How do you post screenshots of this game to miiverse?

  1. I've checked both the manual for this game and the wii u system (digital and physical) and can't find the answer. I even did a test post after playing an attractiong (when the pictures are flowing in the background) and all that posted was my text.

    User Info: thealmightydib

    thealmightydib - 5 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. Found the answer on neogaf since the gamefaqs community appears to be too elite to answer faqs anymore. (talking about the forums here)

    "You can't "take a screenshot," per say, in that you don't first capture and save it anywhere. What you do is, when you want to share a screen, hit Home when the game is showing what you want, go to make a Miiverse post, and the image attach button will be prepopulated with whatever your game was showing when you hit Home."

    User Info: thealmightydib

    thealmightydib - 5 years ago 5 0

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