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    Weapon Upgrade Location Guide by ThePrisoner06

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    ZombiU Weapon Upgrades list. Version 1.00
    Written by ThePrisoner06.
    Copyright 2013/2013.
    Contact Info.
    Email Ė andy.prisoner6@live.co.uk
    NNID and ZombiU ID Ė AndyInTheUK and [LC]Andy.
    Full credit for this game goes to Ubisoft, for making it. And to Nintendo for 
    the Wii U console to play it on.
    Ever wondered where things are when you are playing the game? The weapon 
    upgrades are a vital part of the game. Trying to find a certain upgrade you are 
    missing for one of your weapons. Look no further as here is where they all are, 
    including the well hidden one (29). All weapons except the Cricket bat can be 
    upgraded, and is worth doing so.
    The upgrades are classed into four groups,
    Fire Power (FP), Firing Speed (FS), Spread (SP) and Capacity (CA).
    For ease of convenience I will list all the upgrades in sequence that you find
    them in the game.
    1. FS - Found in the Underground area on way to Brick Lane Markets. After
    opening first keycard door, go into first open room to the left, past the 
    handgun ammo and large medpack and past hanging zombie and down ladder.
    Upgrade to left of exit door.
    2. SP - Supermarket. After entering Supermarket and locating hammer to open
    door you enter large room, there is a zombie sitting against a pillar on the 
    left of passageway leading down to plastic flaps. After killing it, look to
    far right wall for grey partition boards up against wall, entrance is on
    far right side of partitions. Upgrade inside against the wall.
    3. FP - Palace Gates, Victoria Memorial. On the way to the Palace gates you
    pass through a Command and Control room with a CCTV box to the left of the
    exit door. Once you exit there is a large metal container in front of you,
    with a large medpack on the ground in front of it.
    Once you have dispatched all 3 zombies inside the container, upgrade is inside.
    4. FS - Palace Gates, Victoria Memorial.  Once you have got the picklock set,
    and dispatched the attacking horde, open the locked gate leading to the
    manhole entrance to the sewers. To the right of the manhole there is an
    open large metal container; upgrade is inside at the back.
    5. CA - Buckingham Palace Underground. Once you enter the underground area
    and go down the steps, the Prepper says he is losing your signal.
    In front of you is a wooden chest to the left of a red lit passageway
    leading to a Ravens save room. Upgrade is in the wooden chest.
    6. FP - Buckingham Palace Interior. On your first visit to the Palace, once you
    get past the fire room and get rid of all zombies, look for an opening
    to the right of the corridor that leads down to the Queens study and the first
    book. Crawl into this opening, upgrade is in a cardboard box on the right hand
    side, before you reach a ladder.
    7. FP - Brick Lane Markets. When on your way to Brick Lane Flats, once you exit
    the manhole, from the safehouse, there is a door that is barred. 
    Open this door with the picklock set. Upgrade is on a metal shelf on the left
    hand side of the room.
    8. CA - Brick Lane Markets. Once you have cleared all zombies in the area in
    front of the Supermarket, there is a metal fence gate leading to Brick Lane
    Flats at the opposite right hand side of where you first exited the
    Supermarket. Upgrade is behind this metal gate, in the right hand corner,
    under a set of air conditioning fans.
    9. SP - Brick Lane Flats. Once you enter the area, and cross over a wall,
    there is a broken metal fence gate to crawl under. After dispatching the
    zombie, go up the steps to find a barred door in front of you.
    Open this door with the picklock set.
    Upgrade is in the far right corner, next to a large medpack.
    10. FP - Brick Lane Flats. In Ron Freedmanís Flat. Inside the safe on the
    wall, containing the second book that the Doctor wants.
    11. CA - Buckingham Palace Underground. On the way back to the Palace from
    Brick Lane Flats, you pass a coded Ravens door and see a red lit staircase
    in front of you. At the bottom of stairs turn left, then right and right
    again. Upgrade is on metal shelves to the right.
    12. SP - Underground on way to Victoria Memorial. This upgrade is found on a
    red flaming zombie waiting for you in the train carriage you pass through
    on your way to Green Park.
    13. FS - Green Park. Once you enter the area, through the metal gate, look for
    a broken metal cover to a tunnel to the left corner of where the gate is. 
    Crawl through to other side and upgrade is in a tyre to your right.
    14. SP - Green Park. Once you pick up the keycard for the Military Armoury in 
    the tent, and head back to the metal gate you came in from, a red flaming
    zombie comes out of the sewers and heads for you. Upgrade is on this zombie.
    15. FP - Green Park. Inside the Military Armoury. In an open metal container,
    next to the one containing the C4.
    16. FS - Green Park. Found in the left corner of the room when you exit the
    concrete tunnel, that you blast open with C4, in order to escape Green Park,
    on the way to the Tower of London.
    17. CA - Tower of London. Found on a ledge in the watery passage,
    on the other side of the exploding zombie.
    18. SP - Tower of London. Found in the hand of a suit of armour, in the left
    corner of the secret Ravens room.
    19. SP - Brick Lane Markets. Found on a red flaming zombie, that is waiting
    for you, as soon as you enter Hanbury Green, on your way to Spitalfields Green.
    20. SP - Spitalfields Green. Found in the top right hand corner of Quaker Park.
    Look for a hole in the wall to crawl through. Blast rubble with C4,
    and upgrade is inside, along with XXL backpack.
    21. FS - Spitalfields Green. Found on the roof section that you access by
    climbing the ladder that is behind a metal gate,
    in the top left corner of Quaker Park.
    22. FP - Spitalfields Green. Found inside the Ravens room that is on the roof
    section, directly overlooking Shoreditch Petrol Station.
    23. SP - Baconsfield. When you enter this area from Spitalfields Green, there
    is a safehouse door on your right. Through this is another safehouse door,
    go down the first flight of stairs, and upgrade is in corner to your left.
    24. FS - Baconsfield. As you head through Darwin Yard towards the Nursery,
    to the left of the pool of water, there is a long wooden fence. 
    Upgrade is inside a set of bushes, underneath a concrete bridge support,
    near a portacabin to the left of the Nursery.
    25. FP - Baconsfield. Once you have fallen into the basement of Brick Lane
    Community Nursery, and have defeated the teleporting zombie, there is
    a coded Ravens door. Upgrade is directly behind this door, to your left.
    26. CA - Spitalfields Green. Once you have got back to the Petrol Station from
    Darwin Yard, and have killed Vicram, upgrade is found to the left of the
    dumpster, behind the metal fenced gate you scan hack to open,
    to get the fuel for the generator.
    27. SP - St. Georges Church. Found inside the Ravens room, next to the CCTV
    box, in the room with the zombie in the armchair.
    28. FS - St. Georges Church. Behind a wall you can blast with C4, there are two
    rooms. Upgrade is in second one, around to the left, past a sleeping zombie
    on the ground.
    29. FP - St. Georges Church. This upgrade is well and truly hidden in the
    Catacomb section with the ledges and planks. First of all, try to clear
    both sections of as many zombies as is possible. Then get on the lowest plank
    in the second section and drop into the water, hopefully without taking damage.
    Then walk along the edge of the wall that divides the two sections,
    as if you were heading for the exit, then at the end, turn right and upgrade
    is in left hand corner, directly below room you exit catacombs by climbing
    a ladder to meet the exploding zombie.
    30. FP - St. Georges Church. Once you have cleared the Arena and got your BOB
    back, there is a gate you open using the picklock set, with the ladder you
    climbed up into the arena behind it. Upgrade is in a corner to the right
    of the gate and ladder.
    31. CA - St. Georges Church. Once you climb down the ladder from the Arena and 
    exit the room, there is a red flaming zombie waiting for you nearby. 
    Upgrade is on this zombie once you have beaten it.
    32. CA - Brick Lane Markets. In Hanbury Green there is a wall you need to blast 
    with C4. Behind this wall there is a zombie on the ground, with the upgrade 
    and one of the Dee letters.
    33. CA - Brick Lane Flats. In the first warehouse there are two rooms off the 
    high walkway. Inside is a Ravens door you open by lining up the picture of the 
    Raven. Once door is opened, upgrade is inside room, along with another of the 
    Dee letters.
    34. SP - Brick Lane Flats. In the second warehouse, where you pick up the 
    double barrelled shotgun, there is a wall you need to blast with C4. 
    Behind the wall is a red flamed zombie, upgrade is on this zombie.
    35. FS - Brick Lane Flats. If you head back towards Ron Freedmanís flat for the 
    second time, you re-enter the room with the Disco. But this time there are just
    two zombies in the room, one is an Armoured Zombie. Upgrade is on this zombie, 
    once you have dispatched it.
    36. CA - Buckingham Palace Underground. On the way back to the Palace from 
    Brick Lane Flats, there is a coded Ravens door. Once you open door after
    scanning four pictures in the Palace, upgrade is on a shelf to the left of the 
    37. FS - Buckingham Palace Underground. When on your way to meet the Doctor for 
    the first time, there is a staircase going downwards between two metal doors. 
    At bottom of staircase there is a wall thatís needs to be blasted with C4. In 
    room behind this wall are several bunk beds you need to navigate around and 
    under, upgrade is on a bed next to a body on the ground.
    38. FS - Underground Station. Outside the safehouse area, beyond the metal 
    shutters, there is a large open area the other side of the fixed turret. 
    This area has four exits, one on the left leads to Green Park, one at the top 
    right leads to St. Georges Church via a door you open using the scan hack. 
    Along the exit towards Green Park before the keycard door, there is a red door 
    to your right. Through this door there is a tunnel you crawl though, with a 
    dumpster containing handgun ammo and a keycard door next to it. Open this door 
    with the scan hack, go down the steps and follow the tunnel to a wooden door. 
    On the other side of this door is the upgrade, near the wall in front of you, 
    along with three zombies nearby.
    39. FP - Spitalfields Green. If you have cleared the minefield in Quaker Park 
    of all the mines, after completing the Nursery mission, when you return to
    this area there is a red flamed zombie running around the park. Upgrade is on 
    this zombie.
    40. CA - Spitalfields Green. In the corner of Quaker Park is a keycard metal 
    gate, which is opened using the scan hack ability. Opposite the CCTV box
    there is a hole in the wall you can crawl though. Upgrade is in corner opposite 
    zombie with another of the Dee letters.
    41. SP - Baconsfield. When you return to Darwin Yard to get the Dee letter in 
    this area, there is a red flamed zombie running around near the pool of dirty 
    water. Upgrade is on this zombie, once you have dispatched it. 
    42. CA - Baconsfield. Near the pool of water there is a metal shed with a 
    keycard door, to the right of the Nursery entrance. Once you have opened
    the door with the scan hack, upgrade is on the floor to the left of the Magnum 
    pistol, opposite the zombie with another of the Dee letters.
    43. FS - Tower of London. On Tower Pier there is a barge in the water behind a 
    keycard metal gate. Once you have opened this gate with the scan hack ability,
    go down the walkway to see an open large metal container to your right. There 
    is a red flamed zombie hiding in this container. Upgrade is on this zombie once 
    you have dispatched it.
    44. SP - Tower of London. Also on this barge in the water off Tower Pier, to 
    the left of the container with the red flamed zombie inside it, there is a
    body on the floor with another of the Dee letters. Upgrade is on a metal box 
    behind it, to the left of the large container.
    45. FP - Inside Buckingham Palace. Found on a flaming red zombie you encounter 
    on way to find the Doctor, at end of fire room before you go up the stairs and 
    encounter the teleporting zombies.
    46. FS - Inside Buckingham Palace. Found in the room behind the wall you need 
    to blast with C4, after you have killed the Doctor and have opened the door 
    that requires the door code to open it.
    47. SP - Inside Buckingham Palace. Once you have killed the Doctor, and have 
    cleared the Kitchen of all zombies, this upgrade is found in a corner on the 
    exit from the kitchen before you crawl down a vent to find a safehouse door.
    48. SP - Inside Buckingham Palace. When you return to the Palace to find the 
    Panacea code in the Vault, just before you enter the Vault, there is an upgrade
    to the left of the open metal door, against the wall.
    49. FP - Buckingham Palace Underground. Once you have got the Panacea code off 
    the computer and have got back to where you first enter the Palace underground 
    area from Victoria Memorial through the sewers, there is a red flaming zombie 
    waiting for you on the steps leading up to the exit. Upgrade is on this zombie 
    once you have dispatched it.

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