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    Hunting Guide by 0onimusha0

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    ~~~~~RuneScape Hunting Guide~~~~~
    A Guide to All Your Hunting Needs
    Copyright @ Connor Pope 2007-2008
    /=+~=+~=+Table of Contents+=~+=~+=\
    |I.     Version History          \|
    |II.    Legal Stuff               |
    |III.   Introduction              |
    |IV.    F.A.Q                     |
    |IV. 1. Extras                    |
    |IV. 2. Quests                    |
    |IV. 3. Notes/Tips/Leveling       |
    |V.     Ending Credits           /|
    |~I. Version History              |
    Current Version History - 1.50 - March 22nd, 2008 - Fixed many 
    spelling mistakes, added all the new info since last year. Pretty 
    much updated the whole guide.
    II. Legal Stuff
    You may under no circumstances copy this F.A.Q. This document 
    will ONLY be used by these sites and these sites alone.
    If anyone sees this F.A.Q. under another site please email me, my 
    contact information is right below
    Pope_connor@yahoo.com - E-MAIL
    Bostonpopes - AIM
    (c) Connor M. Pope 2006-2008
    III. Introduction
          Runescape, a very popular and fun MMORPG created by Jagex. 
    The game is constantly being updated, and it's a huge world of 
    fun and games. Created sometime in 2001. At first the game began 
    as Runescape Classic but later on was updated into, just 
    runescape (Called runescape 2 at the time). My friends and I have 
    been playing this game for a while, and I felt like sharing some 
    of my info with all of the people who need it. I've created a 
    hunting guide, based on the member's skill hunter. You'll find in 
    this guide all the different monsters to catch, the different 
    stores, experience, tips, hints, ETC. Pretty much everything in 
    here. So let's get on to the main part of this guide.
    IV. F.A.Q.
    Hunting came out in November, 2006, so although it is relatively 
    new, it's still pretty old. Right now im a level 60 hunter And I 
    will give you ALL the information that I can for hunting. 
    But first, you must know all about the hunting equipment you will 
    find in the two HUNTING stores, located in Yanille and Nardah.
    *LR = Level Required
    |     Item    |LR*|           Used For             | Cost |
    |Bird Snare   |1  |Catching Birds                  |6 GP  |
    |Noose Wand   |1  |Tracking Creatures              |4 GP  |
    |Butterfly Net|15 |Catching Butterflies            |24 GP |
    |Butterfly Jar|15 |Storing Butterflies             |1 GP  |
    |Box Trap     |53 |Catching Box Creatures          |38 GP |
    |Teasing Stick|31 |Catching Pit Fall Creatures     |60 GP |
    |Unlit Torch  |39 |Smoking Traps (Removes Smell)   |4 GP  |
    |Magic Box    |71 |Catching Imps                   |720 GP|
    There is also another store called the "Camouflage" store that 
    can sell many of the equipments you can get from hunting. It's in 
    the fancy dress shop located in Varrock. You have to HAVE the 
    materials to make the actual equipment though.
    Below is another small list showing all the different areas you 
    can hunt in and what type of hunting place there are. You use 
    these places to level your hunting up.
    *Desert and Woods
    |     Hunting Place Name     |   Type   | Fairy Ring Code |
    |Piscatoris Hunting Area     |   Wood   |       AKQ       |
    |Troll Weiss Hunting Area    |   Polar  |       DKS       |
    |Feldip Hunter Area          |   Jungle |       AKS       |
    |Uzer Hunter Area            |   Desert |       DLQ       |
    |Swamp Hunter Area           |   Swamp  |       DLS       |
    |Red Salamander Hunter Area  |   Chaos  |       N/A       |
    |Black Salamander Hunter Area|   Lava   |       DLS       |
    |Falconry Area               |   Air    |       AKQ       |
    |Grhaak Hunter Area          |   D/W*   |       CKR       |
    Now that you know all about hunting, its time to show you how to 
    actually hunt, there are many types of hunting, like tracking, 
    pitfalls, box traps, falconing, etcetera. But the easiest one for 
    starting hunters is bird snaring. The items you will need is just 
    a bird snare (more if you can set up more then one trap, ill talk 
    about that later in the guide)
    |Creature Name     | LR | Exp  |        Location(s)       |
    |Crimson Swift     |1   | 34   |Feldip Hunter Area (Shore)|
    |Golden Warbler    |5   | 47.6 |Uzer Hunter Area          |
    |Copper Long Tail  |9   | 61   |Piscatoris Hunter Area    |
    |Cerulean Twitch   |11  | 64.6 |Troll Weiss Hunter Area   |
    |Tropical Long tail|19  | 95.2 |Feldip Hunter Area        |
    |Wimpy Birds       |39  | 167  |Feldip Hunter Area        |
    EXTRA HINTS/TIPS - This is probably the BEST way to level up your 
    character until your able to do falconing. It's also better if 
    you smoke your traps when you're able to.
    The second hunting experience you could do is tracking animals. 
    The item you will need is a noose. To do this you must first find 
    a burrow. Then you should see foot tracks until you get to a 
    bushy area. There you should have a message saying an animal is 
    hiding somewhere in the bushes. Then you use your noose and you 
    catch the animal.
    |Creature Name      | LR | Exp  |        Location(s)       |
    |Polar Kebbits      |1   | 30   |Troll Weiss Hunter Area   |
    |Common Kebbits     |3   | 36   |Piscatoris Hunter Area    |
    |Feldip Weasel      |7   | 48   |Feldip Hunter Area        |
    |Desert Devil       |13  | 66   |Uzer Hunter Area          |
    |Razor-backed Kebbit|49  | 348  |Piscoratis Hunter Area    |
    Has you can see, tracking isn't all that good until your able to 
    catch Razor-backed Kebbits, which still takes too long compared 
    to falconing. Unless you want to have some fun, I would stick to 
    bird hunting and falconing. Although, there is some equipment you 
    can get from these little guys. The polar kebbits can give you 
    there hides, which can be made into polar camouflage suits. I 
    made a little list of what kebbits give what suits
    Polar Kebbits - Polar camouflage Suit
    Common Kebbits - Wood camouflage Suit
    Feldip Weasel - Jungle camouflage Suit
    Desert Devil - Desert camouflage Suit
    Each of those suits gives a better chance for catching a certain 
    type of Hunter animal in the designated place. But enough of 
    those nasty little kebbits. Now its time for butterfly catching.
    |Creature Name     | LR | Exp  |        Location(s)       |
    |Ruby Harvest      |15  | 24   |Piscatoris Hunter Area    |
    |Sapphire Glacialis|25  | 34   |Troll Weiss Hunter Area   |
    |Snowy Knight      |35  | 44   |Troll Weiss Hunter Area   |
    |Black Warlock     |45  | 54   |Feldip Hunter Area        |
    Butterfly Catching is actually pretty good if your about to go in 
    a clan war. Why? Well, once there in a jar they have a special 
    effect. But they only work on other people. I made a list of 
    there effects below.
    Ruby Harvest - Boosts another players attack
    Sapphire Glacialis - Boosts another player's defence
    Snowy Knight - Restores another players hit points
    Black Warlock - Boosts another player's strength
    Although, I definitely wouldn't hunt these for experience, there 
    still pretty fun to catch. Now for some deadfall trapping.
    A deadfall is where you find a burrow or Hunter rock where you 
    can set up a little place where bait goes. Then, a kebbits comes 
    and takes the meat; little does he know the rock will squish him 
    when he pulls the trigger. The items needed are some logs, a 
    knife, and the designated bait.
    |Creature Name     | LR | Exp  |        Location(s)       |
    |Wild Kebbits      |23  | 128  |Piscatoris Hunter Area    |
    |Barb tailed Kebbit|33  | 168  |Feldip Hunter Area        |
    |Prickly Kebbit    |37  | 204  |Piscatoris Hunter Area    |
    |Saber tooth Kebbit|51  | 200  |Troll Weiss Hunter Area   |
    Although these give quite a lot of experience at low levels, they 
    still need bait, so you won't be able to do it much. I would 
    still recommend birding until you're able to do falconing, below 
    is a list of what meat you will need to catch a certain kebbits.
    Wild Kebbit - Raw Meat
    Barb Tailed Kebbit - Rainbow Fish
    Prickly Kebbit - Barley (What the!!!)
    Saber Tooth Kebbit - Raw Meat
    Now for net trapping. A hard part of hunting. You will need 
    15 swamp tar and the certain herb needed. You will use a pestle 
    and mortar so you can make grounded herb. Use the grounded herb 
    with swamp tar and you will obtain 15 swamp tar mixed with herbs. 
    You can repeat this has much has you want. You must also have a 
    Rope, Fishing Net, and the bait you just made. 
    To actually make a net trap you must find a young tree and use 
    the rope and fishing net with the tree. You can add the bait too. 
    NOTE - Bait is not required, but you will be lucky enough to even 
    have the lizards WALK on your net. 
    |Creature Name     | LR | Exp  |        Location(s)       |
    |Squirrel          |29  | 152  |NE Falador                |
    |Swamp Lizard      |29  | 152  |Swamp area (mortyania)    |
    |Orange Salamander |47  | 224  |Uzer  Hunter Area         |
    |Red Salamander    |59  | 272  |South West of Ardgoune    |
    |Black Salamander  |67  | 304  |Level 20 Area Chaos Temple|
    NOTE - Squirrel also takes level 60 Summoning.
    These probably give the most hunting experience besides Imps in a 
    box. Below is a list of the bait needed/optional for the 
    Swamp Lizard - Guam Tar
    Orange Salamander - Marrenill Tar
    Red Salamander - Tarromin Tar
    Black Salamander - Harralander Tar
    NOTE - Can be used has !!!AWESOME!!! Range weapons, there just 
    like flamethrowers, 'cept in the old age.
    EDIT - They can also be used has mage and melee weapons too.
    Now its time for falconry, probably the easiest and fastest way 
    to gain experience in hunting. The only item/gold you will need 
    is 500gp, I would bring 5k though incase you walk out the area or 
    log out for too long. 
    |Creature Name     | LR | Exp  |        Location(s)       |
    |Spotted Kebbit    |43  | 104  |Falconry Hunter Area      |
    |Dark Kebbit       |57  | 132  |Falconry Hunter Area      |
    |Dashing Kebbit    |69  | 156  |Falconry Hunter Area      |
    Falconry is the best (but very boring) hunting you could do. It 
    gives the most experience the fastest (Not the most EXP but the 
    fastest EXP) and it's cool. I mean, catching a wild animal with 
    another wild animal. That's just plain awesome. Below is a list 
    of the awesome equipment you can make from there furs.
    Spotted Kebbit - Spotted Fur - Spotted Cape (-3 Kilograms)
    Dark Kebbit - Dark Fur - Gloves of silence (Helps Thieving)
    Dashing Kebbit - Dashing Fur - Spottier Cape (-6 Kilograms)
    To make all the capes, gloves, camouflage gear, and animal furs 
    you will need to go to varrock and go to the fancy clothes shop. 
    You must pay a price though.
    Now its time for box trapping, the one that I personally hate the 
    most. But still, the monsters are pretty cool. Though they take 
    bait which I will explain below. You will need the required bait 
    and a box trap from the hunting stores.
    *Must have completed the Eagles Peak Quest
    |Creature Name     | LR | Exp  |        Location(s)       |
    |Ferret*           |27  | 115  |Piscatoris Hunter Area    |
    |Monkey            |27  | 100  |Karamja                   |
    |Raccoon           |27  | 100  |W of Barb Village         |
    |Gecko             |27  | 100  |Karamja Jungle            |
    |Platypode         |48  | 205  |Beach of Oo'Glog          |
    |Chinchompa        |53  | 198.5|Piscatoris Hunter Area    |
    |Red Chinchompa    |63  | 265  |Feldip Hunter Area        |
    |Pawya             |66  | 400  |Isafdar                   |
    |Grenwall          |77  | 1100 |Isafdar                   |
    Below is a small list of the bait needed to catch the animals.
    Ferret = Raw Meat
    Monkey = Banana
    Raccoon = None
    Gecko = None
    Platypode = Burning Lavender
    Spice Chopped Tomatoes = Chinchompa
    Spice Minced Meat = Red Chinchompa
    Pawya = Papaya
    Grenwall = Raw Pawya Meat
    Although, they give fair amounts of experience, falconing and 
    netting is still much better. But the Chinchompa can also be used 
    has a range weapon. Let's get onto pitfall trapping. Probably my 
    person favorite and the one you will DEFINITELY do. But first, 
    the items you will need are a teasing stick from the Hunter 
    stores, logs, and a knife. You will first make a hole from the 
    logs and the knife. Then you will tease the creature, once he's 
    following you, you must jump over your hole. Your creature will 
    then go on the fur and be caught.
    |Creature Name     | LR | Exp  |        Location(s)       |
    |Spined Larupia    |31  | 180  |Feldip Hunter Area        |
    |Horned Graahk     |41  | 240  |Karamja (Near Cairn Isle) |
    |Sabertooth Kyatt  |55  | 300  |Troll Weiss Hunter Area   |
    Below is a list of the equipment you can make from there 
    Tatty/perfect furs
    *T = Tatty P = Perfect
    NOTE - Larupia is for wood and jungle
    NOTE - Graahk is for desert
    NOTE - Kyatt is for polar
    Larupia Head - P Larupia Fur
    Larupia Body - P/T Larupia Fur
    Larupia Legs - P/T Larupia Fur
    Graahk Head - P Grhaak Fur
    Graahk Body - P/T Grhaak Fur
    Graahk Legs - P/T Grhaak Fur
    Kyatt Head - P Kyatt Fur
    Kyatt Body - P/T Kyatt Fur
    Kyatt Legs - P/T Kyatt Fur
    Although these give pretty moderate experience, there STILL not 
    has fast has falconing. I would stay with falconing unless you're 
    too bored to switch. Now onto Magical Imp boxing.
    |Creature Name     | LR | Exp  |        Location(s)       |
    |Imp               |71  | 450  |Everywhere                |
    To catch these awesome little monsters you will need a magical 
    box and a magical bead. Set up the trap and soon the imp will go 
    in the magical box. Once you've got it. You should have 2 favors. 
    Which you can use to send items back to the items, but only a 
    limit of two.
    Below is a list of the Impling mini-games and there XP in the 
    WORLD! Not in the mini-game. The mini-game gives items dependant 
    on the Impling you catch. Certain implings equal certain items.
    |Creature Name     | LR | Exp  |        Location(s)       |
    |Baby Impling      |17  | 20   |Minigame                  |
    |Young Impling     |22  | 22   |Minigame                  |
    |Gourmet Impling   |28  | 24   |Minigame                  |
    |Earth Impling     |36  | 27   |Minigame                  |
    |Essence Impling   |42  | 29   |Minigame                  |
    |Eclectic Impling  |50  | 32   |Minigame                  |
    |Nature Impling    |58  | 36   |Minigame                  |
    |Magpie Impling    |65  | 54   |Minigame                  |
    |Ninja Impling     |74  | 60   |Minigame                  |
    |Dragon Impling    |83  | 75   |Minigame                  |
    Now! Onto extras.
    IV. 1. EXTRAS
    EXTRAS - Hunter Cross Bow - It can be obtained from Leon in the 
    Hunter store in Yanille for about 1300 coins it only uses Kebbit 
    bolts which you can obtain from a prickly Kebbit.
    EXTRAS - Hunters Potion - Once your 53 Herb lore just use some 
    Kebbit teethe and grind them in pestle and mortar. Then you add 
    the grinded Kebbit teeth to a vial of water with some avantoe. It 
    will raise your hunting level by 3 temporarily. 
    EXTRAS - More Traps - The Higher your hunting level is the more 
    traps you'll be able to set up.
    1 - 19 - 1 traps
    20 - 39 - 2 traps
    40 - 59 - 3 traps
    60 - 79 - 4 traps
    80 - 99 - 5 traps
    IV. 2. Quests & Rewards
    As of November 28th, there was a new quest called Eagles Peak. It 
    is based on the hunting skill and you start it by speaking to 
    Mathias. The falconer. Once you have completed the quest, you 
    will be given access to Ferrets in box trapping and rabbits for 
    snaring. A little guide on rabbits is below.
    The items/animals needed for rabbit snaring is a ferret and a 
    rabbit snare. First find 6 burrows facing each other. The rabbit 
    will speed toward the trap once it sees the ferret. Although the 
    ferret can not be 'used up' it still can 'escape'
    |Creature Name     | LR | Exp  |        Location(s)       |
    |Rabbit            |27  | 144  |Piscoratis Hunter Area    |
    A Rabbits foot can be made into a rabbit-foot necklace. 
    Also, once you have completed the quest, you will have access to 
    the Giant Eagle Transport.
    First I will tell you how long and hard the quest is. I will also 
    tell what items are needed.
    Difficulty - Easy
    Length - Short
    Requirements - 27 Hunting 
    Items Needed - Swamp Tar, Yellow Dye, 50 GP and Teleport runes to 
    Varrock and Ardgoune
    Quest Points Awarded - 2
    Reward - 2500 Hunter EXP, Ability to catch rabbits and ferrets, 
    ability to ride the eagles from eagle peak.
    Start Point - Ardgoune Zoo
    How to Start - Speak to Charlie in the zoo
    1. Speak to Charlie and he will tell you that a ferret escaped 
    and he's sent his associate Nickolaus to catch him. But he hasn't 
    been heard of ever since he left. Then you must go to eagle's 
    2. Head to eagles peak, once there, there should be a campsite to 
    the north of it. There should be a few books. Read them and you 
    will soon get a 'Mettle Feather'
    3. Go to the top of eagle's peak and you should see a rocky 
    outcrop. Once there use the mettle feather on the rocks to open 
    up a passageway. 
    4. Once in the cave, you should see a split in the path, head 
    east then head south. You should soon see Nickolaus, and he will 
    tell you to make an eagle disguise so he can escape eagles peak. 
    5. Pick up 10 eagle feathers, then teleport to varrock and walk 
    to the fancy shop owner. Ask him about bird costumes and then 
    give him the items swamp tar, yellow dye and 50gp. He will give 
    you fake ones first, then talk again and you will receive 2 eagle 
    beaks and 2 eagle capes.
    6. Return to Nickolaus and speak to him.  Then, walk around to 
    the south side and attempt to open the stone door. You will need 
    a Bronze, Silver, and Gold feather to open it.
    6. a - How to Get The Three Feathers
    Bronze Feather - Enter the cave to the southwest, and try to take 
    the Bronze feather. Then a trap will trigger and the feather will 
    become out of reach. To lower it again, operate the four winches 
    in the corners of the room. Once finished, take the Bronze 
    feather and leave the room.
    Silver Feather - Enter the northwestern cave. Inspect the 
    pedestal and follow the prints that you will see. Inspect nearby 
    rocks to learn more about where the prints lead to. Eventually 
    you will be near an Opening. Inspect it and a level 13 kebbit 
    will run out and attack you. Kill it to obtain the Silver 
    feather, then return to the previous room.
    Gold Feather - This one is very hard. You'll need 6 seeds from 
    the bird feeder in the northeastern cave. You should find a level 
    which you must pull somewhere in the cave. Once done you should 
    go to some bird feeders and put one seed in them. You should pull 
    down about 3 levers in all and use up all the bird seed. Once 
    done you should go into a big room where the Gold feather is and 
    take it.
    7. Go to the stone door and use the three feathers on them. Now 
    go through the door. But first, make sure your wearing the eagle 
    items you got. Go past the big eagle and speak to Nickolaus and 
    agree to meat with him outside of the camp. 
    8. Go to the campsite and then a cut scene will show you how to 
    catch ferrets. Once that's done, return to Charlie the zoo keeper 
    with your newly caught ferret. 
    IV. 3. Notes/Tips/Leveling
    Hunting can be a very boring skill at times but it can also be 
    fun. It's also a very hard skill to level up once your past level 
    60 or 70. Here are a few tips and hints on how to level your way 
    to 99.
    ~~Level 1-45, Bird Catching~~
    Bird snaring can be a very, very annoying and boring part of 
    hunting. With your snares falling down, or birds not getting 
    caught. The hardest part is at the beginning. From level 1-5 I 
    suggest you catch the only birds you can. The INSTANT your level 
    5 go to the Desert hunting area. You'll need at LEAST 15 water 
    bags if you want to actually stay alive for a long time. Once 
    there you should be able to easily catch the birds there. And it 
    isn't that hard either. Once your level 9 in hunting you should 
    keep staying where you are. DO NOT go to Piscatoris. Because its 
    only 3 levels until your able to catch the cerulean twitch. Not 
    much. Plus it's too much walking. But once your level 11 I 
    recommend you going to the Troll Weiss hunting area next. Stay 
    there until your level 19 hunting. Then go to the Feldip Hunter 
    Area where you hunted the first kind of bird. And bring 2-4 birds 
    snares. There you should keep hunting until your level 45. Yes I 
    said 45 (or 43) because at the moment it's the fastest way to 
    hunt. Once your level 45, or 43, I recommend to start falconing.
    ~~Level 45-75 (99)~~
    Falconing is probably the FASTEST way of getting experience in 
    hunting. Its also one of my favorite. To start, you must first 
    start killing some of the spotted kebbits until your level 57.Its 
    definitely worth it. And it goes really quickly. Only took me 3 
    days to get to level 60 hunting. Right now, the equipment you 
    should be wearing is a spotted cape, no gloves, no shield, full 
    Larupia. Boots of lightness. Ring of wealth, and any Amulet you 
    wish. Once your level 57 I would start catching dark kebbits. 
    Though, it will take about 6-20 hours of hunting to get to level 
    69 to catch dashing kebbits, its definitely worth it. Plus, by 
    the time you've caught all those kebbits. You should of grown a 
    few pray level. YES, pray levels. Why? Because you should ALWAYS 
    bury bones when hunting. It doesn't take much time, and you will 
    have LOTS of time when falconing. Once your able to catch dashing 
    kebbits. I say you do it until level 75 (or 99 if you want to get 
    some quick levels) Once your level 75 I would either catch imps, 
    or keep doing falconing. I would personally recommend falconing 
    because it's MUCH faster experience.
    Tip #1 - When Catching Birds, ALWAYS smoke them (If Able To) and 
    always use the FULL amount of bird snares you can. You should 
    also bury all bones and you should have about 5 extra snares with 
    Tip #2 - When doing pitfall traps. Wear some good Armour. I 
    wouldn't recommend wearing the actual fur of them because it's 
    really not worth it. 
    Tip #3 - When EVER you're able to wear the spotted cape, 
    spottier, or boots of lightness then WEAR THEM. They help by a 
    Huge Load.
    Tip #4 - Stepping on a trap DOES NOT effect how many birds are 
    going on it. Though, it might distort you're view. It doesn't 
    really matter.
    Tip #5 - If your hunting in woods, then wear Larupia, if your 
    hunting in polar, then wear kyatt, if your hunting in desert wear 
    graahk. They help ALOT.
    V. THE END
    Thanks to CjayC for making gamefaqs
    Thanks to Jagex for making an awesome game
    Thanks to runehq for there guide which helped me on some of the 
    harder monsters
    (c) Connor MacLain Pope 2006-2008

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