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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by horror_spooky

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    With Wii Sports, Nintendo created software that showed exactly what its new 
    Wii system was capable of. They are taking a similar approach with Nintendo 
    Land, a game built with the sole purpose of showing off all of the cool things 
    the Wii U and its unique controller can accomplish. This guide will explain 
    each of the different Attractions, talk about the different modes in each 
    Attraction, plus list all the Stamps.
    Nintendo Land
    Written by Dalton "Horror Spooky" Cooper
    Copyright 2012
    Contact Information
    E-mail: horror_spooky@hotmail.com
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                               TABLE OF CONTENTS
    1. Introduction and Controls
    2. Attractions
    --Team Attractions--
    The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest
    Pikmin Adventure
    Metroid Blast
    --Competitive Attractions--
    Mario Chase
    Luigi's Ghost Mansion
    Animal Crossing: Sweet Day
    --Solo Attractions--
    Yoshi's Fruit Cart
    Octopus Dance
    Donkey Kong's Crash Course
    Takamaru's Ninja Castle
    Captain Falcon's Twister Race
    Balloon Trip Breeze
    3. Plaza
        A. Miiverse
        B. Prizes
        C. Attraction Tour
    4. Conclusion
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    1. Introduction and Controls
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Welcome to Nintendo Land! Nintendo Land is a virtual theme park based on the 
    greatest Nintendo worlds. Monita is your guide through this theme park that 
    explores the rich history of Nintendo while showing off the capabilities of 
    the Wii U.
    Due to the nature of the game, each different Attraction will have all of the 
    control information there. Use the table of contents above to find the 
    Attraction that you're looking for and then scroll down or use the Search 
    function to find its location in the guide.
    Only one person can use the Wii U GamePad at a time. Because of this, during 
    multiplayer events, the people without the GamePad must use a Wii remote 
    WITH MotionPlus. The Metroid Blast Attraction also requires the nunchuk 
    attachment for multiplayer and co-op play.
    Nintendo Land supports the following controlers/attachments:
    Wii U GamePad
    Wii remote (w/ MotionPlus)
    Wii nunchuk
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    2. Attractions
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
                                TEAM ATTRACTIONS
    Archery and Swordplay
    Vanquish evil monsters as an archer or swordsman
    1-4 Players
    -->Archer Controls<--
    ZL + ZR - Dodge
    GamePad - Aim
    GamePad (down) - Reload
    GamePad (left) - Dodge
    GamePad (right) - Dodge
    Left Stick - Turn
    Right Stick (down + release) - Shoot
    Right Stick (hold) - Charged Shot
    -->Swordsman Controls<--
    Remote - Swing
    Remote - Look around
    Remote (hold) - Charged Swing
    B + A - Dodge
    - - -
    - - -
    1. The Grasslands
    This is a simple level to get you started with how Battle Quest works. The 
    enemies will just be basic pig enemies, but there will be a couple of shielded 
    enemies thrown in there to mix things up. Shielded enemies can have their 
    shield destroyed with a charged arrow shot, and they can be shot in the area 
    that their shield is not covering.
    Plump birds will be flying around this level, often in circles, or sometimes 
    from one end of the screen to the next. These birds are in practically every 
    level of Quest Mode. Shoot them to replenish your health, as they always drop 
    The boss is a larger pig, but he can be fairly easily defeated.
    [Conditions for Master Rank]: Finish without taking damage
    2. The Lost Woods
    Slimes are in this level as well as the typical assortment of pigs. However, 
    there will be new dangers here as well. Archers will fire flaming arrows at 
    you. To dodge, press both LZ and RZ at the same time when the arrow gets close.
    An on-screen indicator lets you know when you can perform this dodge, kind of 
    like a QTE.
    Pots are now lying around that can be destroyed. Pots contain coins that can be
    spent in the park most of the time, but they can also contain hearts if your 
    health is running low.
    There will be one part of the level when you will come to a door that is 
    seemingly impassable. To get through, there will be switches. There will be 
    one, two, or three switches on the ground depending on how many people you have
    playing with you. If you're playing solo and are just an archer, then there 
    will just be two switches above you. Shoot them with arrows to proceed.
    The boss is a giant pig with a huge metal shield. When he lifts his shield, 
    he will take a swing at you, so be prepared to dodge his attack. Then nail him 
    with a charged attack. If you have the archer, you can pelt him with arrows 
    even when his shield is up if you aim high enough
    [Conditions for Master Rank]: Finish without taking damage
    3. Grassland Temple
    The only new things here are the flying bird enemies that swoop down and 
    attack, and the more complicated switches. These switches run on a timer, and 
    you will encounter them twice in the level. The first time is at a drawbridge 
    leading into the temple. You'll have five seconds between hitting each switch 
    to hit the next switch. Bombs are also obviously here. Wait for enemies to get 
    near before shooting them, but make sure you're not too close.
    Deeper in the temple, you'll find another pair of switches that need to be hit 
    within one second of each other. The boss fight is the same boss as the 
    previous level, except he has two regular pig enemies flanking him. Kill those 
    guys first before focusing on the boss and using the same strategy as before.
    [Conditions for Master Rank]: Finish without taking damage
    4. Road to the Goron Mines
    The boss from the previous levels returns as a regular enemy in this one. He 
    shows up near a bunch of bombs. Wait for him to walk by the bombs so that his 
    shield won't block the blast, then shoot them to get rid of most of his health 
    At one point, large boulders will roll down the mountain with fuses on top of 
    them. To destroy these boulders before they hit you, shoot the fuses. You will 
    only have a couple of chances to destroy each boulder, as the fuse wills out of
    view as the boulder comes down the hill.
    Mechanical spider enemies will show up. They can be defeated with one direct 
    shot to their eye. Regular spiders are here as well, and they are more 
    difficult. Wait for them to pounce, then fire an arrow into their exposed 
    belly. This will make them fall on their back, allowing you to pelt their 
    stomachs with arrows. Repeat the process until they are defeated.
    [Conditions for Master Rank]: Finish without taking damage
    5. The Forest Temple Hunt
    Fog will shroud the early sections of this level, meaning you either have to 
    fire blindly in the dark or wait for the enemies to get close. This makes this 
    level a bit more difficult for the archer. The big pig boss will be in this 
    level as well, plus a spider.
    There will be a new switch puzzle here. There will be three switches with 
    numbers in them. The numbers are 1, 2, and 3. You have to hit them in numerical
    order to open up the door they are locking.
    The boss in this level is a floating bird thing, and that's about the best way 
    I can describe it. It floats around and has a dark aura surrounding it. It 
    throws bats at you, so hit the bats with quick shots while you are constantly 
    hitting the boss with a barrage of arrows until it's dead. Reload often and 
    don't bother going for charged shots as the boss floats around too quickly for 
    it to be effective.
    6. Death Mountain Climb
    A new pig enemy type wears a pot on his head that provides armor, making 
    headshots difficult. However, this same enemy type also throws bombs, and when 
    you are far away, they hold the bombs over their heads stupidly, which can then
    be shot to blow them up and any other enemies around them.
    The elements play against you in this level as well, with one section on a 
    cliff using wind to turn your arrows. You will be able to tell the wind factor 
    by watching the way the wind is blowing. Keep that in mind as you fire your 
    shots at the distant enemies.
    The boss in this level is like the boss from the first couple of levels, except
    this time he has an armor helmet on, so you can shoot him when his shield is 
    up like before. Instead, you have to wait for him to swing, dodge his attack, 
    and then hit him with arrows quickly.
    Dodging in this fight is different than before. In this fight, you have to tilt
    the GamePad to the left or to the right to avoid the attacks. Sometimes you 
    will have to do two dodges in a row, so be ready to tilt the GamePad quickly.
    [Conditions for Master Rank]: Finish without taking damage
    7. Gerudo Fortress Trial
    Those armored pigs from before also have shields in this one, making them VERY 
    tough enemies. Remember, you can break their shields with fully charged arrow 
    shots, and then you'll have to quickly hit them with arrows to finish them off.
    The trick to this level is keeping a fully stock of arrows. There's a lot of 
    enemies here, making reloading constantly a reality. So, reload as much as 
    possible. Every time you use an arrow and there's no enemy around that's an 
    immediate threat, tilt the GamePad down and reload.
    The boss is the flying bird boss again. This time it will often use three bats 
    at a time. Kill the bats, pelt the boss with arrows, and then reload before it 
    starts forming more bats.
    [Conditions for Master Rank]: Finish without taking damage
    8. Ganon's Castle Approach
    This level takes everything you've dealt with in the previous levels and throws
    it all into one difficult mixing pot, especially when going for Master Rank. 
    Expect all the different enemy types you've fought before, but more of them.
    At the start of this level is an eye switch puzzle. Just hit the three eyes 
    in quick succession. After hitting the first eye, you have three seconds to hit
    the other two eyes. Later, another switch puzzle will requrie you to hit four 
    switches within eight seconds.
    The third switch puzzle in the level is a bit more challenging. There will be 
    two switches on the ground and one switch high above. You only have two seconds
    to hit all the switches. Since it is difficult to look right up with the 
    GamePad after hitting the bottom two switches, you basically have to hit the 
    top switch first, then hit the bottom switches, as they are much closer 
    The boss fight is the regular pig boss from before paired with the armor pig 
    boss. The regular pig boss will be the first you fight with, but when his 
    health gets into the red, the armored boss will join in on the fight. Use the 
    same strategies as before to take them out.
    [Conditions for Master Rank]: Finish without taking damage
    9. Raid on Ganon's Castle
    This is even more difficult than the last quest. Yet again, it is basically 
    every enemy you've faced compiled into one extremely difficult level. During 
    the sections in the dark, keep an eye out for the eyes of enemies so that you 
    can still get them from afar. You'll have to fight another floating bird dude 
    that throws bats early on, so keep that in mind.
    Despite the high difficulty of this level, there are hearts in plentiful 
    supply. There are three plump birds you can shoot for a heart, plus if you die,
    then a skull will appear where your Mii died the last time you played the 
    game. You can shoot the skull for another free heart, so it may even be 
    advantageous to die in the level.
    Near the end of the level, two teleporting skeletons with shields and an 
    armored pig boss will be yours to deal with. Try to break the shields of the 
    Skeletons first off so that you can hit them with a quick flurry of arrows as 
    they near. This armored pig is easier than before if you manage to stay on the 
    steps leading up to him. If you are on the steps, you are at a lower elevation 
    than he is, so you can hit his feet with charged shots while waiting for him to
    The door to Ganon is blocked by four switches. They are in a square around the 
    area. You get more time added each time you hit a switch. Hit the switches 
    and then the path to Ganon will be ahead. Be sure to hit the plump bird at the 
    top of the stairs for a heart before the fight.
    Ganon will spin his sword around in a circle to block your arrows. He will also
    get up close and swing at you, and if he does, you need to be ready to quickly 
    dodge his strikes. He'll spawn spike balls above his head in a series of three,
    so shoot those before hitting him with arrows. You can hit him above his 
    spinning sword by aiming at the upper left portion of his head.
    [Conditions for Master Rank]: Finish without taking damage
    - - -
    - - -
    10. The Sacred Grove
    There are plenty of plump birds flying around this level so you can heal up, 
    but you need to stay far away from all enemies for this. They will charge you 
    with shields and helmets, so aim at their snouts. Pink pigs are the strongest 
    and are the most difficult to defeat, so you definitely want to hit them with 
    charged shots from afar.
    The final boss is two armored pigs plus three archers. Kill the three archers 
    first while dodging the attacks of the armored pigs. Then work on taking out 
    the pigs in the typical fashion to win.
    [Conditions for Master Rank]: Finish without taking damage
    11. Journey to the Fire Temple
    This level is incrediby difficult, but there are a few tricks you can use to 
    make it easier, especially if you are playing in co-op. The first section is 
    pretty self-explanatory, as wave after wave of piggies will come funneling in 
    to attack. Just take them out to the best of your ability, and then as you 
    go down the next ramp, pay attention to the bridge on your left.
    If you are playing the archer, keep going until you can just hit the enemies 
    with arrows repeatedly and cause them to start moving down the bridge. This 
    will give you a huge advantage as you can keep pelting them with arrows from 
    the side and they have no chance to defend. If you are playing in co-op, have 
    the swordsman move to the base of the bridge and keep their shields up so the 
    enemies are stuck and have no choice but to be hit repeatedly.
    In the next section, take out the archers first and then eliminate everyone 
    else. As you move to the next door, a bunch of skeletons will appear. As an 
    archer, stay as far back as possible, but have the swordsman move in close to 
    spam them.
    The next section is dark. Just keep an eye out for the eyes of the enemies and 
    then be ready as the archer in the next room. Shoot the bomb being held by the 
    enemies to take them all out with one shot, and then fight the rest of them 
    off. Soon will be the boss fight, which are three powerful pigs.
    [Conditions for Master Rank]: Finish without taking damage
    12. Death Mountain Path
    Starting in the forest, this level is incredibly difficult as well, so be 
    prepared for a challenge. This level is actually easier with only the archer, 
    so that the swordsman don't block your view.
    At first, shoot one of the slimes to make them all come at you. The pigs on the
    nearby cliff will toss bombs and accidentally blow up all their slime buddies. 
    Kill the pigs and cautiously make your way up the hill. Shoot the first wave of
    pigs and as you round the corner, shoot the bombs to blow up the rest of the 
    pigs here.
    As you go down the next hill, note the heart bird on the right. Kill the 
    archers, then take out everyone else. There will be a couple of spiders, so 
    remember to shoot them as they pounce. Just cautiously move like this through 
    the rest of the level, and be sure to always try to shoot enemies from very 
    far away to avoid taking any kind of damage. If you get surrounded by pink 
    pigs, it's very hard to get out of that situation.
    Later, you will be at an outside area with wind current problems. Kill the 
    pigs first, then the flying birds. The birds should be far enough away so that 
    they might not even try to attack you. Destroy the large boulder on the hill 
    from your current position.
    Before entering the Death Mountain temple area, you have to fight a barrage of 
    one-eyed mechanical foes as well as two spiders. They will surround you. Kill 
    as many of the mechanical dudes as you can, but if the spiders are preparing to
    pounce, but ready to blast them out of the air.
    When this area is cleared from the area, you now have to shoot eight switches. 
    The switches are located all around you in a circle. Just shoot them with a 
    single arrow shot as fast as possible. They're all in clear view. Then you get 
    to enter the temple area. Use the same disciplines until you reach the bottom, 
    where you will fight an armored Ganon.
    The fight here is exactly the same as before, except Ganon is a bit more 
    armored and stronger than he was in previous battles. Use the same strategy, 
    but you'll have to be more accurate to hit him in the snout. Be prepared to 
    tilt the GamePad left and right to dodge his attacks.
    [Conditions for Master Rank]: Finish without taking damage
    13. Battle of Hyrule Field
    Surprisingly, this level is not as stressful as the last two. It's by the 
    numbers, and there are a lot of fat birds flying around with hearts. Check the 
    corners for pots that also contain hearts. There will be a section when you 
    have to fight two armored pigs at once, but they are far enough away that you 
    can hit them on their snouts and their legs repeatedly and you should be able 
    to kill one if not both of them before they even have a chance to attack. 
    Remember to tilt with those guys.
    Use bombs wisely. There will be multiple segments where you'll see a pig 
    carrying a bomb in the distance. Wait for that pig to be surrounded by groups 
    of enemies and then blow them all up. The final boss is another flying bird 
    dude with bats that he spawns...but there's a twist! Or two.
    The first twist is that the wind makes this section much more difficult than 
    before. The second twist is that there are three archers that will constantly 
    shoot flaming arrows at you. Try to take out the archers first and quickly. 
    Remember, all it takes is a single arrow to kill an archer, no charged shots 
    necessary, and take the wind into account.
    When the archers are gone, employ the same strategy on the bird dude as you've 
    used in previous encounters, but remember, the wind will make your arrow veer 
    to the left or right depending on where it's blowing. Be sure to spam the 
    bats with arrows and always reload when you have a bit of respite.
    [Conditions for Master Rank]: Finish without taking damage
    14. Ganon's Last Stand
    Oh, man. This level. This level is a level of trial and error. There will be 
    waves upon waves of high-powered piggies, charging you with shields and pots on
    their heads to make taking them out very difficult. The trick to this level? 
    Line the pigs up and then blast them with a fully charged arrow to hit all of 
    them at once. From there, it's just picking them off with a single arrow pluck.
    Be quick when reloading.
    All the hazards you've come to expect are shoehorned into this level. Spiders. 
    Wind currents. Bombs. Archers. Be ready to take them all on. For the most 
    part, this level is straight-forward, it's just that the amount of enemies is 
    so overwhelming.
    As you move through the halls, there will be a section where fire arrows are 
    constantly shooting out of the far wall. Stop at the corner and then fire a 
    shot at the eye on the left, which should be on the only one visible. Release 
    the bow and then as soon as the other eye is in view, shoot it with an arrow as
    well. You have only two seconds to pull this one off, or else you will take 
    damage from the flaming arrows.
    You'll have to fight Ganon twice in this level. The first time, he is helped by
    three archers standing above him. Take them out immediately and then work on 
    fighting Ganon just as before. At the end of the level, there will be a four 
    switch puzzle. After hitting the first switch, you have four seconds to hit the
    other switches. Thing is, each other switch only gives you two seconds to hit 
    the rest.
    You can't use the right stick to hit all the switches. You have to literally 
    turn around with the GamePad to hit all the switches. Be sure to hit the 
    pots in the area and check the bird to the right of the stairs for a heart as 
    you go up for the final battle.
    This final Ganon battle is very tough and tricky. He has a gold helmet on that 
    protects his snout, making him almost impossible to hit when he twirls his 
    swords. He will get up close to you before shooting those spiked balls at you, 
    so be ready to pick them out of the air with very quick arrow shots.
    He will also try to attack more, and there will be new dodge functionality 
    thrown in the mix as well. Not only will you have to tilt, but you will also 
    need to use the ZL and ZR triggers to dodge his moves, too. It's a tough fight,
    but with a bit of determination and patience, you will be able to defeat Ganon.
    [Conditions for Master Rank]: Finish without taking damage
    100 Rupees
    1,000 Rupees
    Triforce Collector
    Quest Master
    Legendary Hero
    - - - - - -
    - - - - - -
    Here you have to defeat the enemies as fast as possible in order to earn high 
    scores and win.
    1. Beginner: Defeat 25 enemies
    [Conditions for Master Rank]: Finish within 40 sec.
    2. Intermediate: Defeat 25 enemies
    [Conditions for Master Rank]: Finish within 40 sec.
    3. Advanced: Defeat 25 enemies
    [Conditions for Master Rank]: Finish within 40 sec.
    Beginner: Finish within 50 sec.
    Intermediate: Finish within 50 sec.
    Advanced: Finish within 50 sec.
    Finish All Stages within 45 sec.
    Speed Master
    PIKMIN ADVENTURE.................
    Tame the Wilderness
    Get Olimar and the Pikmin safely off a wild alien planet
    1-5 Players
    -->Olimar Controls<--
    Left Stick/Right Stick - Move
    Touchscreen - Attack
    Touchscreen (whistle icon) - Gather Pikmin
    -->Pikmin Controls<--
    D-pad - Move
    1 - Attack
    2 - Jump
    - - - - -
    - - - - -
    1. Bulborb Forest
    This is where you will get used to controlling the Pikmin. Just tap the enemies
    and the Pikmin will wildly attack them. Destroy all the blocks you see, aim at 
    the glowing purple sections for enemies, and you'll be fine. This level is 
    cake. Of course, there is a boss at the end, but just barrage it with Pikmin 
    and there will be no problem.
    Get Nectar to level up. Nectar is found in item boxes and blocks in the levels.
    They can be destroyed by throwing Pikmin on them or smacking them yourself. 
    Pikmin will bring you Nectar and hearts. Leveling up will increase the attack 
    power of your Pikmin and cause them to evolve into better, more improved 
    [Conditions for Master Rank]: Escape within 2:10 without taking damage
    2. Boss of the Beebs
    Throwable Olimar weapons are introduced in this level. To pick up an object, 
    approach it and then tap the object. This will cause Olimar to pick it up. Tap 
    on the touchscreen again to throw the object. There are bombs that are shown 
    right off the bat, plus later in the level there are rocks.
    The enemies are the same before for the most part, except the Beebs roll around
    and spew electricity now. When they are doing them, avoid them at all costs. 
    When they stop, throw bombs or rocks at them, and constantly throw your Pikmin 
    at them as well.
    A new power-up will be in this level as well in the form of the Hammer 
    power-up. What this does is give all your Pikmin a hammer which greatly 
    increases their attack power. At one point in the level, you'll find a couple 
    of switches on the ground that you need to stand on to proceed. Stand on one of
    the switches and wait for your co-op or AI partner to stand on the other.
    The titular "Boss of the Beebs" is at the end of the level. To reach him, you 
    have to learn how to use the jump pads. To use these pads, stand on them and 
    then press ZL to launch. You can also tap the whistle icon that appears on the 
    touchscreen. He is fought the same as the others, except he is bigger than 
    they are. When the level is done, go to the ship and take off.
    [Conditions for Master Rank]: Escape within 3:35 without takind damage
    3. Five Seconds to Takeoff
    This is a Timed Challenge. You can't take damage, but you are timed to beat 
    the level. Clocks will pop around everywhere that you can collect to add to 
    your time. It may seem stupid to waste time breaking item boxes, but the big 
    item boxes typically have clocks in them worth +10 seconds.
    [Conditions for Master Rank]: Escape within 1:15 without taking damage
    4. Overthrow the Bulblord
    This is a boss battle level. In the first area, gather Pikmin and Nectar, as 
    much as you can, and then stand on the switches to open the teleporter. Use the
    teleporter to reach the boss.
    Now it's boss battle time! Focus on the purple globes all over its body to do 
    the most damage. If you want to blind him, attack his eyes. There are plenty of
    Pikmin to collect by destroying the blocks in the area. There are also bombs 
    you can throw. Try to throw these at his rear to hit the most globes. When 
    individual globes are destroyed, they drop a ton of Nectar.
    When he retracts his globes, that means he's about to roll around in an attempt
    to steamroll you, so get out of the way. When all the globes are destroyed, 
    his feet will extend and two more globes will be visible. Destroy these and he 
    will be on his back, exposing the final globe. Focus all Pikmin on it to 
    destroy it.
    [Conditions for Master Rank]: Escape within 1:45 without taking damage
    5. Cannon Smash
    New to this level are Cannons. These cannons shoot bombs, but they can be 
    destroyed by tossing Pikmin on top of them. Work your way to the end of the 
    level and then you have to fight a huge cannon.
    Enemies will constantly spawn, and the cannon will constantly shoot bombs. 
    Kill the enemies and avoid the bombs. Look for the indicators on the ground to 
    help you avoid the bombs. When the cannon is close to the ground, attack it 
    with full force before it is able to rise again. Repeat the process until it is
    [Conditions for Master Rank]: escape within 3:35 without taking damage
    6. King Beeb is Back
    This level is just a typical level and doesn't really add anything new. Be 
    careful throwing bombs, as there are often multiple bombs that can cause a 
    chain reaction and deal a lot of damage. The boss is the same as before, except
    there are cannons around him that help him out.
    Destroy the cannons first and then grab the rocks off the ground. Chuck the 
    rocks at King Beeb to deal damage to him even while he's rolling around the 
    level. Then when he's not rolling use your Pikmin to destroy him definitively.
    [Conditions for Master Rank]: Escape within 4:35 without taking damage
    7. Through the Darkness
    This level is just another Time Attack level. Ignore the Beebs when they are 
    glowing and rolling unless it is a King Beeb. The smaller ones will just roll 
    off the cliff anyway. Ignore all blocks except yellow ones, because the yellow 
    ones are the ones with clocks inside them.
    The second part of the level is shrouded in darkness. To make the darkness go 
    away, touch the blue mushrooms to illuminate the room. This level ends with a 
    battle with King Beeb again. spam Pikmin on him to defeat him before he can 
    start rolling around and glowing electricity.
    [Conditions from Master Rank]: escape within 1:40 without taking damage
    8. Swamp Master
    In the first part of the level, collect all the Nectar available. Use the bombs
    to destroy the block towers quickly. When you have gathered all the supplies 
    go to the switches, stand on them, and then go into the teleporter to fight the
    The boss will shoots its tongue at you. Run around it in a circle. Wait for the
    tongue to retract. It has a chance of smacking the boss in the face, which will
    knock the boss out. Then attack the sides of its tongue. It will retract its 
    tongue and the water will disappear. Then attack the globes on its cheeks until
    those are destroyed. Repeat the process as needed.
    When its tongue and cheeks are destroyed, it will hop out of the water and 
    start jumping around. Start focusing Pikmin on the Globe on its back and watch 
    out for its tongue.
    [Conditions for Master Rank]: Escape within 1:45 without taking damage
    9. Lord of a Barren Land
    There is a new power-up in this level as well as a new enemy type. The power up
    is a vine that is very helpful for the AI Pikmin or your co-op partner(s) 
    Pikmin. They can hold 1 to use the vine as a ranged attack and hit multiple 
    The new enemy type looks like a Beeb except it can fly around and charge at 
    you. Don't worry about your Pikmin falling into the bottomless pits while 
    fighting these beebs; they will just respawn.
    At the end of the level, you will have to a fight large enemy. Use the bombs 
    to hit the globes first and after your supply of bombs has been exhausted, work
    on taking out the globes the usual way until he is defeated.
    [Conditions for Master Rank]: Escape within 3:20 without taking damage
    10. Burst the Giant Balloon
    Bomb Beebs are very annoying in the first part of this level. If you are quick 
    enough, you can defeat them before they explode. However, a better strategy 
    would be to just run away from them. The last boss will be a giant verison of 
    the flying Beeb along with a bunch of rolling Beebs. Get rid of the rolling 
    ones first before focusing on the flying one.
    [Conditions for Master Rank]: Escape within 3:30 without taking damage
    11. Back-Garden Escape
    This is another Timed Area. At the beginning, there will be a narrow path with 
    a bunch of enemies. Usually the strategy here is to avoid the enemies at all 
    costs to save time, but you have to defeat these guys to make a bridge that 
    will then let you continue the level.
    [Conditions for Master Rank]: Escape within 1:50 without taking damage
    12. Shining Eyes
    Pinchipede is the boss for this level. Gather supplies in the first area as 
    always. If you attack the flowers here, they will sometimes drop Nectar or 
    coins to spend in the plaza. When you're ready, it's time to face the boss.
    Pinchipede's first form will have a bunch of globes all over. Stick to his 
    middle and just wail on him. You'll easily be able to avoid the obstacles if 
    you just move with his body and repeatedly smash his globes. Keep doing this 
    until his body is destroyed.
    When that's done, he will have a single globe on his head. He'll now charge up 
    and then go crazy in the area, charging you. His body will segment off and spin
    around with spikes, making the entire area incredibly dangerous. The trick is 
    to follow his tail around the area and when his globe shows up, focus all 
    attacks on it.
    When his health gets low, he will start moving around much quicker and there 
    will be even more pieces of his body spinning around. Focus entirely on the 
    globe and when it is destroyed, the boss will be defeated.
    [Conditions for Master Rank]: Escape within 2:45 without taking damage
    13. Icy Arena
    An adventure-style snow level. This level is just typical, but there is a dark 
    passage that requires you to light it up by touching the glowing mushrooms. 
    This darkened area will be dangerous than before, as enemies will charge at 
    you from the darkness, so be very cautious.
    Also watch out for falling off ledges. If you're playing as a Pikmin, avoid 
    attaching yourself to the globes of enemies, as they will straight up jump off 
    a cliff to get rid of you.
    [Conditions for Master Rank]: Escape within 4:00 without taking damage
    14. Out of the Darkness
    This level is a bit harder, but as long as you take it slow, it's actually not 
    that bad. The tricky part is in the dark areas. The enemies will rush from off
    screen and try to mow you down. As soon as you hear enemies, run to the bottom 
    of the screen and be prepared to side-step them.
    The rest of the level is typical.
    [Conditions for Master Rank]: Escape within 3:10 without taking damage
    15. Bulborb Baths
    This is the most difficult timed challenge of all. You need to move very 
    quickly. Let your Pikmin collect the clocks for you. When whistling to use the 
    jump pads, be sure to let go of the whistle quickly to be more time effective. 
    You'd be surprised at how much time you can waste by whistling.
    In the dark area, hug the left-hand side of the area. You can just move 
    straight through the darkness without touching the blue mushrooms. The hardest 
    part will be killing all the Bulbords in the bath at the end of the level. 
    Grab the bombs and toss all three right into the middle of them to wipe them 
    all out with one fell swoop. Unfortunately, they will not give you a clock for 
    defeating them.
    The challenge isn't over at that part. Go on the jump pad and quickly focus 
    your Pikmin through the blocks that are impeding the way to the rocket ship 
    and then hop inside.
    [Conditions for Master Rank]: Escape within 1:20 without taking damage
    16. The Chopping Block
    Break all the item boxes in the first area to level up a lot and then grab the 
    big heart. This boss fight is actually easier than the last one as long as you 
    jump a lot!
    The boss will swing his swords down at you constantly and spin around as well. 
    He has two globs, but just flick the stylus across the touchscreen to make 
    Olimar jump and avoid the blades. After destroying both globes for the first 
    time, the boss will respawn with a red color scheme and he'll be tougher than 
    Ignore the item boxes. You can grab the items inside, but don't break the 
    boxes yourself because the boxes will take too long to destroy. Let the boss 
    destroy them and then gather the items inside yourself. Keep focusing on the 
    two globes again until its defeated.
    [Conditions for Master Rank]: Escape within 1:10 without taking damage
    - - -
    - - -
    17. The Green Menace
    A new gimmick is thrown into these Extra levels. You can press L to switch the 
    color of your Pikmin. A lot of the enemies will have their domes glowing 
    various colors. Of course, you have to match the color of the domes with the 
    right color of Pikmin to deal the most damage and defeat all of the enemies.
    The end of the level is the Bulblord again. He won't requrie specific colors, 
    so you can use any color or all of the Pikmin colors. Your AI partner's color 
    does not matter and the colors of your co-op partner Pikmin don't matter as 
    well. However, if you are playing with a full party, I believe their color may 
    make a difference.
    [Conditions for Master Rank]: Escape within 5:10 without taking damage
    18. Desperate Dash
    I believe this is the first level that actually requires you to jump. To jump, 
    flick the stylus on the screen. You'll need to run straight forward at the 
    start and then hang a right, jump over the blocks, and use that jump pad. All 
    of the areas in this game basically require you to run away, step on a switch 
    or get to a stockpile of bombs to take out the enemies quickly and without 
    taking too much damage.
    There is a big heart in this level to collect near the end. The boss is the 
    boss from the Swamp Monster level, except he is clear and more powerful. His 
    tongue will fire out multiple times before smacking him in the face, so be 
    ready to dodge him repeatedly. He's also faster, so jump Olimar around in a 
    circle around him.
    Destroy the two domes on the tongue, and then destroy the domes on his cheeks. 
    Then run around the area and avoid his attacks. Dodge his tongue twice one way,
    then juke the opposite direction and jump behind it. Throw all the Pikmin on 
    his back and repeat the process until the final dome is destroyed.
    [Conditions for Master Rank]: Escape within 4:00 without taking damage
    19. The Tyrant Arrives
    Simple level. The only tough part is the dark part. They mix the darkness with 
    ledges that you can fall off, so be very weary of that. The end boss is the 
    boss with the swords for hands, except this time the dude has large spiked 
    clubs instead of swords.
    The fight plays out exactly the same. The only difference here is that his 
    range of attack is wider, meaning you will sometimes have to retreat instead of
    constantly barraging him with Pikmin.
    [Conditions for Master Rank]: Escape within 6:55 without taking damage
    20. Cage of Terror
    The theme of this level is that there is a lot of waiting around for cages to 
    drop before continuing through them. However, there is nothing to this one 
    besides pushing through to the end. The boss at the end is a super-version of 
    the Pinchipede from before.
    Color-coded enemies will be in full force in this level. There are also a 
    couple of new enemy types. New turret types wil burrow in the ground and then 
    pop back up elsewhere. The boss with the swords you fought earlier has a 
    smaller, weaker version that will appear in this level a couple of times as 
    [Conditions for Master Rank]: Escape within 8:05 without taking damage
    21. Breaking Boundaries
    This is the Timed Challenge to end all Timed Challenges. Immediately start 
    pushing forward. It's almost always worth it to defeat the enemies here, as 
    they will almost always drop clocks. Ignore the regular blocks and keep going 
    until you reach what appears to be an impassable ledge with a trio of blocks 
    on an island in the middle.
    You can hit the other two blocks here to get boulders. Throw the boulders to 
    hit the blocks in the middle. Playing in co-op makes this part much faster. 
    Then a bridge will appear, so move across to the either side. Destroy the 
    tower of blocks here to find more item blocks that, like the previous three, 
    function like switches. Hit them all and watch the next bridge take shape, 
    allowing you access across.
    At the end of the level, there will be an army of Beebs rolling all over the 
    place, big and small. Just run right by them when you see the ship. Don't 
    bother trying to kill them all, and if you get hurt, so be it. Remember, you 
    can constantly respawn in this level. If you are going for the Master Rank and 
    don't want to get hurt, obviously do your best to avoid the Beebs as you make 
    your way to the ship, but taking the time to destroy them all is going to cost 
    at least 30 seconds.
    [Conditions for Master Rank]: Escape within 4:40 without taking damage
    22. Good-Bye, Pikmin
    Essentially, this is Boss Rush mode. Gather all the stuff at the first screen 
    like the other boss fights, then be prepared to fight all the bosses you've 
    faced in the game, except all in a row, and with no hearts to gather sans the 
    big heart at the very beginning.
    The Bulblord is up first. This time, he will also spawn smaller enemies to help
    him out as well. The second boss is the Swamp Monster from before. You can make
    his tongue smack him in the face faster if you throw Pikmin at his eyes when 
    his tongue is out. Then focus on his cheeks and then throw rocks at him when 
    he stops bouncing around, throw Pikmin on his back while he's dazed, and move 
    on to the next boss once enough damage has been dealt.
    The next boss is the Pinchipede. Use the same strategies as always. There are 
    no differences here. The fourth boss is the boss with the swords. Same 
    strategy. You'll have to wipe out all the Beebs helping him as well if you 
    want to progress. Evil Monita will drop the club version of this boss when 
    the first version has been defeated. After he's taken care of, the ship will 
    be available and you can complete Pikmin Adventure fully! Enjoy your Stamp.
    [Conditions for Master Rank]: Escape within 8:00 without taking damage
    Eyes of the Bulblord
    AI Mii Protector
    First Mastery
    Great Explorer
    Master Explorer
    - - - -
    - - - -
    There are three levels for the Versus mode in Pikmin Adventure. The mode sees 
    the players with Wii remotes playing against Olimar. The goal of everyone is to
    collect candy. The enemies will attack everyone on screen, but they tend to 
    focus on the person with the highest score.
    There are three different levels, or "arenas". Unlike other Versus game modes 
    in Nintendo Land, the Pikmin Adventure Versus modes require you to play each 
    level at least five times before unlocking the next one. In other modes, you 
    simply have to play on a stage to unlock the next stage.
    All three stages look exactly the same. The difference comes in the form of the
    enemies that spawn. The first Arena features typical enemies such as Beebs 
    that don't pose much of a threat. The second Arena adds turrets that shoot 
    bombs and larger enemies. The third arena keeps all of that plus the floor 
    tiles will occasionally give way, which results in an instantaneous death.
    1. Starter's Arena
    "Good for beginners, this simple arena is the perfect place to learn the basics
    and sharpen your skills."
    2. Warrior's Arena
    "This arena is recommended for players starting to understand the ins and outs 
    of a winning strategy."
    3. Hero's Arena
    This fierce and chaotic arena is recommended for battle-hardened veterans.
    Candy from a Pikmin
    Clobber Olimar
    Rock Your Foes x5
    Incredible Comeback
    Pacifist Victory
    METROID BLAST....................
    Deep-Space Shootout
    Charge into battle on a far-off planet
    1-5 Players
    -->Gunship Controls<--
    ZL - Zoom
    ZR - Attack
    ZR (hold) - Missile
    Left Stick - Strafe/Dash
    Right Stick - Climb/Dive/Turn/Dash
    GamePad - Look around
    A - Dash
    -->Samus Controls<--
    Nunchuk - Move
    C - Zoom
    Z - Morph ball
    A - Look Around
    B - Attack
    B (hold) - Bomb
    Shake Remote - Jump
    - - - - - - - -
    - - - - - - - -
    This is the adventure mode for Metroid Blast. In all modes of the game, you 
    will be able to pick up power-ups that do a variety of things. The following is
    a list of the power-ups and their functionality
    Rapid-Fire Helmet - Increases the rate of fire
    Shield - 10 second invulnerability
    If you fail three times at the same mission, you can get the Golden Helmet. 
    What this does is give you six hearts instead of just three at the start. The 
    downside is that you can't earn Master Rank with the Golden Helmet.
    1. First Contact
    This introductory level requires you to defeat five waves of enemies. They 
    are all incredibly easy and this mission can be completed without trouble at 
    all. In fact, in the Gunship, you can just kill everything from afar and should
    never have to worry about taking damage.
    [Conditions for Master Rank]: All players achieve 50% hit accuracy or more
    2.Geemer Invasion
    Geemers are everywhere here, but they are just as easy to defeat as before. 
    There will be a lot of enemies, so use your charged missile attacks to defeat 
    huge bunches of them with ease.
    [Conditions for Master Rank]: Win using only charge attacks
    3. Approaching Cyclons
    This level introduces the Cyclons. These things fly around and create cyclones 
    that charge after you. The Geemers are around as well, so don't forget about 
    them as they charge up and try to deal damage.
    The Cyclons will shield their core, which is what you need to hit in order to 
    defeat them. Blast them a few times and they'll open up. They'll also leave 
    their core extremely vulnerable when they are doing their cyclone attack.
    [Conditions for Master Rank]: Take no damage
    4. Token Sweep
    This stage teaches you about dashing in the Gunship. You can push in the left 
    or right analog sticks to do this, or you can simply tap A. The reason it 
    teaches you how to dash is because you only have five minutes to beat this 
    This time around, your goal is not to defeat all the enemies. Instead, you 
    need to collect all of the tokens in the level that bears the face of your Mii.
    Just run into the tokens to collect them. If you are playing in co-op, everyone
    will have their own set of tokens to collect, which actually makes this level 
    a bit more difficult to master.
    [Conditions for Master Rank]: Finish with 3:00 or more remaining
    5. Zebesian Incursion
    Dash to start this level if you're in the Gunship. Zebes are the space pirates 
    in the Metroid games, and they provide quite a challenge for the Gunship. It 
    is actually a bit easier to complete this level as Samus since your Mii is 
    more mobile that way and dodging the Zebes' attacks with the Gunship can be 
    kind of difficult.
    Just be sure to strafe around as you fire at them if you are in the Gunship. 
    Aim at their stomachs, firing at the core on the front. Wipe out all of the 
    enemies and this level will be complete.
    [Conditions for Master Rank]: Take no damage
    6. Cyclon Infestation
    Just defeat the waves of enemies as before. The final wave of enemies will be 
    a large set of Cyclons floating around a center enemy. Fire a missile directly 
    at the center enemy to destroy them all in one fell swoop.
    [Conditions for Master Rank]: All players achieve 50% hit accuracy or more
    7. Destroy 10 Cyclons
    Cyclons are easy enough to defeat, but the problem here is Ridley. Ridley will 
    fly around and try to attack you, and to my knowledge, he cannot be defeated in
    this level. Just avoid his attacks to the best of your ability.
    While I would usually recommend the gunship for this level, but being Samus 
    may actually be easier due to the Ridley factor. In co-op, this is a lot easier
    if you have the person in the Gunship distract Ridley while the player in the 
    suit goes around and defeats all the Cyclons that way.
    [Conditions for Master Rank]: Win using only charge attacks
    8. Infernal Battle
    This is another battle with just waves of enemies. No new enemies, but avoid 
    the lava.
    [Conditions for Master Rank]: Take no damage
    9. Cyclon Queen's Tokens
    Another Token-collection level. However, this one has the added twist of an 
    annoying enemy constantly spawning and throwing Cyclons at you. As you fly 
    around and collect the Tokens, avoid the Zebes and constantly be charging your 
    missile. When you're charged, fire the missile at the Cyclon Queen, and the 
    blast should take out all the Cyclons for long enough for you to collect more 
    [Conditions for Master Rank]: Finish with 3:30 or more remaining
    10. Hostile Colossus
    This is a boss level, and the boss in question is the famous Kraid from the 
    actual Metroid series. Kraid starts off with only his head visible in the lava.
    Shoot his snout and his jaw will open up. Charge a missile and fire it at the 
    dish that is on his tongue. Repeat this a few times.
    Then Kraid will rise out of the lava a bit. Platforms will extend from his 
    body with Zebes on them and missiles will be fired as well. Avoid the missiles 
    to the best of your ability and remember that there are items and hearts in the
    area to collect if things get rough.
    Shoot all the target markers on Kraid's body. This will trigger the target on 
    his nose to glow red again. This is your cue to shoot at the target and then 
    his mouth will open again. Fire missiles into it repeatedly. Remember to aim 
    right at the dop of the dish to ensure the missile will go in.
    Kraid will rise even higher and now you have even more targets to destroy on 
    him. To destroy multiple targets, use the missile. Shoot his snout when it 
    glows red and continue shooting missiles into the dish on his tongue until 
    Kraid is defeated. You can see his health bar at the bottom right-hand corner 
    of the screen.
    NOTE: Beating this will unlock Survival Mode for Ground Battle.
    [Conditions for Master Rank]: Do not miss any charge shots
    11. Geemers!
    You have five minutes to destroy 100 Geemers. This seems like it may be 
    difficult, but it's really not. Get to high ground if you're Samus, and 
    otherwise stay high in the air if you're in the Gunship. Keep your distance 
    from the Geemers because a lot of them explode when they die.
    Just shoot them from afar. Use charged shots when there's a lot of them. And 
    keep at it until you have reached the goal.
    [Conditions for Master Rank]: Finish with 3:00 or more remaining
    12. Subzero Combat
    This is another wave-by-wave elimination of enemies, but the difference is 
    that it moves in a linear fashion. What I mean by that is instead of being in 
    a wide open level, you have to move through a cave system, with the enemies 
    spawning along the path. There are Geemers and Zebes, but nothing else to 
    worry about.
    [Conditions for Master Rank]: All players achieve 50% hit accuracy or more
    13. Metroid Hunt
    Grab the Ice Charge Beam power-up from the ground. You'll need this to fight 
    the Metroids. There are 10 of them in total you have to kill. Charge your shot 
    and release to freeze the Metroids. Then the three targets inside of them will 
    be left wide open. Shoot those to kill them.
    For attacks, the Metroids will get close and suck on your head. Mash on the 
    triggers and wiggle the sticks to break free. They move around in a fast, 
    floaty sort of way, so you have to wait for them to get close to freeze them 
    most of the time, which is unfortunate, but just keep your shot charged and 
    there should be minimal problems.
    [Conditions for Master Rank]: Do not miss any Ice Charge Beam shots
    14. Defend Your Allies
    You have 2 minutes to keep the various Miis on your console alive. They are 
    being attacked by Metroids that are trying to pick them up and drop them into 
    the lava pit in the middle of the map. The first minute will just be you and 
    the Metroids. Grab the Ice Charge Beam and then stick by the Miis and watch as 
    the Metroids try to pick them up.
    You have about 10 seconds to shoot a Metroid when it has a Mii. The Metroid 
    does not have to be hit with a charged shot, but it does need to be shot at 
    least once for it to drop the Mii. The Metroids will spawn constantly, but 
    destroying them does give you a little bit of time to rest.
    After the first minute is up, Zebes will join the fight as well. Kill the two 
    Zebes quickly, but whenever a Metroid grabs a Mii, quickly save them by 
    shooting the Metroid out of the sky. Geemers will join the fight near the end 
    as well, but they will be nothing you can't handle.
    [Conditions for Master Rank]: Take no damage
    15. Zebesians Incoming
    Wave-by-wave enemy elimination stage. The first wave is a single Metroid. The 
    second wave is a flying Zebe, which is the new enemy type introduced in this 
    level. The waves after that are more flying Zebes flanked by Metroids. Use 
    your boost to dodge the attacks of the flying Zebes.
    [Conditions for Master Rank]: Take no damage
    16. Evade the Snipers
    Collect 12 Tokens all the while avoiding the Zebe snipers. The snipers will 
    respawn, but if they give you too much of a problem, take some time to kill 
    them. You have five minutes to complete this level, which is definitely more 
    than enough time to collect all the tokens.
    If you want to avoid the snipers and not kill any of them, listen to them as 
    they charge their shot. A red laser will appear on you, and near the climax 
    of their charge, dash out of the way to avoid the shot. You have to time it 
    just right, but the sound of their weapon charging is the indicator.
    [Conditions for Master Rank]: Do not fire a single shot
    17. Air Supremacy
    This level combines all the flying enemies and anti-flying enemies you've 
    battled with so far, except for Metroid. This includes Cyclon Queens as well 
    as flying Zebes. The trick to this is to actually stay low as possible when 
    you are having a tough time, and force the Zebes to fight you one at a time.
    To make matters more complicated, the Zebes have Ice Beams in this level. If 
    you get frozen, mash on the shoulder buttons as well as the analog sticks to 
    break free before the Zebes can get up close and melee you.
    At the last wave, you will have to fight two Cylcon Queens at a time, multiple 
    flying Zebes, and a couple of snipers. Kill all of the Zebes and snipers first,
    then work on one Cyclon Queen at a time. If you put enough distance between 
    yourself and the other Cyclon Queen, it should be a one-on-one affair.
    [Conditions for Master Rank]: Do not pick up any items
    18. Frosty Token Sweep
    Yet another Token level! Despite the more powerful enemy types, this one is by 
    far the simplest. Just go around and collect the Tokens. Ignore all the enemies
    and you will be absolutely fine.
    [Conditions for Master Rank]: Finish with 1:00 or more remaining
    19. Strike from Behind
    New enemies are introduced in this level as well. These enemies have two sets 
    of lives. You have to drain them from the front, then freeze them and get them 
    from behind.
    They will be mixed in with a variety of familiar faces during this wave-by-wave
    enemy elimination session.
    [Conditions for Master Rank]: Use no charge attacks
    20. The Final Battle
    This is a boss battle against none other than Ridley. This battle will mostly 
    take place very high up in the air. The first part, you'll need to destroy the 
    target on his chest. Then the target on his tail and the one in his mouth. 
    He opens his mouth to shoot beams and he will shoot his tail at you too, so 
    shoot both until they are both destroyed.
    A bunch of hearts will fly out of Ridley. He will also drop bombs all along the
    ground so be careful if you go for them or if you are a Samus Mii. Ridley will 
    then use the same attack pattern as before, except now missiles will fly at 
    you, plus his hand will detach and follow you. Shoot the target in the center 
    of the hand and destroy the same targets as before.
    The third cycle against Ridley adds an attack on his feet where he shoots beams
    from them. Repeat the same strategies as before to defeat Ridley for good.
    [Conditions for Master Rank]: Do not dodge or dash
    - - -
    - - -
    21. More Geemers
    This is another level where you just have to defeat 100 Geemers. However, this 
    time they don't constantly spawn, but rather they come at you in waves. This 
    means that you have to eliminate every single Geemer of each wave before you
    can continue to the next batch of Geemers.
    Furthermore, you have less time this go-around. You only have three minutes. 
    That is still plenty of time, however. Remember to use Charge Attacks as soon 
    as they spawn and you will be able to take out most of them with a single shot.
    Use the time as they are spawning to charge up the shot.
    [Conditions for Master Rank]: Win using only charge attacks
    22. Unidentified Enemy Object
    Ridley was tough, but what about Ice Ridley? The fight plays out the same, 
    except all of his beams will freeze you. Ridley will rarely ever get to attack 
    you when you're frozen, but the flying Zebes all over the place will pose quite
    a challenge.
    Use power-ups a lot to beat this. Hearts will be everywhere. Every time you 
    destroy one of Ridley's targets, a heart drops, so you shouldn't have too much 
    of a problem with this as long as you are able to avoid the flying Zebes.
    [Conditions for Master Rank]: Do not pick up any items
    23. Metroid Rush
    Metroids will constantly spawn, as will Zebe snipers and flying Zebes. You 
    just have to kill 15 Metroids. Don't let them overwhelm you. Fly backwards and 
    when they get close, blast them to make them back off. You have to hit them 
    with Ice Beam attacks to freeze them and destroy their targets inside.
    When the snipers show up, eliminate them. Ignore the flying Zebes, but be 
    sure to avoid their attacks, as they will freeze you. This will give the 
    Metroids easy access to your skull. Never get surrounded and always keep them 
    following you.
    [Conditions for Master Rank]: Do not miss any Ice Charge Beam shots
    24. Kraid's Army
    This is the same fight with Kraid as before. The difference is that there are 
    less hearts, less power-ups, and a lot more enemies helping him out. There is 
    also an added time limit. Just be mindful of the extra amount of enemies and 
    missiles flying around and otherwise just fight Kraid as normal. Don't let the 
    time limit bother you, as you probably beat Kraid in under five minutes the 
    first go-round anyways.
    [Conditions for Master Rank]: Finish with 1:00 or more remaining
    25. Token Sweep
    Tons of snipers, Metroids, and flying Zebes will be all over this level. You 
    just have to collect 12 tokens. My recommendation is to ignore every single 
    enemy except for the snipers. Take out the snipers as you go around the area 
    and get the tokens, and then just avoid the other enemies until you have 
    collected the 12 tokens needed.
    [Conditions for Master Rank]: Finish with 3:00 or more remaining
    26. Defend Your Allies 2
    This is the same as the original Defend Your Allies, except that Ice Ridley is 
    there the whole time. Ice Ridley, obviously, throws a huge wrench in the 
    operations, but he is manageable.
    Unless you are going for the Master Rank, just ignore Ice Ridley. Boost around 
    his attacks and avoid him at all costs. Being frozen is very bad in this 
    level, as it gives the Metroids a lot of time to drop the Miis into the lava 
    You have to defend the Miis for two minutes. Instead of freezing the Metroids, 
    just quickly blast them whenever they suction on top of the Miis. It is way too
    hard trying to kill Metroids, deal with Ice Ridley, and deal with the Zebes 
    that spawn all at the same time.
    [Conditions for Master Rank]: Defeat Ice Ridley
    27. De-iced
    This level is actually easy if you know the trick. Using the Gunship, stay low 
    to the ground. It might be tempting to fly high, but don't. Just go around the 
    map in a circle, low to the ground as possible, and kill all the ground Zebes. 
    You don't have to kill every enemy, you just have to kill 15 of them. The 
    sniper Zebes only take one shot, so they are choice. The regular ground Zebes 
    will always drop a heart, so keep that in mind. Avoid the attacks of the 
    Metroids and the flying Zebes, but otherwise ignore them.
    [Conditions for Master Rank]: Finish with 3:00 or more remaining
    28. Ridley and Ice Ridley
    You have to take on both of the Ridleys simultaneously for this fight. There 
    really is no strategy here except use items a lot and dash around to avoid the 
    attacks. Whenever there is an opening to do damage, take that opening. Always 
    go after the large amount of hearts that fall from their bodies and try to have
    full health all the time. The best power-up for this is the Shield as it gives
    you 10 seconds where you can freely attack and not be worried about being 
    blind-sided by the other Ridley.
    [Conditions for Master Rank]: All players achieve 50% hit accuracy o more
    29. On Familiar Ground
    This is another wave-based enemy encounter. This time around, the enemies spawn
    right in the starting zone! Quickly get your back against the wall and 
    eliminate the Geemers that are crawling to you. Then make your way down the 
    ramp. Funnel the enemies in to you and defeat them as they come. Peak around 
    the corners and take out the snipers.
    The rest of the level plays out like this. Your best bet is to make the 
    enemies come after you, which gives you a huge advantage. Eliminate the 
    stragglers and it's a done deal. Almost all the enemies encountered here drop 
    hearts, so don't worry too much about dying. Be careful not to destroy the 
    hearts with missiles. You have to kill 100 enemies to proceed.
    [Conditions for Master Rank]: Use no charge attacks
    30. The True Final Battle
    This is a fight in which you battle Ridley and Kraid at the same time. The 
    catch is that you can't actually kill Ridley, so just avoid his attacks as 
    best possible. Dash around Kraid in a circle, and use the same strategy you 
    always have done with him.
    Items are incredibly helpful for this section as well, especially the shield. 
    The tough part is getting the missile into Kraid's dish as the entire stage is 
    very chaotic. Remember, wait for the reticule in the middle of the cursor to 
    disappear, and that is your cue to fire the missile.
    It may be tempting to go after hearts dropped by the objects on the side of 
    Kraid's body when you shoot them, but I recommend just dashing around the 
    map repeatedly and waiting for the other hearts to respawn if you are in need 
    of healing. The other method is too risky and will probably just result in you 
    losing the heart you went to collect in the first place.
    [Conditions for Master Rank]: Do not pick up any items
    100 Enemies Down
    In the Belly of the Beast
    Boss Blaster
    Mission Accomplished
    Master Bounty Hunter
    - - - - - - - - - -
    - - - - - - - - - -
    This is a VS. mode that pits the Samus-Miis against the Gunship Mii. The 
    matches can be customized. The time limit can be changed and items can be 
    turned on or off. The amount of lives each Mii has can be adjusted at the start
    of the match, and the life of the Gunship can be adjusted as well.
    After completing the first 20 missisions of Assault Mission, you unlock the 
    right to add enemies to your Surface-Air Combat games.
    New levels are unlocked once someone wins a match on the previous stage. These 
    are the five levels available:
    1. Training Zone
    2. Space Sport
    3. Volcanic Sector
    4. Sea Tower
    5. Ice Sector
    Last-Second Blast
    Free-Fall Finisher
    Gunship Bomber
    Missile Strike
    Gunship Accuracy: 100%
    - - - - - - -
    - - - - - - -
    In this mode, all players need a Wii remote with MotionPlus as well as a 
    nunchuk to move their Samus-Mii around the area. Players can turn radar on or 
    off, and can adjust the amount of starting tokens. The goal is to have the 
    most tokens when the time runs out.
    Players can earn tokens by shooting other players and stealing them. Another 
    way to earn tokens is by picking up token tanks. This is where the GamePad 
    comes into play. Token Tanks only show up on the GamePad and you have to look 
    down at the GamePad to figure out the location of the tank.
    Once you complete the first 20 stages in Assault Mission, you unlock the right 
    to add enemies to your Ground Battle games. You also unlock Survival Mode for 
    Ground Battle by beating the first 10 stages in Assault Mission.
    The five levels are the same as the previous game mode:
    1. Training Zone
    2. Space Port
    3. Volcanic Sector
    4. Sea Tower
    5. Ice Sector
    10-Hit Hunter
    Max-Token Victory
    100-Token Drop
    Thanks for the Tanks
    Perfect Aim
                            COMPETITIVE ATTRACTIONS
    MARIO CHASE......................
    The Great Getaway
    Chase ario with the Toads, and try to catch him
    2-5 Players
    -->Mario Controls<--
    Left stick - Move
    -->Toad Controls<--
    D-pad - Move
    2 - Tackle
    In this Attraction, the person with the GamePad controls their Mii dressed up 
    as Mario. They have an overhead view of the entire area, allowing them to see 
    where the Toads are at all time. Up to four Toads, meanwhile, play on the 
    television screen, and their goal is to chase down and catch Mario before the 
    time runs out. If the time does run out, then Mario wins.
    There will be a star power-up that will sometimes spawn in the center of the 
    level. By collecting this power-up, Mario becomes faster and invincible to the 
    Toads for a short period of time.
    When playing with only two players, the second player will be assisted by two 
    robotic Yoshi robots. These robots will hunt down Mario and then shoot him 
    with their tongues to knock him down so that Toad has a chance to find him and 
    catch up. When playing with three or more players, there are no robot Yoshis 
    for help.
    1. Chase Arena
    The relatively flat play area of this stage makes it the perfect place to show 
    off your running skills.
    -This level is basically just the introductory level. There are no gimmicks 
    2. Mud River Run
    With thick mud to slow you down and plenty of hills and valleys, this stage 
    offers plenty of surprises.
    -Walking through the mud that separates this segmented level will slow down 
    whoever is walking through it. Rainbow bridges connect each of the segments, 
    and when you run across them, they disappear. This can be very advantageous 
    for someone being chased.
    3. Slide Hill
    The slippery metallic slides of this stage can make all the difference.
    -This level features huge slides. The slides are used to go from the top 
    starting area to the bottom layer of the level. The level is separated out into
    three layers.
    Starless Getaway
    20-Second Catch
    Finish at the Start
    1 Second on the Clock
    10-Tie Champion
    LUIGI'S GHOST MANSION............
    Haunting Hijinks
    Work together to defeat a mischievous ghost
    2-5 Players
    -->Ghost Controls<--
    Left Stick - Move
    A - Dash
    -->Luigi Controls<--
    D-pad - Move
    1 - Shine Light
    2 - Sidestep
    The goal of Luigi, the players with the Wii remotes, is to hunt down the 
    ghost and get rid of them. They are armed with a flashlight that they can use 
    by holding 1. When the ghost is found, the point is to shine a light on the 
    ghost long enough so that its health is completely drained.
    When the ghost is close to the Luigi's, their Wii remotes will begin to 
    vibrate. This is how they are able to work together and track down the ghost. 
    If their flashlights run out of batteries, batteries will spawn around the 
    levels. Meanwhile, if one of the player characters has their health completely 
    drained, they can be revived if a flashlight is shined long enough on their 
    The goal of the ghost is to sneak up on the players and grab them by running 
    into them. This will take away one of their lives, and they each only have 
    two. The ghost can do a dash by pressing A. The dash is useful to charge 
    players from behind and take them out quickly. It's also smart for the ghost to
    hide around corners, so that the players don't know exactly which direction the
    ghost is in.
    If the ghost is hit with a flashlight, they need to retreat immediately before 
    their health is drained. A couple of robots in the stages will also be there to
    patrol and shine their flashlights at the ghost if he is to walk by, so watch 
    out for them as well. Lightning strikes can reveal a ghost's location, but if 
    you are standing in front of something that is obstructing the window, then 
    the lightning strikes will be ineffective.
    If you play with four people, then one robot disappears. If you play with a 
    full set of five, there are no robots. The more players also means that each of
    the stages will grow in size for more maneuverability. There are also less 
    lives between each person the more people that are playing.
    Big Batteries are batteries that are basically the equivalent to Star Power in 
    other game modes. It makes your flashlight golden and increases the power and 
    radius of your flashlight. This can be used to kill the ghost much more quickly
    and revive downed players almost instanteously. This power-up only appears when
    the ghost is winning considerably.
    The Storage Room features knights. When you are close to the knights, your Wii 
    remote will shake violently, which can cause confusion when ghosts are around. 
    When playing on Monita's Rooftops, the ghost has almost nowehere to hide and 
    the lightning will show them no matter what. On top of that, there are Monita 
    robots (no matter how many players) that can shine their lights on the ghost.
    They also have lights on their head on the Rooftop. These lights change color 
    when the ghost is nearby, regardless of if they're shining their lights on it. 
    The two unlockable levels are extremes for each team. The Storage Room is 
    stacked against the ghost hunters and Monita's Rooftop is stacked against the 
    1. Main Floor
    "The layout of the first floor isn't too fancy, but the ghost can still sneak 
    up behind you real quick-like! Look lively, youngsters!
    2. The Basement
    "I used to store my inventions on this floor, but then the ghosts started 
    using it as their rumpus room. The layout is pretty disorganized, so watch out!
    3. Research Lab
    "This here laboratory is where I do my paranormal-research stuff! I reckon the 
    ghosts will be able to fly right over the conveyor belts."
    After you play 20 games, you unlock two more levels.
    4. The Storage Room
    "Criminy! That suit of armor must be haunted, 'cause it rumbles when it sees 
    5. Monita's Rooftop
    "I've been tinkering with some Monita prototypes in my spare time. When the 
    Monitas' lamps change color, the ghost is nearby!"
    Ghostly Good Night x10
    Battery-Free Victory
    A Ghastly Comeback
    Magical Win
    Untouchable Roof Wraith
    Eat and Run
    Animals and gatekeepers face off in a deliciously festive game
    2-5 Players
    -->Guard Controls<--
    ZL/ZR - Tackle
    Left Stick/Right Stick - Move
    -->Animal Controls<--
    D-pad - Move
    1 - Drop candy
    2 - Pick up candy
    Using the GamePad, players control two guards at a time. One guard is 
    controlled with the left stick and ZL button, and the other guard is controlled
    with the right stick and the ZR button. They have the goal of hunting down the 
    other players, which are controlling Animal Crossing animals.
    The goal of the animals is to collect as much candy as the quota demands. 
    Candy can be found everywhere. There are trees filled with candy with switches 
    in front of them. Sometimes it requires a couple of animals, but these trees 
    drop a lot of candy.
    The people with the GamePad need to chase down and stop these candy thieves. 
    The more and more candy the animals have, the bigger their heads become, and 
    the slower they move. They are able to drop the candy they've grabbed in order 
    to improve their running speed.
    Guards need to tackle the animals a total of three times to win the game. In 
    order to get a zoomed out view of the action, split your guards up. This will 
    make the camera pan out instead of forcing you to stay together, which will 
    give you a wider view of the level and help you find the animals quicker.
    When you're playing with just two people, the animals don't just have to grab 
    the candy. They have to grab the candy and take it to a flag to store the 
    1. Sweet Day Island Tour
    The Sweet Day festivities spread as far south as this tropical island, where 
    you'll need to use all of your skills to beat the heat!
    2. Downtown Sweet Day
    This springtie town is a picturesque setting for Sweet Day. You'll need to use 
    the town terrain and layout to come out on top!
    So... Much... Candy...
    Tackle Takedown
    Sneaky Snatcher
    Double Takedown
    Serve and Protect x10
                                SOLO ATTRACTIONS
    YOSHI'S FRUIT CART...............
    On the Snack Trail
    use the stylus to draw a path and make it to the goal
    1 Player
    Stylus - Draw a line
    Like many of the Solo Attractions, Yoshi's Fruit Cart is not separated into 
    levels. Because of this, I will give you a run down of what to expect as you
    play and replay this Attraction.
    The gist of the game is that you are to look at the GamePad screen to draw the 
    line. There are fruit that you need to collect by drawing the line through them
    and then to the exit door. However, the fruit, other items, and hazards, only 
    appear on the television screen.
    There is a limit to how big the line can be, but whenever fruit is collected, 
    the line limit is refilled a bit. Monita will also leave presents in some 
    levels that can be optionally collected. These are mostly just coins that can 
    be spent to earn trophies in the center tower of the plaza.
    Hazards include pits that can only be seen on the television screen. Touching 
    these pits will cost you a life. Other challenges will be thrown in there as 
    you get farther in the levels. The background will start to move around, making
    it difficult to keep track of where things are between the TV and the 
    touchscreen. Fruit will start having flags in them, which indicates a numbered 
    order that must be followed. The fruit in that same level without a flag can 
    be collected in any order.
    Chili icons will appear in the later levels. By making Yoshi touch these icons,
    marked by chili peppers on the ground, Yoshi will glow red and his tongue will 
    swipe along the screen and grab anything in front of him.
    5-Egg Exit
    3 Close Calls
    Triple Bee Buffet
    OCTOPUS DANCE....................
    Undersea Party Grooves
    Dance to the undersea rhythm and get funky
    1 Player
    Left Stick - Move left arm
    Right Stick - Move right arm
    Tilt - Lean
    Shake - Jump
    To play this game, you have to mimic the moves of the robot on screen. The 
    robot will spin you around so that sometimes your back is facing the TV 
    screen and other times your back will be facing the GamePad screen. Whichever 
    screen is showing your back, that's the screen you want to focus on as it will 
    be much easier to mimic the moves in tune with the rhythm that way.
    The left stick controls the left arm of your Mii, and the right stick controls 
    the right arm. There are also motion controls in play as well. Tilt the GamePad
    left and right to lean along with the robot. Lift the GamePad upward to make 
    your Mii jump when the robot jumps.
    Perfect Perfect
    Perfect Streak x10
    3 Inky Moves
    That's a Wrap
    Flawless Fifty
    Full-Tilt Obstacle Course
    Steer a rickety roller to the goal in one piece
    1 Player
    Left Stick (rotate) - Platforms
    Right Stick (rotate) - Platforms
    Microphone - Raise platforms
    Tilt - Move
    ZL - Switches
    ZR - Switches
    Y - Go Back
    D-pad (up) - Zoom in
    D-pad (down) - Zoom out
    This is one giant obstacle course themed after the classic arcade Donkey Kong 
    game, with music from the Donkey Kong Country titles on SNES. Oh man. Your goal
    is to get your cart-thing from the top of the obstacle course to Donkey Kong 
    and save the day, of course.
    Trial and error is how you're going to conquer this Attraction. You'll learn 
    all the tricks as you go. Just remember to keep the GamePad held up and not to 
    tilt it too much, otherwise the cart will go super fast and it will be hard to 
    bring it back to the correct position.
    Each time you get to the end, you unlock a new board. There are a total of four
    boards to play in Donkey Kong's Crash Course.
    Perfect through Area 2
    Cutting Corners
    Skip 30 Bananas
    Double Damsel Rescue
    Perfect Run
    Throwing-Star Showdown
    Use ninja throwing stars to storm the enemy castle
    1 Player
    Touchscreen (Swipe) - Throw ninja star/Sword
    Touchscreen (Circle) - Clay Bombs
    Touchscreen (Line) - Slow motion
    Touchscreen (V) - Three-Star
    GamePad (up) - Reload
    GamePad - Aim
    Hold the GamePad vertically to play this Attraction.
    Monita has been kidnapped and it's up to you to fight through waves of paper 
    ninjas to save her! Styled after light gun shooters, you should really just 
    shoot off as many ninja stars as humanly possible. You can reload them 
    Between the scenes, you will be asked to hit a barrel with three stars. This is
    to keep the aiming calibrated properly.
    Bonus levels will see you destroying pots as fast as you can to earn coins and 
    other goodies. Hearts replenish your health. Scrolls allow you to do the 
    special moves detailed about in the "controls" section.
    You earn these scrolls simply by playing the Attraction. Your scrolls stay 
    every time you boot the Attraction up, so it is designed for you to fail and 
    then return improved in next go-arounds.
    This Attraction features a boss fight. I recommend storing your scrolls for 
    the boss and then unleashing a flurry of hell on him.
    There are five different types of ninjas in this Attraction:
    Blue - Regular ninja, does nothing
    Pink - Throws ninja star
    Green - Tougher version of Pink
    Yellow - Throws bombs
    Black - Fights with sword + throws ninja stars
    Red - Combination of all previous ninjas
    To use your sword, the enemies have to be close. If you are constantly swiping 
    as I've suggested, then using the sword will be no problem. The sword can also 
    be used to knock ninja stars away, but it's smarter to knock the out of the 
    air with your own shuriken. For the most part, swordplay will be reserved to 
    fighting the enemy ninjas that get too close for comfort.
    10-Hit Combo
    10-Star Defense
    First 100 Down
    Princess Rescue
    Thrills, Twists, and Turns
    Race at high speeds on a dangerous, twisting track
    1 Player
    Tilt - Steer
    Racing against the clock is the purpose of this Attraction. Like Takamaru's 
    Ninja Castle, you have to hold the GamePad vertically to play this one. Tilt 
    the GamePad to the left and to the right to control the racer. You have to 
    reach the checkered flags before the time runs out.
    Obstacles are placed on the course, obviously, such as grates that spew 
    disorienting wind, pegs that are meant to slow you down, and explosives that 
    can actually destroy your racer. Always try to hit the speed boosts on the 
    ground, and take corners very sharply. Use exaggerated tilts for the best 
    performance around sharp corners.
    When hitting ramps, be careful not to shoot off the side. If this happens, you 
    will lose. Lakitu ain't fishing you out of this mess. Whenever you go under a 
    tunnel, look up at the TV screen to see the boost pads and possible coins. 
    Remember that you should also look at the TV screen whenever you have an area 
    memorized on the GamePad screen, as there may be secrets there that aren't 
    visible on the GamePad screen and only on the television.
    Hang Time
    4-Star Racer
    5-Mistake Limit
    Checkered Flag
    Racing Perfect
    BALLOON TRIP BREEZE..............
    Float with the Wind
    Ride the wind on a journey through the sky
    1 Player
    Touchscreen (drag) - Create breeze
    Touchscreen (tap) - Attack
    Balloon Trip Breeze, styled after the NES classic, sees you moving your Mii 
    across the screen by creating wind currents with the stylus and touchscreen. 
    Avoid the objects in the air that are floating hazards, try to run into 
    balloons and bubbles for points, and of course, avoid or defeat the bird 
    enemies that appear.
    The enemies come in numerous flavors. There are the regular enemies that just 
    try to pop your balloons (you have two, lose them both, and you lose a life) 
    with their beaks. There are the enemies with pitchforks that dash across the 
    screen and try to line up with your balloons. There are brown birds that have 
    two balloons and are smarter than the others. Boxing birds try to beat you 
    down, and there are birds that drop bombs from the sky. When they are in egg 
    form, if you are fast enough, you can kill them before they even have a chance 
    to hatch.
    If you get close enough to any of these enemies, look at the GamePad screen 
    and you can actually tap their balloons to pop them that way. Other dangers 
    you need to watch out for include drowning in the water below or getting eaten 
    by the large fish monster that pops up when you skim the water for too long.
    Wind currents will sometimes be a problem. When they occur, drag like crazy to 
    avoid the screen to the left so no unseen hazards can do any damage to you. 
    While dragging in one, unlifting motion is what the game tells you to do, I 
    personally recommend small bursts of flicking across the screen for more 
    minute adjustments as you float across the levels.
    The setting shifts from morning to night as you reach each goal. The goal has 
    three pillars, and if you land on the highest pillar, you will earn extra 
    points. There are also various power-ups in the Attraction as well.
    These power-ups include a pill that makes your Mii incredibly tiny to help move
    through tight spots easier. There is a star that makes your Mii invicible for a
    short period of time. Another power-up causes all the enemies and hazards on 
    the screen to be destroyed instantly. Finally, a clock can be collected to 
    momentarily freeze the screen, allowing you to get rid of any enemies without 
    as much of a hassle, and allowing you to snag those balloons for more points. A
    "?" power-up is random, and could be any of the power-ups previously listed.
    In later levels, the touchscreen becomes more helpful. You'll need to use it to
    destroy bricks that are blocking the level. Also, when your Mii dies, you have 
    to tap the bubble they are in so that you can respawn.
    Free lives can be earned by accumulating points.
    1,000 - free life
    2,000 - free life
    Every 2,000 thereafter - free life
    There are three days initially, ending on the morning of the third day. Upon 
    completing these three days, you will earn access to an extended version of the
    journey so that you can beat high scores and the like.
    Almost Fish Food
    Special Delivery
    30 Birds Down
    Island Hopper
    Flawless Flight
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    3. Plaza
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
                                  A. MIIVERSE
    Miiverse is a social network feature that Nintendo has strongly touted for 
    their new Wii U console. Miiverse integrates people from your friends list and 
    people from all over the world with a Wii U.
    In the plaza, you can see these Miis walking around. They can leave messages 
    about the Attractions or draw pictures that will show up all over the place. 
    You can interact with their Miis by tapping on them using the touchscreen, or 
    selecting them with a click of a Wii remote.
    As you walk around the plaza, remember that the camera is controlled by using 
    the analog sticks and literally moving the GamePad around.
                                   B. PRIZES
    In the center of the plaza is a tower with a large computer screen at the top. 
    As you play Attractions, you will earn coins, a maximum of 500. When you want 
    to spend these coins, go to the tower. Tap on its base to get to the top of the
    tower, and then tap on the computer screen to enter the mini-game.
    The mini-game is like Plinko, if you've ever seen The Price is Right. Your 
    shooter moves from left to right and right to left at the top of the screen, 
    and your goal is to activate buttons on the board by dropping coins. The 
    buttons are all blue at first, but when they are activated, they turn orange. 
    Complete a board by activating all the buttons, and you will move on to the 
    next board and earn a prize.
    The boards tend to repeat a lot, but the more you play, the more you'll start 
    playing on new boards that are more difficult. There are green orbs that can 
    bounce your coins across the board, as well as a ghost icon that resets all 
    the buttons you previously activated.
    After you've spent all your coins, press B to back out. From the top of the 
    tower, a bunch of prizes will shoot out in the form of item boxes all around 
    the plaza. Go around and tap on them with the touchscreen or use a Wii remote 
    to open them up.
    These prizes are like trophies. They have a little animation that goes along 
    with them and are based on the various game franchises represented by the 
    different Attractions in the park. Besides these trophies, there are a couple 
    of other prize-types to unlock.
    One prize is a large stereo. This stereo features a number of icons on it that 
    can be unlocked by earning more prizes. These icons feature the logo of various
    Attractions. Click on them, and the plaza music will start playing tunes 
    directly from that Attraction.
    There are also button prizes. These buttons do a variety of things, some of 
    them useless, and some of them helpful. There is a tutorial button, and a 
    button that shoots balls of energy into the sky. There's a button that puts the
    plaza music on shuffle, and there's a button that opens/closes all of the 
    prizes earned so far.
    Oftentimes, there are extra coins lying about in the Attractions. Keep an eye 
    out for those coins as you play them. Sometimes Attractions will have a x2 
    coin symbol, which means you will earn double the coins than you normally 
    would by playing that Attraction.
    A full Prize list will be posted here once I have unlocked all of them myself. 
    Stay tuned!
                              C. ATTRACTION TOUR
    Chugging along a track in the plaza is a train. Hop aboard to start an 
    Attraction Tour, which is an Attraction tournament of sorts for up to five 
    players, with people passing around the GamePad and Wii remotes.
    Attraction Tour can also be accessed by pressing Y, just as can all the other 
    Attractions. In Attraction Tour, you can set a difficulty level as well as how 
    many rounds you want to play, and the game gives a rough estimate of how long 
    each game will take place.
    Players with the GamePad are able to choose from a set list of Attractions and 
    then compete with the others to earn points. Each Attraction is worth three 
    points. If someone chooses a one-vs.-one Attraction, the people that don't get 
    to play can vote on who they think is going to win to earn a couple of extra 
    There are a couple of wild cards thrown into the mix as well. Attractions 
    marked blue will make the point values worth double. Attractions marked with a 
    purple icon are point swapping Attractions. This means the winner will swap 
    points with the loser of the Attraction, assuming the loser had more points 
    than the winner.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    4. Conclusion
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    I hope this guide helped you complete Nintendo Land for Wii U to its fullest!
    Please feel free to check out all my other content on GameFAQs and Cheat 
    Special thanks to everyone at GameFAQs and everyone at Cheat Masters! Special 
    thanks to GameStop for letting me reserve a Deluxe Wii U, and special thanks to
    all my friends that helped out with the co-op and competitive Attractions. 
    Without them, this guide wouldn't have been possible!

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