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    Fishing FAQ by nemesis2

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    Runescape Fishing Guide (RS2)
    By nemesis2
    Started-10 December 2004
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    =Introduction   =
    Fishing is one of the most commonly used skills in Runescape.If you train
    it up High enough,there is a lot of money in it,especially with Lobsters
    Swordfish and for members Shark.Fishing is the skill I use to make money 
    in Runescape,because one of my hobbies in real life is Fishing and I
    prefer it to mining,crafting and a lot of other money making skills in RS.
    I am nemesis 2.My Username in Runescape is Bhidon2. I have been a member for 7
    months, so this FAQ is now 100% complete.
    =Fishing Guide=
    I like fishing in real life so this one caught my eye straight away.Fishing
    is a very good money making skill,especially Lobsters and Swordfish which are
    worth a lot money in F2P.P2P players can fish for Sharks and Manta Rays which
    are worth even more.
    But to Start With.you can only fish shimps.Here is a guide to training the
    skill of fishing
    Level 1-5
    Buy a small Fishing Net and net for shrimps until level 5.A good place to net
    fish is near the Altar Building just south of Port Sarim.Its also quite close
    to the fishing shop.
    Level 5-20
    You can fish sardines and at lvl 10 you can fish Herring.Get about 300 bait and
    fish at the same spot as you were netting for sardines.If you run out of bait
    or dont have enough money yet to buy 300,just buy as many as you can afford and
    sell your caught fish to the fishing shop.You should be gaining profits now and
    you should have enough to buy some more bait.Another option is at level 15,you 
    can get your net back out and net for anchovies.
    Level 20-40
    Go back to the fishing shop in Port Sarim and Buy a Fly Fishing Rod and some
    feathers.About 200 will be fine.Now go to Lumbridge and fish near the riverside
    for Trout.If you still have your bait,you can fish for Pike here as well.
    Now once you reach level 30,you can fish for Salmon.This will speed up the 
    process a little bit.If you want to,you can go to Karmaja now,buy a Lobster
    Cage and a Harpoon and harpoon for Tuna at level 35.Without being able to fish
    Swordies,I reccomend against it because it is Painstakingly slow (a fish a 
    minute) so stick to the Lumbridge river and fish Trout and Salmon to level 40.
    If you run out of Feathers,there is a chicken coop near by so kill the chickens
    for free feathers.They dont always drop them though,only 50% of the time.But
    at least you will be making a little more profit.
    Level 40-50
    Go get a lobster cage and fish for lobsters on karmaja.Lobsters sell for a lot
    of money and are some of the best food you can get if you are a pker because it
    heals 12hp per lobster!Once you are able to fish lobsters,expect the money to
    come quite fast.Sell them to other people rather than to shops because they are
    sought after items.Cook them too for more success in selling
    Level 50-60
    Get a Harpoon and fish for Swordfish.These sell for more than lobbies and heal\
    more as well 14hp I think so like lobsters they are sought after and I would
    sell them to other players since you get more.If you are a F2P player this is
    as high as you can go so if you want 99 fishing,either become members of fish
    swordfish until you are level 99. You may also want to remember that harpooning
    is a slow process so if you are the impatient type (like me!) then stick with
    MEMBERS-Level 60-99
    OK, you can go 2 ways here. You can either fish lobbies until level 79 or
    go with swordfish until then. Best places to fish are Catherby and the
    Fishing Guild. At level 79, Harpoon shark until you reach 99. The reason
    you should get 3 more levels before fishing shark is because the process
    of catching them will be very slow. In fact, I think that Fishing lobbies
    is faster until very late levels (90 or so) but if you want to make money
    than sharks are the way to go.
    Some more Training Tips
    -Power fishing Trout and salmon is great at almost any level. They are caught
    very quickly (maybe even 3 trout/salmon to 1 lobster) and when you get a full
    load, cook em and then drop them. Great if you have some spare feathers.
    -Now, I recommend also that you wait until you are 5 levels above the 
    requirement before fishing that fish. For example, wait until lvl 45 before
    fishing lobsters, because fishing trout and salmon will still get you faster
    xp because you will catch about 3 t or s  to 1 lobster.
    -Always train cooking with fishing. Or else you will make half the money you
    could of.
    =Fishing Tools     =
    Small Fishing Net
    Fishes:Shrimps (Lvl 1),Anchovies (Lvl 15)
    Your first fishing tool.Catches small fish in rivers and ponds.
    Fishing Rod
    Fishes:Sardine (lvl 5),Herring (lvl 10),Pike (lvl 25)
    Mainly for fishing in seas and pike in Rivers
    Fly Fishing Rod
    Fishes:Trout (Lvl 20),Salmon (Lvl 30)
    Lure Fishing.Can only be done in Rivers,namely near Barbarian Village and
    Lumbridge in F2P.
    Fishes:Tuna (lvl 35),Swordfish (lvl 50),Shark (lvl76)*
    Probably the tool used most in high level fishing.
    Lobster Cage
    Fishes:Lobsters (Lvl 40)
    * Members only
    BIG Fishing Net
    Fishes:Mackeral (lvl 16),Casket (lvl 16),Oyster (lvl 16),Seaweed (lvl 16)
    Cod (lvl 23),Bass (Lvl 46)
    Big net fishing is only available to members. Although it isnt great XP
    wise, it might be handy to fish some of the exclusive members fish somehow.
    Best place I know of is Catherby.
    Oily Rod and Bait
    Fishes-Lava Eel (Lvl 53)
    Used to fish Lava Eel,which can be found near the Zamorak Dungeon.Mainly
    used for a quest.
    Required Level:1
    Tool Used:Small Fishing Net
    Level Required to Cook:1
    HP Healed-3
    Can Be Found:Almost any Sea.
    Shrimp are the only thing you can fish at
    first.They should be cooked for cooking
    XP rather than sold because they dont
    sell for a lot of money.
    Required Lvl:5
    Tool Used-Fishing Rod + Bait
    Level Required to cook:5
    HP Healed-4
    Can be Found:Any Sea.
    Sardines are a little more useful than
    Shrimps.Still they should be cooked
    rather than sold unless you are after
    quick money (at most they sell for 10gp)
    You can Bait fish almost anywhere there
    is water
    Required Lvl:10
    Tool Used-Fishing Rod+ Bait
    Level Required to cook:10
    HP Healed:5
    Can be found:Any Sea
    Herrings generally sell for less in the shops
    which is strange.So I would just cook these
    fish for cooking XP.Herring are found in the
    same places as sardine.
    Required Lvl:15
    Tool Used:Small Fishing Net
    Level Required to cook:10
    HP healed:1
    Can be found:Any Sea
    Anchovies are most commonly used on pizza's.
    Anchovies are the highest things you can fish
    with a small net and you might try selling
    them to shops rather than eat them by itself
    Dont ask me why it only heals 1hp.
    Required Lvl:20
    Tool;Fly Fishing Rod+Feathers
    Level Required to cook:15
    HP healed:7
    Can be found:Lumbridge River,Barbarian Village
    People will buy Trout sometimes because they dont want
    to use 1 lobster or swordfish healing 10hp.
    Required Lvl:25
    Tool:Fishing Rod+Bait
    Lvl Required to cook:20
    HP healed:8
    Can be found:Rivers (Lumbridge)
    Required Level:30
    Tool Used:Fly fishing rod+feathers
    Lvl Required to cook:25
    HP healed:9
    Can Be found:Rivers (Lumbridge)
    Required Level:35
    Tool Used:Harpoon
    Level Required to cook:30
    HP healed:10
    Can Be found:Karmaja
    Tuna are neglected because people don't want 
    Tuna amongst their Swordfish. However, instead
    of dropping them, cook them and store them
    in the bank.
    Required Level:40
    Tool Used:Lobster Cage
    Cooking Level Required:40
    HP healed:12
    Can be found:Karmaja
    The most popular fish of all, even more popular
    than Swordfish, which heals more. Excellent
    Required Level:50
    Tool Used:Harpoon
    Cooking Level Required:45
    HP healed:14
    Can be found:Karmaja
    Good food and experience, however you will only fish
    10 swordies per full invo on average. The rest will
    be tuna.
    P2P (members fish)
    All the Fish Below are members only.
    Tool- Big Fishing Net
    Found-Catherby and Fishing Guild
    Tool-Big Fishing Net
    Found-Catherby and Fishing Guild
    Tool-Big Fishing Net
    Found-Catherby and Fishing Guild
    Tool-Karambwan Vessel+ Raw Karbanwanji
    Found-Karmaja ( slightly west of Brimhaven)
    Found-Catherby and Fishing Guild
    6.Sea Turtle
    Tool-Trawler Net
    Found-Port Khazard Trawler Mini Game
    7.Manta Ray
    Tool-Trawler Net
    Found-Port Khazard Trawler Game
    = Random Events =                           =
    Random events are events that happen in the game randomly. There are 
    several which only occur while fishing. So here are the fishing 
    exclusive ones...
    1.River Troll
    These can be a pest at a lower level but the items they drop are quite
    good. The river troll wants to protect his fish so if you fish too long
    you might eventually get a river troll.The river troll's level varies 
    depending on yours, it can be between level 29-120. If a River Troll is
    about to pop out, it will say "Fishies be mine, leave dem fishies" so
    if you dont want to fight, then you can run.It wont chase you very far
    so dont worry if you are weak.
    Nothing much, just destroys a certain fishing spot for a while.If you fish
    there it MAY take your fishing gear.
    3.Big Fish
    Horrible to eat, and horrible by nature, this big fish will gobble up your
    fishing tools in a giffy, so when you see one, stop fishing fast. If there
    is one about, it will a blue object, which looks like a magic spell will
    appear on screen.
    4.Moving Fish
    Sometimes, when you fish, your fishing spot will move to another location.
    This happpens very commonly, so just move to another spot.
    Remember too, that while fishing, you may get other random events such as the
    mysterious old man or genie, the 3 above can only be gotten by fishing.
    These random events are in the game so that you actually pay attention to
    the screen and not just leave it there. If you are paying attention to the
    game, then none of these are nothing much to worry about, the river troll is
    easy to run away from, you should stop fishing with ample time if a whirlpool
    appears and you should have plenty of time to pick up your equipment if
    a big fish blows it away. So dont complain to me if you get owned by a 
    river troll, like 5 other people have already, ok?
    DISCOVERY-I have found out, through close examination, that random events
    while fishing (of any kind), 90% of the time, they only happen when you
    click on the spot to start fishing. If a whirlpool appears, that means 
    some one else has clicked on a fishing spot and a random event whirlpool
    has appeared. I think the only exception to this is the moving of the
    fishing spot. Email me if I am wrong.
    = Best Fishing Spots    =
    There are a lot of fishing Spots in the world of Runescape, and some are
    better than others. Unlike mining though, crowds don't matter. So the
    biggest factors are the Fish that can be caught and how close it is
    to a shop/bank.
    Free-To-Play (F2P |These spots can be accessed by everyone |
    Karmaja Docks |
    Location- Just North West of where you get off the ship from port Sarim.
    Fish- Shrimp, Sardine, Herring, Anchovies, Tuna, Lobster, Swordfish
    The only place F2P'ers can catch Lobbies and Swordies so if you play F2P
    there will always be people here. In P2P, Catherby is a lot better, so
    this place is virtually deserted. The problem with the spot is that
    it costs you 60gp to get back to the mainland, and to a bank. No doubt
    you will make a profit, it just takes longer. The nearest bank is Draynor
    Manor, Quite a walk. Well F2P'ers have no Choice if they want lobbies
    or swordies.
    Lumbridge River |
    Location- East of Lumbridge Castle, near the gate toll blocking Al-Kharid.
    Fish-Trout, Salmon, Pike
    Excellent fly fishing spot. If you run out of feathers, there is a chicken
    coop nearby so you can restock.
    Pay-To-Play (P2p) Spots |These Spots are members only                         |
    Catherby |
    Location-Catherby, west of White Wolfs Mountain
    Fish-Sardine, Sardine, Herring, Anchovies, Cod, Makaerel, Bass, Lobster
    Swordfish, Shark
    THE best fishing spot in the world! Theres a fishing shop, a range and a
    bank all nearby. And there is almost every fish you can think of.
    If you are a member, then you MUST fish here.
    = Fish Prices           =
    These are the approx price selling to other players, not selling to shops.
    Alchemy prices will be added later.
    Fish     | Raw   | Cooked |
    Tuna     |  50   |  70    |
    Lobster  |  100  |  200   |
    Swordfish|  150  |  250   |
    Shark    |  1000 |  1150  |
    = Fishing Mini-Games       =
    The Trawler Minigame is available if you are a member although you need level
    79 fishing to even play it. You can fish sea turtle and Manta Ray.
    You can access the Trawler game from Port Khazard, south of Ardougne.
    = Fishing Guild            =
    The fishing guild is for members only as well. The fishing guild is only
    available to members level 68 or above in fishing. The fishing guild
    can be found in Hemenster (north of Ardougne)
    Here you can fish with Big Net, Harpoon and Lobster Cage. There are a
    lot of fishing spots on the piers. There is also respawning equipment
    a bank and a range to cook your fish on. If you have the level, it
    is the Best place to catch your fish.
    TIP-You can get into the fishing guild at level 65 by using a Fishing Potion.
    = Frequently Asked Questions =
    Q-What level will my River Troll be?
    -It depends on your combat level. They range from lvl 14-170.
    Q-What? My fishing gears gone!
    It may have been 'spat' away a few spaces (sorry for a lack of a better word)
    or taken by a whirlpool.
    = Versions       =
    Version 4-(14/10/05)
    Long time no see, eh? Added a few things to random event, and training sections.
    Also corrected information in Introduction section and info on Anchovies.
    Version 3-(21/3/05)
    Lots of changes. Added members info, prices and best fishing spots. Also added
    info on the Fishing Guild and corrected a few mistakes. 
    Version 2-(7/2/05)
    Whoops, corrected a mistake about the fishing guild, it is in Hemester
    not Catherby.
    Version 1-(17/1/05)
    Members Fishing info, XP gained for each fish, detail about some fish
    and other minor things still to be added.
    = Legal Info    =
    This FAQ is copyright 2004-2005 Brady Greene(nemesis2). No one may post
    this FAQ on their website without express permission of the author, nor
    may you sell it for a profit for that matter. If you do the former, I
    will ask the website to remove it within 14 days. If you do the latter
    I could take legal action and I dont want to do that, so make life easier for
    me and you by not doing it.
    The following websites are allowed to use my FAQ
    Others may be added to the list.If you want to have this FAQ on your website
    you must send me an email asking permission. I will most likely say yes if
    you do that as long as
    -No ad banners.
    -No changes.
    -My name must remain top and bottom.
    My email address for all of My FAQS is- nemesis2334@hotmail.com
    You may send me
    -Permission to post this on your page.
    -Questions about my other FAQS
    You may not send me
    -Questions that are already covered or questions about Runescape not about
    -Attatchments (too many viruses, not prepared to take risk).
    Put "Runescape Fishing" in the subject line
    Remember you also ask me a question in Private while I am playing runescape.
    My username is Bhidon2 and send me a private message. If you send me a question
    which is already answered or about something other than fishing, you will be
    ignored. Feel free to say hi and to say good comments about my FAQS. If you
    send me hate mail/messages or stupid messages, you will be blocked either
    in e-mail or runescape.
    = Credits        =
    Jagex- For creating Runescape
    Tip.it-For members fishing info
    RuneHQ.com-For info on Karnmabwan (sp?)
    =  Wrap-UP      =
    Well hope you enjoyed the FAQ and it helped you on your fishing.
    Runescape Username=Bhidon2
    Fishing Level-67 (574,520xp)
    THE END.

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