Review by Smurfville12345

Reviewed: 01/07/13

Wii Sports has some competition

Nintendo Land is currently the only Wii U game I own as it came bundled with my console. However, I'm glad it's in my collection, because it is a blast to play. It's basically Wii Sports for the Wii U with a different concept. Instead of playing sports, you go to a theme park and earn coins by participating in different attractions based on various Nintendo games. The game is actually better than Wii Sports for one reason: it's got more lasting appeal. Wii Sports was a game that had just five short sports. This game, which would be worth your money if you buy it in stores, has more activities and more unlockables, which allows for more replayability. In this review, I will be comparing both bundle games; Wii Sports and Nintendo Land.

Presentation - 9 out of 10
A nice collection of attractions and great use of Mii characters (and nice costumes). Not many menus, but the menus are easily accessible and can be easily navigated using the GamePad and the Wii Remotes. The presentation is easily better than Wii Sports.

Graphics - 7 out of 10
The graphics in HD are very good. Although they may not be the best, they are still pretty good looking, especially considering that it is in HD. Very colorful, very nice, and, of course, the game can be played in 1080p High Definition. The graphics, as a whole, look way better than Wii Sports.

Sound - 7 out of 10
The score is mostly boosted by the music. The music is very nice (some of it is very similar to the game that it comes from) and the sound effects are cool, but the only character that has an actor is Monita. I understand that Monita is supposed to sound like a robot, but the problem is her actress' (name undisclosed) performance is one-dimensional and boring sounding. Nevertheless, the sound is just as good as, if not better than Wii Sports.

Gameplay - 9 out of 10
Plain and simple, the gameplay is much, much, much, much, MUCH better than Wii Sports. Wii Sports was a game you will only want to play with friends. Nintendo Land is a game that is plenty of fun, whether or not it is by yourself or with friends. The attractions also have much better depth than Wii Sports.

Lasting Appeal - 8 out of 10
Nintendo Land features much more lasting appeal than Wii Sports. Fun, easy to pick up and play controls, plenty of attractions, and plenty of prizes to unlock. Unlike Wii Sports, the fact that there are so many prizes to unlock indicates that it is a game you will want to return to so that you can get all the prizes.

Final Verdict - 8 out of 10
Nintendo's Wii U tech demo (of sorts) is a vast improvement over it's Wii tech demo. Sure, it's not perfect; Monita's voice acting isn't the best and some of the attractions get boring at times, but nevertheless, the game could be worth a full price buy at your local GameStop. Pick it up and enjoy it, because I know for sure I did.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Nintendo Land (US, 11/18/12)

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