Stars on save file?

  1. I've beaten the game and before that i catched Nabbit in all worlds (confirmed by the text box that pops up telling me i've done so) but I still only have one star on my savefile, it seems to be the first one (the one you get for beating the game) is that because the Nabbit star is star nr. 5 and will not be added until I have the other 4 or is it sometthing else that's wrong?

    User Info: McjonteBoy

    McjonteBoy - 4 years ago

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  1. The requirements are, quote GameXplain(youtube):
    1: Beat Bowser
    2: Finish every level in the worlds 1-8
    3: Find all Star Coins in worlds 1-8
    4: Unlock the final level in Superstar Road
    5: Find all Star Coins in Superstar Road, discover every exit in the game, & catch Nabbit in Worlds 1-7

    I can personally confirm the 4 first, but I still need to find every secret exit.

    User Info: ofakar

    ofakar - 4 years ago 2 0

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