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    RS2 Changes Guide by Atheistic One

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    "Runescape 2" Changes List... thingy
    -Not copyrighted
    -Do whatever you want
    -Please don't claim it for your own, though
    I explictly allow and encourage any and all use, change, etc of this guide-
    please try to make it for the better, through. 
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    Uh oh... bah. I am not profiting from this, so please don't sue...
    This is a guide to list all of the major changes in the change from "RSC
    (Runescape Classic[used to be called RS1, and before the update,
    Runescape])"to "RS(Runescape[used to be RS2, or Runescape 2, and
    before Jagex decided to make it bigger, Runescape 3d or RS3D])".
    If these letters don't line up, use a different font for your browser.
    RS2=Runescape 2, which is the biggest update on Runescape to date- it's 
    supposed to be a new game of sorts, in many ways. Now the name has been
    thrown away and replaced with Runescape.
    RS=Runescape- Before the big new update(RS2) was implimented, it was
    what RSC is now. Now it is what was RS2.
    RSC= Runescape Classic- what was Runescape before the big new update.
    It was also called RS1 when the current RS was being tested.
    RS3D= What was RS2 before Jagex decided that 3D required a new game
    engine, and decided to take advantage of it- it was announced in
    the summer of 2002.
    The actual list requires some knowledge of the intricacies of
    Runescape- I will assume that you've played the game for some time
    in RS1, and want to know some stuff about the new things in RS2.
    I will group these into skills, interface and gameplay for your
    viewing pleasure.
    -Fighting in general
    -Runecrafting(completely new- I'll list everything)
    -The Whole Right Part
    -Random Events
    -Running and Energy
    -Weapons 'n Armor
    -Other stuff
    This will be the meat of the little list.
    A big new thing in fishing is the fact that you can now just click
    on the fishing spot and it'll fish for you... for a couple fish.
    Sometimes(often), your character just stops fishing. This may be
    because the planets are aligned or the fishing spot moved. Yep-
    they move now.
    Because of all the new animations, there is now actual movement
    of the character while fishing- when you try to fish some
    salmon, for example, the character casts a line to the river
    instead of a thought bubble popping up thinking of a fishing
    rod. Cool, eh?
    Like fishing, you actually cook the <insert food> now- no
    thought bubble.
    The "Use" option now auto-prefers people, so you may find
    cooking lobbies in the Karamja Dock hard when people are
    crowding over it.
    Now, instead of a better metal hitting the rock more, you now
    hit the rock infinitely, until someone gets the ore. A better
    metal of pick now means a better ability to get the ore
    and a better weapon- mostly the former.
    The color of some rocks have changed- coal is dark green,
    adamant(it changed) is bright green, mithril is really bright
    bkue, rune is still teal, iron is bright brown, and tin
    is now a silvery color.
    Instead of those tedious little blue clickie thingies,
    you can just choose from a big screen with big icons,
    if you like that kind of stuff.
    Again, you can choose them icons!
    Now, there is a few new choices of leather now- they're all
    member's only, though, except the hard leather(choose hard
    leather when you're tanning the hides)body. There is now new
    ranger's armor, too- chaps(like legs), vambraces(forearms) and
    coifs(hoods). You can craft all the leather versions of these
    in free-play except the coifs, which are bought at the
    Champion's Guild.
    There are four kinds of dragonleather(said new choices of
    leather- as well as Studded: green, blue, red and black.
    They are from the respective kinds of monsters(green
    dragons are below the lava maze, to provide the hides).
    All dragonhides require 40 defence and(to note,
    studded requires 20 defence and ranged):
    Green: 40 range
    Blue: 50 range
    Red: 60 range
    Black: 70 range
    to wear.
    Here are the levels to craft:
    Coif: lvl 38/37 exp(members only)
    Chaps: lvl 18, 27 exp
    Vanbraces: lvl 11, 22 exp
    Cows: lvl 9, 18.5 exp
    Hard Leather Body: lvl 28, 35 exp
    All below are member's only- green dragonhide
    can be wielded in Free-play.
    Studs(smithed out of steel): lvl 30, 37 exp
    Studded Armor: lvl 40, 41 exp for adding studs to
    normal leather armor
    Studded Chaps: Lvl 42, 43 exp for adding studs to
    normal leather chaps
    Green Dragonhide Vambraces: lvl 57, 62 exp
    " " Chaps: lvl 60, 64 exp
    " " Armor: lvl 63, 66 exp
    Blue " Vambraces: lvl 66, 70 exp
    " " Chaps: lvl 68, 140 exp
    " " Armor: lvl 71, 210 exp
    Red " Vambraces: lvl 73, 280 exp
    Red " Chaps: lvl 75, 350 exp
    Red " Armor: lvl 77, 420 exp
    Black " Vambraces: Lvl 80, 490 exp
    Black " Chaps: Lvl 82, 560 exp
    Black " Armor: Lvl 84, 630 exp
    Zip. Zero- except you get icons! Yay!
    To note, you can now get oak bows and iron with steel
    arrows in free-play. Free-players cannot fletch, though.
    Now, you may cut oak, willow and yew trees in Free-play.
    They are only used for firemaking.
    Also, you will try to cut the tree infinitely, like in Mining
    and Fishing, until, of course, the tree gets chopped up
    completely(for free-players- the member's trees could give
    more than one log).
    Now you may burn any kind of log! The experience from the
    fires made from more advanced logs is, of course, higher.
    Any level of firemaking can burn any logs- that means lvl
    1 firemakers can burn magic logs, but they'd take quite a
    bit of time to do it.
    Oak: 60 exp
    Willow: 90 exp
    Maple: 135 exp
    Yew: 202.5 exp
    Magic: 303.75 exp
    Fighting in General
    In RS2, there is a lot more exp. for each monster, unless
    said monster doesn't have much HP. For every hit you hit
    on a monster, you gain 4 (insert your particular attacking
    style's skill here) exp and 1.333~ HP exp- that means, if
    you hit a 1 on a monk, for example with an aggresive
    attacking style, you gain 4 strength exp and 1.333~ HP exp.
    This means, unlike RS1's formulae(monster's level * 2
    + 20=Exp for monster), RS2's formulae(monster's HP *
    5.333~=Exp for killing monster completely) is different!
    Also, there is a new "PKing Triangle" set. It's a
    paper-rock-scissors-style thingy- Fighting beats Ranged
    which beats Magic which beats Fighting- it's a circle,
    so nobody will be completely dominant.
    Each skill has some modifiers so that the triangle is
    possible(Fighting armor has incredible ranged defence
    and really bad magic defence, Ranged armor has low
    fighting defence and fairly high magic defence, magic
    does incredible damage to fighters due to bad magic
    defence). This is meant to try and make everyone impure-
    as Jagex did not mean for pures to rule the Wilderness.
    Okey-doky? No? I don't really care.
    Free-players can now wield up to oak bows and steel
    arrows, for purposes of the "PKing Triangle". They
    can also wear green dragonhide! Members can now
    wield dragonhides, also.
    In order to get Green Dragonhides, you must buy them
    from the Champion's Guild(the body from Oziach[members
    can craft them]).
    Magic experience has been halved, due to
    Runecrafting. Magic is now weak to Ranged and
    strong to Fighting, because of the "PKing Triangle".
    There are some new "Bind" spells to block movement-
    levels 25, 53 and 79, 5, 10 and 15 seconds. They all
    cost earth, water and nature runes, although the
    quantity varies.
    There is a new potion for RS2 only: The Anti-Dragonbreath
    potion. You know when you block the dragonbreath with
    the Anti-Dragonbreath shield(now the Dragonfire shield)?
    There's some damage left. You can drink the potion to
    block the damage from that stuff that wasn't blocked,
    so if you have the Anti-Dragonbreath Shield and potion,
    with protect from melee, you can avoid damage from all
    dragons except the KBD.
    Of course, it's herblaw, so it's member's only. It
    requires a new herb("Lantadyme") that requires lvl 67
    herblaw to ID, and a whole blue dragon scale in a vial
    of water.
    Now, instead of attacking you, pickpocketed people(who
    noticed you) hit a fixed number on you- no more having
    a defence ch00b with thieving. Sorry....
    Now, you may see your character, say, go through a
    set of monkey bars. Pretty much it- except Agility's
    involvement in Energy.
    Bones now give 4.5 exp, and big ones are some 15 exp.
    Also, baby dragon bones(from baby blue dragons) are
    24 exp, and dragon bones are 72 exp, as well as bat
    bones, which are 5.2 exp.
    A new, free skill! Yay! Anyways, you must do a quest
    to start this thing- you must talk to the Duke of
    Lumbridge to start it. Take the talisman he will give
    you to a new NPC called Sedridor, the head of the
    Wizard's Tower(in the basement). He will hand you a
    gift box containing research notes to take to Aubury.
    Take them to him, and he'll give you some loose research
    notes in code to take to Sedridor. Sedridor will give you
    a speech about Rune Essences and Talismans, then give you
    the talisman back- to use in Runecrafting.
    To runecraft, you must first obtain Rune Essences
    to enchant- talk to Aubury, Sedridor or the Head of
    the Wizard's Guild or Wizard Cromperty or (gnome). You
    must ask them to teleport you to the rune essence-
    they will teleport you to a white, dreary place with
    mining tools all around. Mine a few essences from
    one of the four huge rocks(they don't rune out- ever),
    then teleport out by a portal.
    You'll want to get a few hundred to advance your
    first two dozen levels or so.
    Once you manage to get some rune essences, use your
    air talisman(while holding the essences) to locate
    the mysterious ruins that it corresponds to. Once you
    get there, use the talisman on the ruins to teleport
    to a restored version of the altar. Use an essence
    on that altar to craft your essences to runes and
    get your exp.
    You'll need to use other talismans corresponding to
    the runes you want to make for other runes, of course.
    You can make more runes per essence when you get to
    a level higher than the rune requires: so if you
    want to make 2 air runes from 1 rune essence, you
    should get 11 runecrafting- it goes on and varies
    for each type of rune.
    The exp for each rune is so low because you can make
    many with a single click- also, the exp does not
    change when you can make more runes per essence- it's
    per essence, you see.
    Air Runes: 5 exp, lvl 1 for 1 rune, lvl 11 for 2, 
    lvl 22 for 3, etc.
    Mind Runes: 5.5 exp, lvl 2 for 1 rune, lvl 14 for 2 runes,
    lvl 28 for 3 runes, lvl 42 for 4 runes, lvl 56 for 5
    rune, and so on (multiples of 14)
    Water Runes: 6 exp, lvl 5 for 1 rune, lvl 19 for 2,
    lvl 38 for 3, etc(multiples of 19)
    Earth Runes: 6.5 exp, lvl 9 for 1 rune, lvl 26
    for 2, lvl 52 for 3, lvl 78 for 4(that's it)
    Fire Runes: 7 exp, lvl 14 for 1 rune, lvl 35
    for 2, lvl 70 for 3.
    Body Runes(the last Free-Play rune): 7.5 exp,
    lvl 20 for 1 rune, lvl 46 for 2, lvl 92 for 3
    Cosmic Runes: 8 exp, lvl 27 for 1 rune, lvl 59
    for 2(that's it, even through it can go further)
    Chaos Runes(even though you can get Chaos Talismans
    from Moss and Ice giants as well as Lesser Demons,
    and the Chaos Ruins is smack dab in the middle of
    the Free Wilderness, you can't craft them in Free-
    Play): 8.5 exp, lvl 35 for one rune, lvl 72 for two
    Nature Runes: 9 exp, lvl 44 for one rune, lvl 91
    for two
    You must kill things to gain talismans- here's a
    list of who drops 'em.
    Air Talismans: You get em during the quest and
    from those lvl 2 goblins, as well as caskets.
    Mind Talismans: Imps, Blue Wizards, caskets
    Water Talismans: Blue Wizards, Dark Wizards and
    Earth Talismans: Warriors(male ones), Men,
    Women, Farmers, Guards, caskets
    Fire Talismans: Dark Wizards, Guards, Skeletons,
    Body Talismans: Giants, Guards, caskets
    Cosmic Talismans: Lesser Demons, Greater Demons,
    Fire Giants, Ice Giants, Moss Giants, caskets
    Chaos Talismans: All of the above with lvl 20
    dwarves under White Wolf Mountain
    Nature Talismans: Black Knights plus the above
    Here's a list of the rune altar locations:
    Air: Southwest of Falador, somewhat near the
    upside-down T in the road
    Mind: Directly west of the Black Knight
    Water: Directly west of the Swamp Mining Spot.
    Earth: Not exactly directly west of the priest's
    altar in Varrok(the one that helps you with Romeo
    and Juliet)- a bit more north. Closest to a bank.
    Fire: Directly north of the Al Kharid General Store
    Body: Directly west of the Barbarian Villiage
    Cosmic: Head southeast from the bank in Lost
    City, hugging the wall. You will find a long,
    narrow path to the Cosmic Temple.
    Chaos: Directly north of the Monastery.
    Nature: Directly north of the fishing spots
    in Shilo Villiage.
    Here you'll get to look at shiny new buttons for RS2.
    Of course, the biggest change is that it's 3D. Pretty
    much it, actually. There are some more observable
    useless things(like boulders and the gallows in Draynor
    Forest), but that's pretty much it.
    Clicking has a new priority. The things with most
    worth are the most prime targets for items, and
    players have the greatest priority.
    The Right Part
    Yep. The right part of the game window. I'll go
    from left to right.
    Attack types
    You can choose attack types for your weapon in here.
    There are the three types(aggresive, defencive,
    accurate), with 1-3 secondary attack types, to
    speak(Crush, Slash and Stab). If you have a staff,
    you can select auto-casting spells here. If you
    have a bow, you have a choice of Accurate,
    Long-range and Rapid, which do what they say
    they do.
    There isn't really much of a difference between
    RS1 and RS2 here- just the icons.
    Now, if you started a quest but didn't complete
    it yet, it's yellow.
    Nothing much except the 28 slots- they're made
    up for being able to equip your equipment and
    getting it removed from the inventory.
    You can also rearrange stuff in your inventory.
    Your equipment
    When you equip things now, it goes here and
    disappears from your inventory. Yay!
    Turn on your prayer- they don't show drain
    rates anymore.
    Do magic! There are icons for spells now.
    You can now remove friends with a
    right-click- pretty much it.
    Same with the Friends list, but
    it's a left-click, so try not to go there.
    Logout. How simple can you get?
    Here you can adjust music volume,
    brightness and other things. Not
    that complicated, eh?
    Player Controls
    You can do player actions here(dance,
    be angry- something like emoticons), as
    well as run or walk, or check your weight.
    You can play music here- you can unlock music
    as you walk around Runescape.
    You can now do some more stuff in chatting-
    the @color in three letter@ doesn't work
    anymore- it's color(full):message to change the
    colors. For the "flashy" stuff, try glow1-3.
    Also, you can alternate between two colors with
    You can make a wavy or scrolly message by
    replacing color with wave or scroll- you can
    also combine colors and one of these effects
    by doing this: Color:wave/scroll:message
    You can also now add people to your ignore
    or friend's list by right-clicking on their messages.
    Woohoo! Last part. Anyways, this is the last
    part of my little list of tiny little
    differences from RS2.
    Random Events
    Random Events that attack you can have these levels:
    -Lvl 14
    -Lvl 28
    -Lvl 56
    -Lvl 70
    -Lvl 120
    -Lvl 156
    Depending on your level.
    Random events were invented to replace fatigue and
    the 5-minute rule: they're supposed
    to work better or something.
    Anyways, I'll list the Random events here:
    Non-specific skills:
    The Drunken Dwarf
    If you talk to him, you get a kabab and a beer.
    If you don't, he attacks you- with inf. HP.
    The Swarm
    It attacks you- has infinite HP.
    The Old Man
    If you talk to him, he'll give you stuff
    ranging from 15 gp to a half-key. If you
    don't talk... he'll either drop your items
    and spread them out, or teleport you to somewhere
    The Genie
    Gives you a Lamp if you talk to him: if you
    don't, does the same stuff that the Old Man does.
    The Lamp will give you exp in a certain skill-
    Free-Players can choose Member's Skills(only
    Agility is useful). The formulae for the exp
    is (skill level * 10 = exp gotten).
    Tangly Vine
    If anything moves where it covers, it'll start
    attacking... and has infinite HP- it can hit
    high, too.
    Strange Plant 'n Fruit
    It just pops up- pick the fruit or get attacked
    (and poisoned)- Fruit heals 10% energy.
    River Troll
    Says "Fishies by mine leave dem fishies",
    then starts attacking you. It drops fish(raw)
    and bait.
    Big Fish
    Sometimes, a big fish will eat a fishing spot.
    When that happens, the spot will dissapear, and
    all the fishers in that spot will lose their gear-
    it'll be thrown somewhere else.
    Fishing Spots Move
    They move. 'Nuff said.
    When this happens, the fishing spot will die for
    a while- any fishers fishing that spot will
    permanently lose their gear.
    Rock Golems
    Drops ore.
    Smoking rocks
    When this happens and you hit the rock with
    a pick, that pick will break and you'll have to
    look to Nurmof to fix it.
    Falling Pick Heads
    Sometimes, they fall off- just put it back on
    to fix.
    Tree spirits
    Drops logs.
    They eat your axe- gone. Poof.
    Axe Breaks
    Take it to Bob to get it fixed.
    Drops black monk's robes.
    No confirmed drops yet.
    Poisoned Chests
    Will poison you, of course.
    Drops fishing bait and bones(all kinds).
    Running and Energy
    You can run in RS now- to run, either
    choose running from Player Options, or just press
    Ctrl while commanding the character to walk.
    Energy ranges from 100% to 0%- when you're running,
    it decreases, and when you're not, it increases(slowly).
    The increase is boosted by Agility.
    There is two items that help running: the Boots
    of Lightness and the Strange Fruit.
    The Strange Fruit is gotten from the Strange
    Plant and the Boots of Lightness is gotten in
    the Temple of Ikov quest(don't worry- it can
    be gotten again). The fruit heals 10% energy,
    and the Boots of Lightness weighs -4 kg.
    Kg? Yep: Weight. It decides how long you can
    run, so you can't exactly run all that long with
    a full load of plate armor. Things weigh as you
    would expect them- plate armor weighs a lot more
    than shrimp, for example.
    Everything but stackables has a certain weight-
    it may be below 1 kg, but it has one.
    Weapons 'n Armor
    Now maces give prayer points- supposed
    to be the weapon of the fighting monk.
    When you equip weapons and armor now,
    it will disappear from the inventory and
    go to the "Equipped Items" screen-thingy.
    There is, of course, the new ranging armor.
    When you're equipping a staff, there is an
    ability to "autocast" attack spells- when you
    attack when the autocast is on and a spell
    chosen, you will use that spell instead of
    the normal melee attack. Nifty, eh?
    The Dragon Amulet is now the Amulet of Glory-
    Glorious! Or whatever.
    Weapons now have different swing speeds-
    so your R2H hits slower(but harder) than
    that Rune Scimitar! Because R2Hs and Battle
    Axes are so slow now, the best weapon is either
    the Rune Dagger(for weight and speed) or the
    Rune Sword(used to be shortsword[for poking and
    speed]) or the Rune Longsword(for slashing with
    decent speed) or the Rune Scimitar(for slasing
    with good speed). Choices, choices.
    There are some new places that are "Multicombat",
    which means that players can work together to
    kill a monster. The KBD pretty much requires that.
    Because I'm not a Member, and I completed most of
    the F2P quests, this section is woefully inadequate.
    Dragon Slayer
    You may buy one of the map pieces from Wormbrain
    instead of having to kill him and telegrab it. This
    means that you can make proper Rune Pures now.
    There are some new monsters in the game- and
    every single monster in the game's levels have
    been changed, and the KBD has some new attacks,
    and magic monsters can cast spells.
    All of the game's monsters retain their HP, so
    you can figure out how much exp they will give
    using a decent beastery.
    The new monsters are monkeys, snakes and pit
    scorpions, as well as all the random event monsters
    and Wizard Greyzag.
    They are level 1- HP unconfirmed. Pretty much it-
    they drop bones only and are in the Karamja Jungle.
    They are level 1 also, with unconfirmed HP. They
    also live in the Karamja Jungle and drop bones only.
    Pit Scorpions
    They're basically King Scorpions, only the size of
    a chicken. That's it.
    Wizard Greyzag
    He replaces the Dark Wizard near the caged Lesser
    Demon in the Wizard's Tower. He's lvl 43 and can
    summon imps to fight for him.
    The KBD
    It has a few new features. The room it's in is multi-
    combat, so you can have a fair fight.
    It now has three heads, which can belch out these
    -Normal Headbutt and Scratching(crush and slash)
    -Fire-Breath(like Elvarg's)
    -Ice Breath(hits you for some low number, like 5,
    and freezes you for a few seconds)
    -Poison-Breath(poisons you)
    Magic Enemies
    That's right- they can summon magic, so they
    can own melee guys, just like their player counter-
    Blue Wizards use Fire Strike, and Wizard Greyzag can
    summon imps. Dark Wizard Apprentices can use Water
    Strike and Dark Wizards can use Water Bolt.
    They now have a special attack- they say YYEAAARGH
    or something to that effect and throw an axe at ya.
    Melzar the Mad
    He's more mad now- he says stuff like "Leave me
    to drink my tea alone" and such, and can summon
    Speaking Monsters
    Now, certain monsters can speak when attacked and
    just randomly- Cows say Moo, Sheep say Baa and such.
    He isn't a monster anymore...
    Other Stuff
    <nothing here... yet>
    (end guide)
    (please don't delete this stuff)
    All property is the property of their respective owners-
    redundant, yes, but I need it so I don't get sued...
    Curuinor@yahoo.com- use this e-mail to mail me questions,
    comments, info, etc. My game character is named Curuinor.

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