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    Ultimate Bullseye FAQ by nemesis2

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    Guide for Neopets
    Online only/Web
    By nemesis2 (e-mail:nemmysmailbox@yahoo.com.au)
    I am no longer a neopets player.I have quit neopets.The only reason
    I may sometimes go on there is to check something for this guide.
    As of December 1st 2004,I am no longer obliged to answer any e-mails about
    neopets.In other words,I most likely will not reply to any e-mail/neomail
    unless it is really important.This guide will still be updated by me until
    further notice.
    Since December 1st,I have actually being getting more e-mails about my
    guides,and I think putting this notice up on all of my FAQS will help.
    If you just want to say farewell or want to send me something about neopets
    which isn't related to this guide,then that is fine too.I will respond
    to interesting questions and fix ridiculous mistakes detected by readers.
    Ultimate Bullseye is one of my favourite games on Neopets.It consists of a
    target and a crossbow and the aim of the game is to hit the bullseye!
    (the centre of the target,like you didnt know) 
    This game takes a lot of skill and practice so thats why I decided to make
    a guide for this game,to help you with this at times,difficult game
    So Read on and gain my knowledge...
    Direct Link-www.neopets.com/games/bullseye.phtml
    NP Ratio-800 np per 100 points
    Limit-3 plays per day.
    INTRODUCTION (From Neopets Website)
    At last, Bullseye is back!!! You have ten shots to try and hit 
    the bullseye in this medieval game of skill and timing! 
    Use the up and down arrow keys to move the crossbow, keep the Space Bar down to
    build-up power, and then release it to fire. If you manage to get a bullseye on
    the last shot, you can keep on firing until you miss! 
    Lastly, if you get a Bullseye you get a cool power-up to use for the next shot. 
    Good luck! 
    Up and Down arrow- Moves Crossbow
    Space Bar-Build up Crossbow power, release to fire arrow.
    Enter-Confirm options,powerup usage
    -The Crossbow
    Remember you have to have this positioned on the correct angle or it will 
    affect your shot SERVERELY! You can have it just slightly to steep or low and 
    you will at most get one or 2 points. A good place for most targets is the 
    centre although if it is a bit higher or lower than the average raise the 
    crossbow on a slightly higher or lower angle.
    When you have the crossbow positioned correctly hold down the spacebar to 
    build up power for the shot and release to fire. Timing is CRUCIAL.
    If you let go too early, then the arrow will 'die down'.If you let go around 
    full and then it will fly straight past the target.
    -The target
    Each Part of the target has a point value. Here they are.
    Brown Wood  0pts
    Outer Ring  1pt
    2nd Ring    2pts
    3rd Ring    3pts
    4th Ring    5pts
    Bullseye    10pts
    When you hit the bullseye you get a special 'powerup' which can be used on a 
    later turn.There is four different powerups and here is a short description
    of each.
    Fire Ring-Fire the arrow through the ring to get double points. So a bullseye
    is worth 20 POINTS!!!.Be careful that you don’t aim too low though because you 
    could hit the pole and get no points at all :(. Also Remember that the power 
    bar timing may be different for slower computers if you use this power up.
    Punchbag Bob- This is punchbag bob from the one player battledome except he 
    has an apple on his head If you hit the apple on its head you get 20 points!
    But if you hit the body of punchbag bob or miss you get no points at all:(
    Closer-Brings the target closer and makes it easier to hit.Remember that
    different power levels may be required when using this powerup.
    Expanding Bullseye- This makes the bullseye expand and shrink making it easier
    to hit, if you time it right.
    Powerup Symbols
    Fire Ring-F
    Punchbag Bob-P
    Expand Bullseye-B
    -Save all of your powerups until the end!!! Because if you hit the bullseye on 
    your last shot you get an extra shot. You keep shooting until you don’t get at
    least 10 pts with one shot.Then the game ends.
    Some people have made 300pts or more by doing this. 
    My high score is 171.
    -Use the punchbag bob and the fire ring powerups at the same time(I recommend
    the last shot) because if you hit the apple with a fire arrow, you get 40 
    However, If you miss you get nothing, which will be two wasted powerups.
    Also remember that the powerup timing may be different for slower computers
    and you may miss-time it altogether.
    -Never release the arrow before the third line unless it is VERY CLOSE. 
    Also never go full power because the arrow will just fly straight past the 
    -Even if you have used up your three daily plays for NP, still play anyway for 
    practice,so that you can get decent scores consistently.(Very few people can)
    -NEVER submit a score under 25.If you are not getting at least 200 np
    from this game per try and then practice so you can get 200 np all the
    -This game is best played on fullscreen. You can aim the crossbow more 
    accurately and will most likely get a higher score. As I found out, this game
    is VERY HARD on small or normal screens and I have much more success on 
    fullscreen.An average comparison is that I get an average of 30 on small or 
    normal and 56 on fullscreen.So I defiantly recommend that you play this game 
    on fullscreen.
    -Also interestingly you seem to have momentum in this game. One game, you can 
    get 3-4 bullseyes in a row and the next you will struggle to get even one 
    bullseye for the entire day. 
    Remember one time you may get 150 and the next game, you may only get 20. It is
    what often happens to me.
    - If you have 2 powerups and you only want to use the first,it will also use
    the second for some strange reason.(Or it might be vice versa)
    -Always play Bullseye on the same computer for optimum performance,points wise.
    -If you have the crossbow aimed VERY HIGH on fullscreen the arrow will look 
    (This is only on fullscreen)
    -I just found this.When I was mucking around,and I scored one point,I got
    told that I didn't score any points and the score couldn't be posted.Wierd
    that I got the message and wierd that I tried to submit a score of 1 but 
    -If you get a score of 225 or more you get an avatar! This is very hard to do 
    and only the VERY BEST can get it. If you get it, than you are a true champion 
    at this game.If you had got the avatar why would you be reading this anyway? 
    You must be really bored ;)
    Eventually though,this guide will guide you to the avatar:)
    *I myself have not got this avatar,so it is pretty damn hard.
    A-Duh,Ultimate Bullseye,use your brain!
    Q-On the high score table,I saw someone who got 2000 points.Is that person
    really THAT good or is he cheating?
    A-He/she is either utterly Insane or they cheated. Their high score has been
    eliminated from the chart so I say that they were cheating and got frozen.
    Q-Is there cheats for this game?
    A-No and Yes.No if you are talking about 'legal ones' and then no
    Yes if you are talking about ones which will get you frozen.I do not
    know these cheats though.
    Q-What is that creature which controls the crossbar?
    A-That I think is a Turtum, a rare medieval pet pet.
    Q-Where can you buy a Turtum?
    A-This has almost nothing to do with ultimate bullseye in general but you
    should be able to pick one up at the medieval pet pet stall or at the auctions
    trading post etc.
    Q-How in the hell do you get 225 points for the Avatar?
    A-Practice makes perfect.
    Don't worry too much though because very few people can ever get it.
    Getting the Ultimate Bullseye Avatar is very hard and requires either/both
    skill and luck.Skill means consistenly hitting the bullseye,luck means
    getting the big point Powerups time after time (Fire ring and Punchbag bob).
    Q-Why did they change the text used for Ultimate Bullseye?
    A-Don't know why because the old text looked way better.
    So keep trying,you will get there one day.
    HIGH SCORE TABLE (top 30)
    This table is as of 30/6/04.It is at the end of the month,so it is a good 
    indication of what kind of score you need to get a trophy in this game.
    Pos     Username            Points     Trophy
    1       felicityni            575      Gold
    2       celtic_element56      340      "
    3       jaceyap               322      " 
    4       jarjarfetty           320      Silver
    5       airi_lapislazuli      315      "
    6       limegirl_luv          301      "
    7       igothackedimmad       289      "
    8       baby_blue_dreamer_12  287      "
    9       tamarashannon         278      Bronze
    10      koreankitty           278      "
    11      darkest_lil_angel13   277      "
    12      wyndtress             271      "
    13      ash_ketchum100        271      "
    14      shadysight            270      "
    15      maydeline             268      "
    16      master_ali135         267      "
    17      bexbex999             267      " 
    18      zoe_zoe_zoe42         265      None
    19      ringnecksnake         265      "   
    20      smileyface637         263      "
    21      podaledfh             263      " 
    22      katherine_goy         263      " 
    23      weiloon9999           260      " 
    24      aphrodesia17          260      "
    25      neo_baby_gurl         258      " 
    26      abster331             258      "
    27      doryce                257      "
    28      ddmsmg                257      "  
    29      winslider             256      "
    30      blud_fusion           256      "
    Just a little note-The ultimate bullseye trophy looks pretty cool and having
    it in your trophy cabinet would make your cabinet and look up page a heckva
    lot better.If you can get an Ultimate Bullseye trophy then kudos to you!
    (unless you cheated,if you cheat,you deserve to be frozen,ICE COLD :o))
    2.05 18/10/04
    -Found another glitch,so I added it.
    -Changed copyright notice.
    1.99 12/8/04
    Once again not really an update.Added note about spam in the e-mail section.
    1.98b 6/8/04
    Not really an update but I ame here just to tell you that they have changed
    the text used for the ultimate bullseye game and it is all glitchy(not the
    game but the text.It might be right by the time you read this)The game works
    fine still.
    1.98-2/8/04 *Probably Final Major Version*
    I know that I said that the last version was final but I just have to
    put the polish on this FAQ.
    I will make version 2 the final version of this FAQ
    -Put some Questions From the FAQ sectio into the actual guide
    -Ultimate Bullseye is working again! Yes!
    -Changed the introduction
    -Deleted the excess writing,slimmed the faq down a little.
    -Put my email address at the top as well as at the bottom
    -Added Basic Information Section.
    This is the final version of this FAQ.There will probably won't be anymore
    major updates for this faq.
    -The only thing I done in this version is fix the remaining spelling
    1.4 14/7/04
    -Added 3 more FAQ'S
    -Added my new email address at the bottom
    1.3 5/7/04
    -Added 2 more tips
    -Added a few more words in My Introduction
    *Note* Ultimate bullseye is not working on my computer for some reason
    :( Just thought I would tell you.
    1.2 1/7/04
    -Added High Score Table
    -Made title at top look more interesting
    -Added note about the UB trophy
    -Added FAQ section
    1.1 29/6/04
    -Changed layout a little
    -Added Enter in the Control section
    -Added 'Brown Wood' to the target section
    -Fixed Spelling Errors
    -Added one more tip to the tips section (it was originally in the glitches
    -Added  the 'Coming Soon' section
    -Changed date for version 1.0 to 23/6/04
    -Changed the 'power' section in basics.
    -Changed info about 'punchbag Bob' powerup
    1.0 23/6/04
    -Initial Release of this FAQ
    This FAQ is copyright 2004 nemesis2
    Ultimate bullseye is copyright 2004 Neopets.
    I originally let people just post this on their websites without asking.
    But now,just send an e-mail asking permission.I will say yes about 95%
    of the time.If you don't or I see it in a magazine,action will be taken.
    Don’t sell this FAQ for profitable purposes!
    Neopets Usernames- nemesis2334
    Dont neomail to user zanix27 as I very rarely go on neopets as zanix27
    in fact,I only log on there once a week at most.
    My email address is:nemmysmailbox@yahoo.com.au
    Feel free to leave any questions/comments about this FAQ or my Chance/Freebies
    Dont send anything stupid.
    You can also neomail me if you want.
    NOTE-DO NOT SEND SPAM!!!Over the last week I have recieved FIFTY SIX spam
    e-mails so I have decided to take action.Any spam which is sent to me will
    be immediately deleted so don't send any spamish e-mails or I wont be able
    to read them.Also in the Topic line,put neopets FAQ or someting like that
    or otherwise I will suspect it is spam.I am not going to go through 56
    spam e-mails trying to find your letter,so please put a sensible topic
    name.Sorry but I just wanted to get that off my chest because I am getting
    annoyed with truckloads of spam.
    Also I may block your e-mail address.
    I copied and pasted this section on spam directly from my chance-freebies faq
    (self plagarism?)
    Chance/Freebies FAQ for Neopets
    Meerca Chase FAQ
    FAQ/Walkthrough for Neopets
    Well we have come to the end of this FAQ!
    Thankyou for reading it!
    Copyright Brady Greene (nemesis2) 2004

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