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    Walkthrough by horror_spooky

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    Nintendo and TT Games have teamed up to create a Lego game with an original 
    storyline based on the "Lego City" line of blocks. Exclusive for the Wii U, 
    Lego City Undercover is an open world title in the vein of GTA. Except, you 
    know, with Legos and stuff.
    Lego City Undercover
    Written by Dalton "HorrorSpooky" Cooper
    Copyright 2013
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    E-mail: horror_spooky@hotmail.com
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    1. Introduction and Controls
    2. Walkthrough
       Chapter 1: Old Friends and New Enemies
       Chapter 2: Blast from the Past
       Chapter 3: Go Directly to Jail
       Chapter 4: When the Going Gets Tough...
       Chapter 5: Undercover
       Chapter 6: All in the Family
       Chapter 7: One Small Job for Chan
       Chapter 8: The Rescue
       Chapter 9: Bringing Home the Bacon
       Chapter 10: Back on the Case
       Chapter 11: The Proof of the Pudding is in the Meeting
       Chapter 12: The Con in Construction
       Chapter 13: Secrets
       Chapter 14: Savings and Loans
       Chapter 15: Far Above the Call of Duty
    3. Conclusion
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    1. Introduction and Controls
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Chase McCain is a cop returning to the city where he got his big break in 
    order to redeem himself for past misdeeds and bring his archnemesis Rex Fury 
    back into custody!
    Left Stick - Move
    Right Stick - Look
    D-pad - Cycle through menu
    L - Whistle
    ZL - Switch costume
    R - Take picture
    ZR - Switch costume
    X - Enter vehiclle
    Y - Attack
    A - Use
    B - Jump
    Minus - N/A
    + - Pause
    Home - Open Home Menu
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    1. Walkthrough
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Welcome to Lego City! I hope you enjoy your stay and your adventures as cop 
    Chase McCain! Upon getting off the boat, your first goal is to go into the 
    police car that has a line of studs leading up to it. Take this time to smash 
    everything on the docks and collect as many items as your heart desires, then 
    go up to the police car and press X to get inside.
    Follow the green studs to reach the police station. Upon arriving at the 
    station, step into the big floating police badge to continue the story and 
    start the next mission. You will be introduced to the hilarious Frank. Go 
    inside and then smash everything in sight.
    You can't go upstairs just yet. Frank breaks the computer, so get to fixing it.
    To fix it, throw together the three different piles of bricks until the 
    computer is fully fixed. When that's done, Frank will run over to the elevator.
    Follow him and then ride the elevator down to the basement.
    Frank will stop and explain what each section is in the basement. Listen to his
    explanations. At the end of the room, Frank will push a shipment of uniforms 
    down the stairs inadvertently. Follow him down the stairs and then start 
    smashing everything, as usual. You can use the weight lifting equipment to 
    earn even more studs, as well as the treadmill.
    When you're ready, smash the three boxes that Frank knocked down the stairs. 
    When they're all good and smashed, you can rebuild them as a uniform locker. 
    Approach the locker and you'll be given your police officer uniform. Hold X to 
    bring up the costume wheel to choose from your different costumes. You can also
    use the triggers to switch quickly between costumes.
    As the police officer, go back upstairs. Interact with the key panel next to 
    the inquisition desk. You'll get your detective pad thing, which comes in handy
    throughout the rest of the game. Go back upstairs and then go to the computer 
    to have your device upgraded and synched with new gizmos and what-nots.
    Follow Frank upstairs next. Smash everything, and then go to the locked door of
    the police chief. The chief needs to wake up and start his briefing on the 
    escaped Rex Fury, but Frank has misplaced the key to his office. You will now 
    be able to use the detective scanner. Go into the designated area and press A 
    to start up the scanner.
    Chase will point his detective pad at the ground. This will reveal footprints 
    as well as studs. Follow them until you reach a turned over cabinet. As you 
    probably could've guessed when you weren't allowed to break this cabinet, there
    is something of importance inside. Open it up to find the key. Pick up the 
    key and studs, then go to the lock on the chief's door and use the key to 
    get inside.
    Break everything inside his office and then use the pieces to build a boombox 
    to make him wake up. Watch the cut-scene. There seems to be a posse of clowns 
    robbing the bank. You will now be taught how to make waypoints on the map. Just
    use the stylus and hold it on the GamePad screen where you want your objective 
    marker to be placed. For now, place it on the badge icon so that you can 
    continue this mission.
    Get inside the police car and drive it to the bank. The robbers will escape 
    using their whimsical clown charm. Back in the police car, chase the robber 
    that has escaped in a vehicle. Smash into his vehicle until it is destroyed. 
    Remember you can tilt the GamePad to jump and you can press Y to use a boost 
    when driving vehicles.
    When his vehicle is destroyed, the first robber will try to flee on foot. Get 
    out of your car and chase him down. When you're close enough, you can tap A to 
    arrest him. Press A again to throw the cuffs on him. If you fail to hit A 
    fast enough, he will get away and you'll have to resume the chase. With the 
    first robber captured, now's the time to return to the police station, and then
    check out the diner across the street.
    Go to the roof of the diner. Smash everything. Use the umbrellas to reach the 
    hard-to-get studs. Then go to the designated area. Press A, and then hold your 
    GamePad up and aim it at your television screen. You will now be scanning the 
    houses across the street, searching for the robber. Point the GamePad at the 
    shed in the yard across the street, and then make sure the character there is 
    in the center of the scanner. He will turn red. Hold down A to finish the 
    scan and confirm his identity as a robber.
    Jump off the roof and use the newly-grown vines to climb over the fence. Go to 
    the shed door and open it. The robber will escape through the window. Grab the 
    crate out of the shed and take it to the green pad as instructed. Drop it on 
    the pad to create a new object. Use it to reach higher ground and continue in 
    your pursuit of the second robber.
    The second robber will make his escape and then destroy your way to reach him. 
    Follow the hose on the ground and destroy all the objects that are sitting on 
    the hose. Then approach the remains of the plant that the robber destroyed. You
    will be able to enter detective mode. Do so and follow the footprints to a 
    valve. Use the valve on the pump and turn it to turn on the hose, which will 
    cause new vines to grow so that you can continue chasing the robber.
    Chase him down and then throw the cuffs on him. He'll give you the location of 
    the third robber. Return to the docks that were at the beginning of the game. 
    Use the scanner to discover the location of the robber inside the boat. Then 
    speak with the workers. Ride the forklift to the top. Go through the door, drop
    down, and then pull the lever.
    Now speak with the next worker. It seems a seagull has stolen his sandwich. Use
    detective mode to follow the seagull tracks. When you find the bird, press A to
    wave it away and then pick up the sandwich and return it to the worker. He will
    then instruct his buddy to use the crane to help you out. Ride the crane to 
    the ship.
    Open the shipping container doors and chase the clown through the ship. He will
    jump into the water, so jump in and swim on after him. Then continue following 
    him on shore until you get close enough to make the arrest and then close the 
    Chase is instructed to go to a nearby diner where there was once a vehicle 
    call-in center that has since been destroyed. Go there and speak with the owner
    of the diner. He says he'll help in exchange for fixing his gas pumps. Go to 
    the pumps and put them back together, and then return to him for a Super Brick,
    which gives you 1,000 bricks to use to build Super Builds, such as the call-in 
    If you've been breaking stuff this entire time, then you probably already have 
    the 8,000 required bricks. If not, keep going around and breaking stuff. He 
    will also tell you that there is another Super Brick nearby. Use the detective 
    scanner to follow footprints to the ice machine and open the ice machine to 
    receive another Super Brick.
    When you're ready, build the center and use it to summon a vehicle. Then start 
    driving to the ranger station out in the mountains. When you reach it, Chase 
    will be given the grappling hook. Now drive to the Jenny's restaurant that is 
    across the street from where a group of robbers are hiding out.
    Use the grappling hook to reach the top of the hamburger sign on top of the 
    Jenny's. First, use the hook to pull yourself up to the roof. Then grab onto 
    the ladder and pull back with the left stick to yank it down. Climb the ladder,
    and then finish your ascension to the top of the burger. Then you can scan the 
    Focus on the building on the right and aim the GamePad to the very top of the 
    building. There will be the robbers standing together in a cluster. Just pick 
    one and confirm them, and then you will be able to start your climb to the 
    robbers. Go to the building on the left and then use the grapple hook points to
    reach a police badge. Stand in the badge to enter a Special Assignment.
    Special Assignments are isolated levels in the game. They can be revisited to 
    collect more studs and other items. There are oftentimes things that you can't 
    do in the Special Assignments until you unlock all of the costumes, and this is
    especially true for this one.
    This Special Assignment is very easy. All you need to do is reach the four 
    robbers using grapple points, catapult pads, and a trampoline near the start. 
    When you reach each one, you will have to fight them. Tap Y to attack quickly. 
    If they try to attack, a button will appear over their head. Hit the button 
    fast enough to counter.
    Keep pursuing them. Chase will learn parkour throughout this mission as well. 
    Press B to jump over or slide under obstacles. When there are blue and white 
    bricks, you can use them to shimmy, climb, and run up slopes. Near the end of 
    the Special Assignment, you'll have to run up a steep rooftop to continue 
    pursuing the final robber.
    Arrest all four robbers to be treated to another cut-scene. After which, a 
    bunch of information will be given to you, and then you can continue on to 
    Chapter 3.
    Buckle up, because this chapter is a long one. Make your way to the ferry. You 
    will find the sea captain there from the beginning of the game. Unfortunately, 
    the ferry has been destroyed because he sucks as a captain, so you need to 
    collect 15,000 bricks to create the Super Build of the Ferry, which will in 
    turna llow you to use the ferry for fast-travel purposes, specifically to the 
    prison island that you need to go to right now.
    You will get an upgrade for your detective pad that allows you to scan for 
    objects no matter where you are at in the world. Tap the icon in the upper left
    hand corner of the screen to activate this scanner, and then look around for 
    Super Bricks. Once you find one, hold A to scan its location and then make 
    your way over to it. There are a few Super Bricks lying around here, plus 
    plenty of objects to destroy to collect even more bricks.
    Once you've acquired 15,000 bricks, build the ferry and then go to the ticket 
    machine next to the ferry. The ticket machines are how you will activate the 
    fast-travel vehicles. Ride the ferry to the prison island, and then make your 
    way up the hill. You'll reach a branching path. One goes up to the front gate 
    of the prison and the other is a more discreet way through. Go that way, using
    the pads on the cliff walls to bounce your way to the top. Use Chase's free-
    running skills learned in the previous mission to hop the fence and get inside 
    the prison.
    Inside the prison, you can use the workout equipment such as the bench press 
    and punching bag for extra studs. Blue, the guy you're looking for, is chilling
    out on the basketball court. Approach the basketball court, and you will be 
    stopped by a couple of prisoners that want their stolen basketball back.
    Go around the fence of the basketball court. You will be able to platform your 
    way to an elevated area where there are a group of prisoners with the 
    basketball. Fight them all off and then grab the ball. Return to the court and 
    then speak with Mr. Blue once inside the court. You can also shoot some hoops 
    while over here to gain more studs.
    Go inside the prison once Mr. Blue tells you to, and this will activate another
    Special Assignment. Inside the prison, the prisoners are running wild all over 
    the place. Walk around and beat the crap out of them, then throw cuffs on them 
    to get them back into their cells. Use the free-running blocks inside the cells
    to reach the next level. Use the detective scanner to find a key, and then use 
    the key to open the locked cell door up here, which will in turn give you the 
    nifty new robber costume.
    Use the robber costume to break into another locked cell door via crowbar. Grab
    the keycard here and take it to the next door locked with a keycard. Now you 
    can make your way to the warden's office. Inside the warden's office, 
    immediately rip the chandelier off the ceiling using the grappling hook, and 
    then rebuild it so that it traps the warden inside the bathroom.
    Ride the bull and complete the rhythm mini-game therein to unlock a piece of 
    police badge. Then approach the safe on the wall. Unlock the safe. Just hit A 
    with the red line turns green. Grab the records that fall out of the safe and 
    take them to the record player and toss them on. You can also investigate the 
    warden's desk.
    Anyway, a painting will move, revealing a secret elevator. Ride it down to 
    reach the cell of the notorious Rex Fury. Use his workout equipment for more 
    police badges, and play with his Rock Band drums as well. There are three 
    different buttons in this room that need to be pressed to reveal how Rex 
    escaped from prison.
    Smash everything in the room and you will find the first button. Then rip apart
    the hot tub to find the second button. Now make your way up to the ledge above 
    and walk all the way around. Use your detective scanner to follow the 
    footprints to an overturned cupboard. Open it and then put together the bricks 
    that fall out to create the final button and press it. Another painting will 
    move aside, revealing how Rex managed to escape from the prison.
    Go through the hole in the wall when you're ready. Then after the scenes, you 
    will be instructed to go to the train station. Go there and then operate the 
    ticket machine. Choose your fast-travel location with the GamePad and then 
    ride the train over to the mines. Now your next goal is to get the miners out 
    of the way so you can enter the second Special Assignment mission of this 
    Put on your robber costume and then walk over to the shed near the steam 
    whistle. Break into the shed and then inside you will find a safe. Crack the 
    safe to find the valve to the steam whistle. Take the valve to the steam 
    whistle and then use it to call off the day of mining. This will leave the 
    path open so that you can enter the mines yourself.
    Inside the mine, the first thing to do is get the miner costume. This entire 
    Special Assignment revolves around switching between the miner, robber, and 
    police costumes. The first room itself is a puzzle. First thing you'll want to 
    do is breaking everything in the area. Then use the robber to gain access to 
    the miner costume, and continue breaking everything. Throw together the broken 
    pieces to create an object that can be pushed so that you can get by the 
    waterfall. Use the vending machine to get dynamite, carry it back to the 
    machine that's moving, and then you'll be able to throw together the final 
    pieces of the track. Push the cart into the rocks.
    Rex Fury's henchmen will come out of the mines. Quickly defeat them and then 
    go the way they came from. Break everything here, and Chase will throw 
    together a diving board. Leap off the diving board to begin a free fall 
    segment. Avoid the obstacles and try to go through the rings as you fall down 
    the mine shaft. Hold A if you want to slow down your descent. Hitting a wall 
    straight-up will result in a death and you'll lose studs, so be wary of that.
    At the bottom, Chase will deploy his parachute. Fly through the ring and then 
    drop in the water. Climb up the ladder and continue into the next room. Your 
    new goal is to collect 25,000 bricks to build a gondola that you can ride to 
    the next part of the mine.
    If you have 25,000 bricks already, just build it. Otherwise, explore this area 
    and you'll find a few more Super Bricks just lying around. As the robber, keep 
    an eye out for bird cages, by the way. If you free the birds (there's four of 
    them), you can get a badge piece.
    Exit the gondola and then access the vending machine. Use it to blow up the 
    sparkling object. You can then build a catapult pad. Step on it to reach the 
    higher area. Drop down through the hole in the roof and then defeat the enemy 
    in here. Crack the safe to get an audio recording. Go around collecting bricks 
    and studs until the audio plays through.
    Drive to the next location on the map. Chase needs to learn kung fu so that he 
    has a better chance of fighting Rex Fury the next time the two go head to head.
    Upon arriving at the dojo, you'll discover that the bridge is down, and you 
    need 30,000 bricks to put it back together. If you don't have 30,000 bricks on 
    you, go directly across the street from the dojo and you'll find a path in the 
    woods with studs. Follow the studs to a house.
    You can break into the house for a Super Brick. Destroy the junk around the 
    house and then use the broken pieces to create a jump pad to reach the top for 
    another Super Brick. You'll find another floating over a tree stump, and on 
    your way back to the dojo, another Super Brick is inside a broken tree stump, 
    so break it and reap the rewards.
    Return to the bridge once you have the 30,000 bricks needed. Create the bridge 
    and then go across, gathering the studs as you go. Entering the dojo results in
    entry to a Special Assignment called Kung Fool. You have to acquire 40,000 
    bricks in order to build a dragon in the center of this area to burn down the 
    ice sculpture and get the key to the dojo proper.
    Of course, there are Super Bricks everywhere here. Use detective mode to find a
    stick of dynamite. Take the dynamite to the third free running pole and blow it
    up to make it shorter. Free run up the poles and jump on the ledge. Use the 
    grappling hook to pull the ladder down and reach the roofs. You can then 
    grapple on the end of a balloon to get even higher up.
    Pull the lever to get a torch. Now go to the right and light the stuff on fire 
    here. Grab the firework that comes out and take it to one of the designated 
    areas around the dragon Super Build. Then return to the roofs, get another 
    torch, and this time go all the awy to the left to fight more fuses. Light 
    them and get another firework. Put it in its place.
    Grab another torch, drop below, light the final fuse on fire and get the 
    third firework. Put it in its place. Then destroy and build everything you can 
    in the area. There will be three karate practice dummys to attack that will 
    give you studs and if you hit them all, a chunk of police badge.
    In the bottom left-hand corner of the area will be a large device. Interact 
    with it. You have to tilt the GamePad to manipulate the ball inside the maze, 
    and get the ball to fall through the hole at the end and land on the button 
    there to get the final firework. When they're all in place, you'll get four 
    Super Bricks, which is more than enough for your dragon.
    Build the dragon and grab the key. Take it to the front door and enter the 
    dojo. Grab the gong hammer at the end of the dojo and use it on the gong to 
    begin your advanced combat training. Complete the training by throwing enemies 
    and grabbing them as instructed. Press A to grab an enemy and then hold Y to 
    aim where you throw them, pretty much. Go through the motions of beating up all
    the enemies until you can finally leave the dojo.
    Frank will radio in outside the dojo. He's been captured. Follow the trail of 
    studs that magically appear like musical notes to a zipline and ride it down 
    to the area below. Get to the streets and whistle down a car. Drive to Frank's 
    location on the beach and approach the armored police truck that he's stuck 
    Fight off the enemies. They will be replaced by even more enemies, but keep 
    fighting them all off. Once everyone's been defeated, start driving back to 
    the police station in the armored vehicle. Typically when you're driving down 
    the street, you'll want to run over objects to get a brick multiplier going, 
    but don't do this in the armored vehicle because if it is destroyed, then you 
    fail the mission.
    Enemies in cars will try to run you off the road. Ignore them and keep pushing 
    forward. Keep your sirens on to keep other cars off the streets. Once you reach
    the bridge, take the ramps down below the bridge and then go up the next ramp 
    there is to get a huge jump boost and put yourself well-ahead of the enemies. 
    Beyond the bridge, they will lay off. Keep driving until you reach the 
    designated area and you can let Frank drive. You have five minutes to complete 
    all of this, but I was able to do it in just two, so you shouldn't have too 
    much of a hassle.
    Chase will be given new "undercover" clothes to replace his police costume. 
    You will also be rewarded with an upgrade to your scanner that allows you to 
    listen in on conversations through walls at certain locations. Go to the next 
    two locations as instructed. Aim the GamePad at the screen, find the audio 
    blurb, and then hold A to listen in on the audio.
    An old criminal that Chase arrested in the past is trying to steal a 
    painting to join a gang that Chase is trying to get in on and go undercover 
    for. He'll try to escape on a vehicle, so ram into his vehicle until it is 
    destroyed. Then get out, chase him down, and arrest him.
    Next make your way to the mob boss and speak with him. You have to pick up a 
    billionaire that is constantly hounded by the paparazzi. Drive the limo to the 
    billionaire, and be sure not to damage it too much. It only has four hearts, 
    after all. Pick up the billionaire and then take him to his designated 
    location. Drive off-road a bit and cut corners to get the paparazzi off your 
    tail, but be quick because this portion of the mission is timed.
    After dropping off the billionaire, you'll be tasked with completing another 
    objective, which is to steal a car from a party. Go to the party. There will 
    be two hotel guards guarding the front door, but they are both eager to join 
    the party...assuming changes are met that meet their demands. Go to the pool to
    join the party.
    The chef is the first concern. Smash all the red objects around him and then 
    throw them all back together to create a BBQ grill. Then go to the right 
    (facing the pool) to find a market. Destroy the market to get to a crate of 
    chicken. Carry the crate back to the grill and toss it on the ground next to 
    it. Then throw the chicken onto the grill and the chef will have all he needs, 
    and one of the security guards will join the party to eat.
    Next up you need to fix the music selection. Go to the DJ and first fix his 
    equipment. Go to the magician and interact with him to get a record. Then 
    take the record back to the DJ and throw it on his turntable. Play the music 
    by completing the rhythm mini-game that pops up, and the music will draw the 
    attention of the other security guard.
    Switch to the robber costume and break into the garage of the building. You 
    will mess up, and a group of partygoers will come out and fight you. Defeat 
    them all, and then a second wave will replace them. Once everyone has been 
    defeated, you are free to finish breaking into the garage and stealing the 
    Once this has been accomplished, you'll get a car saying there's been a break-
    in at the car "dealership". Go there and you'll find a masked robber sifting 
    through the records. Pursue them onto the roof by climbing the sign, and just 
    continue to follow them by completing the parkour platforming. Finally, Chase 
    will catch up to the culprit, and then report back in to his boss...
    Head to the police station and speak with the man in the back that is in charge
    of the vehicles. He'll ask you to help put together the new motorcycle that 
    came in as well as test it, but the problem is that it's missing the wheels. 
    Go to the side of the police HQ and break into the door with the robber 
    costume and smash everything in there to get the tire and return it to the 
    Go to the dock right outside the police HQ. Destroy everything there and then 
    throw the bricks together to create a fishing pole. Use the pole to start a 
    fishing mini-game. Mash on the A button when prompted, and lo and behold, a 
    tire will be yanked out of the water. Pick up the tire and then take it to the 
    motorcycle to put it together.
    Now you have to do a Time Trial around the city on the motorcycle. Drive 
    through all the checkpoints to add on to the timer. When it's done, you can 
    take the armored police vehicle. Drive it to the courthouse and then make the 
    When that's done, you'll get a call with an opportunity to break into the 
    next gang. You'll need to hijack a truck that is carrying color guns. Go to 
    the designated parking lot and take the car. Use the car to ram the truck off 
    the road, which you can accomplish just by ramming into the truck until its 
    four hearts are gone, then hijack the truck.
    Police will be after you as you drive the truck to the gang's HQ. Park the 
    truck inside the objective area at the gang's HQ and then watch the cut-scene. 
    Your next goal is to rob a bank to solidify your position in the gang. Drive to
    sewer grate outside the bank and switch on the robber costume. Open the sewer 
    grate and drop through the hole to enter the sewers and the Special Assignment 
    called Dirty Work.
    In the sewers, first go to the right and take note of the gas spewing out of 
    the peipes. Jump over the gas and pull the levers in between the pipes to shut 
    the lids. Throw together the Lego pieces to create a machine to get the color 
    gun to turn green.
    Now use that to turn on the machine to the left. This will open a door to 
    reveal a crate. Pick up the crate and carry it back next to the machine and 
    throw it on the green panel. Now throw the pieces together to create a wall to 
    climb up.
    In the next area, be careful of the water. You can't touch it due to a toxic 
    spill up ahead. Throw together a floating matress and use it to get across 
    the water. You can use the red color machine to turn off the machines so that 
    you can continue. Parkour your way to the ladder and climb up to reach the 
    bank vault.
    In the vault, start cracking open the safes. Get the color gun to silver. By 
    the way, the color gun can only be used in the robber costume. Use the silver 
    to shoot the satellite dish, then push it in front of the laser. Then move to 
    the end of the vault and turn to the police costume. Use the grappling hook to 
    pull the object back into the laser to destroy the laser grid entirely. Create 
    another wall to climb to reach the higher area.
    Operate the computer to raise the bars. Crack the safe, and then throw 
    everything together to create devices to operate the safes. Put the valves in 
    their designated locations. Wait for the colors to line up, and then tap A 
    again to activate the machines. The big vault will then open up once all three 
    devices are lined up, and you can then go down and get the emerald.
    In the bank area, fight off the security guards. Then explore the area. There 
    is a Super Build in the center that needs 30,000 bricks. On the left wall, 
    there are three different combination locks. For red, change it to X. For 
    green, change it to VII, and for blue, change it to III. This will reveal a 
    key that you can then use to get behind the teller counter.
    Switch to the miner outfit. Get the dynamite out of the vending machine and 
    use it to blow up the statue out there. This will cause the decapitated head 
    to burst through the teller counter with a Super Brick inside. This should 
    put you over for enough bricks to build the Super Build. If not, keep breaking 
    Hop into the jet-powered truck and then drive it to safety, away from the 
    police. Save your boost so that you can burst through their roadblocks. When 
    that's done, you'll be tasked with listening to a conversation that the crooks 
    are having inside a restaurant. Use the parkour to reach the top of a 
    building and then use the GamePad to listen to the audio.
    Now head to the larger building and use the grappling hook to get there. Raise 
    the GamePad and snap the first picture. Then snap the second picture, and then 
    the third. Chase will automatically get closer to the situation so that you can
    try to take a better picture. Do so, and then fight off all the thugs. Go 
    through the tutorial of how the camera works and then this chapter is done.
    Chase will get a call from Chan for another job. After listening to the call, 
    drive to the designated docks. Answer his next call and while you listen, you 
    might as well do some fishing for studs and the unlockable Fisherman character.
    When Chan is done talking, hop in his boat and drive it to the island as 
    Be careful when driving the boat. If you destroy it, there are no other boats 
    around to complete the mission, so you'll have to fast travel to the police 
    station and start the mission over. I found this out the hard way.
    Dock the boat at the island and then make your way to the space station. Break 
    into the building using the robber outfit and then smash everything inside. 
    Rebuild it to create the spacesuit and then take it so that Chase can now have 
    the abilities of an astronaut.
    Go around the side of the building and use your new powers on the machine out 
    here. This machine will then start a mini-game in which you have to memorize 
    the sequence of colors, like Simon Says, and then input the code back into the 
    machine. Do this and then parts will be made nearby. Throw that together, and 
    then switch back to the robber costume. Go to the color gun machine in the 
    building that you got the suit to switch out for blue and then shoot the new 
    platforms to create jump pads that you can use to reach the roof.
    Use the teleporter on the roof to start the Special Assignment. This Special 
    Assignment is quite easy. There are two rooms, easily traversed, but there is a
    bit of puzzle solving involved. In the first room, your goal is to get 
    dynamite to destroy the steel door in the center that is blocking the elevator.
    Use the teleporter and then smash everything when you reappear. Switch to your 
    undercover outfit to open the door, and then use the color gun as the robber. 
    Shoot the machine with the glowing orb to open the next door, and then up here 
    you will be able to access the dynamite. Throw it in the barrel and then watch 
    as it explodes. Ride the elevator up.
    You need to get a silver color gun to shoot the satellite dish above, which 
    will activate the laser to lower the ladder. This next room is simple. Defeat 
    the enemies and then activate the lasers, shooting any satellite that is gold 
    to make it silver, and this will activate a series of lasers that will cause 
    the elevator to come down. Ride it to the top and then up here, gather the 
    three buttons, throw them on top of the machine, and then the moon buggy will 
    pop out of the rocket.
    Get on the moon buggy and drive it on the red pad to make the door open. Drive 
    through the door and then a cut-scene will play. Now you have to avoid the 
    security until the time runs out. You can actually drive under the structures 
    here and they won't be able to get to you at all. Otherwise, just drive around 
    the island in a circle.
    When the time runs out, they will give up. Drive over to the designated area to
    give the buggy to Chan's men to finish the mission.
    Make your way to the designated location. You need a blue color gun. Go across 
    the street and switch to the astronaut costume. Teleport into the building and 
    use the blue color vendor. Then return to the uncolored platform and turn it 
    Platform your way up the rooftops to the very top. Then fight off all the 
    thugs and either arrest or defeat them. Then drive to the next area as told and
    wait for a phone call.
    After answering the call, make your way to the scrapyard. The scrapyard itself 
    is home to another Special Assignment. Fight off the enemies in the first area,
    and then your goal is to gather the three fuel tanks and take it to the 
    generator in the bottom left-hand corner of the area. One fuel tank is right by
    the generator, and another can be found by destroying Lego objects near the 
    Destroying Lego objects near the entrance will yield a detective moment. Follow
    the footprints to the washing machine and open it to find another fuel tank. 
    Take the final fuel tank to the generator and then pull the lever. Jump on the 
    pipe and roll it into place by the gate to open the gate and reach the next 
    Once again, first take out all the bad guys and then explore. You need 21,000 
    bricks to build the Super Build in this area. There are a couple of Super 
    Bricks to gather that are in plain sight though, if you need or want them. Once
    you have the right amount of bricks, build the car compactor and watch as the 
    car is crushed and turned into a cube that you can use to reach a higher area 
    in the next spot.
    Backtrack and then use the cube. Make your way under the conveyor belts and 
    time it so that you avoid being smashed by the cars as they fall. Use the 
    platforming pads to reach more bad guys. Defeat them, then destroy all the 
    Lego objects in this area. Rebuild to create a teleporter and use it to reach 
    the final area. Defeat the enemies, then make your way up to the crane and 
    jump inside to take control.
    Go to the sheriff's office and speak with him after answering the latest call 
    from the chief. Speak with him, and then get on the horse and follow the green 
    studs to the farm. Talk with the farmer there, and then he will tell you that 
    there is a pair of overalls you can borrow if you find the key in the field.
    Fix the tractor and then drive it into the field. Destroy the cornstalks and 
    after destroying the last cluster, you'll find the key. Take the key back to 
    the farm and unlock the door to get access to the farmer costume. Equip the 
    costume and then water the plants to create vines that you can use to climb up 
    the building.
    Make your way to the top of the roof and press A at the chicken symbol to 
    activate the chicken glide. Glide through the ring and to the next roof. Water 
    the next plant and then climb up to the top of the roof. Use the audio tracker 
    to find the first pig. Glide through the three rings to reach the roof of the 
    shed that pig is on, and then press X to start riding the pig. Ride it back to 
    the pig pen at the farm.
    Now go to the stack of hay bales as told by the on-screen indicator. Use the 
    audio tracker again to locate the second pig. Go over to its location, and you 
    will find that it is asleep. Use the detective pad to follow footprints to a 
    valve buried in the ground. Get the valve and taken it back to its pipe to 
    spray water on the pig and wake it up.
    Now ride this pig back to the pen. Frank will have went to the nearby castle 
    because he heard "distant oinking" sounds. Hop on your horse and ride up to 
    the castle. Cross the bridge and then meet up with Frank just outside the 
    castle walls. Water the plants to create vines to traverse the walls, and on 
    the other side, you'll find another sleeping pig, this one dreaming about 
    apples and bananas.
    To wake it up, you'll need to put an apple and a banana in its trough. Switch 
    to the robber costume and break open the door here to find soil to water. 
    Water the soil and then an apple tree will grow. Grab an apple and throw it in 
    the pig's trough. Then make your way to the top of the castle and you will 
    find a point to use the chicken gliding technique.
    Fly through the rings and you'll wind up next to another patch of soil. Water 
    it to grow a banana tree. Grab a banana and then use the teleporter to return 
    to the castle easily. Take the banana to the trough and the pig will wake up, 
    but your methods of returning the pig to the farmer are a little unconventional
    this time.
    Ride the pig in front of the cannon and jump off. Press A to throw the pig 
    inside the cannon, and then go to the side of the cannon with the farmer suit 
    equipped. Use the cannon to send the pig flying back "safely" to the farm.
    Chase is then offered a job from Vinny to steal a T-Rex for a mysterious 
    private customer. You need to get to the museum to steal the T-Rex. When you 
    near the building, Chase will realize that he needs to get in through the roof,
    but the roof is too high up.
    Go to the art gallery building as suggested by Ellie and platform your way to 
    the top of that. Use the Super Chicken Glide to reach the roof of the museum. 
    Crank open the hatch up here to drop down into the museum proper to start one 
    of two lengthy Special Assignments in this chapter.
    In the museum, your first order of business is to reach the dinosaur exhibit. 
    On the first floor, you need to break open the door to the gift shop and then 
    grab the handle in there. Take the handle to the lever that is next to the 
    closed car exhibit and use it to move the curtain. Then activate the car to 
    cause it to crash.
    Use the pieces of the car to build a TNT vending machine. Switch to the miner 
    and grab the dynamite. Place it in the designated barrel. Use the blocks 
    resulting from the explosion to power the locomotive and get it to back up and 
    out of your way.
    Smash the object to the right of the steam machine and then use its pieces to 
    create a little cart. Push the cart forward onto the button to raise the gate. 
    Destroy the object in there and then use its pieces to create a scissor lift 
    on top of the cart. Push it forward a final time. Grab the valve from the 
    pedestal and use it on the cart to raise the stairs and then climb to the top 
    to reach the second floor of the museum.
    Destroy the objects up here and rebuild to create a green color machine. Shoot 
    the red orb to power the device, raising the gate. Grab the crate and then take
    it to the designated area to break the grate so you can use the water to ride 
    up to the third floor.
    To your left, you can use the RC-controlled underwater device to get a Super 
    Brick. Otherwise, head to the right and use the Super Build here to create a 
    small plane, which will move the pirate ship forward and lower its bridge. Get 
    on the ship and climb the ladder to reach the crow's nest and then jump over to
    the next ledge.
    Swing on the poles to get all the way across to a hole in the roof and then 
    drop down inside. Whip out the detective pad to find an object buried under 
    the dirt. Throw it in the container to activate a button, which makes the 
    space object drop. Rebuild it into a teleporter and then use the teleporter to 
    zap to the adjacent exhibit.
    Pull the switch in here. Then turn your attention to the two valves on the 
    wall. You have to turn the valve, then wait for the needle to land in the 
    green area, then press A again to stop the needle directly in the green area. 
    Once this has been done with both machines, go back to the ship, platform to 
    the ledge above the laser door, and then use the new color machine here to 
    switch out for red.
    Drop down and shoot the green orb to turn off the laser grid. Defeat the 
    security guards in the next room. If you have at least 30,000 bricks, you can 
    go to the Super Build pad at the end of this room and build the T-Rex right 
    off the bat. If not, there are plenty of bricks and Super Bricks to be had 
    here. Just interact with the exhibits and complete their mini-games to earn 
    rather fruitful and large Super Bricks.
    Once the T-Rex has been built, press X to start riding it. In the city streets,
    use the T-Rex to destroy the police vehicles. Press Y to stomp the ground and 
    press A to roar, which will knock the police vehicles away. Leave the T-Rex in 
    the designated garage.
    Your next goal is to become a fireman so that you can steal a boat for Vinny. 
    Drive to the fire station and then enter to start the next Special Assignment, 
    which also serves as one giant tutorial for the fireman costume. Pull the 
    lever, and then smash everything inside the garage. Throw together the pieces 
    to create a space box, and then unlock the box to cause pieces to appear in 
    the garage two doors down.
    Go to that garage and throw those pieces together to create a color gun machine
    so that you can get the color red. Blast the grey tiles on the middle garage 
    door and then you can pull the lever to open it. Go inside and open the locker 
    to get the fireman costume.
    Run over to the fire and put it out using your hose by holding the Y button 
    down. Then grab the fire axe and smash through the wooden blocking the door. 
    And then grab the valve on the other side and use it on the fire hydrant to 
    save your fellow fireman.
    Go through the gate to reach the next area. Instruct the people that are 
    holding the trampoline to walk into the glowing objective areas so that they 
    can safely stop people from crashing to the ground as they jump out of the 
    burning practice building.
    Use the water turrets to put out all nine fires. Grab the crate of metal and 
    carry it to the designated area and toss it down. Build a ladder and climb up 
    to reach the building. Platform up the building, using all your different 
    costume skills as indicated by icons, until reach the roof.
    On the roof, you have to use an RC toy that is explosive. Drive it under the 
    small opening and smash it into the structure so that you can get to the cat. 
    Stand on the fish icon and press A to call for the kitty and successfully 
    rescue it.
    Enter the firehouse. Go to the mini-game. Use your hose to pop all of the 
    balloons. Just shoot the faces as they turn to you and hold Y to fill the 
    balloons with water. Once all the balloons are popped, the fire chief will be 
    distracted, so now you can enter his office.
    Use the detective pad to find the key to the office on the left. From here, you
    can build a trampoline to reach the platforming objects above. Platform over to
    the chief's room and steal the key inside. Exit the room and put the key in 
    the keyhole and when you're ready, slide down the hole to reach the sewers 
    underneath the firehouse.
    In here, use the lift to reach the upper area. Then drop down on the other 
    side. Smash the space box, then create a dynamite vending machine. Pick it up 
    as the miner and then switch to the robber. Get the dynamite and use it to 
    blow up the door back on the other side after you've broken through the door as
    the robber. 
    You can now get a red color gun. Ride the lift up and use it to deactivate the 
    fans. You can now get across to the other side. Smash the blue boat here to 
    create a jump pad. Then jump across to the other side. Press the button to 
    make a floating matress fall into the water. Shoot the green orb with the red 
    color gun to turn off the electricity going to the door.
    Either use the matress to grab the gold coins in the water or jump on the big 
    boat. Use the water turrets on it to fill the tank to your left and then raise 
    the gate. You'll get a call from Natalia that she is in trouble, so ride the 
    speed boat all the way to the hospital.
    At the hospital, use your fireman suit to put out the fires and take out the 
    bad guys as you ascend the building. At the top of the building, you will reach
    Natalia. Use the Super Chicken glide to save Natalia and then use the Super 
    Build to create a helipad. Call a helicopter and jump in. Fly Natalia to 
    Ellie's roof to finally end the chapter.
    Go to the ice cream parlor. Then drive to the hotel that is owned by Frank's 
    parents. Go to the side and start working your way up the building. As you work
    your way to the top, a gym instructor will stop you. Use the gym equipment by 
    hitting the punching bag, running on the treadmill, and lifting weights to 
    convince him to let you pass.
    Everything as you scale the hotel is very straight-forward. At the top of the 
    hotel, you will have to activate a Super Chicken Glide. Do so, and upon 
    landing, water the plants and scale them. Then collect three red pegs above to 
    clog in the sprouts. One can be found by destroying the chairs, another by 
    using your detective pad to open the drawer, and the final one can be found 
    behind the door that you have to break into using the robber costume.
    This will cause the final water sprout to spit up a powerful stream of water so
    that you can ride it up. Now you can continue platforming to your destination 
    much less eventfully. You'll have to fight off a few guys, but the only thing 
    you need to keep in mind si that you will eventually run into a Super Build on 
    the rooftops. Build it and then switch to the fireman costume.
    Use the fireman's hose to fill up the pool. This will cause the ball to float 
    to the top and fall out. Press X to ride the ball and follow the line of 
    studs that appear to roll the ball into place on the machine. Then use the 
    jump pad to leap across to the next building.
    Smash the boulders with the miner costume and then use the teleport underneath 
    them. Carry the box to the designated area and then put the pieces together to 
    create a dynamite-equipped RC car. Maneuver it around the fences and blow up 
    the silver object at the end. Run over and throw it together to create a 
    color gun machine. Use it to get "green", and then return to the teleporter, 
    using it to backtrack to the building that you just came from.
    Use it to pull back the gate and then use the jump pad there to launch over to 
    the building across the street. Chase will smack into the building, but grab 
    the rail. Platform up the building and you'll find the audio tracker point. 
    Use it to listen to the conversation and then jump off the roof.
    Make your way to the beach and swim out to the next objective marker. You 
    will then start the next Special Assignment. Smash all the bricks and make your
    way to the first platform with enemies. Defeat them and then switch to the 
    fireman costume. Put out the fire to make the water stop and then swing across 
    the gap.
    Pull the lever behind the gate and then use the Lego pieces that the tunnel 
    spits out to create a fan and ride it to the top. Now platform your way over to
    the next section and defeat the enemies here. Bust open the large crate and 
    then throw ti back together to create a space box. Complete the space box 
    mini-game to get the missing cogs to the machine. Pull the lever and then 
    hurry to the valve in the room on the right. Turn it to raise the bridge and 
    go across to be greeted by more enemies.
    Take them out. Get into the gate, grab the box, throw together a keypad next 
    to the elevator, and then interact with the keypad to open the elevator doors. 
    Step inside and ride the elevator to the next part of the Special Assignment.
    Upon riding the elevator to the top, your new goal is to break into the vault 
    that is protected by the red laser grid. Basically, just smash everything in 
    the room, rip the painting to the left off the wall, pull the lever on the 
    right to move the painting on the right, and then create power switches to go 
    along with the laser grid using the boxes of parts that you'll receive for 
    doing so.
    Use the color gun (you should still have red from the puzzle solving from the 
    rooms before this) to shoot the orbs to deactivate the grid, and then press 
    the buttons on the keypad to open the door behind that. Enemies will come in 
    the room, so get rid of them before entering the vault.
    After the cut-scene, you have to escape from your pursuers on motorcycle. 
    Drive to the meeting place, and then fight off your enemies. After the next 
    cut-scene, hop back on one of the motorcycles and then drive back to the ice 
    cream parlor for the second Special Assignment of this chapter.
    Beat up the bad guys. Pull the grapple point above the freezer door to free 
    Vinny, and then put him back together. Take the crate from inside the freezer 
    and carry it over to the blue cogs. Throw it down, then go to the end of the 
    conveyor belt and push the keypad to get another crate, and take it to the blue
    cogs as well. Use the pieces to activate the machine which will pull out a 
    flight of stairs you can use it to reach the upper level and take out more 
    members of Rex's gang.
    Go to the office and inside, destroy everything and defeat everyone. 
    Investigate everything and open all the safes, and you'll get the pieces to 
    create two giant ice cream sundae statues. Make them and then push them on the 
    green switches to open the secret passageway.
    You'll now be able to enter the ice cream factory. Go to the conveyor belt and 
    use the keypad to get a box. Enter the box as if it were a vehicle and use it 
    to walk by the freezing cold air that is blowing out of the broken machinery 
    so that you can reach Rex's men and beat them up some more. Hug the conveyor 
    belt with studs on it as you're moving to collect those.
    Fight off the enemies and then use the vending machine as the miner to get 
    some dynamite. Use it to blow up the icicles on the pipe, and then push the 
    pipe into place to get the ice cream flowing again. Use the blocks on the other
    side to reach the upper ledge, and then get that pipe in place to get both 
    streams of ice cream successfully flowing. You can then go to the center 
    console and use it to end the assignment and the chapter.
    Head over to the construction yard to begin your next Special Assignment. Your 
    first order of business is to push that junk out of the way and then break 
    into the door to get access to the construction worker suit, which is Chase's 
    final costume.
    Switch to it and then fix the fusebox by doing the logical, construction worker
    thing to do, which is hit it with a hammer. Then destroy the large crate and 
    rebuild the space box. Switch to the astronaut suit and open the box.
    This will create the aprts to a color gun machine. Build it, and then swap out 
    purple for green. Shoot the big red orb blocking the gate to the Roller and 
    then get inside the roller yourself. Drive onto the big red button to open the 
    gate and then drive through the gate.
    Go around to the shaking parts of the ground and smash the tiles with your 
    drill. Then tap A to release the water pressure in all four different spots to 
    drain the water. Smash the crate in there, build the space box, solve the 
    space box puzzle, and then use the pieces it drops to fix the machine. Finally,
    pull the lever to get the parts to make a ladder to get to the second floor.
    Up here, switch to your undercover costume and yank down a ladder using your 
    grappling hook. Climb the ladder and platform across to the right. Break into 
    the door and then use the miner suit to get dynamite. Take the dynamite back 
    to the silver door you passed earlier and toss it in the barrel sitting in 
    front of the door to blow it up.
    Collect the studs and then walk through the elevator. Free run under the 
    obstacle and then switch back to your undercover costume. Grapple up to the 
    next floor and then fix the elevator by fixing the fusebox on its roof as 
    the construction worker. Go to the elevator controls and ride it to the top.
    Switch to the fireman costume and kill the flames with your hose. As the 
    farmer, water the plants to create vines that you can use to climb up to the 
    next level of the building. Free run across the beam and keep going until you 
    reach poison gas.
    Drop down through the hole next to the gas. Break stuff, and then turn the 
    valve to switch off the gas. Drop down a floor in the next room and as the 
    fireman, break the wooden barricade on the door and go on through. On the other
    side, you will find out that a dog stole the key to the nearby building, so 
    you will have to find a bone to distract it.
    Break the garbage by the dog house and then you can use your detective pad to 
    find a bone that the dog buried. Pick up the bone and throw it in the dog's 
    food bowl to distract the dog and make it drop the key. Grab the key and use it
    on the locked building. Pull the lever in here to open up the gate on your 
    Go through the gate and you'll discover that you need 40,000 bricks in order 
    to create the crane using the Super Build. There are Super Bricks all over this
    area. Once you have enough bricks, you can build the crane. Drive the crane to 
    the designated area and use the claw to fix the piping. Just pick up the 
    colored pipes and place them in their corresponding spots, as indicated by 
    their color.
    When that's done, you can drive the crane out of the construction yard. 
    Following a cut-scene, go to the observatory. Once there, first you will need 
    to fight off the security guards, and then you can take the key to the 
    observatory. Open the door and climb the ladder to the fusebox on top and work 
    your magic on it.
    Use the crane to pick up the telescope and then place it on the back of the 
    truck. What proceeds is a pretty lengthy chase sequence. The trick to this 
    chase is to ignore the cop cars on either side of you. It may be tempting to 
    ram into them, but this will do more harm than good. Just stay as still as 
    possible and follow the green studs exactly. There will be an instance near 
    the end where you have to hit a ramp, so keep that in mind as you drive 
    through the tunnels, following your accomplice.
    Beat up the enemies, and then smash all the objects in the area, as should be 
    routine at this stage in the game. You'll see electric towers in place. Go 
    around them and turn off the electricity. Smash the crate to get a box and 
    take the box to the green panel on the ground. Toss it, and then rebuild the 
    pieces to create a keypad. Press the keypad to open the door and then walk in 
    there and use the computer console to open the hangar door.
    Walk out to the helicopter pad. Destroy all the objects, including the 
    satellite dish at the end. Rebuild it to create a plank. Walk to the end of the
    plank and jump off for another diving segment. Once again, do your best to go 
    through the rings to get studs and avoid any collisions to the best of your 
    Upon landing, take out the thugs that show up. Notice the large machinery 
    here. Destroy the objects around it and you'll find a yellow fuel tank that 
    you can throw on the side of it. Destroy all the other objects around here and 
    you will find a space box. You can then grab dynamite that shows up and throw 
    it in the barrel as shown.
    This will cause the object to blow up, and you can then use the pieces to 
    attach it to the machinery and then use the controls to rip an engine off the 
    submarine. Ride the engine into the door. Go through the destroyed door and 
    once again, take out all the enemies.
    Break through the door and destroy the crate. Use the pieces to create a 
    ladder so you can climb up to the second floor. Break through the wooden 
    barricades and then use the color gun machine. Backtrack to the room with the 
    red orb and blast it with the green color gun. A door will open and you can 
    get a jetpack.
    Walk over to the jetpack icon and press A to initiate a super jetpack flying 
    rings-thing. Go through the rings to get studs. Drop down over the fence and 
    then use the jetpack to get to the higher area. Throw together the vending 
    machine up there and get the dynamite and lay it in the barrel burst open the 
    In this room, build the teleporter. Use it to zoom below. Grab the handle off 
    the button to turn off the laser grid. Fly through the rings, stop in the 
    middle, and then use the handle on the machine and pull the lever. Fly across 
    the next gap.
    Use the jetpack to reach the higher ledge. Use the teleporter here and then 
    switch back to the robber and break through the locked door. Mess with the 
    fusebox, climb the ladder, take out the bad guys up there, destroy everything 
    and pull the lever.
    Walk over to the next jetpack icon and fly, using the rings to keep boosting. 
    Use the spacebox on the other side. Destroy the box that shows up, grab the 
    dynamite, throw it in the barrel, and back away as the explosion occurs.
    In the next room, take out all the enemies, destroy all the objects, pick up 
    all the studs, you know the drill. Use the grappling hook to pull away the 
    object just around the first corner and then use the pieces to create an 
    electricity conductor. You'll find the pieces to the other missing conductor 
    behind a locked door on the other side of the room.
    Use the console near the first conductor to summon a UFO. Ride the fan up to 
    the next ledge and then build a teleporter. Use the teleporter and then take 
    out the thugs guarding Natalia's dad. He'll then unlock the UFO latches. Jump 
    in the UFO and start rising to get out.
    Fly through the sky, using the rings as a guide to get across the city. Stop 
    at the helipad. Go around the cliffside to reach a fence. Climb over the fence 
    and then kill all the enemies. Run down the stairs and pick up the Super Bricks
    that were behind the closed gate before using the gate controls and entering 
    the building.
    You'll now be in another Special Assignment. Defeat the enemies, smash all the 
    objects, and, again, collect all of the studs that you see. Use the drill on 
    the tiles and then get the dynamite. Use it to blow up the statue. Go around 
    the right to break into the door to find the key in a safe. Use the key to open
    the door and grab the box from in there and take it to the right area to put 
    together an RC equipped with dynamite.
    Drive the RC into the garage door and mess with the fusebox to turn off the 
    electricity blocking the stairs. Take everyone out, use detective mode to find 
    a valve, take the valve to its designated area and turn the valve to drain the 
    pool of its water.
    Use the color gun machine to get the red color. Shoot the orb to get rid of 
    the electricity blocking the wall climb. Climb up the wall. Plant the flower 
    pot to create flowers you can juse to get to the roof of the area. Take out 
    the enemies (been saying that a lot lately), and destroy everything. Behind 
    the boulders, you'll find the fusebox. Turn it off.
    Drop down to the door that was once blocked by electricity and break in using 
    the crowbar of the robber. Fight off everyone in the room. Use the detective 
    pad to find the secret book to pull out of the shelf to activate one of the 
    buttons. On the other side of the room is another opportunity to use the 
    detective pad to find the second button. A keypad will appear. Interact with it
    to raise the metal blinds.
    Fight off the new enemies that show up. Crack the safe to find dynamite. Grab 
    the dynamite and throw it i the barrel to destroy the statue, which will cause 
    the light to reflect like a laser beam.
    Use the helipad to summon a helicopter. You are timed to reach the professor's 
    lab, so fly to the left and go around to reach the lab in time. Then you have 
    to drive the truck to the tower, and yet again, you are timed.
    Upon arriving at the base of the tower, you have to go around to four different
    devices and put them together. First you will want to take out the two enemies 
    at each spot, then worry about throwing together the devices.
    On Apollo Island, go to the Super Build here. You need 50,000 bricks to create 
    a rocket ship. If you have the 50,000 bricks, then just do it. Otherwise, you 
    can scale the tower next to the rocket ship to get a few Super Bricks if 
    When you have the ship built, enter it and watch the scenes. Jetpack across the
    gap upon landing on the moon. Enemy astronauts will escape over the bridge. 
    Zip across and then you can turn the bridge back on. Go further and press the 
    button when you can't go further and a lift will drop. Ride the lift to the 
    Use dynamite to blast open the door and then use the drill to break through the
    bouncing tiles on the ground. Ride the water that comes out to the top. Take 
    out the enemmy astronauts that attack you next.
    Zoom over the next gap. Destroy the objects, and then open the spacebox. Also 
    destroy the crate to create a color gun machine. Switch out the color and use 
    the green to open the door here. Grab the cratea and drop it in the pile of 
    pieces in the middle. Throw all the pieces together to create a moon buggy.
    Jump on the moon buggy. Drive to the switch. The bridge will open up leading 
    back to the other platform. Ride across the bridge. Shoot the switches to 
    activate the elevator. Drive onto the elevator and ride it to the top. You can 
    reach a higher area using the jetpack. Go into the building and pull the lever 
    to reveal another switch on the ground.
    Get on the moon buggy and drive it onto the switch. Another bridge will be 
    produced. Drive across the bridge to reach the next area of the level. In this 
    room, first gather the studs that are lying about on the floor. Go to the 
    fusebox that is part of the laser grid power and interact with it to reveal 
    the next orb.
    You can find a color gun machine here. Replace your green color with red. Use 
    it to power down the laser grid blocking the mech. Get in the mech and then 
    walk over to the pipes. If you check the picture of the machine that you have 
    to use to manipulate the pipes, it will show you what position each pipe needs 
    to be in for you to finish the puzzle.
    When that's done with, you're in a !!!BOSS FIGHT!!! with Rex. Grab one of the 
    canisters to your immediate left or right. Chuck it at Rex, and then walk over 
    and press A. Mash on the A button, and then press A again to throw Rex into 
    one of the power cells to damage him. During the second phase of the fight, 
    Rex will smash the ground, sending a shockwave out that you must dodge by 
    jumping into the air.
    Scenes will play. When that's done, you'll be in battle against Rex again. 
    Grab the enemy astronauts and then hold Y. Aim the cursor at Rex as he is 
    being protected in his bubble, and chuck the enemy at him. He'll then fall 
    down. Grab another enemy and chuck the enemy at him again to get rid of his 
    hearts. Keep wearing him down like this to finish the fight.
    The game will then conclude with a very impressive and lengthy diving sequence.
    Just remember what I've been telling you about them throughout this entire 
    game and you will do just fine!
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    3. Conclusion
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    I hope this guide helped you complete Lego City Undercover on Wii U!
    Please feel free to check out all my other content on CheatMasters and 

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