Getting 4-star+ rare commodities?

  1. I've unlocked several monsters in Moga Woods (night), but I'd estimate a monster that could potentially yield a 4-star+ item shows up once every week (in game week in both day/night). In approx 15 kills of monsters that can yield 4-star+ rare commodities I've gotten 1 drop.

    I've talked to someone else playing the game and they've reported the same thing. I never remember having this problem in Tri. Did they change this in MH3U? Am I on some rare commodity curse table or something?

    User Info: jamesvanderbeak

    jamesvanderbeak - 4 years ago


  1. It is random chance just like every other drop in the game. Captures give a higher chance of the item dropping. And the forecasts are also random.

    User Info: LostSoldier20

    LostSoldier20 - 4 years ago 0 1
  2. How do i get a 5 star commodities?
    (i said this because the question template thing is not working)


    COOKIEMH3UGAMER - 2 years ago 0 1

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