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    FAQ/Walkthrough by meegee

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    Copyright 2006
    July 19 2004*Version 1.0 Made FAQ.
    March 02 2006*Version 1.1 Added more hunting grounds, and took off spells 
    section due to the fact that official gives enough information about spells.
    March 02 2006*Version 1.2 After correcting many things in the faqm, I 
    decided to add some more new stuff, and correct even more.
    Hi, I am Meegee. I have been playing Tibia for quite a while. Tibia is a MMORPG
    game, a free online game. You can download the game on www.tibia.com. In my FAQ
    I will refer to all genders as, male. I made this FAQ to guide people into the 
    world of Tibia, to understand it, and to learn that judging games just by the 
    graphics and sounds is not it, you must know it, play it, understand it. I also
    made this FAQ to help those who want to play Tibia, but aren't that familiar 
    with the game. Last of all I made this FAQ, hoping that my friends will have a
    different look at the game, Tibia. If there is anything you want to correct me
    on something or you think something should be added, email me. I will only add
    it if I think it is reasonable. If I have bad grammar, or spelling mistakes, 
    please forgive me.
    3. TIBIA
       -Non PVP, PVP, or PVP Enforced?
       -N00B TRICKS
    5. MAIN
       -5 main cities of Tibia
    6.Frequently Asked Questions
    Tibia is an online game. Windows and Linux computers support Tibia. The 
    official homepage www.tibia.com. In the game you control a character, a male
    or female. There you will go fight monsters, go on adventures, make friends
    and many more. 
    First you go to the official Tibia website, www.tibia.com, then you create your
    account. After you have created your account, you create your character. When
    creating your character you can choose his/her's name, gender, and the world
    you want to be in. Characters in the world Antica, and characters in the world 
    Libera can't interact with each other. Once a character has chosen its world
    and has been created, you can not switch worlds. There are several types of 
    worlds. One type is PVP World, the world where you can attack other players. 
    Another type is Non PVP World. In this world you can not attack others. Another
    type of world is PVP Enforced. In this world you can attack others without 
    getting a skull, in other words, killing is allowed. In the PVP Enforced World,
    killing other players will also give you some experience. The last world is the
    Premuim World. In this world, it is the same as the PVP World, except only 
    premuim accounts are allowed inside the world. There are two kinds of accounts,
    Free Account, and Premium Account. 
    Free Account is where everything is the same, and you don't get any advantages 
    throughout the game, besides the fact that your account is free. If you get 
    Premium Account, you must pay real money. Getting a Premium Account gives you 
    advantages throughout the game for each character on that account. Each account
    can only have 20 characters.
    Once you have your character, you can move him around with the up, down, left,
    and right keys, or by clicking on a place with left click. Taking off NumLock, 
    and then pressing the keys 2, 4, 8, and 6 will move your character around like
    the up, down, left, and righ keys. They basically have the same function. If 
    you press 7, 9, 1, or 3, you will move diagonally. You "use" things by either 
    using "ctrl+left click" on an object, or by pressing right click on an oject, 
    then left click on use.To attack a target, you can use "alt+left click"
    on the target, left click on the target through battle mode, or right click 
    with "Tibia Classic Control" on. With "Tibia Classic Control" on, right 
    clicking on objects will make you open them, and will make you attack a target.
    To move things around, use "hold+left click" on the object, then drag it around
    while holding left click. You can whisper, talk, or yell by left clicking on 
    the "Volume" control. You can talk by just ordinary typing, and you can yell by
    adding a #y before your sentence. To change an oufit, or the outfit's color, 
    right click on your character's body, and then click on set outfit.
    3. ***TIBIA***
    -Non PVP, PVP, or PVP Enforced?-
    Which type of world should I pick? Non PVP, PVP, or PVP enforced? It's actually
    all up to you, but my advice, never pick PVP enforced if you have never played
    tibia before, or you are still new to tibia. PVP enforced worlds are hard to
    survive in, as people can pk whenever they want (unless pz), pk whenever they
    like, and pk anyone. Non PVP is probably your best choice if you are a 
    newcomer, as you cannot get pked in Non PVP no matter what. After you got a
    feeling of tibia, you can try PVP, then maybe when you think you are hardcore
    enough, try PVP enforced.
    It is important to know most of the abreveations before playing Tibia, or you 
    might not understand what others are talking about.
    The order is alphabetical.
    Aol- Aumlet of life
    AKA- As known as
    Afk- A free kill or away from keyboard.
    Arm- Armor
    Atck, Atk- Attack
    Ab- Ab'Denriel
    Boh- Boots of haste.
    Bh shield- beholder shield
    B axe- Barbarian axe
    Btw- By the way
    Bk- Black Knight
    Bp- backpack
    Bh- Beholder
    C mace- Clerial mace
    C Shield- Crown Shield
    C arm- Crown armor
    C helm- Crown helmet
    Cya- See ya
    Char- Character
    D hammer- dragon hammer
    D shield- Dragon Shield or Demon Shield
    Draggy Shield- Dragon shield
    DL- Dragon Lord
    DP- Depot
    DS- Demon Skeleton
    Def- Defense
    DSM- Dragon Scale Mail
    Exp- Experience
    EQ- Equipment
    FF- Fire Field
    FB- Fire Bomb
    FS- Fire Sword
    FA- Fire Axe
    FD- Fire Devil
    FFS- For f****s sake
    GS- Giant Sword, or Giant Spider
    GFB- Great Fire Ball
    GP- Gold Pieces
    Gratz, Grats- Congratualtions
    HMM- Heavy Magic Missile
    HP- HitPoints
    Helm- Helmet
    IH- Intense Healing
    IRL- In real life
    K Axe- Knight Axe
    K arm- Knight Armor
    K- 1000  eg: 1k=1000gp
    K legs- Knight legs
    K set- Knight set, k arm, and k legs(k axe)
    Kaz- Kazordoon
    LMM- Light Magic Missile
    Lol- Laugh out loud
    Leader- Orc leader
    lvl- Level
    Lmao- Laughing my a** off
    M Star- Morning star
    Msg- Message
    Mino- Minotaur
    Mlevel,Mlvl- Magic level
    noob, n00b- an immature player
    newb, newbie- new player
    Omg- Oh my god
    Omfg- Oh my f****** god
    POH- Plains of Havoc
    P arm- Plate armor
    P legs- plate legs
    P set- plate armor and plate legs
    PZ- Protection Zone
    PZED- Cannot walk into protection zone
    PK- player kill
    PF- Poison Field
    Plz, plx, pls- please
    Premmy- Premuim account
    P ammy- Platinum Amulet
    Plats- Platinum coins
    Pally- Paladin
    Rot, Rotties- Rotworms
    ROFL- Rolling on floor laughing
    Rider- Orc Rider
    Rook- Rookgaard
    Rl- Real Life
    SD- Sudden Death rune
    Shaman- Orc shaman
    Skelos- Skelotons
    Spearman, Spearmen- Orc spearman
    SOB- Son of a b****
    Sorc- Sorcerer
    U- You
    UH- Ultimate Healing
    Wtf- What the f***
    Y- Why
    Zerk, Zerker- Orc Berserker
    4. ***ROOKGAARD***
    Once you have started playing your newly created character, you will start out
    in the Rookgaard temple. You start out as level 1. So far you can only hunt 
    rats,cave rats, bugs, and spiders. Sometimes after hunting, you become heavily
    damaged, and have low life. At Rookgaard, you can either search for the
    guard at the bridge, Dallheim, to heal, or the Monk at the temple, Cipfriend. 
    They will heal your life if it is low, heal you if you are poisoned, or burned.
    At Rookgaard,  you can interact with players, and NPCs. NPCs are Non Player 
    Characters. To start a conversation with a NPC you must say either "Hi", or 
    "Hello". You cannot start the conversation saying "Hey". 
    Your main objective is to get to level 8, so you can go to Mainland (AKA main.
    I will refer Mainland as main from now on). After you have reached level 8, 
    you can go to the Oracle and choose your vocation, and city. I will explain
    this later. The only way to gain experience is to fight and "kill" monsters. 
    The only way to gain skills is to use it. To gain fishing skills you have to 
    use the fishing rod a lot. To gain sword skills, you must use sword type 
    weapons often, vice versa to axe, club, distance type weapons. To gain 
    shielding you have to block attacks often. 
    Each NPC has their own purpose, and knowing what each one does can be useful, 
    so I'll explain the ones I know.
    Obi: He sells armor, weapons, helmets, shields, and equipment. He also buys
         certain items from players.
    Cipfried, Dallheim: They heal you when you are hurt, poisoned, or burned.
    Tom The Tanner: He buys dead corpse.
    Seymour: He gives a reward for each fresh rat corpse brought to him. He sells
             the training room key for 5gp.
    Amber: An explorer and an adventurer.
    Al Dee: Sells/buys the same things as Obi, except he trades a small axe for a
    Willie: Food buyer/seller.
    Norma: NPC that only serves premmies.
    Hyacinth: He sells life fluids each 60gp.
    Blind Orc: The only way to communicate to him is to use orc language.
    Level 1-2 Rats.
    Level 2-3 Rats, wolves, trolls, spiders, snakes.
    Level 3-5 Bugs, wolves, bears, trolls, snake, orc. (not orcspearman)
    Level 5-8 Skeletons, bugs, trolls, snakes, orcs, bear, wolves, orc spearman.
    <I didn't mention poison spiders because I don't think its worth the kill. 
    22 exp, 26 hp, hardly give gold, and usually poison players.>
    I listed the hunting areas from the beginning, than moving on to other hunting
    areas, like the ones beside one hunting area. Eg: Rat Sewers, after Rat Sewers
    is Training Room; near each other. 
    Rat Sewers
    Right in front of the temple, you'll see a sewer cap, that's the Rat Sewers.
    Once in a while you'll see some dead bodies. Some are killed by rats, while
    some are killed by players. Be careful of people trying to trick you.
    (Explained at N00B TRICK section later)
    Training Room
    The training room is underneath the academy. To get past the door to enter the
    training room, you must buy the key from Seymour for 5 gp. Inside the training
    room are spiders, wolves, trolls, and bugs.
    Bug Hole
    There is a tunnel right beside Spider Mountain with only bugs in there. But 
    players beware, people have died in there because of the numbers of bugs. When
    full respawn, there can be more than 7 bugs in the bug hole. You need a shovel
    to get in, and a rope to get out.
    Wolf Cave
    Far northeast, above the banana quest place (will be explained at quest 
    section), there lies a hidden wolf cave. Personally I took a long time looking
    for this cave. Inside the cave are only wolves. Pretty good place to level.
    Mino Hell
    Mino Hell is north above the bridge you have to be level two to get past. On
    the first floor, there are a few rats, trolls, spider, and poison spiders. 
    Above the first floor, (and if you keep climbing up, which you will meet some
    poison spiders and orcs if full respawn) is the Blind Orc. Second floor 
    (Second, third... floors are floors below first floor) has orcs in it, with
    two roads for you to pick. Both of the roads lead downwards. If you go to the
    left, you'll go down to the third/left floor. Inside it will be wolves and 
    orcs. And if you go down to fourth/left, there'll be orcs, wolves, and 
    minotaurs. And if you go down to fifth, there will only be minotaurs, with the 
    number of at least 8 and above at full respawn. The fifth level is also called 
    the Carlin Sword Quest room. Now if you go right, you'll go in third/right 
    floor. Inside will be orcs, like a lot of orcs, at full respawn. Then if you 
    go down it'll be the fourth/right floor. Inside will be some orcs, one minotaur
    and one bear at full respawn. Maybe a few wolves too. This floor is also called
    the Chain Armor Quest room. (All quest room will be explained at the quest
    Dead Dragon Cave
    At the first floor of the dead dragon cave, are bears. At full respawn, there
    will be one waiting for you once you enter. 3-4 bears waiting for you, if you
    go up to their lair. 1-2 bears waiting for you if you go south.
    Katana Quest Cave
    If you go to the east of the island, you will find three signs. Locate the 
    middle sign and the second gravel, counting from top to bottom. Use a shovel on
    it and enter. You will meet spiders and poison spiders on the first floor. If 
    you continue in, there will be around 2-3 skeletons. Heading east of that is a
    rope hole and a path containing poison fields. Up the rope hole are 3-4 rotworms
    Into the poison fields is the katana quest.
    Troll Tower 1
    Troll Tower 1 is south after you have gone down Spider Mountain. Beside it are
    swamps and snakes. At full respawn, there will be on troll on the bottom floor,
    one troll on the second floor, and two trolls on the third floor.
    Troll Tower 2
    Troll Tower 2 is a little north after you have gone down Spider Mountain. At
    full respawn, there will be no trolls on the bottom floor, two trolls on the 
    second floor, three or four trolls on the third floor, and three trolls, one 
    orc, and around three sheep on the fourth floor.
    Mino Mountain
    This place isn't much of a great hunting spot, but there is one mino, on the
    top of the mountain. You better have skills 17/20+ before fighting it. It is 
    located right behind Troll Tower 2, and you'll need boxes, at least 6, to fight
    it. Before fighting it, bring a friend with you, in case someone takes the 
    boxes away, making you unable to come down. 
    Broken House
    I went in there like once, a long time ago. In there are insects. And if you
    keep going in, you'll find the dungeon where skeletons lurk inside. In there,
    there can be up to 3-4 skeletons at once, so either go with a team, or hope
    you're strong enough to take on them alone.
    Bear Cave
    It isn't really a cave, but more of a place filled with only bears entrapped 
    by surrounding stones. At full respawn, thre will be around 2-3 bears.
    Wasp Tower
    Right beside bear cave, is a wasp tower. Just full of wasp, and a honey flower
    on the highest floor.
    Orc Tower
    West of the Wasp Tower, is the Orc Tower. At full respawn, there will be no 
    orcs on the first floor, two orcs on the second, one orc and one orc spearman
    on the third, and two orcs on the fourth.
    Skeleton Hole
    Ahh, another hard place to find, if it wasn't for my friend, I probably would
    have never found this place. Northwest of the Orc Tower, hidden underneath a 
    tree, you have to use a shovel to open the hole. At full respawn, there will
    be one skeleton at the first floor. Two or three skeletons on the second, and
    four skeletons on the third.
    If you head west of the island, you will see a hole surrounded by big rocks. If
    you enter, the first floor will have spiders, the second will have spiders, and
    the third will have spiders, poison spiders, rats, and bugs. Going west will 
    have two paths. The first path you meet leads deeper into the cave holding a lot
    of poison spiders and one rotworm. If you go to the second path, it will lead
    you to a room with spiders, poison spiders, rats, and bugs.
    Eq to get when level 1-3
    Armor: Doublet <Get from doublet quest>
    Legs: Leather Legs <Buy it>
    Helm: Leather helmet, Studded helmet <Buy, or get from loot>
    Boots: Leather boots <Get from loot>
    Shield: Wooden shield, Studded shield <Buy Wooden, get Studded from quest>
    Weapon: Rapier, Sabre(Sword),Mace(Club), Hand axe, Axe(Axe) Spears(Distance)
            <Get rapier from quest, rest buy>
    Eq to get when level 3-6:
    Armor: Studded armor <Get from loot (orcs)>
    Legs: Leather legs <Buy it>
    Helm: Legion helmet, Viking helmet <Get from present box quest, dead dragon 
          quest. Viking helm buy>
    Boots: Leather boots <Get from loot>
    Shield: Brass shield <Buy>
    Weapon: Sword(Sword), Mace(Club), Hatchet(Axe), Spears(Distance) <Sword get 
            from loot, Mace buy, Hatchet buy, Spears get from loot>
            [If you can kill skeletons, Mace, Hatchet, Sword, Viking helmet and 
            Brass Shield get from loot]
    Eq to get when level 7-8:
    Armor: Chain Armor <Chain armor quest>
    Legs: Studded legs <Buy (Since most people are free account, if Premmy get from
          honey flower quest)>
    Helm: Legion helmet <Present box, or dead dragon quest>
    Boots: Leather boots <Get from loot>
    Shield: Copper Shield <Dead dragon quest>
    Weapon: Katana, Carlin Sword(Sword), Mace(Club), Hatchet(Axe), Bow / Arrows
            (Distance) <Katana from quest, Carlin from quest (Buy Carlin if 100gp,
            and Katana is usually expensive, buy if 100 or below) Mace from loot, 
            Hatchet from loot, Bow/Arrows buy>
    Amulet: Silver Amulet <BUY IF CAN! GET FROM LOOT IF LUCKY!>
    Although your main objective is to get to level 8, but it gets kind of boring,
    just hunting. So then, you can go off and do quest with others, and also make
    friends. There are many quest in rook, and I will show two kinds of quest. One
    kind of quest is the box quest, where only each character can do once. You
    open a box, barrel, body, tree, etc. And you will recieve an item. The other 
    kind of quest is where you have to ask NPCs questions, until you get enough 
    hints to know what to look for.
    Combat Knife
    In the Rat Sewers, going southeast, you'll find this partially hidden box 
    guarded by 1-2 rats, open it and you'll get a combat knife.
    Amber's Quest
    Go to Amber, say "Hi", and if you say quest, or mission, and she'll say that 
    she left her private notebook at the ship southeast of Rook. Just go southeast
    and you'll find a "plank". It's actually the ship, open one of the boxes and
    you'll get her notebook. Give it to her, and you'll get a short sword.
    Rapier Quest
    In the Rat Sewers, cross the bridge, go up, then left, then down, then left,
    then up until you see a hole. You do not need a rope for the hole. In the hole 
    are around 5 rats at full respawn, so becareful if your level ranges from 1-2.
    In there you will find a chest, open it and you will find a 
    *= Hole to Rapier quest
    += Place where you come in at
    #= Useless place for Rapier Quest
              #_ _________
             _|#|  _____  |
            |*|#| |     | |
            | |#| |_____| |
           _| |#| ||_+ ___|
         # _  |#| |
            | |_| |
    Doublet Quest
    If you sell Tom the Tanner a rat, he'll  give you 2 gp for it, and will also 
    say that up north there was this guy that lived there, and that he might of 
    left some stuff there. If you go north of his shop, you'll see a ladder leading
    downwards, go down. Then go right 3 steps, then use "ctrl+left click" on the
    board to your right, then you'll get a doublet.
    Torch Quest
    Go to the Amber place, go up following the path, kill the rat in the way, open 
    switches to open doors and walls, and at the really top you'll find a box, open
    it and you'll get a torch.
    Dead Dragon Quest
    The dead dragon quest is like a box quest, except you open a dead dragon. To do
    the dead dragon quest, bring 5 life fluids at max, a scythe, a rope, and a 
    shovel. First go to the place where the guy sells life fluids, but don't go up.
    Instead keep heading south. Then you'll see this cave. Go down, and you'll
    probably meet this bear. Kill the bear and go south/east. You'll probably meet
    some more bears, kill them. Then you will come across some grass and a pool,
    aat the end of the pool, you will see a pile of gravel, go around the pool and
    open the pile of gravel by using a shovel on it. Go down the hole. After you go
    down, you will see some hay. Use the scythe to cut open the path. After you cut
    down the hay in the passage. You will see fire and another passage. Eat some 
    food, then follow the path, even if you have to walk on fire. Don't stop until 
    you see the dead dragon and use life fluids when you need one. You will need 
    110 capacity to hold the loot. After you get to the end of the passage, you 
    will see a dead dragon, with fire around the walls. Open the dead dragon, and 
    rush back. Open the bag, and inside you will find a Legion Helmet and a Copper
    Carlin Sword Quest
    First you need to recruit people to do carlin sword quest, or you can say 
    recruiting people to do mino hell quest. Also remeber to bring boxes. First you
    enter the cave just north of the bridge where you have to be level 2 above to
    get past. Then you go right. After you go really right you'LL see a ladder 
    that leads downstairs, go in. Then go up, and after you go up, you will see 
    the road split into two, go left, not right. After you go left, you will see a 
    ladder leading downstairs, go in. After you are in, keep going up until you see 
    a ladder going down. DO NOT GO IN. Now is the time where you get someone to go 
    in and lure monsters so you can hook them up with a rope. After you hooked 
    enough monsters up and killed them, go down and clear the rest. Then go 
    south/east. There you will see a stairs downstairs. Now you have to throw 
    your boxes in. Then you send your highest leveled guy in, with some life fluids
    to move the boxes so you block the minos. Why not kill the minos!?! Because 
    there are like 10 of them. After they are blocked up, you walk right past them
    and open the chests there. You will find a carlin sword, 12 arrows, a few
    poison arrows, fishing rod, and some other stuff I think. Now you can kill the 
    minos, by letting one out at a time. After all the minos are dead, you probably
    heard some monster saying "learn the secret uff death". Well thats a mino mage.
    Go as left as you can, then go up, then you will see the mino mage. Go back 
    down, and you will see this door, that's locked. After the door are some energy
    fields. Then after the energy fields, there is another door, past that door, is
    the mino mage. I don't know how to get there and if you do, please tell my rook
    char, Libera, name Gabux, or mail me. Somewhere in the Carlin Sword Quest room,
    you will find this book. Read it and it will say that the minos were making 
    this tunnel. The orcs were fine with it, but the humans kept pouring in. They 
    were like little kids after candy, one after another, so the mino mage decided 
    to lock himself up, and gave orders directly to this mino. Now they live there. 
    Something like that.
    Present Box Quest/Chain Armor Quest
    The part where you go up and there are two roads, left one leading to Carlin 
    Sword Quest, go right for the present box quest. Go down and there just might 
    be one mino, and a few orcs. When you are at the floor you want to be, you go 
    right, and you will see a mino, and a switch behind it. Switch the switch, go 
    up, and you will see that the stone that used to block the door is gone, open 
    the door, kill the bear. Open some chest, get chain armor, brass helmet, 40 gp,
    a few arrows. To get the present box, open the chest near the switch you 
    switched to move the stone.
    Banana Quest
    If you talk to Willie, and say recipies, he'll say he always wanted to make
    banana pie, but he doesn't have a banana. So if you go northeast of the place
    where the guy sells life fludis, and follow the map, you'll see a banana tree.
    Open it as if it was a box, and you'll get a banana. You can choose to give 
    the banana to Willie, or to eat it.
    += Life fluid selling hole
    *= banana tree area
    #= mass area
    @= sea   
    %= when you go north, stop at this point
        ##########################         @
        ##########################         @
        ######%%%%%%%%############******   @   
        ######%%%%%%%%############******   @
        ##########################******   @
        ##########################         @
        ##########################         @ 
        #####__________###########         @
             |    +   |
    Honey Flower Quest
    First go past the bridge, the one you need to be level 2 to get past. Then go 
    down, and go north, then climb the Spider Mountain. After that go left until 
    you see two exits, one exit goes up, the other one goes down. Go to either one. 
    After that, go left until you see the bear place, like on the map below. Beside
    the bear place is the wasp tower. Go up the wasp tower, with a rope. Keep going
    up until you get the honey flower. Then you go to the premmy side, and find the
    guy that trades studded legs for the flower.
    @= Spider Mountain
    $= Exits
    #= Bear Place
    *= Bridge you have level 2 to get past
    %= Mass area
    \= Hill to climb up to get up to Spider Mountain
    += Water
    &= Wasp Tower
    &&&&&&&&##           ##
    &&&&&&&&##           ##
    &&&&&&&&##      #######
    &&&&&&&&##      ####
    &&&&&&&&##      ####        
    &&&&&&&&                                    $
    &&&&&&&&                                  @@@@
                                                $ +++%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    Katana Quest
    If you follow the directions listed in the part about hunting areas, you 
    continue into the poison fields. There you will encounter two rotworms, kill
    them and search one of the dead bodies containing a key. The dead body should
    be covered by many other corpse. Go down the hole after retrieving the key. 
    There should be a skeleton, kill it, open the door, and head down. Once you're
    down there, go north, finda hidden lever under one of the poles. Switching it
    will open the door. Kill the rotworm and two skeletons, and look for 2 fresh
    bodies. One will contain the famous katana, and the other will contain the
    viking helmet.
    -N00B TRICKS-
    Green Tea
    After hunting for a long time, you are on your way back to town, low lifed when
    suddenly a person comes out. He then asks you, "Need some help? You're pretty 
    hurt. Drinking this will help." Then suddenly on the ground you see this wierd
    container with a green thing in it. Inside you think "Wow! Such a nice guy! I
    really do need to gain life." So without knowing, you drink the potion of 
    "slime". Suddenly you feel pain within your chest, then your stomach, then 
    through your whole body. Gradually, you start to lose life. Then you wonder,
    what I just drank, was it poison? Suddenly you feel a stab in your chest, the
    poison has taken its final damage. You are dead. You have downgraded from 
    level X to level X. 
    This is a trick some people like to use on new people. They either say this 
    will help, like above, or they will say drink some green tea. Never drink this 
    green tea, or helping potion because it is a potion of slime, which can kill. 
    The only way to survive a potion of slime is either go to a healing NPC, and 
    ask it to heal you, or be the level of 8, and wait it out. 
    D U P L I C A T E
    Another trick in rook, is that when you're selling something, a person comes 
    out and says he wants to buy the item, you say yes, and he says some really 
    low offer for the item. Of course you say no, but then he says that thats all 
    the money he has. So later you say bye, because your not going to sell the item
    to him, when he says if he teaches you to duplicate the item, will you give it 
    to him. If you say no, you made the right decision, if you say yes. The person 
    will take you to the trading room, tell you to out the item on the counter, 
    then tell you to hold ctrl and type d u p l i c a t e. Ctrl+L or ctrl+q makes 
    you log off, and if you do type ctrl+ duplicate, before you actually duplicate
    the item you have logged off, because in the word duplicate, there is the 
    letter L, and ctrl+L makes you log off, so once you log off, the person will 
    run over and grab the item you put on the counter. 
    Sometimes two people or one person will corner you, and make sure you cannot 
    run. He then will say use ctrl + click on me for fun, then click yourself. If
    you do that, you will become poisoned as he had used a tiny little cup to 
    contain the poison. It is hidden under his body, but by the time you find out,
    it will be too late.
    Knight: A knight gains 15 hp, 5 mana, and 25 capacity each level. He gains 
    skills in melee weapons fastest (club, axe, and sword are melee weapons) and he 
    gains shielding as fast as a paladin. He gains magic level slowest and can 
    learn very few spells. A knight is the best for most new people.
    Pally: A paladin gains 10 hp,15 mana, and 20 capacity each level. The pally is
    like the most average character. He gains in distance fighting the fastest, 
    shielding the same as a knight, and melee skills slower than a knight, and 
    faster than a sorcerer and a druid. He gains magic level faster than a knight, 
    but slower than a sorcerer and a druid.
    Sorc: A sorc gains 5 hp, 30 mana, and 10 capacity each level. He gains skills 
    in distance and melee  the slowest, but gains magic leve fastest. The sorc is 
    usually better for more experienced players.
    Druid: A druid gains everything the same as a sorc.
    Knight: The knight is usually the blocker, since he has so much life. Knights
    usually kill average creatures that the knight can handle. A knight must know
    when to use offensive, defensive, and balanced fighting. A knight gains 1 hp 
    every 6 seconds if food is eaten. He gains 1 mana every 12 seconds if food is
    eaten. Knights usually train (training is only availible if you are in a world
    where you can attack other players) to get their skills high. A knight usually 
    uses axes, or swords.
    Pally: Pallys use either spears, bow, or crossbows. Most people prefer to use 
    bows, and cross bows if they can. Bows and cross bows use ammunition. A bow
    uses arrows, which a pally can make by saying a spell. A cross bow uses bolts,
    which a pally can make by saying a spell. Only premmy accounts can learn the
    spell to make bolts. When bows and cross bows are used, a pally can't hold a 
    shield. When close range, the bow and cross bow usually doesn't do much damage.
    When a pally holds spears, he can hold a shield. The purpose of spears is 
    usually to train, to kill monsters in caves, dungeons, or narrow places where 
    you can't get a distance from the enemy. Pallys usually hunt strong creatures 
    since they can run and attack, from range. A pally should always use offensive 
    fighting when using a bow or cross bow.
    Sorc: Sorcs usually kill easy monsters with his melee weapon, and kills strong
    monsters with his runes and strong spells. Sorcs really cannot take in any 
    damage, and dies really easily, so everyone's like, what? Then why should I
    choose him/her as a vocation? The sorc is as strong as a bomb, and as fragile
    as glass. Sorcs learn offensive spells, and usually uses clubs.
    Druid: A druid is like a sorc, except they learn defensive spells. Some people
    think druids as a crummier version of a sorc, but it all depends on your point
    of view. While a sorc can kill quickily with sds, but a druid can make uhs 
    which can save many lives. A druid usually uses clubs.
    Once you have reached level 8, you can go to the oracle and go to main. The 
    oracle then will ask you what vocation you want to be, and what city you want 
    to go to. You can choose either Thais, Venore, Carlin, or Edron. You can only
    go to Edron if you're premmy.
    Each time you die, you will lose your bp, 10% of your skills, 10% of your exp, 
    and a 10% chance to lose your items. You can downgrade in level from dieing.
    Eating food will recover your life and mana for an amount of time, depending on
    what you ate. Life fluids will recover life. And Uhs will recover a sorc and 
    druid to full life, 75% of a pallys life, and some hp for a knight. 
    Take items you want as fast as you can. Some people like to steal your loot.
    Don't be stupid when hunting. Hunt something you can handle. When being 
    overcrowded by monsters, try to lure them out, and kill one at once, or run. 
    Don't fight a crowd of monsters unless your strong enough to handle it, or you
    like the feeling of death.
    Before going into a place to hunt, ask for some information about that place
    because you never know what kind of monsters you will encounter.
    Always bring a rope, machete, shovel, food, and some runes to heal if possible.
    Just because people get a skull when attacking a non skull player doesn't mean
    you should tick off every single person you see, especially high levels.
    Make as many friends you can make, and make as less enemeies you can make.
    If you can't carry all the loot you find, put them in bags, and throw the bag
    around. Of course some person will try to come over and steal it, but try to 
    throw the bag so he can't.
    When parcel trading, try to make the other person parcel first, because in 
    parcel trading, some people take the item you parceled and run off with it.
    Don't quit Tibia just because you died a few times, some people have died at 
    least a dozen times, but still didn't quit.
    Before you buy and sell items, first listen and see what is the price of the 
    item you want to buy or sell. Don't rip others off, and don't get ripped off.
    When you are afk, try to stay in a pz. Because to some people, afk means a 
    free kill, and might pk you, or lure some monster to kill you. 
    When selling or talking, do not spam. First, spamming makes people mad at you
    because they can't see the screen. Second, I actually saw a few people get 
    banned for spamming.
    5. ***MAIN***
    There are 4 major cities in Main. Thais, Venore, Carlin, and Edron. All players
    can go to Thais, Carlin, and Venore, while only Premmy can go to Edron. People 
    can also travel to Folda, Ab, Kazz, Darashia, and Darama.
    There are a few things you must know to adapt to main. First, there are at 
    least two PZs, one is the temple, the other one is the dp. The dp is a place
    where you can store your items in. The items within the dp is 100% safe. At
    the dp you can also buy letters, or parcels. Letters are just used as paper
    where you can write on it, and send it to the person you want to send it to.
    Meanwhile parcels are made to send items. First you write the name and 
    residence of the person on the label you get, then you put it in the parcel, 
    along with the items. But how do I send letters and parcels? Well all you 
    have to do, is put the letter and parcel (must be unused) in the blue mail
    box. If something goes wrong, then the letter or the parcel will not go in.
    If you are in a PVP World, there is something you must adapt to. In rook, you
    could try attacking a person, but then you would not be able. Now in Main, if
    you attack someone without a skull, you will get a white skull, and people who
    can see the white skull, can attack you or even kill you, without getting a bad
    kill. People with red skulls can be killed anytime, since their skull doesn't
    go off until like a month or so. People get red skull for killing too much
    Another thing is that you should not attack other people's monsters unless they
    ask for help. In rook, people attacked your monsters, you attacked theirs. But
    now in Main, if you attack someone's monsters, they could attack you. Yeah 
    they'll get a white skull, but who knows, maybe before someone comes and kills
    the PK, you're already dead.
    Keep in mind that this buying guide is for "New" people that have come to main.
    free= can be found for free
    NPC= Can be bought from NPC
    Armor: Scale armor <80-100gp, free>
    Helm: Soldier <30-60gp, free> Dark, Steel Helmet <100-200gp, free>
    Weapon: Scmitar(Sword) <100-500gp, free> Spike Sword(Sword) <1-2k> 
            Serpent Sword(Sword) <1-2k> Barbarian Axe(Axe) <500-1k> 
            Clerial Mace(Club) <50-100gp, free> Morning Star(CLub) <50-100gp, free>
    Shield: Dark Shield <50-100gp, free> Dwarven Shield <80-100gp, free>
            Bh Shield <1-1.5k>
    Legs: Chain Legs <?,NPC, free> Brass Legs <50-100gp, free>
    Boots: Leather boots <Free>
    Amulet: Scarf <100gp>  
    Ring: None
    Armor: Scale armor <80-100gp, free>
    Helm: Soldier <30-60gp, free> Dark, Steel Helmet <100-200gp, free>
    Weapon: Bow / Arrows <Bow: 50-100gp Arrows: 2gp a piece>
            Crossbow / Bolts <Crossbow: 100-150gp Bolts: 3gp a piece
            Spears <NPC, free>
    Shield: Dark Shield <50-100gp, free> Dwarven Shield <80-100gp, free>
            Bh Shield <1-1.5k>
    Legs: Chain Legs <?, NPC, free> Brass Legs <50-100gp, free>
    Boots: Leather Boots <Free>
    Amulet: Scarf <100gp> 
    Ring: None
    Armor: Brass Armor <50-100gp, free>
    Helm: Soldier <30-60gp, free> Dark, Steel Helmet <100-200gp, free>
    Weapon: Scmitar(Sword) <100-500gp, free> Spike Sword(Sword) <1-2k> 
            Serpent Sword(Sword) <1-2k> Barbarian Axe(Axe) <500-1k> 
            Clerial Mace(Club) <50-100gp, free> Morning Star(CLub) <50-100gp, free>
    Shield: Dark Shield <50-100gp, free> Dwarven Shield <80-100gp, free>
            Bh Shield <1-1.5k>
    Legs: Chain Legs <?,NPC, free> Brass Legs <50-100gp, free>
    Boots: Leather boots <Free>
    Amulet: Scarf <100gp> 
    Armor: Brass Armor <50-100gp, free>
    Helm: Soldier <30-60gp, free> Dark, Steel Helmet <100-200gp, free>
    Weapon: Scmitar(Sword) <100-500gp, free> Spike Sword(Sword) <1-2k> 
            Serpent Sword(Sword) <1-2k> Barbarian Axe(Axe) <500-1k> 
            Clerial Mace(Club) <50-100gp, free> Morning Star(CLub) <50-100gp, free>
    Shield: Dark Shield <50-100gp, free> Dwarven Shield <80-100gp, free>
            Bh Shield <1-1.5k>
    Legs: Chain Legs <?,NPC, free> Brass Legs <50-100gp, free>
    Boots: Leather boots <Free>
    Amulet: Scarf <100gp> 
    Ring: None
    *When richer get plate set <1.5k>, G-Shield, or Dragon Shield. Fs, K axe,
    D hammer, or War Hammer. Sword, Axe, CLub ring.*
    ______|_____|_____|_____|   *I think Sorcs, and Druids should use Brass Armor
    ----- |     |     |     |    because it is lighter than Scale by 25 cap, and is
    Def:| |  9  |  8  | 10  |    only 1 defense lower. Knights and Pallys should 
    ----- |-----------------|    use Scale Armor, because a Knight has cap to spare
    Cap:| | 105 | 80  | 120 |    and a Pally has ok cap to take it.*
    ----- |-----------------|    
    ----- |       |    |     |
    Def:| |   5   |  6 |  6  |  *Dark and Steel Helm are the exact the same, except
    ----- |------------------|   for its shape and color.*
    Cap:| |  32   | 46 | 46  |   
    ----- |------------------|
    ----- |     |     |     |
    Def:| |  3  |  5  |  7  |
    ----- |-----------------|
    Cap:| |  35 |  38 |  50 |
    ----- |-----------------|
           |Dark|Dwarven|Bh |
    -----  |    |       |   |
    Def:|  | 25 |  26   | 28|
    -----  |----------------|
    Cap:|  | 52 |  55   | 47|
    -----  |----------------|
    ----- |        |     |       |       |       |         |
    Atk:| |   19   |  24 |   26  |   25  |   28  |    28   |
    ----- |------------------------------------------------|
    Def:| |   13   |  21 |   15  |   11  |   15  |    18   |
    ----- |------------------------------------------------|
    Cap:| |   29   |  50 |   41  |   54  |   58  |    51   |
    ----- |------------------------------------------------|
          |Bow |Crossbow|Arrows|Bolts|
    ----- |    |        |      |     |
    Atk:| | 30 |   45   |  30  |  45 |
    ----- |--------------------------|
    Def:| | 0  |   0    |   0  |  0  |
    ----- |--------------------------|
    Cap:| | 20+|   25+  |  0.8 | 0.8 |
    ----- |--------------------------|
    ----- |     |  
    Def:| |  1  |
    ----- |------
    Cap:| |  2  | 
    ----- |------
    Use:| | Def | 
    ----- |------
    -5 main cities of Tibia-
    All the comments, quotes, and stuff about the cities are probably only true if
    you are in the server Libera.
    Yes, the most populated city. Before it was a peaceful city, now it's these pks
    that get the mad blood stirring, the day is hot, and they'll probably get in
    a brawl, they might as well retire. Once in a while, there'll be mass pks. Lets
    show it by using a journal.
    Day 1
    OMG, the first day I'm living in Thais! And the first time I died. After I left
    the dp, suddenly a crazy red skull Fbed the whole place, it was as if Thais was
    hit by a fireball the size of sun! A few other level 8 like me burned down to 
    ashes before they could make it back to the dp. I was just out of the dp, when
    fire came. It burned my body, and my legs went in pain. I lifted my feet, and
    crawled over to the dp as fast as I could, when suddenly LAG! I pressed the 
    left arrow button 5 times, yet he moved only one step. I said Uh me please 5 
    times, yet he only said it once. The dp was right in front of me, but I knew my
    fate. Right there, in front of the dp, I burned...
    Day 2
    I'm level 7 now, but I'm not discouraged. Before I left the temple, I looked
    around. Whew, no fire. I stepped out, and walked until I got to Grof the Guard.
    Suddenly this level 40 some knight pops out and starts pking everyone he sees.
    In terror, everyone rush for the dp, but then the advancing human wall 
    stumble over each other, and everyone gets stuck, traffic. Everyone's telling
    each other to budge, to move. I crawl my way to the dp. I thought inside, yes,
    at least I'm still green life, I can go hunting right after this pk leaves. 
    Utani hur... HOLY! He's charging right to the low levels! As I move people, and
    try to get to the dp, I watch a level 8, take the blows of the level 40. Then
    suddenly for some reason, he targets me. He bashes, and bashes, and once I'm
    red, he taregts someone else. Although at the end, the 40 some knight 
    apologized for his actions, and that he was just "mad", he totally ruined my
    hunting plan.
    Day 3
    Yes, no pks, no fire. I go out to hunt, and everything's fine. Ahh, what a good
    day to hunt. Suddenly this guy pops out of no where, and starts attacking me.
    Agh! I'm also at low life! Agh! I yell Pk! Peekay! But no one is here to hear 
    it. I run and run, but the pally's arrows keep hitting me. I whisper a healing
    spell, yes more life. OMG! This guy has got a partner. I try to run and dodge
    the arrows and Hmms, but they were too strong. With my last breath, I throw my
    bp in the water, at least they won't get my bp...
    Day 4 
    No pks, no fire, enough health to run. Everything under my control. I finish
    the last bit of my soda. Oooo. Gotta go to the bathroom. I think, hmm, if I log
    it'll be hard to get on again. Hmm. I'll leave it on, it won't take long. After
    I come back, on the screen shows the words, you are dead. Augh! A pker!
    Day 5
    Ugh, I'm getting scared of pkers, I think I'll stay at the dp, and just hang
    around. Suddenly outside, I see this guy with a white skull, a pk. Suddenly
    he says, Misclick! Misclick! And this guy comes out, and explains it to 
    everybody, and they back off, and the white skull survives. 
    Day 6
    I'm hunting. This time everything undercontrol. No pks, no fire, enough health,
    and got daipers. Everything should be fine, when suddenly I accidenly misclick.
    But last time the dude misclicked and he was fine, so I explained it was a
    misclick. But these guys were hungry for a kill, a justified kill. They ignore 
    what I say, once again I die...
    Day 7-9 Hunting, everything fine, gained some levels.
    Day 10
    I was hunting, when this low level starts to attack me. I'm sure I can win him,
    so I kill him, and suddenly these high levels come, and tell me I'm hunted
    to rook. But what does that mean? Suddenly they kill me.
    Day 11
    Killed by the high levels again.
    Day 12
    Day 13
    They're gone! No they aren't someone else came and took their job.
    Day 14
    Day 15
    Day 16
    Yes! They stopped!
    Day 17-20 No pks, no fires, no high level killing, odd isn't it?
    Day 21
    Realized in rook.
    Day 22
    Back in main, killed by a lurer, lured a GS...
    And his days go on. Well, this is Thais in Libera. But don't think it as like
    a really bad place, because no ones as unlucky as the guy above, I set like
    most of his days to get pked, to shorten the journal. There are actually a few
    hunting grounds at thias. 
    The Ancient Temple North
    In the Ancient Temple, if you go north, where most new people go, and go 
    downwards, you'll meet rotworms. And then if you go east, than north, there'll
    be more rotworms. Those are the only places where rotworms spawn, that is safe.
    If you go back, there'll probably be more rotworms. Than in the middle, you'll
    see a hole, there are skeletons in there, they spawn really slow. And if you go
    down the hole, and than east, you'll see a ladder, if you go up, there'll be
    slimes. Slimes have 160 hp and give 160 exp and give no loot. It's worth the 
    kill, if you can handle them. They can summon up to 6 other slimes, and the 
    summoned slimes do not give exp. So kill the mother as fast as you can. They
    have low defense, and high attack. After that, if you keep going south, you'll
    see two roads, one going east, one going west. If you go west, you'll find a
    cave with only ghouls, up to three at full respawn. If you go east, you'll find
    a cave with ghouls and skeletons. If you go south of that cave, you'll see a 
    place where you can rope yourself up, go up, and there'll be rotworms there.
    That rotworm spawning place is unsafe, because there are fire devils there. So
    if you do want to go up and kill the rotworms, do not go any further, Fds can
    kill people fast. Now, lets go all the way back to the place where rotworms
    spawn safe. If you go east, and than south, you'll meet some poison spiders.
    Than if you keep going south, you'll meet orcs, and a path east. Going east 
    will go to the fd place, so I'd rather not go there. Warning, fds can be lured
    to the orc place, poison spider place, and even the rotworm place.
    The Ancient Temple South
    If you go to The Ancient Temple, and than you go south, all you have to do is
    keep following the road, just keep going south. After you reach your first
    cross road, where there are four roads, one going north, south, west, and east.
    Go east, and there'll be orcs, one orc warrior if full respawn. Than if you go
    south, and you keep going south, southeast, you'll meet up to two orc warriors
    at full respawn, and there'll be a hole. Go in the hole. In the hole, if you go 
    northeast until you come to a big area, there will be two roads, one east, one
    north. Go north, and you'll meet orcs. Than if you go west, you'll meet more
    orcs, and a ladder. Go down. Beware, at full respawn, there can be around
    4 orcs, 3 spearman, 2 warriors.
    The Ancient Temple, Bh Area
    If we follow off from The Ancient Temple South, from the place, where you can
    go east or north, and if you go north, there'll be orcs. If you go east, like
    northeast, you'll find bhs. Sometimes the drawbridge will be closed, so you
    can't get past, this means that someone is hunting here, and does not want 
    people to bother him. But don't worry, after a while, the drawbridge will open
    itself. Warning, only hunt bhs, if you are a skilled knight/pally, like higher
    than 47/47 skills. If you are a mage (a mage means a sorc or a druid), than
    you might want to bring fbs, and gfbs. Well, if you go past the drawbridge, at
    full respawn, there'll be two bhs there. Kill them, and than go northeast, and 
    than south, at full respawn, there'll be two more bhs. Than if you go west, 
    there'll be nothing, but if you use a pick somewhere along the wall, you'll
    open a hidden hole. Go in and there'll be three bhs, three. Kill them, and then
    open the chest, and thats the bh quest. You'll get a life ring, and a dragon
    amulet. The life ring makes you heal life faster, and the dragon amulet makes
    fire do less damage to you. So if you were burned, instead of 10 damage, you'll
    recieve 9 damage. Bhs can give, longswords, spell books, wooden shield, gold,
    two handed sword, morning star, and bh shields. (good loot)
    Wolf Madness
    If you go north of thais, and follow the west road, you'll come to a place 
    where you'll see many wolf bodies, this is the place where wolves spawn. At
    full respawn, there can be up to at least 6-7 wolves.
    Bear Cave
    If you go north of the wolf place, you'll come to a bear cave. At full respawn,
    there can be up to 4-6 bears.
    Orc Rider Place
    Going north of the bear cave, you'll come to a place, where orc spearman, orc
    warriors, orc riders, and orc beserkers spawn. Luckily, they're locked up by
    a hill. Usually high leveled, and good skilled people hunt there. Mages can 
    hunt there, if they have fbs, ffs, and gfbs.
    Wild Warrior, and Valkyrie Place
    Going west of the wolf place, there'll be a place where wild warrios and 
    valkyries spawn. At full respawn there can be one valk, and one wild warrior.
    Besides of hunting the wild warrior, and valkyrie, you can also hunt snakes and
    bears there. At full respawn, there can be two bears, and over 6 snakes.
    Orc Shaman Tower
    West of the valk, and wild warrior place, there'll be an orc shaman tower.
    First floor snakes, second floor, guarded by War Wolves, and snakes. Third
    floor, guarded by orc shamans themselves. Orc shamans can summon snakes, which
    becomes their meat shield, and can cast spells doing up to 40 damage.
    Green Shore
    Northwest of the wolf place, up a hill, and down one, is green shore. There's a
    sign saying green shore. If you go up and down the hill, and than go north a 
    bit you'll see a hole. Inside the hole are orcs, orc spearmans, and a ladder. 
    Going down the ladder will have two orc warrios, and three orc spearman at full 
    respawn. Going down the ladder there, will lead to a place with more orcs. If
    you follow a certian path, you'll meet orc spearman, trolls, poison spiders, 
    and cave rats.
    If you don't go down the hole, and into the city, you can find a NPC there, who
    sells longswords for 70 gp. Going west, you can find spiders, bugs, wolves, and
    a cave rat cave.
    Troll Caves
    If you go east of Thais, and than after you leave the city, you go east, until
    you meet a place where you find trolls. Go a little south, and you'll find a 
    lot of gravel, only one can be shovled open, go in, and than go west. Then 
    you'll enter the troll caves, inside are only trolls. If you go east instead of
    west, you'll find a place go in (I'm not sure if it goes up or down). If you
    go north, you'll find orcs. If you go east, and than up the stairs, you'll find
    wasps, and orcs. And if you go up the hill, you'll find scorpians. If you go 
    down the stairs, and than down the ladder, you'll find a place with orcs, and
    orc warriors. If you keep going in, you'll find a place with rotworms too.
    Mount Sterumn
    Going North of Thais, and once you leave the city, go east. If you follow the 
    path, you'll come to a place where it seems like a tower, it has a flag on the
    top of it. Go north from there, and you'll find a cave, inside are cyclops.
    If you go up of the cyclops cave, there'll be even more cyclops. If you go 
    north, but not into the cyclops cave, you'll find a place where there are elves
    . There are elves, and elf scouts there.
    Cyclops Plain
    If you go west of Thais, and then south. You'll come across 1-2 mino guards, 
    and some minos. If you go east, you'll come across a place with a lot of 
    If you head north of thais, you will encounter a beach, go right and you will
    see swamps, in there is a hole, it contains bhs.
    If you head southwest of thais, you will come across a hole, enter it and follow
    the path. When you are out, you will end up in Fibula. Talk to the beggar, bring
    800 gp, and say hi,help, yes, yes, yes, yes.. until you recieve the key. Go to
    the middle, enter the well, and open the door with the key, inside will be orcs
    bhs, ds, and rotworms.
    Suddenly, a stampede of humans rush to some place. Where are they going? I 
    follow along. Some people lift there heads, as if they were trying to see 
    something, while some people yell out for people to move, human traffic. 
    Finally there is some space for people to move forward. I move forward, when
    suddenly a call shouts out, it's the gm. All Tibians, careful, at the entrance
    of Venore, there is a lured DL and Gs. What!?! I lift my head, but I still 
    can't see anything. Suddenly I hear someoene yelling, agh! DL here I come! Once
    again we move forward, and finally I can see whats going on. Down there, the 
    guy that went down, incinerated in front of everyboy. There you could see the 
    dl, spewing fire all over the place, it's a living hell. Passing travelers run
    at the sight of the dl, the dl is lured away, and the travleres die. Only a few
    make it to Venore. Suddenly a premmy walks down, lured the dl back, and uses
    exani hur up, and goes up to a mountain. More and more traveleres pass by, the
    dl burns, the gs kills. Suddenly some brave men go down and kill the monsters.
    Waiting for the fire to burn down, we wait. Finally the fire has burned down.
    We walk down, and look at what was left of the travelers, burned to ashes. 
    Some people cry in joy, as they collect their loot, while some weep for their
    family who were coming to Venore. I look around and look at the remains, a Gs
    corpse, a Dl corpse, and over 10 tibian corpse.
    This really happened in Venore, a dl and gs lured to the entrance. The story 
    was true, and the only thing I didn't add was that when it happened, some pker
    added some of his "own" fire to the living hell, and the watchers had to burn
    because the human wall just wouldn't budge. I don't usually see pks at venore,
    except for some misclicks. Venore is a peaceful city (I think) and beutiful.
    Built above swamps, it's like a hovering city. There are a few hunting grounds
    at Venore, I don't know all, so I'm just going to name the ones I know. 
    *Luring is not possible anymore*
    Amazon Camp (Aka, Zon Camp, Ama Camp)
    Go nortwest of Venore, and you'll come to a ladder going downwards. Go down,
    beside there you'll see a hole where you need a shovel to open with. Open
    it and you'll find cave rats. If you want to hunt cave rats go here, if you 
    want to hunt something else, don't go in. Go north, until you see a drawbridge
    going over, keep going north until there seems to be no road, because some 
    trees are blocking the path. Actually you can get past, just squish around, and
    you'll get past. Then go north, into the house. In front will be a stairs. Go
    west. Then go north, then you'll reach the Amazon Camp. On the surface, the 
    ground, are only amazons. In the towers, and underneath the grounds has valks.
    Up the hill are witches, and underneath the ground, in the cave, has a witch.
    There are two quest here. Go to the hill where there are witches, kill the
    witches, open the chest, and that's one quest. Go in the cave, and go to the
    northeast place, kill the witch, open the chest, and thats the other quest.
    I forgot what you get from those two quest. Warning, orc bezerkers, and orc
    leaders can be lured to the amazon camp, so if you see one, either go to high
    grounds, or go beneath the ground. Do not underestimate a zerk or leader.
    Once there was this pally, at the zon camp, and someone lured a zerker over.
    And since zerkers are close ranged, so he was like "HERE ZERKY! HERE ZERKY, 
    ZERKY, ZERKY!" and then suddenly a leader came, slashed and stabbed, and down
    to the the ground he fell.
    Bh Cave
    On the way to the amazon camp, there's a house, and a stairs leading downwards.
    Go downwards, and theres a slime, kill it. If you have the key, you can open
    the door down south. Go in, and its the bh cave. In the bh cave are skeletons
    and bhs.
    Dwarf Bridge
    Going south west of Venore, then going down the ladder, then going north is
    the dwarf bridge. Up there are dwarves, and dwarf soldiers. If you go down, and
    go up, following a path west, you can get to Kazz, and then to the dwarf mines
    near Kazz.
    Southwest of Venore, then going down, then west, is the desert. There, there 
    are lions, scorpians, mino mages, and mino archers. The desert place is also
    the place where you can do the 10k quest.
    Wild Warrior Camp
    Somewhere near Venore, is a wild warrior camp. I never went there, but my 
    friend did.
    Scorpian Plain
    On the way to the amazon camp, past the house, there'll be a hole. Go in, then 
    follow the only path, go up. There on the other side will be scorpians. You'll
    need a machete to cut the jungle grass. After you cut, you can go to the other
    side. I've only met scorps, wasps, and slimes. 
    Hidden Swamp Trolls
    Go south of venore, and keep going down until you hit the coast. Move right 
    until you see a path leading upwards, if you go up there should be a few snakes
    and a hidden hole beneath a tree.
    If you go west of venore, you will come across swamps. Explore a bit, until you
    see a road leading upwards, go up and there will be trolls waiting for you. If
    you go deeper into their grounds, there will be 3 witches and a quest.
    Orc Cave
    If you go east of venore, and you head north (northeast) you will find the roads
    small and winded. Keep following until you see a hill with orcs inside. Use
    your shovel and open the hole, inside are orcs, orc spearman, and one orc shaman
    with a quest.
    Carlin, the city of woman. I don't have much to say about Carlin.
    The sewers of Carlin contains bugs, rotworms, and one slime spawn.
    Fields of Glory
    In the fields of glory, there is an amazon camp with amazons, valkeryies, and
    a witch. To reach there, head north of Carlin.
    If you go southeast of carlin, you will come across a room with many boxes. 
    Search through them until you find a box rewarding you with a key. Bring the
    key to the graveyard and open the locked door to find trolls, and fanfare quest.
    Ice Lands
    If you go northwest of carlin, you will come across a plank with a man. If you
    give him 20gp, he will bring you to the icelands.
    Ghost Town
    Southwest of Carlin is ghost town. I haven't been there yet.
    The city of the elves.
    The hunting ground loved by many. If you follow the coast west of ab (after you
    leave the gates) you will reach elvenbane. Destroy field the fire, shovel the
    gravel, and enter the cave. The first level contains minotaurs, orcs, 
    orc warrios, dwarves, trolls, and orc spearman. Then there will be two roads,
    one downwards, one upwards. If you go downwards, you will see more orcs, minos
    and orc warriors. If you go down again, there will be more minos, more 
    orc warriors, and 1-2 mino gaurds depending on the spawn. Now if you head up
    there will be minotaurs, orc warriors, and orc spearman. There are 4 towers.
    The southeast one has a mino archer on the top, and orc warriors/elves on the
    second level. The northeast one has a hunter on the really top. The northwest
    one has orc warriors on the second level, and an orc berserker on the top.
    The southwest one has elves on the top. In the middle is a building, down there
    spawns orc berserkers, mino guards, and minos. If you head up the building there
    will be a might big patch of poison gas, and up is a dragon. Up again is ds and
    elf arcanist. There is a quest there.
    Elf Cave
    If you head north of ab, you will come across a cave. Inside are elves, elf 
    scouts, and elf arcanist.
    Ghoul Cave
    If you go all the way north of ab, until you hit the end, there is a cave 
    containing a ghoul, skeletons, and slimes.
    Troll Room
    If you go to the basment dp, and head left, you will see some houses. Go down
    stairs and then head north. You will see a npc elf. Give him 50gp and he will
    give you the key for the troll room just north of you. The troll room is
    connected to the ghoul cave.
    Hells Gate
    I haven't been there before, but I know it's somewhere in ab. Inside it are ds
    skeletons, ghouls, scorpians, and many more.
    I think I spelled the name wrong. Anyway, it is the city of the dwarves. Go
    north of thais to reach it.
    Old Mine
    Somewhere inside the "town" there is a mine containing dwarves. Since it is so
    close to town, it's usually very crowded.
    Dwarf Mines
    West of kazz are the dwarf mines. There are like 5 of them. Inside are dwarves,
    rotworms, dwarf soldiers, and dwarf guards. Many people love the mines as there
    are many monsters, and plenty of loot.
    Single BH Spawn
    On your way to kazz, there will be a rope hole leading somewhere else, in it is
    the single bh spawn. (I'm sorry, but it is way too hard to explain where)
    East of kazz is a single dragon spawn. You can reach there through a tunnel 
    located to the east of the dwarf bridge.
    6.Frequently Asked Questions
    Q:Is tibia a free game?
    A:Of course it is, although you can pay real money to upgrade your account.
    Q:Who is CIP?
    A:The company who created tibia.
    Q:Do gamemasters/gods ask for my account numbers/password?
    A:They will never ask for your account numbers/password, at least no through
    "mail" in tibia.
    Q:Is it possible to shift my character from one world to another?
    A:No, I'm sorry, it is I-M-P-O-S-S-B-L-E!
    Q:Cool, what is this site? www.iamahacksitemadetohackyou.com Is it the official
    A:NO! Never, ever enter those sites, those are hacksites. And yes, they look
    exactly like the official website (yeah, they are amazing, I wonder where they
    get all that time)but do not get tricked! The official website is www.tibia.com
    On the site are listed supported fansites if you want to explore more about 
    Q:How come my character stops walking for a second, and suddenly pops up 
    somewhere else?
    A:Well that's lag, and sometimes there are kicks, where you are booted out of 
    tibia. Ways to prevent it? Upgrade your computer and hope everythingis going
    fine in CIP headquarters.
    Q:What is teleporting?
    A:It is when you log off in an area and have your buddies or stranger walk 
    onto your spot with another guy behind him. kind of like this. 
    @ = spot you logged off at
    # = helping guy
    @##  <-- the the two people move into your spot, and make sure there are no 
    more spots for you to log in later (so to teleport you need spots like the dp)
    When you log in, you will be teleported to the temple you are residence in.
    Q:Is teleporting legal?
    (more to be added)

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