Review by papery0shi2

Reviewed: 11/21/12

Best NSMB and the prettiest

Last night I was finally able to pull myself away from Nintendo Land long enough to start playing the "New Super Mario Bros. U." So far I'm glad that I did. Mario and company are back in beautiful HD, and so far they are an absolute blast to play with.

New Super Mario Bros. U is a treat beyond the updated graphics because they stick to tried and true formulas that have made 2D versions Mario so much fun over the years. No, you won't get to enjoy a fully 3D environment like you did with Super Mario 64. You do get an enjoyable side-scrolling experience much like the previous generations of Super Mario for Wii, DS, and the early console systems. Also much like recent versions of Mario you are presented with a map of the world and you get to decide how you're going to traverse the levels.

In single-player mode Mario has a number of friends and power ups along for the ride. You can still find old-school power ups like the red and green mushrooms, and the fire flower. The blue ice flower also makes an appearance, as well as the new (to me, at least) flying squirrel Mario. Flying squirrel Mario looks much like raccoon Mario did, except your winged arms give you the ability to glide through hairy situations in the game.

Yoshi is there for you to ride through levels (pretty standard),and pink baby Yoshi is looking to be escorted through the world to find food. Babysitting pink Yoshi sounds like kind of a pain at first, but when you carry pink Yoshi through the world you can inflate baby Yoshi into a giant balloon and sail across large distances.

The GamePad controller is a bit under-utilized (seemingly not using features such as the camera or accelerometers), however the very basic screen mirroring that it does proves useful at times. I don't have to bore my wife by having Mario take up valuable screen real estate. Instead I can choose to start up and play the game using only the tablet while others in the room choose to watch something else on the big screen. Here you get all of the benefits of a console game and a handheld at the same time. Mario and friends look almost as good on the bright and vivid GamePad screen as they do on the big screen.

New Super Mario Bros. U brings back many classic aspects of the franchise while adding a few new dynamics to keep things fresh. I would recommend that any new Wii U owners pick up a copy.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: New Super Mario Bros. U (US, 11/18/12)

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