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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Mighty_KC94

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    ZombiU "Gunless" Walkthrough
    Written by Mighty_KC94
    Copyright 2013
    Contact Info:
    Email:       IamMightyKC94@gmail.com
    ZombiU ID:   Mighty_KC94
                         TABLE OF CONTENTS
    1.  INTRODUCTION      Sect01
    2.  ITEMS             Sect02
    3.  ZOMBIE TYPES      Sect03
    4.  WALKTHROUGH       Sect04
    5.  SURVIVOR INFO     Sect05
    Sect01                 INTRODUCTION
    ZombiU is an intense survival horror game that tests your ability to make it
    out of a zombie apocalypse, hopefully with the same character you started with.
    Each encounter with a zombie has the potential of going wrong very quickly and
    fighting 2 or more zombies at once can lead to you being easily overwhelmed.
    The chief complaint against the game (glitches aside) is that there isn't
    enough ammo in the game, that you loot areas and come away with only 5 extra
    handgun bullets only to use those bullets and more on the next encounter.
    This is NOT a typical first person shooter. The key is that you are vulnerable.
    You can be attacked at almost any time and tasks such as opening your backpack
    or picking the lock on a door leave you vulnerable to attack, much like what
    would probably happen in a real zombie apocalypse. You are not supposed to
    feel safe anywhere. You're supposed to retreat, you're supposed to fight with
    a bat most of the time, you're supposed to go slowly and methodically and think
    about getting through areas strategically rather than by firepower.
    That's what makes the game so great and intense and in that spirit, I got
    thinking: is it possible to beat the game without using any guns? How about on
    Survivor mode, where each zombie can take about 30 seconds to kill with the
    After a few attempts, I'm glad to say, yes, it is possible and this guide is
    going to show you how.
    Why the hell would anyone want to attempt this?
     1.  Fire and explosives are fun.
     2.  You end up having to use the cricket bat most of the time anyway to
         conserve your ammo so why the hell not?
     3.  Maybe you've had your fun abusing the item dupe glitch and are looking
         for a challenge.
     4.  Maybe you're out of ammo and want to know how you can still get past a
         part of the game without having to spend an hour farming for more ammo.
     5.  Maybe you're just looking for new strategies in general.
    Now, let's get to a few rules about a "Gunless" Walktrough:
     1.  You must beat the game without using a gun or the item dupe glitch.
     2.  Items that can used:  Cricket bat, flares, molotovs, grenades, mines,
         healing items, and the hunting crossbow.
     3.  No using fixed gun turrets.
     4.  No using a gun for firing a warning shot to draw the attention of a zombie
         or a non-leathal body shot to draw a zombie closer to you to finish with a
     5.  No using a gun to destroy a radar jammer.
     6.  Yes, I'm aware that the Arena portion of the game forces you to use a gun
         for part of it, specifically the first three waves of SWAT and explosive
         zombies before the first set of gates open.  There's no way around that so
         use it to set off the gas cans and explosive zombies until you can get
         access to some mines and flares in the wider part of the arena.
    What does it mean to beat the game without using a gun?
     1.  You'll now have to know where every exploding zombie is in the game and
         have a plan to deal with him as hitting him with a cricket bat will cause
         him to explode, taking you down with him.  These guys will explode if you
         hit them with a molotov or hit them with with the crossbow but they almost
         always appear in close quarters, making the crossbow difficult.  It is
         possible to survive a cricket bat strike but you have to be at full health
         and time the swing so that you hit him with just the tip of the bat. If
         you're lucky, you'll have a sliver of health
     2.  Flooded areas now suck royally as your flares, molotovs, grenades, and
         mines will not work in water.  An explosive zombie in a flooded area is
         probably the worst situation in the game (which does happen twice in the
     3.  Running and shoving became your best friend.  In many cases, this is the
         best way to avoid large groups of zombies.
     4.  Fighting 2 zombies at once with the bat is playing with fire and 3 or more
         zombies is basically a death sentence.
     5.  You are forced to carry the handgun at all times as you can never drop it
         or put it in the Ravens box at the safe house.  This has the effect of
         costing you a spot in your BOB.
     6.  Groups of zombies you have to fight are best handled with flare/grenades,
         flare/molotovs, or flare/mine.  Consider that for any special zombies you
         find as well.
     7.  There's not really a need for the item dupe glitch as the dumpsters by
         Brick Lane Markets are almost always stocked with flares, grenades, and
         molotovs...your main weapons for groups of zombies.
     8.  Picking up the guns and upgrades gives you points but the guns take up
         valuable space until you can drop them off in your safe house box.  I'd
         prefer to leave them because you won't be racking up too many points
         anyways in a "Gunless" runthrough.
     9.  Carry extra healing items including a med kit in one of your active spots.
         You're going to get hit a lot more.
     10. Low walls and slide under spots are great for getting zombies into
         one-hit-kill situations.  Push zombies into low walls until they fall over
         and smash them (even SWAT ones). This is especially useful in the Defend
         The Safe House mission and at points in the Buckingham Palace missions.
    Sect02                       ITEMS
       You start the game off with this but it will run out of batteries if left
       on too long.  Turn it off to recharge it.  The light will attract zombies
       so it is useful to turn it off in some parts to try to sneak around zombies.
    Cricket Bat
       Picked up early in the game and the primary weapon used in a gunless
       runthrough.  Great in solo fights, but terrible at fighting multiple
       zombies. The design is customizable if you get the UPlay upgrade.
       Not a weapon but very useful in distracting a horde to allow you to escape
       or to gather a bunch of zombies to be finished off with a molotov, grenade,
       or mine. Pick up every one of these you can because you'll need them.
    Molotov Cocktails
       Your primary weapon for handling multiple zombies. Relatively plentiful and
       they also leave a circle of fire that can set zombies on fire if they walk
       into it or if you push them into it.  However, it takes a little while for
       the zombie to die from the fire so retreat or push them away if they come at
       you until they burn out. Will NOT work on SWAT zombies!  If you throw a
       flare first, aim slightly higher with the molotov as it will not bounce or
       roll like the flare will. If you don't aim slightly higher, then you'll
       basically miss and create a fire circle in front of them.
       Rarer than Molotovs but they can take out all zombies, including SWAT ones.
       It takes about 3 seconds after you throw for it to explode so they're not
       very effective if a zombie is charging after you. Best used in combination
       with a flare. They will also kill you instantly if you're not careful.
       Relatively rare but you can get two of them after opening the manhole in
       Brick lane Markets.  Place them and back away to let a zombie step on them.
       Great for situations where you know you're going to be ambushed from behind
       and for taking out a group of zombies with SWAT ones mixed in.  Throw a
       flare, run up, and place the mine close to the group (but not too close as
       to set it off when you plant it), back away, and let them come to you.
       Very easy to kill yourself if you place it too close a zombie.
    Hunting Crossbow
       Your range weapon for picking off zombies at a distance and great if you
       want to go all Hunger Games on the zombies. Crossbow bolts are relatively
       rare but you can loot the bolt off of a zombie once you kill him so always
       make sure to get your bolts back. If you miss with a shot, then the bolt is
       gone. Hold L and shake the controller to go into scope mode or just use it
       without the scope in close encounter situations. You're supposed to get this
       at the end of the Buckingham Palace mission but you can get it at the
       beginning of the mission if you use the secret alcove on the first floor to
       the right of the main stairway.
    Healing Items
       This includes medkits (medium and large) and food items (soda, juice,
       chocolate, cake, and energy drinks). A large medkit gives you full health,
       medium medkits and cake give you medium health, and soda, juice, chocolate,
       and energy drinks give you small health. You can also get full health if you
       sleep in a bed at your safe house or at any Ravens room.
       The most worthless item in the game. Don't bother wasting a precious spot
       in your inventory on these. They only hold off zombies from busting a door
       for a few extra seconds and can't be used on metal doors.
    Sect03                  ZOMBIE TYPES
    Regular Zombies
        These guys are probably 80% of the zombies in the game. They take about 3
        hits with the cricket bat on Chicken mode and 6-7 hits on Normal/Survivor.
        Use the bat in solo fights but consider retreating or using other tactics
        if 2 or more are after you. They're vulnerable to fire and explosives, but
        they do take some time to burn out once they're on fire so push them away
        or hit them if they come at you. If you're in a fight and you see a zombie
        raise both his arms up to lurch at you, immediately push him back. That's
        the instant death bite and your cricket bat is too slow to hit him back in
    Screamer Zombies
        This is the punk rocker zombie that has yellow electricity arching from him
        and he screams to attract other zombies. Very few in the game (around 3)
        but very deadly if you don't take him out fast enough. Most strategies
        involve running past him and the zombies he calls but he can be taken out
        with a flare/grenade combination. Whatever you do, don't mess around with
        these guys.
    SWAT Zombies
        These guys have helmets that take 3 hits to knock off. They then require an
        extra 3 hits on Chicken mode and 10-12 hits on Normal/Survivor mode. They
        are immune to fire so molotovs are useless against them. If fighting
        multiples, use flares and explosives to take them out. The crossbow is only
        effective once the helmet is knocked off but by that time, he's already in
        your face. They also can take 2-3 crossbow bolts to the head to kill.
    Red Zombies
        These guys are basically the regular zombies but on steroids. They have
        red smoke, white eyes and they're much faster and stronger. Two scratches
        from these guys are enough to take you out from full health. They basically
        appear when you revisit areas in the game and always carry a weapon
        upgrade. Don't get caught trying to fight multiple zombies with these guys
        around. Otherwise, you can beat them just fine with the bat in a solo
        fight. Use flares and molotovs/grenades if they're around with other
        zombies. If at a distance, take them out with a crossbow bolt to the head.
    Spitter Zombies
        These guys wear white straight jackets and have a greenish mist around
        them. At a distance, they'll hurl acid at you that temporarily blinds you
        but in close combat, they're basically like a regular zombie with extra
        health. If you see them winding up, side step to avoid being hit.
        Vulnerable to fire, explosives, and (multiple) crossbow bolts to the head.
    Exploding Zombies
        These are the worst guys in the game for a gunless runthrough as a hit from
        your bat will set them off. They produce a high pitching hissing noise when
        they're close by and they wear gas masks and blue tanks on their back. Kill
        most of these guys with molotovs as you can push them back far enough to
        avoid most of the explosion damage. A crossbow shot to the body will also
        blow them up.
    Teleporting Nurse Zombies
        These zombies are relatively rare and can teleport behind you in a fight.
        Back yourself into a corner when fighting them to prevent them from doing
        that and hit them with the bat when they come.  It will take several series
        of hits before they go down for good. When fighting two of them at once,
        use a flare and a grenade to take them out quickly. They also jam your
        radar when they're around.
    Sect04                   WALKTHROUGH
    1.  Introduction and Get Prepared                            MIx01
    2.  Scan 2 CCTV Junction Boxes in Supermarket Area           MIx02
    3.  Defend Your Safe House                                   MIx03
    4.  Reach the Royal Bunker Entrance                          MIx04
    5.  Meet The Royal Doc                                       MIx05
    6.  Find Dee's "Studium Contagione" for The Doc              MIx06
    7.  Raid the Military Armoury                                MIx07
    8.  Call for Evac                                            MIx08
    9.  Refuel the Generator and Find Medicine for Vikram        MIx09
    10. Save the Girl                                            MIx10
    11. Survive Arena                                            MIx11
    12. Collect 7 Dee Letters For The Doc                        MIx12
    13. Retrieve the Panacea                                     MIx13
    14. Load Out                                                 MIx14
    15. Evacuate at Tower of London                              MIx15
        With almost no guidance, you're thrown into the middle of a horde and you
    have to RUN to the safe house.  Push the movement button in and forward to
    run.  Walking is not fast enough to get to the ladder without being pulled
    down to your death.  You need to run straight, turn to the left slightly, and
    then go in the lit room and up the ladder.
        After the ladder, you crawl in the hole and fall down the chute into a
    garbage dumpster.  You get out and everything seems quiet.  Exit the room, go
    to the right down the stairs, and you'll have to jump a low wall to continue
    down the stairs.  If you have your flashlight off, you can get a little further
    without attracting attention.
        At the bottom of the stairs, go left, and run down the hall straight
    for the door.  Open it and you get to the Safe House.
        You wake up in darkness and The Prepper begins to talk to you.  Grab the
    pad on the desk in front of you and then go and turn on the generator in the
    bathroom on the side closest to your bed.  Go to the monitors at the main desk.
        The Prepper gives you your first mission, which is to use your radar to
    find the previous survivor and get his BOB (Bug Out Bag).  He's stuck in a
    window and there's a cricket bat next to him.  Pick it up, smash his head, and
    loot him to get the bag.  The game then tells you to equip the gun but ignore
    that and head back to the monitors.
    Safe House
        The Prepper now tells you need to go shopping and scan some CCTV boxes.
    Exit the safe house and you'll find that a garage door by the BOB room you
    were just in will open part of the way for you to slide under. This next area
    has the door you need to go through over to your right but as you get close,
    you find it's locked.  The Prepper tells you to find a keycard for it.
        This area has two floors and the bottom area has a few wandering zombies
    in it.  Ignore them and the bottom floor and stay on the floor you're on.
        To the right is a door that leads to a hallway.  In this hallway, the main
    door to another room on the right is blocked by a cabinet.  You can either
    push the cabinet aside or jump over the window.  Kill the zombie in here with
    the bat (3 hits on Chicken and 6-7 hits on Normal/Survivor).  If you get a
    zombie on the ground, you can finish them by holding R.
        There's a room adjacent to this one so go through and search the cabinets
    until you find the keycard.  Backtrack to the door that required the keycard
    and now open it.  If you ever get confused as to where to go, just follow the
    guide on your map.
        This leads to a hallway that curves around.  You can find a large medkit
    in a room to the left as well as a zombie hanging from the ceiling in the room
    after that.  Either proceed through this room and down the ladder or continue
    on down the curving hallway to end up by the Exit door.
    Brick Lane
        A new area loads up and The Prepper keeps talking to you.  Slide under the
    fallen rack and then scan the door to get The Prepper to remotely hack it and
    open it for you.  Go through and then up the stairs to your first area that's
    out in the open.  Go through the tents and if you look left, you'll see a bunch
    of zombies in the distance.  If you walk to far in that direction, The Prepper
    will warn you not to go that way.  Go straight instead and once you get by the
    red phonebooth, look onto the building to your left and scan the first CCTV
    box.  If you walk past it, The Prepper will let you know.
        Scan around for small health items and if you go up by the stairs next to
    the CCTV box, you can get your first flare. If you keep going on the
    scaffolding, then you can enter an apartment, turn right, jump the window
    ledge, and find another flare on the roof as well as opening up a ladder for
    a shortcut.
        Go back down to the main area, take out the zombie in the area, and then go
    right for a chainlink door and another door behind that with a safe house logo
    on it. Grab the medkit next to the manhole and remove the cover to open up a
    shortcut to your safe house. There's a door in this room that is locked so
    ignore it  and open up the next door. When you do open it, a zombie is slumped
    against the wall so kill him before he gets up. Turn left and go through the
    next door.
        Your now in an alley way with the best dumpsters in the game: one is in
    front of your and one is behind you.  They're pretty much empty at this point
    but you'll be coming back here before each new mission.
        There are two paths forward: you can climb the ladder or slide under a
    hole to get to the wider area.  Up the ladder are 3 flares so grab those. Go
    back down the ladder to the hole in the alleyway.
        There are a few zombies in the open area, but only one should be walking
    around. Slide under and head to your right, then kill the crawler in the area
    with a finishing shot and then kill the regular zombie. Loot the bodies and go
    over the downed chainlink fence.  Note that you can't go back over the fence
    once you run over.  There's another flare here so pick it up and then try to
    open the door to the building.  An alarm will sound and a zombie will start to
    break down the same door. Stand back and let him open the door and then push
    the zombie a few times until you can open the next door. Zombies will come at
    you from behind so be quick. If the door needs to load, keep pushing zombies
    until it does load.
        The door behind you is barred and a zombie is pounding on it so just
    leave it and go into the meat locker. There's a crawler in here that's hard
    to see in the mist but he only takes one hit to kill. There's another zombie
    hanging from the ceiling and he'll come alive when you approach him.  Kill
    him with one hit of the bat and then go through the next room.  The next door
    has barricades on it so The Prepper tells you to find a hammer. There's one in
    the trash can in the room.  Remove the barricade on the door.
        The next area has lots of dead bodies but only two zombies that are threats
    to you.  Go forward until you see a barred door, then turn around. You should
    see a room behind the plastic flaps, which has a zombie in it but the first
    zombie you need to take care of is playing dead in front of you on the left
    side of the wall. Kill him before he gets up and then kill the second one
    behind the plastic flaps.
        Loot the rest of the bodies for supplies and then make your way to the
    room that's past the large fish tank and down the darkened set of stairs to the
        In the basement, turn left and go down the hallway. On the wall on the
    left side is the next CCTV box.  Scan it and then go to the end of the hall and
    turn left for 2 molotov cocktails. These will be your main weapon for handling
    multiple zombies but they aren't effective against SWAT zombies. It will take a
    few seconds for any zombies set on fire to burn out so you'll need to push back
    or hit with the bat any that come in your face until they die.
        Go back for the stairs but you'll find a zombie at the top of the stairs.
    He'll come down so kill him with the bat. Go up the stairs and then ready a
    flare for the next part. Remove the bar on the door in this room that you
    saw earlier (not the one you came in originally with the zombie's pounding on
    it) and leave the Supermarket.
    Outside the Supermarket
        Outside, you meet your first screamer zombie. And man does he suck. His
    screams will deafen you for a few seconds and attract multiple zombies each
    time. Don't bother fighting him, just throw the flare toward the open area to
    your left and make a run for the slide under spot to get back to your manhole
    shortcut.  A zombie will jump the wall by the door next to the dumpsters so get
    in the door, shut it, open the next door, and shut it to buy you time to get in
    the manhole.  If you don't shut the doors, he may follow you into the room. If
    you can't get down the hole fast enough, either kill him and hope the other
    zombies didn't follow you as well or keep running through the Brick Lane area
    to get back to your safe house via the long way back.
        Once back in the safe house, you will find some mines in the locker by the
    manhole as well as spray paint for leaving messages.
    MIx03     ***DEFEND YOUR SAFE HOUSE***
        The Prepper will notify that your safe house is under attack so you'll need
    to go out and defend it.  This is probably one of the hardest missions in the
    game since you'll have to kill about 12 zombies with no real safe place to
    hide. It's especially hard in Normal or Survivor mode where each zombie would
    take 6-7 hits with the bat to kill.
        The zombies come from three points: the room where you got the BOB, a hole
    in the ceiling in the room in front and to the left of the safe house door,
    and over on the left most wall. The zombies come in three waves, the first of
    which should be about 6 zombies with 3 others in the other two waves. The
    Prepper will say something in between each wave.
        If you see any zombies raise both their arms and lurch at you, immediately
    push them back. That's the instant death bite and you don't have the virucide
    shot yet to give you a second chance. The push back responds faster than a bat
    swing so keep using lots of pushes if you're handling multiple zombies with a
    bat and don't hesitate to run past them to get some space.
        You only have 2 molotov's at this point in the game so it's best to use
    them with a flare during the 1st wave when you have 4-5 zombies around. Throw
    the flare first, let them gather around it, and throw the molotov slightly
    higher than where you threw the flare so that it hits the group and sets them
    all on fire.  If the molotov over shoots them, run and push them into the fire
    and then retreat and push them away until they burn out. You can also use a
    flare/mine combination too at this point. Throw a flare, have them gather, and
    then place a mine in front of them and walk back. When the flare burns out,
    they'll come after you and blow themselves up.
        If you run out of molotovs or mines, you can still beat them all with the
    bat by going over to a spot directly to the right of the safe house door where
    there's a slide under spot.  Wait for the zombies to come under and then kill
    them in one shot as they crawl through. However, if you stand back there long
    enough, you're still vulnerable to zombies coming at you from behind and from
    the window ledge next to you so keep pinging to know where they are at any
    given time and retreat when necessary.
        You can also use the low wall in the middle of the area and smack them as
    they try to climb over so they fall back on the other side. Repeat as necessary
    or hit them as they stumble over and you should knock them to the ground where
    you can finish them in one shot.
        When finished, The Prepper tells you to get some sleep, which is a good way
    to get back to full health without having to use any healing items.
    Safe House
        Before every mission, go check the monitors to see if flares/molotovs
    spawned at bins in Brick Lane Market.  If so, use the manhole to warp back
    and go pick them up.
        Return to the BOB room and remove the barricade on a door by the window to
    find a new magnetic keycard. Head out to main area of the safe house and
    proceed to the lower level and go to the left side. Unless you've killed them
    already, there should be 2 zombies on the lower level, but you can just run
    past them for now. Go down the hallway and go straight for the door and close
    it behind you to buy you some time in case you're being chased by them.
        Go through a hole in the wall and you're in the tube station. There's a
    bunch of dead zombies in the tube but just ignore them as none of them will
    come alive.  Exit past the sliding door and go along the path until you reach
    an Exit door.
    Victoria Memorial Sewers
        Continue along the path until you reach the sewers of Victoria Memorial.
    Go past the chain link door and there's a zombie playing dead next to the top
    of the stairs that will rise when you approach him.  Run to him and finish him
    before he can get up. The next zombie is at the bottom of the stairs to your
    left.  If you're quick, you can finish him too before he gets up.
        The first door you see is on the right but it's locked for now so keep
    going straight.  There's a slightly flooded area with a barred door leading
    outside to the swamp so ignore that and crawl through a hole in the wall on
    the right.
        This room is flooded with a few dead bodies but one will come alive if
    you approach him so ignore them and go straight for the ladder that's to the
    left. Climb up to the next floor, walk around, and then go down the hallway to
    your left.  You end up on the other side of the locked door but ignore that and
    go in the door with the safe house logo next to it at the end of the hallway.
    Go down the stairs to find a manhole and remove the cover. Warp back if you
    need to.
    Victoria Memorial - Buckingham Palace Gates
        Come back up the door and take the stairwell to your left.  This will lead
    you to an open area with lots of large shipping crates.  There are about 5
    zombies here and only one of them seems to be reliably placed so whenever
    you're fighting a zombie, ping your radar between hits to see if anyone's
    coming behind you. Chances are, they will (***See Section 05 under SURVIVOR
    DEATHS).  If you get overwhelmed, throw a flare followed by a molotov or
    retreat to a low wall relatively close to the ambulance and hit/push them as
    they try to climb over. I find this area to be one of the trickiest parts in
    the game because the zombies really do seem to come to the battles late when
    you think you're fighting another zombie alone.
        The reliably placed zombie is standing in front of the door to a building.
    That door is barricaded but the real trick is that trying to remove the
    barricades will trigger a zombie to jump the wall behind you.  Click A to begin
    to remove the barricades but stop and turn around to kill him.  Return to
    prying off the barricades. Shut the door behind you in case you missed a zombie
    from this area and keep pinging as well.
        Once you enter the room, there's a CCTV box on the wall in front of you but
    the barricaded door in front of you should start pounding.  There's going to be
    2 zombies breaking down that door so ready a molotov for them once they break
    through and retreat/push/hit until they burn out.
        Exit the other side and you'll see a zombie playing dead to your left. Run
    over and kill him before he gets up.  Also check the back/right area in a
    shipping crate to see if there's a zombie there that should be killed so he
    doesn't sneak up behind you while you're fighting another zombie.
        The map will guide you to a door to the left that leads to the Royal Bunker
    entrance but proceed slowly as there are a few zombies and you want to draw
    them into one-on-one fights.  There is a large medkit next to a shipping crate
    but if you get that medkit, the shipping crate's going to bust open with 3
    zombies.  If you decide to get it, ready a molotov for them, trigger them, and
    back up before throwing.
        If you keep walking forward, you'll see your first SWAT zombie approach
    you from a distance. Draw him back a bit and be ready with the bat.  It takes
    3 wacks to knock off his helmet and about 10 hits after that to kill him (3 if
    you're on chicken mode).  Another zombie should also pop up around the yellow
    vehicle so kill him too.
        Try to open the door the guide leads you to but you'll find it's locked.
    The Prepper will tell you to find a lock pick tool in the area, which should be
    near a Raven's room. Go past the burning helicopter and you'll come to a new
    area where you can see Buckingham Palace on the other side of the gates.
    The Prepper will draw your attention to the upside down flag at the top of the
    building, which may signal that someone's still in there. However, your
    immediate concern is dealing with 2 zombies: one pacing behind the fixed turret
    and one just in front of the gates, eating his pal. You can draw the zombie by
    the turret into a solo fight by hugging the wall by the burning helicopter.
    Draw him back and kill him, then go kill the other zombie by the gate.
        Behind the gun turret is a shipping crate.  Go in but you'll find a SWAT
    zombie comes down to fight you. Kill him with the bat but before you go through
    the shipping crate, place a mine at the entrance of it. You'll find out why in
    just a little bit.
        Go through the rest of the shipping crate and turn left. There's a Raven's
    room in front of you as well as a box with many goodies just to the left of the
    shipping crate exit. Rest in the Raven room if you need to get back to full
    health and then open the box. Take the lock picking tool as well as the
    grenades.  Ready a couple of flares.
        Once you start to go back through the shipping crate, you'll find a zombie
    is going to try to ambush you but he'll step on the mine you placed. Go past
    him and The Prepper will alert you to an oncoming horde. There are basically
    two strategies to get past this horde and neither of them involve fighting the
    the zombies (of which there will be some 20-30 of them).
    STRATEGY ONE (Safer): Run past them all and go all the way back to the manhole
       in the sewer area, throwing a flare or two to keep them off of you.  Once
       you warp out of the sewer and then warp back into the area, the main horde
       is gone but a few zombies will still be around. One should be in the first
       shipping crate area and a SWAT zombie should be found trying to break down
       the locked door you need to pick to get into the Royal Bunker entrace.  Kill
       him, pick the lock, go down the ladder and through the door.  Note that
       there is a zombie in a small alcove behind the ladder but ignore him and go
       through the door.
    STRATEGY TWO (Riskier): Throw a flare and run to the locked door you need to
       pick to get to the Royal Bunker entrance. Before you start picking the lock,
       throw another flare to keep the zombies distracted while you pick the lock.
       This lock is the only single-layer lock you find in the game but you have to
       hold the tool in place a little longer than usual to unlock it. Open the
       door, turn around, throw another flare, and SHUT THE DOOR to buy you a
       little bit more time to get down the ladder and through the next door.
    Sewer to the Royal Bunker
       With the horde out of the way, go around the corner and be prepared to kill
    a zombie waiting in the alcove to the left. Kill him then proceed to the
    waterway, where there should be a zombie in the water that will come up to
    greet you.  Kill him and continue on.
       You'll find that you have to go in the water and there will be a zombie at
    the far end.  You can ignore him if you can wade through the water fast enough
    to get up to a broken set of stairs to the right and climb up to the ledge.  If
    not, then wait for him to come to you and kill him.
       Back on land, you'll find that you can go left or right. Left will take you
    out towards the swamp and right towards the bunker entrance. Go right and kill
    the zombie standing at the end of the hallway. The next room is larger and
    you'll find a smaller fenced off room which has the CCTV box for the area. It
    also has 2 zombies playing dead in that fenced in area so scan the box from
    afar or try to finish them before they get up.
       Go down the set of scaffolding until you reach a door on the bottom floor.
    There are no zombies in this area so you're in the clear for now.
    MIx05     ***MEET THE ROYAL DOC***
    Royal Bunker
        Officially, this mission starts off saying SCAVANGE THE ROYAL BUNKER FOR
    SUPPLIES but that will change before you do any real scavanging.
        Scan the door to get The Prepper to hack it and go inside. There are no
    zombies in this part of the game that will attack you so relax for a bit. Go
    straight through the red hallway to find a Raven room and a save point. Come
    back up to the main room and find the one door that you can use the lock pick
    tool on. The others are barred from the other sides.
        Once you enter the room, The Doc will talk to you and then open the door
    for you to continue. Loot any bodies you find for items. You come out by an
    elevator area but go left through the door to enter a stairwell. Go straight
    instead of down and you'll end up in a set of corridors. Explore if you want
    as there are no zombies that can attack you but you'll eventually come to a
    room right before the Doc's lab that has 2 zombies behind bars. Ignore them and
    enter the lab to your left.
        The Doc will give you some info and he'll ask you to go upstairs to
    Buckingham Palace to find a book.  In his lab towards the back/right, you'll
    find a door that will lead to a manhole. Warp back, stock up, save, and be
    ready to make your way back to the elevators you passed earlier. Enter the
    elevator and push the button.
    Buckingham Palace
        When the elevator doors open, you see a hallway with a few dead bodies, a
    room to the left and a room to the right at the end of the hallway.  Check out
    the room to the left first for supplies but you'll find that there's a hidden
    pathway to a ladder here. That's one of two routes to the second floor but
    when you climb the ladder, there's a vent you have to crawl through and a
    zombie ready to pull you through and jump on you.  Take it if you want but I
    prefer the more common route through the main stairway area at end of the
    hallway by the elevators.
        This room is a large area with about 4-5 zombies in it.  They'll mostly
    gather by the piano in the distance and you'll probably see a Spitter zombie
    coming down the stairs along with a regular zombie if you wait long enough. The
    Spitter zombies are white with greenish smoke around them and they vomit acid
    that will temporarily blind you if you're hit. It's relatively easy to dodge
    if you just side step once you see him wretch back.
        Deal with all of these zombies by throwing a flare by the piano, wait for
    them to gather around it for a few seconds, and follow it up with a molotov.
    Back away and let them burn out but note that the spitter zombie will take
    longer to burn out as they have as much health as a SWAT zombie. Loot the room
    and you'll see an empty white alcove to the right of the main  stairway. Step
    in it and you'll find a secret path to the hunting crossbow (which you would
    normally get at the end of this mission). You only get one bolt to start off
    with but if hit a zombie with it, loot it back off of the zombie. If you miss,
    then it's gone. Head shots will kill normal zombies in one hit, spitters and
    SWAT zombies (once their helmets are knocked off) may require 2-3 head shots.
        Go up the main stairway and you'll find a SWAT zombie at the top of the
    stairs.  Lure him down and kill him.  Once you get to the top of the stairs,
    if you go straight and to the right, you'll find the room that has the zombie
    guarding the vent shortcut previously mentioned. Take him out or ignore him if
    you want.
        Back at the top of the stairway, you'll see that you can cross over to the
    other side of main area on the 2nd floor. You should see a spitter zombie
    playing dead here so run up to him and finish him before he gets up.  Another
    zombie is playing dead close to him so you can hit him first with the crossbow
    or take him out after taking out the spitter zombie.
        Continue along and you'll be on the 2nd floor above the alcove that had
    the crossbow. As you approach the doorway, a SWAT zombie will come out so kill
    him. Enter the hallway and you'll see a burned out room to the right that you
    can't enter and a low wall half way through. Use the crossbow to pick off a
    zombie on the other side of the low wall. Cross over and then you'll hear some
    crashes behind you.  Two regular zombies and a SWAT zombie will fall out of
    the burned out room one at a time so you can use a few strategies here. You
    could throw a molotov to take out the two regular zombies and finish the SWAT
    guy yourself, throw a flare and a grenade to take them all out, or use the low
    wall to hit them as they try to climb over and keep pushing them back to the
    other side. Either way, be careful not to do your fighting in front of the room
    at the end of the hallway as you'll probably attract the attention of a regular
    zombie and a spitter zombie in this room. When in doubt, throw a flare,
    retreat, and follow up with a molotov.
        As mentioned before, there's a spitter and a regular zombie in the next
    room but it's separated by another low wall so let them come to you and hit
    them while they try to climb over.  The Spitter won't spit in close proximity
    so treat him like a regular zombie when in close combat.
        Make your way around this room and you might find a crawler around here
    as well.  Smash him if he's around but you'll next find a hallway leading to
    a room that's half on fire. On the left side of the hallway is a keycode door
    with 3 of 4 digits written in blood next to it. DO NOT TRY TO OPEN THIS DOOR!
    It will spawn about 6-7 zombies to come at you and there is nothing but an
    empty suitcase in the room.
        In the fire room, try to lure the SWAT guy back into the hallway and kill
    him. A zombie playing dead is somewhat randomly placed on the left side and he
    may be on the wooden walkway at the top of the ladder so find him and kill him
    before he gets up. Climb the ladder and scan to see where the crossbow bolts
    are.  They should be across from you but you'll need to walk around in the top
    level of the scaffolding in order to get to them. Pick them up and make your
    way down the wooden walkway back to the ladder. Don't jump down because you'll
    suffer fall damage. Climb the ladder again and walk around but go along the
    path next to the fire. The wood ledge will fall and reveal a path to a short
    ladder for you climb down on the other side of the fire.
        The next room has a regular zombie and a SWAT zombie. It's possible to
    lure them one at a time so try that if you can or use flares if you get
    overwhelmed. Go up the stairs and check the second floor out for zombies
    playing dead. There's a doorway that's on fire here so never mind that for
    now. What you want to do is set up on the second floor overlooking the next
    hallway on the first floor. There's about 4 zombies in here, one of which
    should be a SWAT zombie, and you can pick off the regular zombie with the
    crossbow.  If you can't quite get them, turn off your flashlight, go down to
    the first floor, hug the wall and position yourself across from the hallway for
    another good spot with the crossbow. Take out the SWAT zombie now with the bat
    and loot the other bodies for your bolts.
        Go down the hallway to find a small white room. Take either door as they
    both lead to the same room and enter the office. The CCTV box is above the
    doorway so scan it and loot around. The book you need is on the alcove behind
    the desk. Once you grab it, a small door opens in the cabinet. Go in and you
    find you can go left or right. Left takes you to where you found the crossbow
    and is a shortcut to the first floor but go right first to find a zombie in a
    small room and a BOB upgrade. Kill the zombie then pick up the bag. If you hit
    the button on the wall, it will open up a shortcut to the burned-out spitter
    room but I prefer to take the crossbow route back to the first floor.
        Backtrack to the elevators and bring the book to The Doc. Watch the
    cutscene. He'll give you a pad upgrade and a syringe. The pad upgrade will
    auto-ping for zombies now, will now tell you what items are that you scan, and
    tell you if a zombie has the right antibodies for your syringe. The Doc has you
    scan the zombie in the room behind you, then he opens the door for you to kill
    him. Once he's dead, click on "Acquire Virucide" and tap the syringe to get a
    full shot. This can now save you if you press R when you get grabbed by a
    zombie coming in for an instant death bite. It only contains one dose so if you
    use it, make sure to fill it up again as soon as you can.
        The Doc now gives you another mission to go to Ron Friedman's Flat and get
    another book. Use the manhole to warp back to your safe house or go directly
    to Brick Lane Markets.
    Brick Lane Markets
        This area should be repopulated with about 3 zombies here.  Use a flare/
    molotov or lure them under the slide under area for one hit kills.  Follow
    the guide marker on your map to a new door that leads to Brick Lane Flats.
    Brick Lane Flats - Warehouses
        You come out of the tube station and you hear music and see purple lights
    coming from a room above. Loot the dead bodies in the area and climb up the
    boxes by the wall until you can climb over the wall itself. Drop down and then
    slide under the hole in the chain link fence and quickly turn to your left to
    kill a zombie that drops down to your left.
        In this room, you'll find two doors. The one on the right has a lock that
    needs to be picked and has a large medkit. The one on the left is open but
    before you open the next door, go up the stairwell to the left and kill a
    zombie up there so that he doesn't ambush you from behind while you tackle the
    next room.
        Go back down the stairwell and ready yourself for this next room.  There's
    a lot zombies here and a few of them are SWAT zombies.  Best tactic is to
    throw a flare, let them gather, and then throw a grenade. Even that initial
    flare won't gather all the zombies in the room but it's a good start. If you
    don't have a grenade, then use a molotov to take out the non-SWAT zombies and
    fight the SWAT zombies with the bat (one on one if you can).  Another tactic
    is to go very slowly and to try to attract the zombies' attention one at a time
    to lure them back to the doorway and kill them.  If multiple come, you can shut
    the door after one of them, kill him, and then open the door to let one zombie
    through, close it, and repeat as necessary.
        Go out into the room and see if you can pick off some of the remaining
    zombies with the crossbow from a distance. Walk up the first ramp you see, go
    forward a bit, and then climb some boxes to your left.  A SWAT zombie may be
    in the room across from you so kill him if he is. Back by those boxes you
    climbed is a path to a vent in the wall that will lead you to the CCTV box for
    the area. Scan it, then climb the ladder down and remove the bar to open the
    door and re-enter the main area. Climb back up the ramp and those boxes and
    then walk to the other side of the room on the 2nd floor scaffolding.
        There's a hole in the wall but if you go past the hole, you should be
    standing over the blue van, which has 2 flares on it. Run off the ledge to land
    on top of the blue van to collect the flares and then make your way back up to
    the hole in the wall on the 2nd floor. Climb on through and then walk all the
    way to the left until you fall off the scaffolding. You land on a set of boxes
    but don't get down from there yet. There's a SWAT zombie down here (and
    sometimes a regular zombie too) and you can hit them while on the box but they
    can't hit you.  Kill them and then get down.
        You'll find a ladder so climb up and walk along the scaffolding. Go around
    and you'll find the scaffolding goes across the middle of the room. There's a
    dead body there and a SWAT zombie so kill the SWAT zombie and continue to the
    end of the room. You can hop down a bit  to your right and follow the planks
    and rails until you get to the room that has a hole in the top. There's a dead
    body on the edge as well as two dead bodies in the room below. Loot them,
    remove the bar on the door for a shortcut, and then find the stairwell in the
    back of the room. This leads to a door on the right with a safe house logo that
    leads to a manhole. Remove the cover and warp back to save and stock up on
    flares/molotovs if you need or make your way back to the stairwell. Continue to
    the next room and ready a molotov or a flare and a grenade.
    Ron Friedman's Flat
        As you go down the next stairwell, you're in the basement of Ron Friedman's
    Flat and immediately, the door in front of you by the elevators starts
    pounding. There are 4 zombies that come at you: 2 through the door and 2 from
    the hallway to the side. It's narrow enough that you could throw just a molotov
    at the area and get them all but you could also throw a flare first to be safe.
    However, 4 flaming zombies is a little hard to push back all at once without
    taking damage so you should consider whether it's worth it to use a flare/
    grenade combination here.
        Go back down in the basement and you'll find some bodies on the dumpsters.
    Loot them and close the door at the rear of the room (you'll find out why in a
    second). Go activate the elevator on the right and as the door opens, you
    trigger an ambush of 2 zombies from the room past the elevators. If you get
    in the elevator quick enough and hit the button to close the doors, they can't
    make it through the (slowly) closing doors. Just sit back and watch them.
        The door finally closes and you hear some zombies above you. As you get
    close to the top, one will drop down followed by another one shortly. You can
    hit them as they fall down to get them on the ground for a finishing shot or
    you can just push them until the door opens, back out, and watch the doors
    close behind you with the zombies still in them. If you do this, you'll
    continue to hear them but they can't get you.
        In the hallway here, there's a zombie waiting to ambush you from the left
    of the doorway towards the purple room so lure him back and kill him. If you go
    close enough to the pile of furniture, another zombie will jump over so kill
    him next. Open the door to the right and you'll see a zombie standing in the
    kitchen area with two zombies playing dead at a table. Let the one zombie come
    to you, kill him, and then know that both of the zombies at the table are going
    to get up when you approach them. You can hit at least one with the crossbow in
    the head and then kill the other as he gets up from the table.
        Go in the vent in this room to end up in a bathroom. A crawler will come
    out of the toilet area so smash him and loot the body in the blood-filled
    bathtub. Remove the barricades on the door and you're now on the other side
    of the furniture pile. The door here leads to the purple room, which is the
    easiest zombie-filled room in the game. Open the door and notice that as long
    as the music is playing, the zombies will ignore you. You can even scan them
    all to see if anyone has anything good, walk up, and kill any one of them, and
    they'll just keep dancing. Music can be turned off by deactivating the stereo
    on the table by the door you came in, which will make them all come after you
    so make sure you don't do that. This is also a good place to level up your
    crossbow by just walking up to them, shooting them point blank in the head,
    and then collecting your bolt back.
        Go past them to the back of the room, which leads to a door with 3 dead
    bodies on a bed. Loot them and then crawl into the vent. The vent takes you
    to the next floor but you hear a zombie start to come after you as you're
    climbing through. He's pretty slow so just keep moving and you'll drop out by
    the elevators here where there's a SWAT zombie. If you left the previous
    zombies in the elevator at the begining, you'll hear them from below too. Kill
    the SWAT zombie but if you're on Normal/Survivor, keep an eye on the vent you
    came out of for that zombie that was chasing you will eventually fall out. If
    you can't kill the SWAT zombie in time, then throw a flare to buy you time to
    kill one of them or follow it up with a flare, grenade, or mine.
        Go to the next room and you'll find a lot of boxes stacked up here. Scan
    around and you'll get the CCTV box for this area. There are 2 zombies in the
    room, a regular zombie and a SWAT zombie and both can be lured into one-on-one
    fights. Make your way to the end of the room and you'll find a cabinet in front
    of a door. Move it aside and go in.
        This room has a lot of dead bodies in it so loot them and activate the desk
    lamp to reveal the keycode for Ron's safe. Opening the safe, however, will
    trigger two zombies to ambush you, one through the door you came through and a
    crawler through the vent in the room. You can place a mine by the door ahead of
    time if you want to take care of the walking zombie that way or you can close
    the door, open the safe, run over and kill the crawler and then kill the other
    zombie after he breaks open the door.
        Either way, go back to the safe, get the book, and then crawl through the
    vent to end up on the other side of the box wall in the previous room. There's
    a kitchen area that leads to a vent so crawl in and fall down to the basement.
    When you come to, there's a zombie in this room so you can stay on the dumpster
    and kill him from above or just run past him through the door on the right
    and to the Exit.
    Royal Bunker
        Follow the path and you'll eventually come to a barred door. Remove the
    bar and you find yourself in the initial room of the Royal Bunker. Give the
    book to The Doc and he'll give you back the first Letter of Dee and a mission
    to get the other 6 Letters of Dee. This is the only non-linear mission in the
    game and you can complete it sooner or later. The soonest is after the Refuel
    the Generator mission. Use the manhole in the area to warp back to your safe
    house, rest up, and restock.
    Safe House
        The Prepper will tell you that a military camp has been spotted in Victoria
    Memorial and that a friend of his called Colonel Waverly is there. He tells you
    to find him and see if he will give you more supplies, including C-4.
        Warp to Victorial Memorial and go toward the sewer area. You can lock pick
    the door at the end of the hallway now and the Armoury is the door just to the
    left, for which you need a magnetic keycard. Go through the lock pick door and
    out to the area to the right to find that the gate to the swamp are has been
    opened. This area has a lot of zombies so begin by pulling out the crossbow and
    seeing if you can pick off a zombie that's going to try to jump down the wall
    directly in front of you. If not, let him come to you and kill him but make
    sure to have at least a flare and a molotov ready in case you get overwhelmed
    by multiple zombies.
        The goal is to just get around the wall directly in front of you because
    that's where the military camp is. You have to go slightly in the water to get
    around to the other side so if there's a zombie in the water ahead of you, try
    to lure him back onto land and kill him. Then go in the swamp to get up on the
    bank where the tent is. A zombie should be patrolling the tent and another is
    playing dead in front of the tent so try to pick off the patrolling zombie with
    the crossbow and then run up and finish the other zombie before he gets up.
    When you get to the tent, you find that Colonel Waverly is dead so loot the
    keycard off of him.
        Make your way back down into the sewers but keep an eye on your radar.
    There's a red zombie that's triggered by getting the keycard and he may be
    found just inside the sewer or even outside the sewer once you jump down. Red
    zombies can kill you in two hits and they take about 10-12 hits with the bat.
    Make sure you're fighting them alone because you need to give them your full
    attention. When in doubt, use a flare combined with a molotov or grenade to
    kill them but be prepared to push him back a lot if you use a molotov.
        Go back to the armory by the lock picked door and loot the body in the
    room for the next Letter of Dee. Then loot the other boxes to pick up supplies
    and 5 x C-4.
    MIx08     ***CALL FOR EVAC***
        After you break into the armoury, Sondra will hack your comms again and
    tell you about a planned evacuation at the Tower of London. Follow the guide on
    your map back out onto the swamp and you'll find that when you go through the
    door, an exploding zombie or two (the first you come across in the game) is
    going to try to hop the wall by the military camp, only to be blown up by
    Sondra. She tells you to go fast but don't pay attention to her. The key to
    making it past this next part is to go slowly because there are A LOT of
    zombies here in the swamp.
        You'll see a red laser moving around and sometimes picking off the zombies,
    which is good but it doesn't always get them all so you will have to kill some
    of them on your own. Also, any dead body you see (unless it's been killed by
    the sniper) will come to get you so approach it one on one and kill it without
    attracting any others.
        At the beginning, about 4 zombies rush you so it's not a bad idea to head
    for the drain pipe to the left of the entrance if you're being chased. If the
    sniper gets them, they'll disappear from the radar. If they get through, finish
    them as they crawl through the other side.
        Come back out, and scan around in the swamp before moving to the island in
    the middle. This is a great area for the crossbow so you can pick off some of
    the zombies as well. You may also come across a headless exploding zombie body
    on the ground, which you can tell if you see a light blue gas tank on its back
    and you hear a high pitched hissing noise. If you do see this, DO NOT HIT HIM
    WITH THE BAT to make sure he's dead as I did the first time playing through as
    it will kill you instantly. Exploding zombies can be killed without exploding
    by getting a head shot and the sniper aims for their heads but their bodies can
    still explode afterwards.
        Once on the island, scan the water to find any zombies playing dead and
    approach them to lure them back on land so you can kill them. The goal is to
    make it straight ahead of you to a C-4 spot but there is a drain pipe to the
    right of that that has an exploding zombie crawling out of it. Place the C-4
    quickly and run back and the explosion should take out the exploding zombie
    too. Sometimes, the sniper has taken him out already for you but just something
    to be aware of.
        Before going in the new hole, go back to the swamp and head out the pathway
    that goes toward the left (if facing the same direction you originally entered
    the area) and you find a CCTV box to scan on the wall at the end. There are
    also 2 zombies playing dead in the water but you can scan the box without
    alerting them if you're careful. Now go in the new hole you made with the C-4
    and follow the pathway to the Exit door.
    London Pier
        Follow the path out of the sewers until you see a drain pipe leading out
    to the pier. Exit the pipe and go up the ramp on the pier. There are a few
    dead bodies here so loot them. To the right of the second body is a little
    platform that has another dead body and the sniper rifle. If you approach the
    rifle/body, it will trigger a zombie to climb up the ladder at the end of the
    pier. Meet him at the ladder and finish him with the bat. Before going down,
    pull out the crossbow and pick off two zombies: one below the next pier on the
    sand and one on top of the pier, running around by the radar jammer. Ignore any
    zombies on the boat off to the right as there's nothing you can do about that
    boat at this point in the game.
        Now drop down the ladder, go to the end of the next pier and climb up the
    ladder (make sure to loot your two bolts off of the dead bodies) and smash
    the radar jammer with your bat. Go back to the ladder you climbed up and turn
    left to scan the CCTV box in the area. Then pull out the crossbow and look at
    the next beach ahead of you. You'll see 3 zombies (one of which is an exploding
    zombie) and a fourth zombie at the far end by a beached boat. Aim for the body
    of the exploding zombie to take out all three zombies and watch the fourth one
    come to the same area to check it out. Pick him off and then drop down the
    ladder to loot their bodies.
        There's a tunnel to the left that leads to the Tower of London but as you
    go through the tunnel, you'll find a zombie to your right. Kill him and then
    plant the C-4 and step back. After it explodes, immediately run through the
    hole it creates to find a spitter zombie on the ground (ignore the other dead
    body in front of him) and finish him before he gets up. If he does get up, just
    keep hitting him with the bat (10-12 hits) until he dies. Next, go kill the
    zombie playing dead next to the hole in the wall on the left. You can shoot
    him with the crossbow to make it quick or hit him repeatedly with the bat.
    Don't drop in the hole yet because there's no way out of the hole until you
    make it through the Evac mission. Instead, go to the opposite corner to find a
    door with the safe house logo on it. Go in and open up a manhole to warp back
    to the safe house if you need. The next part of the game is going to be
    difficult so you need to be fully stocked with flares, two medkits, molotovs,
    a grenade or two, and the crossbow.
    Tower of London - Lower Level
        Drop down the hole and you'll find a stairway that leads to a dungeon.
    There are 3 zombies here: one in the second cell to your left, one casting a
    shadow onto the wall in the hallway in front of you, and one guy behind him.
        This is a good time to use a flare to draw them out and then quickly equip
    the crossbow to pick off 2 of the 3 before the flare runs out. Now you've just
    got one to kill with the bat. If you're not so confident with your crossbow
    skills, you can use a molotov here but be ready to push back 3 flaming zombies
    at once. You'll probably take some damage in this case as there's limited room
    to retreat so push away.
        Once they're clear, go out to the hallway, turn right twice, and you'll
    find the CCTV box.  Scan it and then go lockpick the door down the hallway
    behind you. Follow the path to a door and you'll find a secret passageway
    you have to scan to open.
        Go down the path you'll find arrows (revealed when you scan) that guide you
    to a hole that you have to drop down for the next part. BEFORE YOU DROP DOWN,
    note that this is a pretty difficult part to make it through in one piece
    because of a number of factors:
      1. It's flooded so you can't access your backpack. The 6 items you have
         active are the only items you have for it.
      2. Flares/grenades/mines won't work and molotovs will only do impact damage.
      3. There's an exploding zombie down here.
    It's good to equip your flashlight, the bat, a large medkit (or two) and 2-3
    molotovs or a crossbow. Drop down.
        When you drop in, there's a dead body immediately in front of you but
    ignore him and go to the right. There's a zombie here so throw a molotov on the
    wall next to him and set him on fire and then draw him back to where you
    dropped down. Push him back and keep checking your radar to make sure none of
    the other two zombies got alerted. You can also try to just lure him back for a
    solo fight with the bat but keep in mind on Normal/Survivor, that could be a 20
    or 30 second fight.
        The next and most important threat to neutralize is the exploding zombie.
    He's basically straight ahead of where you drop down in a larger room past the
    little maze of walls but the best approach is from where you met that first
    zombie. Go that way and prepare a molotov. You'll probably see him coming
    around the corner towards you so do what you did to the first guy and throw the
    molotov at the wall next to him to blow him up (hopefully from a safe
    distance, use the medkit if you need afterwards). If you miss or if he gets up
    in your face, push him back once or twice and try again with another molotov.
        The other tactic is to use the crossbow in non-scope mode to hit him with
    a body shot as he comes around the corner to blow him up. If you're out of
    molotovs or crossbow bolts, you're basically screwed and should then try to
    rush through the flooded area until you can get to land and throw down a flare
    to distract them long enough to get out. The point is, hitting that exploding
    zombie with a molotov or crossbow bolt is one of the most crucial shots you'll
    take in the game, so don't miss.
        There is another zombie here in the area (generally to the left by the
    scannable wall) so take him out with the bat and then scan the spot on the wall
    to open a way out of the flooded area (revealed by the scanner). Once the path
    opens, you'll see land but there's a zombie that's going to pop out of the
    water right in front of you so trigger him, draw him back, and kill him. There
    is another zombie up ahead that will come down the stairs and you don't want to
    have to deal with them both at the same time. Once the water zombie is dead,
    kill the other zombie and you're pretty much in the clear for a bit.
        Go up the stairs and loot the two bodies. Ignore the first two crawl spaces
    you see and you'll find another crawl space by a barred door. Crawl in and it
    will trigger a zombie to come out after you. Back out, kill him, and then get
    back in to get to the Ravens room in the area. Remove the bar on the door and
    scan a pentagram on the right wall to get the Enochian alphabet. This now
    allows you to decipher any "???" messages you've come across. The door here
    has a keycode and the code can be found by pushing a cabinet directly in front
    of the keycode door out of the way and scanning the wall. Enter the code and
    prepare your inventory for the next part. All hell is about to break loose.
    Tower of London - Upper Level
        Equip a couple flares, molotovs, a grenade (if you have one), a medkit, the
    bat, and the flashlight and start to exit the building. The tower bells ring
    and as you come out, snipers will start shooting zombies in the open area of
    the castle. Some of the zombies may be on fire so run up the stairs and then
    wait back in an area behind you for them to burn out. The snipers only really
    help you here and at the very end so you're basically on your own now.
        Run to the main area and remove the bar on the main gate so that you can
    open a shortcut for later. However, be aware of a zombie that breaks through a
    locked door on the second floor of the castle, who may try to ambush you at
    this point. Now head for the door that zombie broke out of (it's on the second
    floor by the staircase closest to the gate you just opened.
        There's a door in front of you and a zombie down the hall to your right.
    Wait for him to come to you and kill him, then go through the door and prepare
    a molotov. As you enter the door, look to your left and you'll find an
    exploding zombie. Hit him with the molotov or a crossbow bolt and then kill or
    run past the other zombie in this area. You need to go through a wooden door
    that's at the other end of the hallway, behind where the exploding zombie was.
    Go in and shut the door behind you.
        Climb the stairs and you'll find yourself in an attic-like room here. Scan
    around for supplies and when you're ready, drop down the hole in the floor but
    close to the back wall so that you don't suffer any fall damage. The immediate
    door to your right is barricaded from the other side so you have to go forward.
        When you go outside, there are at least 3-4 zombies to your left, including
    a spitter. Throw a flare and run past them or follow it up with a grenade. If
    you use a molotov instead, retreat back inside because you'll have 3-4 flaming
    zombies coming at you, too many for you to push back at once on Normal/Survivor
    without taking a lot of damage (***see Section 05 under SURVIVOR DEATHS). Get
    up the stairway to the top of the tower and the sniper will start helping you
    out here. Throw a flare immediately and see if you can trigger the cutscene by
    standing in the middle of the tower. Don't use anything other than a flare
    unless you have to as the snipers should be helping you at this point.
        Once the cutscene has been triggered, you'll see a zombie open a door by
    stairway leading to the tower you're on. Don't be surprised to see 2 zombies
    come up the stairs to the tower you're on but get past them or kill them
    using whatever supplies you have left and get in that door and shut it. There's
    another door that has a bar on it so remove it, get in, shut it, and get down
    the stairs. You now find yourself next to the manhole so warp back to your safe
    Safe House and Brick Lane Markets
        When you get back to the safe house, you find the generator is out of fuel.
    The Prepper tells you that a guy he knows named Vikram owns a petrol station
    and that you should meet him to get fuel. This mission is pretty long and
    involves a secondary mission called FIND MEDICINE FOR VIKRAM.
    Brick Lane
        Raid your favorite dumpsters in the Supermarket area for flares and
    molotovs and then go out towards the area with the first CCTV box you scanned.
        The area is now repopulated with zombies, including a red zombie.  You can
    pick him off with the crossbow if he doesn't see you.  Try to take out the
    other 3-4 zombies by drawing them out one-on-one and killing them with the bat.
        As you come near the open area the guide is leading you to, your radar will
    tell you that there's a zombie behind a police barrier.  That's no ordinary
    zombie - it's a screamer zombie so prepare a flare and grenade to try to take
    him out before he screams. If he does scream, retreat immediately because 2
    zombies show up each time he screams and they will often spawn behind you. Take
    them out however you can and try again to deal with the screamer. If you get
    overwhelmed, run for the manhole, warp out, and reload the area.
        Once you've killed the screamer zombie, make your way down the tunnel and
    start scanning around. There's a keypad door at the very end and you need to
    find the code.  It's in two places by the wooden shed: one outside of it and
    one on the inside. Enter the code and make your way to the exit door.
        Follow the path until you find a ladder. Climb up it and you'll find you're
    outside in an alley by a park area. A radar jammer nearby has taken out your
    pad and scanning abilities. There are two dead bodies here but the one furthest
    from you is playing dead. Finish him before he gets up.
        The radar jammer is just outside the alleyway to your right but it will be
    difficult to club it without attracting attention. The park should have 3
    zombies in it, including a spitter and a SWAT zombie. If you're lucky, one or
    more will blow themselved up on the mines. Try to use the crossbow through the
    sliver of the gate opening or try to lure them one at a time back into the
    alleyway to kill with the bat.
        The next most immediate threat is an exploding zombie who is in a room
    in the building to your left. Open the door, back away, and throw a molotov to
    blow him up. If you're not careful in the previous fights, he might get alerted
    and break down the door to come after you.
        If you go in the park and hug the southeast wall (scan around to ID the
    mines first), you'll find a slide under spot in the wall that leads to a C-4
    spot. Place the C4 and back away, then go in the hole for an XXL backpack,
    which will be crucial in escaping the Nursery later in the game. At this point
    however, you should start saving your explosive supplies so try not to use
    grenades/mines if you can avoid it.
        Being careful of the mines, make it to the other side of the park where
    there are two paths here: a ladder behind a lockpick door leading to the second
    level and a short ramp leading to an alleyway. Take the ladder for now and then
    you'll overlook the alleyway both paths connect to.  You'll find 2 zombies
    below (one of which is a SWAT zombie). The best strategy is to pull out the
    crossbow and use it in non-scope moode to get a head shot on the regular zombie
    (scope mode won't let you aim down far enough). If you're careful, you can drop
    down from the second level onto a small dumpster and then beat the remaining
    SWAT zombie without having to get down from the dumpster and out of reach of
    the zombie's attacks.
        As you go down the alleyway, you'll see a SWAT guy against the wall and a
    dead body further down. However, if you approach the SWAT guy, another zombie
    will break through glass above you, forcing you to deal with two at once. Prior
    to triggering that falling glass zombie, you can try to draw the SWAT guy out
    first with a crossbow shot to the body or a molotov hit. If you trigger both at
    the same time, you can throw a molotov to at least set the regular zombie on
    fire while you draw back and kill the SWAT zombie with the bat.
    Spitalfields - Shoreditch Petrol Station
        At the end of the alleyway, turn left and you'll see an open area that has
    probably 8-10 zombies. Pick off a few with the crossbow, draw out the SWAT
    zombie for a solo fight but don't run out there just yet. There's an exploding
    zombie that needs to be taken care of first. He's down the alleyway to your
    right and just past the corner on the left. Take him out with a molotov.
        Continue to try to poach as many of the zombies as you can
    from a distance with the crossbow.  There's a spitter in the area so make him
    a priority target. If you run out of bolts, try to make it to one of your
    previous victims to get them back or try to draw the remaining zombies into one
    on one fights.
        With the area cleared, scan the CCTV box on the top corner of the building
    behind the UK flag painted car and then lockpick the door of the chainlink
    fence leading to the gas station. There is also a Ravens room on the second
    floor of the building across from the gas station and you can access it by a
    ladder in one of the middle alleyways. There is a hidden supply room on the
    second floor if you keep going to the end but you need to enter the code to
    open the door. If you scan the keycode door, it shows you a picture of a spot
    that you need to scan back in the park area but if you go scan that spot, it
    will just show a picture of an area you need to scan by the Ravens room. Go
    back to the Ravens room and go to the right of the door and scan the wall
    between the buildings on the level below you to find the code.
        When ready, go in the door to the gas station and watch the cutscene.
        Vikram tells you to get him some antibiotics. Head back outside to the main
    area. Backtrack to the alleyway where the zombie fell from above and you'll
    see that there was a door at the end of the hallway that was previously locked
    but is now open. Go in and follow the pathway until you come to an Exit door.
    Baconfields - Darwin Yard
        Follow the pathway out until you find yourself outside but standing on a
    wooden ledge. DO NOT JUMP DOWN YET. If you do, you won't be able to get back up
    until the end of the Nursery mission. Go right instead and you'll see a door
    with the safe house logo on it. Open it, scan around for supplies, and then go
    down the door on the right to remove the cover to a manhole.
       Warp back to your safe house and stock up with at least 3 grenades/mines,
    many flares, medkits, and a couple of molotovs. What you're stocking up for is
    NOT the Nursery itself but for escaping the horde that comes afterward.
        When ready, return to Darwin Yard. There's only a handful of zombies here
    and each can be lured into one on one fights. Make note of the hole in the
    fence toward the left side of the area. There's a zombie playing dead in the
    grass here so finish him and scan around for a few supplies as well.
        Make your way to the Nursery Door and go in.
        Make your way through the first room and you'll find two doors: one barred
    and one that leads to the bathroom. Go in the bathroom and through the vent.
    You end up on the other side of the barred door so remove the bar to open up
    an exit you could use later.
        Go down the hallway and a zombie will jump out of the closet. Kill him then
    lockpick the door. Shut the door behind you (you'll see why later). You end up
    in a stairwell and there are two pathways: upstairs or downstairs. Go upstairs
    first and you'll find a room of dead bodies. Two zombies will rise up so kill
    them before they do. Make note of a door in the back right corner as that's an
    alternative exit from the building.
        Go downstairs now and you'll find a SWAT zombie approaching. Kill him. Now,
    go around the back of the staircase and you'll find a vent you can crawl in.
    Go inside and you'll find a room that has the CCTV box in it.  Scan it and
    remove the bar to the door. Make your way into the cafeteria and scan around.
    A door here is locked and another needs a keycard, which can be found in one of
    the side rooms. Get the keycard, listen to the cassette recorder if you want
    to hear the last words of the nursery manager, and then go in the door.
        At the end of the hall is a first aid box that has the antibiotics. Grab it
    and  you immediately fall through the floor and into the basement.  Go through
    the rooms until you make it to the main room and then get your back into a
    corner. A teleporting nurse zombie will knock out your radar and come at you.
    Use your bat on her but it's going to take some time (around 20 hits). After
    about 5 hits, she'll teleport away but come at you again from a different angle
    so wait for her to come to you and keep pounding until she's dead.
        Now that you have your radar/scanner back, scan around the room to find 4
    Dee Symbols that will give you the code to the keypad room in here. It contains
    C-4 and upgrades but ignore it if you want. Make your way through the door
    across from the keypad door and you'll end up in a laundry room. Go up the
    stairs and prepare a molotov. Open then door and you'll be in the kitchen.
    You'll also hear that familiar hissing noise and you'll see an exploding
    zombie lying on the ground. Blow him up with the molotov and loot around for
    supplies. Remove the bar on the door and prepare a flare.
        Once you open the door, there should be a zombie in the main room and the
    music starts pumping. The area is now stocked with zombies so throw the flare
    into the cafeteria and run to your left down the hallway. Turn right and push
    any zombies you see (they should be going for the flare anyway). You'll now be
    back at the stairway and that door you shut earlier (the lock pick door next
    to the cabinet where the zombie jumped out), has 3 zombies behind it (2 of them
    SWAT ones). With that door shut, it will give you time to run up to the second
    floor and take the alternative exit for the easiest path out of here.
    Baconfields - Darwin Yard
        Now that you're outside, the scene appears calm.  However, there's another
    part of this mission that's going to be triggered as soon as you try to scan
    the hackable door by the room leading to the manhole. Before you scan it, make
    sure you have some flares, a grenade or two, and at least a medkit active.
        It will take The Prepper 1:30 to remotely hack the door and SWAT and
    Spitter zombies will be among those ambushing you. You cannot possibly push
    away 6-7 flaming zombies at a time so Molotov's aren't the best option here
    (but still better than nothing). Best strategy is to run around in the middle
    area for a little bit until you have about 6-7 zombies following you and then
    throw a flare. Wait a few second for them to gather around it and then throw
    a grenade or place a mine next to the group.
        Next, run towards that hole in the fence to the left of the area and slide
    through as that will buy you some more time as well as put a wall between you
    and the acid of the spiiters. From here, basically make a giant
    counterclockwise circle around the area, going up by the basketball courts,
    slide through the hole in the wall to go past the school entrance, out to the
    other side of the area, and jump down past the large shipping crates.
        This should put right by the door and The Prepper should have opened it for
    you by now. Turn around and throw another flare, get in the door, and SHUT IT
    as the zombies will continue to come after you until you warp out of the area.
    You can either go down the stairs to the manhole or you can climb up the boxes
    to get to the door leading back to Spitalfields.
    Spitalfields - Shoreditch Petrol Station
        Antibiotics in hand, head to Spitalfield. You'll hear the transmission that
    starts the SAVE THE GIRL mission but ignore that for now and go into the gas
    station. As you probably suspected, Vikram is now a zombie so you can either
    kill him or just run in and grab the pad upgrade. Exit and then go around to
    the other side of the chainlink fence and scan the door to hack it. Grab the
    gas can, go through the next door, and open the manhole for the area. Go back
    to the safe house and refuel the generator.
    MIx10     ***SAVE THE GIRL***
    Safe House
        Stock up at Brick Lane dumpsters if you need. Within your safe house,
    follow the guide on your map until you reach the bottom floor of the lobby and
    you find a hackable door to the back right.  If you haven't killed any of the
    2 wandering zombies here from the beginning of the game, then you'll have to
    kill them now as you need time to hack the door. Using the crossbow is the
    easiest method.
        Go through the next door and down the ladder. Follow the path until you
    reach the Exit door.
    St. George's Church - Sewer/Basement
        Follow the pathway until you reach a sewer, which is the entrance to the
    catacombs. Scan around and you'll find a lot of zombies here playing dead.
    Make sure to mark all of them because they're harder to see in the water and
    get the crossbow out. You can kill most of them in the water with head shots
    and then drop down into the water to get them back. You may still alert a
    zombie or two so kill them with the bat and continue on. If multiple come at
    you, use a molotov and retreat/push/hit as needed until they burn out.
        Pick up the mine on the bridge and keep sniping the zombies in the water
    with as many bolts as you have left. If you run out, just try to alert them
    one at a time and then kill them. There is another (active) mine at the end of
    the waterway so make sure not to get too close to it.
        Once you get to the left edge at the end of the waterway, you'll trigger
    2 zombies to fall out of the ceiling in front of you. If you're quick, you can
    try to kill at least one of them with a finishing strike by hitting or pushing
    him when he lands. If both are coming at you, retreat a bit and see if you can
    get at least one to walk onto the mine in the water or you can even try to push
    one into the mine. Using a molotov and retreating is another option as well.
        The door in front of you is barred from the other side, which you can
    access by crawling through a tunnel that's to the right of it. The room
    contains C-4. Access that room or continue on by pushing the cabinet aside and
    climb up on the ledge. Turn left immediately as there's a zombie in the corner.
    Kill him and then slide under the hole in the wall. Loot the bodies and then
    you'll find an open doorway to your left. Go in and you'll find yourself in a
    hallway. If you go left, you'll find a room and if you go right, it takes you
    around so you can go straight down another hallway.
        Go left first and open the door to find 3 zombies lounging in chairs. One
    is alive so kill him and loot the others. Go back out and prepare a flare and a
    mine/grenade. When you go around the corner, you'll find another hallway that
    has 4-5 zombies in it (including at least one SWAT zombie). Throw the flare and
    then follow up with an explosive.
        With the zombies dead, this hallway has a 2-part room on the right that you
    can access by picking the lock on the door by the large medkit. However, a
    zombie is probably pounding on the door at this point so if you pick the lock,
    be ready to kill him. In these two rooms, there are 2 zombies that are playing
    dead in the corner by the red chair so finish them before they get up. Across
    from the red chair is a keypad door and the CCTV box on the wall to the side of
    it. There's nothing really worthwhile behind the keypad door but the code can
    be found by going into the next room and lining up
    the raven symbol and scanning it.
        This room contains an access point to a vent, which can be found by moving
    aside a cabinet close to the red chair. The vent system will lead to 3 other
    places: a path to manhole (marked by the safe house logo), the next part of the
    catacombs, and another room that has an exploding zombie and a radar jammer.
    This isn't the best way to approach this room as it places you pretty close to
    the exploding zombie so if you want to access this room, it's better to go out
    to the larger hallway and access it through the door across from the bathroom
    with the C-4 spot. Go in, throw a flare at the exploding zombie and then smash
    the radar jammer. The C-4 spot leads to a bathroom that contains a zombie or 2
    and a weapons upgrade. In my mind, it's not really worth the fight so skip if
    you want.
    St. George's Church - Catacombs
        When ready, stock up/save via the manhole and then proceed to the catacombs
    area through the vent but know that once you drop down, there's no way back up
    to the vents. When you drop down, there are 2 zombies playing dead so
    immediately finish the one to your right and then kill or push off the ledge
    the other zombie.
        If you look down into the water, you'll see a lot of zombies down there.
    Whatever you do in this part, do NOT fall into the pit. You will suffer a lot
    of fall damage, enough to kill you if you're not up to full health (***see
    Section 5 under SURVIVOR DEATHS). If you survive the initial fall, you'll be in
    a  flooded area with a lot zombies and no way to access your bag for additional
    supplies. There are two ways out of the pit, a ladder by where you first came
    in and a ramp system at the opposite end of the room. The ladder is almost
    impossible to use because you keep getting pulled back down by a zombie so
    try to run for the ramps at the other end, pushing away zombies that come at
    you. The point is don't fall down because you are almost certain to die.
        After killing or pushing the first 2 zombies, you'll go out on the ledge
    in front of you and see that you can access the next ledge by walking to your
    right. A zombie is playing dead on this ledge and another 2 zombies will drop
    down from above if you start moving forward on this ledge. This part can be
    extremely tricky because you have no room to move to the sides and you have 3
    zombies to deal with. A better strategy is to hit the zombie playing dead from
    a far (preferably the first ledge before you go across) with the crossbow or
    a molotov and watch him get up and then fall off the ledge. That leaves the 2
    zombies that drop down once you're on the ledge, so you can either try to push
    them away and dash for the crawl space at the end of the ledge or quickly place
    a mine in the middle before the 2 zombies drop down and retreat back on the
    ledge with what little space you have.
        Once you're in the crawl space, you can either go to your left to continue
    to the next room or go straight to end up in a small room overlooking the next
    room. This room is great for the crossbow but don't go wild just yet as most
    of the zombies in this area will simply fall into the pit. The most immediate
    threats are the 2 spitters (one in the doorway and one on a ledge to the right)
    that can still hit you from where they are. If you get their attention, dodge
    their spit and then watch them fall into the pit. The next most immediate
    threat is a zombie playing dead on a ledge in the middle of the room. Use the
    crossbow to kill him or at least hit him so he gets up and falls into the pit
    below. You can also just plan on killing him with the bat when you get to him
    but fighting with almost no room for error isn't the best situation.
        When ready, go back in the crawl space and take the other option and
    carefully walk across the ledges to get to the door on the other side. The
    spitters in the pit can still hit you with their spit but it's better to take
    the acid hit than to try to dodge it and fall off the wooden ledges.
        Now that you're in the door, you'll find a ladder. Have a molotov ready
    before you climb it because once you reach the top, an exploding zombie is
    directly in front of you but far enough away that his explosion won't hurt you
    if you're quick. There are a few other zombies in this room but they should
    be mostly taken care of by the explosion. The area to the right should have a
    medkit but you'll need to go through the hole in the wall to your left. This
    room has another ladder as well as a barred door leading to the main hallway.
    Remove the bar, go up the ladder, and watch the cutscene.
    MIx11     ***SURVIVE ARENA***
    St. George's Church
        You find yourself in a cage within an arena that has 3 other cages with
    SWAT zombies in them and all of your gear is gone. This is the one area of the
    game where you absolutely must use a gun to get past it so this is the lone
    exception to the "gunless" rule.
        Your cage lifts but don't panic as the other cages won't open until you
    actually grab the gun in the bird bath in front of you. Instead, collect the
    handgun ammo around the car to your left, pick up the ammo and flare in the
    caged room behind you, and pick up the ammo on the green dumpster to your
    right. Now go get the gun and ammo in the bird bath and run back to the other
    side of the room. The 3 cages will open and they'll start coming at you. If
    you're positioned just right, you'll see a red gas can in the middle of the
    room and all 3 SWAT zombies should be approaching it. Shoot the gas can and
    have the explosion take them out. If one remains, there are a few other red gas
    cans that you can push a SWAT zombie next to and then shoot.
        The second wave consists of a SWAT zombie and an exploding zombie that drop
    down from inside the church. Shoot the exploding zombie in the body while both
    of them are trying to get through the doorway.
        The third wave consists of 3 SWAT zombies and an exploding zombie. Throw
    the flare and then shoot the exploding zombie when they're gathered together.
        The gate behind you will now open, leading to a larger part of the arena.
    Past the London bus, you'll find a mine and a flare so pick them up and go
    around the corner to the left to find a cage with 2 SWAT zombies and a regular
    zombie. The cage should still be shut so run up and place the mine in front of
    it and then back away. The zombies should step on it when the come at you and
    it should kill them all.
        The fifth wave will consist of about 5-6 zombies, most of them being SWAT
    zombies, so climb the boxes behind the London bus to get to the top of the bus
    and get more mines and a flare. When you have all of them chasing you, throw
    the flare and place a mine next to the group and back away. If any zombies
    remain, there are more supplies around the area so run around, collect the
    supplies and try to set more mine traps for them.
        King Boris will now tell you to push the Funny Button, which is next to
    the London bus. Before you push it, there are 2 zombies that will spawn from
    the Church: a regular zombie and an exploding zombie. You can either deal with
    them before pushing the button or you can push the button, release all the
    zombies and deal with them together. In the first scenario, just place a mine
    in the gateway by the London bus and watch the 2 zombies walk into it and then
    place a mine in front of the purple gate that opens when you push the Funny
    Button. In the second scenario, push the button, throw a flare, and then place
    a mine next to the group and back away. Either way, they're not too difficult
    to handle as long as you've gone around the arena and picked up the mines.
        With all the zombies gone, grab your backpack and lock pick the door to get
    your gear back. Head back towards the church to find a lock pick door to the
    right and go back down the ladder. You're back in the catacombs so go through
    the door that was previously barred and you'll be back in the main hallway.
    A red zombie should be here so take him out and either go back into the vent
    system to access the manhole to warp out or take the longer road back through
    the sewers to your safe house.
        This is the one non-linear mission of the game that can be done at anytime
    as long as you have the upgrades needed to access the various letters. Also
    note that many of these areas re-populate with zombies when you come back to
    get the letters so use the similar techniques and strategies you did previously
    to kill them and get the letters.
    Letter 1 - Buckingham Palace
    Equipment Needed: None
        You get this letter to start off with once you give The Doc the book you
    got from Ron Friedman's flat.
    Letter 2 - Victoria Memorial
    Equipment Needed: Keycard from Colonel Waverly's body
        You get this off of the dead body in the sewers that's in the armoury you
    raid for the C-4. It's kind of hard to miss this one.
    Letter 3 - Brick Lane Markets
    Equipment Needed: C-4
        Use the C4 to blow a hole in the wall underneath the stairway close to the
    first CCTV box you scanned.  Go through the hole and loot it off of a dead
    Letter 4 - Brick Lane Flats
    Equipment Needed: Enochian Alphabet
        This is behind a keycode door in the second floor of the first warehouse on
    the way to the flat. There's an incomplete raven symbol on the wall that you
    need to line up with the missing portion through the glass to get the code.
    Punch in the code and there may be a crawler in here you need to take out first
    before looting the other body for the letter.
    Letter 5 - Spitalfields
    Equipment Needed: Scan Hack
        This is probably the trickiest one to get with the gunless walkthrough
    because there's a radar jammer in the same room, preventing you from using your
    pad to scan.  Ordinarily, you'd use a
    pad to hack the door but if you stand back far enough from the door, you'll
    find that there's a sweet spot where you're out of reach of jammer but still
    can scan hack the door.  Hack the door, go through the hole in the wall, smash
    the jammer, and loot the dead body for the letter. A CCTV box is also in the
    first room behind the scan hack door.
    Letter 6 - Baconfields
    Equipment Needed: Scan Hack
        This is in a shed to the right of the entrance to the Nursery.  Hack the
    door and loot the body to grab the letter.
    Letter 7 - Tower of London
    Equipment Needed: Scan Hack
        This one is on the boat you saw on the pier. Scan hack the door leading to
    it but take out the red zombie lurking in the shipping crate next to the dead
    body first.
        Return the letters to The Doc at any time and he'll basically tell you to
    go away while he studies them.  The final mission is triggered once The Doc has
    the letters, you finish the SAVE THE GIRL mission, and you are back at your
    safe house.
    MIx13     ***RETRIEVE THE PANACEA***
    Safe House
        The Doc calls you to tell you to meet him at the Queen's Quarters. That's
    the white door by the Buckingham elevators that says you need a retinal scan
    in order to access the area.  He tells you that he's got clearance. The Prepper
    will accuse you of betraying him but ignore him and stock up for the mission.
        Before you do the actual mission, you should check the monitors and stock
    up your Raven box with lots of flares, medkits, grenades, molotovs, and
    crossbow bolts as the final mission is quite long but you will have the
    opportunity to come back to your safe house to stock up again before you're
    done with Buckingham Palace.  You'll also need to have some supplies ready in
    the Ravens box for the final Escape sequence, preferably at least 4 flares, a
    couple medkits, and an explosive or two.
    Royal Bunker
        When ready, warp to the Royal Bunker and you'll see The Doc is gone from
    his research room. Go to the white door by the elevator and try to open it
    as you have to do this to trigger the next part. The Doc isn't around and the
    mission changes to say "Find The Doc in Buckingham Palace." Go in the elevator
    and you'll get a warning sign that this is a point of no return. Press the
    button and ride the elevator up.
    Buckingham Palace
        NOTE: The goal is to get to the doorway that was completely engulfed with
    flames that was on the 3rd floor of Buckingham Palace. The walkthrough will
    detail the main route you took in the earlier Buckingham mission but you could
    try the secret path to the crossbows and see if you can skip a lot of the 2nd
    floor rooms.  However, I haven't personally done that so I'm not sure
    what's there if you go through the hole in the office that had the book, but I
    suspect you'll find numerous zombies in the hallway leading to the main room
    with the flaming door on the upper level. You can also try the secret ladder in
    the first room on the left to try to skip the first floor lobby area as a
    minor shortcut too.
        When the elevator opens, check out the room to the left for supplies and
    then proceed to the main room on the first floor. Your radar will periodically
    go out, but you won't find any teleporting nurse zombies for a little while.
    There's a group of zombies standing over an exploding zombie by the piano.
    Hurl a molotov to take them  all out and loot the area for supplies.
        There's a SWAT guy playing dead on the stairway so take him out before he
    rises. It will take several wacks with the bat though to knock off the helmet
    before you can finish him.
        There's another SWAT guy at the top of the stairway along with a regular
    zombie behind him. Go slowly and you can get the SWAT guy's attention and lure
    him back down to the 1st floor. Be careful because there's a spitter zombie
    walking around and he may end up joining the fight if you take too long. Deal
    with him next if he does come along and then draw the next guy on the 2nd floor
    into a fight and take him out. You can also use crossbows in this area to try
    to pick off non-SWAT zombies if you like. You'll probably also find another
    zombie at the hallway on the other side of the room so take him out however you
        Go into the next hallway and you'll find at least one zombie playing dead.
    Take him out and jump over the low wall to get to the entrance to the next
    room. Jump over the next low wall to enter the room and then immediately take
    out a crawler to your left. Another crawler is at the other end of the room.
        You'll be in the hallway leading to the original "fire room" that's now
    burned out. There are 3 zombies (two regular and one SWAT) in that room as well
    as a Spitter that's on one of the wooden ledges by the ladder to your left.
    Pick off the regular zombies with the crossbow or use a flare/grenade to
    take all 3 out.  If you use a flare/molotov, let the regular zombies burn while
    you take out the SWAT zombie with the bat. Do your fighting in the hallway, to
    avoid the spitter. Then go into the room, dodge the acid, and then get the
    spitter to fall down. When he does fall, you can finish him before he gets back
    up if you're quick enough.
        The next room is the main area with the flaming door on the upper level
    but your radar will permanently go out before you enter the area. Enter it
    very slowly with your flashlight off as there are 2 zombies on the immediate
    area: a regular zombie and a red zombie. You can get the regular zombie's
    attention and draw him back into the previous room, where you can kill him.
    Next, go back into the room and draw back the red zombie into the previous
    room, and kill him too. You can also try to pick off the red zombie with a
    crossbow from the entrance.
        Arm a flare and a grenade/mine for the upper level and run up the stairs
    in front of you. You'll see 2 teleporting nurse zombies running around. Throw
    the flare to gather them and another zombie playing dead around them before
    they see you and blow them up. A molotov will light them on fire but I haven't
    taken the chance of seeing how long they'll take to burn out. Better to go with
    a grenade or mine as it's much more efficient and you don't want to mess around
    with 2 teleporting zombies at the same time.
        You'll see that the fire that previously engulfed the doorway is now out
    and you'll find a scan hack door.  Hack the door and go through it.
    Buckingham Palace Kitchens
        You'll find a stairway that's barricaded with furniture. Before you go
    down, know that you can't go back up and you have almost no room to back up for
    the next big fight. Arm yourself with a flare and a grenade (or a mine) and
    drop down.
        When you enter the room, there's 2 SWAT zombies and The Doc, who is now a
    red zombie. Throw the flare to gather The Doc and at least one of the SWAT
    guys and then use a grenade to blow them up. If you have a straggler, take him
    out with the bat but if you have 2 of them or you somehow missed with the
    grenade, you need another flare/explosive to keep them from overwhelming you.
        Loot The Doc to steal his eye and then you'll find a keypad door. The code
    is found by lining up the pillars by the entrace and scanning. However, you
    don't have to line them up perfectly as they're not in the Enochian alphabet
    and you can plainly read the numbers off of the screen.
        Punch in the code and enter the next room.  The CCTV box is directly over
    the head of the doorway of the keypad door so scan it and use some C-4 to
    access a room with some supplies (a medium medkit, a molotov, and an upgrade).
    Go back out and crawl through the vent on the other side to reach the kitchen.
        This hallway has a window to the kitchen to your left and you can see at
    least one chef zombie running around. Your radar will go crazy but the kitchen
    actually only has 2 real threats to you: the chef zombie and a SWAT zombie.
    The other 4 zombies are crawlers so jump the wall and move slowly to the
    doorway to try to attract the attention of either to regular zombie or the SWAT
    zombie and jump back over the low wall. Pound him as he tries to climb over
    the low wall and then get the other zombie to come out and do the same to him.
    Jump back over the wall, smash the 4 crawlers, and then move through the
    kitchen until you find a hallway with a door that has a safe house logo on it.
    This leads to a manhole so remove the cover and either warp back to your safe
    house to stock up/save or go directly to the Royal Bunker manhole. You'll
    notice on your map that all of your other manholes have been sealed so there's
    no more warping between those areas. If you need to go farm the dumpster by
    Brick Lane Markets, you'll have to warp to the safe house and go the long way
    Royal Bunker
        Warp to the Royal Bunker and when you come back through the lab, you'll
    find that all the doors are locked except for one of them. When you go through
    that door, you'll find a zombie crawling out of a vent that was previously
    closed. Kill him and then crawl in. Go straight and then turn right at the end
    to find a ladder. Climb down the ladder and you'll find another vent.
    Crawl in and go the end. When you turn left, keep moving because there's a
    zombie that's going to ambush you from behind the boxes and if you're still in
    the vent, he'll pull you out. Kill him and then work your way to your right.
        Another zombie will come out to meet you so kill him and then get the
    attention of 2 other zombies on the other side of the room. They'll crawl under
    the racks to get to you so just smash them as they come through. Go under the
    rack yourself and you'll be in the other half of the room. Kill the zombie to
    your left and then find a vent that's over on the right side of the room.
        As you go in, you see that this leads to a bathroom stall (and a dead body
    may drop down as if he were hanging but ignore that). Keep moving and you'll
    find a zombie that's in the vents on your right. Ignore him and get into the
    bathroom stall and then smash him once he comes out of the vent.
        Next, you may hear a high pitched hissing noise so get a molotov ready and
    remove the bar to the bathroom stall. The exploding zombie in the hallway just
    outside the bathroom door to your left so open the door, back away, and throw
    the molotov to blow him up. If he gets up in your face, push him back, walk
    backwards, and then throw the molotov.
        Exit the bathroom and go right up the stairs. At the top, go right to end
    up by the elevators and the white door leading to Queen's Quarters. Go in.
    Queens Quarters
        Go down the stairs and when you get to the bottom, turn around and you'll
    find two zombies eating a dead body.  They won't notice you at first so you can
    pick them off with the crossbow or throw a molotov or grenade at them. The key
    here is that there's a 3rd zombie that will pop up from the flooded room on
    your left after a little bit so if you're not paying attention, he'll ambush
    you. Lure him out and kill him with the bat.
        Go in the flooded area and make your way to the hallway where the
    sprinklers are going off. At the end of a hallway is a zombie playing dead in
    the water so finish him before he gets up. Go right into the next room, loot
    the two dead bodies here, and then continue to the next hallway on the left. Go
    into the next room on your right and then climb up on the table to access a
        Go in the vent and then you'll find a teleporting nurse zombie standing by
    a door. She disappears (you don't ever have to fight her) so drop down and
    start to pick the lock on the door. However, don't fully unlock it yet as it
    will trigger a zombie to come down the vent after you. Kill him with the bat
    after he drops down and then finish picking the lock on the door.
        The next room is a vault that is open and dead ends at a computer station.
    BEFORE ACTIVATING THE COMPUTER, place a mine by the entrance of the circular
    vault door because activating the computer will trigger an alarm and 2 zombies
    to ambush you from behind. Let them blow themselves up (or at least one of
    them) and then prepare a flare and a molotov or grenade.
        This next part is pretty tricky for a gunless walkthrough as it involves a
    SWAT zombie, an exploding zombie, and a regular zombie in a flooded area. Go
    down the flooded hallway until you trigger all 3 zombies and run back into the
    vault area. Throw a flare and let them gather over it before throwing a molotov
    or a grenade. If you use the molotov, the exploding zombie should take out the
    SWAT zombie.
        Go back into the flooded area and go down the hallway. Turn right at the
    end and go in the next room but a zombie will pop up from the water so kill him
    and then proceed up the ladder in front of you.
    Royal Bunker
        You're back at the Royal Bunker and you find that the doors are shutting
    all around you. Go down the circular hallway and take the 1st door on the left,
    shutting it behind you. If were to keep going down the circular hallway, you'll
    trigger 2 zombies to come from behind so don't do that. However, as you go in
    the left door, a zombie will come running up the stairs so kill him and prepare
    a flare and grenade/molotov. The next room is the elevator room but 2 zombies
    are here so throw the flare and follow it up with whatever you got to kill
    them. Make your way out to the main bunker room that has the stairway that
    leads to the Exit towards Victoria Memorial.
        However, there is a red zombie by the top of the stairway so kill him and
    then proceed to the Exit.
    MIx14     ***LOAD OUT***
        The best thing to do in this part is to simply run through 95% of it.
    There are too many zombies to kill at one time and there is a relatively clear
    path towards the Exit out of the sewer here.
        Go along the scaffolding and kill the first zombie you see, who's playing
    dead by one of the railings. He's going to be the only zombie you kill in this
    section. Continue on through the scaffolding and as you come up to the main
    area, there are 3 spitters here. When you hit the top of the stairs, run
    straight past them for the doorway in the opposite corner.
        After this short hallway, there will be about 5-6 zombies close to the door
    but they're all to the right of the door and you need to go left. Run and go
    left and then jump down into the water when you have to. Keep trying to run and
    get up the steps ahead of you to climb back up to the sewer ledge. Continue to
    run and take the hallway to your left, running past the zombie in the alcove to
    your right. Round the corner, open the door and then turn around being ready to
    push away zombies if get stuck on a loading screen.
    Buckingham Palace Gates
        With that behind you, go up the ladder and watch as the zombies in the
    palace gates area get firebombed from above. Wait for them all to burn out and
    then open the fenced door. Loot all the bodies for supplies and go through the
    building where the CCTV box was in this area. When you come out on the other
    side, you may find a zombie hiding in a shipping crate to your left but the
    times I've seen him, he's been on fire so just push him away or hit him until
    he's dead. Another zombie is playing dead in the last shipping crate after you
    jump the low wall so kill him because it's easy and you don't want him to come
    up on you during the next part.
        Open the door and go down to the staircase close to where the manhole is
    for this area. This is the last tricky part on the way to your safe house so
    go slowly to try to attract the first few zombies one-by-one. The first zombie
    is in the hallway directly across from the door leading to the manhole so lure
    him back and kill him. There's another zombie to the hallway that's off to the
    right, so lure him back and kill him. Finally, there should be another one down
    by the lock pick door and the ammo depot. Draw him back and kill him and once
    you get to the lock pick door, open it, and run straight for the exit towards
    the left, closing any doors behind you to buy you some time from zombies
    chasing after you.
    Safe House
        You're now in the tube area of your safe house and you can relax as there
    are no zombies in this part (unless you never killed the red zombie in the
        Go back to your safe house, sleep if you want to restore your
    health, and then open your Raven's box. This triggers The Prepper to go crazy
    but ignore him and grab all the supplies you need for the final escape. Flares
    and medkits will be the most important items, followed by grenades, mines, or
    molotovs. Fill most of your active spots with flares and go back out to the
    main area of the safe house. If you look by the fixed turret, you'll see that
    the floor below is overrun with zombies (even though it was completely empty
    30 seconds ago). The goal is to get to the St. George Church Exit door...which
    will somehow take you to the Tower of London (yeah, it doesn't make sense to me
        When get to the bottom of the stairway, throw a flare and run past the
    zombies. Run for the scan hack door in the back right corner (which is open
    now), SHUT THE DOOR, open the next door on your left, SHUT THAT DOOR, and then
    get down the ladder as fast as you can. The ladder is pretty long and if you
    don't shut those doors behind you, you WILL have zombies falling off the top
    of the ladder to meet you down at the bottom. Once at the bottom, run to the
    hole in the wall and get to the Exit door to launch a cutscene.
        Although the game is now officially finished, you have a one shot chance at
    properly evacuating from the top of the Tower of London. Die here and that's
    it, there's no second chance at the (marginally) better ending. At this point
    in the game, all I had left were 4 flares, a couple of medkits, the flashlight,
    the bat, and an empty crossbow so I can tell you that you can make it through
    the end with just flares and medkits on Survivor mode.
        Go through the sewer area until you see the daylight at the end of the pipe
    leading to the pier. A zombie will be here and you can either lure them back
    for a solo fight or push them away and start the mad dash. Make sure you have
    at least one medkit active and a bunch of flares.
        Go up the walkway of the pier and push away any zombies that are directly
    in your way. At the end of the pier there's a ladder but it's better to just
    run off the end and take the fall damage as there are zombies behind you and in
    the water ahead of you. Before you run off the edge, you can throw a flare onto
    the beach under the next pier to distract the zombies ahead of you. Otherwise,
    you'll probably take a scratch here but keep on moving. The best way around the
    2nd pier is to go in the water but hug the pier so you can keep moving quickly.
    There are zombies on the land under the pier (including an exploding zombie)
    that make it difficult to navigate past them.
        You now reach the open water part where you have to carry your backpack
    over your head but keep moving and once you hit land, run past all the zombies
    and straight for the gate that leads to the second level of the Tower area
    (where all hell broke loose when you first played the mission).
        There's a screamer zombie here so this is a good spot to throw a flare and
    run past them all to get to the stairway in the very back of castle. Once on
    the second floor, you can take a second to restock your active spots and heal
    up. Go in the 2nd floor and take the wood door that's in front of you. Jump
    the low wall to your left and run straight for the wood door in front of you,
    pushing away the zombies playing dead in front of you if you need. SHUT THAT
    DOOR BEHIND YOU and get up the stairs to the attic room with the hole in the
    floor. Take a second to re-stock with a medkit, flare or two, and an explosive
    or molotov if you have one.
        When you drop down the hole, make sure you're close to the back wall as
    you'll suffer significant fall damage otherwise. Run out and throw a flare and
    get to the top of the tower where you can throw any flares you have and
    anything else you've got at the zombies. I'm not sure what triggers the
    helicopter to come pick you up but if you stand in the middle and try to push,
    bash, or throw whatever you've got, it should happen at some point.
        Congratulations, you've now made it through the zombie apocalypse and you
    can now brag about it to your item dupe glitch abusing buddies.
    Sect05                  SURVIVOR INFO
    Successful Survivor
    Name:    Matthew Stevens
    Job:     IT Manager
    Time:    6:34:19
    Score:   15,690
    Ending:  Best
    Survivor Deaths
    1st attempt - Died at Victoria Memorial in front of the building with the CCTV
                  area when I didn't catch a zombie coming up behind me while
                  fighting another zombie.
    2nd attempt - Died at the Tower of London right before climbing the last tower
                  to the evac attempt. Threw a flare/molotov and 4-5 flaming
                  zombies cornered me. Didn't retreat into the hallway where you
                  drop down to wait them out.
    3rd attempt - I'm going to blame this one on Maker's Mark and being pissed off
                  about the previous attempt. Died at Victoria Memorial again when
                  I found the barricaded door leading to the CCTV box already
                  opened, went inside to wait for the zombies to break down the
                  next door when a zombie got me from behind, leaving me stuck in
                  the room with zombies coming from both sides.
    4th attempt - Died in the catacombs of St. George's Church. Got scratched by a
                  zombie on a ledge, tried to push him off, end up falling into
                  the pit myself, dying immediately from the fall damage.

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