Review by TheRMisterDerp

"It's the "little" things that ruin the tablet two player V.S. experience"

Nintendo land's multiplayer games would be better if they took out the handicaps for the person on the tablet with just two players. This is just my opinion on two player modes.

With Mario tag, we have Monita yelling what zone Mario is in every two seconds, and with the yoshis that will lock onto Mario and chase him, the player can just follow them and easily catch Mario. Needs serious fixing. 3/10

With Luigis Mansion, you have the Monitas running around, swirling their flashlights much faster than a player can, which makes getting around as a ghost nearly impossible. You can counter this by holding down ZL and ZR, but it takes a few seconds to charge, giving a ghost hunter a good amount of time to get the ghost. Maybe shorten it a tiny bit, so that using it is effective? And the lightning flashes will pretty much cover the entire map, a massive handicap to the ghost, making playing as him not fun. The rumble is enough, Nintendo. 1/10

Playing as the gatekeepers in Animal Crossing game wouldn't be so bad if you could turn a little bit when lunging, because the lunge is always inaccurate by a tiny bit, no matter what with the two gatekeepers

The metroid blast battle mode is just horrible for the person flying the spaceship. The controls are just heinous, the laser is inaccurate, and the spaceship can easily be shot down because you can't outrun the beams from a ground player. Oh, and the ground player can just keep dodge rolling and be completely invincible, which is totally unfair. And on some maps, like the last battle multiplayer map, ground player can just shoot you and hide the timer out, if you decide to have the timer on. 0/10.

I do not like the multiplayer in the battling in this game. Nintendo needs to do some massive changes around so that two player battles aren't so unfun and biased towards the player against the one with the tablet.

If you want to play this game on the tablet, have three people total, otherwise the handicaps will kill the experience. 2/10

As an added note, if you want to play normal multiplayer with Metroid Blast, do the missions. Not the battle. The missions are fun and exciting, unlike the battle system, which is just unplayable for someone with a tablet, because of all of the handicaps

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 01/07/13

Game Release: Nintendo Land (US, 11/18/12)

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