character who focuses on creating items that
    persist in the environment.  Though his creations can be destroyed by other
    players, if he places his objects strategically it can be almost impossible to
    track him down, allowing him to snipe away with projectiles while remaining
    very safe and avoiding supers easily.
    Ground Moveset:
    Input      Name                        AP Gain / Cost    Properties
    []         Slap Happy                  5                 TURN
    :[]        Slap Happy 2nd              20                LIFT
    >[]        Grabinator Grab             25                KNDW
    ^[]        Gripple Grapple             20                PROJ, PULL
    v[]        Bounce Pad Shield           30                KNBK, PRFL, TURN
    /\         Jam Session                 10-20             LIFT, PROJ, TURN
    >/\        Jetpack Corkscrew           20                BUTT, CHRG, RLCL, JMCL
    >/\ (hold) Jetpack (Charged)           30                KNBK
    ^/\        Jetpack Jump                20                LIFT, TURN
    v/\        Checkpoint Anchor / Popout  --                TELE
    ()         Cakeinator                  20                PROJ, TRAP, BUTT, TURN
    >()        Air Shooter                 --                TRAP
    ^()        Bounce Pad Bounce           --                TRAP
    v()        Electric Panel              5                 TRAP, SHCK
    >Throw     Boxing Glove Sticker        Varies            NOBL, KNBK
    ^Throw     Spider Web Sticker          Varies            NOBL, SHCK
    vThrow     Anvil Sticker               Varies            NOBL, KNDW
    R (Lvl1)   Costume Clash               125
    R (Lvl2)   Bad Guy BBQ                 325               PROJ, TRAP, AIMA
    R (Lvl3)   Prize Bubble Roundup        750               STAT, APOR
    Air Moveset:
    Input      Name                        AP Gain / Cost    Properties
    []         Spinning Slap               20                KNDW, TURN
    >[]        Grabinator Grab             25                KNDW
    ^[]        Gripple Grapple             20                PROJ, PULL
    v[]        Bounce Pad Shield           30                KNBK, PRFL
    /\         Jam Session                 10-20             LIFT, PROJ, TURN
    >/\        Jetpack Corkscrew           20                BUTT
    >/\ (hold) Redline Corkscrew           30                KNBK
    ^/\        Jetpack Jump                20                LIFT
    v/\        Checkpoint Anchor / Popout  --                TELE
    ()         Cakeinator                  20                PROJ, TRAP, BUTT, TURN
    >()        Air Shooter                 --                TRAP
    ^()        Bounce Pad Bounce           --                TRAP
    v()        Electric Panel              5                 TRAP, SHCK
    Combos for AP:
    [], [], ^[], >/\, ()   - 90 AP
    Very straightforward and pretty powerful.
    >/\, v(), (walk forward), [], [], ^[], >/\, ()   - 145 AP
    >/\ is now much better since you can roll cancel it, so the stronger version
    of the combo is now pretty safe to go for.
    ^[], ^[], v[]    - 80 AP
    If a ^[] hits from directly underneath, they'll go above you rather than to
    the side, in which case you need to do this follow-up instead.
    ^throw, ^[], >/\, ()   - 80 AP
    That ^[] part of the combo also works after ^throw.
    Combos into Supers:
    v(), R (Lvl 1) 
    If a v() hits from close, you can get free level 1.  This does not work after
    >/\ except in the corner.
    ^throw, R (Lvl 1)
    This is an interesting combo because it's dependent both on who the target is
    and which costume you (randomly) get from the super.
    Parappa costume hits:
    Slicing costume hits all of the above plus the following:
    Fat Princess, Radec, Big Daddy, Sackboy, Toro
    Flipping costume hits all of the above plus the following:
    Sweet Tooth, Sly, Ratchet, Dante, Heihachi, Raiden, Sir Daniel, Zeus
    In other words, you have a 100% chance to hit people in the top list, 66%
    to hit people in the second list, and 33% chance to hit those in the last
    list.  Do you feel lucky?  Note that Kat, Emmett, and Isaac can't be hit by
    any of the costumes.
    ^throw, R (Lvl 2)
    This, however, works on everyone.  You have to quickly position the coals on
    the opponent and drop them, of course.
    >/\, R (Lvl 2)
    Immediately press square to drop the coals.  Good against clusters of people
    as this can often kill them all at once.
    Notable Move Breakdown:
    Gripple Grapple
    Sackboy fires a grappling hook straight up and pulls himself to the opponent
    for an attack.
    This is a pretty great move because it always allows a decent follow-up and it
    even has a little bit of tracking.
    Bounce Pad Shield
    Sackboy pulls out a bounce pad and holds it in front of himself.  It blocks
    all projectiles, reflects some of them, and bounces away anyone who touches
    This is no longer the ultimate anti-camp move because you can no longer hold
    it, but it's still a serviceable answer to enemy projectiles.
    Jam Session
    Sackboy pulls out a bubble filled with jam and spikes it.  It bursts if it
    touches someone.  The spike part of the animation can also hit for slight
    damage, but it's not too useful.
    This move is now a little better since it's faster.  There's also a weird bug
    where it sometimes gains 20 AP instead of the 10 it's supposed to gain.
    Jetpack Corkscrew
    Sackboy flies horizontally using his jetpack.  If not charged, it butt drops 
    the opponent, if it is charged it has huge knockback.
    Unlike most moves of this type, there's no limit to how many times you can use
    this in the air, so it's a good mobility tool.  It also butt drops on the 
    ground, and you can charge it up and roll or jump cancel while charging, so 
    feel free to use it a lot.
    Jetpack Jump
    Sackboy jumps upwards a bit with his jetpack.
    Another mobility tool but not quite as useful as the forward one.  Still can
    get over some types of landing super traps.
    Checkpoint Anchor / Popout
    Sackboy places one of his checkpoints where you activate this move.  Using it
    again causes Sackboy to warp to that position.  Note that you can't place the
    anchor after double jumping, though you can warp to one that has already been
    This is the ultimate escape move.  Set the anchor up somewhere high in the air,
    then warp to it if you ever get into trouble.  You can even set the anchor
    again immediately after you come out (though you can only set one anchor per
    jump, preventing you from staying up there forever).  This makes Sackboy's
    camping almost unstoppable because the moment you get close to him he can just
    warp away.  The anchor can be destroyed, though, and probably should be if you
    plan to go for a level 3.
    Sackboy fires a cake on a forward arch.  It stays around as a mine of sorts if
    it doesn't hit anyone.
    This is one of the best projectiles in the entire game.  It hits hard, you can
    use it in combos, and even if you miss, people can still get hit by it.  It
    actually even butt drops a grounded opponent, yielding free combos for your 
    partner in a 2 on 2.  This alone makes Sackboy one of the best campers out 
    Air Shooter
    Sackboy summons a little fan to blow air in front of him.  It breaks after
    blowing things for a little while.
    This doesn't seem too useful, but its ability to slow down projectiles and
    push people away is surprisingly useful.  You can also combine it with Jam
    Session to make the jam ball travel way faster.
    Bounce Pad Bounce
    Sackboy bounces on a bounce pad.  It remains in the environment until used
    This isn't super useful, but it's fun to mess around with.  You can drop it
    behind you to make it harder to stop your camping, I guess.
    Electric Panel
    Sackboy drops an electric panel that shocks anyone who touches it.
    The other cornerstone of Sackboy camping.  If you can keep this between you
    and your opponent you can shut down many types of approach, and you get a free
    level 1 super or a big combo if someone gets hit by it.  This should be out
    at all times.
    Costume Clash
    Sackboy switches into one of his many costumes and does an attack on a 45
    degree angle upwards.
    The costume chosen is actually random and the hit area on all three versions
    is different.  This means that some of the combos involving this super depend
    on what costume you get, which is annoying.
    Bad Guy BBQ
    Sackboy summons some hot coals, which he can place wherever he wants.  When
    he drops them they fall straight down and persist in the environment for a
    A very good level 2 that can easily get multiple kills if used well.  It's
    also possible to combo into it.
    Prize Bubble Roundup
    A ton of prize bubbles appear, some containing AP, others containing the
    opponents.  Sackboy only has to touch them to pop them.  Opponents respawn
    inside bubbles.
    This is, bar none, the most powerful level 3 in the game.  The opponents can
    move a little and do a pathetic roll by hitting block + a direction, but
    since all Sackboy has to do is touch them there's really no way out.  And this
    super lasts for ages, too, easily long enough for Sackboy to get 4+ kills in 
    and FFA or 2 kills in a one on one.  And if that wasn't enough, he even gains
    some AP back from the other bubbles.  Terrifying.  Throw him at all costs to
    prevent the use of this super.
    Sackboy Strategy and Notes:
    1 on 1:
    Sackboy is now no longer a monster in 1 on 1 since his level 3 can't get 3
    kills anymore.  He's now pretty matchup dependent as his level 1 combos don't
    work properly on everyone.  Against those where they do, he's very strong,
    but against those where they don't you have to work a bit harder.
    2 on 2:
    Sackboy is also one of the best characters for 2 on 2s.  His camping is
    second to none, and his level 3 is basically 4 free kills, which is devastating
    in a 3-stock match (it can also instantly win 5 kill limit matches).  If he's 
    paired up with another competent camper, it'll take incredible caution to
    approach him.
    And Sackboy is also amazing in Free For Alls.  That level 3 is horrifically
    scary, netting 4 or more kills easily, which is frequently enough to win the
    match on its own.  He's also a fantastic camper who can hide out for pretty
    much the whole game with that checkpoint.  It helps protect him against level
    3s, too.
    Sir Daniel:
    In life, Sir Daniel Fortesque talked a good game, but his boasting earned him 
    little more than a quick death in the face of an invading army.  Now, in death,
    Sir Dan must become the hero he never was in life, mastering sword, shield, 
    axe, bow, and magic to defend his home of Gallowmere against a threat so great
    that it threatens even the dead.
    In PSAS, Sir Daniel is a slow, deliberate character with good range, defence,
    and a variety of tricks.  His most notable ability is that he can pull out
    his shield, which protects him from projectiles from either the front or back
    (depending on what he's doing), and gives special properties to some of his 
    moves.  His attacks also have big hitboxes and can hit multiple opponents, and
    he has an armoured attack, making him good at crowd control, though his combos
    and supers are both really bad.
    Ground Moveset:
    Input      Name                        AP Gain / Cost    Properties
    []         Hero Sword Slash            5                 TURN
    :[]        Hero Sword Slash 2nd        5                 TURN, CNCL
    ::[]       Hero Sword Finish           25                KNDW, TURN
    >[]        Hero Sword Thrust           20                CHRG, BUTT, RLCL, JMCL
    >[] (hold) Hero Sword Thrust (Charged) 30                NOBL, KNDW
    ^[]        Hero Sword Upper Cut        20                LIFT
    v[]        Magic Sword Spin            20                KNDW
    /\         Battle Axe-a-rang           20                PROJ, BUTT, TURN
    >/\        Charge                      20, 30            BUTT, KNDW, HOLD
    ^/\        Magic Bow                   5                 PROJ, SHCK, HOLD
    v/\        Hammer Smash                20                LIFT
    ()         Golden Shield               --                STAT, ABSR
    >()        Green Hand                  5                 PROJ, CRMP
    ^()        Drumstick Toss              10                PROJ
    v()        Dragon Potion               --                FIRE
    >Throw     The Rake                    Varies            NOBL, KNDW
    ^Throw     The Punt                    Varies            NOBL, LIFT
    vThrow     The Stomp                   Varies            NOBL, BOUN
    R (Lvl1)   Lightning Blast             100               PROJ, AIMA
    R (Lvl2)   Chalice of Souls            325               PROJ
    R (Lvl3)   Anubis Stone                675               STAT
    Air Moveset:
    Input      Name                        AP Gain / Cost    Properties
    []         Hero Sword Slam             20                KNDW, TURN
    >[]        Hero Sword Thrust           20                BUTT
    ^[]        Hero Sword Uppercut         30                KNBK
    v[]        Magic Sword Spin            20                BUTT
    /\         Battle Axe-a-rang           20                PROJ, BUTT, TURN
    >/\        Charge                      20, 30            BUTT, KNDW, HOLD
    ^/\        Magic Bow                   5                 PROJ, SHCK
    v/\        Hammer Smash                20                LIFT
    ()         Golden Shield               --                STAT, ABSR
    >()        Green Hand                  5                 PROJ, CRMP
    ^()        Drumstick Toss              10                PROJ
    v()        Dragon Potion               --                FIRE
    Combos for AP:
    /\, [], [], ^[], ^[]   - 70 AP
    This is about the best you'll be doing most of the time.  Can also start this
    after a >() for 5 more AP, or after a v[] in the air or >/\ without shield.
    >[] (hold, guard break), [], [], ^[], ^[].
    Sadly, Dan's guard break is so slow that [] is the only thing he gets
    afterwards.  Note that you can now do >[] after [], [], which gives you more
    situations to land it.
    (air) v/\, (jump forward) >[], (land, jump forward) >[]   - 60 AP
    If you ever land an air v/\, you can get two >[]s afterwards, though the timing
    is very tight.
    >(), /\, (>() hits) /\, [], [], ^[], [], [], []   - 140 AP
    This is about the only way Sir Dan is ever hitting the IPS.  The >() must be
    put out before the /\, but must actually hit after the /\.  The timing to
    link [], [], ^[] into another [], [], [] is very tight and is easier to do if
    Sir Dan is far from his opponent.
    Combos into Supers:
    ^/\, R (Lvl 1)
    Unfortunately, there's no way to combo into ^/\, and you can only link the
    super if it hits fairly close to the ground.
    /\, R (Lvl 1)
    If the axe hits on the way back, you can walk up to the butt dropped opponent
    and do a Level 1 and it will land.  It must be timed to hit as they're getting
    up, though, and it's not possible on some very short characters.
    >(), (air) ^(), v[], R (Lvl 1)
    This must be spaced absolutely perfectly, but is insanely impressive if pulled
    off correctly.  The trick is that the drumstick hits just after the first hit
    of the v[], which causes it to immediately hit again.  The second hit has a
    lot of hitstun, long enough for the super to connect, but unless the v[] hits
    from very close, it can still miss.
    /\, [], [], ^[], ^[], R (Lvl 2)
    This builds a solid amount of AP, but now only works against a wall.  Also
    works after any other manner of butt dropping the opponent.
    Notable Move Breakdown:
    Hero Sword Thrust
    Sir Daniel thrusts his sword.  It can be charged, which makes it unblockable.
    A typical charge unblockable.  The regular version is so slow he can't even
    combo afterwards (though he can after the air version).  The unblockable is
    fairly fast and you can bait a block with /\ and >(), but he doesn't get a ton
    afterwards.  At least you can roll cancel it, though.  You can now cancel
    the second hit of his square combo into this move, which is useful mostly for
    fishing for unblockables or roll cancelling back.
    Battle Axe-a-Rang
    Sir Daniel throws a big axe, which returns to him like a boomerang.  It butt
    drops the opponent if it hits.
    One of Sir Daniel's most useful moves, because it allows a combo afterwards
    and with Dan's big range he can follow up from almost anywhere.  He can even
    get a super if it hits on the way back.  Toss this out constantly.
    Sir Daniel charges forward, but dropping anyone he hits.  If he has his shield
    out, this does more damage, has armour, and inflicts knockback.
    With the shield out this is a great crowd control move, you can just plow right
    through grounds of people and gain a lot of AP.  Without the shield, you can
    link a square afterwards.
    Magic Bow
    Sir Daniel  pulls out a bow and fires an electric arrow on an upwards angle 
    that shocks opponents.  The shot can be charged to delay it but the move 
    properties do not change.
    This move would be great if Dan could combo into it in some way, but it's
    just a little bit too slow.  It does allow a level 1 if you can hit with it
    close to the ground, but that's not very reliable.
    Hammer Smash
    Sir Daniel pulls out a huge hammer and bashes the ground with it, tossing his
    opponents up into the air.
    Reasonable crowd control move that allows a light follow up afterwards, but
    is not generally useful in combos.
    Golden Shield
    Sir Daniel pulls out a shield.  It blocks projectiles that touch it and changes
    the properties of the >/\ attack.  Pressing () again puts the shield away.
    If it gets hit tbree times, Sir Dan will be staggered and lose the shield, but
    he can pull out another one afterwards
    Easily Sir Dan's most important move, you should have the shield out at all
    times.  It gives good defence against projectiles and makes >/\ a lot better, 
    and there's no penalty to having it out.  It even absorbs AP from projectiles 
    it blocks.  Just be aware it does break eventually.  You might want to put it
    away and pull out a new one (which resets the durability) if you have time.
    Green Hand
    Sir Daniel takes off his head and it crawls towards the opponent.  If it hits,
    the opponent is crumpled.
    A useful pressure move since he gets a combo off of it and it has little
    recovery.  Toss out the air version often to fish for crumples.  
    Dragon Potion
    Sir Daniel takes a swig of the Dragon Potion and spits out a fireball that
    sets a big blaze on the ground.
    Fire's handy, anyone caught inside it gives you 5 AP every couple seconds.
    Toss this into crowds for a little extra AP gain.
    Lightning Blast
    Sir Daniel fires a quick lightning bolt either straight up or on a 45 degree
    angle upwards.
    Even though this is fast, Sir Dan can only combo into it after ^/\, and it's
    equally hard to land.  You can attempt this after something like ^[], but the
    opponent will tech out and you're reliant on them not air dodging for it to
    Chalice of Souls
    Sir Daniel raises the Chalice of Souls, causing a beam of light to fire 
    upwards.  Afterwards some little homing projectiles are fired out and they 
    track the opponents.
    This super can be comboed into much more easily than Sir Dan's level 1,
    but sadly the projectiles it fires out are slow and easily avoided.
    Anubis Stone
    Sir Daniel finds the Anubis Stone, which generates a green energy field
    around him.  Anyone who stays in the field for too long is defeated.
    As level 3s go, this is one of the worst, because it takes quite a lot of
    exposure to the field to kill anyone.  If the players in an FFA split up,
    you'll be lucky to get more than 2 or 3 kills.
    Sir Daniel Strategy and Notes:
    1 on 1:
    Sir Daniel is one of the worst characters for 1 on 1s.  He has poor combos and
    he has a ton of difficulty landing his level 1.  He does have decent pressure
    between his /\ and >(), but he really doesn't get anything from it.
    2 on 2:
    Sir Dan serves a limited but potentially useful role in 2 on 2s.  His main
    contribution here is his shield, which is excellent and breaking camp as he
    can simply walk right up to campers and absorb all of their projectiles.
    He can also act as a barrier to protect another ally, like Radec, allowing him
    to camp with impunity.  He can also get some free kills with his level 1 with
    his ally's help.
    Free For Alls are where Sir Dan has the best chance, as his moveset centres
    around crowd control.  He can certainly build up good AP by charging through
    crowds and is almost totally immune to campers with his shield, but he still
    has difficulty getting kills with his poor supers.  If any of his supers were
    better he'd probably be a real threat here, but as it stands he's still fairly
    Spike is a normal 10-year old who made the tragic mistake of agreeing to
    witness a crazy old professor's time travel experiment.  As is always the case,
    something went wrong, and the now super-intelligent and megalomaniacal monkey
    Spectre used the machine to unleash his simian army throughout time.  It falls
    to Spike to track down and capture those crazy monkeys before they ruin 
    history, but luckily the professor has provided him with a wide array of 
    gadgets to assist in the cleanup.
    In PSAS, Spike is a unique character in that he focuses on unblockable attacks.
    All of his best combos require him to first break the opponent's guard with one
    of his attacks, and the rest of his moveset is focused around creating pressure
    situations that make his unblockables threatening.  Beyond this, he also has a
    decent selection of varied tools and is fairly fast, but his attacks tend to
    have fairly short range and his supers aren't great unless comboed into.
    Ground Moveset:
    Input      Name                        AP Gain / Cost    Properties
    []         Stun Club                   5                 TURN
    :[]        Stun Club 2nd               5                 TURN
    ::[]       Stun Club Finish            30                KNDW, TURN
    >[]        Stun Club Dash              20                BUTT, CHRG
    >[] (Hold) Stun Club Dash (Charged)    30                NOBL, KNBK
    ^[]        Stun Club Whirlwind         10-15
    :[]        Stun Club Whirlwind 2nd     15
    v[]        Giant Sweep                 20                BOUN, TURN
    /\         RC Satellite Laser          20                PROJ, AIMA, CRMP
    >/\        Bananarang                  20                PROJ, LIFT
    ^/\        Slingback Shooter Shot      10                PROJ, CHRG
    ^/\ (hold) Slingback Shooter (Charged) 30                PROJ, NOBL
    v/\        B-Launcher                  5                 PROJ, BUTT, TURN
    ()         Super Hoola-Hoop            5                 MASH, BUTT
    () (mash)  Super Hoola-Hoop Dash       10-25             LAUN
    >()        Magic Punch                 10
    >() (Hold) Magic Punch (Charged)       5                 NOBL, DAZE
    ^()        Teleport Boots              --                TELE, AIMA
    v()        Monkey Radar (Lvl 1)        10                ALLY
    v() (Hold) Monkey Radar (Lvl 2)        20                ALLY, PROJ, TRAP, BUTT
    v() (Hold) Monkey Radar (Lvl 3)        30                ALLY, KNBK, TURN
    >Throw     Monkey Trip                 Varies            NOBL, KNDW
    ^Throw     Sonic Revolution            Varies            NOBL, KNBK
    vThrow     Crash Hurricane             Varies            NOBL, KNDW
    R (Lvl1)   Monkey Net                  125               TURN
    R (Lvl2)   Sword Frenzy                325               PROJ, TURN
    R (Lvl3)   Super Laser Cannon          600               CINE
    Air Moveset:
    Input      Name                        AP Gain / Cost    Properties
    []         Stun Club                   5                 TURN
    :[]        Stun Club 2nd               5                 TURN
    ::[]       Stun Club Finish            30                KNBK, TURN
    >[]        Stun Club Dash              30                KNBK, CHRG
    >[] (Hold) Stun Club Dash (Charged)    30                NOBL, KNBK
    ^[]        Stun Club Whirlwind         10-15             
    :[]        Stun Club Whirlwind 2nd     15                KNBK
    v[]        Giant Smash                 20-30             LIFT
    /\         RC Satellite Laser          20                PROJ, AIMA, CRMP
    >/\        Bananarang                  20                PROJ, LIFT
    ^/\        Slingback Shooter Shot      10                PROJ, CHRG, RLCL
    ^/\ (hold) Slingback Shooter (Charged) 30                PROJ
    v/\        B-Launcher                  5                 PROJ, BUTT, TURN
    ()         Super Hoola-Hoop            5-25              MASH
    >()        Magic Punch                 30                KNBK
    ^()        Teleport Boots              --                TELE, AIMA
    v()        Monkey Radar (Lvl 1)        10                ALLY
    v() (Hold) Monkey Radar (Lvl 2)        10                ALLY, PROJ, TRAP
    v() (Hold) Monkey Radar (Lvl 3)        30                ALLY, KNDW, TURN
    >< (hold)  Slow Descent
    Combos for AP:
    (air) >[], v[], v/\, v[], ^[], []   - 85 AP
    Standard combo for Spike.  Delay the ^[] a little or the last hit will miss.
    v[], v/\, v[], (jump), [], [], []   - 85 AP
    The timing on this is really tight, but it gets 10 more AP, which allows you
    to hit the IPS after one of Spike's other combo starters.
    (), (), ^/\  - 40 AP
    Circle now combos properly, but it doesn't seem to have a lot of utility
    >/\, ^[], []   - 45 AP
    If a >/\ hits from close, this is the only follow up.  If it hits on the way
    back, you can jump and do [], [], [] instead for 60 AP.
    (air) v[], ^[], []   - 60 AP
    This is also the only follow-up after an air v[].
    (air) v() (level 3), (land, double jump), [], [], []   - 83 AP
    The fully charged v() in the air is a massive ground bounce that allows a
    follow up combo.  This is why the opponent will have an incentive to block it,
    letting you set up unblockables.
    (air) >[] (hold, guard crush), v[], v/\, v[], (jump) [], [], []    - 135 AP
    Using the harder version of the combo allows you to hit the IPS after a
    guard crush.  You can also start this off /\ or v() (level 2).  Ground >[] 
    recovers slower and the best you can do off a guard crush is [], [], [], 
    which does not hit the IPS.
    >() (hold, guard crush), v[], v[], ^[], ^[]  - 75 AP
    >() is another ground guard break that allows a big combo, but unlike the >[]
    it must charge all the way.  Also, should they fail to block >(), you get a 
    free /\ and then whatever you want afterwards.  Note that this will allow you
    to hit the IPS if you do the above combo.
    Combos into Supers:
    /\, R (Lvl 1 or Lvl 2)
    This is definitely Spike's best way of landing a level 1, a successful
    knockdown tech chase with /\ will get you a free level 1.
    (air) >[] (hold, guard crush), R (Lvl 1 or Lvl 2)
    You can also do it after the air guard crush.
    >() (hold), /\, R (Lvl 1 or Lvl 2) 
    If a fully charged >() is not blocked, you get the daze status, which gives
    you so much time you can get a /\ first and then do super.
    >/\, (walk forward), R (Lvl 1 or Lvl 2)
    You can also get a free level 1 if a Bananarang hits on the way back.  The
    threat of this is how you get people to attempt to block / roll it, which
    you can chase down.
    (air) v/\, R (Lvl 1 or Lvl 2)
    This is another way to land level 1.  Unfortunately, it has to be done really
    low to the ground now and isn't very reliable.
    v[], R (Lvl 2)
    This isn't great meter economy unless you think you can get someone else with
    Notable Move Breakdown:
    Stun Club Dash
    Spike dashes forward with his stun clubs outstretched.  This can be charged,
    which causes it to become unblockable.
    The charged air version is one of the cornerstones of Spike's offence  Do
    something like Monkey Radar or miss a bananarang to bait a block, then use
    this and go into a full combo.  It's also very important to know that you do
    not need to charge this all the way for it to be unblockable, it only takes 
    a slight bit of charge for the unblockable effect, but of course you can delay
    it longer to confuse your opponents.
    RC Satellite Laser
    Spike drops a little RC car with a laser on it that he can move back and forth.
    When he hits the button a beam comes out that crumples the enemy.
    This is another one of those moves that seems useless until you realize what
    it's for.  It's obviously very slow as a projectile, but its true purpose is
    to be used after a knockdown to chase rolls and score free combos.
    Spike throws out a banana-shaped boomerang that slowly returns to him.  If it
    hits the opponent they are tossed up in the air.
    This is one of the game's best projectiles because it's so slow to come back,
    allowing you to toss it out and put it between you and the opponent in all
    sorts of ways.  Then you can bait blocks for throws or unblockables.  In
    general, you always want to hit with it on the way back, as the rewards are 
    higher, so you'll typically want to toss this out in the air.
    Slingback Shooter Shot
    Spike pulls out a slingshot and fires a rock.  He can charge the slingshot to
    fire with more power, and on the ground this becomes unblockable.  You can
    also roll cancel this move.
    This is a fairly useless move.  The ground version is an unblockable, and it's
    roll cancellable, but you have to be point blank to hit someone with it, so 
    his other unblockables are much more reliable.  The air version also disappears
    the moment it touches the ground, and even if you let go at the perfect time,
    it isn't unblockable anyway.
    Spike pulls out a device and fires an electric bolt that shocks the opponent.
    This is a great move to use in combos, and the air version is a great pressure
    tool since it's safe and gets a combo (or a super) if it hits.
    Super Hoola-Hoop
    Spike spins a hoola hoop around his middle and then charges forward.
    This is easily in the running for most useless move in the game, as even if
    you hit with the first part the dash does not combo.  The air version can be
    used to keep Spike in the air a little longer if you need to avoid some
    attack or something.
    Magic Punch
    Spike pulls out an extendable boxing glove and bops the opponent with it.
    It can be charged, and it becomes unblockable.  It also inflicts daze if not
    blocked.  It can also be roll cancelled during the charge.
    This is the only attack in the game that inflicts the daze status, which
    immobilizes the enemy for an insanely long time.  Besides that, it's also
    a better ground unblockable than >[] since you get a better follow up and
    it allows roll cancel if the opponent isn't going to be hit by it.
    Teleport Boots
    Spike teleports.  Hold a direction during the animation to teleport that way.
    If you press nothing you'll go forward, to stay where you are you have to
    hold up or down.
    Not much to say here other than that this is very useful for avoiding
    pressure and getting throws.  The fact that you can also go nowhere is an 
    interesting fakeout.
    Monkey Radar
    Spike calls out one of those dastardly monkeys to lend a hand.  Which one
    appears depends on how long he charges it.
    The level 1 monkey is generally useless, but the level 2 and 3 monkeys are
    great.  The level 2 monkey tosses out some bananas, which make great traps
    and make dealing with bananarang all that more annoying.  The bananas dropped
    by the ground version butt drop, while the ones dropped by the air version 
    don't, but he throws 3.  The level 3 monkey just does a huge attack with a 
    massive hitbox, that the opponent will want to block or roll away from, 
    leading to tech chases or unblockables.  This will be one of the main tools you
    use to set up your combos and fish for blocks.  Oddly, you can turn around
    before the level 3 charge activates, dropping the monkey on the other side,
    in case the opponents have moved or something.
    Monkey Net
    Spike swipes with his net.  Caught ya!
    This is fast and can be comboed into off a ton of things, but has very little
    range.  Make sure you know it will hit before using it.
    Sword Frenzy
    Spike jumps and throws out a big sword beam that travels across the stage.
    This is even faster than the Monkey Net, everywhere the net will combo this
    works as well, though of course it costs a lot more AP so ideally you want
    this to hit at least one additional person.
    Super Laser Cannon
    Spike calls down a blast from an orbiting satellite that annihilates his
    opponents.  Is this level of technology really needed to catch monkeys?
    This is another one of those cinematic supers that instantly kills everyone,
    and as such it's usually not a great use of meter.
    1 on 1:
    Spike is best in one on one, as his pressure traps and unblockables work best
    here.  Stay on the offensive constantly with >/\ and v(), and mix-up between
    air >[] and >(), throws, and regular attacks to keep people guessing.  Spike
    does have some issues with extremely mobile characters like Dante, though,
    who almost never have to be on the ground and thus don't care about blocking.
    2 on 2:
    Spike can do much of the same stuff in 2 on 2 that he can on 1 on 1 as long
    as he doesn't get double teamed.  The level 3 v() is good for crowd control,
    though, if anyone gets any funny ideas.  His level 2 air v() can also be a
    surprisingly effective camping tool because it tosses out so many bananas and
    they stay out for ages.
    Spike is least effective in FFA as other people hitting his targets or him
    interrupts his setups.  He basically has to rely on the level 3 v() to ensure
    people don't group up and then try to pick off stragglers.  It's also pretty
    difficult for him to get multiple kills, so he won't be racking up huge kill
    counts.  Make sure you use the teleport to avoid level 3s wherever possible.
    After being adopted by a kind family, Toro the cat became fascinated by human
    beings.  He devoted his life to studying and imitating humans, in the hopes
    that he could one day become human himself.  With his friend Kuro in tow,
    (who is also enamoured with humans, but only the pretty girls), he sets off
    to find the humans who have most distinguished themselves in order to learn
    from them what it truly means to be human.
    In PSAS, Toro puts his mimicry of human beings to good use, giving himself
    three totally distinct fighting styles that he can switch between at any time.
    Justice Toro is a karate master who specializes in short range attacks and big
    combos, Torobi is a ninja who specializes in long-range and sneaky attacks,
    and Oni Toro is a brute warrior who specializes in crowd control.  This gives
    him excellent versatility and some tricky mixups, as he can choose which move 
    to use upon switching forms.  Unfortunately, he's somewhat held back from his
    true potential by lacklustre supers that have a hard time getting kills.
    Ground Moveset:
    Input      Name                        AP Gain / Cost    Properties
    []         Toro Jab                    10                TURN
    >[]        Toro Swing                  20                LIFT
    ^[]        Toro Headbutt               20                BUTT, TURN
    v[]        Toro Mop                    20                BUTT
    Justice Toro:
    /\         Define Justice              20                BUTT, TURN
    >/\        No More Justice             30                KNBK
    ^/\        Uphold Justice              20                LIFT
    v/\        Break Thy Justice           20                LIFT, KNDW, TURN
    /\         Scorpion Wants You          20                PROJ, PULL, TURN, JMCL
    >/\        Kat's Leftover Dinner       10                PROJ, TURN
    ^/\        Torobi Stars                10-20             PROJ
    v/\        Sneaky Portal               10                TELE, KNDW
    Oni Toro:
    /\ (hold)  Firey Mochi                 10                PROJ, CHRG, RLCL, TURN
    /\ (hold)  Firey Mochi (Level 2)       20                PROJ, CHRG, STGR, RLCL
    /\ (hold)  Firey Mochi (Level 3)       30                PROJ, KNBK
    >/\        Revolving Wrath             20                LIFT
    ^/\        Oni Spin                    20                LIFT
    v/\        Mochi From Hell             30                KNBK
    ()         Toro Nap                    5                 CNCL
    >()        Henshin: Torobi             10                CNCL, PROJ
    ^()        Henshin: Justice Toro       20                CNCL, LIFT
    v()        Henshin: Oni Toro           18                CNCL, KNDW
    >Throw     Sumo Throw                  Varies            NOBL, KNBK
    ^Throw     Basketball Throw            Varies            NOBL, LIFT
    vThrow     Tripping Throw              Varies            NOBL, BOUN
    R (Lvl1)   Kuro is So Mean             150               TURN
    R (Lvl2)   Toro Makes a Wish           325               TURN
    R (Lvl3)   Toro's Dream Comes True     600               CINE
    Air Moveset:
    Input      Name                        AP Gain / Cost    Properties
    []         Toro Spin                   5                 CNCL, TURN
    >[]        Toro Swing                  20                LIFT
    ^[]        Toro Headbutt               20                BUTT, KNBK, TURN
    v[]        Toro Swipe                  10                
    Justice Toro:
    /\         Around Justice              20                LIFT, TURN
    >/\        Fly Through Justice         30                KNBK
    ^/\        Rising Justice              20                LIFT
    v/\        Down With Justice           20                KNDW
    /\         Scorpion Wants You          20                PROJ, PULL, TURN, JMCL
    >/\        Toro-pedo                   20                PROJ
    ^/\        Torobi Stars                10-20             PROJ
    v/\        Sneaky Portal               10                TELE, KNDW
    Oni Toro:
    /\ (hold)  Firey Mochi                 10                PROJ, CHRG, TURN
    /\ (hold)  Firey Mochi (Level 2)       20                PROJ, CHRG, STGR
    /\ (hold)  Firey Mochi (Level 3)       30                PROJ, KNBK
    >/\        Revolving Wrath             20                BUTT
    ^/\        Oni Flip                    30                KNBK, CNCL
    v/\        Oni Dive Kick               20                STGR
    ()         Toro Floaty Nap             5                 CNCL
    >()        Henshin: Torobi             10                CNCL, PROJ
    ^()        Henshin: Justice Toro       20                CNCL, LIFT
    v()        Henshin: Oni Toro           18                CNCL, KNDW
    Combos for AP:
    As Justice Toro:
    /\, v/\, ^/\, ^/\, (jump) [], >/\   - 145 AP
    Justice Toro can hit the IPS easily enough.  The key to making this combo work
    is waiting until the opponent nearly hits the ground after the v/\.  You also
    have to cancel the air [] into >/\ immediately, though it's easy to do.
    vthrow, /\   - 20 AP
    Justice Toro gets a whole 20AP after a down throw.  Every little bit counts.
    As Torobi:
    ^throw, (jump), /\    - 36 AP
    Torobi can get /\ after ^throw but the timing is very tight.
    ^[], >/\, (turn around) ^[], (jump) /\, (jump cancel) >/\    - 90 AP
    Now that Torobi can jump cancel his /\, this combo does slightly more damage.
    It doesn't work right if you're near a wall though.
    As Oni Toro:
    (air) /\ (charge to level 2), ^[], v/\   - 70 AP
    A quick crowd control combo that builds decent meter.  Also works after air
    (air) v/\, ^(), (during transformation) /\, v/\, ^/\, (jump), [] >/\  - 145 AP
    Toro's much publicized stance cancels finally come in handy for a combo,
    though it isn't any better than Justice Toro can do on his own.
    ^throw, (jump), ^/\, (cancel into) v/\   - 32 AP
    Sadly, although this looks super cool, you don't seem to be able to get any
    additional follow up after the v/\.
    As Any:
    (air) [], (air) /\    - Varying
    You can cancel Toro's air [] into any /\ attack, so choose the strongest one
    for some decent air to air damage.
    Combos into Supers:
    As any:
    (air) ^[], (land), R (Lvl 1)
    This is a pretty weak combo since this move has little range and can't be
    comboed after anything since it has to hit so low to the ground to allow the
    combo, but it does exist.
    As Oni Toro:
    /\, R (Lvl 1)
    Firey Mochi is a much safer way to land level 1, but it's also much trickier.
    The ground version into the super does work, but only from an exact range
    (it's just far enough that Toro recovers from the move exactly as it hits, on 
    the training stage it's within 3-4 blocks on the ground).  The air version
    is easier to land but must hit from very close and can't be roll cancelled,
    so it's more obvious to the opponent.
    v/\, ^[], >/\, (after first hit) R (Lvl 2)
    Toro has gained the ability to cancel his Level 2 after the first hit of Oni
    Toro >/\, which will actually combo.  Now that you can get one guaranteed kill,
    it's not a huge waste of meter in 2 on 2 and FFA.
    Notable Move Breakdown:
    Scorpion Wants You
    Toro fires a huge claw and if it hits, he pulls himself to the opponent.
    This has huge range and does reasonable damage, if Toro had any way to combo
    after it it'd be an amazing air to air attack.  Do be aware though that after
    using this move, you can't double jump or do anything else until you land.
    Kat's Leftover Dinner
    Toro dashes forward, creating a fishbone behind him.  Both Toro and the 
    fishbone toss the opponent upwards if they touch it.
    This move is fast and is Torobi's only good combo move, so you might as well
    make use of it if you're playing him.  If it did more damage, Torobi might
    actually be useful.
    Sneaky Portal
    Toro slips into a portal and appears above his opponent for a diving attack.
    Since Toro disappears during this move, this can function sort of like a
    counter, but it's not invincible on startup.
    Firey Mochi
    Toro charges up and fires a hadoke- Mochi Ball at his opponent.
    The normal version of this move is not worth talking about, what makes it
    interesting is at level 2 (which requires a short charge and then release),
    it staggers, allowing a combo, or more importantly, for Toro to land his level
    1, though with the ground version you must hit from the exact perfect distance
    for the super to connect.  You can also roll cancel this move by tapping left 
    or right while charging, which lets you charge with relative impunity as long
    as you don't abuse it too much.  Just be aware that it has limited range and 
    the opponent can just stay away from you.
    Mochi From Hell
    Toro creates a huge mochi ball and pounds it with a hammer.
    This is an excellent clearout move if you ever get surrounded.
    Oni Flip
    Toro spins into a ball of mochi, which he then breaks, blasting opponents away.
    This is a decent move on its own, but you can also cancel it into any /\ move
    if it's not going to hit.  Firey Mochi is probably the best choice since it's
    fairly safe.
    Oni Dive Kick
    Toro kicks downwards on an angle, staggering a grounded opponent if he hits.
    Stagger's great, it allows Toro to link his level 1 afterwards, or
    alternatively he can stance cancel into Justice Toro and do a huge combo.
    Just don't use this move too much because it can get predictable, and once
    you start dive kicking, you can't stop.  It's easy for the opponent to counter
    or use a level 1 if they see it coming.
    Toro Nap / Toro Floaty Nap
    Toro takes a nap.  While napping he gains AP.  He can cancel the nap into any
    attack at any time.  Floaty Nap becomes regular nap if it hits the ground.
    Though the AP gain is trivial, this isn't totally useless since you can cancel
    into an attack whenever you want.  It's still kind of a glorified taunt though.
    Toro transforms into one of his forms and does an attack.  If you input a
    triangle move during the attack he'll do that one instead.
    I'm grouping these all together because they all work similarly.  Each Henshin
    has an attack it does by default, but you can input any triangle attack and
    you'll get that one instead.  Of the Henshin attacks, the only notable one is
    Torobi's, which is a forward version of Torobi Stars (it gains horrendously
    little AP though).  In general, though, you should mix up what attacks you use
    when transforming to keep the opponents off guard.
    Kuro is So Mean
    Kuro appears behind Toro and punts him forward, and anyone Toro crashes into
    is defeated.  Afterwards, Kuro does a little dance.  What a jerk.
    This super is incredibly slow to come out, making it easy to roll and hard
    to combo into.  There actually are a couple ways to land it, but they're all
    kind of gimmicky.
    Toro Makes a Wish
    Toro prays for a moment, then a huge star falls from the sky with a massive
    This super has a ludicrously huge hit area, but it comes out so slow that it's
    pretty much a free dodge if used raw.  The only correct way to use this is
    during Oni Toro >/\, which allows it to actually connect, and in 2 on 2 your
    partner might be able to keep the other opponent busy enough for them to get
    hit too.
    Toro's Dream Comes True
    Toro turns into Oni Toro and dashes at his opponents.  The screen goes black,
    and they are all instantly defeated.  You remain as Oni Toro afterwards.
    This is another one of those cinematic level 3s that kills everyone.  It's the
    cheapest of them all, and it's pretty much Toro's only reliable way to get
    kills, but it's still a lot of AP to pay for 3 kills at most.
    Toro Strategy and Notes:
    1 on 1:
    Toro is very weak in one on one battles because he has so much trouble landing
    his level 1, and his level 2 is totally useless here.  His Fiery Mochi 
    shenanigans are very easy to see coming, and the Oni Dive Kick is hard to land
    if the opponent is watching for it, so much of the time he may actually need to
    blow a whole 600 AP for a single kill.  Suffice it to say that this is not
    a winning strategy.
    2 on 2:
    2 vs 2 is easily Toro's best mode, because with some support he can land his
    combo starters more easily, and the level 2 can actually be incredibly deadly
    when the opponents have your partner to worry about.  He's still not the best,
    but at least he's viable.
    Toro is a little below average in free for alls because his range is generally
    pretty short and his kill potential is limited.  His Fiery Mochi charges are 
    best here, as opponents may not be paying attention to him, use this chance for
    level 1s whenever possible, and use Oni Toro to hit multiple opponents at once
    for big AP.  Otherwise go for level 3s and try not to die overly much because
    you won't be scoring a ton of kills.
    An amnesiac girl from the floating town of Hekseville, Kat's life is quickly 
    turned upside-down when she encounters Dusty, a ghostly black cat with strange
    powers.  Together with Dusty, she becomes what is known as a shifter, a
    person with the ability to alter gravitational fields around her.  Seeing a 
    child in danger, she uses her powers to save the boy, but the citizens of 
    Hekseville are distrustful of shifters as it seems others have been less than 
    altruistic.  Unfortunately, she'll have to determine who she can trust quickly
    as the town is also under siege by horrific shadow creatures called the Nevi.
    In PSAS, Kat puts her gravity skills to good use to move around the
    battlefield.  Unlike all other characters, she cannot double jump, instead she
    gets a single 8-directional air dash that she can cancel into her attacks.
    Many of her attacks also involve movement, making her a fast character who is
    hard to pin down.  She also has huge combos, though her supers are fairly bad
    and require a good read to hit with.
    Ground Moveset:
    Input      Name                        AP Gain / Cost    Properties
    []         Rapid Kick                  5
    :[]        Rapid Kick 2nd              5                 TURN
    ::[]       Rapid Kick Finish           20                LIFT, TURN
    >[]        Launch Kick                 30                KNBK, TURN
    ^[]        Somersault Kick             20                LAUN, TURN
    v[]        Quick Kick                  20                STGR, TURN
    /\         Piercing Heel               20                LIFT, TURN
    >/\        Gravity Kick                20                BUTT, CNCL, TURN
    ^/\        Gravity Grab                20                AIMA, KNDW
    v/\        Gravity Slide               --                STAT, TURN
    :[]        Sliding Kick                20                BUTT
    :/\        Sliding Knee                20                BOUN
    :()        Sliding Stop                --
    :><        Sliding Jump                --
    ()         Debris Summon               --                STOR
    :()        Debris Heave                10                PROJ
    >()        Spiralling Claw             30                KNBK, TURN
    ^()        Gravity Repel               20                STGR
    v()        Gravity Attract             5                 PULL, TURN
    >Throw     Stasis Field Fling          Varies            NOBL, KNBK
    ^Throw     Stasis Field Banish         Varies            NOBL, LIFT
    vThrow     Stasis Field Slam           Varies            NOBL, BOUN
    R (Lvl1)   Gravity Crush               150               TURN
    R (Lvl2)   Gravity Typhoon             400               AIMA, HOLD
    R (Lvl3)   Gravity Panther             750               STAT
    :[]        Panther Slash                                 MASH
    :/\        Panther Leap                                  AIMA
    :()        Micro Black Hole                              PROJ
    :><        Super Gravity Dash                            AIMA, CNCL, NOKL
    Air Moveset:
    Input      Name                        AP Gain / Cost    Properties
    []         Swift Knee                  5                 TURN
    :[]        Swift Knee 2nd              20
    >[]        Burst Kick                  10                
    ^[]        Somersault Kick             20                LAUN, TURN
    v[]        Quick Kick                  20                STGR
    /\         Spiral Heal                 30                AIMA, KNBK
    >/\        Gravity Kick                20                BUTT, CNCL, TURN
    ^/\        Gravity Grab                20                AIMA, KNDW
    v/\        Gravity Dive                20                BOUN
    ()         Debris Summon               --                STOR
    :()        Debris Heave                10                PROJ
    >()        Spiralling Claw             30                AIMA, KNBK, TURN
    ^()        Gravity Repel               20                STGR
    v()        Gravity Attract             5                 PULL, TURN
    ><         Gravity Dash                --                AIMA, CNCL
    :>< (Wall) Wall Cling                  --
    Combos for AP:
    [], [], [], /\, /\  - 80 AP
    Gives a ton of AP for how simple and fast it is.  You may have to steer the
    air /\ a little.
    [], [], [], v(), [], [], [], /\, /\ - 145 AP
    Also extremely simple, and gains a ton of AP.
    [], [], [], (), v(), [], [], [], /\, /\ - 155 AP
    Any time you're going to do a v(), you can do a () first if you have any
    garbage picked up.
    [], [], [], (move forward) ^[] (hold), (wait) [], [], ><, [], []   - 130 AP
    This goes to the air quickly, in case you're in danger of being attacked.
    It uses up your air dash, though, so be careful on the way down.  Note that
    you only move forward a tiny bit before the ^[].
    [], [], [], v(), [], [], [], (move forward) ^[] (hold), (wait) [], []  - 140 AP
    A variant of the above that doesn't consume your air dash, allowing you greater
    mobility afterwards.
    v/\, [], [], [], [],  (move forward), ^[] (hold), (wait) [], [], ^/\  - 145 AP
    You have loads of options after a v/\ into [].  v[] is also possible, but it's
    a bit slow, so I would prefer this combo unless you're cancelling into a super.
    v/\, /\, (turn around) [], [], [], v(), [], [] ^[] (hold), >()  - 145 AP
    There's not a lot of reason to use the /\ follow-up to the slide, but if you
    do you can still get big damage off of it.
    (air) v/\, v(), [], [], [], /\, /\  - 135 AP
    The trick is not to do the v() too fast, let yourself get a bit closer to
    the ground after the bounce.  Any other combo that works after [], [], [] is
    possible here, too.
    (air) v/\, (land) [], [], [], v(), [], [], ^[] (hold), >()   - 145 AP
    If you wait you can also do []s after the divekick, but this is mainly only
    useful when going for the super.
    vthrow, [], [], [], v(), [], [], [], /\, /\   - 145 AP
    You can even hit the IPS easily after a throw.  Up throw combos are also
    possible, but aren't as strong.
    Combos into Supers:
    [], [], [], v(), /\, (), ^[], (land) R (Lvl 2), R
    Builds a sizable 85 meter (can increase to 95 by throwing more junk before and
    after v()), but Lvl 2 is pretty costly.  To make the level 2 hit, you have to
    do the ^[] as close to the ground as you can, and then hold towards the
    opponent during the startup of Level 2 so she floats towards them.  Then mash
    attack buttons so she throws the spears immediately.
    (air) v/\, (air) ^[], (land) R (Lvl 2), R
    Same idea as above, also works off divekick.
    Notable Move Breakdown:
    Gravity Dash
    Unlike all other characters, Kat does not have a standard double jump.
    Instead, when you press X, Kat will perform an air dash in the direction you
    press (or upwards if nothing is pressed).
    This dash can be interrupted at any time with an attack or an air dodge, so it
    can be used both offensively and defensively.  You can also dash into the
    ground, allowing you to quickly launch a grounded attack.
    You can also cling to a wall by pressing >< after air dashing towards it,
    though this is of somewhat limited use.
    Quick Kick
    Kat does a strange front flip kick that butt drops the opponent.
    Despite its name, this move is quite slow and generally shouldn't be used over
    the superior air v/\, except when comboing after the stagger from v/\, [].
    Piercing Heel / Spiral Heel
    Kat lunges up if on the ground, or does a spinning kick if in the air.
    Neither of these moves are that notable on their own, but they can combo into
    each other and do a lot of damage.
    Gravity Kick
    Kat lunges forward through the air, foot-first.  This move can track on the 
    opponent a little bit if they're nearby.
    This move inflicts butt drop on a grounded opponent, but it recovers too slow 
    for Kat to follow up, so it's not that great as an attack unless you're playing
    2 on 2, where it can set up combos for your partner.  However, it's a great
    tool for mobility and mix-ups.  Besides just using it to get around, you can
    also cancel it into v/\, whether started from the air or the ground.  What you
    want to do is space this so you'll get really close to your opponent but not 
    hit them, so you can do either v/\ or a vthrow and they'll have to guess right
    or take an IPS-hitting combo.
    Gravity Grab
    Kat quickly ascends and grabs the opponent, kicking them down to the ground.
    This can act as a combo finisher and gets a knockdown (assuming you don't hit
    the IPS), though it's generally more useful as an anti-air attack as it is 
    pretty quick to start up and buys you a free tech chase afterwards.
    Gravity Dive
    Kat does a downwards dive kick that bounces the opponent if it hits.
    This is a pretty great dive kick since it gives you such a big combo afterwards
    if you land it.  It has a bit of startup, but if cancelled from >/\, the
    startup disappears, making it much harder to react to.  Mix up between this and
    landing for a vthrow after your >/\ to really scare your opponents.
    Debris Summon / Debris Heave
    Kat creates an antigravity bubble around herself and uses it to pick up some
    trash, which she can throw at her opponents at any time afterwards by pressing
    () again.
    This is an amazing move and Kat should have the garbage picked up at all times.
    Not only are they decent and fast projectiles, but they can be used in combos
    for extra damage.
    Spiralling Claw
    Kat charges up, then slashes forwards.
    This exists solely to be used after Kat's ^[], just be aware it does 9 damage
    before the last big hit so if you're near the IPS you may not get optimal
    Gravity Repel
    Kat creates a red wave of energy around herself.
    The effect of this move depends on how close the enemy is to you.  If they're
    point blank, it staggers them, allowing a [] combo afterwards.  Otherwise it
    just pushes them back a tiny bit.  However, it's pretty slow and forces Kat
    to stand still for a little while, so I wouldn't use it much.
    Gravity Attract
    Kat creates a little black hole and sucks the opponent into it.
    This is the main reason Kat is so good, this move pulls her opponent towards
    her and keeps them there for a second, allowing either a [] or a () into super.
    If done twice in short succession, though, it'll blast them away instead of
    pulling them in.  It's possible to grab twice in a long combo, but it's not
    very useful.  This move can also start combos, snatching people out of the air
    for big combos or supers, making Kat one of the only characters who can do
    big damage against airborne opponents.
    Gravity Crush
    Kat lunges forward and traps the opponents if she touches them.  Afterwards,
    she blows them up.
    All of Kat's combos into this super have been removed, rendering it one of the
    worst level 1s in the game.
    Gravity Typhoon
    Kat jumps up and summons a bunch of spikes, which she can aim or delay before
    firing at the opponent.  One use of the super gets two sets of spikes.
    Even though you can combo into this, it's really not great value for the meter,
    it's rare to hit more than one person with this in a 2 on 2 or FFA match.
    Gravity Panther
    Kat combines with Dusty to turn into a deadly panther with super-powered
    gravity attacks.
    Kat is insanely mobile in this move.  First of all, she can fly around
    freely, and she can also use a super-powered version of her gravity dash that 
    goes farther and can be used infinitely without landing.  But why dash when you
    can do a rushing attack instead with /\ that has much the same properties but
    kills anyone it touches?  And then of course there's (), which creates a huge
    wave that kills anyone caught in it.
    This is an extremely powerful level 3 that can easily get 5+ kills and is
    extremely hard to escape from.  Now that level 1 is not nearly as good, you'll
    probably be using this way more.
    Kat Strategy and Notes:
    1 on 1:
    Kat is no longer nearly as powerful as she was before since she can no longer
    combo into her level 1.  Using level 2 for kills costs insane amounts of AP,
    so you'll probably have to try to get a few reads or go for level 3.
    2 on 2:
    Kat can also be quite scary in 2 on 2s, because now her >/\ becomes a powerful
    tool for setting up combos and kills for her opponent.  Her ability to grab
    people out of the air with v() is super useful here too, as it shuts down many
    forms of defensive play.
    FFA is probably Kat's weakest mode, though she's still fairly decent here.  Her
    main problem is that her combos are somewhat interruptable, particularly the
    ones involving v(), and she doesn't have a lot of crowd control.  Her level 3
    is very good, but she won't build AP quite as fast as some other characters
    like Kratos and they may outpace her in the kills race.  Use your mobility to
    pick your spots to attack and use a hit and run strategy to avoid getting 
    trapped in opponent's combos.
    Emmett Graves:
    Emmett Graves hails from the distant future where space colonization and mining
    have become commonplace.  The most lucrative commodity in the future is a
    powerful energy source called Rift Energy, but unfortunately it is also highly
    dangerous and humans who are exposed to it become vicious mutants called 
    Scabs.  Emmett and his brother Logan were operators of a mining outpost that
    came under attack by Scabs, and both were exposed to Rift Energy.  Emmett's
    friend Cutter was able to save him by creating a device that regulates the Rift
    Energy inside his body, and now they work as mercenaries to fend off the ever-
    growing and increasingly organized legions of Scabs.
    In PSAS, Emmett is a mid range gunslinger with a twist - Just like in his own
    game, Emmett can summon down various devices from his spaceship which appear
    on the battlefield.  Some of them give Emmett new weapons, while others act
    independently from him.  He doesn't have huge combos, but his ability to fight
    at many ranges gives him a lot of versatility, and he can rack up kills quickly
    with his level 1 super.
    Ground Moveset:
    Input      Name                        AP Gain / Cost    Properties
    []         Rifter Knife                10                TURN
    :[]        Rifter Knife 2nd            30                KNBK
    >[]        Rift Arm Dash               20                BUTT
    ^[]        Rifter Knife Up             5                 TURN
    :[]        Rifter Knife Up 2nd         5                 KNBK
    ::[]       Rifter Knife Up Finish      20                LIFT
    v[]        Rift Arm Slam               20                LIFT
    With Kinetic Rifle:
    /\         Galloway Revolver           20                PROJ, BUTT, TURN
    >/\        Kinetic Rifle               15                PROJ, HOLD
    ^/\        Galloway Revolver Up        20                PROJ, LIFT, TURN
    v/\        Galloway Revolver Down      20                PROJ, LIFT, TURN
    With MAW Launcher:
    /\         Tetranite Grenade           30                PROJ, KNBK, TURN
    >/\        MAW Launcher                30                PROJ, HOLD, AIMA, KNBK
    ^/\        MAW Launcher Up             30                PROJ, HOLD, AIMA, KNBK
    v/\        MAW Launcher Down           30                PROJ, HOLD, AIMA, KNBK
    With Union Shotgun:
    /\         R-Secs Proximity Mine       30                PROJ, TRAP, NOCH, TURN
    >/\        Union Shotgun               30                KNBK
    ^/\        Union Shotgun Up            30                KNBK
    v/\        Union Shotgun Down          30                KNDW
    ()         Rift Extractor              --                APOR
    >()        Auto Turret                 10                TRAP, PROJ
    ^()        MAW Launcher Bunker         --                STAT
    v()        Union Shotgun Bunker        --                STAT
    >Throw     Rift Hold                   Varies            NOBL, KNBK
    ^Throw     Rift Uppercut               Varies            NOBL, LIFT
    vThrow     Rift Hammer                 Varies            NOBL, KNDW
    R (Lvl1)   Rift Shot                   150               PROJ, TURN
    R (Lvl2)   Rift Bomb                   325               ALLY
    R (Lvl3)   The Hawk                    750               STAT
    :[]        Machine Gun                                   PROJ
    :v[]       Stomp
    :/\        Air Mines                                     TRAP
    :()        Flight Mode                                   PROJ
    Air Moveset:
    Input      Name                        AP Gain / Cost    Properties
    []         Rifter Knife                10                TURN
    :[]        Rifter Knife 2nd            30                KNBK
    >[]        Rift Arm Dash               30                KNBK
    ^[]        Rifter Knife Up             5                 TURN
    :[]        Rifter Knife Up 2nd         5                 
    ::[]       Rifter Knife Up Finish      20                KNBK
    v[]        Rift Arm Slam               20, 30            KNDW, KNBK
    With Kinetic Rifle:
    /\         Galloway Revolver           20                PROJ, LIFT, TURN
    >/\        Kinetic Rifle               5                 PROJ, HOLD
    ^/\        Galloway Revolver Up        20                PROJ, LIFT, TURN
    v/\        Galloway Revolver Down      20                PROJ, LIFT, TURN
    With Maw Launcher:
    /\         Tetranite Grenade           30                PROJ, KNBK, TURN
    >/\        Maw Launcher                30                PROJ, HOLD, AIMA, KNBK
    ^/\        Maw Launcher Up             30                PROJ, HOLD, AIMA, KNBK
    v/\        Maw Launcher Down           30                PROJ, HOLD, AIMA, KNBK
    With Union Shotgun:
    /\         R-Secs Proximity Mine       30                PROJ, TRAP, NOCH, TURN
    >/\        Union Shotgun               30                KNBK
    ^/\        Union Shotgun Up            30                KNBK
    v/\        Union Shotgun Down          30                KNDW
    ()         Rift Extractor              --                APOR
    >()        Auto Turret                 10                TRAP, PROJ
    ^()        Maw Launcher Bunker         --                STAT
    v()        Union Shotgun Bunker        --                STAT
    Combos for AP:
    With Any:
    >[], (move forward slightly) [], []   - 60 AP
    A really basic combo that does decent damage.  Make sure to take a tiny step
    forward before doing the squares.
    ^[], [], [], (jump up towards) ^[], [], []   - 70 AP
    This is much harder than it looks because ^[], [], [] recovers slower than it
    seems like it ought to.  The timing on the jump is very tight.
    uthrow, ^[], (wait a bit) [], [], (jump up towards) ^[], [], []   - 70 AP
    You can also do this after an up throw, but the timing is even tighter.  The
    trick to making it land is that you can delay the second [] a tiny bit, 
    allowing your opponent to fall a bit closer to the ground.  Then you won't
    have to jump as high to catch them.
    >[], (move forward a fair bit) ^[], [], [], (jump up towards) ^[], [], []
    - 90 AP
    This is also possible after a >[], though the timing here is tighter as you
    must walk forward pretty far for the ^[] to hit.
    With Kinetic Rifle:
    (air) >/\, (land) >/\   - 15 AP
    You can just hold the >/\ to immediately go into the ground version as you land
    and it will combo for very slight damage.
    ^[], [], [], ^/\    - 50 AP
    An alternate way to end any ^[] combo.
    >[], (short step forward) v/\   - 40 AP
    You need to take just the tiniest of steps forward to link this.  It looks like
    it should miss, but it will hit.  You can't follow up with anything unless the
    opponent is next to a wall.
    (air) v/\, (land) ^[], (wait a bit) [], [], (jump up towards) ^[], [], [] 
    - 90 AP
    This is the height of impracticality, but it's worth noting that v/\ can link
    to ^[] easily if the opponent is against a wall, which can allow an AP burst
    after the combo above.
    With Maw Launcher:
    >[], >/\    - 50 AP
    You can actually do this with the Kinetic Rifle too for a knockdown, but the
    blast from the Maw is more notable.
    With Union Shotgun:
    >[], (move forward) /\   - 40 AP
    This doesn't build much AP on its own, but it does put a bomb on them that
    blows up for 30 more AP after a few seconds (or if they try to roll to dodge
    the blast, you can grab them).
    >[], (move forward) v/\   - 40 AP
    A decent tech chase, much like Sweet Tooth.
    uthrow, ^[], (wait a bit) [], [], (jump up towards) ^/\   - 60 AP
    Radec, is that you?  This isn't as strong as the normal version that just does
    another ^[], but it's significantly easier to link.
    Combos into Supers:
    With Union Shotgun:
    >[], R (lvl 1)
    Timing is a little tight, but this allows Emmett to combo into his level 1.
    Notable Move Breakdown:
    Rift Arm Dash
    Emmett does a dashing punch that staggers the opponent if it hits.
    This is Emmett's main combo starter.  It's fairly safe and allows decent
    combos afterwards, just make sure you don't punch into a super or something.
    Rift Arm Slam
    Emmett punches the ground with his arm.  If done in the air, he falls to the
    ground before punching.
    This is kind of like Big Daddy's move, but not nearly as good.  The effect you
    get from the air version depends on how high up you are, if you're not very
    high you can get a knockdown, but it's so unsafe that other attacks are usually
    Galloway Revolver / Galloway Revolver Up / Galloway Revolver Down
    Emmett pulls out a tiny revolver and fires a single shot with it.
    This has some use in combos, but generally only against a wall.  The downwards
    shot travels on a great angle in the air, though, you can use it like a much
    less good version of Fat Princess's Air Sword Soldier.  When combined with
    turret shots it has the possibility to be pretty annoying.
    Kinetic Rifle
    Emmett fires three shots from his rifle.
    This is pretty weak, so the only real use for it is to break Sir Dan's shield.
    The air version hits a good area but is also very weak.
    Tetranite Grenade
    Emmett throws a big grenade that blows up if it hits someone.
    Not much to say about these besides the fact that they're strong and useful.
    They can be good camping tools if you can find a safe place to hide since they
    bounce along the ground.
    Maw Launcher / Maw Launcher Up / Maw Launcher Down
    Emmett fires a rocket from the Maw Launcher.  If you hold the button you can
    delay the rocket and manually aim it.
    Another decent camping tool, though the grenades are often better because
    they travel quicker.
    R-Secs Proximity Mine
    Emmett throws a little green mine.  If it hits someone, it blows up after a
    little while, otherwise it stays where it lands and blows up when someone
    gets close.
    These are fun, though unfortunately they don't stay on the ground that long
    and you can only have one out at a time.  It's actually often more useful to
    put them on people, as they'll want to try to avoid being blown up by rolling
    or dodging and you can punish them afterwards.
    Union Shotgun / Union Shotgun Up / Union Shotgun Down
    Emmett fires a blast from his shotgun that knocks the enemy away.
    A very standard shotgun attack that functions almost identically to everyone
    else in this game who has a shotgun.  The down one gives a handy knockdown,
    just like Sweet Tooth's.
    Rift Extractor
    Emmett calls down a little mining device that generates AP orbs.
    Of course, this is a must for camping.  Call this thing down and then start
    firing off your grenades or whatever else and watch the AP roll in.
    Auto Turret
    Emmett calls down a turret that automatically targets enemies.
    This is a great tool, it stays around for ages and provides excellent cover
    fire.  It can even allow Emmett to bridge two combos together, making it easier
    for him to hit the IPS or allowing him to link a super where he normally
    couldn't.  There's only one drawback, which is that opponents can hit the 
    turret and gain AP.  It breaks after taking 30 AP worth of damage, but they'll
    gain as much damage as they do to it, so it's easy to gain 40 or more.  It's 
    still very helpful, but you'll usually want to keep the turret behind you so it
    can blast away from relative safety.
    Do note though that the turret can act as a decoy of sorts.  40 AP isn't a big
    price to pay for a kill if you can blast someone while they'll paying too much
    attention to the turret and not enough to you.
    Maw Launcher Bunker
    Emmett calls down a supply container that holds the Maw Launcher.  You can
    stand in front of it and press the pick up item button to get the Maw Launcher.
    You can receive the Maw repeatedly from the same bunker.  Note that any other
    Emmett players can also use your bunker.
    The Maw Launcher is a crowd control weapon that generates big explosions that
    can hit multiple people.  In particular, its grenades are very useful,
    as they're quick and build a lot of AP.  However, you only get three shots with
    your Maw before you have to get another one, so you may spend a lot of time
    reloading from your bunker when using it.
    Union Shotgun Bunker
    Emmett calls down a supply container that holds the Union shotgun.  You can
    stand in front of it and press the pick up item button to get the Union 
    Shotgun.  You can receive the Shotgun repeatedly from the same bunker.  Note
    that any other Emmett players can also use your bunker.
    The Union Shotgun is a close combat weapon that blasts people away.  The
    shotgun itself isn't all that notable, but the proximity mines it gives are
    interesting.  However, I generally feel like this weapon actually lasts too
    long, you get six shots before you go back to the Kinetic Rifle, and I find
    I usually don't want to use it for that long.
    Rift Shot
    Emmett fires a shot of rift energy from his current weapon.
    This super is very interesting in that it changes depending on what weapon
    Emmett currently has.
    If Emmett has the Kinetic rifle, he fires a shot straight forward.  It's not
    that fast and doesn't travel that far, so it isn't usually the best option.
    If Emmett has the Maw Launcher, he fires a rocket straight forward that makes
    a huge explosion when it hits something.  This is an amazing super for getting
    multikills, even though it's not easy to combo into it.
    If Emmett has the Union Shotgun, he fires two quick blasts, one forward and
    one up.  This has very short range, but you can combo into it.
    It's also worth noting that this does not count towards the usage limit for
    your weapons.  It's generally a pretty good move to use if you have one of
    Rift Bomb
    Emmett calls down a huge bomb from his ship that makes a big explosion when
    it lands.
    The hit range on this thing is pretty huge, though unfortunately it's a little
    slow and your opponents might be able to get out of the way.  I think it may
    be possible to guarantee this after a ^[], [], [], because no matter which way
    you tech, you'll get hit, but unless you think you can get multiple people it's
    probably not the best use of meter.
    The Hawk
    Emmett climbs inside a huge mech and lays waste to his opponents.
    This is somewhat similar to Sweet Tooth's level 3, except it's a little more
    mobile and the stomp is a little faster so people can't hide in it as easily.
    You can quickly tear up the stage with your machine guns, and when you're just
    about out of time, press () for one last round of aerial bombardment.  It's not
    hard to dodge, but it's a free shot so you might as well take it.  The aerial
    mines aren't that useful, it would be nice if they homed in or something.
    Emmett Strategy and Notes:
    1 on 1:
    Emmett is okay in 1 on 1s as he is decently versatile and can combo into his
    level 1, but he is outclassed by higher damage dealers since he has trouble
    hitting the IPS.  Be particularly careful with your turret usage here, because
    feeding people AP in a 1 on 1 just brings you that much closer to death.
    Granted, if you can catch someone off guard while they're attacking the turret,
    the payoff could be pretty high.
    2 on 2:
    Emmett is definitely at his best in the camping heavy world of 2 on 2.  With
    his rift extractor and auto turret, he can quickly build AP for his team,
    and if his teammates use their camping tools to protect him he can be extremely
    difficult to approach.  And of course, his level 3 is very deadly here, as your
    partner can smack anyone who gets the clever idea to try to hide inside the 
    Hawk.  You might even get some kills out of the air raid at the end.
    Emmett can fight decently well in FFA but struggles on maps where he has
    nowhere to hide.  He does best to adopt a hit and run style here, closing in
    for quick combos and supers and dropping back to toss some grenades or set up
    turrets.  The Maw Launcher is definitely the weapon of choice here, its crowd
    control is great when Emmett is being ignored, particularly its level 1 as it
    can easily get multiple kills.
    As the leader of the Gods of Olympus, Zeus is one of the primary targets of
    Kratos's campaign of revenge.  However, he's not the leader of the gods for 
    nothing; between his incredible strength, durability, and control over 
    lightning he'll prove to be a very difficult foe.  And just what does he know
    about Kratos's past that he isn't letting on?
    In PSAS, Zeus is a charge character.  Every single attack he can do can be
    charged, and all of his ground attacks can be roll cancelled.  Once charged,
    his attacks gain additional AP and have different properties.  Unfortunately,
    even his fastest attacks are fairly slow and he has limited combo potential, 
    so you'll have to pick your spots to attack from well and use a lot of roll 
    cancels to fake people out.  Watch out for throws, though, roll cancels are 
    easy throw bait if done too often.
    Ground Moveset:
    Input      Name                        AP Gain / Cost    Properties
    []         Olympian Assault            5                 CHRG, ARMR, RLCL
    :[]        Olympian Assault 2nd        30                KNDW
    >[]        Olympian Strike             10                CHRG, ARMR, STGR, RLCL
    :[]        Olympian Strike 2nd         20                LIFT, BOUN
    ^[]        Olympian Ascension          20                CHRG, ARMR, LIFT, RLCL
    v[]        Olympian Might              30                CHRG, ARMR, BOUN, RLCL
    [] (hold)  Olympian Assault Charged    35                NOBL, STGR
    >[] (hold) Olympian Strike Charged     38                NOBL, STGR
    :[]        Olympian Strike 2nd         20                RLCL, KNBK
    ^[] (hold) Olympian Ascension Charged  57                NOBL, KNBK
    v[] (hold) Olympian Might Charged      57                NOBL, LIFT
    /\         Divine Bolts                5-20              PROJ, CHRG, MASH, RLCL
    >/\        Divine Thunder              9-41              PROJ, CHRG, MASH, RLCL
    ^/\        Divine High Thunder         9-41              PROJ, CHRG, MASH, RLCL
    v/\        Divine Storm                9-41              CHRG, MASH, RLCL
    /\ (hold)  Divine Bolts Charged        30                PROJ, KNBK
    >/\ (hold) Divine Thunder Charged      4-82              PROJ, MASH, KNBK
    ^/\ (hold) Divine High Thunder Charged 4-82              PROJ, MASH, KNBK
    v/\ (hold) Divine Storm Charged        4-82              MASH, KNBK
    ()         Thunderous Echo             5                 TRAP, CHRG, SHCK
    >()        Triumph of Olympus          --                HOLD, ABSR, RLCL
    ^()        Lightning Teleport          5                 CHRG, TELE, AIMA
    v()        Power of Zeus               10                CHRG, SHCK, RLCL
    ()         Thunderous Echo Charged     20                CRMP
    ^()        Lightning Teleport Charged  20                CRMP, TELE, AIMA
    v()        Power of Zeus Charged       20                CRMP
    >Throw     Transgressor's Exile        Varies            NOBL, KNBK
    ^Throw     Judgment of Zeus            Varies            NOBL, BOUN
    vThrow     Fate of the Titans          Varies            NOBL, KNDW
    R (Lvl1)   Lightning Clap              150               TURN
    R (Lvl2)   Ultimate Storm              325               AIMA
    :Any       Shockwave
    R (Lvl3)   Wrath of Zeus               750               STAT
    :[]        Attack Left
    :/\        Attack High
    :()        Attack Right
    :vAny      Attack Low
    Air Moveset:
    Input      Name                        AP Gain / Cost    Properties
    []         Olympian Assault            20                CHRG, ARMR, KNBK
    >[]        Olympian Strike             20                CHRG, ARMR, KNBK
    ^[]        Olympian Ascension          20                CHRG, ARMR, LIFT
    v[]        Olympian Might              30                CHRG, ARMR, KNDW
    [] (hold)  Olympian Assault Charged    57                NOBL, STGR
    >[] (hold) Olympian Strike Charged     57                NOBL, STGR
    ^[] (hold) Olympian Ascension Charged  57                KNBK
    v[] (hold) Olympian Might Charged      57                NOBL, LIFT, BOUN
    /\         Divine Bolts                5                 PROJ, CHRG
    >/\        Divine Thunder              9                 PROJ, CHRG
    ^/\        Divine High Thunder         9                 PROJ, CHRG
    v/\        Divine Low Thunder          9                 PROJ, CHRG
    /\ (hold)  Divine Bolts Charged        30                PROJ, KNDW
    >/\ (hold) Divine Thunder Charged      4-82              PROJ, MASH, KNBK
    ^/\ (hold) Divine High Thunder Charged 4-82              PROJ, MASH, KNBK
    v/\ (hold) Divine Low Thunder Charged  4-82              MASH, KNDW
    ()         Thunderous Echo             5                 TRAP, CHRG, SHCK
    >()        Triumph of Olympus          --                HOLD, ABSR
    ^()        Lightning Teleport          5                 CHRG, TELE, SHCK
    v()        Power of Zeus               10                CHRG, SHCK
    ()         Thunderous Echo Charged     20                CRMP
    ^()        Lightning Teleport Charged  20                CRMP, TELE, AIMA
    v()        Power of Zeus Charged       20                CRMP
    Combos for AP:
    >[], [], ^[], ^[], >[]   - 90 AP 
    Zeus's fastest and most reliable ground combo.
    >[], [], v/\ (mash)   - 71 AP
    Similar to the above, except Zeus remains stationary.  May have some crowd
    control potential, but going to the air for combos is usually safer.
    [] (charged, not blocked), >/\ (mashed)    - 76 AP
    Part of the reason [] is such a nice unblockable is because even if it isn't
    blocked, you still get this solid combo afterwards.  You'll typically get this
    version if someone tries to hit you while charging, since it has some armour.
    [] (charged, blocked), >[], [], ^[], >[]   - 135 AP
    You really don't want to block Zeus's charged [] attacks, because they're all
    unblockable.  The neutral [] is the fastest and leads to an easy IPS burst.
    This can also work after most of his unblockables, though a couple recover too
    slow for you to follow up with anything.
    (), >/\ (charged, mashed)   - 87 AP
    () isn't all that practical as an attack, but if you do perform it, you might
    as well immediately charge up a >/\.  Even if they block, you'll still gain a
    lot of AP.  If done after the charged (), this will hit the IPS.
    ^() (charged), >[], [], ^[], ^[], >[]   - 140 AP
    Unlike some of Zeus's other charged moves, the charged teleport is actually
    pretty practical since he can charge it from far away and then come in for the
    attack quickly.  And you can actually hit the IPS afterwards.
    v() (charged), v[] (charged), ^[], ^[]   - 137 AP
    I don't know how you'd ever land a charged v(), but if you did, you can do this
    ^throw, ^[], ^[], >[]   - 60 AP
    Not bad for a throw followup.
    Combos into Supers:
    ^() (charged), R (Lvl 1)
    This is also possible after any of his charged () moves, but the teleport is
    by far the most practical.
    [] (charged, blocked), R (Lvl 1)
    You can also super after any unblockable that would allow you to combo.
    Notable Move Breakdown:
    Olympian Assault
    Zeus punches the opponent.  If charged, it is unblockable, staggers the
    opponent, and has some armour.
    This move is not useful on its own, it's mainly used for its charge effect.
    It's a pretty fast unblockable, and has some armour while charging, and even
    if it hits an opponent who isn't blocking you can get a decent follow-up.
    Just be aware that there is a limit to how much Zeus can absorb, so let the
    move go the moment you see that red flash.
    Olympian Strike
    Zeus does a shoulder charge forward, followed by an uppercut.  If charged,
    it is unblockable, and it has armour while charging.
    This is one of Zeus's go-to combo moves, and the charged version is a pretty
    potent unblockable in the air since it travels very far.  The ground charged
    version isn't as good since you're forced to do the follow-up afterwards
    instead of doing this move again, limiting your combo options.  This move also
    has armour, and can be used to blow through enemy attacks.
    Divine Bolts
    Zeus throws some lightning bolts as his opponents.  On the ground, they travel
    horizontally, in the air, they travel diagonally down.  It can be charged for
    a bigger bolt.
    As one of Zeus's only fast attacks, you'll be using this to pressure from a
    distance a fair bit.  The charged air version is an amazing tool to throw into
    crowds, and it's quite safe if done from a distance.
    Divine Thunder / High Thunder / Storm / Low Thunder
    Zeus charges up power and releases a crackle of thunder in the given direction.
    It can be mashed for additional hits and damage.
    These moves are the core of Zeus's offense in most matches.  When charged and
    mashed, this is the strongest move in the game, building an insane 82 AP.
    Whenever you see crowds of people fighting and they're not paying much
    attention to you, toss this move in there to build crazy AP.  Even the
    uncharged version can do pretty significant damage, so don't hesitate to use
    that as well, though it doesn't have as much range.  And don't forget to roll
    cancel for fakeouts or if you might get hit.
    Thunderous Echo
    Zeus rises into the air, laughs, and feints back, leaving an afterimage of
    himself that explodes into lightning bolts a moment later.  If charged, this
    inflicts crumple.
    This is pretty solid against enemies who have their back to a wall, because
    after feinting back you can just start charging >/\ and they really have no way
    out except to block, which will still give you loads of AP.  If they're not
    against a wall, you can still use this to get some space and start throwing out
    Triumph of Olympus
    Zeus poses and absorbs any projectiles that hit him, gaining AP.
    Not much to say here, but this is a very useful move, akin to Cole's Frost
    Shield.  It can shut down most forms of camp, but be aware that you can't hold
    it forever, you do have to take a cooldown pause every now and then.
    Lightning Teleport
    Zeus teleports in any direction, causing a shockwave when he reappears.
    If charged, this inflicts crumple.
    This is a fantastic move, because unlike most others you don't have to charge
    it right in someone's face to be effective, and your opponents have no way
    of knowing which way you're going to teleport until you do it.  If you're above
    and to the right, for example, you could teleport right into your opponent,
    or you could go down and left and immediately start throwing some bolts.
    And if the charged version hits, you get a big combo or super.  Keep them
    guessing and this can be a deadly move.
    Power of Zeus
    Zeus raises his fist and releases a burst of electricity.  If charged, it
    bursts all around him and inflicts crumple.
    This can lead to huge combos, but it's absurdly slow and hard to hit with.
    At least you can roll cancel, but it doesn't help much.
    Lightning Clap
    Zeus claps his hands and releases a big shockwave.
    This is a fairly standard level 1.  It's a little slow, but Zeus can combo into
    it from several of his moves, and the hit area is fairly big, so you can
    potentially catch several opponents.  It's easily the best of Zeus's supers,
    so you'll want to use it whenever you have the chance.
    Ultimate Storm
    Zeus rises into the air and becomes fully controllable in all directions.
    Press any button to release a deadly shockwave around him.
    The main problem with this super is that it starts up slow and gives all
    opponents an immediate cue to scatter.  You can probably get one kill easily
    enough, but it's not great value for the AP.  It's best to stick to level 1
    if you can.
    Wrath of Zeus
    Zeus turns gigantic and pummels the entire arena with his fists and lightning,
    final-boss style.
    While this does look incredibly cool, this is easily in the running for worst
    level 3 in the game because Zeus telegraphs all of his attacks and they're
    all dodgeable.  Against good opponents, it's quite possible for this to get
    no kills at all, they just have to stay in the middle and react to your moves.
    If only he could charge or fake his moves here.  The only place this can be
    useful is in 2v2, where your partner can prevent your enemies from just running
    Zeus Strategy and Notes:
    1 on 1:
    Zeus is pretty bad in 1 on 1s because he's so slow.  He has difficulty escaping
    pressure from combo-heavy melee opponents, and his charging attacks are almost
    useless here since they're easy to see coming.  You'll have to make heavy use
    of his armoured [] attacks to try to get a few hits in and build a little 
    space, and hopefully you can find a way to land a charged teleport for a kill,
    because having to rely on his level 2 will really set you back.
    2 on 2:
    Zeus is a lot better in 2 on 2s because his partner can pressure the opponents,
    giving him space to use his charge attacks.  His ability to tack on damage to
    the end of a combo is pretty much unparalleled, as his charged /\ moves hit
    insanely hard.  They also pin the opponent down for a long time, allowing
    certain characters to easily land their level 1s.  Even his level 3 has some
    use here, but it's probably better to stick to level 1s when you can.
    Zeus can also be really scary in FFAs.  The chaos inherent to this mode gives
    him lots of opportunities to hit and run with his charge moves, and he can
    build up AP faster than almost anyone if he can trap people in his charge /\s.
    His only trouble is that his level 2 and 3 aren't great, so he has to always
    be on the lookout for ways to land his level 1, and if opponents stay in the
    air he may have some trouble.  Consider using his level 1 to beat other
    characters level 2s, because it has huge range and can actually win against
    many of them.
    Isaac Clarke:
    Once a simple engineer aboard a mining vessel, Isaac Clarke's life quickly
    takes a turn for the worse when his crew is attacked by vicious monsters while
    responding to a distress call.  Isaac's quick thinking and resourcefulness
    allows him to survive, using his mining tools and equipment to deadly effect, 
    but analysis of the ship's logs reveals the threat to be far greater than 
    anything the universe has seen before.  
    In PSAS, Isaac is a slow, deliberate mid-range fighter with a variety of 
    interesting tools.  He excels at controlling space by using projectiles, traps,
    and defensive moves to limit the enemy's options, then blasting them with a
    super when they leave themselves open.
    Ground Moveset:
    Input      Name                        AP Gain / Cost    Properties
    []         Plasma Cutter               5-20              PROJ, HOLD, AIMA, CNCL
    >[]        The Boot                    10                KNDW
    :[]        The Boot 2nd                20                KNDW
    ^[]        Hydraulic Eviscerator       10                LIFT
    :[]        Hydraulic Eviscerator 2nd   20                KNDW
    v[]        Ground Diffractor           20                KNDW
    /\         Statis                      5                 PROJ, FREZ
    >/\        Force Gun                   20                BUTT
    ^/\        Chain Gun                   7-22              PROJ
    v/\        Magnesium Afterburner       5-25              PROJ
    ()         Bouncing Bola               10-30             PROJ, AIMA, BUTT, KNBK
    >()        Suspended Ripper            10                PROJ, TRAP
    ^()        Incendiary Grenade          20                PROJ, TRAP
    v()        Detonator                   20                TRAP, LIFT
    >Throw     Kinesis Blast Forward       Varies            NOBL, KNBK, PRFL
    ^Throw     Kinesis Blast Up            Varies            NOBL, LIFT, PRFL
    vThrow     Kinesis Blast Down          Varies            NOBL, BOUN, PRFL
    R (Lvl1)   Strategic Shot              150               PROJ, FREZ, AIMA, TURN
    R (Lvl2)   Kinesis Burst               400               
    R (Lvl3)   Dead Space                  750               STAT
    :Any       Shoot                                         PROJ
    Air Moveset:
    Input      Name                        AP Gain / Cost    Properties
    []         Plasma Cutter               5                 PROJ
    >[]        Plasma Cutter Swing         20                KNBK, KNDW
    ^[]        Hydraulic Eviscerator       20                LIFT
    v[]        Ground Diffractor           20                KNDW
    /\         Statis                      10                PROJ, FREZ
    >/\        Force Gun                   20                BUTT
    ^/\        Chain Gun                   7-22              PROJ
    v/\        Magnesium Afterburner       5-10              PROJ
    ()         Bouncing Bola               10-30             PROJ, AIMA, BUTT, KNBK
    >()        Suspended Ripper            10                PROJ, TRAP
    ^()        Incendiary Grenade          20                PROJ, TRAP
    v()        Detonator                   20                TRAP, LIFT
    Combos for AP:
    >/\, [] (hold, move forward or back after one shot)   - 40 AP
    This is no longer as strong as it used to be, but at least you can use it to
    put space between you and the opponent.
    >/\, >(), (run forward and jump) ^/\   - 76 AP
    Isaac's >() bounces the enemy a few times, allowing for tons of follow-ups.
    Air ^/\ is the best combination of damage and being easy to land.  This combo 
    can also work if you reverse the order of the first two moves, but >/\ starts
    up faster.
    v(), (jump) >(), (run forward and jump) ^[]   - 60 AP
    Generally optimal follow-up after a mine.  It's hard to get more than this,
    even this much requires good reactions and spacing.
    ^throw, (jump up back, turn around) >(), (land, run towards, jump) ^[]  - 50 AP
    With excellent spacing and timing, you can juggle with >() after an up throw.
    Though as amazingly cool as this is, the combo below is probably more
    vthrow, ^[], (jump) >/\   - 30 AP
    There are loads of possible finishers after the ^[], but this one pushes
    the opponent away from you, which is generally helpful.
    Combos into Supers:
    >/\, >(), R (Lvl 2)
    It used to be possible to land a level 1 in this situation, but it's been
    slowed down and it no longer works.  Level 2 still combos in lots of situations
    /\, R (Lvl 2)
    Isaac's level 2 is fast and has huge range, and will combo after loads of
    things.  You can toss out a /\ first if you want to pressure from long range,
    because whether it hits in the ground or the air, you'll get a kill afterwards.
    vthrow, ^[], R (Lvl 2)
    You can also get a super after a down throw.
    Notable Move Breakdown:
    Plasma Cutter
    Isaac fires a few shots from his plasma cutter.  He can start moving forward
    or backwards after the first shot, allowing him to fire up to 4 shots.
    They've removed the buggy cancel window, so this isn't nearly as amazing as
    before.  Still a decent retreating projectile, but it's not all that powerful.
    Isaac throws a bolt of energy that freeze the opponent if it hits.
    This is surprisingly useless, largely due to how slow it is and the fact that
    it makes the opponent airborne.  About the best thing you can do after landing
    this is to use [], but it works just as well on its own.
    Force Gun
    Isaac fires a blast of energy from his gun that butt drops the opponent.
    This, combined with >(), makes up the majority of Isaac's combos.  It's fairly
    fast, but a bit risky to use in close quarters in case it gets blocked.
    Chain Gun
    Isaac fires a bunch of little shots upwards.
    A good combo ender, not much other use.
    Magnesium Afterburner
    Isaac fires a flamethrower from his gun.
    For some reason, Isaac fires the ground version downwards, so it has absurdly
    little range, and it hits too slow in the air to be of much use.  It does pin
    the opponent down for a while and that might be useful in 2 on 2, but that's
    about it.
    Bouncing Bola
    Isaac aims and fires an energy bolt that bounces off walls.  It gets more
    powerful with each bounce, one bounce turns it into a butt drop, and two
    makes it a powerful knockback.
    This is a really fun move to use, but I'm not sure if it's really ever that
    practical.  You can kind of snipe with it and it travels fast, so I guess
    you can use it when playing keep-away.
    Suspended Ripper
    Isaac fires out a little sawblade that spins in the air for a little while,
    bouncing anyone who touches it upwards.
    This is an amazing combo move, since if it hits early, the opponent will bounce
    twice, enough time for Isaac to close in and hit them or use a super.  It's
    also a great pressure too from range even if you don't combo into it.
    Incendiary Grenade
    Isaac fires a grenade on an upwards arc.
    This is very similar to most other grenade moves in the game.  It hits decently
    hard and can be a good pressure tool from a distance when combined with Isaac's
    other long distance attacks.
    Isaac drops a little mine that blasts anyone who touches it upwards.
    A great trap move, as the mine stays active for ages and is hard to destroy.
    It does become active a little slow though, so you can't use it in combos
    like Sweet Tooth can with his mine.  Couple this with Isaac's other long
    distance moves to make it hard to approach him.
    Kinesis Blast Forward / Up / Down
    Isaac generates a little energy field in front of him and throws the opponent.
    Besides the fact that the Up and Down versions allow a combo afterwards, this
    throw is notable for the fact that the energy field can reflect projectiles.
    This really boosts Isaac's camping and anti-camp potential.
    Strategic Shot
    Isaac fires a Stasis shot, then pulls out his gun and fires a powerful shot
    where you aim it.
    Now that the trick to land this super has been removed, it's fairly useless.
    The projectile fires too slow to be used in combos and if the statis shot
    misses it's unlikely that the real shot will hit.
    Kinesis Burst
    Isaac creates and detonates a massive energy wave around himself.
    This super is really fast and has absurdly huge range, almost like an even
    bigger version of Evil Cole's level 2.  Isaac can combo into this in a ton of
    ways, and since it has such a big hit area it can easily hit multiple
    opponents.  It can even hit a little ways behind him in case some fool tries
    to interrupt your combo.  Definitely a very viable super to use in 2 on 2 and 
    Dead Space
    Isaac blows out the airlock, sucking everyone into the vacuum of space.
    He follows them out and tries to blast them with his gun.
    This is a fairly standard level 3, not that different from Big Daddy's.  It
    can get a decent number of kills, but Kinesis Burst is so good you may want
    to stick to that instead.
    Isaac Strategy and Notes:
    1 on 1:
    Isaac is clearly at his weakest in 1 on 1, but he can still be fairly effective
    thanks to his multitude of pressure options.  You'll have to be careful not to
    overuse the Plasma Cutter here as it is quite punishable if the opponent jumps,
    instead stick to pressuring with () moves and use the gun when your opponent
    lands from jumping over your sawblades.  Don't forget that you get big combos
    off of your throws and can reflect projectiles, too.
    2 on 2:
    Isaac's mine makes him one of the best campers in the game, when coupled with
    the sawblade and his gun it can be almost impossible to get this guy out of a
    bunker.  The sawblade can also create interesting air combo opportunities for
    some characters, particularly Kat, Nariko, and the Coles, who are very capable
    in the air.  Try to line up your Kinesis Bursts to catch both opponents.
    Isaac is such a capable camper he can do much of the same stuff in FFA he can
    do in 2 on 2, barely even needing a partner to protect him.  3 opponents also
    just makes Kinesis Burst that much deadlier.  The only danger is that if Isaac
    gets swarmed, he has a hard time defending himself, you may just have to run
    away and throw down some mines until you can get a little space to start
    shooting again.
    Like in Super Smash Bros, stages have a huge effect on how matches play out
    in PSAS.  A strategy or character that is very strong on one stage could be
    nearly useless on another, so it's important to know the features of each stage
    and adapt accordingly.
    A long, flat stage with platforms on both ends.  Periodically, the corners
    drop away, yielding little nooks where players can hide.
    Hades from God of War is in the back of the stage at all times.  Periodically,
    he reels back and then slams the ground, releasing a purple shockwave that
    dazes anyone who gets hit by it.
    After 90 seconds, the Patapon appear and begin attacking Hades.  They also
    attack the stage, causing targets to appear.  Being in the targets when
    the Patapon attack causes players to lose AP.
    This is a fairly balanced stage that doesn't particularly favour any given
    playstyle.  Campers can hide under the platforms, and the stage is flat enough
    for Melee characters to get big combos.  You can also use the nooks when they
    appear to try to hide from special state supers or to use AP generating moves.
    It's important to keep an eye on Hades during the first part of the stage, if 
    you can avoid being dazed you can get an easy combo or super on the others.  
    The Patapon aren't an especially big threat, but there's no point losing AP if
    you don't have to.
    Another long, flat stage.  There are conveyor belts on the ground, which
    periodically pull players on the ground in a given direction.  There are also
    some solid tunnels on the side that periodically appear and recede into the
    wall, to be replaced by platforms with green vents that allow super jumps.  
    At the halfway point, two platforms appear over the middle, two more at the
    sides, and the middle itself becomes a pit of spikes.
    For the first 90 seconds, there are no hazards on this stage.  
    After 90 seconds, the middle of the stage becomes a pit of spikes that launches
    players upward and takes AP away, and the Hydra from God of War appears and 
    attacks players, which also takes away AP.
    After the Hydra appears, crates sometimes appear on the lower parts of the
    stage.  There are two types of crates:  The regular ones can be broken and
    contain items, the ones with circles on them are bombs and they will explode
    after a while if touched, causing anyone within range to lose AP.
    Early on this is a fairly straightforward stage.  It's quite large and mostly
    flat, so most types of characters can do well here.  It changes drastically
    after 90 seconds, though, it becomes much more cramped and hectic.  Since there
    is so little ground to stand on, melee characters have trouble at this point,
    and campers start to dominate.
    This stage starts totally empty, but quickly fills up with objects.  First a
    platform appears in the middle, then a tree with some platforms appears on top
    of it.  Next, some hanging platforms appear, then the left hand side becomes
    a pit of spikes.  A bridge quickly appears over the spikes, as does a platform
    above it.  A plank is constructed on the right, with a platform on top of it,
    and a tilting platform below.  
    At one point, a spiked platform appears, going into the spikes causes you to
    slowly lose AP.
    After 90 seconds, Buzz appears, and he asks the players a question.  Four
    answers will appear on various platforms in the stage, and if you're not
    standing on the correct one when time runs out, an unavoidable pie is thrown
    that causes you to lose quite a bit of AP.
    As you can tell by the description, this stage changes constantly.  As such,
    versatile characters do well here.  Pure melee and pure camping characters
    may do well at certain points, but at others they may find themselves almost
    totally helpless.  During the question period, take advantage of the other
    players scrambling to get to the right platform to get in a few free hits or
    supers, you actually have quite a long time to get to the right place.
    Sandover Village:
    The stage takes place on a large island with no walls.  At the bottom of
    the stage is water, where a water wheel with four platforms constantly turns.
    To the left side is a lone cliff, while the right side splits into three
    levels of wooden platforms.  In the middle above the waterway is an angled
    bridge that players can fall through.
    A big fish constantly patrols the water.  Any players who stay in the water
    too long will get eaten, which causes them to appear back on the cliff to the
    left in a dazed state and lose AP.
    After 90 seconds, the golfers from Hot Shots Golf play through, you can see
    them line up their arrows, then they fire a volley of golf balls that slowly
    drain AP from anyone caught in the crossfire.
    This is easily the most camp-friendly stage in the game.  The three platforms
    at the right hand side are a camper's dream, messing up melee combos and
    providing perfect protection against airborne attacks.  The waterwheel is a
    great camping spot too for anyone who has vertical attacks, as long as you keep
    moving from platform to platform you can stay down there forever and pretty
    much no one can get you.  Due to the water and the ease of running away,
    state change supers are generally pretty bad here. 
    At first, battle takes place on two flat ships flying through space.  There
    is a gap between them, and there is also a little foot to each ship near the
    middle that you can stand on.  There are no walls here, but you can't fall
    off on the side.
    After 60 seconds, the ships disappear and everyone is dropped into another
    area, a long bridge with a box in the middle.  The bridge is quickly blasted
    by rockets, revealing an area below the bridge with a sloping platform on the
    left and a ledge on the right.
    In the first part, the only hazard is that you can fall through the middle.
    This causes you to disappear and reappear on one of the ships in a dazed state,
    and you will lose some AP.
    In the second part, some crosshairs appear after a while.  A missile is quickly
    fired, which causes anyone hit by it to lose AP.  
    After the rockets hit, the box in the middle is revealed to be a cage
    containing one of the monkeys from Ape Escape.  Hitting the cage with melee
    attacks generates AP orbs.
    After 120 seconds, a purple monkey robot appears in the background.  He will
    eventually close in and attack, firing his hands and using clapping attacks
    on either the lower or upper levels, though this takes a long time and in a
    3 minute time match the stage will not get this far.
    This is another one of those levels that changes a lot and thus a well-balanced
    character does well here.  The second part of the stage is very long and it's
    easy to run away, but the bridge hampers camp to some extent.  Melee combos
    can still work well, but be aware that special state supers might have trouble
    getting kills.
    Alden's Tower:
    At first, this is a fairly flat stage with 3 platforms that cover most of the
    level.  After a short time, though, the stage begins scrolling upwards, and
    the players must follow it past various platforms to a second area, where
    there are five platforms in an X-formation and electrified walls on either
    side.  Soon, the stage moves upwards again, past some more platforms and an
    elevator, to the final part of the stage.  It is mostly flat, with a platform
    in the middle containing a ray sphere, a ledge on the left and a gap near the
    far right of the stage.  There is no wall to the left side of this final area.
    Eventually, Carmelita appears and fires at the stage, this also opens up a
    little foothold on the far right.
    Whenever the stage is moving, if you are too slow and get caught at the bottom,
    you'll disappear and reappear elsewhere in a dazed state and lose AP.  You can
    also fall in the final area.
    In the second area, there are electrified walls, hitting someone into them
    causes them to lose some AP.
    In the third area, there is a ray sphere on top of the platform.  If you can
    stand near it for a little while, it will get bigger and eventually release AP
    balls, before going back to its smallest size.  You can get AP over and over
    from this.
    After a little time is spent in the final area, Carmelita from Sly Cooper
    appears and blasts certain parts of the area with her pistol.  Despite her
    claims that it paralizes, it merely blasts people away and they lose AP.
    Since this stage is constantly moving, this is a very bad stage for campers,
    they never get a chance to hole up.  Melee fighters do very well here, but must
    also be mindful of the stage, when it starts scrolling, you must run or die,
    because if you get caught you'll appear and be vulnerable to a free super.
    When you finally get to the top, use the ray sphere to gain AP when you can,
    unlike some sources of free AP it generates quite a lot.  Also make sure not
    to fall in the final area, it's another easy way to end up dead.
    The first part of this stage takes place in the cargo section of a plane.
    The available area is extremely small and fully enclosed with walls, with
    some destructable boxes on each side.
    After about a minute, the cargo mesh breaks apart, and the boxes spill out,
    pushing players into the second part of the stage, which takes place upon the
    cargo door and two trucks suspended in midair by netting.  The entire area
    gradually slopes downward from left to right, and there is no ground or wall
    on the far right.  A little while later, a platform breaks off the plane and
    lands above the second truck.
    In the first part, there are some boxes you can break for a little AP.
    In the second part, you can fall off on the far right, which will cause you
    to reappear on the stage in a dazed state and lose AP.
    Eventually, a blimp shows up and begins attacking the plane, firing some
    missiles that blast players away and take away AP.
    The first part of this stage is insanely cramped, so characters with attacks
    that have big hitboxes will do very well here, and supers that can fill the
    screen can get an easy 3 kills.  Afterwards the stage becomes much larger and
    more open.  The extreme size of the stage can allow for big combos even in
    FFA if players get separated, so this stage is fairly friendly towards melee
    This is a fairly large stage with a ledge to the far right, and three medium
    sized platforms evenly spaced throughout the rest of the stage, rising in
    elevation from left to right.  The two leftmost platforms lean when a player
    stands on them.
    The wall on the far left can be hit.  If hit enough times, it breaks, and the
    last person who hit it is shocked and loses a lot of AP.
    After 90 seconds, the Negitivitron from LittleBigPlanet 2 shows up, and starts
    interfering with the players.  It has several attacks:
    The first attack is that it drops down and tries to crush the players.
    Anyone hit by it loses a lot of AP.
    It can also fire a tractor beam and suck up anyone in range.  It will spit them
    out a little later, causing them to lose AP.
    Finally, it can also fire a salvo of lasers.  Anyone hit by the lasers loses
    a little AP, though the lasers themselves cause no knockback.
    Unlike other stage hazards, the Negitivitron is a real threat.  Its attacks
    are fast, have huge range, and can be tough to avoid.  As such, victory on this
    stage is as much about dealing with the Negitivitron as anything else.  
    Characters who have good mobility will find it easier to avoid its attacks and
    find opportunities to attack and kill the other players.  Also, make sure to
    make the most of the time before the Negitivitron appears.
    The first part of this stage is a very small, enclosed arena, with walls on
    each side and a ceiling.  After about 90 seconds, Chop Chop Master Onion kicks
    down the walls, making the total area slightly larger.  The second area has
    no walls at all, so players who are hit towards the wall will simply keep
    flying without bouncing off.
    There are no hazards in the first part of the stage.  In the second part, a
    giant walker robot shows up in the background and fires missiles at the stage,
    causing a large target to appear on part of the stage.  Anyone who is hit by
    the missiles is blown far away and loses a lot of AP.
    This stage is very small, so camping is virtually impossible.  Characters
    that have big hitboxes and can fill a lot of the screen do very well in the
    first part of the stage, where such attacks can be very hard to avoid.
    Special state supers are also virtually unavoidable here.  In the second part
    of the stage, there are no walls, which means that rather than bouncing off
    the walls, players sent flying towards the wall will be effectively stuck in
    place for a while, making many Dojo-specific combos and combos into supers
    San Francisco:
    San Francisco is a fairly small stage with a ledge on both sides of the
    screen, and a platform above the ledge to the left.  After about 30 seconds,
    a ship plows into the left side of the screen, splitting the right ledge into
    two ledges of increasing height.  The ledge on the left side also disappears
    after about 60 seconds, leaving only the platform.
    After about 30 seconds, a ship plows into the right side of the screen,
    blasting away anyone standing there, though you do not lose AP from this.
    After about 120 seconds, Dr. Nefarious from Ratchet and Clank appears.
    Periodically, his spaceship fires some green bubbles that trap players who 
    touch them.
    This is another stage that isn't well-suited to camping because it's not
    very big or very flat.  You can kind of camp on the left ledge at the
    beginning, but it goes away fairly soon.  Melee characters generally do best
    here, though in FFA the small size of the stage can make things chaotic.
    Special state supers also do very well here, particularly during the last
    part of the stage when players can be trapped by Dr. Nefarious' bubbles.
    Time Station:
    Time Station is a moderately large stage with a ledge on both the left and
    the right, and four platforms in the middle, two on the lowest level, more
    towards the middle, and two on the middle level, closer to the edges.  After
    about 60 seconds, Spectre calls forth a plane that blows up the two ledges.
    Periodically, Spectre will call forth some creature into Time Station, which
    disrupts the gravity on the stage.  This can have some bizarre effects as even
    though it can lift players into the air, they are still considered standing
    and will continue to do whatever they were doing when the gravity was altered.
    After about 90 seconds, Spectre calls forth a giant spider creature from
    Resistance, that sprays poison all over the lower parts of the stage.  Touching
    the poison causes players to gradually drop AP.
    The abundance of platforms and frequent loss of gravity make it very tough for
    melee characters to do combos here.  It's not especially great for camping
    either, so mid-range characters and characters who can put out a lot of traps
    will tend to do best here.  Special state supers that lack the ability to fly
    are also generally bad on this level as the platforms make it easy to get away
    from them.
    The stage begins as a fairly long stage with water in the middle and a platform
    above it, but it changes constantly.  At various points, the left half raises 
    up, and a platform blocks access to the right side of the stage, which fills 
    with water.  A fish also appears in the lower right and you can stand on it.
    The right side of the stage can also rise up in a similar manner, though the
    platform that appears on the left does not entirely line up with the middle
    There are purple buds on the stage at the beginning, touching them turns them
    into flowers and releases a little AP.  Red buds also eventually appear and
    they work the same way.
    There's also water in the stage.  Although there are no enemies down there,
    staying in the water for more than about 3 seconds will cause you to reappear
    on the stage in a dazed state and lose AP.
    After about 120 seconds, Metal Gear Ray appears.  He has two attacks:  First,
    he can perform a slashing attack where he charges the screen and takes a swipe
    at someone, if this hits they're blasted away and they lose some AP.  Secondly,
    he can fire a missile salvo at the entire stage, question marks appear to
    indicate the areas that will be hit, they turn to exclamation marks just before
    the missiles land.  Getting hit by the missiles blasts players away and causes
    them to lose AP.
    Near the end, musical notes appear in the middle.  If you touch them, they
    become encased in bubbles and follow you around.  They eventually break and
    yield AP orbs.
    Since this stage changes shape constantly, characters with balanced abilities
    will do well here.  It's worth noting that the stage is rarely flat, so
    characters who require a lot, flat area for their offense will have problems.
    It's also worth noting that this stage has the largest abundance of free AP
    orbs of any stage, so mid and long range characters can try to fire on their
    opponents and gather AP at the same time.
    This is a fairly large stage with one platform on the left and two on the
    right, one above the other.  There is also a raised walkway in the middle,
    preventing the ground level from being totally flat.
    After about 90 seconds, one of the Dolls from Twisted Metal shows up.  
    Occasionally, she fires three missiles at the stage, one at the far left, one 
    at the middle, and one at the right, all on the ground level.  Being hit by 
    these blasts players far away and causes them to lose AP.  She can also fire
    her gun at the far left or right of the stage, hitting all of the platforms and
    leaving fire on them, that drains a bit of AP from anyone who touches it.
    This is one of the least chaotic maps in the game, the stage remains constant
    the entire time and the Doll is not a big threat.  The bigger issue is that
    little raised walkway in the middle, which can disrupt some camping strategies
    (while aiding others).  The two platforms on the right also frustrate most
    special state supers, giving players ample room to jump away from them.  This
    is a good stage for characters who can combo into their supers.
    Black Rock Stadium:
    This is a huge stage with four platforms, one attached to each wall and two
    near the middle.  There is also a raised walkway in the middle of the stage,
    and three retractable walls, one on the far left, one in the middle, and one
    on the far right.  These occasionally rise to become ledges, filling in the
    middle part of the stage and making it easier to reach the upper left and right
    After about 90 seconds, Baron Praxis and the forces of Haven City from Jak 2
    invade the stadium.  Most of the action appears in the background, but
    periodically some cannons do fire upon the stadium.  Anyone caught in their
    crosshairs loses a little AP.
    This stage is huge, and as such, camping can be very effective here.  In
    particular, those upper ledges are hard to reach and characters who can drop
    projectiles off of them can score many free hits.  The large size of the stage
    also often leads to combatants becoming separated, allowing for full combos
    even in a Free For All.  When the middle ledge rises, combatants can sometimes
    get clustered under it, try to take advantage of this to get multiple kills.
    Special state supers are generally not very effective here since there's so
    much room to run.
    There are two parts to this stage.  The first is a long flat platform with
    no walls at the sides, much like the second part of Dojo.  After about 60 
    seconds the ground cracks and the players fall through to the second part of 
    the level.  This area has walls on both sides, with two high platforms on the 
    left.  The ground is slightly uneven on the bottom level, sloping upwards to 
    the right, and there is an electrified wall on the right where machines from
    Wipeout sometimes zip by.
    There are no hazards in the first part of the stage.
    In the second part of the stage, there's an electrified wall on the right side,
    which will cause players to be shocked and lose AP if they are hit into it.
    Wipeout vehicles also periodically zip by along the right wall.  Anyone hit by
    them will be knocked back and lose AP, though they can only hit people who
    are right against the wall.
    The first part of the stage is very flat and good for combos, and due to the 
    lack of walls some special combos can work here that aren't normally possible.
    The second part of the stage gives camping characters some platforms on the
    left to work with, and the uneven ground in the middle can hinder some combos,
    though it's not nearly as restrictive as stages like Time Station.  Overall,
    this is a fairly balanced level that rewards versatile characters.  It seems
    to be quite well made for Emmett, as he can get IPS hitting combos fairly
    easily in the first part by abusing the lack of walls and his shotgun,
    and in the second part he has lots of places to throw grenades, but anyone
    else who can deal with platforms and uneven terrain can do well here.
    The Graveyard:
    The first part of this stage is long and flat, raising very slightly to the
    left.  There are walls on both ends of the stage.
    After about 80 seconds, the screen goes white and ink splashes across
    creating a platform on the right side.  After another 30 seconds, another
    platform will be created on the left.
    Coffins sometimes appear from the ground, yielding zombies.  The statue in the
    back may fire a laser at them, which causes them to explode into AP orbs.
    This stage is very similar to the Rivalry Arena, though the platforms that
    appear late in the stage give a slight avenue of escape.  In general, it's
    still a very combo-friendly stage where special state supers can rack up a
    lot of kills since there's really nowhere to run.  Keep an eye on the zombies,
    too, they can yield quite a large amount of AP if they get zapped.
    Rivalry Arena:
    A long, flat stage with walls at both ends.  You can now choose this stage
    for regular matches.
    When fighting your rival or when playing this stage in versus mode, there are
    no hazards on this stage.
    When fighting the final boss, he periodically morphs into the hazards from
    various stages.  The attacks are the same as on the other levels, but they can
    only hit you, not the opponents you fight here.
    The large, flat shape of this stage permits some degree of runaway and allows
    for big combos.  Make use of everything you learned in training mode to win
    against your rival.  Special state supers can also be effective as there's 
    really nowhere to run.
    When fighting the final boss, try to build most of your AP when the final boss
    is not directly attacking you.  Certain hazards, like the Hydra and 
    Negitivitron, can almost completely shut down your offense and merely force
    you to run away.  Special State supers are extremely effective here.
    In multiplayer matches, this stage can become very chaotic because it is so
    flat and thus there is nowhere to escape from special state supers.  You'll
    really want to get wild here and build as much AP as possible, because
    defensive strategies aren't going to work too well here.
    Miscellaneous Information:
    This section contains information that doesn't fit in any of the other
    Arcade Mode: 
    PSAS features a semi-detailed story mode, with a unique intro, rival battle, 
    and ending for each character.  The structure of Arcade Mode is the same for
    everyone, though, and the set-up for All-Star Mode is shown below, each line
    represents one battle to play through.
    2-player One on One   / Time Rule       / 3:00
    3-player Free For All / Time Rule       / 3:00
    4-player Free For All / Time Rule       / 3:00
    4-player Free For All / Time Rule       / 3:00    / one CPU is harder.
    4-player Free For All / Kill Limit Rule / 3 kills
    4-player Free For All / Kill Limit Rule / 3 kills / one CPU is harder
    2-player One On One   / Stock Rule      / 3 lives / battle against rival
    1-player Boss Battle  / Stock Rule      / 4 lives / battle against final boss
    One on ones and Time Rule matches are generally fairly straightforward, though
    they can still be difficult depending on the characters involved, but the Kill
    Limit matches deserve special mention as you must play them differently.  The
    key here is obviously to get 3 kills as fast as possible, but you must be very
    careful as a single level 1 from the computer can potentially end this match if
    all of you get caught.  It's generally best to try to get all 3 enemies with
    one super, so if this means building up for your level 2 or even 3, it can be 
    worth it to avoid getting stuffed and wasting your AP.
    The final boss battle is effectively a three round match, first a 1 on 1,
    then a 1 on 2, then finally a 1 on 3.  All of your opponents have only one
    life, and you have four total.  You also retain your AP between rounds.
    The boss himself will attack you after each round, just put yourself in the
    corner and air dodge when he comes down, then pummel him for a bit.
    The 1 on 3 is obviously the hardest part, don't waste any time there, just
    eliminate them all as fast as possible.  Try to retain a little extra AP from
    the earlier rounds if you can as the last round can be tough.
    Each character has a goal for finishing Arcade mode on all star without losing
    even once, so try not to continue if at all possible.
    Trials Mode: 
    The trials mode is another single player mode where you can attempt to win
    various missions that have special goals, like using every single one of your
    character's attacks or not using /\ attacks.  There are some trials that are
    specific to each character, and some that you can attempt with any character.
    A good tip is to remember that unless otherwise stated, you can use any of your
    other moves to help you complete the goal.  If your mission is to land your
    level 1 super, for example, you may be able to use your attacks to combo into
    it to make it easier.
    I may add some tips for particularly difficult trials here in the future,
    but as this mode does not directly unlock anything there's not a huge incentive
    to struggle through some of the most ridiculous ones.
    Item Listing: 
    PSAS features a variety of items that players can pick up and use to give
    themselves an edge in combat.  These items are divided into two groups,
    regular items and "epic" items, the latter of which are generally more
    powerful and are denoted by a pink aura when they're on the ground.
    Note that the aura for epic items appears a little while before the actual
    item, giving players a chance to fight for it before anyone can pick it up.
    You can change the item spawn rate and turn on and off specific items in the
    match options before a match begins.
    Regular items:
    Baumasu's Axe:
    A big axe with a red handle.
    You can rapidly press the attack button to spin around with the axe, inflicting
    many hits and building a ton of AP from nearby opponents.  You also have armour
    while spinning.
    This is probably the best way to gain AP in the entire game.  The axe can be
    used for many spins and the armour makes it one of the best crowd control moves
    available.  Always pick this up if it appears, then charge your opponents\
    without fear.
    Boots of Hermes:
    A pair of golden boots with wings on the top.
    Equipping Hermes' Boots speeds up your character drastically, causing them
    to run faster and jump higher and farther.  You also gain the ability to
    perform an air dash by pressing the block buttong plus a direction in midair,
    like your regular air dodge this is invincible, but it has no recovery
    whatsoever, you can immediately air dodge when it ends, and you can interrupt 
    the dash at any time with a jump or an attack.  You can only perform one 
    air dash for every jump, allowing you to do two before touching the ground.  
    Holding this item also doesn't prevent you from picking up another one.
    The standout feature here is definitely the air dash.  It's absurdly good at
    closing in on enemies because it's invincible for its entire duration and you
    can attack or dodge immediately afterwards.  This also allows you to approach
    your enemies in ways that they're not used to defending against.  You should
    always grab these if you can get your hands on them.
    Dohvat Laser Designator:
    A long, boxy sort of rifle.
    When you press an attack button, the Laser Designator creates a targetting
    reticule that you can aim manually.  Press the attack button again to designate
    that spot as the target, and missiles will rain down from the sky, blasting
    opponents away and ejecting AP from them.  You get 3 shots with this weapon
    before it goes away.
    This weapon can be useful for sniping, but the best use tends to be calling the
    missiles on yourself to protect from enemy attack, since the missiles can
    not hit you.  This also makes it easier to grab the AP orbs ejected from you
    opponents, too.
    Freeze Missile:
    A long blue missile.
    Anyone hit by the Freeze Missile is put into the freeze state for an extremely
    long time, many times longer than any other move that inflicts this state.
    While frozen they can still move and act, but all of their actions are slowed
    drastically.  You also gain 5 AP for hitting with it and it butt drops grounded
    Frozen enemies also fly away much slower than normal when hit, frequently
    allowing you to chase after them and hit them again for extended combos.
    Be aware though that their dodges and rolls also last much longer while frozen.
    Hedgehog Grenade:
    A spikey brown and yellow ball.
    One picked up, press an attack button to throw the grenade.  Once it lands,
    it will explode if someone is nearby, building 20 AP, causing a crumple state,
    and disabling the target's supers for a while.  If no one is in range, it will
    simply stay on the ground for a while, and will activate whenever someone comes
    This is a pretty handy weapon since you can just fire and forget.  Even if you
    miss, it becomes a trap that can restrict the opponent from going to part of
    the stage.
    Killer Bees:
    A little blue and white drone with fins on the bottom.
    After picking up the Bees, two little drones will fly around your head.  They
    fire a little laser at the closest opponent every time you press an attack 
    button, even if you're in the middle of an attack.  The laser only builds 5 AP,
    but does have a little knockback, so it can disrupt enemy attacks.  Holding 
    this item also doesn't prevent you from picking up another one.
    The lasers are weak, but a barrage of them can be difficult to get through.
    They do have the potential to disrupt your combos, though, so they're
    definitely better for camping purposes.
    Leech Beam:
    A little green sparkle of energy.
    Once picked up, the leech beam will start draining AP from any opponents in
    range.  It takes 5 AP at a time and drains it very fast.  Holding this item
    also doesn't prevent you from picking up another one.
    This thing can drain a ludicrous amount of AP (100+) through continued
    exposure, making it one of the most potent weapons in the entire game.  You
    don't even have to do much to make full use of it, it can continue to drain
    AP while you perform combos or evade enemy attacks.  If someone has this
    weapon, try to get as far away as possible, as escape is the only defense.
    LR-3 Railgun:
    A long rifle with an energy field at the tip.
    When you press the button, a laser sight appears, which you can aim up and
    down.  When you press the button again, a laser fires, which crumples any
    opponent it hits and prevents them from using supers for a while.
    Though the ability to disable supers is helpful, this is best used to earn
    a free combo or a free super hit.
    Murder of Crows:
    A black and gold idol with a crow's head.
    After picking this up, crows surround you, which you can fire straight ahead
    by pressing an attack button.  The crows build 40 AP when they hit someone,
    and scramble their controls for a while.
    This is a fantastic item that both builds a lot of AP and leaves opponents
    nearly helpless afterwards.  Try to use the confusion to land free combos and
    Nanotech Crate:
    A grey crate with blue energy in the middle.
    Unlike other items, you don't pick this up.  When broken by an attack, it
    releases about 100 AP worth of orbs.
    Obviously, you want to be the one to break the crate and get the orbs if at all
    possible.  Since the crate typically draws player's attention, you can also
    take advantage of people going for it with long ranged projectiles.
    Razor Claws:
    A pair of yellow-bladed claws.
    Equipping the Razor Claws gives you two new attacks.  On the ground, you can
    do a three hit string, each of which ejects a fair bit of AP, and the last
    hit is a knockdown.  In the air, you can perform a very fast downwards-angled
    dive that also ejects AP when it hits and inflicts crumple.
    As weapons that eject AP go, these are probably the best due to the combination
    of their range and speed.
    RPG -7:
    A long-barrelled rocket launcher.
    Pressing the attack button will fire a rocket either straight ahead, up, or
    down, depending on how the user aims it.  The rocket travels extremely fast
    and causes a large exlosion that blasts away anyone hit by it and causes them
    to lose AP.  This weapon gets 3 shots.
    The fast firing speed and amount of AP lost makes this a great weapon to use.
    It doesn't take you out of the action long to fire all three shots and the
    amount of AP it can take away makes it well worth it.
    A boxy brown robot with hearts for eyes.
    The Sackbot will chase down rivals and latch onto them, ejecting a little AP
    and preventing them from running.  It will fall off after a few seconds, but
    it will continue to attempt to latch onto rivals and steal their AP until it
    This thing is annoying and you can just fire it and forget about it, so it's
    always better to make sure you're the one using it instead of your rivals.
    Spear of Destiny:
    A double-bladed purple spear.
    The Spear of Destiny allows for two new attacks, a wide swing on the ground,
    and a quick downwards-angled poke in the air.  Both attacks have the same
    effect, an opponent hit by them will fly backwards a little bit, then explode
    with a purple blast and lose AP orbs.  The blast can also hit nearby players,
    and they will lose AP orbs as well.
    The jumping attack is by far the preferred one, as it comes out much faster.
    You do get a lot of swings of the spear, but the amount of AP removed from each
    hit is actually fairly small, so if no one has enough AP this weapon is often
    best avoided.
    Sonic Rift:
    A spikey blue and black ball.
    When thrown, the Sonic Rift bounces along the ground, creating large shockwaves
    that put opponents into the shock status and gain 5 AP.
    The shockwaves can be very hard to avoid, so use the resulting shock effect
    to land free combos and supers.
    A large grey fish.
    The Sturgeon can be swung like a baseball bat.  It has short range, but while
    charging the swing you have armour, and you can also hold the button to delay
    the attack.  If it hits, you gain 50 AP and send your target flying with
    extreme knockback.  If they hit anyone else, both parties drop AP orbs.
    The armour properties of the Sturgeon let you jump into crowds while charging
    and gain a ton of AP, just watch out for supers.
    Epic Items:
    Fusion Bomb:
    A round, green sphere with a transparent top.
    When thrown, the fusion bomb explodes into a dozen smaller particles that fly
    off in all directions.  The bomb itself, plus each little particle, eject AP
    and blast opponents away.
    Throwing the Fusion Bomb creates instant chaos as the little particles wreak
    havoc with other player's AP.  You should have no trouble picking up the orbs
    as the players scramble to avoid being hit repeatedly, and you could also
    consider using supers with big hit areas during the confusion.
    Gravity Shield:
    A sphere made up of orange dots.
    While the Gravity Shield is in effect, you are completely invincible, even to
    supers.  Holding this item also doesn't prevent you from picking up another
    There's absolutely no downside to this weapon, and invincibility lets you rush
    into any situation with no fear, so you should always grab this as soon as you
    see it.
    Great Mighty Scythe:
    A black scythe with a red blade.
    The scythe gives you two new attacks.  When used on the ground, it results in
    a short range sweep that gains 50 AP and causes status effects, such as freeze
    and rage.  In the air, it creates a massive tornado that generates 30 AP if it
    hits someone.
    The air attack is the one you want.  The sheer range and size of the tornado
    is completely insane, it can fill up entire stages.  The status effects from
    the grounded version are nice (and the freeze can easily buy a free super),
    but the tornado is just too good to pass up.
    Medusa's Gaze
    A green head with snakes flowing out of it.
    When used, Medusa's Head fires out a sweeping green ray.  Anyone touched by it
    is turned to stone.  If attacked while in the stone state, they are defeated
    instantly, yielding a kill.
    As the only item that can actually get kills, this weapon is immensely
    powerful.  The beam also has a lot of range and can be very hard to avoid.
    Just be careful when using this in an FFA that no one else gets the kills
    instead of you.
    Contact and Credits:
    Contacting Me:
    You can reach me via email at terotrous (at) yahoo (dot) com.
    Include Playstation All Stars or "PSAS" in the topic title so I know it isn't 
    spam.  If you find out anything I add to the guide I'll add you to a list
    of contributors.
    I don't check my email that much, so be aware it might take me a long time to
    get back to you.  Probably the best way to reach me is to PM me on Gamefaqs,
    as I'm there all the time even if I forget to check a specific board.
    What to contact me about:
    If you find any really awesome combos, or have some notable corrections or
    other special tricks you'd like to point out, they'd be appreciated.
    Special Thanks:
    Sony and Superbot - For making this game happen, and sticking to their guns
                        even after we all thought it was a stupid idea.
    Gamefaqs - For hosting this guide.
    Ascgen - http://ascgendotnet.jmsoftware.co.uk/
             This program helped me create that ascii logo I used here
             (though it also took a LOT of picture editing)
    Wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page
                Provided some of the background information for the Bio
    And also to various people on the Gamefaqs message boards and Youtube,
    from whom I borrowed some tricks.  A short list:
    Blaze19_0X                 Cyberman65                 DarkErazor
    FaustianLogix              Kashi11                    kratosandzelos
    Leebee Link                IcyFlamez                  JammerzW
    Matt Rose                  Mienaikage                 mimmat
    Nightstryk3r619            Persona                    RLaur
    Shinryu                    SpacePirateKhan            Spootz
    ThereIsN0Password          VnGSlayeZ                  xxterradarkxxx
    That's it for now.  If you submit information, your name could be here!
    Closing Information:
    Thanks for reading this guide.  I hope you found it helpful.  Tero out.
    Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale Guide copyright Adam King, 2010.  Do not 
    reproduce or redistribute.
    Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale the game, and all related copyrights and
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