? Supports 7 different language settingsEnglish, ???, ??, Español, Français, Português, P??????-------------------------------------------- MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: iPhone 4 / iPhone 3GS / iPod Touch 4 / iPad Requires iOS v.4.3 or higher--------------------------------------------Operation CrossCounter is set in a fully-3D science fiction universe that is under invasion by evil machines known as the Guroken. Players partner with up to two other players or computer-controlled characters to complete missions and beat back the robotic invaders. Each mission is unique and may feature different goals, maps and enemies based on the game’s “War Situation System,” which analyzes each individual mission and bases future metagame events on the results for a unique experience every session. In Operation CrossCounter, every player is fighting for the future! The full FREE game features:1. Real-time Cooperative Play: Partner with up to two users or play alongside AI-controlled characters 2. Explore Four Unique Worlds: Embark on hundreds of unique missions, ranging from ambush to defense missions – no two missions are alike, with different goals, maps and enemies 3. Contingent Gameplay: Innovative “War Situation System” calculates every player’s mission results and adapts the gameworld accordingly 4. Customize Your Fighter: Create an anime-style character with fully customizable appearances, skills and weapons that reflects your battle style 5. Dynamic Weapons: Each weapon utilizes special skills and different attacks depending on user touches and taps Now grab your buddies, unleash robot mayhem, and fight for the future!Coming Soon! More Worlds, Missions and Gears.For more information: Like us on Facebook: Watch us on YouTube: Follow us on Twitter: Operation CrossCounter - OCC (English)? ????? ?????? (???)? ???? (??)? Supports 7 different language settingsEnglish, ???, ??, Español, Français, Português, P??????