Review by NickyGee

Reviewed: 11/26/07

Fun If You Have Friends That Play

Well the title says it all folks. If you have like 2 or 3 friends who play this game then I definetly reccomend it. You can have many fun memories, for free or 5 bucks if you get into it. Of course if you are alone I wouldn't reccomend it because everyone on this game is a hacker or scammer. Well let's get started.

Game play 6/10 - Pretty fun if you ask me. Lots of quests to do many things to kill the only thing I didn't like is the skill system. The system itself was fine, but it is too hard to level up. I don't mean hard like fighting a million monsters at once hard, but like repetetive hard. For instance you wanna work up mining? Fine go stand in front of a rock for twenty minutes then run to a bank then come back and repeat this for a few weeks. You wanna get up your magics? Fine then spends millions of your gold on runes. I think you get the idea. The skills take to long to work up, especially since it is just doing the same repetetive crap. The quests also suck. The quest itself is usually fun, but the reward makes you cry. You kill a thousand demons, unlock a tomb, and discover an ancient secret,so you get 1,000 xp and some gold. First of all 1,000 xp wouldn't get you a lvl in any skill when your skills are at level 1! Second of all these quests take days to finish and most of them require you to stock up on thousands of items you will only use once. Not only are they almost not worth doing, but you don't even get as much money as you spend to do the damn quest. Fighting is just a simple click and wait so that bugged me. Overall the gameplay gets a 6/10.

Sound 4/10 - Pretty cool songs, but they get old. Eventually you have heard them all and you find yourself turning the music off and going to youtube to listen to some music videos. The sound affects are pretty lame too, they sound like something a two year old might say when he/she is hungry. The sound gets a 4/10.

Community 0/10 - WTF community? Runescape has NO community. Sure occasionally you might find that one nice person who is bored out of their minds, but 9/10 people will be a hacker, or scammer that just wants your account or stuff because it is so damn hard to get crap in Runescape. The fact is money is considered "easy" to get so everything costs a lot. If money were really that "easy" to get then there wouldn't be so much scamming. This BS is why I said you should only play this game with a friend. The community gets a 0/10.

Graphics 2/10 - Okay seriously my 7 year old brother could've drawn better graphics without even looking at the paper he was drawing on. These graphics are just cheap. Jagex Staff didn't really try on the graphics, they just made them as fast and easy as they could. It is just awful I give it a 2/10.

Well as you can see this game is really what you make it. If you have a few friends that play it and you guys can pretty much always just hook up and play together then go ahead, but if not then don't even bother.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Product Release: RuneScape (US, 03/29/04)

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