Which Bruiser is the best?

  1. I want to get a Bruiser who is powerful but also has a good defense.

    User Info: Menelaus21

    Menelaus21 - 5 years ago

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  1. Earlier it was hulk but now Hercules is the best

    User Info: agentneel

    agentneel - 4 years ago 1 0


  1. I think hulk is the best bruiser. She-Hulk is also strong. For more avengers tips visit: avengersallianceguide.blogspot.com/

    User Info: virusbd

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  2. Hulk isn't a team player however of the two main bruisers he is the one who gets charged up the fastest.
    Thor the second main bruiser IS a team player providing a streghtened bonus to all team memebers howver he must attack in order to get charged up unlike Hulk who needs to be attacked, with the combined might of M.o.M and Strenghtened as well as enraged Thor takes over hulk for damage, and is most useful when teamed up with capatain america in avengers uniform.

    User Info: Dynasty-55

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  3. Hulk - he gets stronger when attacked.
    Thor - he gets stronger when attacks.

    User Info: lukatesi

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  4. Thor qnd she hulk

    User Info: beautybeast

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  5. It's She-Hulk her Burst Of Speed is really useful or Thor his Might Of Mjolnir makes him stronger each time you use it.

    User Info: Scarlet_Empress

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  6. Hulk isn't a team player, but it doesn't really matter, keep him alive enough to get rage up*5 and he starts killing. There is one other bruiser that hasn't been mentioned. Good old ben Grimm himself. The thing is the opposite end of the spectrum. He's a brilliant tank. Using stonewall he protects the rest of your team brilliantly, along with a free action when ever someone attacks him. combined with Sue richards (invisible woman), and their future foundation uniforms, and they're a b*tch to take down in PvP, played defensively in PvE they also work, but are very boring.

    User Info: slightly_jaded

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  7. I personally love Phoenix Five suit Colossus due to his passive, Guardian Force, which reduces damage taken while healing HP and SP per turn. The passive is spread randomly during battle to teammates and can come in handy in a clinch. I find the survivability of my team to be a big factor in long battles.
    If you missed out on the outfit, I wouldn't recommend using him until it is back for sale.

    User Info: Hailmoses

    Hailmoses - 4 years ago 0 0
  8. Captain Britain is INSANELY strong if you can fix up Curse of the Otherworld.. I find he has high crits and damage but he needs to attack to stay alive. Any blaster can take him out very quickly if he doesnt get a turn in....

    User Info: robofish_13

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  9. Hulk and Hercules, I'd get Hercules because he can protect using the "Gift of Battle,"

    User Info: deelwheelz23

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  10. 1. WW2 Captain America
    2. Thundra
    3. Captain Britain
    4. X-23
    5. Modern Colossus

    User Info: Aerolithe_Lion

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  11. all i can say if ur playing pvp defensive then hulk is one of the best here.
    X-23 i think she's the fastest killing bruiser,oh wait not only bruiser,she's the fastest killing hero. wierd why playdom didnt released her with blaster class. well who knows.
    captain britain, colossus are powerful either, thor's summon thunder crit 7k on my whole team. and hercules can counter every u thrown at him

    User Info: Songokuape

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  12. X-23 as she is the most powerful on the first turn
    Hercules with A little Setup can be deadly
    Molly if she survives till 2nd turn can be deadly. She also gives enraged to every bruiser on the team.

    Thor, colossus, thing, hulk require alts to be successful

    She hulk, beta Ray bill are okay. Brb needs a little more setup time l6, l1, l9.
    Heimdall even with his eisos is a little too unpredictable for me.
    Wonderman has been entirely too squishy as he has suicidal tendencies and no counter attack.

    User Info: sapient

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  13. Forgot to add, groot in the guardian alt with another guardian can be deadly Gamora for her true strike or rocket raccoon for guaranteed hit or drax for hemorrage . He provides them with fatal strike immunity as well as survival but at the lower health .

    User Info: sapient

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  14. Out of my own experience, hulk Was the best but hercules is an absolute monster. Skirn is okay. if Herc gets gift of olympus, you can start one-shotting enemies!

    User Info: proindiangamer

    proindiangamer - 2 years ago 0 0

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