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    Hammer Guide by TheYashasama

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    Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
    Hammer Guide
    By TheYashasama
    Version 1.10 
    Date: 20-05-2013
    1 - Introduction
    2 - Basics
    3 - Controls
    4 - The Fight
    5 - Trivia
    6 - Changelog
    7 - Credits
    -------------------------- 1 - Introduction ---------------------------------
    Welcome to my Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Hammer Guide!
    First things first: this is the first guide, so please be patient with me.
    I write this guide because of two reasons:
    First: There is no Hammer Guide right now.
    Second: I am using Hammers for roughly 300hrs and I think I know what I do.
    Here's a little information about me: 
    I started playing Monster Hunter with Monster Hunter Freedom for the PSP and 
    since then I have played every Monster Hunter game that came to Europe. This 
    means I have played Freedom, Freedom 2, Freedom Unite and Tri before this 
    game. I think that would be about 2000hrs of Monster Hunter. 
    In Freedom I played almost exclusively Greatsword, sometimes Sword and Shield.
    In Freedom 2 and Unite my weapon of choice was the Longsword. In Tri I started 
    the game with Greatsword but switched to Hammer pretty soon. Now this makes 
    ONLY 300hrs of hammer playing because I didn't really like Monster Hunter Tri. 
    I don't really know why, but I just couldn't fall in love with the game the 
    way I did with all the previous Monster Hunter games and now 
    Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.
    On another note: I have NOT finished Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate 
    (I haven't even reached G Rank). So I have no knowledge about anything above 
    High Rank. This will of course change and if I find it necessary 
    to change something in this guide when I finished G Rank I will do so. 
    Now without further ado: the actual Guide:
    ----------------------------- 2 - Basics ------------------------------------
    Why would you choose the hammer? 
    Because you can hurt monster pretty bad with it. I don't know anything about 
    DPS and if the hammer is the best there is to do damage, but I can do pretty
    bad things with it and that is enough for me.
    First of all: you can stun monsters. Similar to a Flashbomb, if you hit
    a monster often enough on the head (it makes a different sound and you see a 
    yellow "shine" when you hit the head) the monster will see stars and lay down a 
    bit so you can hit it to your heart's content. The difference to a Flashbomb is 
    that it won't randomly throw attacks at you but just wiggle a bit. 
    You can even maximize this by stunning it when it's trapped in a Pitfall.
    If trapped and stunned a monster will just stop moving all together for a time. 
    For both of the above you should keep in mind: If you stun a monster in rage 
    mode it will recover faster, if it has no stamina left and is hungry, the stun 
    will be longer. 
    Cutting a monsters tail or doing other drastic things with its body will 
    cancel every stun!
    Now to the weaknesses of the hammer:
    First: it has a very short reach. If you want to hit a monster good you have 
    watch where you stand, how the monster will move and keep in mind what attacks
    you want to use. More to this in the Controls and The Fight sections. 
    Second: you can't block with a hammer. Because of this you have to aim at 
    EVADING all attacks if possible. You can evade to the front, left and right at 
    land and underwater you also can evade up and down. You can NOT evade to the 
    Third: the hammer is an impact weapon. This means you can NOT cut tails with it.
    I know there is an exception (which will be covered in the Trivia part) but you
    have to accustom yourself to the fact that you won't be able to cut tails.
    I personally to mind it that much because I play often with at least one friend
    who has a cutting weapon, but if you like to play alone or have to play alone 
    the hammer is somewhat lacking. Of course you can kill all monsters, but there 
    are some materials that you will not obtain alone if you use a hammer (Yes
    I'm talking about tails). 
    The last, in my view not so important, downside of the hammer is that it uses
    your stamina. You can do a variety of attacks by charging your hammer, which 
    costs stamina. I don't really suffer from it as long as I have a full or almost
    full stamina bar (meaning 125 / 150) but if you have problems with it you can
    just use Dash Juice or Mega Dash Juice to stop your stamina bar from 
    depleting. You can move while charging, but if you have no stamina left
    you start to attack.
    ----------------------------- 3 - Controls ----------------------------------
    Here are the basic controls of the hammer:
    There are three ways to unsheathe your hammer:
    Standing still with the hammer sheathed, pressing X will unsheathe it. You will
    not swing it, just unsheathe it. I have to say I don't use this at all. 
    If you move and use the X button with the hammer sheathed, you will unsheathe it
    and swing it upwards. I use this a lot to start the fight.
    If you press R+X+A you will start to charge your hammer. If you do it standing 
    still you simply start to charge the hammer. If you do it while moving, the 
    hunter stops for a moment and then continues to run. When I use this instead of
    the one above will be talked about in The Fight.
    If you keep on pressing R after this, you will enter the charging mode, if not 
    you will do a simple and not really powerful swing.
    Now that you have your weapon unsheathed you can start to use the hammer in 
    different ways:
    You pound the ground in front of your hunter. Does good damage. 
    You do a short swing from the right to the left, stopping midways in front of 
    your hunter. Does little damage. You really shouldn't use this because
    it has A: very little damage and B: it is too slow and it takes you too
    long to get into your usual triple X attack (further information below) 
    that will most likely do your main damage. 
    X -> X or A -> X both do a Pounder as a second hit. 
      From the second pounder as well as from the Slap you can go straight 
      into charging your hammer by pressing and / or holding R.
        Press X again and you will do a "Golfswing". 
        You Swing the Hammer from the ground to the air and do massive 
        damage. You immediately enter the R branch below after this.
    You Swing the hammer from behind your back to the left side of your hunter.
    If you point your stick (Analog Pad) in a direction you
    can cover 1-2m while hitting. A very good move to start the fight. 
    Does little Damage. 
      R -> A enters the Slap branch
      R -> X does an upward swing and then you can enter the Pounder / Slap	
    R (Holding)
    If you hold R you start charging your hammer. You now have some options:
    stop holding it BEFORE the first "flash" and you do the Swing. Loose R before
    the first flash but before the second and you do an upward Swing that stops 
    somewhere in front and above your hunters head. 
    If you wait for the second and last flash, you again have two options:
    You can either loose R when you stand still, doing a massive Pounder (the 
    highest single hit damage move the hammer has. 
    or loose it when moving, resulting in you turning around a few times while 
    hitting everything around you. This turning can be cancelled by pressing X 
    a few times (you can also just press it once but it is 
    hard to get the timing right) or by just waiting for you to fall over little 
    bit. This results in you being vulnerable to all kinds of attacks for awhile 
    and I would NEVER do this. You can however press X while turning and do a 
    Golfswing kinda move. After both ways to end the charge you can NOT enter the 
    R branch again. 
    You can cancel charging by evading (B).
    WARNING: Charging consumes stamina! If you don't have enough stamina left to 
    evade, you can only start attacking to cancel it. 
    With B you can evade. As mentioned above you can evade to the front, to the 
    right and left and underwater above and below.
    You evade always in the direction the your stick (or Analog Pad) is pointing, 
    if it is pointing backwards on land you will evade to the front, underwater 
    below. If your stick points to the front underwater you evade upwards and if 
    you want to evade to the front the stick has to be neutral. 
    You can evade after almost all of the attacks I mentioned above. It saves a LOT
    of time to evade right after the big charged pounder. After waiting too long 
    while turning around or after a Golfswing you will be trapped in the animation
    for some time before you can evade or move again. You CAN'T evade if you did 
    nothing before a Pounder, if you did another Pounder or a Slap before however
    you can evade.
    Underwater you can do more or less the same as at land. The evading is a 
    little bit different, but the attacks are the same. They do look a little 
    different but don't let that fool you!
    ----------------------------- 4 - The Fight ----------------------------------
    How do you use all the above to kill a monster you ask? 
    I have a simple plan for each fight (some fights are an exception, 
    for example Jhen Mohran):
    Destroy the monsters head (Almost all monsters have a horn or something similar
    on its head that can be destroyed) and stun it. Then destroy everything else 
    that you can destroy with a hammer. Especially if you are alone it is not 
    always easy to do this. I always use the time the monster is stunned to destroy
    other parts than the monsters head, because I know I will be hitting it there
    long enough to destroy its head ten times. 
    If you have teammates you can even concentrate on the head for the 
    whole fight and let the rest of the team take care of the remaining stuff.
    In solo fight I almost always manage to stun the monster at least once, 
    sometimes even twice, and still destroy everything but the monsters tail. 
    In team fights the norm is more to two stuns and sometimes even three. 
    This however is based on team fights being me with the hammer and a guy 
    with a Switch-Axe, both accompanied by Cha-Cha or Kayamba. This will differ if
    you have more people with you because the monster is dead earlier, therefore
    taking away time to be stunned. 
    Still I personally would hate to pass on the one guaranteed stun that 
    you should always manage. 
    How do I really fight? 
    I concentrate on a simple combo:
    Tap R -> X -> X -> X-> X -> Tap R and the whole thing again. 
    You have a long distance to cover I open the fight with R+X+A and then do my 
    combo (R+X+A being the first Tap R). If the monster does something and I know
    it will soon be directly in front of me (e.g. the Duramboros jumping in the air
    and falling down directly in front of you) I will charge up my hammer to do ONE
    devastating Pounder. You can do a turning thing too, but I can't really say
    when to use a Pounder and when to use a turning thingy because I just to 
    whatever I feel like. I don't think there is a lot difference in damage.
    Most of the time I prefer quantity over quality, meaning I use a lot hits 
    before I use one strong hit. I do this because if I get hit while trying to
    land the fully charged Pounder, all the time is wasted. If I get hit after I
    got maybe to Tap R -> X -> X, I still have hit three times. 
    The trick with the hammer is to know when you have to stop comboing hits into 
    your opponents head and evade so that you don't get killed. You often only 
    get R -> X in before you have to evade again. 
    If you paid close attention you realize that R -> X does less damage 
    than X -> X would do. The reason I use R -> X is that you can cover a 
    great distance when you point your stick in a direction when tapping R. 
    If you stand right in front of your foe feel free to start 
    with a Pounder right away (X).
    If you have difficulties hitting the head of your monster friend you can use
    Shocktraps to make it easier. Pitfalls work too, but there the monsters move 
    their heads more and make it harder to hit it. The reward for a stun in a 
    Pitfall is GREAT! A Monster that doesn't move at all for about 20 seconds
    is just fodder for your hunter. If you stun the monster in a Shocktrap, the 
    trap gets cancelled. 
    One thing to keep in mind is the sharpness level of your weapon. There are 
    a lot of monster parts that you bounce of even if you have blue sharpness,
    so you can hit these with Golfswings, turning thingies or charged Pounders 
    since these things don't bounce off monsters scales. Because you have a pretty 
    long recovery after bouncing off you should really sharpen you hammer whenever
    your sharpness level drops below green. 
    ----------------------------- 5 - Trivia ------------------------------------
    Here are just some interesting bits of information that couldn't fit anywhere 
    There is at least one tail you can cut / destroy with a hammer: The tail of 
    Duramboros. You first have to damage it and can then blow off part of the tail
    the same way you would do with a cutting weapon. You can also help with 
    damaging for example the Nargacuga’s tail, also you can't cut it off. 
    What comes now was contributed by oblivion_ty_7 and tells you why you 
    should use raw power hammers instead of elemental or status ones.
    I rewrote it a little to resemble the rest of the guide but the
    contents is still all his.
    With a long experience with hammers he can say without a doubt that 
    status hammers are awful. The only exception would be the
    Grongigas Hammer (about 1500 raw power) who gets the slime element
    if you use the Awaken skill with it. Still it is only a bonus since it stays
    the best raw power hammer.
    Now to elemental hammers: Even taking Sharpness +1 (A skill that improves 
    your weapons sharpness) into account, Grongigas will beat any Elemental Hammer 
    when it comes to damage output. The same can be said for the Naruga Hammer 
    (also a raw power hammer) with the correct Skills (such as with the Miralis 
    Armor gemmed for Latent Power +2, CE +2, and Atk Up Lrg). Element isn't a deal 
    at all for Hammer, as is shown in the example below:
    The Rathalos' head takes 70% damage from raw power and 35% damage 
    from Dragon.
    Let's say you have a high raw power hammer that has 1400 atk 
    compared to 1250 atk with 250 Dragon element. Now the dragon option 
    sounds better just at a glance, right? We skip some steps in the 
    damage formula just to make this simple and straight up use 
    those numbers.... The raw power hammer would do 980 damage,
    the dragon element hammer would do 875 (the raw part) + 87.5 
    (with the dragon element) = 962.5
    Conclusion: Raw  | Elemental
                1400 | 1250 + 250 
                 980 |  962.5
    Element isn't worth it with how slow and strong Hammers are
    For now that's it. If you have anything to tell me, if I got something wrong
    or you have some new information feel free to contact me via my gamefaqs 
    account: TheYashasma or via E-Mail: yasha.cookie@web.de
    ----------------------------- 6 - Changelog ---------------------------------
    1.0 - Original Version
    1.1 - Added / changed a little information about which hammer to use 
          since my information was wrong 
    ----------------------------- 6 - Credits ----------------------------------
    A big thanks goes to oblivian_ty_7 for helping me improve my guide :)

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