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Will the Wii U still be able to play gamecube games? 1
How can you set GamePad as player 1 and Wii U Controller Pro as Player 2 in Wii U VC? 1
My Wii U wont load a Wii game??? 4
Can you just play games/Wii U with just the gamepad? 4
Can Wii U read SD card or not??? 1
Can a 3DS be used as a general purpose controller for the Wii U? 2
If you download a retail game in the eShop, will you be able to share this game with multiple users? 3
Can I use my Wii AV cable on the Wii U? 1
Wii-U Pro controller and normal WII games? 3
How do I set the pro controller to player 2? 3
Recent Questions Answers
My Wii U Gamepad wont turn on...any help? 1
Wi-Fi for WiiU? 2
Why is the Wii U outputting only in 480p? (HDMI) 0
Do user miis count as favorite miis? 1
Internet problem for both Wii U and 3DS? 0
Wii U Gamepad is Unresponsive? 1
Does the PAL wii U run original wii U games at 50hz or 60hz?? 1
I found a Wii U for 75 dollars, is it worth it? 0
How do I exit the divine beast Vah Ruta? 1
Minecraft mod installation? 0
Unresolved Questions Answers
Error code 160-4711? 1
Player one Wii Remote? 1
WiiU gamepad not working properly, what can I do? 1
Why did the last update delete all of my games and save data? 1
Wii mode and powering off? 1
Stuck at startup screen, help? 1
Will the data in my game disc be lost on a different Wii U? 1
Does Punch Out Wii VC controller support for Pro Controller/Gamepad? 1
My wiiu wont show up on my tv helpppp!!? 1
Can you share digital content on multiple Wii U systems? 1

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