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"How long will you survive?"

Thats right, I said how long will you survive. Not will you survive. In Netropolis, where business is just a game, the game revolves around building up and breaking down businesses that span across the Netro world in an attempt to become the biggest tycoon in the area. You can settle in a location of your choice, but like in any other game you must start from the bottom and work your way up. You initially have the choice of settling in a small, real life town where you must build up a mini empire. Once you've reached the necessary requirements you can then move to a real life city, then after reaching the cities requirement you can move off to a capital, and to the all glorious Netropolis Heights.

Getting there is by no means a piece of cake, there is a lot of strategy involved or going another route, massive force. That's the great thing about Netropolis, you can go either route or find middle ground and still be successful.

You first start off with a meager $50 000 in which you build crappy buildings, then as you progress and become more experienced you have access to better buildings and bigger underhanded dirty tricks, (to take out the competition of course).

The learning curve of the game is minimal, after a few of the basic tasks have been done most of the rest follows easily enough through practice. There is even a training town for newcomers. At the start the game is fairly easy to compete with the others, but as you progress to better locations the land becomes harder to obtain and the other players become even more aggressive. Unless you can control a massive amount of companies to aid another company through life in the Cities you will have trouble advancing beyond a simple town.

The sound is non existent as it is a browser based game, and the graphics are rather good for being browser based. At first the graphics look shoddily done, all the buildings look similar, but as you get deeper into the game you'll see better more detailed images that are at times, quite amusing. The nuke video is quite good too, but you'll have to wait your turn to view that little goody ;-)

The play time… that is a toss up. It all depends on how much time you are willing to spend in an effort to wipe out the competition. Some players can go for days before giving up or getting bored, others weeks, or months, some even years. When you first start out you'll more than likely be checking in every 5 minutes to see your progress, but as you build yourself up you'll realize that you only need to check in once every few hours to see if there have been any new developments, so keeping track of your companies isn't that big of an issue. Whether you'll be able to keep playing this game will depend on you. Whether you have the strategies to make it past the beginner stages and move up to the bigger and better places. Which in itself, is an extraordinary challenge.

It is one of the more addictive (even if only for a few weeks) browser based games and is one of the best competitive business sims out there. I think its well worth the time spent, but the only drawback is that the other users do get too competitive for most peoples liking. So if you think you can hold your own go ahead and try, otherwise you may want to keep looking around for other games. Dont think your first few days in the game is an accurate indicator of how well you can play, you will get taken down a few pegs in the process and as you move up the business ladder it will become harder and harder for you to progress.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 03/31/05

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