Where can I find these CCTV boxes?

  1. I need either pictures of where they are that would help, or in depth descriptions. since the ones i've found don't tell you enough. I need the cctv box in the tower of london itself, the cctv box in the green park section of the victoria memorial, the old brick warehouse one in brick lane flats, and buck palace. Please please help!

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    cosplaykid21 - 4 years ago

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  1. The one in the warehouse is hidden through a fast-paced vent, as you go through the door & down the short stairs you will see a metal ramp, go up & turn left then left again, you should see a hatchway - through that is a small room with the cctv. To reach it I think you have to (climb the boxes a and?) go back around & drop down onto more boxes.
    In the Buck Palace there's two; one in the Palace & one in the kitchen, the first is on the wall high up in the room where you find the first book - it's above the door, the kitchen one is as in the answer above in the room where you can use the c4, that also is just above the door.

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  1. The Tower of London one is in the section where you drop down into before you unlock the secret passage. Before you picklock the gate, go to the end of the passage behind you, its on left hand wall. As for Green Park, its to the left of top island, going right leads you to thetunnel that takes you to the piers at the Tower of London. As to Bricklane Flats, think its behind a wall you have to blow with C4. As to Buck Palace, there is a wall you need to blow up with C4 in the underground section, itsnext to where you find the pistol with the silencer on it.

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