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"Are you ready to make history?"

Hattrick is an online soccer simulation game that was started about eight years ago and has just over 500 thousand users. The basic point of the game is to take your team of run down ageing hacks in to a team capable of making history. You basically play against other user controlled teams or computer operated ones.

There are two different ways you can play Hattrick. One if free and the other is supporter which you pay £4.00 pounds once every three months and that is a steal if you ask me. You don't get any advantage over others if you have supporter, what it basically lets you do is give your team a match kit and give yourself a fan club and a couple of other little stat features but if you choose to play free which I did for three years then it is still an awesome game.

You set up your team in your own country. So if you are from Sweden which is the most popular division in the game you have to play all your league and cup games there. You cannot change this after you start. The game basically has three different match types that you play every week. You have your league games which consists of 14 matches every season and then you have the cup which you start in at the beginning of the season which lasts until you get knocked out by another team. And the final game type is the friendly which lets you play any team from any country you like. You only play two matches a week, one is your league and the other is the cup until you get kicked out and then you play friendlies for the rest of the season.

Hattrick at first may seem a bit daunting. There are a lot of options and things to do but there are plenty of guides out there to get you started. When I first started playing I was completely lost, I didn't have a clue which position my players should of played in or how to even buy new ones. The one thing you do need in Hattrick is patience, I can guarantee you that you will not win anything for the first six months you play the game. It took me a year to win my division. Training players and earning money is a slow process but once you are able to buy better players and upgrade your stadium as well as sell you own players which you have trained, all of your patience and hard work will have been worth it.


The community in Hattrick is actually one of the best I have come across in any online game. If you are a newbie and post a question on the conference you generally get it answered or if you just want to talk about anything from star wars to how you woke up with the worst hangover this side of the moon then it's all there to do. The moderators that monitor the forums are pretty tolerant which is a rare thing and should be smiled upon which makes the community side of the game a great all round experience.

Final Say:

Hattrick is the type of game that requires a good deal of patience but after a while you will be pulling your hair out as you watch your team going in to half time 2 goals down and then jumping with your fists in the air as the final whistle goes and you just won 3-2. Hattrick to me is the best online game I have played, I don't even like real sports but this game is something to be played by everyone no matter what you are in to.

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Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/15/05

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