List of rare trade commodities?

  1. For free hunt (moga woods), both day and night, which monsters give:
    -1 star commodities
    -2 star commodities
    -3 star commodities
    -4 star commodities
    -is there anything higher? if there is, which monsters give them?

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    ragnarok183 - 4 years ago

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  1. From my experience these are all the rare commodity monsters in the Moga free hunt.

    1 star:
    Giant Aptonoth - Herbivore breeding, and sometimes found normally
    Queen Bnahabra - Bnahabra breeding
    Great Jaggi
    Bullfangos - Bullfango breeding (night)

    2 star:
    Royal Ludroth
    Great Jaggi (night)
    Great Wroggi (night)
    Great Baggi (night)
    Arzuros (night)

    3 star:
    Qurupeco (night)
    Crimson Qurupeco (night)
    Royal Ludroth (night)
    Purple Royal Ludroth (night)
    Volvidon (night)

    4 star:
    Barroth (night)
    Rathian (night)
    Gobul (night)

    5 star:
    Pink Rathian (night)
    Plesioth (night)
    Uragaan (night)
    Diablos (night)
    Steel Uragaan (night)
    Black Diablos (night)
    Rathalos (night)
    Lagiacrus (night)
    Brachydios (night)

    6 star:
    Zinogre (night)
    Azure Rathalos (night)
    Nargacuga (night)

    7 star:
    Deviljho (night)
    Ivory Lagiacrus (night)

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  1. there is up to 7*

    I know pink rathian, brachydios, and rathalos give 5* (maybe daytime rathalos and lagiacrus)
    idk about 6* steel uragaan is probably one of them
    and 7* is ivory lagiacrus and deviljho

    that is definetly not all of them but some...

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    SymptumX - 4 years ago 0 1
  2. From my progression i can tell you with 100% the following
    -keep in mind i am missing a few-

    1 star from great jaggia
    1star from killing large flying insects during breeding time
    2 star from ludruth
    2 or 3? star from the big bird
    3 star from rathian
    3 or 4? star from lag
    4 star from rathalos
    1 star from bulls unsure if only during breeding time
    2 or 3? star from purple ludruth

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  3. 1 star: Huge Aptonoth -Herbivore breeding
    Large Bnahabra -bnahabra breeding
    Bullfangos -Bullfango breeding(night only)
    Great Jaggi
    2 Star:Quropeco
    Royal Ludroth
    3 Star:Crimson quropeco(night only)
    4 Star:Rahtalos
    5 Star:Pink rathian(night only)
    Rahtalos(night only)

    this list is incomplete i have not gotten anything from Zinogre, Arzuros, Barroth, gobul, purple ludroth, azure Rathalos or nargacuge, and i haven't yet completed all the offline quests and thus not unlocked all the moga woods monsters. Maybe someone should write a guide

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