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    Heart Piece Locations FAQ by Zyre

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 01/06/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

         ______________     T  H  E     L  E  G  E  N  D    O  F
        /  _______    / ____________ _______      _____           _____
       /.`       / / /  `.   .---.  |`.   .`     `.     ` .       `.   \
                / / /     |  |    \ | |   |       |   |`.  `.      /    \
               / / /      |  |   . \| |   |       |   |  \   \    / /\   \
              / / /       |  `--`|    |   |       |   |   |  |   / /__\   \
             / # /        |  .--.|    |   |       |   |   |  |  / ______   \
            / / /         |  |   ` /| |   |    /| |   |  /   / / /      \   \
           / / /          |  |____/ | |   |___/ | |   |.`  .` / /        \   \
          / / /         .`__________|/__________|.`____. `  .`__`.      .`____`.
         / / /________.`/
        /______________/     t  h  e     w  i  n  d     w  a  k  e  r
                            ***  -Heart Piece Guide-  ***
                                   - Version 2.0 -
                              by Andrew Nawroth (Zyre)
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    ****** Table of Contents ******
      **    I. Introduction
      **   II. Version History
      **  III. Heart Pieces
      **   IV. Various Info
      **    V. Credits
      **   VI. Contact Me
    ******** I. Introduction ******
         The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker alone is an amazing game. But
      one thing that has been true to each and every Zelda game is the
      collecting of heart pieces. This game is no different. There are 44
      heart pieces to collect. Some are very easy to get while others can
      be a real challenge. Collecting all 44 pieces of heart will take a
      lot of patience and a lot of time.
    **** II. Version History ******
      ** Version 1.0: 04/08/03 - 04/09/03
            This is the first complete version of the guide.
            Chances are there wont be a second version unless
            some large addition is made, but that is very
      ** Version 2.0: 04/17/03 - 04/17/03
            I have added the Various Information section to
            the guide. In it is information on how to get the
            Deluxe Picto Box as well as the Song of Passing.
            This way people don't have to search through other
            FAQs in order to find that information.
    ****** III. Heart Pieces ******
         Here is the complete list of Heart Pieces found in Wind Waker. Also
      included is a list of all the islands; their names and locations. See
      the chart directly below.
      G5  Angular Island                 A1  Forsaken Fortress
      E7  Bird's Peak Rock               B1  Four-Eye Reef
      G6  Boating Coarse                 A4  Gale Island
      E6  Bomb Island                    D2  Greatfish Isle
      F7  Cliff Platue Isles             D2  Greatfish Isle
      A5  Cresent Moon Island            G3  Headstone Island
      D3  Cyclops Reef                   G1  Horseshoe Island
      F1  Diamond Steppe Island          F5  Icering Isle
      B6  Dragon Roost Island            E2  Islet of Steel
      C5  Eastern Fairy Island           B2  Mother & Child Isles
      D6  Eastern Triangle Island        E1  Needle Rock Isle
      C6  Fire Mountain                  A3  Northern Fairy Island
      F2  Five-Eye Reef                  C4  Northern Triangle Isle
      G7  Five-Star Isles                G3  Outset Island
      B7  Flight Control Platform        A7  Overlook Island
      F6  Forest Haven                   B5  Pawprint Isle
                                         E5  Private Oasis
          1   2   3   4   5   6   7      C2  Rock Spire Isle
        .............................    A6  Seven-Star Isles
      A .   . # .   .   .   .   .   .    F3  Shark Island
        .............................    D4  Six-Eye Reef
      B .   . @#.   . @ .   . @ .   .    F4  Southern Fairy Island
        .............................    E4  Southern Triangle Island
      C .   .   . @ .   . # .   .   .    B3  Spectacle Island
        .............................    C7  Star-Belt Archipelago
      D .   . @#.   .   . @ .   .   .    A2  Star Island
        .............................    E3  Stone Watcher Island
      E . # .   .   .   . # .   .   .    D7  Thorned Fairy Island
        .............................    D1  Three-Eye Reef
      F .   .   . # . @ .   . @ . # .    C3  Tingle Island
        .............................    G4  Two-Eye Reef
      G .   . @ .   .   .   .   .   .    C1  Western Fairy Island
        .............................    B4  Windfall Island
         Squares on the Sea Chart with a @ mean they were warp points when you
      use the Song of Gales. Squares with a # means that is an island with a
      withered tree. See Heart Piece No. 35 for more details.
        1.   Location: Forsaken Fortress (First Time)
             Items Required: None
         Outside the jail cell lies a set of barrels. Make your way past them to
      get to a switch. Activate the switch for a treasure chest to appear. Within
      the barrel is the heart piece.
        2.   Location: Star Island
             Items Required: Bombs
         There is a large rock on the island that you will need to destroy. Under
      it lies a hole. Enter it and defeat all of the enemies for the heart piece
      to appear.
        3.   Location: Cresent Moon Island
             Items Required: Treasure Chart, Grappling Hook
         You'll need to get one of the two treasure charts from Dragon Roost
      Cavern dungeon in order for this one to appear on the water of Cresent Moon
        4.   Location: Seven-Star Isles
             Items Required: Boomerang, Grappling Hook
         When you get to the Seven-Star Isles square on the Sea Chart, look for
      a flock of seagulls. When you get their, a Big Octo will appear. Defeat it
      for the treasure spot to appear. Cruise to the spot and use the grappling
      hook to fish the treasure out. Though you don't have to use the boomerang
      to defeat the Big Octo, it's the easiest approach.
        5.   Location: Spectacle Island
             Items Required: 50 Rupees
         Play the cannon minigame and strike five ships in at least ten shots.
        6.   Location: Windfall Island
             Items Required: None
         Talk to the teacher in pink. She is in the building with the green sign
      to the left of the door and the ladder on the right. Speak with her. Then
      go outside and search for the group of four young boys. If you get close to
      them, they begin to circle around you. Speak with them and agree to play
      hide and seek with them. When you find them all, you will get the piece of
      heart. The kids' locations are as follows:
       - The first kid can be found hiding in the large tree across from the
         docks. You'll have to roll into the tree for the kid to fall out.
       - The second kid is hiding behind the bomb shop. If you don't know where
         that is, it is the isolated building on the opposite side of the island
         from the town. If you're walking off the docks, the shop is to the left.
       - Just go to the postbox at the entrance of the town, then look for a path
         to the left and walk up. Keep on walking until you see the grave. The
         kid is hiding behind the grave.
       - The final boy is hiding on a ledge. To get to him, get to the top area
         of town where the four boys were hanging around. You will see two exits.
         Go to the furthest one from the stairs. There is a tree to the right of
         it and a ladder a bit to the left. When you go through the exit, stop
         before you walk onto the gray bricked part. Instead, look to the left
         and walk around the bush. The kid is hiding there.
        7.   Location: Windfall Island
             Items Required: None
         Go into the windmill and play the minigame that is just like Battleship.
      If you win, you will make the children happy and get a heart piece. Yay.
        8.   Location: Windfall Island
             Items Required: Deluxe Picto Box
         You may be wondering how to get the Deluxe Picto Box. Complete the side
      quest involving the man in the Picto Box house.
         Anyway, look for a woman wearing an orange dress. Speak to her, and she
      will say how she wishes someone would notice her dress. Then look for a man
      with blond hair and a brown hat. He has a green vest over his striped shirt.
      He walks around the whole island, so you'll have to search for him or wait
      for him. A good place to wait would be the entrance to the town. Anyway,
      speak with them. Then return to the woman in orange. Take a picture of her
      and then show the picture to the guy. If you used the normal Picto Box, he
      wont like it because it is in black and white. In a couple of days, go to
      the bar and speak to them. They got married! You will get a piece of heart
      for your work, you crazy matchmaker!
         A good way to pass through the two days is to conduct the Song of
      Passing. If you don't have it, then head to the cliff with the grave on it.
      You will see a man dressed in white. Speak to him, then show him your Wind
      Waker. He'll then teach you the Song of Passing!
        9.   Location: Windfall Island
             Items Required: None
         At night, head to the building with the fancy red door (the lower
      floor). You will have to participate in the auction. Keep in mind that in
      order for the Heart Piece to appear as the prize, you will have to win some
      auctions first. Note how I said win, not just participate in.
         You may want some auctioning tips. First of all, it's obviously as good
      idea to bid very small amounts until the last ten seconds of the auction
      take place. Don't worry, you'll be warned when there are ten seconds left.
      You will also be warned when there are five seconds remaining. Sometime
      after the ten second warning is a good time to make a bid. If you bid at
      around 20% of the current bid, then all the other people will be stunned
      and wont place any bids for a while.
       10.   Location: Windfall Island
             Items Required: Delivery Bag, about 570 Rupees
         First speak to the man in Windfall Island that is wearing the large
      poofy white hood over his head. His clothes are blue. Speak with him and
      agree to help the poor guy with his little shop. Once you get the Town
      Flower, head to Greatfish Isle and search for the merchant there. Speak
      with him and then show him the Town Flower. He will take it and give you
      the Sea Flower. There are two other merchants in the game. One is at Bomb
      Island and the other is at Mother & Child Isles. As you make the trades,
      the merchants will also charge fees, which is why you will need the
         Anyway, now you have the Sea Flower. Speak to the Goron again and give
      him the Sea Flower. You will receive the Exotic Flower. Head to Bomb Island
      to trade your new flower for the Sickle Moon Flag. Show the Sickle Moon
      Flag to the merchant to receive the Fountain Idol.
         Head to Mother & Child Isle. Show the merchant the Fountain Idol to get
      the Big Sale Flag.
         Return to Greatfish Isle and trade the Big Sale Flag for Hero's Flag.
      Then speak to the merchant again and trade the Hero's Flag for the Postman
      Statue. Head to Mother & Child Isle again.
         Once you are at Mother & Child Isle, trade your Postman Statue for the
      Shop Guru Statue. Now return to Greatfish Isle and give the merchant the
      Shop Guru Status. He will be very happy and will give you a piece of heart.
       11.   Location: Windfall Island
             Items Required: Delivery Bag
         After all the girls have been rescued during the second time you were at
      Forsaken Fortress, this piece of heart will be available. First, go to the
      house with the fancy red door. This is the auction house. You don't want to
      go on the bottom floor, but on the top floor instead. Just make your way to
      the higher part of town until you see some wooden stairs. Climb them and
      the path will eventually become in white stone. You will see a fancy red
      door at the end, identical to the one on the bottom floor. Go inside and
      talk to the young girl near the window. She will give you a love letter to
         Go to the red postbox near the entrance to town and deliver the letter.
      Then return to the upper floor of the auction house to see a fight between
      the postman and the rich father of the young girl. After the fight, the
      postman will leave. You have to go find him now.
         He is at the bar, which is next to the shop owned by the eskimo guy.
      Walk in and speak to the postman. After the conversation, agree to deliver
      the letter yourself. Bring it to the girl and she will be very happy. For
      your troubles, you will receive a piece of heart!
       12.   Location: Windfall Island
             Items Required: Fire Arrow
         Use the Wind's Requiem to make the wind blow to the north. Then look for
      a ladder on the side of the windmill. Climb it and press the switch. Then
      head inside the windmill and climb the stairs inside. Then go outside and
      go on the small compartments on the windmill and go up. Then shoot a fire
      arrow into the spinning black part and it will light up. Speak to the man
      with a yellow hat and an orange shirt outisde on the second floor of the
      windmill. He will give you a piece of heart.
       13.   Location: Windfall Island
             Items Required: Deku Leaf
         After lighting the lighthouse as mentioned in number 12, change the wind
      to blow south or southwest and use the Deku Leaf to float to a small patch
      of land off the coast of the Bomb Shop. Open the chest and you will have
      attained a piece of heart.
       14.   Location: Windfall Island
             Items Required: Delivery Bag, 140+ Rupees
         If you have noticed those small brown things scatter across the island,
      then you should put things like the Town Flower and such on them. If you do
      not know what I am talking about, go into the auction house and you wil see
      a couple of these brown objects in the floor.
         In order to get the objects to put in these, find the man with the small
      shop who is wearing the large poofy white hood. Start the trading event
      described in number 10 of this guide. It really doesn't matter what item
      you put on the brown objects, so go with the Town Flowers. They only cost
      10 rupees to buy, and there are fourteen of these brown pedistals.
         When you have completed this part, find the man sitting on the bench.
      You have seen him before since he has three of these brown pedistals right
      by him. He will give you a piece of heart for your work.
       15.   Location: Pawprint Isle
             Items Required: None
         Head inside the small dome on the island. You will have to crawn in.
      When you are inside, fall into the small hole and look for a treasure
      chest. Inside will be a piece of heart inside. Simple enough, aye? Well
      there are some other things inside the dome if you want them, but you will
      need bombs. If you can't find the heart piece, go to the right once you
      have your walked to the next major area from the entrance.
       16.   Location: Pawprint Isle
             Items Required: Treasure Chart, Grappling Hook
         You will have to find one of the treasure charts in the Tower of the
      Gods dungeon in order for the treasure to appear on the waters of this
       17.   Location: Dragon Roost Island
             Items Required: Delivery Bag
         Go to the second floor inside Dragon Roost Island and speak to the guy
      in charge of sorting the mail. When he asks you if you want to help him,
      say yes. You need to get at least 25 letters in the correct mail boxes. You
      are being timed, so be quick but still a bit careful. If you can do this,
      he will hire an assistant.
         Return to this place later and speak to the assistant. Agree to help him
      out and once again, get 25 letters in their correct boxes. If you succeed,
      he will give you a letter to deliver. Deliver it and in a couple of days,
      you will get a response. Along with the response you will get a piece of
       18.   Location: Dragon Roost Island
             Items Required: 20 Golden Feathers
         Bring 20 golden feathers to the Rito guarding an entrance on the second
      floor. You will get 100 rupees! Wait, 100 rupees?! Don't be alarmed. You
      will receive the heartpiece in the mail later.
       19.   Location: Flight Control Platform
             Items Required: Deku Leaf, Magic Upgrade
         This is impossible without the Magic Upgrade. To upgrade your magic, go
      to G4 on the Sea Chart and fight the squid there. When you are ready, go to
      the Flight Control Platform and make the wind blow northwest. Use the Deku
      Leaf to make your way to the colorful banner at the end. Obviously, you can
      not make it by just doing that. Use the updrafts of air to get higher and
      help you get to the end. Successfully passing through the banner will gain
      you a new heart piece.
       20.   Location: Rock Spire Island
             Items Required: Rupee Upgrade, 950 Rupees
         Eventually, you will get a mail from Beedle saying how there is a sale
      at one of his shops. This is after you get the first rupee upgrade. Anyway,
      go to the Beedle Shop at Rock Spire Island and he will be selling a Heart
      Piece for 950 rupees. He is also selling a bottle for 500 rupees and a
      treasure chart for 900. The treasure chart will lead you to another heart
      piece, so will want it.
       21.   Location: Rock Spire Island
             Items Required: Bombs, Grappling Hook
         Destroy the two warships and use the grappling hook to get the treasure
      from the sea floor below where they were destroyed. One of them has the
      piece of heart, though it may be a good idea to get the other one since it
      will gain you 100 rupees.
       22.   Location: Rock Spire Island
             Items Required: Treasure Chart, Grappling Hook, 20 Skull Necklaces
         You will need to get the treasure chart by giving 20 Skull Necklaces to
      the man on the second floor of the auction house. When you have the chart,
      the treasure itself will be visible on the waters of Rock Spire Island.
       23.   Location: Tingle Island
             Items Required: Boomerang, Grappling Hook
         Look for the flock of seagulls and sail over to them. A Big Octo will
      appear. Use the boomerang to damage its eyes to defeat it. When it is gone,
      an underwater treasure will become visible. Use the grappling hook to fish
      it out.
       24.   Location: Three-Eye Reef
             Items Required: Treasure Chart
         You will need to win the right treasure chart in the Windfall auctions.
      For auctioning tips, see number nine in this guide.
         Anyway, once you get the treasure chart, the treasure will become
      visible at Three-Eyed Reef.
       25.   Location: Greatfish Isle
             Items Required: Deku Leaf
         When you get to Greatfish Isle, go to a small part of land that has a 
      path that spirals around it. At the top lies a withered tree and a Korok
      standing next to it. When you are there, look at the two large pieces of
      land inbetween the sand. On the rightmost one, look for a small notch of
      grass sticking out of the ledge. It's about halfway to the top of the land.
      Get the wind to go northwest and use the deku leaf to get there. A treasure
      chest will be visible and inside lies the heart piece you are looking for.
       26.   Location: Six-Eye Reef
             Items Required: None
         Look around the reef (not inside) for a submarine. Go inside and defeat
      all of the enemies to make a treasure chest appear. The heart piece is
       27.   Location: Thorned Fairy Island
             Items Required: Treasure Chart, Grappling Hook
         You will need one of the treasure charts found in the Wind Temple. Once
      you get it, the treasure will become visible.
       28.   Location: Needle Rock Isle
             Items Required: Bait Bag, Hyoi Pear
         You'll need to get a Hyoi Pear at one of the Beedle Shops. Most of them
      carry them, but not all of them. You can only buy them, however, if you got
      the bait bag first. The Beedle Shop at Outset island sells it, along with a
      few other Beedle Shops.
         Once you're prepared, head to Needle Rock Island. Notice the treasure
      chest surrounded by flames. You'll need to hit the switch on top of the
      tall rock. To do that, use a Hyoi Pear to take control of a seagull. Then
      you can hit the switch.
       29.   Location: Stone Watcher Island
             Items Required: Bombs
         Look to the east of the island to see a platform. Sail to it and use a
      bunch of your bombs to take out the cannons on the platform. A treasure
      chest will appear. Go to the top of the platform to get it. If you wish,
      you can defeat the two enemies on platform for another chest to appear.
       30.   Location: Bomb Island
             Items Required: Bombs
         There is a large rock at the top of the island. Bomb it and go down the
      hole. When you're at the bottom, there will be a switch and a Magtail. Get
      close to the Magtail and when it opens its claws, attack it and it will
      roll into a ball. Pick it up and put it onto the switch. Enter the door.
         Look for a narrow path on the left side of the cavern, althought it is
      not completely to the left. Walk past it and press the switch. Two flame
      circles will disappear. Now go to that area and walk across them.
         Note the two magtails in this new portion. You should also note the two
      flame circles. Get each magtail into a ball and throw one into each of the
      two flame circles. There happens to be switches in each so when both are
      pressed, the flames around the treasure chest will disappear. Open the
      chest to gain a piece of heart.
       31.   Location: Bomb Island
             Items Required: Treasure Chart, Grappling Hook
         The Earth Temple has the treasure chart you will need to make the
      treasure visible.
       32.   Location: Diamond Steppe Island
             Items Required: Treasure Chart, Grappling Hook
         Play the minigame inside the windmill at Windfall Island. Eventually you
      will win the treasure chart for this area.
       33.   Location: Southern Fairly Island
             Items Required: 900 Rupees, Treasure Chart, Grappling Hook
         You will need to locate the Beedle shop floating around the Rock Spire
      Island. Inside, you can buy a Bottle for 500 rupees, a piece of heart for
      950, and the treasure chart you are looking for for 900. Buy the treasure
      chart (as well as the heart piece of you want them all and have the money).
      Then the treasure will become visible at Southern Fairly Island.
       34.   Location: Forest Haven
             Items Required: None
         You will receive mail here after you have beaten Forbidden Woods
      dungeon. Go to the postbox to receive the mail. The postbox must wiggle for
      you to receive it. If it isn't wiggling, then you already got it.
       35.   Location: Forest Haven
             Items Required: Bottle
         You will need to speak to a Korok standing next to a      1 2 3 4 5 6 7
      withered tree in to start this small side quest. The map    . . . . . . . .
      to the right shows all of their locations. Once you have  A . .@. . . . . .
      spoken to one of them, go speak to the Great Deku Tree    B . .@. . . . . .
      at the Forest Haven for him to mark all the places on     C . . . . .@. . .
      your sea chart. That will make it easier for you.         D . .@. . . . . .
                                                                E .@. . . .@. . .
         Use an empty bottle to get some of the forest water.   F . . .@. . . .@.
      Keep in mind that the forest water looses its freshness   G . . . . . . . .
      after twenty minutes, so you have twenty minutes to put
      the forest water on all the trees. Do not become side-tracked, as you will
      have to start all over again.
         When you have completed this side quest, you will win a piece of heart
      as the reward.
       36.   Location: Forest Haven
             Items Required: Treasure Chart, Grappling Hook
         You will need to get one of the treasure charts found inside the Tower
      of the Gods. Then the treasure will become visible on the waters of the
      Forest Haven.
       37.   Location: Outset Island
             Items Required: Deku Leaf, Bombs, Mirror Shield
         It is a VERY good idea to come well prepared for this. Two words: Bring
      Fairies. You will most likely need about two of them. Why? Because you are
      going to be doing a LOT of battling.
         When you are all prepared, head to the top of Outset Island near the
      bridge wear Link's little sister Aryll got kidnapped. You don't need to
      cross the bridge, but go to the top of this area. There is a rock. Get on
      top of the rock and make the wind blow to the west. Use your telescope to
      make sure you see a hole on a ledge. You were here earlier to get a
      Triforce Chart. Use the deku leaf to fly over to the hole. Go down it and
      this begins your long path to the bottom.
         Make your way down the fifteen holes to where you got the Triforce
      Chart. Not too bad, yet. Use the mirror shield to reflect the light onto a
      statue. Now continue dropping down holes. Including the fifteen to get to
      the Triforce Chart, there are fifty levels in all. Yes, fifty. Is a heart
      piece worth it? That's up for you to decide.
       38.   Location: Outset Island
             Items Required: Power Bracelets, Bait Bag, Bait
         Pick up the fat black pig and carry it over to the black patches of dirt
      near the large patch of grass. It's the house across the bridge, so you'll
      have to carry the pig all the way over there.
         Drop the pig somewhere close to the right patch of dirt, but not too
      close. You don't want him to run away. Lie some bait onto the dirt patch
      and the pig should begin to dig there. He will dig you up a piece of heart.
      If something else is dug up or nothing at all, then try at a different
       39.   Location: Outset Island
             Items Required: Sword
         This is one of the first heart pieces you can get in the game. In fact,
      it may just be the first one. After you get the Hero's Sword from Orca, you
      can speak to him again and he will let you play a small game. You must hit
      him as many times as you can without getting it anymore than three times.
      If you can successfully strike him with your sword 500 times or more, you
      will get a piece of heart.
       40.   Location: Headstone Island
             Items Required: Bait Bag, Hyoi Pear
         On the highest part of the island lies a piece of heart. To get it, use
      a Hyoi Pear to take control of a seagull. Fly up to the top and grab the
      piece of heart. While you are at it, you can grab some of the rupees that
      are lying around the higher parts of the island. There is a yellow rupee at
      the second highest part of the island.
       41.   Location: Angular Isles
             Items Required: None
         You will need to move blocks around to make your way to the top of the
      island where the heart piece is. If there is a symbol on a block, then you
      can move that block. Simple enough. Some blocks will require you to move
      them only half way. You can still climb on those. Once you reach the top,
      the piece of heart is yours.
       42.   Location: Angular Island
             Items Required: Treasure Chart, Grappling Hook
         The treasure chart can be found in the Forbidden Woods dungeon. Once you
      have it, you can find it on the water surrounding Angular Island.
       43.   Location: Five-Stare Isles
             Items Required: None
         Look for a submarine in the waters surrounding the main isle. Enter it
      and defeat all of the enemies for a treasure chest to appear. The piece of
      heart is inside the chest.
       44.   Location: Five-Star Isles
             Items Required: Deluxe Picto Box, Treasure Chart, Grappling Hook
         There is a women a standing a bit past the entrance to the town on 
      Windfall Island. She is standing alone near the Chu Jelly Juice Shop and 
      wears an orange dress. Take a picture of her to receive a treasure chart. 
      Then go to Five-Star Isle and look for the area depicted on the treasure 
      chart. When you find the right area, use the grappling hook to fish out the 
      treasure chest. Inside is the piece of heart.
         If you do not have the deluxe picto box, you will need to get the first
      one from Tingle's cell at Windfall Island. After you free Tingle, go inside
      his jail cell for the camera. Go to the camera house with the guy with the
      big brown beard in it. Speak to him and go upstairs. Then come back down
      to begin the side quest. At the end of the side quest, he will give you the
      deluxe picto box.
    ******* IV. Various Info ******
                             +-+   A: Deluxe Picto Box   +-+
         Before attempting to get the Deluxe Picto Box, you're going to need the
      original picto box first. If you don't have it, head to the backside of the
      picto box house. Go around it and through a wooden door to come to a jail
      cell. Inside is Tingle, who you will need to free. To free him, look for some
      jars in the room and move them out of the way. Step on the switch behind
      them, and the jail cell door will open. Tingle is now free. Go inside his
      cell and move a box out of the way to reveal a hidden tunnel. You can crawl
      through here to get the Stolen Picto Box.
                           X                When you enter the tunnel, be sure you
       ___________________| |_____       watch out for areas marked with an X. They
      X___   _   ___   _________  |      mean there is a mouse there. If you crawl
          | |_| |___| |_____    | |__    up to a mouse, they will laugh at you and
          |  _   _________  |_  |    |   pull a string. You will fall through the
          | | | |         |  _| |____|   wooden floor below you and land outside in
          |R|_|R|_________| |    GOAL    the water. You'll have to walk back to the
          |  _____   _   ___|            jail cell and start all over again.
          | |_____| |_| |___
          |  _   _____   _  |               Note the two R's labeled on the map.
          | |_| |     | | | |            they mean there is a blue rupee there. You
          |  _  |     | | | |            can get three blue rupees all together,
          | | | |_____| |_| |            but the third one is on the way to the
          | | |___   _______|            picto box. You can't skip that one.
           X      | |
                  | |                       When you reach the end, you will come
                 START                   across a treasure chest. Open it up to get
                                         the picto box.
         But, of course, if you already had the picto box then you wouldn't need to
      worry about the above information. Anyway, go to Lenzo's gallery, which is
      the building with the picto box above the door. Go in and speak to him. Then
      go up to the second floor and check out some of his own photography. Whoa,]
      what was that?! Oh, it's just Lenzo sneaking up behind you. It seems to be a
      hobby of his to sneak up behind people when they least expect it. Anyway,
      head back downstairs and wait for him to walk down behind his counter. He
      will now begin to assign you on three missions. Keep in mind that all three
      missions take place on Windfall Island.
         For the first mission, you need to capture a shot of a forlorn lover. Who
      could this possibly be? Why Garrickson of course! Who?! Garrickson is the man
      in red who always stops and looks at you as you walk by. Well he's in love.
      What you need to do is, from a distance, take a picture of him putting a
      letter into the postbox at the entrance of town. You may have to wait a
      while, but he will go there every time. Take the shot right as he is putting
      it in the box. If you mess up, enter a building and then go back outside to
      wait for him again.
         The second mission is pretty simple and requires no waiting. To find the
      coward, head into the bar during the day and look for Gossack, the man
      sitting alone. He is particially bald with some brown hair, and he wears a
      dark green vest over a shirt of a lighter shade of green. To scare the heck
      outta this guy, roll into the wall right by him. He'll start to shake and
      look around. Quickly snap a picture of this guy during this moment of
      terror. If you aren't quick enough, you can always roll into the wall again.
         For the third and final picture, you will need to stand outside Lenzo's
      shop. Aim the camera at a young woman in orange standing alone. It may be a
      while before the time comes, but keep an eye out for a man with blond hair
      and a brown hat. When he walks by the girl, they will glance at each other
      for a moment. When that moment comes, snap a quick picture of them. If you're
      too late, you will have to wait all over again for him to walk by. To make
      the wait shorter, walk into a building and then exit.
         Well that takes care of the pictures. Now you need to catch firefly using
      a bottle. Fireflies can be found all around the Deku Tree's lair at the
      Forest Haven. To make sure it is a firefly, make sure that it has a circle of
      light under it when it flies close to the ground. If not, then you can't
      catch it. Once you capture a firefly, bring it to Lenzo and show it to him.
      He will work some of his photographic magic, and you will have the Deluxe
      Picto Graph!
         Of course, if you don't plan on getting all the heart pieces, treasure
      treasure charts, figurines, and various other things in the game until the
      second quest, you can just get the original picto box and beat the game. When
      you begin the second quest, you will automatically have the Deluxe Picto Box.
                             +-+   B: Song of Passing    +-+
         The Song of Passing is a very basic song that is not required to beat the
      game. However, it can make passing time during a few side quests shorter.
      Anyway, the Song of Passing will quickly change day to night or night to day.
         The Song of Passing is very easy to get. Just head to Windfall Island and
      make your way to the gravestone at the edge of a cliff. If you don't know
      where that is, head to the postbox near the entrance of town. Stand in front
      of it and then head to your left. Keep on going, making your way past the
      white fence. You will eventually come across the gravestone. Dancing in front
      of it is Tott. Speak to him, then begin to use your Wind Waker. Do not play
      anything at all twice in a row, and Tott will become happy at your rythm. He
      will then do a little dance. He will make a move to the right, then to the
      left, and then down to the ground.
         That is precisely the Song of Passing - it's notes, at least. At 3-time,
      play right, left, and down. You have now learned the Song of Passing!
           I hope you enjoy the rest of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker!
    ************* V. Credits ******
       Thanks to
       ** Nintendo - For making this amazing game.
       ** GameFAQs - For hosting this guide.
       ** NotePad+ - It would have been impossible with the other notepad.
       ** BradyGames - For listing the treasures found for each treasure
                       chart in their guide. I completely forgot to write
                       them down when I got the charts myself.
       ** Nintendo Power - For their dungeon maps. They made it a lot easier
                           to make into text than looking at the maps in the
                           game itself.
       ** BDGamer - For hosting this guide.
       ** Code Vault - For hosting this guide.
       Special Thanks to
       ** Bloomer - You alone inspired me to write.
       ** Krixen - You're the closest friend I have who likes RPGs almost as
                   much as I do. Thanks for playing this game with me!
       ** Bootking - Providing some small bits of information.
       ** By Neighbor, Nick - For always being better than me at Zelda games.
                       This one is no different... ;)
       Other Thanks to
       ** HaZaRd - For notifying me that the missing heart piece in the
                   BradyGames guide was number 21 on this FAQ.
       ** Jay - For correcting me in the Deluxe Picto Box section. He noted
                that there is a specific firefly you need to find.
       ** realSim - For correcting the error of Heart Piece Number 36. Had he not
                    done so, I'm sure a lot of people would have gotten pretty
    ********* VI: Contact Me ******
       Got any questions or comments about this guide? Feel free to email me if
    needed. If there is ANYTHING I missed, I would greatly appreciate it if you
    could inform me on what I should add. Also, if you have noticed any mistakes in
    the guide, don't hesitate to notify me. I am more than happy to see what I can
    do to make this guide better.
       Please don't email me for help in the game. You can instant message me on
    AOL Instant Messenger if you want, but please make sure your question isn't
    already answered in this guide. Almost all instant messages I receive are
    clearly answered in this guide, and I don't like to waste my time. Thank you
    for your consideration. I really appreciate it.
       E-mail: Zyresoft@gmail.com
                                 ***  END OF  ***
                                 *** DOCUMENT ***
                                          (c) Copyright 2003 - 2005 Andrew Nawroth.

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