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"Fun for Mii, Fun for U"

For those who don't know, Nintendo Land is the trademark title of the Wii U. It comes packaged in with the Deluxe set, so it is comparable to Wii Sports in that regard. However, it is so much more. Wii Sports, to me, seemed like a tech demo more than anything. It was rather faceless, even though you played with your own customized Mii's. The controls were choppy and the only games I found to be playable were Bowling and Boxing. Nintendo Land is so much better in this regard. It makes good use of the new Gamepad, using it in various different ways, such as an exclusive map for the runner in Mario Chase, or a gyroscopic aiming mechanism for the archer in Legend of Zelda Battle Quest. The controls are tight, and it's legitimate fun playing these games, as opposed to the simple novelty of playing bowling with choppy motion controls.

The variety of games in Nintendo Land is great. It provides a great balance of single player experiences to co-op and competitive multiplayer experiences. There are 6 attractions that are exclusively single player, 3 that are co-op (which can also be played by a single player and feature competitive elements as well), and 3 that are exclusively competitive, which require anywhere from 2 to 5 players. There is a great variety in single player attractions, as well as the co-op attractions. However, the competitive attractions are where I deduct my single point from the score this game receives. To me, they all seem to be exactly the same. The concept is simple: Chase down the other players. In all three games, Mario Chase, Luigi's Ghost Mansion, and Animal Crossing: Sweet Day, the object is to chase the other player(s) down. In Mario Chase, this is accomplished by making a relatively large map and providing the single player with the Gamepad a map showing the other players. In Luigi's Ghost Mansion, the single player takes the role of a ghost, and their objective is to capture the other players, who are hunting the invisible ghost with flashlights. In Animal Crossing: Sweet Day, the goal of the single player is to chase and attack the other players while simultaneously controlling two players with the two control sticks and trigger buttons. While they are all fun, I fail to see the variety in them. There are other ways of competing with other players. Super Smash Brothers does an effective job of this. If they could mock all the other major Nintendo games, why not this one? Just saying.

Regardless, the entire rest of the game is nearly flawless. The HD graphics are beautiful. I love the way the Mii's dress up to suit the game they're emulating. Seeing Pikmin Mii's was quite entertaining. The game's guide can be a bit redundant and annoying, but I found her to be endearing after a while, especially after seeing her take the role of the villain in Pikmin Adventure. I would highly recommend picking up Nintendo Land to those who got the Basic Wii U set, like I did. I'm very glad I went out of my way to pick up this game. It was well worth the money.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/27/12

Game Release: Nintendo Land (US, 11/18/12)

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