Stuck for no reason/Glitch?

  1. Im playing on the standard adventure mode. I fought through the nursery and managed to miss the Nursery glitch that i have heard people talking about (where if you die before opening the door when you come back you cant activate it and then are stuck in the basement). However I then made it out to the door that needs scanning and unlocking. I then died in the horde attack.

    My current mission is to now collect my mission items from the previous survivor but when i go to the petrol station and try to get access back to baconfields i cannot get through the key card door too the right of the petrol station. It says i need the keycard which i have had as that is how i got acces to the area in the first place.
    Is there another way into Baconfields?
    Am i suppose to pick the keycard up from somewhere?
    Or is there a fix to this problem as i am now stuck?
    Or am i missing something obvious?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated i have been really enjoying playing this game


    User Info: VoooDooCheese

    VoooDooCheese - 5 years ago


  1. the gate to the right of the petrol station
    is a portable scan hack only door

    after going into the nursery to retrieve the "antibotics"
    you return to the gas station the gating inside is open
    and the upgrade is on the desk to the right next to a computer

    the scanner pad allows for progress in the game

    the entrance to baconfields is found by going strait when entering the gas station ctv box zone
    the gate to the right of the gas station is for the model shotgun,gas can and shortcut

    I'm assuming you've already figured this out but i felt this question needed answering

    User Info: new_at_css

    new_at_css - 4 years ago 0 0

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