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"Great Downloadable Game for the Wii U"

Nano Assault Neo is a pretty standard twin stick shooter on the outside. One of the analog sticks is used to move the player's ship around, while the other analog stick is used to aim in the direction in which to fire. On the outside it would seem like this game shouldn't even be given a second thought, especially for someone who is experienced in the twin stick genre. I'm arguing otherwise. Nano Assault Neo is an incredibly fun game to play, and is a must buy for all the early Wii U adopters.

The thing that immediately stands out about Nano Assault Neo is its visuals. The game easily looks better than pretty much every single PS3 and 360 game. This game just excites me so much about the Wii U's promising graphical future, since this is only the start of what the console is capable of.

Each level takes place on a nano-meter environment. For those who aren't familiar with the term, it just means the game takes place on a cellular level. The player is dropped off on a cell and is forced to combat all the threats, including viruses and bacteria, that are posed to the cell. This is executed beautifully, as each stage takes place on a 3D plane. The cells are animated very well and traversing the surface feels like traversing the surface of one of the planets in Super Mario Galaxy. This is very interesting, considering this is uncharted territory for most twin stick shooters.

There is only one problem with the visuals; the sun. I usually think that my television is relatively dark when I play games, but apparently this is not so. The sun in the background of Nano Assault Neo is incredibly bright. So much so, that at some angles it was bothersome and forced me to look away from the screen. This is incredibly annoying considering a few times I took hits when trying to avoid the sun.
Aside from that one issue, the game is fun the rest of the time. The levels provide a very nice challenge that is often lacking from games nowadays. If you think that games aren't hard enough anymore, look no farther than Nano Assault Neo.

The game also does a great job varying gameplay. Each stage offers up a variety of new enemies and layouts for players to traverse. Furthermore, there are a plethora of items that can be bought or found throughout the levels that will help players in their endeavors. Each level is its own experience and the game never gets boring.

Unfortunately, where the game was successful in all other aspects, it's lacking in length. There are four main levels plus one bonus level. Each level contains four stages, one of which is a boss stage. This makes twenty stages all together. Although it may take longer due to the difficulty, most of the game can be seen within three hours. The game relies on the player's willingness to replay levels for a higher score. Fortunately, there's an arcade mode where players can skip directly to levels to beat them again. There is also a leaderboard present, so there is also incentive to try to do better. Not only that, but a second player can jump in on a Wii controller to help out, extending the gameplay a bit more. As a last resort, there are a few challenges (read: achievements) included, so players can try to complete those. Overall, for those players willing, there is a lot of content for them to enjoy. For those seeking just a straight run-through the game, there may not be enough content.

In conclusion, Nano Assault Neo should not only be bought by those who are fans of the twin stick genre, but by all early adopters of the Wii U looking for a good game to play. The game is relatively cheap compared to most of the other games on the console; and for those who are willing to go in deep with the game, there is a lot of content. It's also great that the game looks so stunning. For all those looking for a good, cheap Wii U game to play; make a visit to the eShop today.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/23/12

Game Release: Nano Assault Neo (US, 11/18/12)

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