• Trophies

    There are 1 Platinum, 2 Gold, 5 Silver, and 48 Bronze Trophies for a total of 56.

    A Challenge from the Ivory TowerFulfilled all pacts in Age of Ruin.Bronze
    A Deadly EncounterFulfilled all pacts in Age of Bewilderment.Bronze
    A History of AdventureFulfilled all pacts in all Ages.Gold
    A Mighty Foe AwaitsFulfilled all pacts in Age of Reformation.Bronze
    A Sorcerer's Full PotentialCarried out a Rite of Transmutation.Bronze
    A Sorcerous MaelstromRecorded a total of 2,000 Slayer Points.Bronze
    A World TransformedFulfilled all pacts for The Trail of a Life.Bronze
    All Dressed UpAcquired 5 different accessories.Bronze
    An Encounter of SorcerersRecorded your first Slayer Points.Bronze
    Arcane KnowledgeAcquired many items from one Offering type in Ars Magica.Bronze
    Avalon's PrideEarned Avalon title "Mage 1st Class."Bronze
    Beyond Our KenFulfilled all pacts in Age of Oblivion.Bronze
    Breaking New GroundFulfilled all pacts in Age of Undeath.Bronze
    Challenging the UnknownFulfilled all pacts in Age of Rebirth.Bronze
    Chronicles of YoreAcquired all trophies.Platinum
    Days of WarFulfilled all pacts in Age of Thirst.Bronze
    Defying the Gods ThemselvesEarned Grim title "High Awakened."Silver
    Destiny Gallops ApaceFulfilled all pacts in Age of Escape.Bronze
    Driving Towards the TruthFulfilled all pacts for An Interlude in Time.Bronze
    Faith in the DivineEarned Sanctuarium title "High Cardinal."Silver
    Fighting the Eternal RecursionFulfilled all Grim sorcerer pacts.Bronze
    Fulfilled all pacts in all Ages.Defeated the God-Dragon and saw ending.Gold
    Getting the KnackAcquired 5 revised Offerings.Bronze
    Going Beyond SacrificeInvoked sacrifice magic with sorcerers of all alignments.Bronze
    Grim's PrideEarned Grim title "High Atheist."Bronze
    Joining the Upper EchelonsDefeated an Archfiend of difficulty level 10.Bronze
    Making a KillingDefeated your first Orichalcum.Bronze
    Mounting StrengthFulfilled all pacts in Age of Authority.Bronze
    Newfound ReflectionsFulfilled all pacts for The End Begins.Bronze
    PandemoniumFulfilled all pacts in Age of Transgression.Bronze
    Path of the SageAcquired many items from 10 Offering types in Ars Magica.Bronze
    Phantasmagoric BeautyAcquired 50 different accessories.Bronze
    Pursuing Timeless MemoriesFully completed your first Blank Page, earning rewards.Bronze
    Sacrificing for a LivingFulfilled all Avalon sorcerer pacts.Bronze
    Sanctuarium's PrideEarned Sanctuarium title "High Cleric."Bronze
    Sorcerer EmeritusSorcerer EmeritusSilver
    Star-CrossedFulfilled all pacts in Age of Temperance.Bronze
    StreetwiseUsed up 10 Rumor Notes.Bronze
    Strides of the ConquerorFulfilled all pacts in Age of Intrigue.Bronze
    The Bonds of BattleDefeated an Archfiend in co-op for the first time.Bronze
    The Endless Chain of DesireFulfilled all pacts in Age of Deceit.Bronze
    The Fledgling Takes to the SkiesDefeated an Archfiend of difficulty level 5.Bronze
    The Ideal SorcererEarned Avalon title "Archmage 1st Class."Silver
    The Lessons of Shared OrdealsDefeated 20 Archfiends in co-op.Bronze
    The NeophyteDefeated an Archfiend of difficulty level 3.Bronze
    The Peerless SorcererDefeated an Archfiend of difficulty level 15.Bronze
    The Right Arm's New PowersTriggered resonance using your faction's seal during quest.Bronze
    The Sorcerers' RivalryRecorded a total of 200 Slayer Points.Bronze
    The Spirit of CompassionFulfilled all Sanctuarium sorcerer pacts.Bronze
    The Wheel of FateRead all Magusar chapters, fought Magusar, and saw ending.Bronze
    Tracing the MemoriesFulfilled all pacts in Age of Dawn.Bronze
    TranscendentFulfilled all pacts in Age of Infinity.Silver
    Welcome to AvalonUnlocked the ability to align with Avalon.Bronze
    Welcome to GrimUnlocked the ability to align with Grim.Bronze
    Welcome to SanctuariumUnlocked the ability to align with Sanctuarium.Bronze
    Worming Your Way Out of TroubleDemonstrated sorcerous might by crushing prison worms.Bronze

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

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