Are weapon upgrades 1 time use for only 1 weapon?

  1. I am saving all my weapon upgrades since I'm not sure if they are only upgrading one weapon at a time or every weapon you find. I don't want to prematurely use an upgrade on a early weapon if I can upgrade a better one later in the game. Can anyone clarify this for me?

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    xX3UPXx - 4 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. There enough upgrades scattered throughout the game to full upgrade every weapon, but you might not find them all without help. You should, however, be able to full upgrade most weapons without issue. Definitely upgrade your handgun ASAP, because you always start with that after you die.

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Other Answers

  1. Upgrades are only per single weapon, so you hafta decide what weapon is the one you want to use most and upgrade that one.

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  2. Each weapon can get one upgrade in spread, speed, power, and capacity. That's it, unfortunately.

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  3. weapons to upgrade
    default pistol because it can't be removed from inventory and has higher power then silenced one
    sniper rifle~ if you have the wii u-pad down it works like the carbine but has more power
    crossbow~ the arrows can be retrieved,and if you have the pad up it works like a sniper
    tactical shotgun~ best of the shotguns
    magnum~ extremely powerful
    SA80 assault rifle~generally a double tap on head kills
    ump sub machine gun gained after the nursery mission~same as the above assault rifle

    adding up upgrade totals
    6-5 on fire rate i believe the tactical shotgun can take this upgrade but I'm unsure
    6 on accurcy
    5 on ammo capacity - cross bow cannot take a capacity upgrade
    6 on damage

    everything else just adds space and takes the same ammo
    each gun above is the best of it's ammo type

    as gained in game
    cricket bat~melee starter weapon
    default pistol~earned by looting john doe's backpack in beginning
    silenced pistol~found in the bathroom in buckingham palace
    -----magnum pistol-----
    magnum~found in a shack by scan hacking the door in the beaconfields
    carbine~found in a security room near entrance to sewers
    sniper rifle~found on docks near dead guy
    double barreled shotgun~found in boarded room in apartment mission
    Model 870 shotgun~found by scan hacking the gate near gas station
    tactical shotgun~found by scan hacking the gate in docks
    mp5~found in a safe during apartment mission
    ump~in nursery
    ak47~found in raven's of dee room during tower mission
    SA80~found in stash room at the end of church mission
    gun turrets~1 just outside of safe house/2 near entrance to sewers
    gernades~found through out game during and after buckingham palace mission
    flame gernades~found during shopping mission and through out game
    mine~found in safehouse after shortcut and through out game after
    soda-juice-energy drinks~found through out game
    cake~found through out game
    medium medpack~found through out game
    big medpack~found through out game
    animal remains~found in c4 camp, apartment and dropped by animals
    newspapers~found through out game laying around
    queen's letters~found in important areas during game
    letters of dee~found in verious areas after starting mission
    invisable item~useless item found in containers
    pistol ammo boxes-for defualt-silenced pistol
    rifle bullet boxes-for carbine-sniper rifle
    shotgun shell boxes-for all three shotguns
    bolts-for crossbow
    assault rifle ammo boxes-for both assault rifles
    sub-machine gun ammo boxes-for both sub-mahine guns
    magnum ammo boxes-for magnum

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