Wii U Guide?

  1. As it says in the title I was wondering if there's a guide for the wii u version, or which GC would be best to follow?

    Thanks in advance

    User Info: iSatriani

    iSatriani - 3 years ago
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    Thanks mate, I'm aware of the guides by prima, but I don't really like them because those are not always 100% accurate. Sometimes they have "things" that didn't make it in the final version, etc.

    and for the record I was talking about a guide in this site, I don't know if someone is currently working on it. or what GC guide should I follow?

    User Info: iSatriani

    iSatriani - 3 years ago
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    I've been following a guide by the user "Myke" and so far it seems very good.

    here's the link:


    User Info: iSatriani

    iSatriani - 3 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. ZeldaDungeon dot Net.
    It's the best place to go for all your Zelda needs.
    Sometimes it goes down for remoddeling but that's very rare,
    It sucks how it can take weeks when it does though...

    User Info: Aperturehero

    Aperturehero - 1 year ago 1 0


  1. there is a guide by Prima. Standard, and collectable. Collectable comes in hardback and includes a cloth map of the Great Sea.

    User Info: taylorjsmith

    taylorjsmith - 3 years ago 2 1
  2. I would personally say use Zelda dungeon, it's a great website with guides for every Zelda game plus it has screenshot's etc, hope this helps mate

    User Info: Devilox88

    Devilox88 - 2 years ago 1 0

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