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"My Name is Maximus Romanus Fighticus...I Have No Life Insurance"

Browsing for games online you might bump into a burly loin-clothed man online wishing you to take him into the Arenas of Glory, an online game of gladiator fighting by Bigpoint. The game is free and comes with special perks for those who would dish out real money for fake money for their gladiator (my Norton Anti-Virus scan identified four threats when clicking this screen so beware). Arenas of Glory is very easy to jump right into with a quick registration and a simple choice between three gladiators who are distinguished by being fast, defensive, or slow and powerful.

The tutorial was very quick as well. The controls are easy to use as you move around the arena with the mouse or arrow keys and use both CTRL keys to bash your way to glory. Once you find a crate and bash some yokel's head in you are good to go for competing against others online.

Starting out you enter the 6th League for beginners and make war with anybody currently in there to gain money and level up. There are some animals like wild hogs and lions that you can first start work on because some of the other online gladiators in there will knock you right back out. Crates will appear and you can live up to your namesake as a Crate Killer by collecting whatever goodies are inside. My first time in the arena I kept clear of the other gladiators until I felt like becoming king of the ring and started attacking. Once you are defeated your totals are added to your depot and you can go upgrade and repair weapons, buy new stuff, and exchange goods.

I love the concept of the game and it makes for addictive game play compared to having spend so much time on RPG games that come out of this section of onling gaming. You can survive for quite a while by avoiding other players but it takes time to be able to match up against somebody walking around with a big glowing sword. The community aspect seems to have died off a bit as I could not find any duel matches or missions but there were still recruiters in the chat rooms for clans. This game is a little over two years old but you will definitely run into online players in the arenas. I think the community aspect would be really cool but it probably has already seen its peak. It would be fun to be involved in a massive bloodletting between clans in this game.

The graphics and sound are very good. Arenas of Glory is 2D but the scenery in the arenas makes for plenty of variety and the characters have good detail. You can switch off the sound if things start to sound repetitive but I enjoy the crowd going wild when I take out another gladiator or animal. The loading times are very easy and very quick so once somebody defeats you in the arena you can jump right back in and go after them.

Final Recommendation 7/10

For a free online game that can be addictively fun for a few hours Arenas of Glory makes for a great cure of boredom. For an online game that is two years old it speaks volumes that the game still even exists so it has a good community and fun basic game play. Easy controls and quick loading screens make this a convenient game to play but it is not a game that would hold my attention for too long. In a way this game is much like the online RPG's you run into except you are a gladiator out to do nothing but fight, and unlike many browser games out there, the dedicated gladiators in this game are not out to make friends.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 05/17/10

Game Release: Arenas of Glory (US, 03/03/08)

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