Where can I find Commendations & Conqueror's Seals?

  1. More specifically, which quests (offline village and online) are best for getting either one?

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    ragnarok183 - 4 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    ...But some topics here say that they way you get commendations/c.seals is different from tri.
    Not to mention, the wiki for mh3u is somewhat incomplete in general, and in this case, doesn't specifiy much on commendations/c.seals.

    User Info: ragnarok183

    ragnarok183 - 4 years ago

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  1. Ok, commendations you get from fighting jhen mohran or pretty much any high rank giant, and conquerors seals are obtained from G rank quests where you fight more than 2 monsters, like rank 6's double volvi double jaggi, or double lagombi double baggi.

    User Info: Rycuda712

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  1. Any egg quest will get you commendations (Bring herbivore eggs back to base camp type). Conqueror seals must be gained from the arena where you hunt two monsters at the same time. Check the Monster Hunter Tri faqs page for specifics

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  2. My first answer is wrong you get conqueror's seals from G rank quests.

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  3. No the doubles will not give you conquerors seals you need to do the quests that say and more like the two lagombi with two great baggi

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  4. You can also get Commendations from the High Rank Bedevil a Devil Jho quest.

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  5. You get Conqueror Seals from the G Rank double Great Jaggi and Volvidon & double Great Baggi and Lagombi quests.

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  6. You can get them from Double G. Jaggi and Double Volvidion, but I highly recommend not to, I did the quest and I got 1 conqueror seal

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  7. Well that's the only way to get them so might as well. I need then for my helios armor

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  8. As everyone has said, the G rank 4 monster quests will get you a Conquerors seal. The are pretty easy, especially with friends

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  9. You get Commendations from:

    Download Quest:
    - Where Gods Fear to Tread (rank 5) Alatreon

    Port Quest:
    - [Canteen] Desert Rumble! (rank 5) Jhen Mohran
    - Bedevil a Deviljho (rank 5) Deviljho

    Village Quest:
    - Desert Warfare & Herd Mentality (rank 6)
    - Rumble in the Great Desert & The Write Stuff (rank 7)
    - Clobberin' Time! & Canteen] The Endless Hunt (rank 8)
    - Lurkers in the Woods & Operation: Paradise Lost & Triple Threat & Into the Fire & The Brilliant Darkness & Mark of a Hero (rank 9)

    You get Conqueror's Seals from:

    I'm tired of copy-paste, just look here: kiranico.com/item/conquerors-seal

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