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    Magic/Prayer Guide by Fraghappy

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 10/23/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    --==Runescape Magic/Prayer Guide v1.5==--
    Created by: morpheusjedi77
    RS Username: mastertribal
    E-mail: HimuraKenshin779@aol.com
    Created: 8.17.02
    Updated Last: 8.27.02
    Here is a complete guide to the Magic and Prayer of Runescape. To use Magic or
    Prayer, hover your mouse over the book at the top toolbar on the game screen.
    I. FAQ
    II. Updates
    III. Magic
    IV. Prayer
    V. Credits and Such
    I. FAQ
    1. What is the best way to get runes?
    Several Monsters drop rare runes quite a bit. I find Ice Warriors the easiest
    to get them from, though most high-level monsters drop quite a bit of rare
    2. How do I level up prayer?
    Bury bones, are do some of the various quests that give you xp (Holy Grail, Restless Ghost.)
    3. At higher levels, it seems to take *forever* to level up prayer? How can I
    It is unfortunate, but no. Jagex said they will add more prayers and ways of
    leveling them up soon, as once you get past around level 40, it takes thousands
    of bones to level up.
    4. Where is there a rune shop?
    No rare runes are sold only in the shops, but there are several common rune
    shops, including  one in Port Sarim and one in the Alleways in East Varrock.
    5. What are the common runes?
    Common runes are Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Mind, and Body. They are only worth
    around 3 gp each, and are found very commonly in large numbers and can be
    bought in the shops.
    6. What are the rarer runes?
    Rare runes are Nature, Chaos, Death, Blood, Law, and Cosmic. These runes are
    only dropped by monsters in smaller amounts, and range in price according to
    demand and rarity from 50 gp (chaos) to 1,000 gp (blood when they are in high
    7. What is a prayer's drain rate?
    A prayer's drain rate is a number indicating on how fast a prayer drains. The
    lower the number, the slower it drains.
    8. How can I make my prayers last longer?
    Blessed Holy Symbols, and Monk, Druid, and Chaos robes all raise your "prayer
    indicator" which makes your prayers last longer.
    9. Where is the prayer guild?
    The prayer guild is up the ladder inside the east building at the monastery
    near ice mountain. It requires lvl 31 prayer to get in, and inside you can get
    monks robes and get holy symbols blessed.
    10. Where do I get druid and chaos robes?
    Druid robes are dropped occasionally Druids, of course. Chaos robes are harder
    to get. There are several Necromancer respawn points in the area around
    Ardougne. There is a slight chance that they will drop them.
    11. What do elemental staves do?
    Each elemental staff gives you an unlimited supply of that rune as long as you
    have the staff equipped. (Comes in Fire, Earth, Water, and Air ONLY.)
    12. What is different about an elemental battlestaff?
    An elemental battlestaff is basically an elemental staff with decent attack
    power (about that of a rune long.)
    13. I am above level 51 magic, but how do I use Teleport Ardougne?
    You must have completed the "Plague City" quest and have used the magic scroll
    you get as a reward.
    II. Updates
    10.23.02 - Runescape was again updated with new runes and the brand new dragon
    so I added the information about them.
    8.27.02 - Runescape was updated today with a new quest, and a new spell used to
    teleport to Ardougne. I added the spell to the list below, and added a new
    question in the FAQ related to the new spell (#13).
    8.19.02 - The magic table was too wide and wasn't being displayed properly to
    some people, so the table has been fixed.
    III. Magic
    Rune Key
    F - Fire
    A - Air
    W - Water
    E - Earth
    B - Body
    M - Mind
    N - Nature
    Ch - Chaos
    D - Death
    Bl - Blood
    L - Law
    C - Cosmic
    S - Soul
    Or - Uncharged Orb (made with crafting)
    |Lvl|Spell Name           |Runes       |Description of Effect                 |
    |1  |Wind Strike          |1A, 1M      |Strength 1 missile attack             |
    |3  |Confuse              |3W, 2E, 1B  |Reduces opponents attack by 5%        |
    |5  |Water Strike         |1W, 1A, 1M  |Strength 2 missile attack             |
    |7  |Enchant lvl- 1 amulet|1W, 1C      |For use on Sapphire amulets           |
    |9  |Earth Strike         |2E, 1A, 1M  |Strength 3 missile attack             |
    |11 |Weaken               |3W, 2E, 1B  |Reduces opponents strength by 5%      |
    |13 |Fire Strike          |3F, 2A, 1M  |Strength 4 missile attack             |
    |15 |Bones to Bananas     |2E, 2W, 1N  |Changes all held bones into bananas   |
    |17 |Wind Bolt            |2A, 1Ch     |Strength 5 missile attack             |
    |19 |Curse                |2W, 3E, 1B  |Reduces opponents defense by 5%       |
    |21 |Low Level Alchemy    |3F, 1N      |Coverts an item into gold             |
    |23 |Water Bolt           |2W, 2A, 1Ch |Strength 6 missile attack             |
    |25 |Varrock Teleport     |1F, 3A, 1L  |Teleports you to Varrock              |
    |27 |Enchant lvl- 2 amulet|3A, 1C      |For use on Emerald amulets            |
    |29 |Earth Bolt           |3E, 2A, 1Ch |Strength 7 missile attack             |
    |31 |Lumbridge Teleport   |1E, 3A, 1L  |Teleports you to Lumbridge            |
    |33 |Telekenetic Grab     |1A, 1L      |Gets item you can see but can't reach |
    |35 |Fire Bolt            |4F, 3A, 1Ch |Strength 8 missile attack             |
    |37 |Falador Teleport     |1W, 1A, 1L  |Teleports you to Falador              |
    |39 |Crumble Undead       |2E, 2A, 1Ch |Hits Skeletons, Ghosts, & Zombies hard|
    |41 |Wind Blast           |3A, 1D      |Strength 9 missile attack             |
    |43 |Superheat Item       |4F, 1N      |Smelt 1 ore without a furnace         |
    |45 |Camelot Teleport     |5A, 1L      |Teleports you to Camelot              |
    |47 |Water Blast          |3W, 3A, 1D  |Strength 10 missile attack            |
    |49 |Enchant lvl- 3 amulet|5F, 1C      |For use on Ruby amulets               |
    |51 |Teleport Ardougne    |2L, 2W      |Teleports you to Ardougne             |
    |53 |Earth Blast          |4E, 3A, 1D  |Strength 11 missile attack            |
    |55 |High Level Alchemy   |5F, 1N      |Converts and item into more gold      |
    |56 |Charge Water Orb     |30W, 3C, 1Or|Needs to be cast on a Water Obelisk   |
    |57 |Enchant lvl- 4 amulet|10E, 1C     |For use on Diamond amulets            |
    |59 |Fire Blast           |5F, 4A, 1D  |Strength 12 missile attack            |
    |60 |Charge Earth Orb     |30E, 3C, 1Or|Needs to be cast on a Earth Obelisk   |
    |62 |Wind Wave            |5A, 1Bl     |Strength 13 missile attack            |
    |63 |Charge Fire Orb      |30F, 3C, 1Or|Needs to be cast on a Fire Obelisk    |
    |65 |Water Wave           |7W, 5A, 1Bl |Strength 14 missile attack            |
    |66 |Charge Air Orb       |30A, 3C, 1Or|Needs to be cast on an Air Obelisk    |
    |66 |Vunerability         |5E, 5W, 1S  |Reduces your opponents defense. by 10%|
    |68 |Enchant lvl- 5 amulet|15W, 15E, 1C|For use on Dragonstone amulets        |
    |70 |Earth Wave           |7E, 5A, 1Bl |Strength 15 missile attack            |
    |73 |Enfeeble             |8E, 8W, 1S  |Reduces your opponent's str. by 10%   |
    |75 |Fire Wave            |7F, 5A, 1Bl |Strength 16 missile attack            |
    |80 |Stun                 |12E, 12W, 1S|Reduces your opponent's attack by 10% |
    IV. Prayer
    Regular Bones - 3.75
    Giant Bones - 12.5
    Dragon Bones - 60
    |Lvl |Prayer Name          |Drain |Effect                                  |
    |1  |Thick Skin            |15    |Increases your defense by 5%            |
    |4  |Burst of Strength     |15    |Increases your strength by 5%           |
    |7  |Clarity of Thought    |15    |Increases your attack by 5%             |
    |10 |Rock Skin             |30    |Increases your defense by 10%           |
    |13 |Superhuman Strength   |30    |Increases your strength by 10%          |
    |16 |Improved Reflexes     |30    |Increases your attack by 10%            |
    |19 |Rapid Restore         |5     |2x restore rate for all stats but hits  |
    |22 |Rapid Heal            |10    |2x resotre rate for hits                |
    |25 |Protect Items         |10    |Keep 1 extra item if you die            |
    |28 |Steel Skin            |60    |Increases your defense by 15%           |
    |31 |Ultimate Strength     |60    |Increases your strength by 15%          |
    |34 |Incredible Reflexes   |60    |Increases your attack by 15%            |
    |37 |Paralyze Monster      |60    |Stops your opponent from fighting back  |
    |40 |Protect from Missiles |60    |100% protection from ranged attack      |
    V. Credits and Such
    I would like to thank Andrew and the guys at Jagex for making such a good game
    and GameFAQS, the best game help site on the net...
    This guide is (c) 2002 Thorne M.
    Please do not use this guide, in either part or whole for any website without
    contacting me first. The only site with permanent permission to use this guide
    is www.gamefaqs.com
    If you see any mistakes, or have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me
    at HimuraKenshin779@aol.com

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